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Tarasenko Victor G.

Blacksmith-puncher Kharkiv Tractor Production Association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Tarasenko Victor G. Ubiquitous cameramen had heard, though Viktor Tarasenko, a steam-hammer blow drives the tube into a glass vial, matchbook covers, and, finally, of a viscous clay or plasticine can "forge" a perfect cube. One day during the filming of the forge operator opened a box of matches and put it under the hammer butt, looking forward to a spectacular shot off.

- Close, Victor G..

- Forge is not a circus, 'said seriously Tarasenko.-focus does not do.

- So, exactly what the legends about us, compose, disappointment, said the journalist.

Tarasenko hurled at him from under the helmet piercing eyes, then slowly walked over to the unit, made a subtle movement of the hammer-down, and rose rapidly. On the anvil was tightly closed box of matches. The blacksmith took it with a disarming smile and held out his guest.

- Repeat, please, I do not have time to take off!, Pleaded the hapless operator.

And it is not necessary to remove,-gently, but firmly said Victor Grigorevich., I'm not a TV, but you tried to back up the legend. And now, for the cause.

Victor G. deftly picked up the tongs incandescent rusok and in a few short, as lightning strikes 6ystryh turned workpiece to the product of a complex figure.

From childhood, people seemed to me blacksmiths heroic stature and uncommon physical strength. These are remembered in the pre-war village smithy. Low, flattened like a giant hammer blow, thoroughly smoked cob stroenitse. Buzzing horn blazing embers, half-naked fans blacksmith bellows, and the blacksmith in the black soot from the canvas apron, a magician, pulls out of the fire and the white bar in one minute, turning it into a horseshoe or crescent. Merry chime hammers on the anvil, spray of golden sparks, hissing put it in a tub of water crafts and a giant-smith above all this childish imagination-capturing a sense of unusual, almost fairy-tale vision.

Victor G. Tarasenko first time I saw him not at the workplace, and at the table at the plenary session of the Presidium of the Kharkiv Regional Committee of the party.

Low, lean, smart. Such people say: a wiry but strong, like a dry trunk of hazel. He strongly resembled nothing I've seen in my childhood blacksmiths. It could take a setter, electrician, gas welders, for whom anything but a blacksmith.

It was said a lot of good, interesting as a person creative, talented, undisputed leader of his profession, not only in the smithy of the production association "Kharkiv Tractor Plant", but throughout the industry. And so it was curious to see his work, surrounded by a common interest, preceded by rumor. At last the hour has come, and here it is, forge HTZ. And while the huge building was erected in the years of the first five years, but now it looks quite modern. Here under one roof, two blacksmith fit: heavy and light. In a heavy uhayut pyatiidesyatitonnye giant steam hammers, light tapping "hammers" in one and two tons of weight. The first people power, slow in his movements, and the word selfish. They do a solid job: crankshafts for diesel engines, rollers for track-type tractors, all of the most weighty part. In light, however, crept people cheerful, lively on the nifty, fast, responsive to a joke. Here the so-called stamp melochovku-products more than two hundred titles, and various levers, forks, gears, rollers ...

Small items, and even when extremely large variety of them require the blacksmiths of jewelry, eye fidelity, firmness and limit the accuracy of the hand. - ... And foot-picked, grinning, Viktor Tarasenko. - My foot pedal hammer should feel. as well as a pianist fingers feel piano keys. From the work of 'pedal depend sharpness, frequency and strength of hammer blows, and with them the quality products and time spent on every detail. Knocked on the harvesting of uncertainly, obscenities, - then have to repeat this procedure, and if you suffered a stronger temper-flattened disc, throw her into marriage, in the waste.

While none of this is you know, it seems that Victor G. runs with ease. There are no visible efforts on the part, not the slightest exertion. In terse, fine tuned movements and manipulation of light is caught soon negligence, gross looseness, an appealing simplicity.

- As if playing the balalaika! - Exclaimed one day someone from the tourists, admired the actions of a blacksmith.

