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Aliyev Mashadi Ali oglu

Senior engineer of boiler shop 1 Sumgait TPP, Hero of Socialist Labor

Aliyev Mashadi Ali oglu He likes to work the second shift. And not because he likes to sleep late, he always, irrespective of changes, rises at the same time, at six in the morning, but because in those days, no need to hurry: You can easily do household chores, most younger children spend in school and in school, senior employment, tie-fix is needed in the garden, listen to radio news or read a city newspaper. And even then, still thinking about work, just as slowly and thoroughly to get together to go out and take a walk up to the CHP.

The road from his home in Sumgait to the station, though not close, but not so far away: in good weather when the sun bakes mercilessly, it can be overcome in twenty minutes. With fifty-three walks Mashadi Aliyev. Aliyev this road. Since that year, when the CHP a number built on a derelict wasteland homes cottages for his workers and he moved here with her - then still a small-family. They gave him his wife and two sons, a house of two rooms of 26 square meters, and that it was quite enough. Later in this house were born four children. And recently, the eldest son of Ali, married and with Aliyev Mashadi Asimov Khanum gladly accepted into their family-law-Irada. "So tight was in the house, thinking Mashadi Aliyev on his way to work, but because in the cramped, not offended. The more young people in the family, the stronger and deeper than its roots, the calmer and happier parents. " That way every time, walking slowly in the second shift, he thinks about family, about children, about their current life quite well.

Behind came the creak of the brakes, and Aliev stepped back a bit to the side, making way for driving up the truck. The driver, a young boy, leaned out of the cockpit:

- Sit down, Mashadi Aliyevich drop you straight to the shop.

- Thank you, Sabir, go, I'll walk a little.

Aliyev is ... in its 24th quarter. Then pass a field intersected by a high steel masts, electricity, passes through the tram tracks. On the right, a hundred meters from the road, the shore of the Caspian Sea, Licked always frothy and therefore seemingly gray waves of the sea. A left-to-here it is, his own, irreplaceable by anyone or anything CHP number 1, where he worked from May 1941 - so it turns out, for almost forty years. Almost, because he was in his seniority break when his 18-year-old guy, like many of his peers during those war years, the Motherland has given up arms. First Mashadi was lucky-it was born on the shores of the Caspian Sea, enlisted in the Navy and was sent to a part of Tuapse, and then in Sukhumi, where he served as an ordinary seaman's Black Sea Fleet. But soon the whole battalion to replace the naval form on the Red Army, was put on a military ship that took them to Sochi. From this place they are on foot spa systems got to training camp in the woods, and after two months of accelerated classes on fire, drill and tactical training Mashadi Aliyev at the rank of junior sergeant was appointed commander of the infantry squad.

The first fight he had in the Kuban steppes. His memory has not left the details of the battle, just that he remembers well that his soldiers fought bravely against the Nazis, fought off the first and second desperate attack and lasted almost a day before the arrival of reinforcements. Other then was, stormed the enemy occupied our Soviet city, drove the invader back to the West. And bitterness. Losses of expensive military friends and relatives had to endure, and the joy of happy, liberated from the captivity of the people to see. After all these years of front-line of the road and he was a soldier of the Soviet Army, went and met the victory almost at the German border. And was so happy and fortunate that no enemy bullet did not touch him, though he was protected from her steel armor. And it is surprising and incomprehensible, but a fact! This is, apparently, was his soldier's happiness.

Two years after the end of the war came and he was ordered to demobilize. Mashadi quickly began to gather in the road-five years was not in his native place, and now bosom friend, front, Viktor Kalugin from the Gorky region and urged him:

- Come on, Mike, with me in our region. With a good girl will introduce you marry, you will find an interesting job, a number of live and make friends for life here.

And though the friendship was very proud of this Mashadi, he could not then accept this offer: after all, home of man-pulled back to where he was born. Houses sit back Mashadi Aliyev was not going to, and learned that the CHP is needed workers, he went to the personnel department, showed his old work book and said, "Majors I have no. But I do agree to any work. "

He was enlisted in the oil pumping Branch minder. Laborer, in simple terms.

Whether a military service, whether it is an innate trait of his character-for Mashadi in any case there was no small task, details. All that is entrusted to him, he acted diligently, carefully, with love. This line was soon noticed, began to praise the example set by another, even given the award (he was her first bought their civil pants), and a year later deputy head of the boiler plant Malinowski asked him to go riding on the boiler to monitor the water in the boiler drum and nutrient control valves.

