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Ostanov Vladimir Nikitovich

Brigadier drifters Tajik specialized management-Union Association "Gidrospetsstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Ostanov Vladimir Nikitovich Today, his fishing was unusual. Rather, the unusual. For the first time in a day, everyday he went to the river, forced myself to leave the house and walked away from the city, from meetings with people. Previously, the team forcibly pushed him out of the face.

- Go-Go, Nikitich

- The person you have won already gray.

- Go to the river.

- Sit down with a fishing rod.

- Do not forget to sleep!

- To manage, do not worry. - Said his friends vied with each other. Sometimes he refused to resign. Then they said, "Well, stick one!" And all, "declared the sit-in." Stop treasured team. Respected! And now, perhaps longer? Look, yesterday as the soul of words, he was told. Sometimes even the thought flashed naughty:

Do they say about him? It turns out that he was almost an angel. And wanted to get up and loudly reminded of how someone scolded for what. But he knew that the guys are now more than ever sincere, no one meant it. Simply, he was embarrassed to hear so much about the flattering words. Yes, even weighed invented them a sense of guilt, leaves them. Already a pensioner. Not comforting, and that the designated master teacher. Mind understands, but lodged in the heart of some excitement.

Yes, and not accustomed to all sorts of Vladimir Nikitovich celebration. The presidium sitting on pins and needles though. From journalists besieging his first-Hero of Socialist Labor in Nurek,-waving. Asked to write more about the comrades with whom he was making tunnels in the thickness of the rocks. "After all, the people they say that one is safety in numbers" - sparingly to answer questions ... And then staged a celebration, and everyone is talking about him, but about him. Just moved. Excited. Nothing really could not say in response. Only one "thank you".

- Do not master it in words - smiles of his wife, Nina. It may be said, a biographer Nikitich. Another would be. Both builders. We met and got married on the first of its construction, the construction of small hydropower stations on the river Daryale Caucasian. She tells about the childhood and youth of her husband.

The Nazis forced him, a small little boy, roll barrels of gasoline. And he up and hold. Bullets flew after him, but apparently was born in a shirt, not one has touched. Then his mother hid him in the basement until the return of the Red Army and the liberation of Moldova. His elder brother, Vladimir, Nicholas died a heroic death of Yugoslavia. And the war father put in a coffin. Died of wounds at home.

1950 can be considered as the resumption of electrification. Then constructed a small throughout the station. I remember in my hometown Panjakent put the motor on the irrigation ditch is the energy of this baby in the evenings lit bath, restaurant and tea-house. Then came the mass of hydro farm. They are now abandoned. Served their own, they are no longer needed. Grown energy giant, bold designs which were produced in a time when with a knapsack over his shoulder, a young farmer stop at the call of the Young Communist League and the Komsomol of the native village Rybitsy came to the shore of a wild Daria. And now, he is not heroic build, and in those days and did a "do not stand in the wind, not take away." But that's just it looked like this. He already knew all the responsibility of labor, mother and sister trying to replace his father and older brother. War interrupted his studies and failed to continue, to thousands of workdays per year accrued Vladimir on the farm. But in those years that he received them, could not suffice for the existence of the family. The whole country was the same situation, especially where there was a firestorm of war.

He knew and understood that only the work will bring happiness to the house. For him, the Moldavians, the idea of the whole country, then in his concept of limited boundaries of the farm. At Daryale he realized, discovered, felt that the prosperity, peace, peace be it in the house, apartment, tent, yurt, depends not on where they are located in the south or north, east or west, in the valley, or on steep slopes of the mountains, and general welfare of the whole country. The river of our life absorbs thousands of tributaries. She is so full-flowing, the wider its vivifying flood, the more they beat each tributary springs. The energy of the whole country, folded together, as presented, then the vital task of the young energostroitelyu Vladimir stopped.

Now Vladimir Nikitovich little more than 50 years. Work sinker is not easy, therefore, assign them to retire at this age. If forced to withdraw from the bottom. Almost thirty years paved the tunnel shutdown. A quarter-century, twenty-five of them, was a foreman. Talent leader in it noticed another Daryale Nikolai Yakovlevich Lukhnev.

- Surprisingly there was a man of mind, 'says Nina. - The years were hard, and not enough food, housing, and say no. But here's what it is good, respectful, with no building left. In the warmth of the people answered, Nikolai Yakovlevich honest labor. Ask Nikitich, this is not work-one game, all the mechanisms but mechanisms. And then a shovel and pickaxe, stretchers and wheelbarrows. Volodya was the heavy hand-hammer. So one day Nama evening of hands did not feel it.

