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Molozin Viktor

Brigadier fitters road construction and installation of building a train number 522upravleniya "Tyumenstroyput" Hero of Socialist Labor

Molozin Viktor Brigadier Komsomol youth brigade fitters ways to manage the construction of "Tyumenstroyput" Victor Molozin just returned from an important meeting in the office. It was easy to recognize in an atom tall, elegantly dressed man a simple worker. Broad on his chest, which at nearly sigh tore his shirt, and large work-worn hands could probably only be a strong man who regularly engaged in physical labor.

Victor is a man very nice, pleasant, especially when he smiles and confidently puts his heavy hand on my shoulder buddy. He speaks enthusiastically and gently, in a Siberian:

- Now that the fly-half hours from Tyumen get in Surgut. Another two hours by train, and here it is, Ult-Yagun, the cutting edge of our building. And there was a time, weeks into the taiga traveled. Today the road thanks to technology in the forest became shorter and easier. And she Tyumenschina changed, look around all abuzz with cars. But the nature of what? There's the cold under the fifty, and white flies through June, and the bright summer nights, and an immense quantity of mushrooms, cranberries, all beasts, birds, fish, and most importantly, the taiga, the air space!

Victor Molozin widely spreads his hands, as if a window opens into a beautiful Siberia his mother, inviting the interlocutor to love - "that edge, just as he likes.

Here, in the Tyumen land, now rapidly going exploration and extraction of natural resources, rapidly growing modern towns and cities, creating new railways and highways. In a short time in difficult conditions of remoteness, in the midst of unfavorable natural conditions had created a powerful industrial complex, which embodies the latest achievements of scientific and technological revolution. "Tyumen acceleration"-so say about this phenomenon, perpetrated by Soviet people working in these areas. Such as the Hero of Socialist Labor Victor Molozin.

Man he is not old but not young, and already, in August, celebrated his eightieth 45 years. For men, as they say, the age of maturity. His motherland, Altai Territory, the usual, what many in our land, is no small village famous Oskolkov. His father drove a tractor on the collective farm land, three sisters and a brother in field and worked on the farm, and he too was determined to hold their fate to the peasant part. Another school took possession of his father's arms, "steel horse" and a seven-year period ended so soon, and sat on a tractor-mate to his father. Then he was drafted into the army, and when the time came, demobilization throughout the country called for: "Youth on the construction of Siberia and the Far East!" This appeal, written on banners kumachovyh, anxiously waving in the levels took place on the east, seemed to him personally addressed to Victor.

From the Ural Mountains to the Pacific coast turned the great building, and Victor, tempted by its vast and unexplored just got married and, therefore, to tupivshy already at the time of an independent life, he decided with his young wife Tatiana to go to the Novosibirsk Komsomol area for the construction of new railway Omsk-Altai.

Thus began our honeymoon "-joke they are. In 1962, the construction is over, and they moved to Karaganda, here are just beginning to pave the road from the town to the mine Karagaily. The third address their "honeymoon" was discovered in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the road Achinsk-Abalakovo. There, Victor, is an experienced puteets, took charge of a brigade, part of the SMP-227-construction-train assembly, only the "train" is not in the conventional sense of the word, and transportation division, which is building the railways and all related engineering works.

Tyumen, therefore, for Victor was the fourth largest Molozina | triple. And although the character he is such that more than all the past he appreciates this, the present, but then they will not forget, you can not throw from the heart. First, Omsk, Altai, remembers that there was born the son Volodya, with the second he made a lot of experience and belief that the profession of a railroad is now a lifetime. Third-Achinsk-Abalakovo, still sharply reminds him unforgettable charm of Krasnoyarsk taiga: the road that they built, meanders between the hills, crossing rivers, runs through the evergreen forests. On the road in full, along with his entire brigade of Viktor Molozin and arrived ten years ago at the Tyumen land. Stitch by stitch lie on the ground Molozina Victor Road. Each of them remembers him something special, but today, more than all this, the last, which is only just being built - Surgut - Urengoy.

The road is looking forward geologists and energy, oil and gas producers. Stage of development of oil and gas resources in Western Siberia has entered today into its peak stage: developing powerful this industry requires the forced extraction of natural gas from the Urengoy field.

