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Mullakaeva Nuria Kamaletdinovna

Skimmer concentrator Bashkir copper-sulfur plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Mullakaeva Nuria Kamaletdinovna Whoever came to Sibai, it necessarily lead to the observation deck career. This is understandable. It is found chalcopyrite ore deposits gave birth to the city. Really have to look at that. More than three hundred feet into the ground ran into the man-made crater with a diameter up to 1400 meters. Glyanesh down, take your breath away. The giant crater is abuzz with people working in it hundreds of machines and mechanisms. Huge BelAZ an eighty, hence the seemingly less than a matchbox, ants scurry to spiral upwards and back. In the ore-bodies. But before it is sent to other cities to copper and zinc refineries, it will be removed from the rock and metal content will bring to the set standards. This is done at the processing plant. One high school senior asked Nuriyu Kamaletdinovnu Mullakaevu: it is difficult for a woman to physically operate skimmer? With her vivacity and cheerfulness she replied:

- Physically, no, but mentally yes.

What's the catch? To understand the answer Mullakaevoy, will visit her at the processing plant, and understand, so to speak, on the spot. Like mine, it also affects all the dimensions, scale of production. The main building, a ten floors. It is not surprising, and lost so many stairs, mezzanines, around the steel beams, cranes. This realm of mechanisms, machines, conveyors, pipes, valves. Constantly spinning, crashing drums, crushed ore is six meters. And then it turned into a special powder mill. Then, mixing with water, powder is fed to flotation machines, which come into work a compressed air and various substances-chemicals. Pulp, as it were boiling, foaming. On the surface of air bubbles, like those that appear in the laundry, stick tiny grains of metal. It is they who need them. After collecting the foam, "squeeze" water out of it, and receive, as experts say, the target product is a metal-concentrate. Manages the flotation machines skimmer. This is the job Mullakaevoy.

Nuriyu Kamaletdinovnu before changing greeted warmly in the shop. Who shares his labor successes, who home. But one of the girls unhappy, complaining on something. Mullakaeva listened attentively to the girl looked in the tub, the pulp.

- What are you, my dear, do, - shaking her head, she said. - Who is sulking, when the foam, then you will soon turn black. Well, do not be lazy, quick to dozirovschiku. Let the supply of alkali reduced. But for the other machines watch closely.

Facilities have a large skimmer. Span, where there are flotation machines, nearly 250 meters. Each his temper. And here we must be very collected. Missed the point, I forgot to look at the devices in a timely manner, correctly identified the quality of the pulp-gone marriage, stalled equipment, there was disruption of the process.

- Miss, then he be tired with running about and the other with impatience, - says Mullakaeva. - In this work, of course, it will be difficult physically. And we must act carefully and wisely, to analyze the situation, think.

It is said that Nuria Kamaletdinovna the eye-in form and color of the foam, bubble size and a barely perceptible signs-up device determines the quality of the pulp, in other words, how much and what is contained in its metal, what's missing, what should be added or reduced. It allows, without waiting for lab results, quickly eliminate any deviation from the specified parameters, to lead the process, as expressed here, "on a knife edge." To work like this, you must be familiar with chemical and mechanical properties of all components involved in the process, equipment, and its subcontractors. And yet, according to Mullakaevoy, it is necessary to know the characters are great people. It is, for example, even by the nature of the production misses can say exactly when and who made it.

It turns out that the work of the skimmer is not so much physical as mental. Education in Mullakaevoy-nine classes. But the hard work and creative approach allowed it to achieve true artistry in charge of the production process. The work is complex and is responsible skimmer. Now put on this post professionals with diplomas technicians. But a year or two, they continue to learn the profession by studying the working methods of the veterans. No manuals, no instruction can not replace the professional practice of intuition. Many years of experience in the real master is irreplaceable, he makes way for young professionals to the knowledge of many technological secrets. And the generous master, the more grateful pupils, followers of the case. Twelve trained Mullakaeva their craft. Some industries have become leaders. Among them, for example, the chief engineer Anatoly Kalinin concentrator.

Nuria Kamaletdinovna among the team leaders of fourteen non-ferrous metallurgy took the initiative to deploy socialist competition for early fulfillment of the tenth five-year period. Her team is one of the first switched to the composite, maintenance of machinery in shifts. Technique for study in the industry veteran school of excellence.

