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Selyatitsky Georgy

Head of the West Siberian Territorial Geological Department, Hero of Socialist Labor

Selyatitsky Georgy Raindrops on crushed glass, oblique dotted razlinovyvali wagon box. Chadyaschie candle candle dropped on them purple highlights, and Selyatitskaya all wondered why the drops on the glass does not roll up, not baked in the blood clots and streaks, curving along the train, it is easy to slide down. Tracer bullets swept into darkness, a spark from the chimney engine, rain expired invisible in the night heavy clouds wounded. Someone was moaning and snoring dramatically in the next compartment, somewhere crying baby and the mother patiently and monotonously lulled him. Crowded train slept troubled sleep ...

Train distance then quickly rushed to the east, to the great Siberian plain, then stood on the clock halts unknown, missing counter-imperial structures with guns and tanks on the platform. At such moments, all stuck to the windows and with the tacit hope for and looked after the departing train. In large plants with pots. And the kettles in the hands of the passengers rushed, no, not to vodogreykam and bread stalls, first to the speaker - listen to yet another summary of the Soviet Information Bureau. In the surge back gloomy, depressed, silently sliced bread on towels and washed down with steaming hot water cool. In a low voice, as if the deceased, remembered their native places from which the shot had to be hastily, eagerly listened to the stories of experienced elders: what is it Siberia?

Selyatitskaya Siberia was not unusual. A year ago, during the last field of practice, he twice drove her from end to end, and four months he worked in exploration party in the Far East. Siberia raved about all the years of study at the Institute and now with his wife, Claudia, also a geologist, was driving toward his dream. I did not think George is not guessed, that the road to the dream would be so bitter and disturbing, with crimson droplets of rain on a dark box.

On Sunday, June 22, two days before the defense of diploma project, lead the country descended on the catastrophe of war. Immediately after graduation as a group went to the military. Go to the table broke a commissar in the late evening. Deadbeat political leader with a "sleeper" in their buttonholes flipped through the papers one another:

- All of the exploration? On the front I can not send, go to your destination!

His eyes were red political instructor, as the enamel on the 'sleepers' eyes when the light bulb burned ruby points.

In the People's Commissariat of the coal industry and the conversation was short:

- The country needs coal! Go and Siberia, in the Kuzbass.

The car was tossed at the joints. Scarlet raindrops trembling, slipping down sideways. Fire trails pierced the night sparks from the engine.

- George A., you need to become a geologist bury?

- Love his work, given to him without reserve. And yet, just a little luck ...

In Kisilevsky exploration party, he was considered to be surprisingly successful. Drill masters were convinced that if you came to Selyatitskaya cutting through the reservoir, all goes like clockwork: Cairn torn off and lift off without a hitch, even though the sample to the laboratory immediately take me. And measuring the capacity of the reservoir is unmistakable. It happened during the accident on the rig when the tool is stuck at a depth of two or three hundred meters into the night, midnight, sent for Selyatitskaya. And it knew that the party chief Timothy A. Hops excellent worker, and strove to lead Still young and still very "not fired" geologist. Maybe it was that easy to work with him, returned to the people familiar confidence, and seemed to themselves parted sandstones at a depth of tenacious, tightly clamped drilling tools became pliable, obedient. In short, luck was not on his heels, though she tried to overtake and waited for it where needed most. Even the weather he was lucky.

July storm died down, and after August, forty-first in Siberia and cloudless it is prolonged "Indian summer". In the end, even rabbits faded, turned white and the snow was not nearly up to the October holidays.

Reports from the front came a disturbing another. The enemy rushed in the Donbass, the main "stokehold" of the country. In Prokopyevsk, Kiselevsk, Leninsk-Kuznetsk unloading trains carrying evacuees mining equipment hastily cut new lava under the earth and straight to the railway platforms were lowered into them cutting machines. State Defense Committee decided at short notice to deploy fuel production in the east of the country, primarily, in the Kuznetsk Basin, to ensure the supply of coke 6espereboynuyu for ferrous metallurgy of the Urals. Task was as follows: three to five months! to build dozens of mines in the Kuzbass region of low power, for the construction of large-scale would require years to break through tunnels and slopes, to metallurgical plants coal railways. Along with the metal coal in those days to decide the fate of the country. For exploration geologists and clarify reserves set aside a few weeks.

