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Schekalev Youri

Brigadier installers Second Sverdlovsk construction and assembly administration of the trust "Uralstalkonstruktsiya" Hero of Socialist Labor

Schekalev Youri Its objects are for the most part lie in the north, the Arctic Circle, in the harshest places about which young geologists sing with a guitar, there begins a wonderful planet, where the twelve months of winter and summer rest.

Soon his fifty, the age of maturity and is said to elders, predisposing to the home-keeping, to the slowness of movement. But he did not feel it. Everything seems to be in front and no doubt on this issue. If you want to, he always sought in a way, wanted to roam the earth, to change the address of residence, to meet new people, longing to write long letters home from far away, fly south to north, the caravan trails to walk on dunes loose. He dreamed of being an explorer, geologist, prospector earthly riches. It did not work.

He became a fitter, foreman of the Second Sverdlovsk construction and assembly administration of the trust "Uralstalkonstruktsiya."

His salary prescribed in Sverdlovsk, here at SMU-2, on the second floor hangs under glass on the board of Honour of his picture, but generally it works across the country. In the south, are his steel structures, in the north ... What he does not erected, the foreman Youri Schekalev! ..

Work with installers difficult and dangerous. When tightening a bolt or weld to put your hundred-meter mark, and under you run avtomobilchiki the size of a matchbox, people swarmed from the top similar to the industrious ant, and you, together with the beam on which you are settled, the wind swings from side to side, well, not quite as on a swing, but it vigorously, the easiest thing would be difficult, and it is clear to anyone. A man lives on earth. In the air, birds, and here's another-assemblers.

There is a very authoritative figures, according to which the hundred-meter altitude of the most experienced and qualified installers in full compliance with safety regulations, with the full line profile work performance "falls over forty percent of the earth. And it is not in fear. Just get on your nerves all written off, apparently not.

It has long been said, a person chooses to work and the work of man. Loafers do not go to them. Fitter-climber, highly qualified, and working and the human.

Anatoly Kozminykh-not the first teacher Schekaleva, but one of the first, was silent, did not utter another word, walked over the ground heavy, ponderous gait and the world looked calm gaze. The team had worked like clockwork. Schekalev all watched him, wanted to find out: What my uncle knows a secret Toll Kozminykh that he had it all goes smoothly. Some thought Anatoly Nikolayevich foreman on your mind, it was said that the plan de it gives, but people do not like it at times makes private than the public. On a frosty winter day, smoky disaster struck ... Brigadier Kozminykh, experienced installer, and c of the business, fell along with the assistant. And a decent height. Collapsed the farm on which they had just settled, welding cable is raised, cook started. Kozminykh rose to his feet by himself. Assistant yelled out loud. Foreman helped him get across. Was attached, saying not to die twice, close together newsletter.

He took off his robe and lay down in the red corner. With the siren ambulance arrived. Man taken away. "I was in the second place," - said Uncle Toll, and when it came to him, it was too late and the girl-doctor in the snowy starched cap, crying: "Well I said, it had to be first ...".

Then they sat in their company all the installers and remembered Anatoly Nikolayevich, and all together came to the conclusion that this was a team leader Kozminykh installer and a man present.

Work on the North Schekalev arrived in the winter and seventy-eight years. He came back with the first frost, when the ice bound northern swamp abyss and went across the tundra and powerful ATVs pipelayers. During the summer in those places, he was told not done so. Yes, and he later realized this myself.

That memorable winter, he was entrusted with the brigade to participate in the installation of the first microwave tower in the village on the road Punga existing pipeline Ukhta-Nadim.

Weight tower is twenty-five tons, and stood in the snow, low forests of the north, she had to rise above the earth for eighty meters.

To raise these towers there is a traditional, a lot of time tested reliable method of installation using the "downward arrow".

Fabricated rigging equipment and accessories, winches, braces, pulley. Prigonyat number of tractors, trucks and use them to the tower, laid on the ground mounted, slowly and carefully lifted to a vertical position. Need mounting anchor two kilometers of cables, and similar work is something about a month. Over a shorter period with a tower, does not handle in any case.

And then he was told that the installation will proceed with a special helicopter, the entire method designed by scientists from the Institute "Promstalkonstruktsiya" and the installation of the tower in the design position by turning the hinge will take more than five minutes. Twenty-five tons of ... Eighty meters ... Five minutes ...

I can not say that he did not believe it. Why would not believe, once the research team considered, but only at the outset of his troubled yet those five minutes. He doubted that everything would happen so quickly, but was glad the opportunity to take part in this work, to get acquainted with new places, new people to see, taiga and tundra in the winter dart white arctic foxes, bears are coming to the track ...

The first time he came to the track, along with the designers to look at the terrain: how to put all manner wiser radio relay tower-tipping, crane or five minutes by helicopter. He was asked:

- The team will undertake such a thing?

He shrugged his shoulders:

- And why not? Helicopter us is fine, helicopter, crane ...

- That's it, happy, a representative of Aeroflot, helicopter, crane, it is! Youri, we have hope.

And he began to explain that the editing will be selected for heavy-10K helicopter with a trained crew, who will lead the pilot Babintsev Nicholas a master of his craft.

Summer in the tundra for the installer not the season. With the first frosts in the train were loaded lever hoists, rack and pinion jacks, two welding machines, sanders, wrenches, in short, everything you might need to sit down in the night train, which domchal them to Tyumen, and then An-24 two hours later delivered Igrim the village, where they have been the main base, warehouse, or transshipment point.

