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Leonid Lazarev

Brigadier linemen Bratsk assembly management trust "Gidroelektromontazh" Hero of Socialist Labor

Leonid Lazarev Deputy Minister of Energy Alexander Semenov pledged Lazarus car "Volga" to buy. The promise he has kept her so unexpectedly fast that Vera, the wife of the Lazarev, at first this surprised.

Alexander himself until recently was head of the ordenonosnogo "Bratskgesstroy" well-known and respected throughout Siberia, the famous electrician.

A team of Leonid Aleksandrovich Lazarev yet received an urgent task: to mount the TV tower at Relay Boguchany. Despite the tedious, almost four-hour turbulence in an old Antonov An-2, the guys right from the runway moved to the peak of the highest hills. There they were looking forward to: the site was prepared, imported equipment, appliances in good condition, required only the hands of masters. Masters, however, could not resist the pleasure of a little admire the panorama that opened from the top. Lazarev himself so even grunt of the feeling of boundless expanse and freedom. Taiga curl up to the horizon. Angara, who in these parts, even with the height does not seem to tape, and is a continuation of the sea drained away to the sky, the Angara was unfamiliar to him and somehow teased, fired the soul: the Angara at the Bratsk Padun Lazarev knew very well. Angara Tolstoi Point at Ust-Ilimsk, too bad, but there are so many Boguchany-yet unknown ...

The next day, in the midst of work, to the top, screaming engine, climbed "jeep." Quite a young boy with excessively long mustache Zaporozhye agitated treble called out:

- Who is mulberry Lazarev, a telegram to him from the Semenov friend! "Volga M-24" urgent orders to receive. In the capital of the orders at once to go!

Leonid was sitting on a farm in twelve meters above the ground, critically examined, and feeling the insulator. Short reddish hair on the head with a large ruffled breeze. Turning to the guy and letting him radiantly blue, mocking eyes, slowly said:

- Listen, mustache, and you could not report out there that are not found Lazarev? I have no time, you know, now for the "Volga" roll. The work is urgent. For you see, try here. Window to the world cuts through you.

- Because it is an abyss the machine can, Comrade Lazarev - tried to persuade all are young Cossack from the Boguchany and suggested:

- Get off and sign in the back.

- Oh, you said, Lazarev, unfastening the chain of safety belts.

- Get ready quickly, I'll wait, already in a businesslike ordered his mustache, when Leonid descended to the ground.

- There is no need to wait, I still think - said, describing, Lazarev. There were tightened their jobs Arzamastsev Nicholas, Vladimir Kaloshin, Alex Kukarin, Nikolai Kozlovsky-old guard, inseparable companions, aces of aces, which are selected from the Lazarev on this job.

- Do not dope, Leonid, said the Arzamastsev, 'get ready quickly. You lucky so, the deputy minister concerned, and are you satisfied with the sacrifice. Can handle, go. Lazarev posopel little, shook his big head, then looked back at the Cossacks, who stood meekly at the open door "jeep."

- Okay, a mustache, let's go.

When the car disappeared, Nicholas

Kozlowski growled:

- This is greedy ...

- What are you doing pletesh, what are you talking about!-Blown temperamental Moldovan Ivan Freeman, the right hand Lazarev, not just a friend, a close friend and also a well-known electrician, what do you-nonsense city, as you saw in the Lyonka greedy, eh?! !

- Do not you oriented, conciliatory, said Kozlowski, greedy he is, what light is not seen. Helluva lot of work to the greedy. In Moscow, he was invited for such a thing, and he clung to their insulators, like a tick. "Jeep" just had an aircraft that was the cargo flight to Ust-Ilimsk. On the same day on a passing tanker truck Leonid arrived home in Bratsk, and then unexpectedly rescued by Aeroflot:

passenger Tu-154 was delayed for technical reasons, or, as is now often declare, "no-show on." All that was on hand and late night Vera spent her husband from the capital city of Bratsk. The formalities took a Leonid Aleksandrovich surprisingly little time, he still managed to Semyonov, thanks and talk about life.

- Do not be angry that you're working with. called, 'said Alexander,' it was a pity such a machine to send a nectary, raskurochat in fact, to confess. And now he'll be accompanying.

Lazarev was silent, good-bye. "Maintainer, too, 'he laughed at himself, a whole month, will accompany her, and the first snow Boguchany-August. Unfinished tower, a year more people have to live without TV. "

Of course, he had no doubt that the guys without him cope with all the technical problems and will do everything for themselves and for the foreman, but in my heart for many years of experience knew that to put into action to try and pass the object in constant reliable operation without He did not succeed.

