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Pirmatov Ergash

Operator Chirchik production association "Electrochimprom" Hero of Socialist Labor

Pirmatov Ergash This morning Ergash Pirmatov the first time in thirty years, did not have to go to work. In memory of yesterday came word from the Secretary of the personnel department: "I envy you. Finally, how to relax. Prefer personal affairs. "

Personal files ... But that's the rub that cases have Pirmatov not related to his family Chirchik Production Association "Electrochimprom" was not. All care, all efforts, all the joys and sorrows Ergash Pirmatovicha have always been somehow connected with the production. Therefore, do not enjoy his first day of retirement.

"However, it is I myself navozhu vain melancholy, thought Ergash-aka-be retired after all, it does not mean that all ties are severed from the plant. On the contrary, only now and will be full. devote to public affairs. They have always been a great deal. The People's squad, the board of teachers, the national control ... No, my song has not sung. " With such thoughts cheerful Ergash-aka went to wake the sons, who like his father, also worked on "Elektrohimprome." Half an hour later Ergash Pirmatov, as always, went to the mill.

- I knew that you Domla still come today - welcome Pirmatov a firm handshake, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of association Usken Sabirov.

"Domla" in Uzbek means "teacher." So with respect to "Elektrohimprome" Pirmatov called everything: the Russian and Uzbek, and workers and managers. Whatever you say, and honor, such a rarity. Especially at large, many thousands of enterprise, where even in his shop did not know the name of all. What deserves Ergash-aka such respect? Many. And above all, his constant desire to convey the experience of young people.

Sabirov and also began his career as a student at the Pirmatov.

Seeing that Ergash-aka Welcome to embarrassed, Sabirov immediately turned the conversation to the production on track. Not for nothing in Uzbekistan say, if you want to understand the man, remember what he looks like in the first meeting and said that in the latter. So look Ergash Pirmatovich, despite his lofty title of Hero of Socialist Labor, was not in a heroic. Not very tall, thickset, dense, Pirmatov did everything slowly: and talked and walked, and even shook his hand. But it is not the flashy solidity, and from some inner, spiritual simplicity, which is not possible to make a fuss. And dressed Ergash Pirmatovich very simple: cap, battered black coat and conventional desktop plaid shirt. And though this man ever to sit in the presidium of the highest, the white shirt he had not used. Fame, glory, honor reflected on it in another way. Frequent trips to Tashkent, and even in Moscow for seminars and conferences, appearances on television and radio, articles in newspapers have given thoughts scale, estimates of events - promising, the findings - the validity of the deep. Chirchik working Pirmatov became a statesman. And above all, because the range of concerns and interests Pirmatov has grown considerably.

In its solid years while working at the zenith of glory, Ergash-aka smiled modestly as well as in the photograph, dated 1950, when he first came to the plant a green youth. Modesty was decorated with the man throughout his life. Never changed, never left, although there were plenty of cases become conceited.

Pirmatov often referred to as the mill workers professor. The territory of the shop, if not rising above the production casing away, it was possible to completely take over the park, so many around the branches of trees, vines, so often come across carefully sheltered for the winter flowers with sawdust. Equipped with the latest technology medical center, comfortable lounges, beautiful two-story dining room, which would be able to decorate the center of any city ... But some ten or fifteen years ago, none of this was not here. On the bare ground were gray body, surrounded by a gray fence. The veterans now remember that storm, which has risen at a party meeting, when the place got Pirmatov and said:

- Enough. The time has come to care only about the implementation of the plan, we can not. Everyone knows that I have recently returned from Moscow where you sent me to a meeting vanguard of the movement for a communist attitude toward labor. So at the meeting said that without a radical improvement of working conditions further progress impossible. A look at how we work. Not that the dining room, even a decent coffee shop there. And then it began. The first speaker said that his performance Pirmatov wants to dampen the team and thus frustrate the implementation of the production plan. Another declared that the conversation begun Ergash, empty hot air, as the necessary means to improve working conditions no one will provide: even for production needs money is not always enough. However, most of the communists took Pirmatov side. With the decision taken at the meeting and began rebirth 313th shop, and then the whole plant.

