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Khafizov Midhat Gabdraupovich

Senior operator of Novoufimsk refinery, Hero of Socialist Labor

Khafizov Midhat Gabdraupovich - Comrades, passengers, our plane is landing. Please fasten your seatbelts.

Voice of flight attendants involuntarily forced to cling to the porthole. Under the wing of the Tu-154 in the advancing twilight, thousands of twinkling lights lay Ufa. On the outskirts of the city, like a guiding beacon blazed three huge torch.

- Novoufimsky refinery, prompted a neighbor and, continuing the previous conversation, added: It's the Hero of Socialist Labor works Midhat Khafizov.

The plane touched wheels and the concrete strip, slowing down the run, rolled to the airport ...

Twenty-second shop, where he works Midhat Gabdraupovich, away from the pass-workers to watch buses carry about. By the way, in some enterprises, the building department with machines or other equipment inside, while the refiners is part of the factory area where the huge towering columns and process tanks, connected by multiple pipes. In plants, the peculiar giant "shelves" of the oil-receiving different types of technical mass, gasoline, kerosene, gas and other products.

Although the midst of a busy day, the site deserted shop. Silence. Pyshut heat ovens, Heated feedstock for more than six hundred degrees. No, no, yes and "exhale" with a loud hissing cloud of steam some kind of "shelf", equipped with sophisticated management of various valves, gate valves, valves. And again, pipes, tubes of different diameters.

But not by themselves "working" to install. Hundreds of instruments and sensors monitor the process and transmit information to the premises of the operator. Here on the paper disk recorders draw intricate curves. Their figure is understandable only look professional, and the operator not for a moment taking his eyes from the scale devices. Vacuum, high temperature and combustible substances, Commonwealth moody, dangerous, norovyaschie escape from human control. Therefore, the operator must react quickly to the slightest deviation from the norm, to keep the process within the strict limits of technology.

It so happened that in the hour of my arrival began guild party meeting. The Communists summed up the work during the quarter. On the agenda is to make a few people. And leading the meeting declared:

- Word-Khafizova senior operator.

Got people that can easily recognize the familiar portrait of a newspaper. He is smart, neatly dressed, speaks slowly and clearly:

- Annual commitments on production, we carried out three months earlier. I think this is the result not so much of our good works, as rendering the development commitments. If you turned the gap between word and deed, so we have a lot of untapped reserves. Therefore, we adopt a new, more intense obligation. And not to substitute therefore a knife subcontractors, ask the administration to provide them with the necessary conditions for the processing of above-plan our raw materials. I used to when I was at the enterprises, faced with a situation. Some have tried to commit lighter below. Will fulfill their boast and that good. But the schedule milestones, the achievement of which will require a higher return, make search for more advanced methods of production, that some one may say, workers do not want. And if someone has them and tried to look at things strictly on business, to upset, saying that what strain to risk fame pace-makers? Back in the pool areas. In the twenty-second shop Novoufimskogo plant are not afraid of risk. In addition, the Communists know if something has Khafizov, then it is all pre-calculated, thought out in detail and will make every effort to trusting his people, and this time rose to the occasion. Is it bad to be at a height that beat honestly, without allowance for the difficulties? That's why the proposal senior operator was adopted unanimously. Of course, no one in the shop Khafizov a conscious, so good. There are many people in good faith, the great masters of oil refining.

- Twenty-five years of Midhat know, 'said a senior operator Flury Nabiullin.-He came to us at the end of the school masters, one year after the ten-year. Was young, inexperienced. But in the case took hot. Others, it seemed only waiting for a dial tone to change and soon out of sight. Midhat not like that. On watch restless. All climbed. Every detail of touch. Especially was restless during the repair. It is necessary to remove the dirt coming fitters, pipe-wash it right there. Beginning and end of the shift for him did not exist. Along with the repairers disassemble and assemble the installation. Yes, and others to work egged. Better said, how to work a day or two, than to suffer for months with the elimination of interruptions. And the people listened to him.

