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Ovsyannikov Vasily

The operator control station hot-rolling mill of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant named after Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor

Ovsyannikov Vasily Hero of Socialist Labor. Senior operator of the hot rolling mill. Deputy of the City Council. A member of the party committee. Honorable Metallurgist. Regional Prize Winner Nosov. That's what I knew about Vasily Ivanovich Ovsyannikov, when he came to Magnitogorsk. Magnitogorsk-company many thousands. In the hours when the pour-through of the flows of people, standing, just on the bank of affluent, peaceful, carrying a huge force of the river, where the particle was he, Vasily Ovsyannikov.

And first, heard about it the phrase:

- If two of your students are awarded for work orders, and one was awarded the State Prize, then you know how many as a master and a lot of standing as a mentor. An older worker:

- Bob is ... Man ... Seven pulled out a ... Trade union official:

- What's to say something, he's a fly in sight, with no shadows. Engineer:

- Well done, still has finished institute, has prepared an interesting degree ... A young crane operator:

- The fourth convocation of a row, select a deputy.

He ... went out with a shopping bag, stuffed with bottles of milk. Boyish gait and no special visibility to you. Maybe, just head whitening but intercepted his glance, sharp, fast, open. Under this you can not hide, from the depths drilled, not cold, small gimlet-fire.

I do not okriknul it. Coli with the bag, so soon will be. Plump, friendly girl who opened the door, confirmed:

- Dad will be back soon, went to the store. My name is Lyuda, and I'm leaving tomorrow at camp. And you go, organize ...

Shelves full of books, a piano, a slide rule on the table, flowers in a vase, in the chair scattered drawings, pencil sketches.

- This is what we did with my dad. We love animals to draw.

The house Ovsyannikov, however, as many working families, every thing in fact, is life in the interests of Vasily Ivanovich, his wife - Anastasia Matveyevna (she runs the wagon attendant), and their daughter pyatiklassnitsy.

- I play the piano and the accordion-dad. And he loves the balalaika, guitar. Mom is our singing.

Luda was sociable, and time passed quickly. Returned to the owner. As soon as he entered the room, moving like quicksilver, was to lay out drawings to deploy mathematical calculations. Behind these figures, the lines-it shop, mill. He wanted to present all figuratively, and his hands quickly fashioned imaginary things, and he looked into my eyes: Do I understand, easy to understand whether the transfers? Frankly, I do not mind walking with him in those moments in the shop, which he enthusiastically told me, was thinking more about it: what it looks like a remote control, it was too restless, and yet there is not a place you pick?

- Let's go, all show a nature.-Ovsyannikov slammed a folder with a finished undergraduate work that promises great benefits to the shop, an additional one million tons of steel on the same hardware and springy to his feet.

And by the way I look closely to it. What do you know, a million tons of additional steel and benefit from the modernization of its calculations for more than two million rubles.

And on the board of indicators see record numbers in the column against a familiar name. This, he figures, and figures made by others, they add up to more than seven million tons of steel sheet produced in 1978 at the camp. Performance of the highest. And not only in our country. It is extracted by adding the outstanding exchangeable, daily, monthly results, and yet there is something inherent far from arithmetic, it is also people's ability, perseverance in the search for new features of the camp.

In another shop appeared Ovsyannikov, and yet the same. The same self-confidence, just as it was higher, stronger. It seemed that he parted the shoulder area, so I better see more clearly the people with whom he makes the steel.

- You had something on there were steel?-And, without waiting for an answer, shouted through the noise: - See how we ...

The fire, metal, water, fumes, vapor, smoke, thunder. But it was not and what is generally considered an integral feature of the steel plant. It seems to be, and must be accompanied by this production, dirty, well, to get away from it. And as far as it can be swept away the wave, the eye will not notice. But a little bit here, where there was thought impossible to do something a little out there and look, these "little" is not only changing the environment, but also the mood of the people. Managed around to "catch" only one percent, to extend the "hot time" on a percentage poumenshit simple camp all at the same percentage as that in the sum of thousands of tons of additional steel.

The shop is singing his song. How often, touching the cold surface of the metal, seeing as he holds his arms in the gas, oil, fire, like bears the brunt of cargo, is a secure home in the cosmos, we are not to forget about the people who created it, but do not think about them. Immediately, the iron and steel works, time and time again you see and feel how the metal-human child, fronting, vynyanchennoe, fostered in the sometimes sleepless nights, and our familiar expression "like steel", in which we put the value of invincibility, the generosity of the will, the conviction , owes its appearance to people, to forge domestic damask, armor for tanks T-34, making frost tubes and sheets for: Star missiles. Metal has become synonymous with durability because of its float and roll such as Vasily Ovsyannikov.

Not if he were in Magnitogorsk, and somewhere else far away from the smell of the metal site, I'm sure Ovsyannikov, and there would have been delivered fell to his share of business, whether farmer, or a shipbuilder. And he walked not in the past. He has a streak-reach of all, to get to the subtleties in order to understand the secrets of the profession. And yet, I think, Vasily Ivanovich, sooner or later, happened to him in a different way, you still would have come to him prepared for the nature of the goals is to become a metallurgist.

