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Demin Ivan Pavlovich

Brigadier complex assembly management team number 6 house-building plant 3 Glavmosstroy, Hero of Socialist Labor

Demin Ivan Pavlovich After serving in the actual border guards, he returned to Moscow from Siberia through the home, in the Tambov region. A friend persuaded to go to the Kuban. The edge of a rich, warm the camp, and work well, there is work everywhere, and not all the same, where to start. Like most of their peers, whose childhood plowed War, Ivan Demin sooner learned that the foundation of life-work. Matter, any, did not scare him. In his own farm, he knew everything, and if not for service, who knows, maybe never would have stronulsya place. However, for the first time seeing the other and gave the city, even a cursory, from a train window, but his own casting a glance tysyacheverstnye spaces of his native land, he is hot, as only a young man, reached out for something new, unknown, though he did not really know, to what.

He was, in fact it was still where to begin. He had already succumbed to the persuasion of one another: on the way to the Kuban Kuban, but for a day or two, they stopped in the capital with friends. And everything is decided case.

- Why travel far?-Told-you want Aloud on the scene? Tomorrow I will arrange. Work safe for life ...

Two days later, performing simple formality, he had already received the bedding in a hostel. The hostel was in Kozhukhovo. There Demin liked it. The room is only eight souls, for yesterday's soldier, and had not indulged a little. Light and warm. There is a kitchen with gas and all other amenities. What else is there?

Dorm liked, but the work is not. They placed him scaffolder. Now in his current team is also a scaffold in each link of its own. The figure is very respectable. In fact it is the same installer, only friends are at the top, and he promptly provide their design from the bottom. Details raised in a certain order, and the rigger must master this order inside and out, with reference to different projects, series, types of houses. And since two identical panels or two floors in one place are not needed, then it is assumed to follow a sequence of still bringing up the materials, it affects the rhythm of the overall work. But it is now. At the same responsibilities Demin mostly confined to two words: yes subchain unhooked. For life is no good. He suffered a year and then turned to the engineer Boris Fedorovich Zharikov with the request:

- Send the study. I want to be a bricklayer.

- Why is a mason?

- The main specialty. The engineer smiled and said:

- Today. Tomorrow will be different. - And, on reflection, suggested: Go-ka-do you learn from the installer ... The first house built Demin, standing on the street Levitan. I know this house, lived there my friends. In another house, on the other side of Moscow, is also built-brigade, which started Demin, had a chance to live a few years myself. When the conversation casually these details emerged, at first thought, "That's because what are the matches!" But no.

If it were just a coincidence, would not be worth mentioning about them. It is possible that the linotype operator who types these lines, too, is obliged to shelter Demin and his team, not so long ago, one of them handed shells populated the publisher. And the family of the Ivan Pavlovich is an apartment that is built but not his own master, but the workers of the same assembly department.

Yes, it's not just a coincidence. It is more appropriate to say here that Moscow today is very different from the city, where Ivan Demin stopped for a day or two, and where he stayed for good. The changes taking place before our eyes, and therefore, as it were imperceptibly. But just as it. So quietly and trees become older children. And yet ... Moscow was not built.

Soon, easier said than done.

The brigade of installers, the first where Demin then worked for ten years, Muscovites almost was not. Alternatively, residents of Moscow region, or the same as Demin, yesterday's soldiers. They were not picky, their suit and a dormitory. Amiss. But when Demin married, the room is not occupied by eight people, four families, each of its cotton curtain. Arithmetic is the same, the result of another. Rejoicing, they were jealous of someone, finally receiving room. The room was dimly lit, and in an old ruin, but that room. No corner of the house ...

And there were in Moscow, New Cheryomushki, the first area of media development. The proper name soon became a household word. It is unlikely the country will find a city where there appeared to his Cheryomushki. The name of the former village went down in history as it used to include other, until then unknown names in rural areas. For example, the Borodino. Or Baikonur. Exaggeration? But how to judge! The house needs for everyone. No corner of the house. With Cheryomushky began a broad offensive along the entire front housing. It's now even a very experienced taxi drivers are confused about the new streets of Moscow and could bring a passenger in place Chertanovo Medvedkova or Sviblova. Cheryomushki were known to everyone.

And their life was unique. In the summer evenings on benches near the entrances to the old woman gradually buzz in colorful headscarves, singing in the courtyards of leaping accordion, and then poured out of the house of a noisy wedding, fractional heels clattered on the pavement, ditty ditty responded to. Smiling is not without embarrassment, the people Cheryomushky, and then in other areas to say: "We've, in the village." Ryazan, Voronezh, Tambov, boys, taking off his overcoat, became the Muscovites. Specific Muscovites. Without them, it is impossible to imagine a new Moscow ...

