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Smirnov Viktor P.

Turner Sumy Production Association of the energy pump engineering, Hero of Socialist Labor

Smirnov Viktor P. The second shift ended, and with it the workweek. Viktor Pavlovich, wiping them only what worked the pump housing, tried to figure how best to dispose of two days off. Thoughts interrupted the foreman:

- Brought the workpiece!

And Viktor Pavlovich understood vacation tolerated. On the eve of the director gave him a request Brekhovo Konstantin Ivanovich, Minister of chemical and petroleum engineering: process steel pump housing. Followed from this that from him, rastochnika Smirnov, skills depends on how quickly will the new Siberian oil pipeline. The pipeline has been laid. But it turned out that the cast iron pumps for the North do not work. One by one they went out of order. Tried to strengthen the side walls. It did not help. Then made a decision: to replace them with steel. Urgent.

The pump for pumping oil, it should be noted, is not easy to produce. If someone represents him in this unit, which pumped up the camera cycling and soccer balls, he is profoundly mistaken. This is a multi-ton machine of with a complex internal configuration. Get it by removing excess metal from the workpiece. Accuracy is required here micron. The difficulty is that the tool removes the shavings out of the reach eye-turner field inside the workpiece. How rastochniku know about his behavior? This is where the main task. It helps to overcome the experience, knowledge, skill, even intuition. A special end-of virtuosity required surgery. Getting to them, cutting edge sends hand-hammer. And this tool, each personalized by hand.

It was necessary to handle the delicate precision metal is quite different properties. Is the role of Smirnov pervoprohodchika?

After learning about the upcoming experiment, Victor P., and only thought about it. While the allied cast billet, and the railroad brought it in Sumy, it was necessary to take care of the instrument - operation mode is in fact quite different.

The profession he chose deliberately and forever. As a child, though he wanted to become an archaeologist. The historian was a beloved teacher of the boys in his home village of Great Bobrik. Is it any wonder that they dreamed of the excavations, at once explain all the mysteries of ancient times? Maybe I would have realized youthful dreams, only to Victor, like millions of his peers, the harsh laws of war for many years to define a very different fate. In the last year of the Great Patriotic called him into the army, and for seven years, continued his active duty service.

More on military service chose Sergeant Smirnov peaceful profession. In the arms of their studio artillery regiment was little machine turret. Strict rules of statutory foreign to him and were not allowed near. And Victor was in the studio and just a guest. See, however, as the winds are not forbidden silver shavings. Gradually, for him it was not that fun-demand. Looking like rotating turret machine operator gives it yet another instrument, Sergeant frankly envious of dexterity of his hands.

When the order came for demobilization, Victor knew exactly what travel documents he needs to write to the Sum, and then go to the Frunze plant, which already worked sister Asya, who graduated by the time the Engineering College.

But the plan of action, not just considered for many days journey from the Far East, crashed in the first minute of conversation with the plant personnel officers.

- You do not need now, students turner, the one-cut, even without waiting until the end of the request demobilized serzhanta.-Want-masons, or go to the packers.

Victor wandered in despair to the House, where his sister lodged. Asya zaohala, was comforted, and then ran to the plant-petition.

Students, it appears, still needed. And the foreman confirmed this note. A personnel officer stood his ground:

- I know better!

And the President went to the neighboring, pumping plant. He had just created. The personnel department had more trouble, but took it here in quite a different way: drove to the shop and told which of the machines which parts are manufactured. Newcomer liked boring. What? Most likely, dimensions. Because other-esteem that they have a long century of his life already rather podrasteryali. Nevertheless, much. Smirnov became a disciple of rastochnika. However, pretty soon he realized that the right to independent work earned him here will not be easy.

Victor is not discouraged. Conversely, forced to try harder. His coach Valya Petrenko himself just a year mastering the wisdom of boring things. However, the instructions took seriously, generously shared his knowledge and the student was quite pleased with the teacher. The results confirm the success of the course in a month Smirnov himself has sharpened holes in cast iron workpieces. Simple, of course. Admittedly, he resisted the science-nowhere fast. And it and it did not satisfy.