Who and when he called these mountains distant, even old-timers Kiseleva not remember. Located in five or six kilometers from the city Distant mountains were considered the most promising for the rapid deployment of coal. Reliable pre-war predictions are expected coal seams up to sixteen or twenty feet, and the mountainous terrain could not be more favored by the sinking of tunnels. But these layers yet to find a scout, identify and calculate the quality of coal reserves. In a word, to give input to the design and construction of small mines. District geologist at the distant mountains was appointed George Selyatitskaya. It was the first major independent work of young professionals.

Exploration wells have laid a line at the foot of the Far Mountains, on the shore of a tiny rivulet Tugay. Drilled by hand, using the so-called snakes. Selyatitskaya knew one thing: the seams are less than three meters in Kiselevsk not. Therefore, the well penetrated three meters from each other. And one had to happen that just guessing, as geologists say, "the trend of the cross" of coal. In other words, a line of exploration revealed a whole suite, more than a dozen coal seams. Fortunately, the deposits of sand and clay were relatively small, and the direction of the layers can easily be traced by drilling kite. More steeply dipping strata of the powerful left into the distant mountains. Here, at the foot of them, directly on coal can penetrate the horizontal tunnel and start working off inventories. But the reservoir, as often happens, may avoid the side, go under the discharge of waste rock and then all work will be in vain. In order to gain time and avoid possible error Selyatitskaya with the consent of the senior geologist Kuznetsova took a daring decision: to combine the search with a detailed exploration. Drilling wells crews should "probe" coal to the horizon of future penetration galleries, and at the foot of the distant mountains to reveal layers of vertical workings, so

called "pipes". The war dictated its own terms, their methods of organization of exploration.

Experienced drillers will not miss the moment when the drill bit enters the coal seam, it will catch the characteristic crackling, rapid immersion tool. But where they were skilled craftsmen? Almost all went to the front. In the drilling crews completely alone girls. And look to miss keying. Then, a geologist makes a mistake in determining the capacity of the reservoir, calculation of reserves. In those days Selyatitskaya spent day and night at the Far Hills.

Otpolyhali ... fairytale castles burning coals. Fragrant Mushroom crushed fire damp mist coat. Straw under the damp side, covered with a bluish bloom dew. Collapsed and melted under the pressure of the dawn shining stars snowflakes trail sled Milky Way. Woke Selyatitskaya not from the cold, from the consciousness of particular importance and significance of starting the day. Years will pass, all will be simple, everyday podernetsya ashes, like coals in a fire dogorevshem, but today, this event: the first well on the distant mountains beyond the horizon of penetration. Not far from the fire snorted, shook hobbled horse. The fog hid half of her body, could see only the back and throw up his head upwards, as if the horse nodded approvingly man who wanted to wish him good morning, happy day.

Selyatitsky Georgy Day and was really happy. Towards noon they took the last Cairn fragile column of coal, washed with water from wells and drilling polished crown. She looked more than modest: Nature does not like to flaunt their creations. Matt, subdued luster on fractures of coal core sparks flashed black, like a "give away" a sudden flush of energy in it. Harnessed the horse, the one that with a friendly nod in the morning a young geologist, and Selyatitskaya went to town. Autumn day to roam the glory. Warm wax melted in the sun birch grove. Orange torches. burned ash. September in the waning crimson trembling aspen. In winter, the forty-first year, three galleries and the slope on the distant mountains were given the first coal ...

- Or maybe it's not just luck, good teachers in the ... Who do you think was the first among them?

- Perhaps, after all ... Pasha Belevantseva

Alexander Kuznetsov, senior geologist of the party, said:

- Go to the Pasha, he knows everything! As befits a man "all-knowing," Pasha gradually and slowly hitched his horse, threw in a bunch of straw walker. He was stocky and shirokoskul, like most of the Siberians, and Belogolov as dandelion. Pasha held with dignity, without any arrogance on. The boys clung to it, adults love of soft flexible nature of constant readiness to help anyone to take someone else's burden. Over the shoulders of a Pasha was seventeen years old, pre-war standards of decent semiklassnoe education and two years of experience post-collector sort of this technique, a geologist. The Institute Selyatitskaya attended the lectures of Academician Shatsky and other prominent scientists and geologists. But no academic could not have known what was well known to be extremely intelligent and curious collector of a self-taught Belevantsevu: Pasha knew what is called "face" all the coal seams Prokopyevsk Kiselevsky-district and each of them was ready to read the whole lecture . On the Internal seams, for example, coal shiny krupchaty, the powerful - matt, strong, in good yield core, the characteristic at the top will certainly meet a conglomerate - gravel inclusions in the sandstone. The boy is well mastered kite drilling perfectly described the cores, and his record in field journals have always been accurate, the ability to "grab" the main thing. Knowledge Belevantseva walked the earth, from coal, and this was especially important for beginners and geologist Selyatitskaya. Not every free time with a twig on the ground Pasha plotted the estimated occurrence of layers, and most of his predictions were verified. That's what it was, Belevantsev Pasha, the first teacher and assistant George Selyatitskaya.