And suddenly a great idea came to him. Indeed, quite near, near Leningrad, in a cozy little home poselochke Svir-III female lives. How long drive to Leningrad? Well, the day. Well, half a day talking with his mother. And then the "Volga", in the barn and to the aircraft ...

The way from Leningrad to Bratsk in these times not far off, but neblizok. In Boguchany Leonid returned on the seventh day after the departure than just rocked the Siberian Cossacks and very, very pleased brigade. Say also that with the incredible stress, but also with the excellent quality they were able to pass on the TV tower Boguchany. This must Boguchany brigade of Hero of Socialist Labor Fraternal Union control of the trust "Gidroelektromontazh" Leonid Aleksandrovich Lazarev. So, he comes from Svir ...


Yes, the same first-born Volkhov stage. Leonid Lazarev was born in the 33rd and the first dam grew up here in the 34th. How Lazarev remembers himself as a child, my father always went to the station and came out, and always the case and his conversations were related to the transformers, turbines, switchgears. His father was a prominent specialist, and because during the war, the family was evacuated to the Urals. But they returned home just in the first weeks after liberation, it was necessary to immediately restore the shattered remains of the enemies in the cascade. At this point, Leonid single step would not leave his father and, of course, learned a lot. However, the future was seen somehow different. Master virtuoso turning things-that was a dream. Because, though the young man graduated from the railway technical school, majored still turner. There was an obvious talent: by the age of seventeen, Leonid Lazarev was the sixth discharge. Petrozavodsk, Tallinn, he worked here, but these journeys were made not to "own volition": good turners, Komsomol sent every time a breakthrough, where was their greatest need.

And suddenly, just after the army returned to Leonid hydro. Electricians on the Svir-III is just desperately needed, and he seems to be re-passed the basics of the fine, the responsible business. By the time he married. Vera gave birth to first child, earrings. Evolved work relationships with colleagues, skill grew. A friend wrote to the construction of the Saratov hydroelectric power station that Svir is compared with her toy, these things are developed from them, on the Volga-mother. Lazarus was a little sorry for the Svir Plotinka suffering, but the scale is also very desirable. I could not resist, he went to Leningrad to the control ordenonosnogo trust "Gidroelektromontazh" Valentin Neumann. He listened, blinked, puffing a pipe, and then sort of lost all interest to the interlocutor. When the conversation began to dry up altogether, Lazarev even regretted that he was in this office.

- Listen, as if remembering something, Neiman started up - so you are stalwart, so you have a qualified, well what do you Saratov? On the Volga-solid resort. But on the Angara River, the Padun, Bratsk, there, Leonid, these battles are played out today.


- It's amazing, 'recalls now, Lazarev, when out-Svir-III went to Leningrad, the mother and the wife said that I would write to the Volga. And wrote with Angara. In the 61st there was really advanced. And not just for builders, although they still had concerns. And not for the operatives, although the saga began, and it is for us, the linemen.

On the construction of giant power plants, for that matter, and other large construction projects, for each unit whenever in his time attacking a particularly hot days. Installation of substations, transformers, switchgear, these huge volumes, heavy, and at the same time, the jeweler's work must be completed no later than the moment when the first turbine will give his first turnover of workers.

Leonid Lazarev But to mount a particular node is used to please. Then comes the time again and again to ensure the quality of work, reliability, installation, again and again to consult with the schemes and all this in addition to the official, serious way, commissions, so for myself, for the heart, the conscience. Meanwhile Brigade and the famous electricians in which Leonid Lazarev initially determined that it is always in stock turned out to be a day or two, and even more, the team and won the sympathy of commissions severe that even the most sophisticated fault-finding team envisaged.

Learned a lot here Lazarev. But gradually the time showed that the best linemen in the number of teams of people will be ten or twelve people. And as a matter of, informally began to develop such teams, as needed for this were people who rallied around a core. That's one of the crew inadvertently headed and Lazarev. At the same time and the core team has developed, is a strong Siberian Vladimir Serdyuk, Nikolay Ignatenko, Nikolai Boiko, Nikolai Arzamastsev same, Volodya Kaloshin, Victor Sosnin and others. This composition was as reliable as the foreman so talented that in the reports of those days, "Lightning" and the large-circulation newspapers staff that has always figured among the first.

