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Khlusov Alexander P.

The foreman of the construction management of complex brigades "Promstroy" trust "Volgogradmetallurgstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Khlusov Alexander P. Youth has always been associated with the colors of spring ... Blue-sky presinee like a thunderstorm rains washed first. Emerald greens. Red poppies. And always cheerful and mischievous blue, brown, with lots of pure spring tones and semitones eyes ... This is my daughter read in some book, and immediately closed her eyes for a moment, sat quietly. Then, apparently, decided to experiment with his father.

- You are so close your eyes and remember my youth, 'asked ego.-And then tell me what colors have surfaced, and your imagination?

My father knew what he wanted from him already grown-up daughter, and asked:

- Stay the night and she'll see.

In the evening on television was eighth epic series "The Great Patriotic War" - "Victory at Stalingrad." Alexander Petrovich had already watched it in cinema, but still waiting anxiously for the moment when his own youth to invite once again to visit the powder smoke, in the ruins of the continuum which are now native city. Through the thick glasses he was an elderly man, and people will stare of his remaining young peer, who has lived then, in the forty-third in the lens of cameraman, to learn and not learn of them his friends. And sitting next to his wife is also a participant in those events, will be quietly brushed off the face of unsolicited tear. And then, when the film ends, the daughter quietly say to him: "Forgive me, Father, for matters are irrelevant."

And why, in fact, irrelevant? Youth is always comparable to the spring. That's for sure. Only now his generation an exception to the rule. The war is not something that paints the fate of the human-turned confused, in the bloom of youth, many poobryvala. But how well the youth is beginning for him.

His father, a foreman on the farm polevodom worked. Sometimes it takes a gig and in the field. And there are languishing bread-ripen under the midday sun, the birds sing, smell the earth intoxicate ... He dreamed of becoming farmers, as a father. Do not work out. The war was rolled. My father went to the first call. And in forty-two weeping mother carried on a long journey, and his sixteen-year volunteer. Only way to him from his father lay in the opposite direction, to Siberia, Kuzbass and Steel Works. Front needed Kuznetsk metal, and the mill-young, strong hands. There's a school FZO he acquired a specialty builder, which remained loyal for life. Many years later, he went on a business trip in Japan, and local journalists meticulously questioned how many jobs he succeeded, before stopped at present. And wondered what he was in the Monogamous.

On the restoration of the destroyed Stalingrad down he fell because he was a carpenter, concrete worker. Only builders gave that right to go to the legendary city, or rather there is left of the city, which for months had been like the pulse of our country. Many people ask instead of greeting each other: "How's Stalingrad?" And when the enemy was defeated, from all over came here trains with volunteers. They took with them equipment, building materials, shovels, food and even ... firewood.

First of all, the city returned from evacuation tractor veterans who worked in Chelyabinsk. Returned to the builders of the Magnitogorsk-Stalingrad, it was the backbone of a future trust "Metallurgstroy." To restore the factory "Red October" came the envoys of the Kuzbass. Among them was Alexander Khlusov.

That's what the city and was, therefore, he saw it, as depicted in this film ... Around, no matter where you look, but charred ruins of the solid black trees. Known throughout the country were like Stalingrad factories dumping of twisted metal and concrete debris. It was impossible without the pain in my heart, without boiling anger to look at this picture. The city was destroyed and burned nearly 42,000 buildings with a total area of half a million square meters. Of the 126 industrial enterprises remained virtually none. In the ruins lay a giant tractor, the pride of the Soviet people. It does not restore the Iron and Steel Works "Red October", "Barricades" ... The total property damage caused by the Nazis city, amounted to nine billion rubles.

But there is another statistic. Here in the great battle was completely destroyed 330tysyachnaya enemy group ... about one hundred Soviet soldiers for heroism shown here were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. Hundreds of soldiers were awarded orders and medals ...