A year later, was such a case: it was the turn Nabiullina to go on vacation. Since then the staff was tight, and the administration thought anxiously, until someone put in place a senior operator.

- And what is there to think? Put Khafizova, Nabiullin-proposed. It can be seen in the hit point Nabiullin. His proposed candidacy approved at once.

Then came a period Khafizova to serve in the Soviet Army. He wore the shape of the Air Force. He was a mechanic for arms, gunner-radio operator. Not once received gratitude for the service. Quickly passed three years. He returned back to Novoufimsky plant. And again in the twenty-second shop.

Even before the army entered the Midhat evening department of the Ufa Oil Institute. But it so happened that the school then decided to quit. The reasons were several. Home-not satisfied with the housing, and then he and his wife Raya were expecting a child. He had to return to school after demobilization was in no hurry. Already grown daughter Tick. Then came her sister Irinochka. So the trouble at home was enough. But at least gave Midhat forces and work.

Some people master the chosen profession, so to speak, in height. From the machine go to college, college, become commanders of production. And sometimes it is considered that such a path towards the only true career. But there is another no less important and less interesting the way to this, the development of the profession in depth. Who does not know that sometimes the director of the largest companies are coming home to experienced workers who have long retired, and beg them to a week or two to work for the machine. Detail of, say, complex, trust no one to process it, and he "only" a turner ill ... And the director is ready to pay for one of this "turning science professor," a dozen experts with higher education. And sometimes regrets that failed in its time to take care that the pupils were transferred to the skill of man, did not do anything to it is gone from the factory, together with the vet.

Did such facts Khafizov is unknown. Only the working talent he perfected his every year. A home on the bookshelves of the library was getting closer to reference books, textbooks, and various literature on oil refining.

I noticed even then, - says Vladimir Salov, a veteran of the company-that when parsing a goy technological situation Khafizov discovered knowledge which can not be acquired only by practice. It was clear he was studying special literature. Combining deep practical skills and theoretical knowledge gave excellent results: Midhat during watchkeeping quickly on the spot, without the help of engineering staff coped with many challenges.

However, not only the experience and knowledge brought Khafizova respect for the team. At least people were marked by his kindness, determination and courage. Once a pump is distilled hot oil seal blew. From the hole under tremendous pressure jets of oil vapor escaped. According to the instructions were supposed to call an emergency team to block access to raw materials. But in this case until the end of the accident would still be far away. Could erupt every second fire. No wonder that with such a situation, confused and skilled workers. Khafizov, covering the face mitt with a spanner in the stepped clubs scalding steam. Long seemed to all those seconds. Finally, the pressure of the jets began to weaken, and the clouds dissipated and became visible Midhat. All went well.

Do not Step Khafizov then into danger, nobody would have blamed him. But to decide to take this step, a little courage. Risk is only a man could, confident in the strength of their hands, like the five fingers of his authorized representative who knows the equipment. Decisive action allowed the operator to avoid the ten-stop process, the plant saved hundreds of thousands of rubles. But more importantly it was something else: on the day Midhat comrades were rightly proud of is working in their ranks is a man, from which all can take an example. Next to it is not a person to be incompetent, lax and indifferent. Yes, lax, undisciplined Midhat Gabdraupovich no fan. Especially those who do not shine and the behavior of others with grace knocks. But if a person is diligent, conscientious, Khafizov for this is a mountain. One day the accident occurred. The representative of the administration decided that the blame for standing on duty personnel office, and asked for the consent of the union to punish him. But as Khafizov predtsehkoma objected and insisted on, to collect a commission. Careful analysis showed the proportion of fault-workers is negligible, summed up the broken prii6ory.

The validity and persistence Khafizova, his knowledge of people, faith in them not only to protect the good name of the person, but also helped the production to get rid of technical problems.

Khafizov Midhat Gabdraupovich Significant in the life of Midhat Gabdraupovicha was in 1970. Countrymen elected him deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the eighth convocation. In the fall he resumed his studies at the Petroleum Institute.