Peredovik not looking for easy ways, does not require any special, better working conditions. His interests are subordinated to the interests of the community. In the factory, praised the action teams Mullakaevoy: in the Ninth Five-Year Plan that a strong and friendly staff voluntarily went to the backward section of the flotation. People have lost in wages, highest security worked for six months, but on this equipment, which was known as a poor, debug it, achieved record levels.

And in the first year of Tenth Five team again with the "familiar spot" moved to new services, unknown to her art. In a short time has developed and brought equipment to the specified mode. Great job team.

- Nor can it be otherwise - says Nuria Kamaletdinovna,-if there are such masters: flotators Anna Suvorova, Anna Vtorushina, Valentina Vasilyeva, machinists Victor Mills Spruce, John Burdin, Victor, and Vladimir Lizunov Alontsev. I say, will not work in a shock-retire! So try to ...

Of course, this is a joke. But every member of the team paid tribute to the skill, integrity and organizational abilities of their leader. Valentina Vasilyeva, many years working with Mullakaevoy expressly said that their leader is away for a business trip or vacation, as in anything, and so will fail. Must be why Nuria Kamaletdinovna, wherever there is, by all means call comrades, ask how they live-works, advise if something goes wrong.

How to tell Nuria Kamaletdinovna does not like to write all sorts of statements, memoranda. Operational issues prefer to deal by phone. And not simply forgot to call. A call once, twice, three, until you achieve your. Therefore, those who know her, do not wait for callbacks. If a request addressed Mullakaeva therefore a serious matter. Disturbed at trifles will not.

- I remember when I was crushing the head office, such as call it lifted me out of bed - says the chairman of the trade union fabkoma Nikolai Lebedev. - There was some discrepancy due to the sluggishness of those managers who have worked during the day. Well, I'm awake and the answer is nothing, they say, now I can not help the night in the yard. And we have, she said, a day. Working day. And in order to sleep peacefully at night, you need to perform well during the day assigned duties. I had to call other people. Some also raise the bed. But I'm on it was not mad. She is right.

Indeed, the Mullakaevu do not take offense at times even harsh talk. Believe in its wisdom, the ability to look into the future, the authority. And right at the Nuriya Kamaletdinovny large. She is a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Bashkir Autonomous Republic, deputy of the two convocations. Taking advantage of their rights, she has done many good deeds. With the same tenacity and integrity Mullakaeva patron of young workers and "knocks" for the mine, heavy trucks, applies for a voucher for a sanatorium metallurgist and bustle of the creation of collective gardens for the workers of the city, pulls the necessary authority over the construction of the Palace of Pioneers and raises the question of national importance on the expansion resource base mednosernogo plant.

The first deputy Nuria Kamaletdinovna years was, as is observed robkovatoy. It is a simple work, she thought, to call, asking for admission, to distract from the important things, such as ministers. But it soon turned out that each of its call is not a trifle, not begging for any privileges. This is a reminder alarm for trouble, whether it be with one person or with the whole enterprise. Indeed, turnover in the everyday congested head is not hard to miss something, did not know about something, something may seem minor. And each time, meeting the deputy's request, all to whom it is addressed, felt, made the right move, in some people's lives better.

But you can use the responsiveness of human and selfish, try to get something not on merit, not on labor. It is said that a man tried to turn around for the purchase of passenger cars and to get the car turned to Mullakaevoy.

- Buy a car out of order in our team, a means to promote. You do not deserve it - she refused, having understood that a man claims to benefits.

Nuria Kamaletdinovna-man is very kind, sociable, sincere rejoices at the successes of others. A warm friendship connects it with, say, skimmer Uchalinskoe OMPE Lyudmila Tsapalovoy, which by its example created at the cross-cutting team and caused her friend to the socialist competition.

- Threatens to me, they say, overtaking, thrown from the podium, loud-laughing Nuria Kamaletdinovna. Well, well, it is young, educated, college graduated Sibai, I had to practice. The girl is good, with a fervor, a pleasure to watch how it works.

Many years Mullakaeva competed with skimmer Balkhash Mining and Metallurgical Combine a Hero of Socialist Labor Nina Grigorievna Chekushina.

- Oh, the great master. Everything in her hands burned. Now retired, - gently, sighing with regret Nuria Kamaletdinovna., but we exchange letters. She was always interested in my affairs.