By the end of the war was still far was a great battle at Kursk, but the country looked to the future. Geological Survey of Kuzbass directed exploration of new deposits, primarily coking coal for laying of new mines. Even then, during the war years, the first search parties went into the wilds of the taiga Mountain Shoria which were later discovered rich deposits of coking coal in the area between Tom and mustache. Exploration began Erunakovsky coal-bearing area. Caring about the future of the country, the postwar development of the energy and steel industry was prompted by the firm and unshakable faith in the victory over fascism. Then, in the difficult war years, Selyatitskaya discovered and brilliantly carried out a reconnaissance Karagaylinskoye coal deposit for the first time in the field by applying the latest at the time geophysical methods of prospecting and exploration for coal, mapped the powerful fuel reservoir north of Kiselevsk, suitable for the development of the cheapest open manner.

Luck is always accompanied by Georgy Alexandrovich. And now, many in the West Siberian geological management jokingly say that the head of Selyatitskaya likely "was born under a lucky" that he has a great intuition, truly "animal instinct" for coal. Maybe the way it is. To admit the truth, we are all just a little envious of someone else's luck, but rarely think about its original sources. But, in fact, intuition is "implicit", is often hidden from our own work of thought, based on previous experience, knowledge, an analysis of similar situations. And have it, as a rule, people with a keen eye and retentive memory, able to hold and save dozens of seemingly minor details, details.

Yes, Selyatitskaya in the life of "luck." But most of all luck to the teachers. Probably because he was looking for them, not only among the luminaries of the geological sciences. He studied with the search of workers, drillers, knew how to listen and to draw important in uncomplicated conversations and debates around the campfire. Among the first teachers were Selyatitskaya senior geologist Kuznetsov, who was elected shortly Kiselevsky Party Committee Secretary, girls, collectors, Natasha and Eugene Skudarnova Pushkarev, the oldest working-sinker Ivan Sutyagin Shisterov and Michael whose names Georgy named the first two coal seam at the Karagaylinskoye field.

In the spring of forty-second year of the siege of Leningrad came to Kiselevsk major geological experts Professor Zhemchuzhnikov, Kumpan, Neiburga. In order to support, feed them, a senior geologist with the butter factories Selyatitskaya agreed to issue to each of two liters of milk per day of waste, along with tunneller drillers. Himself he could not afford such "luxuries" even walked with a puffy face and swollen from hunger feet. In gratitude for the support of professor every Friday gathered an audience of five to seven people, and gave lectures on geology. When the eyes darkened by hunger, Georgy encouraged listeners that an empty stomach, they say, it's easier to remember ...

- What qualities do you value most in people?

- Competence, commitment, perseverance in reaching this goal, kindness ...

On competence, perhaps, to say too: this is the first and immutable requirement for any worker. Thus, the passion.

Gennadiy Novikov arrived in the Kuzbass after the end of the Tomsk Polytechnic Institute. He started as a private master, three years later became chief engineer of the party, five-head of industrial engineering department, and then chief engineer of the West Siberian geologoupravleniya. But in my heart always remained drillers. And the ever-indignant three-quarters of the time teams spend on drilling core recovery and only a quarter-on drilling. Solid waste! Now, if combined both operations ... This idea did not give many years Gennady rest. The man carried away, persistent, he gathered around him a group of enthusiasts who consulted with the drillers, mechanics, studying foreign experience. And finally found a solution.

Water, the very water that bathes the drilling tool can make the surface of the core! Then there will be no need to raise just for the sake of the sample and then drop into the hole the entire pipe string and the drilling process will be almost continuous. Testing rig with hydraulic transport of the core gave excellent results, rate of penetration of wells has increased by several times.

Perseverance ... Without it, it is difficult to imagine a real geologist: nature hides her treasures safe. But this, quite frankly, "persistently", as in Pozdnyakov, meet infrequently and geologists.

