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Stetsenko Nikolai

Tunneler the Karl Marx mine production association "Ordzhonikidzeugol" Hero of Socialist Labor

Stetsenko Nikolai Already in the third brigade changed haul drift. But only from this generation, consider, not progressed. Cool layers now and then showed a sharp temper. Double-emissions occurred. Geological succession of violations were. In the confrontation with the underground elements was fit to drop and hands. But is this the way out? Way to coal somehow have to run.

- Let him try Stetsenko - insisted foreman George S. Rukhadze.

- Is he-walks?-Ironically asked to repeat the chief engineer of the mine Vadim Fedorovich Chegrinets and harvested Georges Sergeyevich arguments no longer seemed irrefutable: the team is required Stetsenko paved highway underground mine.

With varying frequency of the dialogue was repeated. Finally Vadim Fedorovich agreed:

- Let the ...

Chegrinets rejected the proposal area commander only by virtue of a business need. He, like George S., knew perfectly well: the Stetsenko should have. Both work with him two decades. Visited during this time-bound, and sinker, and pohlesche present. A still Nikolay Stetsenko and his team always tamed recalcitrant bowels. How is it managed?

Gout is not one word answer. And in general, difficult to talk about it. At least the local reservoirs and steep temper, right, and the miners are not newcomers get accustomed to it ugleruby quite a while. Back in 1858 on the spot where now the Karl Marx mine, took the fuel for the very first blast furnace in the Donets Basin, which is smelted iron in the coal. Over the age of a little over a lot of people have called in bright and faces.

Initially timid tongue of flame lamp "God help you!"-These words adorned the cast-iron lamp, which, having filled hemp oil, carried with him into the mine-uglerub not hurt, it highlights the many mysteries in the pitch dark faces. Yet what puzzles Khoi-gloomy dungeons to solve. It is clear, for example, was that accumulates in the galleries deadly gas. Just be thrust into such a trap uglerub with his "God help you!" - Go for a walk sizzling vortex to develop. Then no end of grief: who got in hard jet-prepared for a road to the cemetery. To avoid shattering explosions, thought up front to send gazozhoga. Donned a volunteer in a desperate coat turned inside out sheepskin jacket, head rags obvernet, water and even oboletsya crawling on all mining nooks, waving in front of a burning torch. Lucky, on-mountain climbs, no-burn alive.

And other tricks subsurface notice it clever folk. For the uninitiated unknown persons experienced signs cullers determined when the roof collapses, and the layer of charcoal spit. On the other mines occurred sages, like seeing through the earth's firmament, lies a reservoir. He will say this:

- After so many fathoms of coal will go ...

Lo and behold, just missing a layer. Also predicted: whether you want to look for him to come or not worth spending power. Chertoznayami such name.

Coal has long been taken for science. It is precisely defined what a way to work out bed. Has created a clever devices responsive to the slightest change in the mine atmosphere: only it will shift the verge of what is permitted, it sounds an alarm signal is automatically switched off mine mechanisms. All the technology seems to be verified, and only the unexpected happens. Not without reason called the art of mining. And in art, it is known, following the only one open-laws, a new word to say. Ceaseless search for living it. And yet, intuition, instinct, was to be.

Hence, in the mining industry with a flair not lose the account. Vadim Fedorovich Chegrinets found another miner at the mine, which is not every day, agreed to cut the coal. Come, happened, to the lava, listen, sniffed, and will not climb the ledge.

- Today, cut off, cut-impossible.

The next day, either will work, or to repeat yesterday's program is unknown. And listen to his recommendations had: a case where the guys are laughing at oddities "grandfather" went on the ledges, hammers knocking on the seam. Laughter turned to tears: washed up on the day bed.

Oh, and by Stetsenko, what does all this have? He is also a scent that takes?

- Nikolai-miner of the new formation, 'answered the question-Chegrinets. His secondary education and twenty five years experience. He came to us when coal is cut to a depth of dvuhsotmetrovoy. Now rock faces dropped to half a kilometer below. And Nikolai Ivanovich paved the way for coal. Because he reads the book without stumbling stone. Sandstone, gneiss, marl, quartz, limestone and even a hundred layers and layers of the mine field correctly divides into friends and enemies. This and flair.

Comprehend the wisdom of Nicholas began mining quite into adulthood. When I first saw the truck crawling on the waste heaps, I thought:

"For coal went ..." Well at least not out loud guess stated, these lapses are not only a momentary laughter, but also to remember forever. And the merry miner brothers always reminds her goof at the most inopportune moment. Well, from the peasant's son to know where you are coming to mine. He grew up in the beautiful village of Kursk Kondratevke. The family they had a big, three brothers, two sisters and friendly. Nicholas himself did not feel pampered and lived quite happily and cheerfully. He knew that, and then just go. The roads are all open to him. Want to go to the farm, as my father and mother. Their work is commendable incomes are increasingly impacted in the house. You go into the city, or a brother Basil. My brother once sent a picture from Moscow, is sitting in the uniform cap, shirt lapels on the letters "RU". Beautifully. So try and choose what is best.