From that day went to endless meetings, conversations, telephone calls, drafting memos. And this in his spare time, on a voluntary basis. It is easy to imagine how difficult it was Pirmatov and his comrades after the night shift did not go home to rest, and the rush to penetrate clothes, budget and materials. Of course, for all this great work they did not pay a penny. Why are they doing it? Yes, because the character they had a real, strong, Soviet. The character who puts on the tenth largest private interests and public-first.

Not immediately, but still have a communist. And here we are walking by a shop park, snow cover thin veil of soft Uzbek winter, and a broad, round face lit Pirmatov satisfaction. This is understandable, because everything here is done by hand.

Head of the 313th shop Manapov Duysenhanovich Duysenhanov - a veteran of veterans. When Pirmatov thirty years ago came to settle on the plant, the Duysenhanova was almost ten years experience, and he then worked as a senior operator. They first met in the personnel department. Then they became fast friends, so that like-minded friends. And in that first meeting almost quarreled. Here is how this relates Ergash Pirmatovich:

- I came to the personnel department. He went to the head and say: I want to work on the most difficult area. "Why in the most difficult?" - Asks. Because it is not easy work of love, answered. I can see that the head of such doubts. Maybe I gave him hvastunishkoy seemed frivolous or boyfriend. I suggest: you got me on probation take. Could not do-it-yourself go. Near the head of a man sitting. Tough, strong, black-avised. He heard my words, and said a deep voice: "Remember, man, do not plant thoroughfare, and we are working for a week is not necessary. Did you ever know that we have chemical manufacturing, hard and heavy? Flyers are not kept. " From such a warning has hurt me. Do not you worry, I say black-avised. You do not need the workers in another plant will be needed. And slammed the door. An hour walked around the entrance, cooled down. Again he went to the personnel department. Because I wanted to get it here, the plant. It did nitrate. Her father, a farmer I respectfully called cotton bread. That's what I wanted to make this bread.

The second time the head of personnel greeted me with a smile. "Rejoice, O-govorit.-Takes you to my students the best operator electrolysis plant Manapov Duysenhanov. With it you are, incidentally, had a row now. He opted for two weeks then an assistant. And then you stopped by. Will you work in the most complex shop. Look not let me down. "

Ergash did not disappoint. Within a month he was yesterday with the farmer vosmiklassnym education, first saw the sophisticated equipment, mastered the most difficult career operator electrolysis. More spending on it much longer. Prudence, briskness student liking Duysenhanovu. And, despite a substantial difference in years between them was born friendship. She had to go through many trials, but over the years it has become stronger and solid.

Manapov Duysenhanovich, not concealing joy, went to Pirmatov, hugged, said:

- I knew was sure that you're in the shop, the old guardsman, come now mandatory. Well, what of you retired, a mockery only. And rightly so, that he had come. We've got a fourth unit at night. Now debug. Repairmen came twice, asking for you to send. It can be seen without your advice they have is difficult.

- Is it true?-Only and asked Pirmatov. And his face was already written everything: the willingness to immediately rush to the shop for help, and the joy of the news that his experience is very necessary to the team, and the sadness of the fact that the problem began to resolve without him, even though earlier, before retirement, this could not be considered.

Pirmatov life worked a functionary, not the repairman. Troubleshoot the equipment was not in its functions. Other workers in the break immediately cause the experts, while they themselves go to rest. Ergash-aka could not do so. My heart did not allow him to move away from the apparatus as long as he again did not come out on the technological regime. After years of work on their own initiative Pirmatov mastered all related professions in the shop. So thoroughly studied all the equipment that could not only stand for any device, but also to repair it better than any repairman. Repairmen joked: "When in the shop Pirmatov, we have nothing to do there." Not a day for all these thirty years to Ergash-aka worked without a soul. Job Pirmatov have been very difficult. Even the mood of the worker, with whom he begins to work day in the 313-m shop affects the production process. The fact that the electrolytic bath, assembled here represent the most complex machines. Technological process is controlled by them and the current strength, and temperature of heating, and the amount of the solution. If at least one of the options will come out of the norm, at the end of production cycle will remove almost half. Moreover, the quality it will be very low.

