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Penkin Mikhail

Brigadier raskryazhevschikov wood Zalazninskogo production forestry association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Penkin Mikhail Here is a man who once set a goal of a brave and went to her, in spite of everything ... Even when we went to him in the timber industry taiga, carved timber lorries on the road, one of his superiors warned him:

- But, please, delicately: he has, you see, there was a story ...

And he Mikhail Penkin outright said:

- You know, because I was in prison ...

Omutninsk-quiet and cozy town. Once upon a time there was a small iron works. Under him a deep pond. From it the water used for production. Gradually the water is added so add, and formed a huge reservoir. And now the city stands as it were, on the shore of a large sea: long sandy beaches, backwater with a motorboat, sunny stretches.

Cast iron was smelted here on charcoal. The director of this steel plant said: "There is still in my memory, after the war, housed the equestrian park, a wood-hauled by horses." Now cut down the forest in the district. But there is so much more of his, one word taiga. The area harvested annually and taken almost two and a half million cubic meters of wood, but more than two million cubic meters of timber. Talking about all this, the first Secretary of the Communist Party of Alex S. Savenok said proudly:

- Forests are rich. Do we have people! One Penkin worth something!

As a child ... Penkin flopped off the horse, and not so much a helluva lot, but something happened to the eye, and did not take the army. And it all peers from the village go to the army and do not return home. Emptying the village, some old men with old women. And this was an insult. At fifty-second orgnaboru leaned on the White River in the timber industry. Was young, everything seemed easy. He worked as a stevedore on the top-stock: guy is healthy, thick-set. He earned good. Because a lot of different boyfriends and stuck to the terms. We walked ... In the evenings in the barracks to them often went short silent logger. The war ended when the won, and he's in an old shirt. In the eyes of a joke to call him a Russian hero. Said to have been at the front tanker. Once hooked to the Penkin and said:

- The Power of something you have. The mind's need to gain ...

Then he went to the ugly history Penkin-nahuliganil. They gave him three years. Before sending caught a glimpse of that same tanker that came to them in the barracks. The investigator said:

- For you, fool, come to petition ...

Already in prison Penkin learned that the tanker, this Hero of the Soviet Union, Russian, Peter Ye ...

Eighteen months later, when Penkina released early from prison, he returned to the White river, to find the tanker. It was a summer morning. The forest was hushed, as before a thunderstorm. The fog drifted over the cold water. On the plot of a fallen tree was standing alone in the tanker. He must have just stopped waving an ax: chop off the branches. His face was tired, detached, he was already ill. Looking at the forest, the early sun, absorbing all of this being a clear morning, Penkin unexpectedly thought, "Oh, how I ruined his life."

Tanker met him as an old friend, he smiled:

- Returned! Penkin asked:

- Talk with the Director of Forestry Administration, could take to him.

- Why not take?

- Well, you know, that was ... Tanker tore a tuft of grass, wiped his hands and said quietly:

- Oh, brother, in life it happens. How old are you?

- Twenty-one.

- A lot. I'm in the tank was burning when I was eighteen ... Director of the Forestry Administration Koshevar Penkina took a job without talking. He was put to work raskryazhevschikom at the upper landing. And worked his heart's content because the force was young, maybe because people are not turned away. He married a local girl from that on the first day called none other than Glafira I., settled in her village. Once arrived at the warehouse Koshevar and as if by the way said:

- You go to the commandant, will receive the keys to the apartment. In telling me about it, Penkin concluded simply:

- We were Glafira Ivanovna


A little paused and added:

- That's when I decided: I will be a hero.

- What is it?-I did not understand.

- Hero of Socialist Labor, said Penkin.

Now ... it is increasingly starting to ache a little leg. This is professional: after twenty years, day after day so many hours on their feet, with a heavy chainsaw in his hand. And increasingly, he recalls the famous Krivtsov, the first in their forest edge even before the war, won the honorary title of Stakhanovite. That someone happened to tossing, do compare!