- It was heavy work - says Mashadi Aliyev - still no automation, heat the top of a terrible, even away for five seconds, it is impossible: the water can go and break the pot. Well, a month, I stood up without incident at vodosmotre and Malinowski moved me. Dali's work is not easy: follow the valve, which regulate the flow of fuel oil boilers five. From the dashboard vent was a few meters away, and that the correct oil pressure, I had a million times per shift to come and turn a special handle. The operation seems to be not clever, but tedious, and most importantly, requiring great precision and accuracy.

That's how it began. He started with confidence knowing that the job-now his place in life. That confidence helped diligent and industrious Mashadi gradually climbing stairs difficult profession to the knowledge-power of all its subtleties, to the point beyond which work is highly professional art.

In the early 50s in the boiler shop, as well as throughout the CHP began to implement automation. Many of the tedious manual operations began to carry assault rifles. First, no one in these innovations did not believe it was said: "What kind of equipment here, if the person, and so difficult to keep track of the boiler." Automation, however, to quickly showed its usefulness: the states had to reduce the boilermakers, the two boilers was quite a man. Then it became known as the post-boiler plant operator.

New post appeared, but the people-knowing and intelligent, which would be new on the shoulder and forces is not enough: many older workers still with mistrust and apprehension to the machines belonged to the post of drivers did not go. And then the foreman summoned Mashadi Aliyev (it is 1952, but was in the game) and said to him:

- It's time you Mashadi, pozamyslovatey work to master. That is the direction of the course drivers, take it and go and learn. After two months waiting for you at the new workplace.

The courses Mashadi thoroughly studied all the instruments, which was now equipped workshop, boiler inspection commission put it in all disciplines "good" and "excellent" and awarded the qualification of the driver. The next day after graduation he began working in the new position. It has been exactly two years, and on his chest Mashadi Aliyev flashed the first of its civilian awards, the medal "For Labor".

In those years the number 1 Sumgait HPP did not look all so impressive and powerful as it was now. Electricity produced seven units, the performance of them was by today's standards is not great, just 200 tons of steam per hour. With a huge strain on the working people of these units to cope with the demands that are presented with power companies rosshey rapidly the new city of Azerbaijan, Sumgait.

Story number 1 TPP is a history of the city of Sumgait. City, which, if it is counted from the age of onset of the Apsheron Peninsula the first builders of trust "Zakpromstroy", now little more than 35 years. The city came to a completely empty and flat sandy plateau with a slight, as it says in the old gazetteers, sloping towards the Caspian Sea. The first builders, they were three and a half thousand first-republic Komsomol members had to fight not only the shortage of building materials, but also with the forces of nature: heavy wind, the heat unbearable. Sometimes, a strong night wind in the morning is almost completely covered with sand dug pit for a day under the foundation of a house. But people in these regions were stronger than the natural elements: building houses, laid broad and straight streets, parks and gardens, built modern factories, shops Pipe, synthetic rubber and aluminum. Along with these first-born industry has grown and gained Sumgait power cogeneration plant number 1.

In 1941, the day before the war began, the CHP was included second unit, and in ten years (counting the war years) there is already anchored in the sky pipe of seven units! It took another ten years and Sumgait TPP became number 1 in the number of large thermal power plants of Transcaucasia.

Aliyev Mashadi Ali oglu Mashadi Aliyev, the work experience of which the station is close to forty years, starting as riding on the second, third and fourth units, and is now working on them, only now a senior engineer. He was not able to complete any college or university. It is the so-called non-professional specialist of higher qualification. One summer day I, along with Aliyev went to work for him. While looking around in a huge shop, Mashadi Aliyev went to the locker room. A few minutes later came out dressed in overalls working with a plastic protective helmet on his head. The narrow passage passed honking flat, low rumble of the second and third boilers, in the vast womb which produced hundreds of tons of steam needed for power production. It was the firstborn of boilers, kettles, old men, they started with the CHP. They are not as high as those that were built later and look at them compared to those shabby, and a control panel mounted at once, in a narrow hallway, not in a separate room.