Many new and memorable for a lifetime has brought Mullakaevoy 1976. She became a delegate to the XXV Congress of the CPSU. On the day of the party forum she can not speak without emotion:

- The Kremlin. Palace of Congresses. A huge, bright room full of delegates. How many times have seen the work of notable people in the cinema, on television, read about them, heard on the radio. And suddenly, here they are before my eyes, next to me. All so beautiful. On the breast of the Order. The builders, steelworkers, miners, machine operators, growers ... By the way, the Congress, we Nina Chekushina, to that of Lake Balkhash, the first time they saw each other. But before, although it competed did not meet. Recognized her from photographs in newspapers. Oh, what a joy it was ...

Everything that she had seen in Moscow, the work of the Party Congress, and the tasks assigned to the Soviet people, Mullakaeva told his countrymen. Teams of twenty-two companies of the city, more than four thousand people listened to her. And she wanted to convey to people that the high patriotic and business environment in which Congress worked, his vivid impressions of those unforgettable days. For example, one episode of her story:

- Once in a break between sessions in the hall saw an elderly woman of small stature. And what struck me, her whole costume was literally red with decorations, medals and plaques. And above them, two gold star of Hero of Labor. I ask, how do you have to work hard to homeland so appreciated your services? Who are you? It turned out that this is a milkmaid of the Kostroma region. I try to respond, that's nadaivayu milk more than others. A remarkable man. Looking at her, I have become closer and clearer speech by Leonid Brezhnev, said at the congress that, calling today a time of great accomplishments, we pay tribute to those who made it such, we pay tribute to working people. After these words I want to work even better. Clearly see that the mean for the country's issued and your team in addition to the instructions of thousands of tons of ore.

Mullakaeva Nuria Kamaletdinovna Yes, the country has greatly appreciates the people who selflessly gave their knowledge and power to the common cause. She praised the achievements and production Mullakaevoy skimmer. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Nuriye Kamaletdinovne awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. Interestingly, at the processing plant first congratulations on the high rank of her husband took Nuriya Kamaletdinovny-Agil Gibatovich. He is also running a welder. And so it happened that on that great day of his shift was daytime and night-wife. Here is his first and got congratulatory speech.

But how much joy, enthusiasm, exclamations and embraces were in those moments at home! So congratulations mom daughter. Now they have matured. Lil Wayne in Karaganda works and studies at the Polytechnic Institute. Lily learns in Baimak at a vocational school, chose the specialty cutters. - Once on the practical lessons she sewed a dress either, or apron, said Nuria Kamaletdinovna.-She could not get around the seam on the machine. Ten times flogged sewing, ten times began again. Tears gush, Teacher laughs, reassuring. Still, her daughter has achieved. Come home and immediately sat down at the typewriter and began to scribble ...

The youngest, Rose, perhaps most of all happy mother's award. And it is understandable. She decided to continue the work of mother at the end of college to become a skimmer. Returning to the change, Nuria Kamaletdinovna like to share with her daughter the news, tell us how things are going at work, what happened the day that were difficult. She was very much that it's not a favorite out of the family, and home to a number of people has always been not only native, but also close to the profession. They say those who work well, he's really good and relax. There are close to the recreation area Sibaya plant-houses more comfortable. Range of forest and lakes. On a deep gorge with a stone to stone down from the mountain stream Tuyalas. Here on the weekends like to come metallurgists.

- Will order the change of the bus and all the families go to the base - says party committee secretary of the plant-Husnulla Hamitov. there someone on mushrooms, and berries, someone in the volleyball, anyone on the river. And what Besh Barmak Nuria knows how to cook! Go to the woods for a hundred feet feel its flavor. So, here it is in our leading article.

Each year Mullakaeva arrives and Moscow to report to the board of the Ministry of Nonferrous Metallurgy of the USSR and other socialist competition initiators of the industry on its work. And this time she is going on a trip with a light heart. On the good news will serve on the board. Her team a few months before the job completed the tenth Five-Year Plan. Pace-makers cope with increased responsibilities.

Ready for the road, tailored clothes. Lapel of a jacket decorated with Gold Star. But today Mullakaevoy-working day. On it, overall. The head is covered with a simple scarf. Watching the process, she walks slowly along the bay on its sixth section of flotation machines. Rushing water. "Boils" in the pulp baths. Flows through the gutter future copper, zinc future. Experience and specific labor can have long Nuriye Kamaletdinovne retire. She and pension book issued even if so it should be. But his friends know, will not soon leave her watch in flotation machines, because she thinks her job is a position of national importance and this is where it can bring many more benefits to the Motherland.

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