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Veygul Bronislawa Eduardovna


Veygul Bronislawa Eduardovna

Dipper Riga Production Association "Sarkanais Ritsu" Hero of Socialist Labor

Veygul Bronislawa Eduardovna The Cabinet of Ivan Mikhailovich Tsareva Secretary of the party bureau Branch 2 of the production association "Sarkanais Ritsu"-tiny. Here we are together and tight. But on the shelves, attached to the wall, excellent order: each book, Daddy has its place. So long looking for the owner of an abundance of documents characteristic of Bronislava Edwardovna Veygul-on the page with some missed key information about the candidate to deputies of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR. On the great labor achievements, the activity in the public arena, the party of principle, sensitivity to companions .. -

- An enviable share of people in our society - continued in the meantime Tsarev, is not a lucky lottery ticket, not good luck. It all depends on what the man himself, what his character.

Closer acquaintance with Bronislaw Eduardovna, I asked her:

"Blessed are you?" And after hearing the answer, remembered the words of Tsarev. What you win the lottery: Well, refrigerator, TV, well, even the "Lada"-word, you rolled a success and will become the owner of a valuable thing, perhaps, have long wanted to have. But true happiness, of course, is not it. So in answer to my question said Bronislaw Eduardovna:

- I am not a philosopher, and in science this is not strong. We had, however, that one, then another book, there are different ideas about what happiness is. I'll tell you how to think about it myself. One happy moment in my life especially memorable. This was shortly after the XXV Congress of the Party. I took part in its work. Just got back from Moscow. Asked me to speak before a group of association, to talk about their impressions of the days of the congress. Of course, gladly accepted. Got up early in the morning, dressed down, once again has thought about what I speak. Usually utrechkom time to view the newspaper, but then worried, not to read it. I went to the parent company, and there-bustle, I presented with flowers, congratulations, photographers arrived. It turns out that this day was published a decree on awarding me the title of Hero of Socialist Labor ... I'm back after a speech at a branch and, honestly, is not in itself was something. As the branch-it would react to this? Do not boss, of course, it is clear, and the friends with whom I work every day together. After all, does not seem to stand out among them, and I was given a hero. Maybe it will become jealous of, look askance? I went to the shop, and they are the colors to me, hugging, tears in her eyes. That's where I started to cry, you know, so like a woman, joy. And talking of those days, confused, outspoken, one idea caught on: "No wonder we are on this hard and dirty work of trying. Noted still us, "You know," us "! That's how people perceived my wages. And it was just that for me the most truly happy moment in my life. So he remembered ... Our conversation led us to a large square room where the desk shift foreman Veygul. Actually, desk, two tables and chairs. In one of the tables, working papers, pinned to the wall faded graphics dyeing equipment repair shop. As if in denial of the well-known marks is in the corner of a rectangular mirror with a breakaway edge. And almost right next to the table, pushed into a corner by the window an old baby grand "Riga". Now such is not released. This is from the old days, says Bronislaw Eduardovna. Once in the room that was something like the red corner. Then all the girls they were, singing under the piano, danced, celebrated various events.

- We arrived at the branch office twenty years ago, somehow it all together, just as a branch and he had just created. Young, fun, fighting. Lived eagerly worked eagerly, excitedly. And wanted to make, and make it better.

The voice was heard sadness, and when it sounded Veygul repeated: "So, quietly, and life has flown."

Veterans, veterans often say that they have half-lives, as many as half a lifetime abided by four years of war. These were the years. No, nothing like this in my life my opponent was not. On the battlefield, she did not have to fight, was still a girl. But its front with the attacks, onset, when the mental stress at the limit of time and did not notice, and she was experiencing. Here are some reference data from the characteristics that showed Tsarev: Sixth Five-Year Plan Veygul done in four years, seventh-, too, the eighth-three and a half, the ninth-three years and two months. But at this rate, with such incandescence as if the order: "Time, Forward!" Really do not have time to look back. Fly Life!

And yet sometimes necessary, is this a need-to stop, look around. Look at the path, consider the thickness of years, then the original, the fontanelle, from which a river of your life. Why? In our everyday life, not just once or twice we have to clarify for themselves the need to perform their duty, to understand the deeper meaning of this debt. And often with thoughts about already lived through, that raised like wings in your life to new heights and new, makes the necessary determination and strength.