Ordinary Luchkova Krivtsov saw cut down and cut a shift of ten to twelve cubic meters of wood. He was at that time, a man remarkable physical strength. Penkin old loggers used to say: "You, brother, family-krivtsovskogo force you not to hurt." Penkin carefully listened to the stories of the Krivtsov, not just talking to himself. And what caught the curious detail: yes, Krivtsov took power, but he had both, most importantly, he was drawn to the improvements and a firm believer in technology. In the forty-sixth year, was sent to the timber industry first electric saws. Lumberjacks looked at them with a grin.

Krivtsov first broke the ice of mistrust. At first it went wrong. Peel, which operated from a mobile power station, quickly overheated. Loggers with Luchkova saw to produce more than the electric.

- Give her Nazaritch, persuaded-and-ego. our grandfathers were not fools. You-you got the power of fame.

But Krivtsov stood his ground. Yeah, got an outstanding reputation for strength. But now it does not matter. He was the first among the loggers realized that new technology requires new forms of work organization. So he created a team of six people. They worked on two plots. During the shift by one act fellers with an assistant and suchkorubom. Thus was born the new harvesting technology, which then has been widely used in the timber industry. In the forty-seventh, they set a record: 190 cubic meters per shift or eight day standards.

A Krivtsov, and it was not enough. It would seem that tricky: Wali forest and everything. But it is very subtle and thought all the expected operations. A year later, the team has brought the production to two hundred cubic meters, and later, up to three hundred ...


Even Peter Shepelin, a communist and a loyal friend, a former soldier, hiding his empty sleeve in his pocket, not just used to say:

- You, Michael, in a vain one considers the method Krivtsov. First, you raskryazhevschik and Krivtsov feller. And then, after a time out ... Penkin mind:

- Well, for one day another comes and brings something new. And it must be a new smell. Krivtsov is understood. And I should know ... In his own trestle Penkin experimented again and again, minutes and seconds counting operation.

Exactly ... pulls the conveyor belt, razmetchitsa quickly and deftly threw a meter, and the ridge just before raskryazhevschikom. Precision jerk seasoned Penkin throws a saw:

One, two, three or done. He takes on other ridges. He turns and overlooked hauler-ridges not filed in "pockets".

- Stop! Stop! Penkin-cries.

- Well, transporter, or something, stop, indignant-hauler.

- It is necessary, and stop - is buzzing Penkin.-There must be thinking ...

- What to think, take more, throw farther.

Penkin interrupts:

- Enough to whet fritters. Well, what


Penkin Mikhail Already the change over, and they sit and

"Lose" the whole thoroughly

operation of cutting logs and feed it into the "pockets": he razmetchitsa Margarita Lebedeva Yegorovna close to fifteen years, at a glance to understand each other, on the other rack suits Zubarev, Anna Petrovna, too, razmetchitsa. And It's roasting scorches, and a cloud of midges winds, it's not what to think, move his finger does not want to ...

And then someone will notice with satisfaction on the way home:

- Look you, but it's true better get.

- Devils such good-natured smile, the foreman, 'I told you so ...

About Penkin talking to logging enterprise. Wrote about it in the local newspaper. In his technology to work in other teams. To him came to learn.

Once arrived at the warehouse of the lower Russian Peter Ye. It was summer. The warm sun shone, the smell of fresh wood. Penkin 'about his place on the overpass saw Russian sitting on a stump. On the lapel of his jacket shone with Gold Star. "What is it?" Thought Penkin, knowing that the Russian modesty rarely wore a star. Descended from the platform. We sat and talked about that, about this. In parting, the Russian said:

I read about you in the newspaper. He came here to see how you have here?

- So what?

- So, short answer, Peter Ye, and repeated, rising:-So, Mich. Well, I'll go. Something you can not.

He smiled a weak smile and walked away. It was their last meeting. Soon the Russian was gone. There is now a street in the village of Petra Russian. As it Penkin goes to work ...


In winter, work easier: freezes, peeling easier to slide, to work more convenient. They did a good job in the winter of sixty-six. During the Seventh Five-Year Plan Penkina awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor. "That would be Peter Ye was alive," thought-Penkin when he learned about the award. In the seventy-first he was awarded the Order of Lenin. And again he thought of the tankers ...