He flew to the North put the radio relay tower experienced foreman, fitter nobles. Hero of Socialist Labor. He said: "Youri, to you all hope. Now to you and your eagles all depends. " He kept quiet. And next will be no advances, supposedly done, all right, did not give sdyuzhim. He does not like it at all. What got into the plane and running motors driven snow on the runway winds ached beneath his heart ached, and was anxious, as if he was not thirty years of working with steel.

He was something to remember! The sixth blast furnace Tagil, Seversky Tube Works, Moscow, Luzhniki, where he put a small sports arena floor. Embraced the excitement: suddenly not work?

In his youth, worry not. They do not have the burden of responsibility. And the losses are incommensurable. They only care about one thing, suddenly something did not understand something does not understand and maybe not do that from you wait.

In later years, when much has been achieved, and you understand and treasure the past, afraid that does not justify the trust. Suddenly a hand tremble on high. Suddenly the rope will snap. All of a sudden ... How many of these "suddenly."

The aircraft gained height, wear your seat belt, he sat, looking down on the white plain of snow on the frozen prickly swamps and kept going in his mind how best to raise the mast, where the increase, while she lies on the ground, so when it will begin to lift, it did not break , vosmidesyatimetrovaya, by its own weight and unexpected dynamic loads.

Guys, he took with him a reliable and proven. Volodya Pankov, he was sitting in a chair nearby, with bangs that decreases in the eyes, the installer of high class and a cheerful companion. Still flying with them Toll green-welder, a small, nimble, the scorched black fur hat.

For both Schekalev as vouched for himself, but in fact excited, and all the anxiety intensified and increased. These are the years, he told himself. Nerves. And then I remembered that already had him on the construction of Seversk Pipe, before they started to implement pipelined method of assembly and installation of shop floor units.

Schekalev Youri Later in the newspaper noted: "The ability to brigadier in complex production environments to find the right solution, correctly place the people and ensure smooth operation of the brigade has helped to overcome the difficulties encountered."

He was pleased to read about themselves like that. But before the installation was anxious to unbearable. The night did not sleep.

So he flew to the North, on the gas pipeline Nadym Ukhta, near the village where the Punga waited openwork steel mast, for the time lying on the ground.

He never liked to fuss. And if you got in some successes, not least for this reason. Hurry and bustle is not the same thing.

There is a task-set construction as soon as possible. What does "best" short? "Come on", in our days is not a method. It should be about the most reasonable terms. To all, it was estimated calibrated, consider all possible options and found the best. Too expensive work of human hands, and the land not just bestowed on us.

We need to save time, labor, need to save, natural resources ... In Pung awaited them.

They settled in prefabricated panel house. Around, as far as the eye could see, stretched the snow. In the northern dark-blue twilight shone lights and sparkling frost on the windows. Jackets unbuttoned, hats thrown off, began to pull off his boots. Mistress of tea boil. Have started to cut the bread, preserves open. He quietly left the cold, quietly closed the door behind him, went to look at the mast.

She lay just dusted with snow-line, slim, in the dusk like a Christmas tree felled. And waited.

In advance it was estimated that in ten changes of the three of them with Volodya and Sasha enlarging construction, welded where you need will gain, stretch bolts, cables lay out. To help them stand out truck crane. Then the pilot would fly Babintsev on its rotary-wing machine and raise the mast to the upright position.

His work they've done just in time. Dali radiogram, and that's on their shield a house in the colorless sky hung Mi-10K.

Babintsev was seasoned man. In a fur jacket, Aeroflot, in a fur hat with a golden crab, came waddling, shook his hand ...

And then his helicopter hovered over

head. Spinning on the ground snow dust. The command:

- Action!

- Go! And suddenly:

- Guys! Guys! ...

- What is it?

But there was no time to understand. And it is not audible. Droned helicopter Babintsev momentum. Mast started by issuing a dense metallic sound, as if touched by a string bass. Helicopter pull their socks up, taut ropes, and twenty-five tons of metal easily and obediently leaned up. Twenty meters. Now the mast is rested against the foundation of the two legs, and looked up the top, and steel bindings flying snow wind. The helicopter went away, and the mast went after him.

All lasted three minutes and there is certain number of seconds, but Schekalevu thought that was a lot more, well, not hour, no, maybe minutes, forty-five, before the mast, swaying like a large, slender tree, stood on all four pillars. Then they rushed to her at once, all three. Anchor bolts are tightened. They took a traverse.

Schekalev took off his hat, icy sleeve wiped her wet face, and again heard the same voice.

- Guys!

Turned. I saw a guy with a gas pipeline, said:

- Why are you shouting?

- Beautiful, said the boy and smiled.

All lasted three minutes. Three minutes and there is certain number of seconds.

Really nice! And if there were no alarms or disturbances, and sleep well last night as usual ...

They are raised in a glass of that first mast, to stand firmly on the Taimyr eternal permafrost under the ice by winds, and the same evening the three of us served in Sverdlovsk.

And then there was the second tower at the ninety-fifth kilometer gas pipeline and the third hundred-meter - in the village Sosva. And then he built a shop in his home town and remembered Pung, sleepless night, the creaking of the polar snow and himself with welding steel girders derzhakom in his hand. And I realized suddenly, clearly, that the excitement does not come to an end soon and fifty, it's time to get used to, but do not get used to it, all will be well. All, like the first time.

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