Victor forced to rush more than one ambition to be on a par with acknowledged masters. Student's rate allowed the guy barely make ends meet. Dormitory plant has not got, we had to shoot a bed in a private apartment. And this is an unexpected expense. Moreover, the soldiers' uniforms for civilian clothes he was eager to change. And, of course, the mother of a little sister wanted to help. In short, the reasons to rush to become self-sufficient machine operator at the Smirnov could, of course, to simplify life program: to go, for example, the stevedores. Money in those days was considered a specialty. Only in the plans only for the work of Victor earnings are not included. Determined: "I will turner!", He persistently sought the intended.

When the discharge granted him, he was surprised to find: it has not improved. Smirnov gave a machine from which the predecessor had fled, abandoning even the workbook. It's the output was not planned, so it was an ancient and disorderly. Mayalsya with Victor shift, second, tenth, finally. Then he went down and his hands. The neighbors pretty much the same: an hour of work, three to return to the life of worn out equipment. I tried to achieve promotion Viktor Pavlovich at the factory bosses. It did not work.

Then I remembered a young Communist farewell captain Chepenko: "Each case should be brought to the end, whose assistance was not required b." And went to the Party. Then the plant went out serious discussion. Not everyone liked the hairy beginner. Once they were in the minority. Others have confirmed that saw Smirnov for the fact that the private troubles of major proportions.

- No use to hide our weaknesses, overcome their need, then decided to communists.

Do not suddenly clear, things went smoothly. And Victor was trying to work so that its contribution to the overall effort was becoming every day more significant. But here's the paradox: the better he learned his machine, its features, the more convinced of the need to ... learn. The war interrupted his studies at the seventh grade. After a dozen years, he continued his education. The school, of course, was the evening. I remember the beginning of the school year, not just the fact that after the change in the machine often inadvertently stuck together forever, and had an effort of will to force yourself to go into the teacher's explanations, but also by the fact that that fall was the beginning of a large family happiness Smirnov.

His neighbor at the desk was the most beautiful in the class (generally the most beautiful, thought Victor) girl Faith. Then, on the border streets were dark, and Victor, forgetting about tomorrow's early rise, every evening carefully escorted the Faith to the porch of her home. It soon became clear that the clock on the training sessions to both stretch endlessly, that both can not wait to meet. They were married.

Not so long they had to shoot Vera Ivanovna private apartment. And in memory of those years, firmly etched. The plant has a lot of what now is, was not there. Hut, for example.

- What are you standing at the machine tool, and is sent home, the most memorable ... inconvenience.

After the first shift has been able to bring myself up. Worse was the case with night shifts. So as not to disturb the owners. Vera served water from the plant who had returned to her husband at the window, Victor tried hard not to rattle, do not stomp, do not splash. Able to host it's bad ... wake up Even more difficult was the birth of first child, Sasha. We had to bathe the boy to wash diapers, keep the heat in the room, cook porridge ... Not enduring a household turmoil, Victor Pavlovich went to the reception to the director. And what he could to help? So with nothing and had to return.

- What's so boring?-Party bureau secretary stopped him plant Viktor boneless. Party secretary Viktor Pavlovich posted as it is.

- Have patience a little, reassured, Beskostnyy.-'s going to build a dormitory-room in it, consider, yours.

Smirnov Viktor P. In terms of the rating really means a building. But how much time will pass before the foundation of the settlement! For sympathy Viktor Pavlovich was grateful, and housing is no longer struck up a conversation.

As time went on. Once Smirnov handed:

- There you looking for the Commandant!

- Why?-Surprised Viktor Pavlovich. And suddenly all of the commandant explained:

- Vlad, he said, holding out


It was an event for him and for

others, more rarely bestowed

life joys. Changer itself


- I have a submenu, and you-and-run, say Faith.

They lingered long into the sparkling freshness of the paint room. Soon the plant and gave them a three-room apartment on the then-unusual for a Sum fifth floor of the house, spacious and bright, where they still live. The plant grew rapidly. Its products are the national economy became more necessary. The first pump factory produced for the Volga-Don canal. Firstborn in the team proud. And it was-only vodoponizitelnoy installation, and then, by today's standards, underpowered.