Around the instrument panel Mashadi Aliev stopped, looked at the recorder running here and there a feather, put his hand on one of the many black knobs on the dashboard, and a slight movement turned it slightly to the right. Feather recorder immediately responded to this motion, the needle swung a little too right, and the engineer was satisfied with this obedient response traffic automation.

- In our work very much depends on the serviceability of the equipment, he explains to me on the go. - Technology gives us a complex and effective use of it is one of the conditions of competition shifts. Here, look, he led me closer to one of priborov.-See, now, in the car six atmospheres pressure. If something happens and the pressure drop at least half of the atmosphere, the quality of steam soon fall sharply. Well, then, I think everything is clear: we are our customers, large factories, put a bad pair, they release a low-quality, non-conforming products. So we do not work right, it would be in bad faith.

Having said that, Aliyev again glanced at the instrument panel, and then turned abruptly to the very young engineer, on duty on the two boilers, reminded him of the report, which he must file a change of station chief, and said to me:

- Let's go now to the neighbors and see what they have going on there.

"To the neighbors" is meant for other, more advanced units, control panels which are placed in a special room. Lookouts machinists, although it was different, Aliyev does not change, when we appeared stood, welcoming his older colleague. Mashadi Alievich spread with a few words and then looked at the readings. Externally, on the part of the work machinist boiler seems calm and balanced. But the situation in the duty room purely ascetic: remote control boilers, which occupies an entire wall, opposite the control-desk with telephone, two chairs, a wall, "Safety," pots with a twisted Tradescantia. Here, perhaps, that's all.

- The watch is as it should be - explained to me Mashadi Aliyev - because the extra stuff distracting. And we must be constantly alert to instantly evaluate a particular difficult situation.

Yes, the work of engineer-CHP is a daily, constant state of concentration, power of attention. The man standing at the machine control panel, can not resist a moment of danger rush, rush, the more nervous. All his deeds, actions need to be sharpened, assembled, reliable.

While visiting Neringa a few hours with Mashadi Aliyev on duty, buzzing around boilers, I saw what my eyes are strained cautious driver when suddenly stirs some hands on one of the many instruments. Within minutes, no seconds!-Driver should analyze the situation, remember the past similar situations, and instantly make a decision that should be the only right one. Here to help not only the knowledge and exposure, but above all experience.

Experience Aliyev ... About him all the most frequently mentioned, with whom I meet on the CHP. Head of the boiler shop Kamil Idris, who, like most district heating utility workers came after the institute was immediately raised is he, a graduate!-On training of a Mashadi Aliyev, so remember your first days of operation:

- In hard times, he always found himself side by side, not only fills in the shoulder, and the entire back. Once one of the night shift suddenly began to howl siren. During practice, we institute such a situation, of course, not just "lost", and here I stand, and I do not know where to go, what to catch and whom to call for help. Well, Aliyev was near, yells to me: "Turn the nozzle-to-water goes!" While I understood what was happening, he himself and his time off and my boiler, so that the accident did not happen. Then, when I came to, ask a mentor: "Mashadi Aliyev, often it happens?" He seriously looked at me, implying that the blame for something in this situation myself, and said: "Sometimes, but rarely. But it may never be, if you will carefully and without the hassle of installing the monitor. " Since then, I realized that this experience in our work and what it means to be master of his craft.

Every working day Mashadi Aliyev, his thoughts are busy with and what you need in the shop to change, improve. And no wonder, therefore, that all of its rationalization proposals, and they had thirty!-Dictated not only of the passion for invention, but rather his character traits such as thrift and frugality.

In the boiler shop, most of the 12 units are working on gas and fuel oil. What is burned in the boiler has not come back, but that gets into the surplus is returned to the numerous pipes into the tanks store. The layout of the pipes in the shop complex, and an old-order right from the start of the CHP one of its improvement is not engaged. Pipes of different boilers, weaving dozens of times and twisting like a snake, stretching around the shop. Yes, even a few on each valve. Have someone on the inexperience or negligence to open the wrong valve, fuel oil and will rush onto the floor, it will flood all around: the loss of earn more and work for people in a filthy room unpleasant.

Mashadi Aliyev has repeatedly thought about how to make this whole system of pipes easier, safer. "And what if each pipe right at the boiler connected to the main pipe, which lay at a certain height - came once mysl.-Because then it will be possible to make the gate, and were in the same place." A few evenings at home kept going versions, drew dozens of diagrams in a notebook the son of Genghis, and in the morning, once replaced, shared his idea with Camille Idrissov.