A large burden was placed on the shoulders of senior operator. It was hard. But each case he performed with characteristic feature of his character, honestly, carefully and fully.

In those years, Khafizov observed strict discipline, the evening was the day the plan, painted with minute by minute, from six o'clock in the morning until night. Like all the time to himself now surprised.

Khafizov worked as usual in the shop, he was not given concessions. After you watch the labor-receiving electorate, meeting with city officials. Then the classes at the institute. Returning home for the night, sat down at the books, drawings.

- So we, me and our three children rarely saw my father. Will run home. Casually ask about the affairs of children, and eat-in door, sighs, Raisa.

Education was given Khafizova relatively easy. Affected much manufacturing experience and self study. And though he often absented himself but for deputy, for the time of study never took a vacation according to the law laid for passing examinations. A travel around the country a member of the commission on conservation and sustainable use of natural resources of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Khafizova had quite a lot. Here are some addresses:


Moscow, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai, the Urals, the Baltic States. Together with other deputies, he participated in a survey of treatment facilities, studied the state of water and air basins tested as ministries use the funds allocated for environmental protection. It was during those years in our country adopted the Law on the Protection of Nature.

Of course, one of the main concerns was the performance of deputy mandates Khafizova his constituents. Once workers Ufa plywood furniture factory complained that they were let go a little money for housing and construction of the thirties, in which many workers lived in mill already decrepit and not amenable to repair, have visited the deputy kombinatskih, indeed, not very good housing, barracks falling apart, even the props are not saved. Yes, and manufacturing facilities require a major upgrade. Arriving at the regular session of the Supreme Council, Hafiz met with Minister of Forestry and Wood Processing Industry of the USSR Nikolai Vladimirovich Timofeev. Gave him a set of postcards with views of Ufa. Do you like the minister of the city-beautiful, prettier every year. And then Midhat Gabdraupovich showed pictures taken on the plywood and furniture plant. And all without a word, it became clear the minister, the mill was allocated money for construction.

Here, the logic would have to put a full stop. But, it turned out early. Already home Khafizova had yet to click on the builders, who were one-track. Repeatedly went to them, controlled, as is the case. Finally, the plant has a dining room, a kindergarten, a good production facilities and, of course, the new apartment. Needless to say how grateful woodworkers were his deputy.

There is in Ufa and other enterprises, which helped get Khafizov equipment, construction materials, machinery. As deputy his business, he talked with many ministers. And always meet his requests, so they were well-grounded and convincing.

Finally, at the ceremonial costume Khafizova near the government awards the institute came from the icon-diamond emblem of the Soviet Union. For every high school graduate is a joy. But when you get the treasured blue book of forty-three years, double the joy.

Again, Midhat Khafizov is watch from their vacuum columns. Is there a difference in the impact of labor between the time when he worked as a senior operator without a diploma, and now?

- Yes, and much, says head of the twenty-second plant, Anatoly Kuznetsov.-Khafizova Earlier proposals are generally aimed at facilitating labor, improving safety. Now they are an engineering nature associated with improved production, increased efficiency of production.

Midhat Khafizov is already a veteran of the company. A good one is a veteran who is not in the production of their students? The older of the operator of a dozen. And now with him two or Anatoly Chernyaev and Sergey Belov. The first is a fifth qualification level, the other close to it. Khafizov seeks to educate the young is not just a profession, but also to educate them morally, in the spirit of party consciousness.

- Who if not we need to prepare their successors, to answer for it - says Hafiz.

Midhat Khafizov comes from the Bashkir village of Kirgiz-Miyaki. He often visits the home. Here his father's house, the elder sister lives, here come his brothers, sisters and their children. Likes Midhat Gabdraupovich wander the woods, warm to touch a horse back, to tinker in the garden, to breathe the fresh smell of the earth. Well in the village!

- But how many times I caught myself on the fact that at night I wake up from silence - smiles Midhat Gabdraupovich., lost touch with her. We see this with me, and character.

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