The unusual ease, virtuosity forging mechanism, the force of impact is calculated by the ton, perfected for many years, comprehended in the insatiable, indestructible lust for self-improvement. Superior craftsmanship Victor Tarasenko was not fantastic, but is based primarily on a large attachment, devotion to his profession and a rare diligence. Even a very hard-working people in the smithy of his envy these qualities. In the furnace of hell raging gas fire. But there is no instrument to mark the extent to which warmed up the workpiece. A clear limits here. Most grades of steel are ready for submission under the hammer at a temperature close to one thousand two hundred degrees. In this state they are malleable as wax. The wizard can do with them whatever he wants. The cool forging "take a strong liking" to the stamp, but at times, so that it does not wring. There is a mark of "dry" steel, which when subcooling can not be forged, and in case of overheating, strangely enough, crumbles under the hammer blow to pieces.

Intuition, a striking flair, honed many years of practice, helping Viktor Tarasenko accurately determine what harvesting "ripe" and what remains to be a minute or two to warm "side" in the boiling flames.

Probably, since the very first fire in the parking lot of our ancestors primagnichivaet fire, hypnotized person. Fire stimulates imagination and therefore do not get bored. If a roaring flame, subduing him with his power, is such a master as Tarasenko, then you can enjoy for hours, ignoring the heat of the sauna and the noise from which the habit sore eardrums.

A young apprentice Timothy Victor G. Zhakun, pushing the flap kiln, quickly rolls out red-hot steel poker metal lumps, if raked into the groove a baked potato. Chocks, one after another smoothly glide to the edge of the gutter, and then instantly picks up the tongs of smith. Two or three quick blows of the hammer and the glowing heat of chain conveyor carries away part of semi-automatic press, where the second assistant Lydia Krasnokutskaya, cutting the product with zakrayki, puts an end.

Three of a hammer, that's the whole team of blacksmiths-punchers. A small team, and work all in the same breath as one. And this is the result of a special selection of people, not just existing. Indeed, since the time when the Communist Tarasenko initiated against loss of working time, the team has gone through is no longer on a minute-by seconds. Hesitated a little in the top three, took a "wrong note" and the rhythm momentarily broken. Viktor Tarasenko virtuoso skill is not yet available to most blacksmith shop, and the entire industry will be found some of these, and so it is especially hot in his accounts assistant. Before Krasnokutskaya in its place have visited a lot of workers. They are all distinguished by promptness, quickness, all had outstanding experience. Nevertheless, a year or two will work, and unable to stand, distressed, go to the other smiths: "All good Victor G., but it was too prytok a hammer, pounding the details as to type scribbling. Do not keep up with his machine-gun "shooting."

"Shooting" is really a machine-gun. Smith noble stamp of twenty pieces per minute! Thousand two hundred and forks in the management ... hour. Records from the record! This "rate" amazes even the most experienced and fastest blacksmiths. In his team to the limit of compressed time. How do people partgruporg and insatiable, eager that others caught up with him and even tried to beat him, Tarasenko has helped many blacksmiths area to master the subtleties of the professional. He knows a lot of them. He knows how important it is not to fuss, do not make any unnecessary movements. Knows how to accelerate the pace of marriage and to avoid over-metal, that there was no sinks, clamps, extra "rump." As a matter of economy mode to heat the metal in the furnace, as the rest without reducing the rate of ... Much has managed to grasp his inquisitive mind.

Timothy Zhakun for five years, and Lydia A. two years of working with Tarasenko so to adjust to the "handwriting" Brigadier, that failure is never tolerated. However, even they had difficulty, when his inventions Tarasenko embodied in it one of the most remarkable of their ideas.

Tarasenko Victor G. For many years, in light smithy forge pressman picking up items at hand tongs and hand delivered to the press for the stumps. Products, though small, is not heavy, but hauled them to be replaced by several thousand pieces. Tedious, and most importantly, it is impossible to accelerate the pace of forgings. Now we already know the details from a sledgehammer to the press infeed conveyor. They have helped to dramatically increase productivity in the smithy, a much easier job at hand.

