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Vladimir Yarygin

Turner Simple Machines Heavy Machinery Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Vladimir Yarygin Here is a man who has everything in life has always worked. That envy can not help. It seems that luck is in their blood, and even broader shoulders, even his gait more confident than others. Although, if you look closely, it is certainly not the case. You can see a boy, a graduate GPTU as saying: "He-hero. He was simply, "but if the boy himself would one day become a Hero, Hero of Socialist Labor, as Vladimir Yarygin, they realize that the way to the recognition of the least similar to the self-propelled track, like an escalator in the underground, set foot on it and a cation up. Talk about luck. Fourteen-year boy comes to a trade school. He knows nothing about the profession of a turner, and therefore can not love her or dislike. If he was asked to go to a group of steelworkers future, such as Vasya Postnikov, then it would go. But he said: "At the turner." His father died in the war. The mother of four. Not to choose. They feed, clothe, teach-try! And he tries. Two years later, it is assigned a working level, a fourth, higher than other graduates, but six months later he was already working on the fifth. The first goes to pay the entire gift to the mother and sister gifts. At sixteen, he was an adult-...

We talked for almost three decades later. No, not Yarygin away from the issues, but he said it was too smooth it all worked. In Elektrostal he appeared to be incomplete with six classes, working, finished first seven years, then odinnadtsatiletku, then college. He now has the highest qualifications in the shop. When the factory set up the title of "Master golden hands", he was awarded the first Yarygin. He participated in seven contests for the best in the profession, from the factory to the all-union. And seven times won.

- I studied always easy, says on.-It is interesting to me was to learn. And the lack of time: at work and to school, and the Komsomol affairs, and entertainment-all. It is now his often lacking. And then what? Youth! .. Get the same school. After all, he did not need a diploma to be. And not for the post. I - turner. Karuselschik. And its really want to know everything. It is also a work. You know what you think a novice, standing at the machine? "Just would not screw up the item, hold the tolerances." This is hard. Our case-iron contraption. I give a piece. My task is to turn it into a piece. How to do it, the subtleties of technology can not provide for the simple reason that the practical secrets of cutting metal, I know better than they are. If you want a real working acumen lies in the fact, to choose the easiest and shortest way to accomplish a specific task ... But the easiest answer to the question-about luck, about why he was lucky in life, Yarygin was not given. Able? Skilful? He who knows? But a lot of skillful. But one skill to become a hero, a little ...

Go to the factory Machines Heavy Machinery Plant. In plants, like humans, their fate, and sometimes complex. The equipment was delivered in Elektrostal circuitous route from Kramatorsk in 1942 and after a few months already begun to act. Guns and tanks are not made, collected mining machine. They were needed as well as weapons. Soon after the victory of the plant was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Yarygin came into the shop (also called the studio) at the time when the company mastered the oil film bearings, - roughly speaking, the two moving surfaces, one inside the other, separated by very thin oil film. They are necessary for tube mills. The case was entirely new, for outside help can not count. And yet this production in the socialist countries do not.

Deliveries from here are going to 28 countries and 350 cities in the Soviet Union. Tube mills, designed and constructed in Elektrostal, nothing inferior to units manufactured for / abroad, and sometimes surpass them. When a sharp turn "cold war" West German firms were denied to us in the delivery pipe, in Chelyabinsk in record time was put into the camp, "1020." It's built in Elektrostal. Today, the factory production guard 130 patents and 850 patents. Now the Soviet technology often are looking at how to sample. For example, recently began operating in Dneprodzerzhinsk mill "250" for the production of railway axles by rolling. Throughout the world, yet forging axis. Yielding to the new as they require at the same time, much more metal.

From the foregoing it is clear that since the early fifties look of the plant had changed completely. And since Yarygin, in fact, grown up with EZTM, you can add that he did not depart from the plant. The modern Soviet factory. Modern Soviet worker. But there is some very important fact. The fact that Vladimir Mikhailovich more than a quarter century behind the one-machine carousel. Changing profile of the company, the technology is complicated, increases the intensity of the production programs, and saw all the turns, to keep up with changes. That is, keep up, of course, Yarygin, selecting possible machine to the limit.

The first order, "Sign of Honor", Vladimir Mikhailovich was awarded for a significant over-fulfillment of the seven-year assignments. Soon after the Alma-Ata was carried out competition for the best karuselschikov ministry. Competition is competition. Quest, of course, was beyond the customary norms. Required to handle complex parts for seventy-five minutes. Preceded Yarygina operation performed for an hour, and the jury looked at each other approvingly. By Vladimir machine came, and immediately heard the questions:

- What do you do measurements?

- Take on the indicator with a magnetic fastening.

- And no one here has never used.

- In vain! Access thing. Operates light to quickly and accurately ...

At the competition in Alma-Ata, he performed work for forty-three minutes. In the workshop, every day, is perhaps impossible. And it's not necessary. The competition requires the best limit loads not only at the Olympics. But personally, he closed the five-year period more than doubled, for which he was awarded the Order of Lenin.

As he himself said, special secrets he does not. I think it's not entirely true. There is. And it was special. For the past twenty years, for example, he used to work on their own babbitt chisel sharpening. The tool not once had to overlay. In the iron cupboard near the machine cutters a few hundred. But I asked to see one of the old sharpening. He is, without interrupting the conversation, without turning to the shelves, reached out and pulled the tool correctly. Access thing? Yes, of course. As the same light. It should, however, to know where to reach out ...

On the next, five-year period is worth special mention. Average annual rate clock generation grew up with Yarygina so. 1971-221 percent. 1972-R-247. 1973rd-266. 1974-R-276, 1975-R-302. Three hundred and two percent annual rate!

