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Leshinskene Ioannina Pranovna

Cutter Siauliai leather and shoe production association "Elnyas" Hero of Socialist Labor

Leshinskene Ioannina Pranovna A rain washed morning shining windows of houses, peaked under the shingles and cottages. Screaming gulls lake. The cigarette burned his fingers lightly, and I hurried to the nearest trash can: it was afraid to drop a cigarette butt, a range of purity. As in a good, well-kept house. And I remembered Pranovnu Leshinskene Janina, one of the mistresses of this town, which has been at a party yesterday, as she sat at the table-strict, smart, a peasant on his knees with folded hands. And the guest and the hosts went through because the conversation did not catch on: Russian mistress knew much better than I am Lithuanian.

- Let me help you, eh? I will translate, perhaps, turn out, cheerfully offered to her husband, Juozas, who had just returned from the yard, where chopping wood for the winter. Active, youthful, noisy, in an unbuttoned shirt, hesitated, he seemed the complete opposite of his reserved wife.

- Juozas!, Stop it with reproach, and put us in a plate-young kartofelya. you eat, eat, please. What to say? Here, the documents you can see everything. Once again, I looked through the pile of folded diplomas, gold embossed book Hero of Socialist Labor, but the secret skill of the best cutter a leather and footwear association "Elnyas" remained to me, of course, with seven locks. Everyday talk of home, of family, women's councils, which led Pranovna Ioannina, struck up easily, even the hostess laughed when we were both confused, trying to understand each other, but worth it to catch the main-job success, as Janina Pranovna bred confusion hands:

- I can not explain ... Then all sorts of subtleties ... AND at the same time as all gently restrain garrulous husband - Juozas!

- Well, well, mildly-Juozas sighed, glancing in my direction. - You see what I have a commander in the house, you must obey, but it still throws.

- Are you afraid?-I took him a playful tone.

- Let him! Where to go? - He waved and has less confident, with the apparent haste added:-What is it? We are children adults. But in fact anything can happen. Who am I? Village man, and I have it - the city. - That's it, from the village it took. Exchanging glances, the wife suddenly burst out laughing. Laughter transformed Janina Pranovnu, washing the closure, the person became an open, like a child directly. They really had fun ... Village. City. Both the war had the dashing, knew from an early age need. Father a carpenter in the city of Ioannina, Juozas grazed cows in the village master. Others huddled in corners, and met between town and country, on the peat. Then there was still no technology, no cars, shovel moved a marsh, swamp dragged on heavy cars. Many years after the war, while working at a shoe plant, the first time has finally crossed the threshold of his apartment, began to live like human beings. Now the daughter is married to the son of a vocational technical school, themselves still young, and already-grandparents.

- Ioannina, interrupting her story - and speaks good because you can, try on your business?

- Oh, no, once red-ona. Well, I own myself? It is not good. What will people say?

That's it! For all its pretenses, references to the complexity of the topic lies the usual modesty, something I would even say, perplexed man, who has to boast of the fact that he considers himself to mundane, necessary as the air, your work. It is not good. Well, then let the people say. The doors of the Party Committee ... "Elnyas" opened at eight o'clock in the morning. Secretary of Bronislaw Chepkauskas on vacation. But the Komsomol leader Rheda Vitkauskayte-place. A thin, like ear, eye or two brown sun-whether good, or prickly-she goes to meet, carefully pronouncing the words:

- Hello ... Back to Yanina? Her respect for Leshinskene obviously, and that I can not "talk" of the cutter clearly worried Redu.

- I advise you, a smaller one to question her, and watch and see.

- I watched already ...

- We should not look a peer. And everything will be clear! In addition, returned from holiday party organizer shop, it will help you. He's the cutter. Party organizer shop ... Friedman, lean, agile, a former gunner-radio operator, now a working-cutter, Chevalier of the Order of Red Banner of Labor, after listening to me, once ignited. It immediately became clear how close to the heart it takes plant matter, which, along with Janina has worked for over twenty years.

- The secret of its mastery?-For a moment he thinks, shrugging plechami.-How do you say ... There are no special secrets. Knows how to organize your time, work place, in the morning all of her readiness and material and tool. In the evening already knows his day job, what numbers to cut labor-based ... The unusually strong sense of responsibility. Only one fact is that once caused her to Moscow for profkonferentsiyu, she is a candidate member of the All. Well, late eve of his departure hurt himself preparing for a few days. A back-off the train right in the shop. Can you imagine? So it seems to be, and never left. No, of course it's an amazing woman, 'he repeated fervently. - Well, let's go take a look ...