Pirmatov Ergash Not so long ago tried to put the devices on the system of sensors, alarms, meters, which should have been notified of the deviations in the working mode. But the improvements did not justify itself. Electrolysis conditions were so difficult (high temperature, aggressive environment, etc.) that have no automation is not yet able to work reliably. It is possible, over time there will be tools that will facilitate the work of machine operator, but now the main controller, the main condition for the implementation of plans is an experienced, watchful eye of the worker. The course of the electrolysis to be estimated on the sound of the running machine, the color of the solution, the number and nature of the foam on dozens of other features that may catch only the most experienced, most skilled workers. No wonder that the process of apprenticeship lasts for 313 yards shop anywhere else for a long time. Almost half a year.

Ergash Pirmatov, having mastered the basics of the profession, from the beginning tried anything new. The first pick up any useful initiative. Very often he spoke with valuable suggestions.

Previously, each business is worked in five sets. It was believed that the expansion of coverage would reduce the yield and to reduce its quality for each individual unit. Even the most experienced veterans were not taken up the matter. And suddenly, when a young worker Ergash Pirmatov said that he takes custody of six vehicles. His proposal, he backed up the calculations by which all six units will work with the greatest efficiency, if the administration will help equip the pipeline, for which a solution is injected into the bathroom, will provide his truck so as not to drag the raw materials and finished products by hand, will provide all necessary equipment. At the end there was a column of numbers, which showed that all the costs of restructuring will pay a maximum of six months due to an increase in labor productivity.

Working initiative was provided proper engineering support. As a result, a month later Pirmatov began working on the six units. Monthly plan he carried out at 110 percent, quarterly, at 112. Six months working closely watched experiment Ergash. Six months of that in front of everybody taking the exam for durability, reliability. People then saw for the first time, that if Pirmatov promised, it will be kept come what may. His personal example was more effective than hundreds of lectures and conversations, which were previously carried out in the shop. Six months later, people began to apply the request to transfer them to an expanded service. Two years later, work on six vehicles have become the norm. However, not all proposals Pirmatov implemented smoothly, painlessly. It happened that raged around them, such debates that some even then had to leave the shop. Here is an example. According to the requirements of technology products with removal devices should be carried out once in forty-five minutes. A Pirmatov started making products every half hour.

The need to run faster to the taste is not everything. Some whisper became known Pirmatov upstart zaznaykoy. Catching an unhealthy trend, the Communists shop time it stopped. At the party meeting was held principled, business talk, the majority were for the most widespread practices Pirmatov young communist. After this meeting, some, as we have said, had to leave the shop. Initiative Ergash picked dozens of followers.

In a large, very white room people wearing special costumes, hats, gloves, boots, canvas on a thick soles, more like rescuers, or astronauts, than the workers. Through the thick protective film caps visible face. Looking at them, you think it's so difficult here given employment records, if the workplace they must be collected as well as the rescuers, a lowering in the face. That is why the workers of the 313th shop can retire as early as 50 years.

Pirmatov passed this milestone four years ago. All of his peers have long gone on a holiday. He also delayed the longest day. Why not? Hearing this question, Ergash-aka said:

- Do not go away because it was necessary to prepare a suitable shift.

Yes, now and Anatoly pets and Tulyabay Ashirbaev and Yefim Koshneltson and Jura Tashmatov, and dozens of other students of yesterday and today it will be durable, reliable overfulfill targets.

Pirmatov one of the best coaches in the pool. "Friends" - the only way calls Ergash-aka its many wards.

- I think, says Pirmatov - that was my student workers are not present when it is once or twice successfully coped with the plan, and when convinced that he firmly grasped the laws of partnership, mutual assistance, working-class solidarity.

Loyalty to these laws, he argued Pirmatov more than once. As soon as the newspapers reported on the initiative of Valentina Gaganova, Ergash-aka first came to the party committee "Elektrohimproma" and asked him to move backward area. Voluntarily leave the well-functioning production, triggered collective conscious to go to the decrease in earnings to his example, advice, and perseverance to bring the next-best team in it after all, solidarity is the highest standard, which is called the communist attitude toward labor.

Almost a year Pirmatov worked with maximum exertion, convincing people and an example and word, and, where necessary, a senior authority. But its got. The team got on a par with the best teams of the shop. We thought, calm down now Pirmatov. No. Pulled one brigade, took up the second. Drew the second-took the third.

It's just easy to write: "Three times in the lagging teams passed." And in fact, for each such transition spent a lot of moral and physical strength.