Volunteers who came here-reducers, shocked by what he saw, was to raise the city from the ruins and ashes, make it more beautiful than it was. To them, dazed traces unprecedented in the history of the peoples of battle, unparalleled heroism of Soviet soldiers who had to repeat their feat in the peaceful labor. Such was the task before them. But after seeing many rushed to the front. The thirst for revenge was filled with heart and Alexander Khlusova. By this time he learned that died in the evacuation of his mother, brother and younger sister. In the recruiting office listened carefully to the request Khlusova send it to the front, but politely refused. We explained:

front can and should help here, we must quickly restore plants start production of steel tanks, and ammunition. And it can only do builders.

On the morning of this initiative unauthorized nowhere found the foreman Evsey Dedyukhin, chunky-willed boy-Siberian, who came to rebuild with four young children.

- So, I go to the front - piercing gaze, he set ajar the wall Hlusova.-Do you think no one has such a desire is not, and you, the hero of one is? You know, because here, too, is the front line! And how we work here, how quickly restore the open-hearth furnaces, blooming, depend on the fate of many soldiers, and eventually the victory. That's so.

Worked from dawn to dusk. The development of almost every team was then 300 percent. We worked all the daily "combat mission", which was recorded in the "Battle leaflets." It was not easy. Reeling from exhaustion and malnutrition, he could barely get into my bunk in the dormitory, and would collapse to the ground. And in the morning, where only the force-were taken again. enthusiastically grasped at work, everywhere and at all keeping up, encouraging others.

That was the time and the work of which so wrote Leonid Brezhnev, in his book "Revival" that has become a desktop for Khlusova: "Science for the restoration of the destroyed existed, books that would be taught how to raise from the ashes of burned, broken, blown up buildings, was not. All first time all over again ... In the hot, literally and figuratively the summer in all areas of construction impact people were breaking the usual rules and, therefore, were at risk. But it was a calculated risk justified and based on knowledge, experience, and shrewdness. "

Not enough gravel. And Khlusov proposed to break the pieces of the old concrete. In the dust of brick and triturated too drugged. So without delay, made overlapping bases. The team was constantly at the forefront of the competition. One day after the change Khlusova Dedyukhin stopped.

- Do not be angry at me, Sasha, during the conversation. I got excited. Why, and you were in my place would have reined in any ...

They walked slowly to the cleared paths. Left and right still lay mangled metal mountain, concrete, brick. But one of the fire breathing restored stoves. By leaps and bounds gained its contours blooming ...

- There was fighting Infantry Division named Shchorsa-talked-brigadir. were in its composition and shelf Tarashchanskii Bogunsky. Unprecedented heroism. Within a few hours, they drove the Nazis from the mountains of slag, released here these shops ... But I'm not about to say. Have you noticed: in the names of the regiments which the succession. So it seems that there were death and the heroes of the Civil War. And then there were their children and grandchildren ... And we must also take care of sacred tradition. This is not a rant, Sasha. Such should be our position in life, and to anger, and love thy anyone carrying more ... Then do not be afraid of any hard times. Stand, as they stood in the civil, and in this battle. And at parting suddenly said:

- I have to look for you. Savvy guy you are. And in the hot. In short, I will eventually recommend to the independent supervisors. And yet versed in the drawings, learn to read them at first sight. Without this, in our case did not.

About brigadirstve Khlusov not dreamed of. But the craving for knowledge since childhood had been. And then did not want to let the case to learn. In short, the closer to the Dedyukhin hold. Soon after the intricacies of the lines on the paper has already divined the future spans departments. We had such a brigadier habit to break team into groups of three or four. Each group performed their task. The unofficial leader of one of them was chosen Khlusov.

Once they are established by the end of the day the foundation formwork equipment. Khlusov himself carefully put the bolts secured their "conductors." The next morning everything was ready for concreting. But I had to come here and Khlusova earlier in the night ... He was already asleep in the dormitory, but suddenly jumped out of bed at midnight, zasobiralsya. "Where are you?"-Was astonished neighbor. "Go for a walk. Insomnia is something hurts, "replied. And the only door and went straight to the factory. Ran into the shop, re-measure measuring tape all over again. And a sigh of relief. It seemed to his fancy that he dreamed that he made a mistake with bolts. In the morning the brigade was, as he had all the "tails" pulled. "Not at all, you did not go home?", Surprised many. "No, no, a little ahead of you"-dismissed Khlusov.