Great success has made the team in the five-year period: one had a link to sixty-two thousand cubic meters. In the tenth five-year raskryazhevschiku Penkin Mikhail Alexandrovich was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. It would be possible to put a full stop:

because we promised to tell about a man who set himself the goal of a brave and go for it, no matter what. But there are marked, so to speak, only a milestone on the difficult road: Order, Order of the still. Gold Star of Hero. And what between by those milestones? ..

He wakes up in the morning ... as if he had not slept at all, all night long ridges in front. And just for the phone:

- Turundaeva as clasped on the viaduct?

- Seven-responsible manager. Penkin instantly plain enough:

little forest, there is nothing will work. Requests:

- Poterebi masterful plot:

let them have at least half a dozen had been planted.

- Okay.

A minute later the call:

- No bringing up.

Seven wood-clasping at the same polsmeny work. The whole team was nervous, then what sort of work, now and then look back: stock whip is melting in his eyes ... All ... Stop ...

Penkin goes to the head of the lower stock Sarygina. He throws up his hands:

I myself, perhaps, go to the forest to fell?

Penkin evening went to a neighbor, the foreman masterful plot, Nikolai Nikolsky, he worked in the woods, on the plot.

- Without a knife cut.

- And you'd come see what we have.

- And I'll go.

And went. And I saw a powerful technique: machines themselves are cutting the forest, chops off limbs, trelyuyut, loaded on a timber. Yes, just many of them are. It spares not, with that tractor, or rain falls recklessly.

I had to talk fast Penkin there ...

Put things in order: in less than a week or once were: there is no bringing up, the old narrow-gauge railway, on which the timber delivered to the plots of fifty miles, nearly the entire flood washed away. Penkin threw a brigade to the detriment of himself and nine days were busy, the road corrected. Just caught up with the plan was, entered into a rhythm again, railway is out of order, rotten sleepers, then, five years have not changed ... Summer ... and seventy-seven years have been successful: corrected narrow-gauge railway, began to work rhythmically masterful plot, and now Penkin went to a neighbor Nikolsky not swear, as before. The team worked rhythmically, without fail, is, of course, because the wood was plenty. During the summer, no complaints had been received. The plan from month to month overfulfilled. Received awards and prizes.

There were other joys: Sonia Fakhrutdinova, the youngest in the brigade, the discharge increased, Penkin bought a car, returned from the army, the son of Anna Timofeevna Kochkina Michael and came to them to work raskryazhevschikom. The lower stock now a whole dynasty Kochkin. Razmetchitsa Mother, father, the foreman on site processing chip, the wife of Michael works there in the link. The last came to the lower storage youngest, Basil, is working on the loading.

Penkin values, preserves and protects a nepotism, the intimacy in relationships, ease of work and home. They are both in and out: the home and work. It's close to two hundred meters from the village. Exactly at noon, all fell silent: go home to dinner. And what if the Park your vehicle, stretch from the village kids, have a meal. And all the joys and woes together here ...

Margarita Yegorovna Lebedev was awarded the Order of Glory 3rd degree. And then there arrived in time for her birthday. The whole village gathered:

for those who brought the custom of the village that could have resulted in children, in general, it was fun, simple, home-like. At the birthday party of the first time and discovered Penkin audience an idea about the team contract.

Feast buzzing and having fun, and they are three-Penkin, team leader, Roman Nizamutdinov birthday girl, and she sat on the sidelines: judge-ryadili. Doubts were recruited much. Hot Romance bend their fingers:

- Trestles old, you know, the tool is not enough.

Lebedev, whose husband worked as a machinist on the narrow gauge:

- Boris says the road to incense breathes, like a forest to take out?

- I have about a proposed railway sleepers, a team would come from, 'said Penkin.

- Once upon a time ... will be Penkin and he saw the coming challenges: Forest recently received from the plots at the lower storage erratically, and the contractor at the first step, perhaps, the need to increase the percentage of business assortments. Hmmm, think there ...