- Well, mother, you say this does not work, a game-smiling Vladimir Nikitovich.-Why do not all know how to play this game?

- Clearly, one must be master in their field.

- That's right. Remember Uncle Volodya. "This, my brother, a science, he said - to apply the hammer."

Vladimir D. Stop Shramko taught to overcome the hardness of the rocks. Tirelessly repeated:

"Thinking. Look, look out a weak spot of stone. " Two years later, Uncle Volodya said: "It ended science. Act for yourself. " Since then, Volodya, Jr., as he was called to the building site Daryalyk became Nikitich. By Nikolai Yakovlevich he took over the respect for someone at work. Hence the insistence. Only contempt, indifference can be explained by how people forgive each friend negligence, absenteeism, marriage.

But from Shramko Nikitich learned a simple rule-wise, and comprehend the science of the case, for which the take. After the construction of hydroelectric Daryal was near Alma-Ata, then head on the Vakhsh. And everywhere in the shutdown went and took the advanced workers, as they say, head, and not the muscles. In the sinking of dozens of operations each carry one or another mechanism. All equipment used in the tunnels they thoroughly understood. And in some units of the ideas of designers Stop, verified by long experience. At first glance it seems that the team chosen to Stop some talent. And in fact, is it opens the "spark of God" in any man, to be near them. So now, instead of a team headed by Leonid Ignatieff. Ten years ago, Vladimir Nikitovich took him to her, noticing intelligence guy, his thirst for knowledge. Argue that better education, by example. That's right, but partly. You can spend days to get accustomed to the work of another, to learn some of his techniques. But the mechanical copying is not all. The experience of fellow colleagues, to which are attached and their individual characteristics, this gives rise to a specialist. Blind, the observations can take a long time for this, people might not revealed, but will remain at the level of copycat. Tajiks say that luck is possible if someone swings the cradle of luck.

- Nikitich can do it expertly, 'says party committee secretary of the Tajik spetsupravleniya "Gidrospetsstroy" Shumkov.-I think the team reflected the true essence of his message in his life, and he holds out a copy of the address handed by the breakpoint in the day of his 50th birthday.

Among the many flattering words have the following lines: "... now on your wealth of experience is brought up-coming new generation of front-rank production and veterans." Nikitich likes to remind a Tajik, and wisdom: "The tree grows well in one place." We must find our place in life and decorate it. The correct choice of profession and devotion to her - that's what elevates and brings joy.

And yet he does not stop once just changed myself. At heart, he still felt like a peasant. Love the sky above his head, floating clouds, the smell of plowed land, cut grass.

Ostanov Vladimir Nikitovich Pulled him into the open air. It seemed tunnels compress it as a vise. No, no, "Gidrospetsstroya" it is not gone, just moved to the mechanics. Consoled himself justified, that the construction of hydroelectric head no tunnels. Yes, even his principle, will not leave until the completed work on the subject - such as would justify this change. Even when the work began in Nurek, and many rushed to the place he wanted to go there mentally, but none of that did not express out loud. However, the section chief Podgainy, with whom he built the hydroelectric power station near Alma-Ata, and came together on a business trip here, on the shore Vakhsh, guessed the state of mind Stop. One came up and dropped as if by chance:

- Nurek need sinker.

- When should I go?-Happy Vladimir Nikitovich.

- It would be nice now. But since the winter, and no place to live there.

- The tent there? People are prepared to meet the new 1963. And the family Stop going out. Women, even with baby in her arms, not very susceptible to change places. But then Nina Ivanovna did not have to persuade. Not only because she is a builder. Of all people, but she does have long known what was going on in the soul Nikitich. "With the good wife of the unfortunate Polhora and pleasure-double." January 5th stop in the familiar garb, with battery on one side, light on his helmet, passing the famous Devil's Bridge, hanging over the Vakhsh, hurriedly walked along the left bank. Compressed gorge cliffs, shallowed to the peak of winter, the river here in Pulisanginskom gorge, though reminded that it can be formidable. From a roar, it happens, instinctively pressed against the rock and try not to look into a frenzied dance of the waves and whirlpools.

World practice of hydro did not know like what was planned and started in a crevice of the mountains. Not everyone believed in the possibility of bold ideas. When the international symposia trehsotmetrovoy it comes to the dam, and even in the nine-zone earthquakes, even the well-known experts are skeptical smile:

"Try ..." The chief of construction Semyon Konstantinovich Kalyuzhnyuk've heard for a long time like in the 30s, when he was chief engineer of the legendary Vahshstroya. American engineer Lyudvil Gordon, who was invited as a consultant, having familiarized with the project, said:

- You are big dreamers, you're talented visionaries! But what you have planned on the Vakhsh, excuse me, I think it's feasible.

