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Sokolsky Anatoly A.

The foreman of the construction management team integrated number 10 of the trust "Lipetskstroy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Sokolsky Anatoly A. This is a very large object-shop cold rolling of carbon steel Lipetsk Magnitogorsk. At kilometer flight has gain complete form rolling and pickling department, department of bell-type furnaces, unit himustanovok, close quickly grows administrative building ... The importance of plant similar to the following line of greeting the participants of Leonid Brezhnev sixth blast furnace facilities in Lipetsk, "You actually show what we have great opportunities to accelerate the construction and commissioning of production facilities. It is important that this example was continued also in the construction of your major, it is desired country shops cold rolling of carbon steel sheet. "

What should be valued above all else in the commanders of the construction pipeline? Iron will, the ability to "punch" and "knock out" wriggle out of the most difficult, seemingly hopeless situation?

Lipetsk builders have become famous in recent years, the successful commissioning of the sixth blast furnace, rolling mill "2000", converters. Deputy Chief Glavlipetskstroya Leo K. Vasilev, describes the style of work, bringing builders good results:

- We have not built a single, the most trifling object if They gave forth a reference to the objective difficulties. Probably, there will come a time when the problems are now consuming the lion's share of the builders of energy, will be resolved. If now, for example, if the documentation expect manna from heaven, then after a while it will make the deadline, will not have to knock out the materials, equipment, fight for cubic meter of concrete, a ton of designs ... And while each building, the real battle, and there is nothing to spare the feelings.

- So, conscious sharpening, tightening of the requirements is a style of working with people?

- A small correction. With the leadership of middle and senior managers on a scale, for example, our cupola. I think that to them for this kind of "hazardous production" pay any premiums. With team leaders we've been talking differently. And most are forced to take note of and execution of their "unreasonable" searches, when under arms, to be honest, sometimes nothing. The foreman, as the head of the primary workforce, in addition to organizational skills should be able to get along with the workers, to be scrupulously objective in every word and deed. And better yet, when he has the gift of kindness, so, for example, what is available to Anatoly A. Sokol-integrated brigades brigadier SS Trust 10 "Lipetskstroy."

That party-production feature that gave the foreman before submitting it to the title of Hero, "has shown himself a conscientious executive, hardworking, disciplined, proactive and friendly employee ..."

How did it get it, always be polite, not to raise a voice in all the troubles of production in the open air, with an integrated team of promiscuity? What really honest, there were also caught among the builders are not angels ...

So quiet warm evening sitting in his spacious, 70 square meters, four-room apartment Suites, talking. His voice is muffled by Anatoly Andreyevich, said slowly. His wife Vera Y. twice already looked into the living room door:

- Something can not hear you, do not fall asleep an hour?

- Calm yourself, Comrade Barber, all right, grins, Anatoly Andreevich. He gently make fun of his wife. Another would be replaced by a combat-kamenschitsy profession at such a "frivolous case."

- Al on the other hand, as has been done? We have also three sons, they have a lot of attention. A beauty salon close to home ... Two sons, Sasha Sokol-graders and fifth-grader Gene-already went to greet the visitor. Where's the third?

- Sergei is in the border troops. Return back to the construction site. He walks in my footsteps. Even a vocational school, we had finished one-fifth. Once I became a carpenter, he-electric welder.

- Is it difficult for the boys? No, why? Learn well. Obedient. They have, as adults, feel free to discuss, if that happened. That ran from the street, Gene had a fight with a friend. Excited, shouting, complaining. I told him: "Come, sit down, let's talk." Parse all of the bones. Who started the quarrel, which is why. I see the same Gene rights in the other not. So him and explain. Sometimes poserditsya, and the memory still remains a notch right.

Several of these zarubochek, you see, a character trait hold. The main thing to judge with justice. And yet, every day to teach the discipline. Without discipline there is an employee. And no man. Phone rang.

- Yes, sir, 'said Anatoly Andreevich.-A, Lieutenant. Excuse me, Lieutenant. Yes, I remember. What to do with it? Send it to me in the team. Let some work. And we will talk. He explained to me:

- From the police called. I am a volunteer national squad. Man, which is now said to the woman molested. And that forgiveness can not be detained.