This need for experienced Bronislaw Eduardovna when her maid of dyeing shop, the staff association has put forward a candidate for deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the republic. The upcoming state activity seemed frighteningly difficult, prohibitively demanding. Of course, she knew:

Hundreds of thousands of others like it, laborers, workers, builders, farmers, performed in our country's parliamentary duties. And the same handle. But in addition, it was necessary, and some emotional impulse to call for action all his mental strength.

- I remember once after work - says Bronislaw Eduardovna-walked slowly along the embankment of the Daugava River, admiring views of the city. And, perhaps, the first thought, though the river has already seen many times, what is it wide and full-flowing here in Riga. Mighty River! Involuntarily reminded of the Daugava such as in my native land, in Kraslava district. There, she has fled far from its source in Russia. My God, how I admired as a child of our Kraslavsky Daugava. It is there really is very beautiful, quiet and gentle winds among the hills, slowly. They say the city name comes from the Kraslava the word "beauty", there is such a beautiful neighborhood and the river. I looked at the water, and the whole life stands before my eyes, from the girlish years ...

Barefoot childhood in many ways and then determines our attitude towards life, and our characters, and aspirations. The share fell Edwardovna Bronislava was barefoot childhood. Early-farmer father died. It was hard to be a mother with three young daughters at the hands of bourgeois Latvia, and even in the most downtrodden and impoverished its edge-of Latgale. Children from infancy, of course, worked as best they could. And what could take baby Armour-except to go to the paddock pastushonkom. Mother had heard that old people: they say, near Riga, his fists bogatyuschie, money-they burn. That is, they say, and send the girl back, maybe even be fed, and earnings from the owners and she bit perepadet lats. Bitter was the parting. In parting, the mother said: "hard, oh so hard, my daughter, will have among strangers. But apparently, we share a poor peasant. In a year or two will stay there to save some money, and then the school will send you. The dream I have cherished:

you, less people are in print. Sisters, then your probably did not have to overpower the letter. " With these parting words, and Bronislaw went on in the world.

The farm owner near Riga took the girl closet next to the crib for cattle, punished so go early to get up before dark. Even entered into an employment contract. Tearfully recalled Armour home, leaping nightingales beneath the windows, the lake is so clear that on sunny days you could see his reflection in the mirror of water. And although life in his native village Valeyny was not easy, she recalled about the father's house, as the happy isle. Exceeded for August, and so tore the girl to school, that no threats and accusations fist-owner in violation of the agreement were not able to stop it. Perhaps never has subsequently violated the Bronislava someone of her words, and this time broke. Attracted few worldly possessions, hid more reliable earnings in a knot and went home.

Bright holiday was for old women mother the day when armor rushed as if on wings, from the school, waving over his head leaving examination.

- So you go out into the world, my daughter - she cried with happiness. - Now, go into the city shalt deliver?

- No, Mom, and even in the village affairs to his neck. You see, what kind of things we have done in the League? Once in town, then.

In the Komsomol organization of village life was in full swing. Meeting with the spores themselves hoarse, drums Saturdays, evenings, debates. A new, yet unknown, happy life came to the village after the liberation of the Latvian republic from Nazi invaders. She was fascinated by his youth a powerful rhythm was first brought up at the boys and girls a sense of the owners of the country. The main thing for the Young Communists were involved in the creation of collective farms in their native land. From morning to night on the county went from end to end, going to meetings ukoma party, then again and again argued in his own circle, how best to campaign for the introduction of the peasants into collective farms. Until now, remember Bronislaw Eduardovna as to her yesterday, tenth grade, came wise life, but lawlessness and scored in the old days, illiterate peasants and asked to explain to them honestly, without fraud, it is better to be named on the farm. Do not lose it, join it? And now do not know quite Bronislaw Eduardovna, if sensibly answered their questions. Probably not, but tried to convince the other hand, sincerely from the heart. And they believed it-girl of their own environment, the most that on is poor. And apparently, so, besides, also as the most competent of them, the peasants had great confidence in her, was elected secretary of the village council. And so it was armor-shepherd representative of Soviet power in the countryside.