Thanks Vahshstroyu created the valley, giving to this day produced in the country's third most valuable long-staple cotton. The channel, which entered the annals of the world's irrigation projects, now begins with the head hydroelectric power station, from which came at the Nurek Vladimir Stop. Construction began in the Vakhsh valley swan song seeds Konstantinovich Kalyuzhnyuka. It will take years and years, and everyone who will come to this beach will marvel at the creation of human hands.

Here, as in Kalyuzhnyuka began finest hour Vladimir Nikitovich Stop.

One fact of his biography in Nurek. In the sixteen years of wasted five motorcycles. One official. Four were purchased on their own savings. Machines on the brigadier's worn route. The team is working in four shifts, and a team leader. And for all twenty-four hours of work colleagues in the response. Call at midnight:

- Nikitich, something is not drilled.

- I'm going.

- Nikitich, engine knocks.

- I ran.

And then he wakes up, quietly, so as not to wake his wife and daughter, Tamara, tiptoed into the corridor selected, hastily dressed, and a dream home can hear how zatarahtel and drove off the bike. Never and nowhere not mention that here, they say, at work exploiting their own transport. Tell me, for sure, would give the service, like the first motorcycle. He lives in the thrill of it to work. For him it must be fast and beautiful. It's a pity, then hides the water tunnels, where you can enter and see firsthand the "field of victory" drifters. Other underground structures so enormous that they easily fit five-six-story house. For those who paved the brigade Stop, rushes Vakhsh-people deep in the rock struck him several channels. They are as it were, one above the other. As soon as the ravine in the mountains poured vast sea, all of the above to the crest of the dam raised the level of trehsotmetrovoy water - people cut a new bed for the river. In fact, the Vakhsh is small. Compared with, say, Ob-river. But in his capacity of one kilometer run 12.2 thousand kW. On the Yenisei, the figure is 4.7 thousand. Only tunnels can ride this power. In the interior of the rocks pierced Nurek more than forty-two kilometers of tunnels. Thirty of them are active-that is, to him with incredible speed rushing water. Tunnels are not visible. In the eye catches a dam, powerhouse, a dense forest of wires, and water power going out there in the stone beds, and threw the blade machine produces electrical energy. Nine units of 300,000 kilowatts each, that's what the station has grown on a small, almost imperceptible on the map Vakhsh. Start the machine took place last year ahead of schedule, in October 1979. Burned thousands of lights were set in motion hundreds of different motors in factories, manufacturing facilities have earned on the Java electrochemical and Tajik aluminum plant. The water content of Nurek sea watered new fields and gardens.

Shutdown, as deputy City Council, mandated to monitor bus traffic in Nurek. A route in the recent village that has become crowded city lot. And the surrounding villages drawn into construction. By strict adherence to the timetable depends on the working order, and the mood of the people, and how the city will start and finish their working day. Nikitich and then true to himself. He knows the concerns of almost every bus driver, the state machine entrusted to him. - How could it be otherwise, he says. - After all, before you make a complaint, why the person did not timely brought the car to the line, you should find out what it prevented.

And when shutdown will understand, the reason for the removal is taken with such tenacity with which he breaks through the mountains. Talk to the driver itself, will reach, if necessary, to its head, and then put on the executive committee of the question. Otherwise, he can not, and everywhere he has an attitude. Ostapovsky.

The team of drifters was elected chairman of mentors. We proposed the candidacy of Vladimir Nikitovich. He did not immediately agree. Like, very busy. Indeed, the time it is never enough, even after he retired. Whole day or two, he was not at work, and then again in the frequent slaughter. Yet, after listening to his comrades at the meeting undertook to help the mentors.

They raised a daughter Tamara Nina. My father and mother to her best friends. When she was about to make a mistake in the device personal life, her daughter with surprise and joy, discovered that his father, and in cardiac and irreplaceable family affairs adviser. Now she is Tamara, teaches at the School of Russian language and literature. Her husband, Sergei Savostin an excellent electrician. The family grows a universal favorite Ina. My grandfather doted on his granddaughter. The fate of Vladimir Nikitovich Stop if there was a well-known song, "And you will find glory." Throughout his life he deserved to be the first Hero of Socialist Labor Nurek in a series of subdued Vakhsh.

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