Lazarevs family had already moved to Bratsk. Sergei grew up in this Siberian. Vera immediately joined the team and management had become indispensable for administrative part. They lived in a tiny room while the house shield on the right bank of Angara. A hot work continued, bringing new advances. Do not want to leave even the most ferocious cold, I attach more and more an insulator, and cook up another pillar, associate conductor of a living filament with others. And it's not for the report, not for wages, salaries have already linemen were big, but for myself, for people to Bratsk, for the country.

The second half of the sixties was crucial to the construction of the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station. At a rally on the occasion of putting the station into operation Lazarev was invited to the presidium. Listening to the festive speech, watching and inwardly proud grand-laced substation, just stood in front of the eyes, Chevalier of the Order of Red Banner of Labor electrician Leonid Lazarev thought that here is another favorite for the construction of the Angara is now acquired wings.


By the late sixties matured Bratsk hydroelectric plant, and by this time, but especially in the early seventies, was rapidly gaining momentum. Bratsk Aluminum Plant, the largest in the world. But Al-this is the metal for the wings.

- At the legendary Padun we like | gang, were on the wing, and the giant aluminum housings to pass the test of special difficulty, says Leonid.

The complexity of the test was that they had to completely retrain. It is one thing-installation of substations and transformers, the work of jewelry, responsible, although the seven winds.

It is quite another tire-mounting pots, ie arrangement of melting baths in which the bubble will then fire and clay, coal and metal. And all this comes into effect because of the great energy-electricity. But only if the equipment will be matched up to one-tenth of a millimeter, when it is said, the mosquito will not undermine the nose. That is, did you go and, paradox and work like pogrubee, harder physically, and under the roof though, and the jewelry you want even more attention - a triple.

It so happened that the team Lazarev almost at full strength is transferred to this work. Here the work of specialists, and difficult process of adaptation took place, and soon. But after six months kakih-nibud team in all reports and communications firm again won a place among the first, if not the earliest. It's time was no less hot than before the start of the Bratsk hydroelectric station, the plant was in the center of attention, and reporters, harassing, Leonid Alexandrovich, certainly asked the question: how does it in such a short time, your team just broke into the first tier?

- Competition, short-and firmly replied the foreman.

Few people then it is very much deeply delved into the essence of the process, and Lazarus was too busy to go into details. But the truly talented leader will definitely feel the limitless possibilities of socialist competition and choose from a variety of its forms most suitable for the particular situation. So Lazarev has chosen a most unexpected form at the time. And even though "for show" team competed with the same group of linemen, but in fact, in practice, they have had the amazing creative rivalry with the "clean" team assemblers honored builder of the RSFSR Nicholas Gavrilovic Babakova foremen and teams Vladimir Grishchenko, Arcadia Krutikhin. It seems that they can unite: some installers erect the walls of shops, others are engaged in internal arrangement, and the electrician and the case before this should not be. Know yourself "lepi" tires on the electrolyzers. But that's the rub, if not over the wall, can not be completely "starting" the body, and without filling you can not get to the baths. On the other hand, the "unfinished" on installation of tires and other electrical equipment does not allow anyone to transfer power to the next object.

Very quickly realized the situation, not only supervisors, but all members of the production circuit. It began with mutual good-natured jibes, and grew into a harmonious system of mutual responsibility. Soon after the competition has reached such perfection that even the major newspapers wrote with surprise: the power of a certain body of the Bratsk aluminum plant put into operation for six or seven months ahead of scheduled time, mastered in half the time standards, and the country receives tens of thousands of tons of metal for the above-plan wings ...

The ego has the merit of the Communist Labor Brigade, led by a knight of the Order of Labor Red Banner and the Order of Lenin, Leonid Aleksandrovich Lazarev. Presenting the country's highest award foreman almost coincided with another important event: the noble worker was given a card as a candidate for membership of the CPSU. Recommended Lazarev Hero of Socialist Labor Party, while the foreman, superintendent and now Alexei Petrovich Goremykin, head of the Bratsk control "Gidroelektromontazh" Michael P. Medvedev and management zavkadrami Anna D. Sokolov.

And the work is flared. Experience of team Lazarev became the property of all the new teams, the plant grew in her eyes, the eyes of the increased production of aluminum. Lazarevtsy all stepped up and stepped up the pace, dragging the chain is not only plumbers, but also the general contractor, teams are already operating enterprise. Approaching festive time of delivery giant is fully operational.

One day after work, a friend drove home Lazarev. Vera regaled some tea.

- Let's go together to a gas station, so it was not boring, 'suggested that a neighbor.

- Let's go, 'agreed to Leonid.