Kan-Achinsk basin, with its reserves of brown coal geologists have long known. The first exploratory work in its western part, near the Itati, carried out during the war. In the early fifties, they were resumed. Then came to the young geologist Gennady Itati Pozdnyakov. Following the investigation began Itatskim Uryupskogo and Barandatskogo field, where the quality of coal is much higher and reach the hundred-meter thick layers. But the development of the basin in the central planning bodies recognized business away! future funding of exploration activities have ceased, and the party had to be eliminated. It happened more than once. But neither the first nor the second time Pozdnyakov not left Itati. About intentionally tightened reporting, he asked for one - two drilling rigs for exploration of iron-bearing minerals, overburden, and managed to hold on to the next "wave". Gennady Germanovich believed the time will come KATEK, and a quarter-century has remained true to his dream. He was able to justify the development of a comprehensive Itatskogo brown coal deposit with simultaneous extraction of billions of tons of cheap iron ore for smelting aluminum kaolinites. Explored under Pozdnyakova fuel reserves in the Kemerovo KATEK of will in the future to build a powerful cuts.

The generosity of soul ... I remember the conversation Selyatitskaya even corrected himself:

- I would put it in the first place. And here's why. Geologists live in small, isolated from the human point groups. Everyone here knows each other. Man simply can not tolerate stale, even more so - the manager. Official "career" Zvyagintsev hardly be called successful. He worked in the trust "Kuzbassuglegeologiya", then it is replaced by several "outdated" missions, and still can not find myself. A tall, stooped, with the ever-scowling brows, in the administration, he enjoyed the reputation of "neulyby." The proposal to appoint Selyatitskaya Zvyagintsev chief Kurai the most difficult geological expedition met dead silence. Harsh conditions of life there: the highlands, permafrost, village uncomfortable. They need a strong manager, a good organizer, a man sensitive, caring ... That such a man considered the head of Zvyagintsev, who had known for twenty years. Indifferent to money and worldly comforts, George V. is always eager for a new difficult task, but in populated areas began to grieve. In Kurai expedition Zvyagintsev agreed to go without hesitation or reflection. Soon there began to receive some good news. He began with the construction of greenhouses in the Kura-long forgotten taste of fresh cucumber and green onion, started his dairy herd. He made an addition to the kindergarten and opened the nursery group. People believed that the chief of the expedition takes this case seriously, thoroughly, reached out to him. For three years in the village was built three hundred apartments, dining room, medical center, five shops, schools, paved waterways, along with the neighboring Aktashskoe mine built a television relay. Shook the sleepy Kurai. Other winds wafted in the highlands of the celestial - good winds of change ...

- Well, if you try to summarize your work nearly forty years in the Kuzbass. As he looked, say, the figures?

- I'd rather not talk about himself but about the entire service management of the West Siberian ... Geological map of the Kuzbass is quite different from the geographical. At its center-blue "sea." Later, so-called Jurassic, and on the borders, mountains, composed of the oldest Devonian rocks. Coal on the map marked with the islands, they are a chain stretching from south to north. Back in the thirties curtains Molchanov, Zvonarev, Radchenko, mills, Belyanin, Senderzon, scientists Jaworski, Zhemchuzhnikov, Neiburga suggested that known at the time deposits of Kuznetsk coals have not been separated from each other, which between them have a promising area, which will open richest reserves of fuel. The present generation of geologists brilliantly confirmed this prediction, showing a close "kinship" and an equal age of coal-bearing sediments of northern and southern parts of the basin. Now there is no doubt that at any point in the Kuznetsk Basin coal can be detected. In the south boundary of the basin extended to the foothills of the Kuznetsk Alatau, in the central part explored, mapped and Uskatsky Erunakovsky coal areas. Geological reserves of coal in the Kuzbass is now estimated at 550 billion tons, on the whole planet such unique pantries typed no more than five.

In the Kuzbass and Altai geologists prospected large deposits of iron ore, nonferrous metals, salt, aggregates and construction materials, mineral waters.

Figures solid, impressive. But do be measured in numbers of human life with all its cares and anxieties, joys and sorrows?

Fifteen years is headed by Georgy one of the oldest in the country of the West Siberian Geological Survey. He himself had long been open new fields. But still considers himself a man of "lucky" lucky. Especially lucky Selyatitskaya on good people, dedicated and talented. Maybe because I live with an open mind, with a kind and chained to the "official" armor heart. He hesitates a loud word "disciples". Well, so be it, fellow workers, even though they themselves see themselves as disciples of George Alexandrovich. In the end, not at this point. To see, to know people, see in him the gold placers of the soul, is it easier and simpler than the treasures of the earth to open?

Maybe this is the main discovery geologist Selyatitskaya?

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