In the current Five-Year Plan requirements become even steeper. Q: Who makes them? Answer: to a great extent he Yarygin, and presents. Until recently, Vladimir led the public office valuations. Marginal rate, he established himself.

- Actually, 'said Yarygin - the limits of skill there. And can not be. Because otherwise it will freeze. But every time I walk by made it increasingly difficult ...

Together with Yarygin lathe work on the Yuri Podrezov and Stanislav Egorov. Comrades reliable. When someone goes on vacation or gone to Vladimir Mikhailovich plant community concerns, the two are working for three.

Experts Egorov and Podrezov cool, the fifth digit. And Yarygina sixth. High. In fact, encouraging. Each machine operators in accordance with the qualifications and the results set a certain factor, the factor of production order. In Yarygina it is the highest-"deuce." The situation is paradoxical. If, say, Yarygin do the job at 199 percent, in the production of real products far ahead of the less experienced colleagues (blocked, however, is a factor), and even bypass much rather sophisticated successors, in general, competition will still lose, will not receive bonuses. If he gives the production of more than 200 percent, then further increase the multiplier, respectively ...

The first to be difficult. Especially if you do not put up with his favors. A member of the executive committee of the City Council Yarygin about two months of the year, fall and spring, is busy in the military. There is a call to the Soviet Army. Everything that concerns the army, defense, youth, Yarygin extremely attentive. But two months is two months. They have to catch up. About any adjustments to the job-"average percentage", of course, there can be no question. We need to do their part, not the ceremonial reports.

- It would run five-year plan in four years! Do not go. Hours is not enough. But Lenin's anniversary will. I will do! ..

When the party committee were talking about that like Yarygin, and keeps the production, I was asked to point out the main feature of VM. I replied: "Of course, party." In this case, I think it is not just a reminder that the Communist Vladimir. The party organization at the factory big-nearly two thousand Communists. And not even just that on his site, he partgruporg, and the EZTM member of the Party Committee, although this is essential. Partisanship, when it concerns Yarygina, means a special relationship to work, to people, to life ...

One day we walked around the city, and he suggested:

- Let us look to her sister. It has long been. And then on the way ...

Vladimir Yarygin We went. My sister and lit up with joy, the other sister on the telephone rings: "Volodya here." And then came the three of them. Only a brother there, a senior, he changed at the same EZTM. Sisters sit, look kindly on the words and reproach: "And always you so unexpectedly. Although a warning or something. At most, the home phone no, do not call. And this, incidentally, not right, that there is no phone. How so? Still a member of the executive committee ... "Vladimir joked while, but after I said:

- What a and the true waste of time with this phone. In fact, because no connection is bad. I suggest: we let you "vozdushku" hold out. But how can you? It turns out I'm the one with the phone, and all others-on a long queue. No good! It should be the entire area telephone communication. A separate line is no good for me ...

We walk through the plant, from shop to shop. Around the mountain of metal. In castings, billets, and details. Separately and assembled. No wonder a novice to get lost, confused, but here Yarygin feels like a fish in water.

Yarygin traveled a lot. Vietnam, Italy, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Saudi Arabia ... But the real world here. It smells like iron and oil.

- Come, introduce you to Dyachenko, says he Yarygin.-plant first received the title of Hero. Rastochnik. Master. Dyachenko, dry, lean, wiry, ironically asks, nodding in my direction:

- I suppose in karuselschiki


The interest is understandable. Machinists in the

the plant is not enough. Needless to


- What is it?-Picks Yarygin. - Maybe otobesh, persuade him to rastochniki? You take an apprentice? A?

- An assistant, perhaps, will not go.

- Why?

- So it's about three years, no less. The work, then we have what? Not in the series. Every detail in osobinku, every day something new. While the settle ...

- And if the earnings to date?

- Until now, five years ... During the half-joking conversation, a serious problem. How to attract workers, especially the young, to the plant? How to keep it in the shop? Developments there. Since the beginning of five-shift coefficient of equipment (in other words, the use of machines) has increased twenty per cent, while the night shift in the shops yet pustovato.

- A lot of housing built in recent years, that's easier - explains Yarygin.

- And for you to address housing issues?

- Well, of course. I am sixty-eight years in City Hall.

- Do you have students?

- Yes. I know, the teachers were good. Andrunas. Malyutin. Alekseev. Agafonov. Until now thankful to them. Teach and how to give the debt. That Glory Rozhkov. Well went to work ...

- What do you think it is more difficult to start than you? Still, demand has increased. Or easier?

- I think it is easier. I'm with some luggage here? Six classes. For secondary education over the years sought. And he, of the ten-year. And once, in college. Of course, each generation has its own concerns, but I think today is easier to start young ...

Evening. Picturesque quiet as theatrical scenery, falling in large flakes of snow. The trees in the thick frost. Yarygin returned to the city council session. His mood is good. In the hard-working, always busy people in general, as you can see, an optimistic attitude toward the world.

- I love winter!, Suddenly exclaims on.-But to a real winter! And the snow and frost, as polagaetsya.-I laughed and added:-I also love the summer ...

This was the last session of the next legislature, and has been appointed the new election period, and he Yarygin, was re-nominated to the Board. We walked around the city, and he then

business greeting passers-by, so that no explanation was clear why time and time again he was elected deputy. Elected because they know that.

In the center of the city stayed near the illuminated circular pavilion, near the portraits of people who are proud of Elektrostal. Heroes of the Soviet Union. Heroes of Socialist Labor. Countrymen. Here Basil Postnikov. Steelworker. The same Bob Postnikov, with whom he studied in the craft. That Vyacheslav Zudov. Astronaut. And here is our acquaintance. A person with good luck in your blood. Vladimir Yarygin ...

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