Veygul Bronislawa Eduardovna Years after the war were hungry. Not every time believed that the time will come and blossom collective farm land. After all, all around, everywhere you look - the traces of war: destruction, ashes.

The fighting in this region have been cruel. Later, becoming a member of the Supreme Council of the Republic, met Bronislaw Eduardovna with the renowned chairman of the kolkhoz "Lachplesis" Ogre District Hero of Socialist Labor Edgar Martynovich Kaulinshem. That's been true in its representation of a Communist! He, as well as their farm, started from the ashes. He told me: peasants assembled, and the 'self in a soldier's overcoat, hungry from lack of sleep is barely on his feet and began to tell them what a beautiful farm will have them in ten years. They raised him to laughter: "Come on, Edgar, to fill. We now bring water from the well is not what is, and you're about school, even kindergarten tolkuesh! "But the time has come, and this farm tours across the country come to see how well they work through, how well people live. Recently, and Bronislaw Eduardovna in their territories visited. It was easy to compare past and present, grew up there. Only here to compare, it was almost impossible. Changed everything: life, and people. Yes, and farms were quite different. Those who are they, Komsomol, and helped create, were tiny, weak, as rostochki. But then they began to grow stronger, and now it's powerful, large-scale farms. And there are heroes. The strongest farm "Red October", for example, is headed by Hero of Socialist Labor Kavinsky. The entire country knows about it. Blossomed land. So think Bronislaw Eduardovna-hence, they then labored in vain.

He remembers an elderly woman is far youth. Speaks slowly, as that's beside the Daugava flows Kraslava. And the thought of her as the river bends, strongly linked with a peculiar topography of land on which it is his endless water flows through the bed destiny. And in the fate here and there, like the hills, which influences the direction, rising from the memory of the people-people who have left traces in my life who helped Bronislaw Edwardovna find your way.

... "Is needed, required, required ..." These ads met the bustling capital city of a village girl. Where to go? The townspeople seemed worried, hurried about their business. People around a lot, and to consult, to talk to someone afraid. And wandered the streets of Riga on the girl until they stopped at a big brick wall. The textile factory. Just ended a change, and of the great gate of the factory flooded stream of people, mostly women. Many young girls. One of them joked of Armor

- Hey, you know that with a suitcase? There is no station, no train. Waiting for someone?

- Do not wait for anyone. That came to town, and to get a job, I do not know.

- Bold, 'smiled the girl. - Come to our factory. We need bold but cheerful. Stamp your human resources department. Come show.

The woman in the personnel department carefully looked matriculation learned that brand-new member of the Komsomol, and said:

- To you, girl, straight road to the department of technical control. In the dyeing department. To make out?

Bronislaw agreed. What's better-defined work, housed in a dormitory. And all at once, in one day. However, it soon came and disappointment. Job did not like it. Or rather, no job, and the work itself. There was almost nothing. Recalled how his mother saying, "Good work, if to hot pot." - "No, it's not for me - finally decided to Bronislava.-Force I have a lot, and sit here so count the flies." Plucked up courage, went decisively to the head shop.

- Although I am new girl, 'said - I want to express their philosophy. Why do we have inspectors out in three shifts, and when the second something does not work? Do not correct to reduce the number of inspectors?

The chief promised to think, to talk with working women, and soon after was taken and a decision: to move Bronislaw krasilschitsy. The people of this specialty has always lacked, and now the girl almost to herself torn bark. And since that day Bronislaw Eduardovna for over twenty years, is only concerned with this difficult work. Here she liked this place had to be to their liking. And by the way, of all krasilschits light industry, it is only one, and was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

- Bronislaw Eduardovna-Veygul interested in, say, frankly, was a temptation to move to a more feminine or something, clean work?

