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Demchenko Lydia Avgustinovna

Manufacturer of rods Minsk Tractor Plant named after Lenin, Minsk Tractor Production Association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Demchenko Lydia Avgustinovna His work

Lydia Avgustinovna manufacturer of rods Demchenko, Minsk Tractor Plant.

The name of the specialty Avgustinovny Lydia comes from the word "core". What is the rod? Generally speaking, this is a tough subject, cutting, cementing and unifying some disparate parts into a whole. Lydia Avgustinovna Demchenko manufactures rods. It makes the rods of various sizes and configurations: flat and round, small, about ten grams, and dvadtsatikilogrammovye like fingers (they are called, "fingers") and Aladdin's magic lamp. These whimsical items of women's hands will be an important part of the mold, they form an internal cavity in the casting, through holes, crevices, ledges, that is, make a steel disc specific and precise detail of the tractor. Do their job and die, they will knock out and sent to the trash. Steel, however strong it may be, becomes its own purpose by sand bars Lydia Avgustinovny.

Yes, the rods are made of sand, or rather a mixture of sand, clay and fastened the additives. The technical name of the material-rod mixture in everyday life, forming the earth, or just short-and land. This land comes from the bunkers in the area zemleprigotovitelnogo two storeys high, in the lower part of his bunker in a narrow tube. In the three-hole pipe, through which land is under pressure from its own weight slowly slipping on the table. Beside each hole, surrounding the tube, stand at their desks, three women and make those same rods, without which the steel will not be able to take the required form, does not become a working part. This guild is very similar to the picture the kitchen where the cook mold the dough pies, well, because the three women, and next, the next bunker and three others, something like a large canteen kitchen, with the only difference being that here because noise and thunder of mechanisms to hear one another can only be "in the eye." Let's see this for the technical kitchen.

Lean strong hands Lydia Avgustinovna raked out of the hole fat land, similar to the dough, it imposes a special form of L (forming a box), level, stamps, covers the top of the iron lid (oven drying) and the op!-Deftly turns. Then, gently and quickly tapping on the bottom of the molding box wooden mallet, gently remove the form, releasing molded "pie" - rod. Together with the plate-stand puts him on the overhead conveyor, moving side by side, and the rod went into the oven for roasting:

There he becomes a ruddy, strong, fire resistant, not afraid of the molten steel.

During the shift Lydia Avgustinovna sends to dry from three hundred to six hundred bars (depending on their complexity). Not a single superfluous movement, everything is at hand, again, again, again ... Rod went on the conveyor. Once again, cleverly a studied-time, time, time ... BING!-go. And so six hundred times a day the same hand movements, eye, body is tired arm? Yes, get tired, especially tired at first, your fingers hurt, here, the cushions, she wiggled her fingers, that are stuck to the grains of sand. The loin is sick, if you will not find a comfortable position. She used to put on the table, and one plate on it, bent over, making the rods.

Master Igor Kaminsky fit, advises: "And you, Lida, put more plates to be able to straighten up, full-length work ..."

Have not there that the young sterzhenschitsy Lida, still incapable of finding the correct desk posture, she was gone, vanished into rattling the shop, last time, working shifts that turned into a thousand rosy bars, thousands of red and blue tractors "Belarus" , and now it is the inexperienced, but strong and stubborn, Lida, Lidia grew up in Avgustinovnu, giving the plant its days and years, became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

Do not hurt trained fingers, kneading the ground and lower back ache, because experience has come, the science has come to properly distribute the forces. Six hundred times per shift, the same movement, driven almost to automatism. The hands are used, the body is accustomed to. But whether the soul is accustomed to the monotonous, not an easy task? Do not get bored of the human soul, anxious, as always, for creativity, for diversity, for novelty? I asked myself these questions. Lydia Avgustinovna makes rods for 22 years. '22!

Throughout his life, it is in the shop at this table, this bunker, which is pasted at eye-level fragment of a mirror that at once makes the workplace a truly feminine, despite the dust and din, iron and fire. For 22 years they have changed many times mirror, because the vibrations were falling, and crashed. They say that this is a bad omen. But if its working days and weeks, months and years, not faded from the repetitive, not scattered like sand, but, instead, formed a distinct line running up to the heights of worker skills, then, consequently, no matter what the signs, something that cemented them, sealed in a single entity, called the glorious human life and destiny. Hence, there exists in the life of Lydia Avgustinovny a very strong core. What is it?

Do you think she responded to this question? No, I did not answer. Pondered over it for a long time, sincerely wanting to help me find the "one core", and seeing that is unable to help, confused, blushed. Is it possible, for example, to answer for what you love my mother. We say simply: I love my mother. I love my homeland. Lydia Avgustinovna said: I love your work. Caster, she said, not everyone can be, because the work is not easy. We must be strong-willed person. It is necessary to know why your work. It should be like him from day one.

Work caster she loved even before came to the steel shop. Prior to that she worked in the shop of consumer goods, collected there soldering machines and beds. For six years she ran every free moment in the steel to see how they work. Soldering machines were not to her liking, like serious work.