Here in our short story includes a new hero.

DSC. House-Building Factory. They are now much more in the capital, but there is not referring to any particular, and the kind of phenomenon, the construction principle, a new level, characterized by that name. With a capital-plant. Simply put, DSC led to the construction of the conveyor path of production, when the apartments are doing at the plant, one after another, like a car, or hours, and on-site ready to connect the elements. Construction was largely an assembly. The consequences of this seemingly purely technical revolution touched millions of people. They touched the foundations of the profession and the builder.

At the Moscow house-building number 3, and more specifically in its sixth assembly management, MU-6, Demin came fifteen years ago when it just became. Or, rather differently, plant himself came to Demin, represented by Galina Petrovna Danilina, the current Chief of Staff MU-6. Galina recalls went to Ivan Pavlovich home on University Avenue, where there was a room while Demin, invited to work. He agreed, has a brigade.

He has a notebook, an ordinary school exercise book in the box, completely filled with addresses: string address. The first line-street, Chkalov. The house on this street remembered him warmly. Is there such a thing: start-up period. Every industrialist knows how difficult what he is given the nerves. The plant only began to operate, but the difficulties were associated not only with it. Start building a different matter altogether. Commissioning takes place within the team. Are improving human relations in the price of each is known. The team then increased Demin, then decreased. People came and went. Not leaving the work site, although it has happened, but more often, learned, went to other teams, to strengthen. Reinforce something better ...

- How many people have passed through the team then?-Ask Ivan Pavlovich.

- Just can not say, such calculations are not conducted.

- Well, at least about? Tens?

- No, no! Of course, more ... At the end of the stable. It has become calmer. But it has not become easier. At five in the morning Demin hurried to the first bus, the ends of the builders are usually long. Returned home after six in the evening. But experience in the links is not enough, and somewhere about nine o'clock he went again to the evening shift, now deep into the night. Brigade routinely listed among the best, and this, of course, was the merit of all. But that kind of life he led all of one. And then rebelled Antonina Ivanovna. Wife.

- Enough, could not stand it. - Children grow up, you're not seeing. And I what? Go to brigadirstva. Do not iron ...

He really has become a constant be unwell from overwork. Otprashivayas and explained to his superiors. Its does not persuade, because he prepared the replacement, and he himself was not going to leave the team, it was a welder. So what he had in mind a backup plan: not took it for a new leader, persuaded Demin, will return. And it went wrong. Even now, ten years later, Ivan Pavlovich difficult to explain why it happened. He speaks respectfully of his then-successor. Their personal relationship has never and in no way overshadowed. And he was quite an expert at. And the time gave a construction site not less than Demin. Yes, and development indicators, the percentage-were still high. But something has changed subtly. So it sometimes happens on the road. Everything in general is normal. The car seemed to be intact, and the steering wheel obedient. But there is something I turned the engine, something creaked, there was a strange sound. And there is a premonition of danger, and with it uncertainty. While it is too late, it is necessary to slow down ...

Demin Ivan Pavlovich From the side, but from the side, they say, ought to know, clarified the situation, Valentin G. Katyshev. He heads the production department of management, and then worked directly on the site.

- I think there is no special puzzle, said the on.-Demin rights. Successor picked well. He did everything the same as that of Ivan Pavlovich. But the trouble is that he did and what Demin never allowed himself, and not allow it. For example, there is such a Stupnikov Vassily Ivanovich. Do it now Demin assistant. Ac. Chew him what was happening, not only do not need, but also harmful. He himself understands everything, do not go under the arm. Demin is a conscious feeling. But his successor, no. And he was one drawback. A more correct to say, a character trait, which in the new environment was perceived as a disadvantage. Vehemence. Excessive, on the verge of nervous temper. Any misstep could take him out of himself as he personally inflicted injury. No, to serious conflict is not reached. But sometimes a careless word is enough to spoil the mood of the person on the day, and sometimes bring a desire to act in defiance of ...

It has become clear: it's time to slow down. Candidacy to replace the foreman was one. Triggering of the same backup plan.

- Why did not you refuse?

- I took it to the party ...