The spacious sunny shop filled with the hum of new presses, bent over machines among the female heads in kerchiefs, I caught a welcoming smile from a distance of Ioannina Pranovny. But everything else while we were watching her work, she no longer look up, treasured second. Then, when we sat in the shop-floor office, I learned a lot from the party organizer of the working path of Ioannina.

First came into the shop, was confused, like a girl. That skin is not put the whole stretches of this piece does not boot, and get a pancake. What part of the carve out any space, not screw up, everything. used to confuse. It is worth more dead than alive. Well, explain to her master ... After the change did not leave until dark, trained, making up. T o 'the thread of her home, not talking. My husband used to complain: "The house, the farm abandoned. I'm nursing a child! "Janina made his own, rehearsed skills, doggedly, obsessively. And made-after all! Began to give a double-standard thing in the cutting actually rare. She worked with chromium, came to her honor, and respect. It would seem, live so rejoice, and Janina not. Suddenly asked to translate it into leather, the boots, where the work was delayed.

She came to the then head of department: for example, they say, and so, put in the "shoe" brigade. He did not immediately understand.

- Did you just throw your best team? Backward take?

- I'll take.

There is nothing unusual in the desire to bring up lagging Janina was not. The roots of any kind venture in the deep consciousness of man, his attitude to work. And yet the chief wanted to look into the essence, to understand the personal motives of a woman, always a closed, stingy on the emotions. It usually does not stand out for its activity at the meetings where the battered lagging, and it happened to fall to the weak organization of work and most head shops. What is behind her request? What is the cause?

Apparently, the head of divining thoughts, slightly taken aback by his trieth, distrustful glance, Janina replied firmly, almost defiantly:

- That's it! Embarrassing to me to look people in the eye.

- I do not understand.

- Only me and say how good I am so skillful, and that the other? Clumsy? It can not be. From an unusually long speech, she utterly confused and, as always in such cases, in on itself and not a word more.

- The decision is your final?


- Look at yufti will be hard.

- My heart aches for them. It is even harder.

Thus began her work in the trailing team. Ruth Minkene, Nijole Adomavichute, Irene Vitkauskayte and many others of her friends, some of which are "attacking" his mentor at the heel, then felt the full force of her perseverance and patience. That's where she had a sip of Down and Out. How many women, how many characters, some older years, with experience, try to find each approach, look out the right word, so as not to offend the most not to be trapped. With the same Ruta had pomayatsya, girl was not given work. Spoil the skin and in tears:

- I can not, leave the shop. His hands dropped.

- Do you squeeze them into fists, hands, then. Without end-to cry tears will not suffice. Nothing is complex. Ever remember, most will laugh. Look, how-nado. Standing behind foreign press, Ioannina slowly explained how raskroya.-main, be careful. Everything will come naturally. I, too, suffered first-ashamed to say. At night, happened, I do not sleep, my head is cracking, all of these cutters in his eyes dancing. Pravda-I noticed how his eyes widened in disbelief girlfriend, quietly added, would also fled.

Leshinskene Ioannina Pranovna No such thoughts in Ioannina was not in sight, but this holy lie, oddly enough, cheered Ruta: if she were to succumb to Ioannina ... so if it was ...

And Ruth has since been stuffing his hand, finding eye, gumption. Just where the standstill-to Ioannina. But she held her briefly in the "izhdivenkah." Quickly put the barrier: Skill is, now I think, otherwise self-loss, and it's scary. It is better to marry, but the next time you overcome them. Itself!

Were in Ioannina and in trouble, not done, what must be confessed, without idle languages pereshepota. Like, most of all to her, perhaps, want? And as it turns out to develop a double? The other piece of leather or eight pairs of blanks, and in all ten of Ioannina. Maybe it a privilege given the best material? This excited the neighbor girls. We will not call her by name, thing of the past, long forgotten, they are friends now and then ...

Silently swallowed insult, Janina came to the shop, laid out the skin-all on display - look, the third grade. The girls turned away, hiding his eyes. A neighbor did not even looked. By the evening of the thin skin carved out more than others from the good. At this point, and saw foes, smiled apologetically. But Ruth was seriously troubled.

- How do satellites in, Ioannina? Talk-ka right now with a neighbor! Let asks forgiveness!

- I do not like quarrels.

- That's right, once agreed, Ruta. Then do not pay more attention to it!

