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Alekhine Nicholas M.

Machinist Balakhna paper machine pulp and paper mill Dzerzhinsky, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Alekhine Nicholas M. If the bus station at the Gorky you sit on a bus traveling along the route Bitter-Gorodets, it will pass the famous Sormovo, where in his time first in the world were created by hydrofoil, pass the last stop of the city trolley and move out on the highway leading to the Gorky hydroelectric . The bus will rush past the young pine trees, and forty minutes later make the first stop in the ancient town Balakhna, recently celebrated its 500th anniversary of its existence. And immediately after Balakhna, almost close contact with her extreme buildings, multi-story begins a handsome town-Pravdinsk.

Toponymy can argue about what the word Balakhna, but the origin of the name "Pravdinsk" is known exactly. The village got its name from the newspaper "Pravda". In 1926, when the construction is the country's first plant for the production of newsprint, the staff of "Truth" took over the construction site patronage. It was natural: the new, at that time the largest in Europe, the company had to provide 70 percent of the needs of printing companies in the newsprint, then buy abroad for hard currency.

Over the course of construction with great attention the whole country watching. In the construction of the plant attended by prominent experts of the time. Construction consultant known not only in the Soviet Union but also abroad, a prominent scientist in the field of building constructions VM Keldysh-father of the future president of the Academy of Sciences, MV Keldysh. A young company visited Maxim Gorky. He wrote that he was shocked by what he saw "at the amazing paper mill in Balakhna, which wants to say solemn verse, as one of the finest creations of the human mind ... I went to this factory in the mood for a man looked into the bright future that is preparing itself for the working class. "

The plant made its first products in 1928 and is considered to be the same age as the first five years. During the war it was the only enterprise in the country, produces newsprint for the needs of front and rear. Currently Balakhna paper printed with us every third newspaper.


In February 1977 a senior engineer Nikolai Mikhailovich Balakhna plant Alekhine changed jobs. No, he left the plant, and even stayed in the same shop. He just moved from one machine to another paper, with "three" to "deuce", as is usually said at the combine, transforming numbers papermaking machines.

Also in February of this transition, a senior engineer told the newspaper, and radio, because this transition was not so much a personal pitch NM Alekhine as social act: he went from the best team in the team trailing.

The patriotic initiative, when the advanced workers came to the aid of neighboring brigades or areas where, for whatever reasons did not ladilis cases are well known in the enterprises of our industry and in agriculture. And each of these cases, original, associated with a specific, concrete situation, and above all, a person who, having left-established work, knowingly assumes the additional worries and troubles.

With Alekhine I knew a long time. There were also at the combine and other pulp and paper mills, where he arrived for the exchange of experience, and I for his journalistic works. But these trips have Korobov in the seventies there were many. It began the well-known in the pulp and paper industry's creative community of the three largest producers of newsprint-groups Balakhna, Kondopoga and Solikamsk plants. Mastered yet perfected the modern high-speed 6umagodelatelnaya technique, and it was necessary to use all advanced, that were born in similar enterprises. Therefore, a quarterly meeting of the delegations were organized three companies, and Alekhine as an experienced, best working at these meetings were sent almost constantly.

Nikolai Mikhailovich made a pleasant impression of a calm, balanced, well-versed in who does. In interviews, he seemed reticent, but over time came to understand that this apparent taciturnity is not nothing but a few words, the ability to express their thoughts clearly and succinctly. And it was clear that his opinion heard.

On the paper machine, he came because, as he himself says, "wrong door." His father was a cool mechanic, and all children have traditionally also went to the technical part. Nicholas decided to act after a seven-year trade school in the department of mechanics, but the admissions committee something to mess with the boy's statement, and when it came time occupation, he was in a class wallets technologists. Nicholas did not argue. Well, it has long been known that the case rules the world.

He had a reason to change their profession after serving in the army, where he went since Balakhna plant. Parents have changed their place of residence. Brother Nicholas, a driver by profession, persuaded his father and mother go to the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the development of virgin lands. In those years, people touch with their families in the East, attracted by the opportunity to turn around in full force in the vast steppes. Nicholas, returning from the Far East, drove to his parents. Director of the farm for a long time to persuade him to vending demobilized gunner to stay in the village. He promised to send the machine to the courses, entices expanse of steppe and good jobs. But Nicholas returned to Balakhna.

One could say a word about this high-fidelity native enterprise, its first pass, but the reason was simpler and more natural. He went to school, then in a trade. Do not have time to start working again, training in the army. Stay at the farm-back would have to learn a new profession. I wanted to live an independent life, to have his corner. I do not know, maybe even more than what was good reason. Anyway, shortly after returning to Balakhna Nicholas married. Now his daughter, Elly has finished high school and junior Arkasha diligently attends kindergarten.