Thus, long before the transition to sterzhenschitsy she took this work a soul. Maybe that's why from the very first weeks of steadily caught up and surpassed experienced sterzhenschits. But, maybe in some other reason. Go figure it out now. She does not know why it is so fast it turned out! She said:

was very agile. Says, and blushes at the same time. She seems to think she brags. She was deft and clever. Individual plans and standards performed with excellent quality. When she was asked how she achieves this, it does not explain that clearly showed his agility. Hence, the main reason for the success of manual dexterity, the ability to organize themselves in the workplace?

- Yes, she admits, 'but I'm not an over-fulfill the norm, here, look at a report card: almost all the over-fulfillment. Many dexterous hands. The Earth is, the form is, floating pipeline is not lazy, lepi rods. And some mold anyhow. Earth, is, served poor-quality still-mold, if only a little more kick. Once again too lazy to form wet with kerosene, not to pestered land. And the bars are obtained from the shells. And I can not do. I, is that the norm is not fulfilled. I can not work with a bad ground. My heart aches when I see something bad. I'm going to swear to agriculture. Narugayus, upset, mood, no hands are quite different, naughty. Here you have the manual dexterity! No, not in the hands of the matter. His work can be loved, you can achieve great performance in it, but if you do not like the work of others, no you're not working.

The work of others

What did she mean by "foreign labor", "foreign occupation"? As it turned out from the rest of the conversation she had in mind the result of someone else's work: that's it, then this result, we must love and respect. His thesis, it reinforces a daily affair. To cite just one illustrative example.

Productivity and performance sterzhenschitsy one area as a whole, it turns out, the concepts are different. Sometimes manufacturer of rods far exceeded its rule-specific rods, and they, those same rods, it is still not enough. Why not? Yes, because the problem sterzhenschitsy-blind rod and put it on the conveyor. Further it does not apply, the salary she gets hired by the amount of "pie." And what happens to the core then?

Then the conveyor carries it into the rapidly sushilo. Before dried - doors: they open up, letting the rod, then closed, the product is dried-door again opened, releasing him, and slammed shut again. Pipeline, so it moves, then stops in the dried. This hampered the growth of productivity of the site. Casters-zalivschiki idle without work. So what happens? Some of them are idle, and the other mold and mold the new "pie"? Performance for the sake of performance, that's what.

Lydia Avgustinovna devised a clever and simple way. It proposed to establish a rigid door instead of the dried foil shield and reduce the speed of the conveyor. What happens now?

The conveyor moves slowly, but continuously, he opens the door dried tape is moving in the dried, and the rods have time to dry on the go. Rose and. quality, and performance.

Demchenko Lydia Avgustinovna Let us ask ourselves this question: whose productivity has increased as a result of this innovative proposal? Sterzhenschitsy Demchenko, no, it is from the doors to be independent. Dependencies of the foundry, Nedodaev lack of ready rod steel castings, and thus the assembly plant is not producing ready-made tractors in the planned amount, and the farm, tractors loses, and the state nedobirayuschee harvest ...

What kinds of thoughts can come by tracing this chain? To think that depends on sterzhenschitsy whole state? To a certain extent, yes! But in this case, again, and even served manufacturer of rods overfulfilled the established norm. Consequently, not only and not her personal work has allowed to release the required number of tractors of Minsk, as its private participation in the general case, her personal interest in the outcome of labor. Not everyone comes to the simple idea that we are continuing with their work the work of others, in a strange result of adding a personal and a collective will send this "pie" down the pipeline. Becomes ever more mediated our personal contribution to the overall result, which separates us from the narrow specialization and a broad industrial cooperation. Lydia Avgustinovna once confessed that the first two years did not know where and what are its bars, no idea where they stand on the tractor. Do-do, she said, and think: why so many of them, which I try? She went to the foundry, working with its bars, and meticulously questioned: where they are, there are qualitative? Then went to the assembly line and saw a concrete result of his work many times multiplied by the results of other people. Now it has become clear. Her personal gain to the result of someone else's work as it has found the reality of great importance.

Why not come to her, to sterzhenschitse, eemledely and ask where and why they are preparing thousands of tons of mix? .. Indeed, specialization can so alienate the worker from the outcome of labor, all that work for him to lose the social perspective. Ask the seamstress large factories:

she sews? She will say, sew yoke. And her friend sew the bar. Another seamstress sews frill with success. But tell me, why do we need these strips and they flirt? We need a jacket! And not because there are so many shops in awkward dresses and jackets that did not sewing a jacket, and the yoke, frill, the bar? And why are so many bad shoes? Because, perhaps, that the shoemaker, as such ... disappeared, vanished into narrow specialization. Instead, the shoemaker came clicker uppers raskroyschiki, zatyazhchiki, prikreplyalyschiki bottom, dyers ... Disappear, vanish profession and professional honor. A marriage is not without honor done very easily. Lydia Avgustinovny too "narrow" specialty-manufacturer of rods. However, it proudly, even defiantly calls itself the caster and will certainly remind you of this. She took me to to steel furnaces at the site fill in the zemleprigotovitelny section and said here we cook steel, here we are doing the ground ... We are! It showed a new automatic and semiautomatic on his site and say, soon we'll do the rods only machines (by the way, all the machines it has already mastered and successfully working for them). Pointing to the large bundles of wire in the corner, explained, of her doing fittings for bars, hundreds of tons of metal goes.