Now back to the stored Ivan Pavlovich school exercise in the cell. However, the stored-not the right word. Addresses in a notebook all coming. Then the whole of Moscow. And the old-Sokolniki Forest. And the new-Khoroshevo-Mnevniki, Orekhovo-Borisovo, Troparevo. And even tomorrow. As they say nowadays, Moscow-80. Almost half of the Olympic Village and nine buildings, built a team Demina. The overall result, even for a person more or less informed oshelomitelen. The brigade, one brigade, and in her present day of the thirty-six of fifteen years built a round score of seven hundred thousand square meters of housing. I write to figure that knows best: 700 000. City! Yes and no small town. But the account is not closed, and increases in progression. By the 62 th anniversary of the October Plan team met four years having passed since the beginning of five-year 249,000 square meters. Also did a small town ... But that's not all. Demin one of the initiators of the initiative, which is stated in official documents: "The five-year job-less team composition." For this he was awarded the 1979 USSR State Prize. What this means, less staff? After all, the team everyone has his thing, and it is always in short supply. It's true. But it turns out, the reserves can still be found. For example, when a team completes another house and only the roof of the assembly '

units (three-level, six people in each), one employee for training the next release of the object. Formed as a further link. First, incomplete. But after everything is done for the installation of an attack, the forces are redistributed again. Now, three or four remain to finish the roof, and the rest build a new home. Of course, this maneuver is feasible at extremely precise organization of labor. And this is a broad concept. The staffing team in nine disciplines, including, tinsmith. But there tinsmith. Rather, there is no regular tinsmith. A specialty of this team yet to speak. Most of the workers has mastered two or even three professions.

Incidentally, when asked how much, just working professions mastered, no one, I could not answer. It even caused some surprise, this issue. And then remember how Demin told of the village of his youth, when he knew everything and plow and sow and reap.

- And what then? 'Said the foreman. - So it probably is. Oh, and should be. Building a single-thread ...

The flow of a single, and because not all confined within the team. In the stream of time working and other teams. Plumbers, electricians, carpenters. There are other units. The success achieved in the interaction. For several years the panel to the team carries Demin VS Saveliev. What, when to bring, where to put, for a long time, such issues do not arise: the drivers fully aware of cases of builders. But there was a period of prefab-Saveliev allowed for another route. And gain inconsistencies. Not because the drivers have been worse. Just do not touch that ...

DSC is a DSC. The high rate, flat work teams, we can say, provides technologically. If the technology does not claim, then under otherwise normal conditions the end result can be easily calculated. But then begins to act a certain correction factor. In our case, Demin Ivan Pavlovich. His talent, foresight, ability to get along with people. This factor can not be calculated. He is unique ...

What does it mean, to get along with people?

The two stories.

He came to the team a young man. Welder. The third digit. And the majority of the workers above. Worked for a year. He asks whether it is possible to increase the discharge. Why not, if it is good work? Increased. Then take a lesson so that the weld was not. The guy said, 'Come on. The solution should urabotat. "-" This is not my specialty. " To persuade the team is not accepted, but he explained that to do so will not do. Each has its own specialty, but a common cause. No! Once there, two there, three there. "Go away!" He's gone. A year later, by chance, met with the foreman in the canteen. "I'm sorry to all of you, Ivan Pavlovich. Now get it. "-" And understand, so come back. Take. "-" No. I have my own feelings. But for science, thanks ... "

The second story. A man in his fifties. Twenty-seven years, worked at the radio factory, all in one shop. Master. At the party, and the production line there are no comments. He's gone. He was released only because they went to the Olympic construction. Trained as a welder. Is it easy? The head is white, and everything-from scratch. But it works: "I'm happy very much. First tired. Work physical. But for her, and earnings. And people are such that the first day of a stranger is not felt. Only now realized what the builders in the eyes of their homes look "

I asked Ivan Shmelev Kalashnikov, a carpenter (they Demin together from the start): what, in his view, the main quality of Ivan Pavlovich, the foreman and the man. He replied with one word:

- Justice.

In the summer Demin call from management to three hours turned on the radio. He went down to the red corner, turned on. I listened to one. It was reported that he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

- And then what?

- What's Next? - I went to work ...

In the team learned about the award, when the colors come from management and from the plant. Then the brigadier congratulated themselves, friends who were awarded orders and medals. Demin said that people usually say in such cases:

- This award is for all of us. And he said, with all my heart understand why in such cases, so they say. Because this is a true ... We met at a construction site. House of the seventeenth of September, the end of October brought the eleventh floor. Early snow fell, and the landscape below looked like a black and white photography. The dark edge of the forest, brightly lit new buildings and the gray unfinished. This area near the ring road itself is Teply Stan. How is it that name! In fact all his life building a huge Demin Teply Stan. And how many people warmed up to a warm ...

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