- What seems to be a good idea - supported by his former mentor and boss tseha., easy, and convenient, and not, I think, dear oboydetsya.-I immediately asked his deputies Hasanov and Shirinov, they are, incidentally, also, coming to college after the TEC, six were trained under the watchful eye and a good

Aliyev help Mashadi Alievich issue is a BREEZE efficiency suggestion.

When the idea of the older driver was a real embodiment, all saw how easy it is to service the black oil line, a clean and tidy was in the shop. Let it not be calculated in millions of rubles of production gains from this one sentence. But a little-one, a little-from the other, and has been a solid reserve was put in the work, increased productivity, saved hundreds of tons of fuel, rhythmically began to work shifts. And this is great!

Power-largest consumer of fuel resources. Thermal power stations of the USSR produces about 80 percent of electricity consumed at the same time more than 40 percent of the country's fuel. Hence it is clear how important it is prudent spending. I do not know a lot or a little across the state, but only a change of Mashadi Aliyev for the ninth five-year saved around 1,000 tonnes of fuel. Emphasize that a change in one-high-power heating plant of the country!

This brings to mind the words of LI Brezhnev said at the rally the team of Moscow Likhachev Automobile:

"Modern production requires that every employee clearly understands his place in the labor process, he knew what he was doing and why, that depends on him, he felt that his work-a necessary part of the overall work.

If this consciousness is, then there is real interest, then the work is fun, while difficult work. "

These words can be entirely attributed to Mashadi Aliyev. Ninth Five-Year Plan, he completed his shift, achieving high technical and economic indicators: electricity production plan was fulfilled by 103 percent (the percentage of energy is one of hundreds of thousands of kilowatt-hours), and saved, as already mentioned, about 1,000 tons of fuel. And the score achieved was high: Mashadi Aliyev became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

He has always been principled, balanced, soft and sympathetic person. If you need someone at the meeting to criticize, correct, Mashadi Aliyev does it favorably and tactfully, without notok arrogant in his voice, with a sincere respect for human dignity. And because he is a team CHP most authoritative and respected man. For many years the Communists elected him a member of the party bureau shops and stations, the third member of the on-the convening of the City Council of People's Deputies.

Boiler shop technician Hope Bogdanov thirteen years working for the CHP. When I asked her to tell us something about Aliyev, her face lit up instantly:

- You know, when he received the title of Hero, great change ... Only the best. Became even more attentive to people, kinder and more sympathetic. I have an old mother and son is a student, so Mashadi Alievich never pass by, not to ask: "How my mother? As a son? "I saw something that my son warts on the hands went the next day, brought me from his suburban area of garlic: in, said his son into three arms, and let it be. Or again, know that we all love in the family is stuffed dolma in Azeri - and after each weekend brings me to grape leaves, we do not give, and market them only to find him early in the morning. All that his house is, he will share with others. And Nadia, saying it is buried again in his drawings.

- So, you are always with him all is well ...

- That I told you about our non-business relationship. But you should have seen how it is when the work notices something wrong. And the eyes are always just say, may speak at the meeting abruptly. For him, discipline is everything.

Today on the Sumgayit CHPP implementation of the activities under way that will allow older units operate in the most efficient mode, the system is improved control and safety, are being sought, and are driven by new economic reserves. And where and what to work on the station were not always Hero of Socialist Labor senior engineer Mashadi Aliyev in the most important

site helps engineers, installers. In all seven boilers, which have mounted in recent years, starting Mashadi Aliyev was a machinist. Start a new boiler, a crucial moment in the heating plant, and the task-start driver correctly put "diagnosis" to reveal all the imperfections, all the roughness and the "vagaries" of the new unit, so that later on it was working reliably and safely.

The fate of an ordinary Aliyev. During his forty-year working life, he did the most "simple-series of" work.

He lives as honestly as work, and therefore happy. He and his wife Asimov Khanum silver wedding had long since left behind, and front-happy time when one after another, the older children go to the people on their feet firmly become, and the younger, growing up, did not allow his father to the mother of premature aging.

- I am happy with my children, because they all, to my happiness, love to work, do not fear anyone, very hard work, says proudly Aliev.-The main thing is that everyone has chosen the work that he liked, and remained be faithful to her until his death.

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