Khlusov Alexander P. Wow this happen. The film stirred up over fifty minutes of his soul to the very depths of her splashed on the surface that seemed to have long faded into memory, pressed into a sort of monolith. And then suddenly collapsed on the decade of the specific years and events, human destiny. His wife Vera Andreyevna got a family album. What are all the young on the cards! Here is the Alexander-tall, smiling man. Here Dedyukhin ... Until now, it remembers the good word. All the work has always been, only a restoration of the city's industry has given ... The heart could not stand. He walked home from work, grabbed ... But Mironov, Dokolin, garlic ... The former backbone of his hlusovskogo, team. Now run by themselves. He and his wife have calculated that out of eleven supervisors, workers, except for him, in the management of "Promstroy", six of his pupils. But it is, so to speak, the secondary was a chain reaction. A growing impetus to the first frame gave the same Dedyukhin. It's actually advanced to brigadier young talented guys, among whom was Khlusov.

- If it will be difficult for ward council, admonished him, then. - In general, you need to learn. Savvy guy you grasping everything on the fly. But I've not had a chance to go to schools. Only four-year secondary then sat at his desk, and he sighed sadly at the same time.

And that is fulfilling its mandate first foreman, whether he felt a deep need for technical literacy, but soon entered Khlusov in Civil Engineering and completed it successfully, as they say, on the job. And would he be now some desk chief, if, as the wife, not his attachment to the foundation. He invented a proverb: everything said on the foundation and keeps costs. And when, after graduating from college he was offered a place to start the superintendent, and he did not listen. I said, the Tarashchanskii Bogunskoy streets and still want to work, and how to grow plants there, then my hands are most needed.

Rose from the ruins of factories. Restructured. Expanded ... Tractor, "Red October", "Barricades". Have they crossed the prewar level of production. A number of avenues today been laid along the Volga. Palaces of Culture built. Stadiums. Parks stretch. Young people today with all of this as a precious gift from the hands of the builders received. And out of it, Khlusova, hands, since many sites vernal his team visited, part of his work, heat their hearts invested. Once again, straightened to its full width on the banks of the great Russian river to shoulder a handsome hero-city, city-worker. Sometimes there are a lot of Soviet and foreign tourists. And all are unanimous in their opinion: the best monument to the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad and not come up with. Khlusova remembered his first tour of the city ... Powdered snow, and therefore even more lifeless black ruins. Dugout returned home residents. Placards, warning of the dangers. They were then told that there were de Americans here with their ambassador. Guests were asked how they would do with the ruined city. "Would a big business - without hesitation, replied one of them, podkidyvaya in the palm of a silver-dollar. From this city, we would make a great museum."

No, they had some measure of values. Khlusov helped them to fruition, as one of those who revived the city. And as a Communist, a member of the Twenty-fourth Congress. And how many years has been the permanent member of the local Council. Yes, it is now less talk about the Battle of Stalingrad. Time takes its. But in the soul of every citizen an unusually high sense of patriotic pride because he lives and works on such sacred ground.

Oh, how familiar is the most extraordinary feeling and Khlusova! It always motivates him in everything. So his team has many years of not only the best in management "Promstroy", but in trust "Volgogradmetallurgstroy" is considered.

Several years ago, Aleksandr Petrovich began to closely monitor the implementation of a brigadier in the industrial construction contract. Murmansk Serikov builder, his work, his achievements, that's what gave him no peace! The team was literally worked wonders. Whatever object the reduction of regulatory deadlines, saving labor and material resources. Even the creeping doubts may be, he says, he has better conditions. Far north yet. Go ahead, perhaps, building materials are imported. And the people there on any kind of work are broken. One friend, toured almost the whole world, saying that there is even a broom wielded ohotku graduate engineers who are delayed on the edge of the earth is not romance, but a desire to earn extra money. But such doubts and thoughts Khlusova dispelled after a personal acquaintance with Vladislav Pahomovichem Serikovs. This occurred in Volgograd. Distinguished builder came to the meeting, and their trust has met with the best team leaders. It was at that meeting and Khlusov.