The key to it-the railroad. Highway, which will revive, change the lives of the vast, boundless land.

... And it began in March 1968. Marines, which were Molozin and Victor and his wife, landed near Tobolsk, where his path was not more stations or villages. Only the taiga and marshes. They had to lay new track here Tobolsk-Surgut-Nizhnevartovsk, the track, which proved to be far more difficult and longer than all those who are still built.

- I remember this building every day, every kilometer of it, 'says Victor Molozin. - The weather's great when we pressed: frosts were fifty, besides the strong and the winds from the north "pulled" ...

And despite all the difficulties, the construction went ahead, the rails for miles lay on the canvas. Next to the new track people habitable, build up a roadside strip: a real railroad can not exist and operate without the station management, sidings, warehouses, housing, public baths, shops. All this, too, built their SMP227, who by that time grown so that from it had to provide an independent, first on the construction of the shock and the country's Komsomol-youth SMP-522, which became the backbone of the team of Victor Molozina.

Eight years ago, they paved the taiga troops clearing the route for future Surgut-Nizhnevartovsk. Five years have passed, and this track has opened the labor movement of trains: trains went with goods, so the necessary unfolding is a construction site. Now Surgut should send the train farther north, into the Yamal-Nenets tundra, where people generously gave their treasures Urengoy.

... It was last Sunday for the October holiday in 1979. In the evening the brigade faced a relocation of the "laying his head," the so-called railway engineers point where puteukladchik works. Locomotive to pick up their "Express"-molozintsy jokingly referred to as "express" their homes in trailers that are installed on railway platforms - and pull it from the Ult-Yagunov to 450-km route already operating Surgut-Urengoy. Now they will carry on this route, to the north. In the morning, along with Molozin | Lavna engineer Peter Yevsyukov SMEs engaged in gear, tucked in a three-ton tank of fuel, stocked with fuel, gasoline and oil, spare parts, loaded kitchen essential products. Do not miss anything: there, in the "laying his head," yet there are no shops, no phones. So if something is not to take, to get anywhere. This means the work will not work ...

Free of economic worries molozintsy rest, several people went fishing, someone came out with a gun in the capercaillie, and Vladimir Panasevich Brigadier-painter-right on the platform and prepared to put up an easel to capture vending landscape. Morning and really began beautiful: snow covered the track for the night, high hats on the tops of the pines donkey, not in the winter sun shone bright in the window vans.

- Corresponding Fellow, come, Roma Mircea Ivan, standing on the platform in front of the open door of the trailer, with a sweeping gesture to invite the guests. He was bare-headed, lean, mednolitsy, its bluish black hair seemed to sparkle in the sun.

In the trailer it was warm and cozy. Comfort of housing gave a bright carpet on the floor and a large mirror that hung in the center of the wall, something not usually characteristic of the male dorm. Then I realized why it is here: in the van were three very beautiful guy, three friends, three old-timer teams, Yuri Zemtsov, Gregory and Ivan Mircea Androschuk.

These guys, from the core molozinskoy team. No, "they are not committed any serious undertaking. They are resourceful and witty. Love risky situation. Own virtuosity, each in his own specialty. Nobody in the team is better Mircea Ivan is not controlled jacks, as no one" zashet "rail joints so accurately and smoothly as Yuri Zemtsov, well, if you suddenly fall ill staff engineer puteukladchika, then somebody is not, namely, the foreman Androschuk put in his place. Yachi guys with the same hunting giving their all and just work selflessly to play soccer during the holiday. And more All three want to necessarily reach the 570-kilometer route. It is with this same mile begins Urengoy, and they're going out there to score a memorable silver crutch in the last link in the triumphal route ...