- But in many bars you can do without reinforcement or lay it smaller, I'm on my own experience proved it. There is also still put a wire, hurl someone translate the work.

She said the pain and anger. This is a pain-creative, constructive anger. I once noticed: this rage these workers are ill.

The old woman, polevod farm "Bolshevik" Minsk region KN Klishevich once told me:

- The tractor I have called the famous Pasha Angelina. I graduated from the course before the war worked on the tractor, it was my mother. When the Nazis came, took me to anger: No, you do not get a tractor! Dismantled it into pieces and buried. And after the war with my tractor MTS started.

Rumbled on the overgrown field of saved post-war collective farm tractor, and somewhere nearby, on the outskirts of the village Yuryevo Minsk region, the women pulled on his plow, and was in that terrible harness young Lida. Not when there arose in her dream to release lots of tractors? It was a dream of the Belarusian people. And when on the outskirts of Minsk, in the red forest, grew Minsk Tractor, Lida came to work there.

The Minsk factory has produced over half a million tractors. Armada steel horses plowing fields, sowing grain. The overall outcome of our work is so huge that some small wire, with which you deal with in their workplace, often seem irrelevant, immaterial. Lydia Avgustinovna Demchenko with all your heart wants to return to the materiality of each wire, each grain of sand forming the earth. With this understanding of materiality, is convinced she really starts working man, whom we call masters of the country.

You look like a mirror ...

On the right hand of Demchenko for molding the table, she carefully fussed with his "pies"-rods. Lydia Avgustinovna no-no and even looked in that direction.

- Tanya, she said to me - a good girl. A good girl must have felt that talking about it. Bummed eyes in the mirror that hung in front of her, smiled at us.

This was another student of Lydia Avgustinovny, she was already working on their own. Demchenko thought it good for the eyes, not for the good faith. The degree of good faith determines Lydia Avgustinovna on its own, quite simple and accurate method. Students had a lot, but most favorite were the ones who are more "bored" with questions: Lydia Avgustinovna, why do you lay the rebar is not on the drawing .. Lydia Avgustinovna, look, I broke the third consecutive bar! .. Lydia Avgustinovna, and will show where your semi-automatic? ..

Anyone who asks more of everything he sees around, the one who came into the shop, surprised and even a little confused by the abundance of the mechanisms of shyness in front of their new responsibilities, he is serious, conscientious, a good judge of what will be. Confusion will be held, duties will be familiar and commonplace, the sooner the better, naturally. But if you will quickly wonder and curiosity, the desire to ask and learn new things, is bad, it means that on a day-laborer indifferent, cleverly learned to give his rule was in the shop anymore. Lydia Avgustinovna convinced that this is very bad, if a student of anything does not ask if he sees nothing around, except the operation, which showed a mentor.

Lydia Avgustinovna never made a specialty of his divinity, and ordinances of the sterzhenschitsy she says, without further ado: nothing complicated, more importantly, know and do to the conscience. To teach a particular specialty is not so difficult, she says, is much more complicated and probably more important to teach a beginner does not lock himself in his profession, to see farther and wider than her. All of its students, it first, of course, teaches the rods do. Teaches while on the skill and knowledge of technology student and the teacher will not be equal. Then Avgustinovna Lydia, as she puts it, "takes the girl by the hand and leads to a committee of Komsomol, the choir, in a circle: Come on, darling, are included in the social life of the plant, according to his ability to choose an activity, for the soul. The plant not only bars do ... "

Once upon a time, a quarter of a century ago, on the same central avenue, where hang the portraits of militants, including a portrait of her, that's also a master in the Komsomol committee led her yesterday village girl who graduated ten classes in conjunction with a heavy peasant labor in the starvation post-war village in the center of Belarus ...

She sees herself in the young student, and sad, of course, whoever does not sad about the last youth! .. He looks at the portraits of the foremost disciple, on the face of his teacher, and who knows, maybe this is a nice mall, and myself, have experienced sterzhenschitsu, respected man in the factory, otherwise why go to the factory and ask to be a student of the famous sterzhenschitse Demchenko, member of the Party Committee of the plant, a member of the Board of mentors, a member of the editorial board of the national magazine "i Rabotischa

syalyanka "? ..

You look like a mirror in the other person and you will see yourself. This is the formula of psychologists.

Lydia once Avgustinovna


- I had a happy day in my life when I was able to write in their sotsobyazatelstvah this point: "It is a competition Komsomol Alehno Tamara."

Tamara, her former student. For three years Alehno caught up with a mentor in labor productivity. Her restless, indifferent nature naturally led her to actively participate in public life, she's a member of the factory Komsomol committee. "Good girl, talked about her Demchenko words of its highest-pohvaly. sick of everything. Will go far. "

What is the meaning of it invested in this expression, "go far"? Of course, this is the way to the top of the working skills. These peaks, I'm sure the teacher, it will reach, because it is strong, laid her head in the rod-creative, enduring the pain for everyone around.

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