However, before selecting a lot of time left: Nicholas only second class graduated. A month later, and his childhood was over. All the familiar suddenly turned the war. Father went to the front. Basil went on a long Chelyabinsk build tanks. Roller was rolled fascist hordes. And the long months of occupation left a bitter memory of Nicholas et seq.

But then a crushing blow to the Soviet forces in the Kursk Bulge. It's liberation. Life was hungry and cold. But the light of hope ahead of joyful change. My father fought in the far West. "Probably go to the last fight," - wrote the soldiers home. And five days later joined another soldier Kondratevku triangle. And my mother was sorting through her tears a stranger's handwriting: "Ivan Stetsenko Afanasievich died in my arms from a severe wound received in battle on the Oder, May 1, 1945. Stay alive and provide details ... "The victory was near. Yes, apparently, do not wait for its militant sister of Ivan Afanasievich: last-minute details about the life of his father children Stetsenko and have not waited. Two weeks later, came funerals, confirmed the sad news.

So thirteen Nicholas tightly learned why the victory celebration, with tears in his eyes. She brought peace on earth, and silence. Serious loss of excessive weight fell on the shoulders of old and small. But life went on, was taking its toll. On the way from Chelyabinsk stopped in Kondratevku Basil and immediately went to the Donbas - the country needed more fuel was required. Interspersed with the work of Nicholas ran to the school. He graduated from the seven classes. The dream of continuing their studies had until then push to one side. Oh very much to do waiting for the farm.

Youth in. It played an important role. And the tone in all your endeavors asked members of the Komsomol. Nicholas has long dreamed of the time deserve the right to be in their ranks. And when the guys voted unanimously to receive as a member of the Komsomol Stetsenko, happier, it was not the person.

Kondratevka quickly made up for the economic damage caused by the Nazis. Farmers began to think about the future. The first was the need to irrigate: water-will be, and yields, and thus the animal will receive a solid food base. Needed reservoirs, canals, highways, pipes, and most of all professionals. Mykola Stetsenko sent to training courses. He returned to the farm instructor irrigation. To start instructed him to build a dam. Technique still remained feeble. We had to rely mainly on horses yes shovel. However, the instructor and his team managed to do a lot. Now Kondratevke four huge pond on the banks of the spread of beautiful gardens. Coming to leave Nikolai admires them with a special sense: the creation of a sort of beauty is embedded and its work. And then he was to leave the dam, unfinished. It's time to go into the army to serve. He graduated from the school of artillery regiment and took command of the department. Then Nikolai Ivanovich was appointed foreman of a company. There emerged the quality-the ability to manage a large team and at the same time take care of every soldier, the desire for clarity, order, and dozens of others - who were then very useful and a miner's life.

Stetsenko Nikolai Days of service, at first so long, in the last year though it were a magic-speed steel to flash with kaleidoscopic rapidity. Had to choose it for life. What is to stop? In the famous walk-through plants Nicholas saw boards with the same "Wanted ...". The list of occupations was read as the contents of entertaining stories, when you want to look first at the middle or even at the end.

And from the Donbas had sent letters to Basil. From a business thoroughness, he praised the work at the mine life and times in an unknown Yenakiyevo.

Letters from his brother miners work highlights the relief than the factory line ads. Maybe it's because demobilized sergeant and decided to write a travel document in the Donbass.

The fewer miles remained to the end station, the less leave his post at the carriage window, Nicholas. Do not wait to hurry him to make the right choice. Immediately at the line that stretches from Horlivka, Nicholas saw a large building with the inscription on the pediment: "Mine is the name of Karl Marx."

"The one where his brother works" - said to himself.

She liked him immediately. However, when Basil as a tour guide took him to the surface areas, the impression has changed. Compressor cleanliness and dimensional high-performance machines like the rustle. Trunks, taking in his black muzzle stand with people, trolleys and various parts and materials, caused a desire to hurry to know what down there. A sort-not looked dirty and dusty it. And it was necessary to send young Stetsenko personnel officer is to sort. The work of an electrician would be interesting, there are plenty of mechanisms, but first impressions are not allowed to put up with neoblyubovannym business. In addition, Nicholas has convinced himself

- If we become a miner, so should be closer to the coal ... At that time, deepened the trunk. Work no light, no money was not considered. And Nicholas begged however, the uglubku missed. Head loading endlessly explained that the problem and they are responsible, and ended up the same reminder:

- Discipline must be respected, young man!

At this point there was nothing to object: a warrior discipline yesterday more than respected. In the army he learned to obey it without much effort on them. The mine is a capacious concept Nicholas opened another facet. At every step he had heard:

- The country needs coal. We give more fuel!