Molozin Viktor Previously, three friends living in different cities, but equally dreamed of being a pioneer, first builders. And of course, every day listening to the radio and watching television, telling about the riches of Siberia, the wealth that has yet to take and pay for the service of others. These stories from them, twenty years, was summoned, could not call!, Lively, impulsive response: here it is, real, man, great job! :) Siberian shaft to a young and they have responded to this call with all my heart. - I came here from Novosibirsk, - says Yuri Zemtsov.-Mechanic there worked at the plant. I heard about that in Siberia, a huge construction project begins, so just decided I'll go try out yourself, your character and see if I could make that worthwhile in life. Now in its sixth year here at the team Molozina. Wedding in this region has played the son and daughter were born here, soon to school in the village of "Youth of the Komsomol" go. Wife no no yes and say: "Yuri, you have enough to go, how much you can." Well, I understand her condition, and can do nothing to help: Is throw their children, which passed, and so experienced. I was firmly strapped North. Sometimes, returning home after a weekend in the team, going to train like an ordinary passenger, and he looked out the window, because then for every kilometer and mine, here are, hands attached. It seems that any sign of a crutch, any rail. And not to mention the pride and joy just overflows.

Moscow and Chisinau, Kiev and Minsk, Odessa and Rostov, Voronezh and Communard-'s previous addresses of these guys. Tyumen, Surgut-Urengoy track, is their current address.

One day, when they came here, became a holiday for them, and they remember it forever. For him, work began ...

When the team was just beginning to pull the branch of Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, its main concern was the speed, the high rate of movement. In this case, they coped well. August 25, 1973 the team completed a five-year plan-ahead, two and a half years! In the work of Victor notebook Molozina appeared only a laconic note: "We started to work through tenth Five-Year Plan." In that year, on his chest there was a first-order of Red Banner of Labor.

In the tenth five-year plan on the agenda was a question of quality and efficiency. And they all decided to team: build not only quickly but also efficiently and take only ways of MPS with the estimates of "good" and "excellent."

Railway line in order to fully "stabilized" is it, the way fitters, a term-to-five years. At this time it goes with the goods train, trial run of the path-acting so-called labor movement. Before any road in the regular operation at the team begins the hardest work: we must literally "lick" every inch of the road, to fix all the "drawdown" zaballastirovat mound otrihtovat, straighten out the way-that is, bring it to excellent condition. In winter, to carry out such works particularly difficult to prevent snow drifts, covering the road bed. They have to clean off, do the usual spades, then takes a lot of time and effort. But molozintsy do and the job just as easily and enthusiastically as their main-laying track. Do, because it is necessary. A must-have for the law. Therefore, the most experienced fitters in the team the way Vladimir Ivchenko, Vladimir Bondar, when necessary, pass the time, but still appreciable loss to the team - a student construction brigade, to teach students ways to do trim work and other fortifications. It is necessary, and they are all your holiday unload wagons with potatoes, 50 tons! Because for them, any work-work that needs to be done.

Last winter, used to the sun the thermometer showed minus fifty. In those days all the other teams on the road legally in their written work aktirovannye calendar days. Only one team worked on laying the road as if nothing had happened, molozinskaya.

- In the summer of hot, cold in winter! Well, 'says Victor Molozin - it is not difficult, it's working conditions. That's when the cold frame puteukladchika burst and you have to hand-assembling here is difficult. But all that is created with the difficulties to remember a long time. The brigade Molozina 32 people, working in two shifts, quickly, without fuss. Do you take a lot of fuss? It must be skill. Here puteukladchik, stretching the entire length of his "neck"-boom, raised on the hook twelve-section. In echoing the frosty air, the white smoke, heard the command of brigadier:

- Lane!

The section is gently lowered to the mound, and the guys together, shoulder to shoulder, from different sides reformats crowbars new link so that it died down just in the junction with the rails. For a change so the team puts Molozina 3.5-4 kilometer journey. And this, according to Molozin, is not the limit.

- Light wedge for us not get on - smiles on.-There are teams, which tend to outdo us. That's the good thing. Competition!

In Molozine felt a strong working acumen, energy and effort over the edge, although the age he is the oldest in the team. When the team on the track, he turns round and round, everywhere has time, any downtime will not tolerate. Unloading "turntables" - ended with the asbestos-ballast organizes five or six hours, while other teams this week operation is needed. All work operations they are painted by leaps and bounds. This allows the team to a minimum to reduce the loss of working time, which are inevitable if something happens to the supply shortages of the material. The program works in this case instantly becomes a permutation: missing rails or sleepers, they strengthen the fabric, the ballast is over - being transferred to the cross-linking units. In the end, then you can catch up, but the program is not frustrated and the guys do not mess around. Through this organization works ballasting the way to the most complex, the 24-kilometer stretch of the branch of Surgut-Nizhnevartovsk, where the roadbed made a hydraulic method, the team spent in record time: 9000 cubic meters of sand removed and 18,000 cubic meters of ballast poured in three months!