Helping to repair the unit, Ergash-aka as if transfigured. Yes, fatigue has left an imprint on his face. But all he had somehow crept, pulled, cheered. It was felt that the veteran was pleased to once again prove their need for the native case.

He went to one of the park alleys, envelopes the body shop. Employee ran to meet him.

- Ergash Pirmatovich, ona.-turned-We are looking for you, with legs lost. After half an hour propaganda station begins in a meeting with the graduates of our industrial and technical schools. Would you as an agitator, as a member of the Board to make instructors?

Well, of course Pirmatov gladly accepted.

In the spacious hall of the hubbub was a terrible propaganda station. But once on the podium Pirmatov, silence immediately established. For those boys and girls are not hard to guess what a noble work known to all.

- Young Friends, Ergash-started-aka-morrow any one of the most remarkable events in your life. You'll be working one of the most glorious of labor collectives of Uzbekistan. After all, we produce fertilizers for the cotton growers of all union republics. And the fact that our country collects more than all the world's cotton-considerable merit Chirchik chemists. Feel, what responsibility will fall on you when you get up to the apparatus, plant and machines?

Ergash-aka spoke about the work the glory of the young "Elektrohimproma." Its roots go back to November 1940, when the Chirchik nitrogen plant nitrate was obtained first. During World War II the company 14 times awarded the Red Banner of the National Defence Commission, and in 1946, this highest award the government's decision was left to the team forever. Together with the company, which became first plant, and then the association to be awarded Orders of Lenin and Red Banner of Labor, and people grow. Many members of the team are heroes of the glorious work, eminent Party and Soviet workers, the major organizers of production.

Yes, Chirchik chemists have much to be proud of. And Ergash Pirmatovichu really like to see his young listeners that were infected with pride.

When the veteran had finished speaking, he bombarded with questions. Pirmatov out of the latest propaganda station. The early winter night had already begun to harbor the street veil of dusk. Here and there the lights were lit.

- Well, here you are in retirement are going home after dark. As in normal working days, so my father's son welcome Ravshan. After graduating from work, he came to him in a new dark-blue "Volga". She singled out Ergash Pirmatovichu two years ago on the personal order of the Ministry of Chemical Industry.

I congratulate the noble work, the general director of "Elektrohimproma" V. Kadyrov, said: "By labor and honor."

To go, though not for long. Fused with the enterprise spirit, Ergash-aka and built his house not far from it. Although they offer an apartment with all modern conveniences, but after consulting with his wife, they decided to take a lot. Even with Pirmatov father and grandfather, and his wife's relatives were all peasants. So the closer to the ground, so it was better, warmer, or something.

The house stood in the middle Pirmatov large area of land well-groomed. A caring hand of the master felt in everything: how insulated the vines, and how thoroughly plowed land, and how solidly built the barn for livestock and a garage for cars.

Pirmatov the market did not go. All grown themselves, ranging from potatoes and ending with strawberries. In Ergash-aka and assistants are: only eight grandchildren.

In the house, as well as on the site, roomy, durable, clean. Each thing in its place. Every detail in a special box. It was felt that in this house, as in most of the Uzbek houses, work is placed and respected above all. In love for him had been brought up very Ergash-aka. Love this work, and managed to convey to children.

Anwar's eldest son, graduated from the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute and is working on "Elektrohimprome" shift supervisor air distribution plant. Ravshan-driver fleet association. Shafqat has just returned from the army and settles back to his workplace in "Elektrohimprome." The youngest son Ahmad in a year to finish the production-technical school and also will be working in one of the shops of the association. And her daughter cast their lot with the company: working Mavlyuda apparatchitsey and Mamlakat-lab. So all Pirmatov one-chemists.

With ... yellowed cardboard photographic look two: the old, ragged Chapanov, in coils, instead of shoes, with special "tame" a stretcher on their shoulders, with a tired but happy faces. And so in this family forever. Whatever the difficulties, whatever the hardships endured by any Ergash and his wife Mary, they were always together. However, the newly acquainted, let's go build a Farkhad and then Bayautsky channels, with raised "Electrochimprom" with raising children. In his work, in the trials strengthened their love, loyalty, understanding that they have carried through his life.

And so time passed. And well it be retired? There are different views. Some say good, others sad. It all depends on the person. Will it be people or come off on them. As Pirmatov, without people, he himself does not think. What is this, if not happiness. Be necessary for people!

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