- What gives us a method of contracting? You say, accelerating the pace of construction.

It's true. But that's not all, spoke passionately Serikov.-First of all moral and material incentives to a greater extent than ever, subject to educational purposes. We have an opportunity to create a suitable working team spirits, inspire people the significance of the object, an understanding of its absolute necessity for the city, region, country as a whole. And third, the team itself becomes a zealous steward of material and financial resources ...

Khlusov listened to all the more convinced of foresight and even wisdom of people who proposed this new method work. And suddenly he remembered Dedyukhina. Something they were like, and Serikov Dedyukhin. The same passion. The same enormous power of propaganda fervor. That's just not enough letters to his first foreman to become an innovator ... When there was talk in the management, estimations, who will be released on consecutive Khlusov came to the chief "Promstroya" Savchishinu.

- Write, Boris, me first. I ask on behalf of the team, he said, throwing a chair gloves. - Perform any task.

- I know, Petrovich, what are your Eagles will not let, do not compromise initiative. But I can not - frankly the head.

- Why is that so?, Was taken aback foreman. - Thus, if a breakthrough which should eliminate or urgent work which do so Khlusova first call is possible. And now it aside?

- Do not get excited, tried to calm him down, Savchishin.-We thought about you. We wanted to give your team an honorable right-sign the first contract. She deserved it. But no matter how twisted, is not obtained. Here, you know, the team should stand as it were on the verge of facing a new stage of work, or at least how subcomplex. To fully shortchange it could be, prokalkulirovat all costs ... And you also in the middle passage to dig. And from the beginning of far-left, and the end is not visible.

- Well, if so, calm down, the foreman, 'Tell me then, who will start first? He asked.

- Mironov.

Contenders for the team competition, Nikolai Mironov, the man who once worked in a team lineup Khlusova, first signed a contract for the construction of domestic premises by a new mill at the "Red October". Hlusovtsy worked nearby, and the foreman was often seen at the site. "Not always do we learn from you, as a friend made fun of him mironovtsy.-time has come for you, Petrovich, a look of curiosity in our pot ... What is so rich, and happy. All share. "

Khlusov though sought always and everywhere to be first, but it was not a proud man. And he just smiled at such remarks. But behind the smile was felt: the time, he says, will show who is on that much. Soon the news of his feat of labor brigades or spread throughout the administration. Accident occurred on an already existing electric furnace. Broke down lining, and all melting away. Damage was caused to a significant span: bankrupt cable tunnel, spoiled reference desk work area ... It happened at night, and ran here all morning builders shop. Looked at as a "goat" clean, they estimated the amount of rework and went to their jobs.

No one wanted to deal with the consequences of the accident. The case is very troublesome, need to break concrete and redo everything from scratch. But someone has to, you know. And the need was there the master's hand.

- We take this job - volunteered Hlusov.-volunteer team and not to the detriment of basic assignment is taken over the case.

"Vlipli pace-makers", immediately began to gossip on the site. Others have pondered: week should bother to replace the burnt concrete. So, plan your pluck. No sooner had these conversations die down as the news spread through the new. Hlusovtsy did not come out of the shop as long as all redividing. And all, it took them only a day! It was after this came to Khlusova Mironov.

- Congratulations from the heart, shook his hand to his former foreman. - We showed you how to work right. Well done!

- No it's my personal credit. You are here congratulate someone, Khlusov-pointed at the approaching members of his team-Ulesova Anatolia, Nikolai Kostin, Vladimir Sitnikov. - These guys will perform any task. Savvy. Persistent. And their hands were golden. This is Nicholas, we have increased the change. Anyone can be promoted to brigadier.