Here is a, well thought out in detail the organization of work allowed the team to bring the annual output to a record level of general-five million rubles, which gives the MSP-522, 3 million were Molozina team.

And as a result, for the early fulfillment of the targets in the five-year period May 1977 Viktor Molozinu was awarded the high title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

In the many thousands of construction management "Tyumenstroyput" they are working on the most difficult and responsible areas. Brigade Molozina four years ago on the day of Lenin has been entrusted to work day laying the first sections of the railway Surgut-Urengoy. They have not won every challenge Red Banner of the Central Committee of Komsomol "Heroes of the five-year, labor veterans - the best Komsomol-youth team." Six members of the brigade-medalists of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements, and their former YCL, now chairman postroykoma SMP-522-Volchek Vladimir Lenin Komsomol Prize winner.

It's ... now they aces of transport construction. But nine years ago when they began, every one of them knew about the device path is not more than that "rail on the sleepers lie." The whole science of "how are" they were learning here in the brigade Molozina. And he himself almost tried to touch all the way to the assembly operation "from" and "before".

How many guys Molozin specialty trained fitter way to count difficult. But the main thing is not taught, trained! So what? Good training is good, and education. As parents are responsible for their children, and the foreman responsible for their workers. He did not coach, said Victor, who did not indicate a person the right move. Vaughn, Alexander Zhukov, so what was obstinate and intractable, when he came to the team, and today is the main pillar of brigadier. Or, irrepressible, artistically gifted Roma Mircea Ivan. Again Molozin gave the guy the "right move". Now he teaches and educates novice, this gives them the most "progress." - Closer and closer you have to be to their children, 'says Viktor Vasilyevich Because if the foreman is away from the life of the brigade, do not expect confusion. I even once is inconvenient to see when the foreman smaller than other work, and says more. Well, there are, of course, and we have difficulties, so what? They need to survive, overcome, and all. Do not run away from them ... I "flyers" can not stand: Give them a long once the ruble to forget that easily, and does not pull fish from the pond ...

At work, he is almost always calm, but try to supply vessels supplying of rails and sleepers too late! Just an angry voice, and give, say, what do we lose time, but on highway puteukladchik idle idle; downright sick, if the daily rate of burning, the network graph is broken, it's for a B P. Well, it happens rarely, as an exception, implementation of the plan on a monthly basis usually 230-250 percent.

However, all these concerns Molozin does not forget its public affairs: During the last elections to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR was a member of the district election commission.

If it happens that the foreman leaves for in Tyumen or Moscow, the boys can not wait for him to quickly learn about the affairs of the region of the country and the international situation does not want to hear from a staff lecturer, and from his foreman, a famous person in the province. And although he did not finish the institutions, knowledge, he does not hold: behind, except for college, his "university of life"-twenty-one years working in the transportation construction industry. And who but Molozin, reads the most newspapers and magazines? Do not forget to listen to the radio and watch TV.

- Wherever you were, even in the capital, at least in the forest, everywhere, need to keep pace with the times, with the country of their own. And if you're the foreman, that means, right-flank, for you are equal to others, says Molozin.

For the workers of his brigade Molozin pattern throughout. He imitated, try to catch up with him and on the "scientific part"-along with the college transport construction foreman finished six, and two more are catching up and learn.

Fortress Brigade, its long-term stability is maintained primarily good production rates, as a consequence, the natural result of proper organization of labor, co-unity and friendship. Although, it should be noted Molozin and his guys still complain that the cultural patronage of them could be poplodotvornee:

- Here's to bamovtsam every day, new artists, poets, writers come, and here we are at the last two years but once the concert crew videli.-Viktor said it with some jealousy, but then added:-Well, we are people of modest, wait until our turn comes ...

Yes, indeed, very modest, simple and courageous people are building here today at the forefront of the five-railway. And tomorrow they will move on and life will be proud of them, after them remains a reliable track-track life of the Tyumen North.

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