Factory designers created new units. The first on Whatman paper (and later in the metal) appeared common pump, then a small-feed pump. And then went to a series of large feed pumps. All of the largest power-Bratsk, Krasnoyarsk, Dnieper, Zmievskaya, Novocherkassk, Krivoy Rog, many other units, equipped with the brand of the Sumy plant. For metallurgical, electronic, electronics, food processing industry is made vacuum pumps. In those years when the plant came Viktor Pavlovich, pumps made only a dozen items. Now, this list of a hundred not clean. The volume of production rose more than 20 times. In Sumy is now available pumps, unparalleled in the world. Among them, a unique installation for pumping oil. They are equipped with line "Druzhba" oil pipeline Samotlor-Almetyevsk and others.

Viktor Pavlovich even at the time of his apprenticeship realized that a good turner, must itself be able to adjust the machine, make the necessary markup to polish the item to read blueprints, to sharpen a chisel, make a tool and accessories. Without something of this skill can become a craftsman, but not qualified rastochnikom. And he tried to master each of a set of requirements. Holy Rule had been kept in perfect working place clean. Later, he tirelessly and inspire his students:

- It's not a whim. Sam will be convinced how important it is to organize the workplace.

Viktor Pavlovich tried in the most rational, thoughtful and creative use of machines and tools. While he was an old, rattling all its parts unit, the main effort had to spend on it, to get a flat and smooth surface of the part corresponding to the drawings and standards.

Only after all the time needed to take care, however, the allocated rate it fit, and everything seemed to slowly-rotating boring bars. To reduce unproductive waste of time, he constantly experimented. That will change the angle of the tool sharpening, edge differently positioned or not they will remove the chamfer. Small improvements like, and the result has changed significantly.

Or take another. It is important to change the job (dress, drawings, blank), issued in advance. Then there is the opportunity to think about before starting process, the order of operations, mode, and to reconcile with technology you can change, to prepare the tool frame.

- Some have it all relates to the category of not standing attention to detail - shares his thoughts Smirnov.-Even so. But from the "little things" and formed what is called industrial culture.

In the working process, but if you look closely examine reserves, no end. The pump casing, which is adjusted to rastochniki condition, Circuits, weighing several tons. In one shift, it does not always cope. Well, if you pass mate must be carefully measure how much it made you. Troublesome, do not say it.

- And is it really necessary every shift measurements?-Doubts Viktor Pavlovich. He suggested: - Let's join together in a team, we will work on one together.

Now the brigade organization of labor is generally recognized at the lathe, with time it became obvious to all of its effectiveness. And then the proposal has caused many objections Smirnov. Questions poured in abundance. How to take into account the share of each? How to be a "profitable" and "unprofitable" work? Will not that one will hide behind the other? And others, the answers to which no one has yet prepared. Respond to them was not easy. To stock up arguments, but took time and effort. In Smirnov and his mate Nicholas A. Morozov discharges were identical, and Mishchenko, Nikolai below. So before you become a team, teammates helped Mishchenko catch up with them. Of course, not once did it. But then all the questions as it answers themselves are. Work teams have prospered.

And Viktor Pavlovich again sat down to textbooks. For the first time the family troubles, domestic turmoil forced them to postpone to the side. But not forever. Smirnov received a certificate of graduation from eighth grade and then enrolled in college. - Here again came to the aid of comrades, remember with gratitude Viktor Pavlovich. - Nicholas A. Morozov all the years of study I concede their right to leave the first shift.

When Viktor Pavlovich defended his diploma, offered him a position as manager change. He agreed. And then he began to regret. Of course, the work was interesting and necessary. Only he is every day felt that his vocation and boring affair. And, to convince the head of the department, returned to the machine.

This is so, one single, was the chosen retreat of nearly three decades ago, the specialty.