Tarasenko invented a new "thing". The so-called stamp edging plant for media professionals to help him provide automatic ejector. Quick push-piece is finished and in the box. No longer have a manual operation. Similar findings have Innovators - dozens. But here the master has come a time when doubts: Are reserves are exhausted to the bottom? The very thought terrified Tarasenko, provoked a storm of domestic protest.

- Provisions of any car, any business can not run out until the person is alive, until it does not doze thought-Grigorevich. Victor told myself, just need to look for other moves. As in chess.

Once all the shift control rod bushing forged. Nemudryaschaya thing, such a master as he is, even boring. All of a sudden (not just a detective, but a blacksmith, and in general people have a creative warehouse, it often happens "suddenly") suddenly thought: "Why, in fact, die in one piece parts, not two?" Two ... immediately. As tempting! In one stroke ... Yes, but how to cut there are two forms, how to place their stamp on the plane? For a long time thinking about the idea. This way and that kept going. In the end, came to the head light Philipovich Bashkirov Valeri forge a piece of paper, uncomplicated circuit by hand. Engineer Bashkirov immediately grabbed the essence of the idea and appreciated. No, this is no ordinary, and a large, innovative proposal that promises a really jump performance.

- So, so, thinking aloud, head of the department. - To stamped sleeve, you're doing five hammer blows. If the next to put in a "nest" two blanks, then the same number of strokes otkuesh two sleeves. Twice as fast. And how many per shift, per month, per year! And how to save gas, steam and electricity! But how to change the design of the stamp-on that will pomozgovat.

That's when pomozgovali and thought was hot assistant. Zhakun during the same time that used to roll out a blank from the furnace, must now serve two. A conveyor belt at a press Krasnokutskaya also became at once instead of one to hold the two parts. To the credit of the brigade, and a new, extraordinary rhythm they have adapted quite quickly.

Having tested himself novelty, Tarasenko helped her learn the first of his team mate Alexander Kuropatkin, and then the other blacksmiths. At the brigade Myron Iosifovicha Pergintsa, competing on equal terms with the team Tarasenko, was also obtained even where. Those pioneer pulled the rest. Productivity has increased dramatically in the blacksmiths hammer-headed Vasily Ivanovich Kravchenko, the Komsomol youth brigade Alexis Yazev. Light Forge began to gather momentum, which then did not know before.

We will not hide here, Victor G. Tarasenko has experienced a truly great joy. No, he does not like and can not prevaricate: be a leader, to circumvent the competition of their comrades and an honor and pleasure. But at the same time, the desire to win has never turned his in the end in itself. On the contrary, every discovery that facilitates the work that improves the quality of the products, he immediately hastens to share with everyone, to help them learn faster innovation.

Meanwhile, the innovator is not allowed myself a day to rest on its laurels. Having mastered a perfect technique, he began with renewed vigor to develop the idea. Until then good luck is contagious! As she lifts the mood and emancipates creative thinking, awakens the imagination. And now, a "sunset" Victor G. stamps two clamping bolts instead of one ..


It may seem that he is given all too easy. If the case. But in life it almost never happens. Everything in life is much more complicated. Much depends not on the actual Tarasenko. A lot. Difficulties of interference from him, like any other, a lot. But he is a fighter in the best sense of the word. Of failure is never saved, does not lower the arm, the difficulties are not a party to bypass. Becoming a pioneer initiative "for achieving the highest efficiency and quality of work at each workplace," Tarasenko has done much to make this initiative is not only found adherents, followers, but also embodied in the concrete operational results. And not only in his shop, not only on the tractor, but also in other industrial enterprises of Kharkov. In the forging shop Tarasenko organized and headed the school of excellence. Activities leading directly from the. Hammer is the most convincing method to show all the best with his own hands.