And the miners were given. Blocked the norm, and if required, to work and on weekends. Do not fear to be punished, but on the high consciousness of responsibility for the warmth and light in homes for the smooth operation of mills and factories.

Over time, Nicholas realized how deep the roots of consciousness. Coal is needed by the people. Another thundering battles of the Civil War, and the miners began to ramp up production. In the face often had to go on an empty stomach, and duds are not all saved from the dank autumn, much less from the cold, but free labor otdarival unthinkable before records. Especially when different miner Joseph Danilovich Nilov. Day job, he overlapped in three or four times. The museum saw Nicholas Enakievo newspaper "The Way of the Soviets" for October 25, 1920. It said: "More Nilov, and then no Wrangel we will not be afraid, because the victory on the labor front would entail, of course, a victory at the outer

the front. "

And Nilov really becoming more and more. Performance miners constantly growing. In April, it exceeded the prewar level. This became known to Lenin. Soon Enakievo miners received from Lenin letter:

"Comrades miners Petrovsky bush.

Tov. Mezhlauk gave me the great success of your work for the month of April 1921: the miner from 294 pounds at 291 pood in 1914. I send greetings to fellow miners rare great success and the best greetings. In this work we will overcome all difficulties and the Donbass and Krivoi Rog elektrifitsiruem district, and that's it. With communist greetings, V. Ulyanov (Lenin). " Dear relic was for us enakievtsev leader. Ugleruby in a different light they saw the significance of his work for the Soviet Union. This led to a desire to tackle the toughest problems. At the Karl Marx mine before others have mastered the hammer. Izotovsky and Stakhanovite work methods used, as soon as they become known. Immediately gave a start in life to one of the first combines for steep excavation layers, for which the engineer Mikhail Kuzmich Halimoshkinu was awarded the State Prize. Here are the facts with which the miners Chronicle ran Stetsenko. Pondering them, he clearly felt, and its lofty mission of the Soviet miners.

So the discipline of Nicholas began to respect even more. But only the desire to be closer to the coal did not pass. And perseverance in the end took its toll, he was transferred to a preparatory timberers site. Stetsenko quickly mastered the specific profession.

- Next was an experienced miner, Mikhail I. Bojko, 'he explains the reason for his "speed" mastering the skill. Bozhko me, they say, chew. Well, I had a desire to learn.

Timber-man-this is closer to the coal. However, only closer. And Nicholas would pave the way for him to miners. His desire to have noticed, comrades.

- Come to us, invited him to Brigadier Ivan Shepitko drifters. The team restored the necessary development of the mine after a contoured fields of coal seams are removed. So she was called:

"Brigade of the rubble." Well, and this is another step closer to coal. And Nicholas accepted the invitation. However, it is not long delayed. A team of Yuri Kozina paved drift to a very complex reservoir "zolotarka." Stetsenko Kozina persuaded to take it to your team.

Then there was another last-move-on service. Yury Kozin recommended Nikolai Ivanovich Stetsenko to brigadier. Since then, that's a half-dozen years in his employment record, where a change of jobs is fixed, no more records. Only it is not to say that Nikolai and stopped growing. Tens of kilometers of the earth's firmament, he cut his hand strength and knowledge. In search of unselected layers miners during that time plunged more than five hundred meters. The subsoil is behaving quite differently. This means that each new step required knowledge, understanding and ... justified risk.

For knowledge had to go to school. After such a long break, which occurred in studies with Nikolai Ivanovich, mathematics and physics, and any other subject did not come easy. Persistence, help teachers, his wife (Tamara Nikolaevna secondary education) have helped to overcome the granite of science. The ability to comprehend Nikolai noticed for a long time. In mining practice, it became more deeply and more clearly than most the sum of the facts he could handle. The number of them depended on the knowledge and experience. In this and in the other direction went to a rapid accumulation. Because solutions foreman, as a rule, got to a point.

Well, the risk of ... Elements of it is in almost every case. Be confident - you will get! - It is possible only when taken as many times performed by (and easy) job. But the sinker step by step, lift the veil unknown. Even the staff of the situation, as they call astronauts adjusted multiple training activities, the drifters are complex. To face moved a meter, you need to do more than four dozen operations. Each of them must be agreed in time with the actions of partners. It is one thing. Second, occasional surprises at every turn.

"Gone" from, say, a plane making a coal seam. It remains a miner before ringing the iron fortress sploshnyakom. Slowly drill bites into his undisclosed depth. Is a miner knows: he will overtake today extinct or reservoir will once again be faced with the same gray, indistinct in the divorce, a stone? And if not unknown, and retreat to the weekly efforts? What, then, to withdraw or persist? Because you risk not only time teams, but the whole plan of mine.