I asked:

- What is it, Anatoly, hell, planted by nature-talk to convince?

- No, why? The character I have, perhaps, by inheritance from their parents, but the demeanor, I picked up, perhaps, the first of his foreman Timothy Konstantinovich Scherbak. I started to work in Zhilstroy. I remember the first floor was laid. Not everything was as it should. Timothy K. came. Silently szhimkami drove the board density. And if the way he began to speak about his new home, but as a happy flat as upset if the crack in the floor came across ... I said then: "You, Tolia, consider yourself disciplined. A discipline is a brother, not only in time to come to work, fewer smoking breaks do. This is how well you all played, and will tell you whether people are for it thank you. "

At seven in the morning ... trestovskim bus, which took away all the builders shop, living in the central quarter of the old town, we went to the site. Descended from the hill and climbed onto the bridge over the river Voronezh. The bridge is easily visible panorama of Lipetsk, a famous resort with mud baths, a monument to Peter the Great. We went to the Left Bank industrial area. Ahead of orderly rows and scattered clouds propped countless tubes of tractor and Novolipetsk metallurgical plants.

Anatoly A. explained, so the third, fourth, fifth, and the construction of unusual shape-sixth giant blast furnace. We drove the old workshop of cold rolled steel. Nitrogen fertilizer production. Stan "2000". The first and second oxygen-converter shop. Coke oven battery, the fourth through eighth ... A huge city with the intricacies of pipes, viaducts, quaint shops corps sailed for the bus windows. City-Steel Works, one of the largest in the country.

Anatoly A. participated in the construction of these facilities. After all, he has thirty years experience of the builder.

- Took part, had little to say, 'said the deputy manager of the trust Ivan Lavrov. When the built-oxygen-converter and the sixth blast furnace, his brigade was the initiator of the movement: to perform an eight-hour job for seven hours, take the foundations and structures with the first presentation. Installation at the blast furnace slag granulation, the first and second gallery built for a month faster than anticipated schedule. And many glorious deeds on account of Brigadier Sokolsky and his comrades.

The consistent over-fulfillment of production quotas by 20-30 percent, the application of cost accounting, a strict regime of saving. In the construction of the second oxygen-converter shop and the sixth blast furnace materials team has kept more than ten thousand.

And rationalization of the activities of Anatoly A.: six of its last proposal made 3800 rubles economic effect.

The bus stopped at a residential campus, and we went into the van-brigade apartment Sokolsky. About the life of Lipetsk builders need special mention. Perhaps no one at the construction site of the country have no such comfortable and beautiful, very friendly towns. On the construction of cold-rolling shop of carbon steel, I counted their twenty-eight to one for each site. Enter through the gate and find yourself as if in a miniature city block. Landscaped playground, her fountains with drinking water, and in some towns there is even a swimming pool aquarium with goldfish. Fragrant roses. There is a red corner, where you can listen to the lecture, read newspapers and magazines.

In Lipetsk, the best builders in the city clinic, recreation center in a beautiful pine forest. Their work on the dormitory town parades occupy the first place. Own small farm allows for the catering for the upper class. In the dining public and dietary deployed at the construction site, menus, which are the envy of any cafe in Lipetsk. That's what was on the table builders in that July day. Snacks: salad of cabbage, cucumbers, green onions, vegetable paste, cream, eggs, cottage cheese. First course: beef hash, cabbage soup, milk soup. Second: goulash, beef loaf, meatballs, steak, liver, pork, beef roast, pancakes. Others: coffee, tea, kvass, a lemon drink milk.

Sokolsky Anatoly A. Builders have no problem with kindergartens and nurseries.

On the care and attention to meet the decent work for people. It has the lowest employee turnover, several times smaller than the average for Mintyazhstroyu. Who came to Lipetsk, no longer wants to leave him.

In the van brigade Anatoly Andreevich is dressed in overalls. In the room, two carpenters are busy:

Valentin S. Logunov and Nicholas P. Torshin. At the request of Brigadier van they prepare for winter, paint, bleach, check the reliability of the heating pipes. Sokolsky carpenters met with joy. - Clever he is a big, well-explained his attitude toward the foreman Nikolai Petrovich., but brainy men at a construction site a lot. Above all, a good Sokolsky. I remember Logunov went to the hospital, gastric ulcers currently recalled. Andreitch visited him once, and the other, with doctors, nurses talked to him looking better. The family visited and asked whether we should not care what. And so ever. Well, we, of course, try not to let him, willing him to the fire even though the water.