I mentioned the difficulties. Small discrepancies are found at every turn. Office of hot stamping happens to snap to the blacksmiths gives marriage. And that means forging products on inaccurate die? It is known, or to make known to defective parts or to prevent overspending of the metal. And Tarasenko Party group refers to a group of party area for the production of stamps, which is headed by Vladimir Belyaev miller: "Let us have a joint party control over the work of this section, and along with posorevnuemsya for high quality." By joining forces, two large shops Party group made significant improvement of the separation of hot stamping. And they did everything without fanfare, on business, calmly and purposefully.

But in January, seventy-ninth year, a special kind of difficulties occurred. Zalihoradilo stockpiling drawing room. Yes, Mr, 1 so that in some days due to lack of material frequent outages hammers and presses the forge. Hence the chain stretched across the plant. Blacksmiths slowed supply of forgings. So do not be in full force began to work the mechanical and thermal guilds. As a result, the assembly lines of parts received less than normal, which slows the production of T-74 tractors and powerful wheeled T-150K. What is wrong? It has been long known, because sticking to the form V of the plant. This is a warehouse of metals. In the early thirties, when allowed the plant, prepare the site for unloading and storage of metals. Outdated low-power lifting and handling cranes, and the stocks of the metal can be kept under by a covered sky. And then came a cold winter. Blizzard played out, the materials filled up with snow. At a special meeting of the Party Committee of the factory decided to discuss the situation. I remember the hot, passionate performance of a member of the Party Committee Tarasenko.

- Of course, now, in haste, 'he said, amassed an emergency team, dug metal and a forge will work fine. But the snow tumble down again tomorrow, and everything starts all over again. Reconstruction of the third store, you know, is worse than a frosted light. Without a new covered warehouse with metal fold will never be self-stable operation of the blacksmith's shop. I propose to take this object under the permanent control of the Party Committee and to consider his case number one.

All members of the party committee agreed with the blacksmith. As a result of resolute and timely measures taken by the party committee, it was possible to radically change the course of reconstruction of the warehouse. The first was his turn, as planned, introduced the term. A huge warehouse, equipped with a powerful new lifting and transporting means possible to create the right under the roof of stocks of raw materials, completely mechanized and streamlined flow of metal in the drawing-blanking unit. Therefore, it became possible, and to his staff to present more stringent requirements.

And it was what it is. At the beginning of the tenth Five-Year Plan the brigade made a Tarasenko wide effort, "Save time, metal and energy." As a blacksmith and his henchmen cherish the time we already know. This high-speed forging, and trouble-free operation of the equipment, and timely supply of billets, and, finally, the great Victor G. rationalization proposals, by which he at once makes the forging of two instead of one. And, of course, far from being in last place, exceptional skill and diligence of a blacksmith capable of his assistants.

Well, and how to save metal and energy? The matter is far from simple. From the piece, designed for one detail, the two did not otkuesh. But in working with notebook Tarasenko, one after another began to appear such records: "The complete elimination of the marriage-saving way first. Precision cutting of billets-second "... Stop! Machining, we often come across unusual. For example, a steel rod should be measured in three parts, without a "makeweight." Blacksmith forge the same two and a third sees a fair amount left "tail." He goes to melting. So long talk with the head of the drawing of a blacksmith-procurement department Valery Leontiev. Speaking purely professional, friendly to both, the more that Leontiev, until recently, he was an excellent blacksmith, perfectly knows what's what.

On increasing the responsibility of working in the area for quality and adherence to the exact cutting pieces of technology they've found common ground at once. Friends of allied bother others.

- You, Grigorich, you know, that perfect accuracy and cutting are often cut metal - lamented Leontiev.