How could a boy, who was born in Nevyansk, the 'iron case', which is engaged from time immemorial, not like metal? And when the family moved to the fiftieth year in Magnitogorsk, its even more drawn to the fire began. Basil thought he found himself on a huge ship at sea mnogotrubnom metal. Mentally see yourself at the open-hearth furnace, and he hoped: nothing, grow up. Steelmakers in his imagination pictured the mighty fellow. He looked in the mirror, and the dream melted away, moving away, well to me, this little ...

- Firmly worried about its growth, says Ovsyannikov. - Peers stretched, though mushrooms, and I even have an inch ... And yet, after school got in mind to go to the distributors.

In the coveted Faculty missed the contest. They took on the building, but Basil refused. "Do not get her diploma is chasing ..." applied to the Industrial College, which graduated in nineteen years with distinction. Here the nature of it and thought: gifted, as if his senses at last, growing. Do not heroic, but at the time. Only his father could no longer enjoy it. By the time Basil was the operator of the mill, left his father in the life-after-finished off one of its fascist splinter.

Soon another mountain fallen: her mother died tragically, and turned on the shoulders of two older sisters and his brother. Small-small less.

- Bring payday in the house - says Vasily Ivanovich - rassyademsya all around the table, Zoya, Volodya, Galya, savvy start together, how to manage money. Barely had time to plug the hole, because the kids are all on them burn ... Tried to keep up with the Joneses were dressed and shod.

Zoe only mastered the basics in school, Volodya little older, and only the Gal-"adult", went to the seventh. For him, hardly came into effect, the heavy cart. Difficult material and yes it is okay. But it was necessary to have and raise children, and they are at that age, just wait. But no matter how harried, determined to give his brother and sisters education. All have graduated from college, and later, Zoe Institute. All works in Magnitogorsk. In the metal.

Zoe, a mining engineer.

Galya is a chemical lab the first of March.

Volodya - a senior operator in the third blooming.

Ovsyannikov Vasily What a majestic feat of Ovsyannikov and labor, or moral, moral, civil? Perhaps the moral. Because the most difficult, complex, life-grown man. Agree: in twenty years to haul the family, no small, having no experience of life, oh, it is not easy. Guys from the entrance, and who to: the dancing, the institute, film, theater, and you - home, with a single City Council from day to day, once they are out there that still need them ... That's really arrived and coat to buy Zoya, and in summer there Gali shoes ... Look at your shoes trampled, "Yeah right, then wait, it must be cut out of the paycheck ..." And all around, spring, friends of hunting, fishing talk, and he every new season - their concerns: where else which tear. Spinning like a squirrel in a cage. At work, just getting on its feet, wages are low and solved the equation with many unknowns. But it picked up two birch and oak, now, then certainly they do not break the deep-rooted in the ground allowed.

His fate is not an ordinary call, but the hardening-Magnitogorsk, for sure. The blood from the blood of the son of Magnitogorsk. When Vasily took place at the controls of the camp, I could not help admiring him, and caught myself thinking that before would have thought, "Well, what special, click on the levers, pedals, and everything goes like clockwork." But he knew: some five to ten years, sitting in operator seat and do a lot of unnecessary movements, like a clumsy rider. And valtuzyat bars on the rolls, and damn good just in time taken from the pan.

- The operator is similar to a top racer-divided Ovsyannikov.-Only one comes to the finish line first to feel the rush of every machine, effortlessly manages, feels the way.

Vassily Ivanovich did not once sought to outstanding results. A record in the industry are rare. Inscribed on a per second technique requires besides high skills and much more human instinct, that the metal came out "just right" is not overexposed, like a pie with excellent hostess. As cooking is not given to anyone, and the metal is not trust anyone. Boil it and make it suitable for different loads, to give him the necessary quality, this ability to great need. Years and years go on comprehension skills. But if you and all thoroughly mastered, and even if you have hands of gold, and this is a small industry. You have to understand, and the metal, feel it.

And here, in the cockpit, the panel, Vasily I see the giant locomotive engineer, carrying on their axes countless more than ten million tons of steel. Of the steel, which he rolled the over the years. Steel goes on and unstoppable flow. Ovsyannikov was sitting, throwing his arms forward, and they, his hands were doing the game began with the steel. Everything in it was stressful, and acute, but his movements were often simply elusive. When he got up after a while, and gave way to swing the operator, I saw how it was given to this dance of mind and muscle.

How simple ... Push the levers, pedals, and you can easily submit a fiery run of the metal. How simple ... Mentally say, "It just all in the wrong hands."

We're going to ... Vasily Ivanovich to the first tent, with which it all began ... It is recreated in concrete and placed in a prominent place in the city. The first-born of Soviet industry, Magnitogorsk began not only to chronicle our five-year plans, but also played an important role in the fate of the people, the Motherland. No wonder the mountain, supplying the local open-hearth furnaces, called the tomb of fascism, and a piece of ore, lifted on a pedestal, is a symbol of the earth that people endowed wealth and defended them in a difficult moment.

Magnitogorsk-50. And the first generation, whose tent was the monument, the generation that came here with a hoe and shovel, and the present, draw a city avenues, mastered electronics, worthy of the most sublime lines.

People are transformed beyond recognition Magnitogorsk, but one thing it has not changed, and today she shows an example in his work. And concrete, tent suddenly becomes a canvas, alive in the wind, and we mentally see the fires near her, in which the glow-hand, carefully holding the first piece of ore.

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