In the autumn working in the pit, were buried in the mud, but his motto, "Not doing the norm, do not go" - were true. In winter, the forty-degree frost, quickly otogreyutsya the "goat" in a temporary hut, and again on the cold.

In the trailer, the obligation of the collective. Mel in a box marked the implementation of, the course of the competition with a team of Alexander T. Zakharova.

There was a story. On the construction of the foundations of the camp to help pyatikletevogo team Sokolsky also threw an integrated team of Zakharov. A joke right? I only had to put concrete twelve thousand cubic meters. The fourth part of this work fell to beginners. But they wanted more. And who does not flattering "outdo" the hero team? And since they were born a little different, gaming competitions.

First, in February, took priority, of course, old-timers.

But in March, the brigade Zakharova proved. The following month, both groups went hand in hand, eager to win ... But, unfortunately, as usual with the builders, began to receive less than concrete. Sokolsky and Zakharov turns running to the boss. But it did not help, reinforced concrete cement was not enough. And then came up with team leaders to organize a slide change. For example, the team comes Sokolsky in the first and third, and Zakharov, in the first and second shifts. Downtime was much less, although the concrete and not increased, but it was evenly throughout the day. But here's how to sum up the competition. Who to admit in this case the best? Maybe be like a sports commentator, saying the sacramental phrase, "won the friendship?"

- Competition is not only good spirit of competition, but above all, mutual assistance, 'said I, Anatoly Andreevich. AND bad, if it zasushivaetsya, fades from the formalism. What do I mean? Here we have summarized the results of a stencil. Some workers have at least a dozen of similar diplomas. Why not give them, for example, the address of welcome, do not take a picture of a flag of labor glory, not to send a warm letter to parents of a young boy or girl? Or, for example, it is believed that the Lipetsk builders compete with Cherepovets. I've heard there are delegations once every six months, I think. But who is to come, those who lagged behind, so you can learn from the competitors? This is only a guess. Workplace ... a team Sokolsky is now the most prosaic name, the foundation of the mill. And in fact this is very complicated structure with the outgoing nine meters in depth, building a maze. The work begins with Anatoly A. careful study of the drawings. Nobody in the team better than he does not understand them.

Two or three minutes of last general meeting of Brigade. All are clear instructions and disappear into the mysterious passages of the foundation. Fifteen minutes later looked into the wagon party bureau secretary Nikolai Maksimovich Ponomarev construction boards.

- Why so quiet Andreitch? The people can not see anything.

- And we always quiet. Do you know of an empty barrel more rumble. People are working, and therefore is not looming in front of superiors.

We laughed. Then Nikolai Maksimovich asked:

- Before the Young Communists to speak at tomorrow's meeting? They are waiting for you, will sum up Sundays.

- Absolutely! Already preparing. At the party bureau Sokolsky responsible for working with young people. One day he complained to members of the Komsomol of boredom. He said:

- For nothing, guys, whimpering. Cases for you and now no less than in times of Pavel Korchagin. For example, if we collect scrap metal that we have under our feet lies, but to send their neighbors, metallurgists, and then ask them to melt, solemnly beat all, it would be great. Or in another way: who better to work on Sundays, to reward them with vouchers to our holiday home, "Birch".

His proposal was accepted. And the report ...

Nearer to lunch in the new suits were two students college building, Nicholas and Alexander Meshcheryakov Arnautov. Waited Anatoly Andreevich write a comment about ending two months of practice and boasted:

- The third category dealt. We are in the CS said that all forty-trained carpenters and Anatoly Andreyevich concrete workers are first-class masters. We will try and we did not take his boss. He is so attentive, sensitive. Not rude and shouts, and the mental approach to the work so clear Labour Organization forged the victory of builders.

- Go too far with anyone you can not, nod-confirmed-by Anatoly Andreevich. need to do justice. Justice, it is just more expensive.

We returned home ... also on trestovskom bus. Across the river shining lights of Lipetsk. City, carefully decorated and it Sokolsky, with his hands.

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