- And the fact that sending them to the steelmaking furnace, also know - picked Tarasenko.-Let's think together how to avoid it. After melting the metal is also a waste of time, energy and other materials. Not the first approach have found the right solution. But the fact that you have found. Guess first came to mind Viktor Tarasenko. The idea, again, were very logical and simple. But what if the scraps to make more small details? Won it as "small things". The difficulty was just that one trim in diameter, five, I have other twenty-five inches, as of a "cake" to do some small lever or a sleeve? In difficult situations Tarasenko never shy away from other councils blacksmiths, specialists. Here and here together to find a way out. Select one hammer for pulling of waste. In other words, to the hot fat from the chocks could always forge blanks required diameter and size. Commissioned this work, Vladimir Komarov blacksmith. And from the waste, avoiding melting furnaces, in the fourth year of five-forge issued about seven hundred tons of forgings. Is it much or little? It's hundreds of thousands of tractor parts. Acute shortage. So much for the "small things".

And what is "fat" of the team initiating the movement for economy and thrift? If you take the weight, the numbers do not seem very impressive: Thirty-three tonnes of metal saved in the seventy-ninth year, and one hundred twenty-five tons of five-year plan in four years. But of these, then tons of saved a lot of blacksmith forged products. In the commitment Brigade says: "One day a month to work on a metal savings and energy resources." Viktor Tarasenko team working on these materials, not twelve, and fifteen shifts per year. What if all the two hundred thirty-four smith enterprises were given two weeks in a year saved from forging metal? How many tractors given to farmers of the country! Actually, those seven hundred tons of metal, which have recorded on their personal accounts of blacksmiths shop in the penultimate year of the five-speak volumes. On the reserves, which are everywhere. It is only necessary to dispose of them skillfully.

Forge long and firmly in the lead in the competition giant factory units. But blacksmiths are two: Victor G. Tarasenko and Mikhail Kalashnikov, the leaders of the leaders. Heroes of Socialist Labor, the celebrated master of the fiery trade, the innovators of the seventies. Tarasenko getting up in the light the forge, Kalashnikov-in heavy.

Both teams took the lead in yet another glorious fact, launched a competition for the fulfillment of five jobs in four years. And .. is very good at it. Mikhail graduated with his assistants five years to sixty-second anniversary of Great October. Victor G., Lydia Alexandrovna Krasnokutskiy and Timothy Vasilyevich Zhakuna blacksmiths congratulated on winning another September 24, 1979, along with congratulations and presented them in a huge bouquet of bright-bright colors.

- Frankly, personal success is pleasant, Tarasenko said excitedly, in response to the warm words, but druzey. infinitely more pleasant to see next to a hundred other leading workers.

Followers from Tarasenko and Kalashnikov at the Kharkov Tractor much. Hundreds of smiths, turners, fitters, assemblers personal tenth five-year plans completed one year ahead of schedule. Advanced workers in different departments, in many areas and do one important thing-arm heroic tractor ploughmen of the country. In the mass patriotic movement in the overall achievements of the vast group of Kharkiv Tractor giant-sense initiative, innovative idea born by people such as Victor G. Tarasenko.


On many noble people, which is so rich in our country, write that to their chosen professions, they have been committed since childhood, it was their true calling. Maybe there is often sin against the truth. That's about Viktor Tarasenko already wrote that he was a blacksmith by nature and he got it almost in the preschool years. In fact, it was much harder.

Grew up in the village, he, like all rural boys whose fathers had not returned from the war, had to learn too early nedetskiy physical labor in the field. It is true rebyatnya hours stuck in the collective farm smithy, and a more sublime and mysterious boy a profession is not represented.

But once a blacksmith shod horses. An eight-Victor Tarasenko saw it the first time. He does not remember how jumped up, frantically clutched the shirt of a blacksmith, and, swallowing her tears, cried out incoherently:

- Do not hammer nails up his horse. He also hurts!

- Do not worry, kid, laugh-kuznets.-horse no harm.

- Will be!-Fingered boy wizard stalwart.

He ran away, hid in the mugs and he could not relieve the bitter tears, almost physical feeling as if the horse does not, as he himself drives the nail in the heel. No one has shared their suffering boy, and maybe that's why the shock responsive soul survived for long. By smithy from the time he did not come close, but soon learned that the fears of his horse were in vain.