- The opportunities were many, - she said,-a desire not to go pripomnyu.-And then firmly assured: No, there was no such temptation. In explanation of the added

- I have such a character: it is difficult to me, so I'm all into a ball, teeth stisnu, but force myself to overcome the difficulties. It brings satisfaction. And then I remember the guy next to me worked on the family Shutov. Well know cackle of a brand new, "Do not Force, Golub, learn how to not make it, run away from us. Mark my words. " I think: "But no, prove it to you, darling. Stay! "

The work was really damn hard. It now appeared in the dye shop mechanization, automation, and then the barge, which paint a canvas, were mostly hand-held, wooden, and perhaps that differed only by the size of the trough of a primitive linen. In addition, the hot water around the barge around the room and the humidity and temperature are high, but still rising from the evaporation of chemicals, dyes. In short, hazardous industry, no wonder krasilschitsy a five-year period generally established before retiring. Job-harmful, and the case for the people of the State the right. "At least not until our work is mechanized, and the work that someone has to do, - said to myself Bronislaw Eduardovna. - So why did someone not me?"

When Veygul second time put forward a candidate for deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR, the pre-election meeting someone called her a "beauty krasilschits", referring to here, as snorovisto and it works beautifully. This is because the work she puts the soul. True beauty is always animated. But before she had been taught the most that on is the basics of dyeing craft. More precisely, he taught at the factory, the oldest dyer Janis Vitol. Now few can remember Bronislaw Eduardovna of the first lessons a long time ago because it was, but not effaced from the memory of its main teachings: "Do not hurry, work with the arrangement, the only way you learn to work without marriage. And this is the most important thing. " And again: "If you do not know why, ask. The case we have in common. " Lessons from the old master came in, they say, in the flesh and blood. Even much later, when Veygul-worker has experienced the most-assigned the case to bring to the students, and the no-no and even run the wizard "change for the council. Turning to the masters of the employee just a long process. It is first necessary to perfect the technique of execution of the complex movements of any professional. Happy soul, when you see, for example, how fast and Bronislava Eduardovna snorovisto fills a huge barge dye: throws a bunch voluminous knitwear and stitch together the ends of the blades. Needle and flashes in her clever and strong fingers. At this filling operation a good dyer the most saves time. But there are also hidden from the eyes of the details and features of genuine craftsmanship. During the change of leaf color have different articles intended for different products. And then there are subtleties, the knowledge worker who helps manage the process of dyeing correctly. Even the different quality of fabrics of the same sheet, or rather small deviations of its one way or the other side of the rules requires a change the mode of painting. Ignoring this fact, immediately fail: this product will be short-lived, quickly faded, and the thing sewn out of it, at least throw out. We need to develop a sense, learn to touch to feel the texture of the canvas. One, alone, to master these subtleties in the work difficult. Helps the collective experience. Therefore krasilschitsy, graduating replaced, be sure to share with each other their observations, and if someone went to a marriage together trying to find out its cause.

- In my opinion, when mastered the skill, says Bronislaw Eduardovna - every thing is interesting. Probably because you start a creative approach to work, think, due to what can work better and faster.

Over time, Veygul learned before clearly organize your work, that the opportunity to take the additional load, namely, the paint not only painting, but the tape, rubber, sewing thread. But when two retired veterans, Bronislaw Eduardovna and her friends managed and decided for them. The development of related professions to become krasilschits another step growth of skill. As a result, production has grown considerably in the normo-hours. The first step of this rose Bronislaw Eduardovna, and then helped to stand on her and other female employees.

To it was a successful, a team must be a special atmosphere, special, as they say, microclimate, which influences the mood of the people on their lifestyle and work. And what is in the role of workers themselves?

- There are people who are called collective soul, 'said Ivan M. Tsarev., but in relation to Bronislaw Edwardovna I would say that it is its conscience. She has a very definite and clear notion of what it means to live according to conscience. She lives in accordance with these terms. I remember two cases.