He returned to his car, which began service in the army before his working career. And soon he was given a brigade. Management noticed a serious young man's propensity to become a professional wallet. The industry is increasingly in need of professionally competent cadres. Rapid development is essentially the rebirth of pulp and paper industry. New plants grow huge and the whole timber industry. Reconstructed the old company. In the industry came a new technique. Next to the shop where he worked as Alekhine, got the second, which would have to put two high-speed unit. Every day, going to work, Nicholas glanced at it, how is the installation of new machinery, and he wanted to, of course, stand at the controls of one of them. But someone had to serve, and those machines that were installed before the war. Besides, they were waiting for their reconstruction.

In the third paper machine Alekhine senior engineer worked for ten years. The unit that was installed before the war, but repeatedly updated, modernized. In short, it went wrong, the machine worked steadily, plans overlap, and the team went to the advanced. There have been and honor and respect, and government awards. The car has long been dissimilar to that which found its way back in 1937. It appeared in the new units that allowed increased speed and performance. Automation equipment has grown, and hence a great opportunity to improve the technology to improve the quality of paper, which makes more and more printing high. On the machine was working band, with whom Alekhine affinity for the years of joint work, knew the capabilities of each of their wards. So, go to lagging neighbors. Honestly, I wanted to learn the details of this event, to understand the motives of his act.

I was going to Balakhna, and in my head spinning stencil scheme: advanced worker sees the failure of a neighboring group, would be willing to help. Guide supports it. Then there is a conflict. (In my heart I'm really counting on the conflict, well, at least some. This would give urgency to my story.) In the end, the conflict situation, to the general satisfaction, safely allowed, etc., etc. Alas, the stencil schemes collapse usually the first contact with reality. So it was in our case. The first thing I learned, came to the mill, so that's what Alekhine not expressed his desire to move to any adjacent car. Moreover, when it is offered, he refused. Let's not jump to conclusions. For me personally, this failure caused the respect for Nikolai Mikhailovich. On the contrary, it would be worth less than if he rushed headlong to the neighbors to organize the work. It happens only in bad television. Everything in life is more complicated. Alekhine knew the second machine, located in an adjacent room. By construction, it was the sister of his "three", but, as often happens with sisters, differed sharply from it in character. In this paper we propose a riddle often, common rules are not obeyed, for the workers nicknamed her "Queen." But working on it at the time a senior engineer put it more harshly, saying that put the car on the "damned spot", which is why there are all sorts of troubles with it.

T-1K to think that Alekhine was about. Leave a collective, with whom he worked together for ten years, with whom affinity, just is it? He could not here so soon to decide on this step. Too much had changed in his life settled, too big to take on the obligation.

Alekhine Nicholas M. Meanwhile, Alekhine made a proposal to move was dictated by the logic of the circumstances, which he and his seat could not see so vividly, he saw their director Basil plant Zakharievich Lapuhin. Well aware of the core complex and multifaceted enterprise economy, the director realized that the second machine should immediately do something. As a born engineer Lapuhin see the answers to those questions are "asking" the machine in their work. But technology is technology, and it was necessary to start with replacing the older driver. This position he held for a second car then qualified the wallet, but he was one of those people who have a built-to do all. A paper machine for this, alas, can not be achieved. Alekhine, by contrast, had the enviable ability to see the work of the unit as a whole and avoid those activities, which may well have to cope without him in the wards of its teams. That's what a senior engineer and senior called that, is not immersed in the detail, time to notice and give the attendants, which is thin and can break off in the literal and figurative sense.

In short, a lot of hope Lapuhin connected with the transfer of Alekhine in the second car, and, presumably, the shifting of personnel was given and it is also easy. Many had to think about, along with the secretary of the Party Committee Viktor Yanukovych Loginov, before you take the risk of taking such a decision. And the elements of risk were examined, as they say, to the naked eye. Yes, on a third machine was a well-coordinated team, literate have worked. And how would react to the teams to ensure that they are going Alekhine, and a senior engineer is one of the supervisors? As will be met by Alekhine in a new place? Will not have a dislike of "outsiders", even though the plant known to man, but the dog is from another team, but who came to the same "pull" the car from breaking? It could be that the second car and will not be able to raise, and the third addition disserve.

It should say one more thing. The director knew how important this step of the Alekhine. Lapuhin respected and valued people experienced, enthusiastic, independent on which to rely. Alekhine was one of those, but he needed to move forward, but this is not without risk, without having to abandon, without breaking itself. And so when Alekhin second time refused to move, Lapuhin thought that was wrong in the older driver. He had before his eyes the examples where people, having achieved some success and status, stayed on it, trying not to take more than an extra burden on themselves. He, dobivshemusya in recent years great strides at the combine, who sees the prospect of the company and who knows how much work lies ahead, such people are a burden.

In the seventies, the plant staff took a big step forward. First of all, was "untie the knot," which for years has been a stumbling block in the enterprise - reconstructed timber market. Located on the banks of the Volga, long time, it grew in breadth and in the seventies included many kilometers raid, as well as miles of conveyors on which wood is fed into the production. It was necessary to eliminate the chaos of transport routes, to simplify the organization of the reception and processing of wood. As a result, the reconstruction of extinct transporters, the length of the raid was reduced to six hundred meters, have been released and sent to other parts of dozens of workers. The restructuring of forest management has allowed the exchange to provide a rhythmic supply of timber production, has successfully addressed issues of improving the performance of basic technological equipment.