Rastochnik it is, admittedly, which is not enough. His chest was decorated with "Honor", then the Order of Lenin. But he still remained restless in the search. And studied. In Bobruisk Machine Building Plant saw the boring bars for simultaneous cutting of grooves. From this operation runs several times faster. Returned to Sumy, he immediately began to plead, that in their shop had such equipment. It was difficult to produce. But the gain from the introduction surpassed all expectations.

Victor P. sincerely convinced that he can, is available in the shop all rastochnikam. Naturally, the effort needed to make. Here he is the first assistant. His restlessness, along with the skill and the students passed. More than three dozen guys Smirnov handed his handwriting. So, without exaggeration, it is evident in the work of the shop.

This was facilitated by another factor. Comrades, many times elected Smirnov partgruporgom. It is not an easy job. In the lexicon of partgruporga is not nothing but praise words. It is important, says Viktor Pavlovich, pay attention to the almost proklyunuvshiesya disadvantages. Of course, for them to say someone does not make up your mind, suddenly uncomfortable nevertheless. And to say it is necessary. In order, so he tried to correct. Wait until Comrade breaking anything, and then clean it is a party penalties worse.

Such a conviction Viktor Pavlovich came a long time. Until now, he remembers the meeting, which took place after his visit to the city committee secretary. He was accustomed to respect their elders. And long hung over him unshakable, it would seem, the truth:

older, especially the head, know better. That he suffered before the said factory bosses for a nasty truth. But his friends supported him. A bitter pill benefited.

Among those spoken in the circle of confused words turners Smirnova, and present logical and reasoned his speeches at the sessions (he is a deputy member of the executive committee of the City Council) - an enormous distance. But now, before you take the floor, very worried about Victor Pavlovich. Just not from the conviction that the manager knows best, and working his remarks seemed to be no good. For another reason. "All I weigh?, And again he asks sebya.-After going to talk about the problems of the whole plant ..."

Many times, mentally weighing their arguments Viktor Pavlovich. And acts. Simple, learned from childhood the words "The State is us" for a standard approach to life. Walking along the altered beyond recognition in recent years, the streets of Sumy, Viktor Pavlovich often recalls preserved since time immemorial in the Grand Tradition Bobrik. It explains, in a Ukrainian village where there were Smirnov, Kurasova, Volkov is produvshiysya cards to reimburse the landlord Orel "debt of honor" cruelly shattered families of serfs. A Smirnov, their offspring, full owner of the plant, that this city, across the country.

When the ... steel billet pump casing mounted on the machine, Victor Pavlovich was not myself. For the cast of the factory was undeveloped novelty. Casting has turned crooked, with big cuts. Worried and incompatibility power of the machine-workpiece weight of its load on the passport should not exceed four tons, and will force it to rotate all ten. Overloading of the machine, of course, turn stops. To reduce them, have an electrician on duty constantly. More, perhaps, and take nothing. And Viktor Pavlovich began to work.

During the first shift was to make quite a bit. From the Ministry of the Sabbath rang. The director told me on the phone, as things stand, there was little consolation yet. The day and night work is moved. But it is not the end in sight. The incisors had to change continuously. A machine was shaking from the strain, and Viktor Pavlovich came to the rescue with the aid of Nikolai Andreyevich Morozov almost hands trying to help him recruit hard turns. Any assistance he was ready to give them the director. But now everything depended on rastochnikov. And Victor P. persuaded the director to go home.

The body was ready on Monday morning. And this day, contrary to affirmed belief, from the hard turned into joy. Again, continuous phone calls were heard. But now they have not suffered anxiety issues, and hearty congratulations.

Since then, and began replacing failed the test Siberia pumps. Sumi came to the minister. Konstantin Smirnov Brekhov sought in the workshop, thanked rastochnika virtuoso, described how the oil allowed. And examining the machine, has pledged a new one. Then there was the happiest of days lived by Viktor Pavlovich. He did not have time to thank friends and strangers for the congratulations, but my heart was beating so that seemed about to jump out of my chest, said the country's talent working Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Now Viktor Pavlovich, a new machine. New and objectives. As dreamed-axis at the beginning, his work, very much needed.

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