But the thought of contractor did not give peace Khlusova, fueled the already feverish energy of his new charges. And he has already stirred Khlusov others. And when the time came to move the brigade to the new object, all knew that he was working as usual will not. And so was the object of the factory pump is a complex and very time-consuming engineering construction.

- How to deal with this Khlusova, I can not imagine, complained ekonomisty.-One team will not pull the whole object. And with two self-financing which will turn out?

At first this fact and Khlusova puzzled. But after learning that the neighbors are a team of Vladimir Nikonorova, cheered.

- You see here, give us all the documentation for two - suggested in the management of 6N. - Nikonorov my pupil, get along. He himself agreed to self-financing. Talked with him.

And the two teams took to work side by side under one contract. Many thought: it is an empty idea, fell out. From which time the builders are accustomed to individual tasks. And then the "common pot". Award teams in direct dependence on the outcome of the other teams put. But at the same time, this unusual experiment opened the way for the maneuvering of a contract for the concentration of power in some areas. The maneuver was a success. Two teams, as it were merged into one, creating a general council leadership by developing a unified strategy. The aim was in fact one. And they achieved it. Concrete works have passed a week earlier than agreed in the contract. Received the award and for reducing the cost of construction.

- You're just lucky, P., - said Khlusova znakomye.-Or, maybe you spoil materials?

No, this was not. Supply and for him, "a byword." Every time we have to get out somehow. That worked with wood planking, much criticism was the lack of forests. Introduced metal. And the culture has become. And economically. But cost is not always all that. We took this contract for the construction of administrative building of the plant shop, "Barricades" and ... frustrated him. Outages were due to lack of reinforcement, due to other disorders. And then he went Khlusov Trust. So, they say, and so we did not fulfill the task, we were ashamed to look in the eye and the fellow and the customer. And now, he says, I want to look at that, on whose fault this happened. And some people at ease was of such a "curiosity" of the veteran. But the notorious "unforeseen circumstances" far less cost.

- I wonder at you, Petrovich, - once said to him one-upravlentsev. team in good standing, income-level, and you're all shumish everywhere suesh his nose. Tell music, why should you, the foreman, one must know everything, even what you like and not for the rank of the service?

- Do you know what Serikov parable told me? Look into their heads so shook, he suggested, sobesedniku. Shel-wise, but on his way two people are treated stones. He said hello and asked them what they are doing. "Stone amuse" - an answer. "The palace was built," - replied the second. So I always palaces system. Clear?

It was a Saturday. Day off. But Alexander Petrovich got up early, zasobiralsya.

- In any way, and today at the construction site - a little surprised, a little hurt she asked zhena.-in theater since agreed to go.

- No, not at the construction site, it quieted Hlusov.-students invited, asked to describe how we rebuilt the city.

Vera Andreyevna quickly prepared the front door, a white shirt, tie, suit, on the lapel of his jacket was pinned the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

He received the title for the successful construction of piles on the plant, "Barricades". A new form of labor organization affected by a team contract. But Khlusov understood that this recognition and all his "Rudova way of life, and its contribution to the reconstruction and development of the hero-city on the Volga.

Seeing that my wife cleans the coffee table with the left since the evening before the old photos, Aleksandr Petrovich asked:

- Wrap them in newspaper. I'll take with me. Show guys. Many of them look after the "Great Patriotic War", and yesterday I suppose sitting watching television. These shots will be interesting for them as well as new documents of history.

The city was still resting, basking in the gentle morning sun, boiling in a white acacias and chestnuts. But the streets are already well-dressed students hurrying with flowers in their hands. Seniors-on exams, junior, in the last academic year in the solemn line, meeting fees. Here are the guys stopped at a monument to one of the heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad Panikahe Michael, at the intersection of Prospect Street and Metal Tarashchanskii, and laid his foot reddening with the first students peonies ...

Khlusov yesterday remembered her daughter and smiled at the question. For these guys really youth spring colors painted. So it was. So it will be. Only now his generation, these were different colors ... Catching myself at that thought, Aleksandr Petrovich immediately decided that this comparison is not quite normal and will begin his story at the school.

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