Seen, perhaps: in the shop, each job is hanging on a wall map of the technological, regulatory action is strictly krasilschitsy. Most of our workers do not need to look into the description of operations, in their minds like "programmed" action plan, and their sequence. But even the most pedantic adherence does not help if, for example, in the pipes through which steam is supplied, the pressure suddenly drops, or water to wash cloth will not be necessary to pour a stream. It happens that we have to be replaced and some of the dyes, whose reserves run out of stock. Clearly, all of this, deficiencies in the organization of production. We try to eliminate them, but it does not always work. It is therefore important, as do workers react to them. Sometimes, of course, and so that some of them start to panic or honor to the leadership was worth. Looking at them, and the other arm is lowered. And then Bronislaw Eduardovna shows a good example. For her, it is important first and foremost thing to do. She took the habit of coming to replace the advance. First, take an interest, as previous changes took place, what were the difficulties of lack. Meet with the master mechanic will find a good fit to the storekeeper and calm and businesslike as possible will require to address the causes of delays in work. Indeed, problems usually occur on someone else's negligence or inadvertence, and eliminate them is not too difficult. I like to have as a communist and that Veygul, speaking with criticism, he always tries to offer his solution to the problem. I remember one time in the shop acutely felt the lack of water. And without it krasilschitsam simply nothing to do. This Bronislaw Eduardovna told at union conferences and at the same time proposed to drill in the yard of another branch of the artesian wells. Management association examined the proposal. It was really sensible. Well was drilled, and the question of water supply plant has been resolved.

And once it got sick smenschitsa Aina Niedre. Summer heat. Who wants to stay after their shift, having worked for many hours near the boats? Bronislaw Eduardovna she volunteered to replace the ailing smenschitsu. For a week, and served as its own, and her work. How to regard this act? To live according to conscience, the only way. This is a wonderful quality - be able to put the interests of the collective above the individual. Here's what our armor.

Bronislaw Eduardovna among those people who most influenced the formation of her personality, character formation, and just like a human being remembered, often with a kind word recalled Vladimir E. Stout. Under his name to become a man-with strong character. And remembered his military rigor, laconic. He was then director of the branch number 2. Not everybody liked the Stout had the desire to bring all the impeccable order. Not all so emotional responsiveness, and noticed this man. A Bronislaw Edwardovna she remembered. When it happened it is difficult, not just maintained a strict director of encouraging words, advice. And most importantly, believe in it at the crucial moment in life when she decided to join the Communist Party. Veygul had already been a Knight of the Order of Lenin, the man reputed to be respected and honored. A sturdy, giving advice, he said: "Do not let me down, Bronislaw Eduardovna. In the game you would recommend. And yet, I wish you to become a hero. " Then after a few years, for health reasons had to Vladimir E. transfer to another job, they met at a meeting of Party activists. He congratulated Veygul with the title of Hero, asked how her case.

- I work, is simply replied, Bronislaw Eduardovna.-as always-working. But in general, all is well.

Often in life we use the words "his own man." What do you mean "their"? That came on the fish-canning Bronislaw Eduardovna association "Kaya" to carry out instructions of the Commission of the Supreme Soviet of the Latvian SSR on working and living conditions of women, maternal and child health. We had to get acquainted with the working and living conditions workers.

Met with the women in the shop and began talking, and they at once: "Well, it's his own man. Be sure to help. " "His" unknown people called it, because to believe: it is imbued with their needs, will ensure that the situation had improved. Hurled complaints: there is no water in the shower, rubber gloves is not enough. Do not make a mistake women: made-after the deputy to put things on the "Cahiers" order. That is his own man, one who takes the soul of someone else's burden, sick for the overall big deal.

Recently, Bronislaw Eduardovna began to work shift foreman. And started this new job, it is climbing to new heights, as they say, with the prose of life. Relationship is wrong before the two shifts. Every now and then recriminations heard to say: krasilschitsy one shift took longer to process leaf and smenschitsam Gulkina left with his nose, then try to Perform the norm ...

Indeed, the situation with the supply in the pool complex. But the evil that behaved correctly under these circumstances, managers themselves collectives shifts. They also came into conflict. Then Bronislaw Eduardovna invited his partner:

- Let's get it over together with these scandals. In life anything can happen, and difficulties enough, but it should always be fair to all, and especially us, the leaders.

Naparnitsa agreed. Bronislaw Eduardovna convinced her and that we must first protect, nurture the good in people. Sweep aside all selfish, selfish, uncharacteristic of our environment. And the person must respond to the concern for a kind word, reveals all his sincere generosity. Firm knows that Bronislaw Eduardovna from personal experience, that taught her life.

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