- Al on the other hand, it is too tempting thing, campaigned Penkin.-Yes, and the prize, you know what a set of average wages? One hundred percent!

And then for good luck as they were reflected, looked into the village chairman of the trade union association, Peter I. Pozdeev. Came specially to congratulate Margaret Yegorovna, premium hand. And then they've got four of us to think about the new case. On this idea, work on the lower stock-for-zlobinski Pozdeev said in an association. From there came Support: come economists, planners. They explained the essence of the contracting method was calculated with the foreman thought through all the parts work in new ways. Their conditions put the team and the administration. At her request chopping repaired trestles, delivered defective tool. However, the replacement of sleepers as Penkin not fought since the case and did not dare: a team, they say, it is necessary to withdraw from the scene for a week.

Finally signed the treaty, began working on the contract. First, of course, with difficulty, with the turmoil, that no, the other is missing the forest with a plot driven sploshnyakom-warehouse full flood, and even though the ball-sloping, and the team is sitting idle. Penkin evening hurry back to the neighbor Nikolsky to sort things out ...

The essence of the brigade contract itself was not so much the novelty of the method as a person who works in his psychology, with respect to the case. In 1'rigade it will soon feel the ...

... Skipped hauler. Previously, he came to, and God be with you, you as a minus in salary. And now, the whole team. Nadia sent Fatyanova, member of the board team, home to him. To war with him, talked with his wife. But he was on the second day did not come out. But the point is stop, the team was nervous. Counted for two-shift two hundred and forty rubles lost. Culprit was summoned to the council team with his wife, he cast as follows ...

Little by little, by little it went up the mountain: range was kept, carefully cherished tool, saving energy. The first success was encouraging: for the fourth quarter saved 1742 rubles, 690 rubles were awarded, and labor productivity grew by six percent.

There is, there is a new business, and the soul rejoices in Penkina foreman. Coming back Sunday evening from fishing forestry, hozhenoy long way to forget troubles, he still can, and because the night is clear and quiet. Turning blue gave the river Belaya, far voices kids playing in the meadow, the cow pasture on the pylyat. "No, well you live, Mikhail - said to myself Penkin-but remember, twenty years ago ... But why is to recall what day out, top of the summer ... "

And in the morning Penkin looked up and could not believe my eyes: the windows came a heavy snow. He went out into the yard. Implausibly large flakes cut down on the green of the trees, the branches bent and crackled under the wet snow caps. The entire rack has been inundated with two feet on the snow ... Lost about four hours until cleared. By the afternoon the wind died down, stopped snowing. Ran was seriously worried recorder:

- Mikhail Alexandrovich, what to write in a dress?

- Write to: snow removal.

- Do not believe after all: Snow in June - questioned recorder.

- And the truth, not believe, 'said the foreman. And to think ... We were ... with Penkin on the viaduct. Before us towered the mountain forests.

harvester, and certainly a good forester. Because here and hunt for a skilled, lucky, of course ...

Beautiful, well-laid and

packed. The foreman explained:

the balance for export, birch raw material, the balance of deciduous, technology, products for the match factories, raw material for wallets Balakhna. Warehouse is designed to eleven thousand cubic meters, immediately twenty thousand. And that was done in the winter? I had to stand because there was nowhere to put the split wood. Weeks do not give cars for loading. And this forest is a fixed load. This is only a lower stock ...

- That there is at the bottom - shows Penkin,-believe? Even last year the forest is harvested ... We say that a lack of paper, wood. Tell me, where is he, the forest, which my companions and I then poured the salt? It turns out that nothing gave me the Hero?

He achieved a lot, this man held in general, difficult from the start the road of life. But innate, from time immemorial Russian conscientiousness does not give him rest. Everything seems to be: something he has not missed until the end, and still owes it to people who have put it, once stumbled on his feet. And because pain is particularly acute for the cause of his soul. Yes, not everything in life is simple, and this is an unexpected snow in June, and not all disorders can be removed at once. Yes, until you have enough cars, lie around the forest and disappears. But he firmly believes the best: everything will fall into place.

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