Just started, drove to the house of the machine head of the department.

- Where is he here with you? Cried from the doorway Medvedev.

- At the gas station left, and that - worried wife.

- What, what-have to swing it, he was awarded the Hero, and he is charging ... A tanker, just listen to the latest news, to celebrate, have squeezed Lazarev mighty arms. Leonid learned the news, hurried home, neighbor! By the way, they missed each other with Medvedev, but he caught a few minutes later the foreman. And then, my friends, telegrams, unique luster childish eyes ...

Thick Cape

It was sad to leave the factory, where both worked. But on the agenda of the full-size rose Ust-Ilim. Brigade had a chance to mount the electrical Lazarev and the Ust-Ilim hydroelectric power plants. Until now, remember the cold under sixty, smoking Angara, thick cape in dense kurzhake. And fatigue is such that only have access to the clamshell. The work was organized on a rotational manner: on Monday the bus was taking a team from Bratsk to Ust-Ilim is 250 kilometers. On Friday, it was possible to go home, but few people used it. And only if absolutely necessary that one or the other quickly appeared in Bratsk, the rounds of all the families, telling about life in Tolstoy Cape, the strictness of the State Acceptance Committee, explained why the team does not go for the weekend. Explain, however, there was no need: what bratchanin bratchanka or will not understand what the anticipatory time.

Leonid had to be at home more often. Member of the Party Committee, deputy of the City Council, those duties called him to Bratsk regularly, regardless of the starting voltage.

Summer is the seventy-ninth ... Siberians will remember it incredible heat, from which the blue sky above the Angara and Bratsk Sea became unnatural whitish. A special mark in the memory will leave this summer at constructors Ust-Ilim Timber Complex, starting the summer! And where the start-up, - hot, and where the most difficult, there-lazarevtsy. They were brought in on Monday of the Bratsk and say:

- Wait, now dismantled, where you work.

Half a day spent on the definition, then it becomes clear that there is a tool, and later it turns out that the equipment is not delivered. It seems to be, and you can find an explanation:

a giant building is teeming with people, cars, start-up fever affects everything. But the good-natured, shy and humble Lazarev suddenly becomes rigid and uncompromising.

- You are dealing with a highly skilled team of electricians! What the beck and call us to arrange you! Give us a large and important area of work, or better yet, the most important. And fix us!

The authorities hesitate seriously: the voice of the working class. The site team is really determined by the most important assembly of high-conductor of heat and power to the pulp mill digesters. Under the ceiling of a giant picture should hang three aluminum tire length of a kilometer and a half. Marveled this task installers, but not sour the first time to retrain, or what? Immediately consulted, what special tools necessary to bring or prepare what adaptations are needed. Tyres, for example, there are six to ten feet long. Is it advantageous to weld these pieces under the arch to the dizzy heights? Maybe a better butt thongs on the ground? Contrived something similar to the roller, were to figure it both ways. It was found that the best way to weld the bottom of the lash length 24 and 36 meters. Just went to save time, energy, metal, and the quality has improved dramatically. In short, very soon felt around Lazarevsky style, as always.

Needless to say, began a contest. Around the same form as at the Bratsk aluminum, but the harmony is not yet possible to achieve: the team ahead of the Lazarev and installers gallery far behind. Leonid regrets that it is in such a time have to leave, very annoyed ...

However, it is necessary. A few years have not been on vacation. Serge grew up, served in the Army, he returned, he went to Leningrad, he married. And to whom first in Leningrad, think, looked the guy? Yes, to the very Valentin Neumann! And, imagine, managing ordenonosnogo Trust took the young Siberian work. Only the conversation was already on the other.

- Well, what are you, Sergei, Bratsk was given a resort spa. Yes, Dad, and you handle it. You let us stay in Leningrad, then the real electricians on as it is now necessary. "

Sergei is now working close to the Svir, more recently came the news: he conferred the title of master of the first hand. But not just because I have to go along with Leonid Vera Ivanovna

and the youngest daughter, Ira semiklassnitsy, to see Sergei and mother. And not because the brand new "Volga" for the second year and is in the barn. Physicians are advised to thoroughly relax and crew so easy, even shouting at him: you give us, say, a healthy need! Although aware that serious diseases do not have a boss. In other words, could rid together left-Lazarev. A fall back to the entire family under its own power on the machine, almost the entire country. Time is now enough.

Seeing Ivan Frimu brother slapped on the shoulder:

- Rest in peace. There is no Boguchany, can handle. And if you will be very tight, we will invite.

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