In vain you? How do I know. Do not become a manifestation of the character of this episode, the desire to protest against the atrocities against the infliction of pain, a living creature? But this is a noble quality, and Tarasenko kept him for a lifetime. Without thinking, he will throw to help the weak, offended by the worker directly and decisively shall fight against injustice, indifference of the people and to business, against anything that interferes with work, at home, in life in general. If that is not so, will not rest or head of department or Secretary of Party Committee or the Director of the plant.

With the party principles, civil intransigence Tarasenko refers to deficiencies. The main equipment blacksmith shop served for two or three decades or more. Hammer, running himself Tarasenko, has over twenty. But the most pressing machines are worn out. Victor G. has never worked for them and not directly related to them has not. Could in good conscience not to intervene. But the old car braking I work shop, factory. And he once or twice, ten times reminds the enterprise leadership, the party committee, demands more vigorously pursue the replacement of old units with new, modern.

The plant, of course, annually sends a request to the Ministry of tractor and agricultural machinery, but in the last ten years, blacksmith shop and did not get any press, no hammer. In the end, Tarasenko offered his own version: together with a group of blacksmiths wrote a letter to the minister and myself went to him with "a working application." Personally to him for that, except for considerable trouble - nothing. It is not for the care of new equipment. But Tarasenko would not have been himself if would have thought only of himself, his personal benefit. Not the leaven of people.

And now you can go back to talking about choosing a career. The fate Tarasenko, as, indeed, very many people, the main role in this choice has played his Majesty the case. His father, Gregory the professor, was an excellent baker. Bread and baked them famous in the whole Novovodolazhskogo area. For this bread, even went to the village of Kharkiv. His mother, Anna Nikiforovna life worked in the field. His father died in the forty-third during the crossing of the Dnieper. With thirteen years Victor worked as a trailer hand. And after his military service he returned home in the village with the intention to stay there. But then on the shipping instructions District sent a group of young people in the company of Kharkov. So yesterday was a soldier in the HTZ. The personnel department of his fate decided simply need improvised smiths.

Two decades in the forge. Hot, noisy, heavy plant. There was initially for him no love, no special attachment to an unusual plant for rural guy profession. But it was the habit of work, a deep respect for any useful work. And he was kind, wise mentor, Vladimir Solodovnik blacksmith. Three years later, Victor himself led a team of blacksmiths. And there are not forced to wait long for general recognition, the glory of the master. One and a half decades of his brigade with honor is the collective title of communist labor. As playful and imaginative remark some of the blacksmiths, Tarasenko, "forge" a Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor, and then another, and a gold medal winner of the USSR State Prize, which was awarded for outstanding innovative achievements in labor, for the innovative techniques inshschativu in the competition, rationalization gumption. Praise him not hurt. Victor G. has remained the same as Traktorostroiteley know him for over twenty years: a modest, cheerful, honest and principled in matters of chance at work. Public-spirited, which to search. For fifteen years he has led Party group site, a member of the Party Committee, deputy of the Ordzhonikidze District Council, candidate member of the Office of the Kharkiv Regional Committee of the party. And to top it all is also a member of the Presidium of the Central Committee of trade union workers of automobile, tractor and agricultural machinery of the USSR.

And the family have Tarasenko labor. His wife Valentina more than a quarter century working in the OT to the eighth State Bearing Plant. Their firstborn, Sergei, after the company chose a ten-year father, but did not go to the blacksmiths, and machinists. Jr., Gene, still in school.

At half past seven ... out of the subway in the morning before the main entrance to the factory great crowd pours tractor builders. Among them inconspicuous figure of Victor G. Tarasenko Witch light the forge. A few minutes later, taking off his tie and white shirt, like a medieval knight, he donned a tight robe, leggings, helmet, canvas gloves. And a huge steam hammer, obedient to the will of the Master, will begin its fiery rhythmic staccato. And with the golden spray of sparks from the anvil will fall jewelry and exact details of that then stood on their seats, to revive a T-150K tractor, without which the farmers can not imagine a job in the field.

Three of a mighty hammer forging steel horses for grain farmers.

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