The risk in such cases justified by operational necessity. But never taken Nikolai Ivanovich decision not to cast doubt on the fact that life will be working in complete safety. The chief engineer of the mine Chegrinets is its quality, caring about people, especially noted. And the director Vasily Mikhailovich Shmaraev, summarizing brigadier dignity Stetsenko, expressed long-entrenched dream-wish:

- Were all the foremen used with ... Complicated the matter, to become the leader of this team, as Nikolai Ivanovich Stetsenko. If it was enough to catch up with him the knowledge, the ability to accurately make decisions, even the ability to take risks is justified, then the twins, perhaps, there would be plenty. But just because the palette of his brigadier's talent to richer. Take, for his special ability to put it. The rate of penetration in comparison to the years when he began to work, has increased more than twofold. Of course, it was important for there to reduce downtime. This is not easy. To cycle was repeated with the calculated frequency, it is necessary to drill, blast, muck, face mount with a minute precision. But the factors that could affect the action level, a great many. But in the end, this being said, a matter of technique. People in the team have thoroughly studied the mechanisms that help them to bite into the land. Borers themselves will induce and prevention.

- I do not remember when was the last time the hammer out to the surface to be repaired issued, said the foreman Rukhadze.

Mucker used by the team, considered the most productive. However, there inquisitive mind of innovators has found an opportunity to improve it. Conjured over it for quite some time. Something reinforced corners, change gears, sprockets, welded and lengthened. Finally, still have larger capacity bucket, a sector of his capture, and ultimately speed and load trucks.

Much time has held an exchange of loaded trucks to empty. In the excavations carried out by the so-called odnoputevym section, and this operation is a long and laborious. They found a way out, and here. With the help of arrows arranged turnout bill, which does not violate the basic track. The exchange was stowed in a minute.

Features techniques, known to be limited. In the slaughter of the novelties Stetsenko prefabricated long did not appear. But the results of production between growing up. Because in contrast to the technique are limitless possibilities of man. Nikolai is able to call in a guy recently wearing a miner's suit of armor, an interest, be sure to put it into place, as if intended for him. And then the ability to fully unfold the beginner.

Get the same arrangement of people in the links. What seems to be tricky? - We have a sinker on the site all the top class, proudly repeats Nikolai Ivanovich.

So, take all three, here is a link? Not at all. Here Anatoly Fedorov. Jack of all trades, at least for the excavation of coal, even though the drilling. And on a mucker smartly managed. Delve into the complex mechanisms, the first for his entertainment. But how you will send him a link to the newcomer Victor Kapshukova? No. Fedorov, quick-tempered. With such a character is unlikely to give it the love of technology maloznayuschemu until the student. But Mikhail S. Raspopov different. He can hook word pohlesche Anatolia. Yes, but without the evil, not in their hearts. Able to Mikhail S. to work with people, can show an example. So his humor, his cheerfulness sdruzhat freshman tight with the team.

Well, Fedorov, in spite of the hot temper, and Nikolay Golubev and Victor Zlenko trio were well-organized. With their skills, tenacious grip, even a very busy schedule ahead of you can.

In the other levels was lapping over the years. There is an unjustified replacement of people simply can not cease to be a link-mobile brigade unit. But if the need requires replacement, the foreman of Mr. Stetsenko selects people based on their skills, abilities and temperaments. Thus is fulfilled smoothly working system in the brigade, in which one not only complements the other, but also helps to open up more fully to his ability comrade.

Well, the ability of all merged together, give the team by allowing others can not overcome boundaries. In support of total section chief Rukhadze recalled:

- Passed a team because he Stetsenko tricky drift. And it passed with the highest score. The result was a generation that can decorate and metropolitan subway. Would you like to see?

In an installed rack mount drift team actually lined up as if on parade, reliably backing crowns a rock. George S. is stopped at one, then another, and gently patting them with his hand, telling how to install them as a link and Nikolai, finding a flaw made perekreplyat, first putting his shoulder. It turns out that there appeared not immediately present straightness ...

A team of Stetsenko paved at this time a reliable way to no less insidious reservoir. It seemed, Nikolai could hardly contain violent shaking jackhammer, because he wanted to come. Finally, the last trace is ready. Now-a-blast. The team stepped on two meters. Then they all repeated again and again. Ringing the stone fort before retreating skill drifters. Way to coal Communist Brigade Stetsenko opens even earlier deadlines established schedules. Country valued the everyday heroism of Nikolai Ivanovich, giving it the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

When we went out to the surface, George S. Rukhadze shown on the top of the pile driver. Flashing spokes, they spun the wheel-lift is, therefore, coal. Take it from the faces to which the sinker paved highway yesterday. Today, Nikolai Ivanovich with friends dissecting the underground firmament for the future of coal. And no matter how tightly held layer of subsoil, it will cause them to be pliable.

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