- And this I can not help it needs. The next morning a neighbor passed by and said hello, as if nothing had happened. Started a conversation about the apartment, sympathized. Like, ask for more, Well kids grow up. You-you will not refuse. And it was moved forward on, but Janina stopped her. She froze, raising her eyebrows, seen, understood, face paint came from.

- Tell you what, 'said Janina, feeling embarrassed by the fact that the forced-blush sosedku. Experience you have plenty of my life, not for me to teach you. But as the foreman looked me in your work. All is well. Only in a hurry. If you do not mind, hold after the change, to show his tricks, maybe that'll do.

- Thank you ...

So, one by one team tightened it until it won first place and never returned it to the "light" material, chromium, and remains to this day on the cutting yufti. And still gives the largest output.

And now I see, feel emotion Party organizer, tracking the work of Ioannina Pranovny. And indeed there is something to see. Her hands and fluttering over the hard skin crawling to the plate, as if she is pulled under the press, never once stopping, because Janina in a split second with the help of the press and the die-cutter carve heads, backs, belts, avoiding spoiled places Flank, undercuts, dents on the whole leather belt.

It is difficult to keep track of the movements of skilled workers, to understand their usefulness: pressing a button, a blow to the cutter and workpiece as a live, flies off to the left on the shelf. And once again imposed a torch, as though an invisible, only intuitively perceptible edge lopping skin. So sometimes you look at the pianist's fingers, or an experienced typist, print "blind", with a light-envy and a sense of deceptive simplicity, acquired over decades of work.

- How is it? Whispered Party organizer. - Beautiful?

A little gleams of Ioannina Pranovny perspiring face, the eyebrows are reduced, giving the intensity of thought. Apparently, she had to quickly cover the entire process ahead of time, in any moment of defining the quality of the skin, the tiniest flaws to figure out from what part of it, what to do logging, prikinuv economical cutting ten strokes ahead.

- And note that once again it is to not touch the workpiece, from one hand does not shift. Not a single unnecessary movement, and that's accumulated hours. Well, centimeters, of course, because they cut tight. Saves a year as the skin, it is enough for thousands of pairs of shoes! ..

- Yes, it means a lot of experience.

- And a talent! As in any case. Talent plus hard work ... Take rest, Ioannina.

She smiled for a moment, straightened his back.

- What do you think I own enemy? Peredyhayu. Sometimes the hunt with a friend peremolvitsya.-Fast in Lithuanian she said, and the Party once I perevel.-Yes not very good, I will say a few words, and his hands have stretched themselves to the cutter.

- Nothing can be done, - nodded partorg.-This is the nature of ... You had at least one comment TCI, Ioannina?

- No, even with some surprise cutter said, adding mashinu.-same shoes. People wear! I try to ...

Already at the office party organizer stated, apparently, long aching: in a country competitions turners, fitters, they give vouchers to the working lives of many talents. Cutter-complex profession that requires great skill. Why can not we have the All-Union competition for the cutting yufti?

- What do you think? .. 'He lowered his voice a little, I've noticed this manner, when it was about something very exciting, a secret. - Yanina would be our first took place, the hell.

- Do you?

- I. .. Well, maybe the third would be pulled, and she is the first, as though I'm sure.

- Glory?

- And what's wrong? Let everybody knows that there is such a union in Siauliai "Elnyas" and it runs record holder for the cutting of the Union. And let go and learn. We are hospitable people.

Working pride, conscience-working concepts that have become commonplace, but it is particularly acute, meeting with real, concrete human beings, admiring their skill, wit, virtuosity. Respect for the work, to those for whom you working, it affects the company around. In purity and cleanliness of the shop, each has a private cutter brand and values his honor, in the creative work of designers who create new models of children's shoes, making a total for about seventy, and in how quickly technological innovations take root here, and even in this case when the director Alfred Dvelis went on vacation, but, concerned about the plan, on the tenth day, unable to stand, has already appeared in the enterprise.

And everywhere, the planners and economists count the possible reserves, the technologists, the wisest of the new equipment, the party committee and the Factory Committee, which addressed industrial, household, housing - all felt this

Business concerns about the growth and improvement of native enterprise ...

- And here is the meal came, the party organizer, said, glancing at chasy.-If it is not clear, you can talk with Janina in the dining room. She met there with her husband, at the dinner table. We have a well-prepared, home-style. So they appointed a meeting there, just like at home. Everything seemed clear. In the evening ... I said goodbye to Janina and Juozas. And though our acquaintance was brief, but something in my heart ached. And it was a little sad, as happens when you leave with good good people who know a long time ago.

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