In April 1975, immediately after the Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee, made the decision to convene the XXV Congress, Balakhna wallets launched a struggle for a decent meeting of the party forum. The tone in this patriotic endeavor set the team third paper machine, which at that time was headed by Nikolai Mikhailovich Alekhine. Already in April the car was produced in excess of five hundred tons of paper a plan. And I must say that the car was going development of serious innovation and synthetic mesh. New tooling promise great benefits. Used before, this mesh of bronze quickly wore out and required replacement every two weeks, which led to frequent stoppages and loss of working time. Synthetic mesh with the able and competent service can work for many months. However, not all the use of "synthetic" immediately gave tangible benefits. There have been times when a lot of time was spent on the development of new products, and machinery for a period of even reduced productivity. But the team quickly Alekhine accustomed to the new rig, and there certainly has affected a large experience of the older driver. The team has successfully launched the third machine tenth five-year period by giving in honor of the XXV Congress of the Party of hundreds of tons of high quality products.

In the tenth five-year collective enterprise groups supported the initiative of the largest enterprises of the Middle Urals, have deployed the movement for personal accounts savings. In this personal account each month is taken into account savings of basic and auxiliary materials, equipment, tools, fuel and energy. And again in the forefront of the fight for savings and thrift-car team with Nikolai Mikhailovich Alekhine. Soon, on a third machine has another new automatic-control system for process and product quality. Brigades were able to more carefully monitor the operation mode of the unit, aligned performance indicators. Whereas previously only personal experience but rather about intuition might suggest how the process of making paper, now just press a button and automation will need accurate information.

Of course, thinking about the alleged transition from the third to the second machine, Alekhine involuntarily compared the working conditions at the two adjacent units and seriously analyze their capabilities. No, I was not mistaken in Lapuhin Alekhine. Just what was needed some time to make a final decision. Some like to hurry up and in serious cases, others do not. As mentioned earlier, in February 1977 a senior engineer, Nikolai M. Alekhine moved to a second paper machine.


An exceptionally well located Balakhna pulp and paper mill. From the village it and not be seen or heard. Already coming to pass itself, the impression is like walking down the alley of the park. From left to hid in the green kombinatovsky dispensary, right behind the trees housed a dance floor. Downright corner of the old district center, do not even feel that in a matter of tens of meters work shop a huge modern enterprise.

Then, in February 1977, Alekhine took a second machine with a large debt to develop the paper in January. Brigade went with a lag and the February program. However, with the plan second month of the staff coped. Slowly began to liquidate the debt, and finished the year even with the above-plan production. It was a great victory. People believe in their strength, stabilize production, increased wages. In the teams disappeared indifference to the results of their labor. The team felt so much ground, that he took and brought to the competition with the neighbors of the former car Alekhine. There are also things going well. Nikolai Mikhailovich replaced by his disciple, Paul Orlov, immediately showed themselves well trained, respected senior engineer. Competition between the two groups continues to this day, and that is especially nice - with alternate success.

When I asked Alekhine tell where to start his work at the new place, he replied that, say, twiddle-fingered and the ice was broken. Of course, for this "twiddle-fingered" lies a lot, but it is interesting to recall the works of senior machinist bygone days, on how to line up the edge of the canvas, were busy with a vacuum pump, and so on and so forth. Others have already addressed the issues.

- Let's go better, show you his farm.

Climb up onto the bridge of the grid table. A continuous stream flowing out from the headbox to the grid paper pulp and rapidly-not follow the eye-is carried away to the presses, winding-pressing between rollers, gently rolled on burning superheated steam drying cylinders and a few seconds on the porch wrapped finished newsprint.

- Who is going to shoot. Hear the crackling of dry air jet torn paper web, and overhead crane takes to eat a regular cutter machine. This paper will cut to the correct format and within a few days we'll read it on the regular printed newspaper.

I asked the foreman Gregory Boyko:

- How to work with Alekhine?

- Okay. He does not interfere with our affairs in particular. If that notice did not correct, shows us what to do. Always calm, voice, does not increase, but if that miss-descent do not wait. In it we feel responsibility and independence.

Well, not this is the most important thing in every man? On that day, at the end of the second shift had a paper web breakage. Sharp cotton and circled around the machine shreds of paper. Rapidly cut short the conversation, jumped up and Alekhine Boyko. Just stood at the reel and has been caught at the press belt dryer Nicholas Kotuntsev. One feels that the team operates smoothly, worked without any confusion. Each in its place, and understand each other polzhesta-words because of the noise is not audible.

I noted the time. Break eliminated in 10 minutes. Alekhine said about this.

- Well, in general, not bad. But you know what you mean to us the moment?

Yes, I knew it. At the transitions between the buildings combine hang posters: "For a minute plant produces 1059 pounds of paper." This is the price of one minute.

During a break webbing machine continues to run, nothing continued to spend a lot of steam, electricity, and the sooner the break will be liquidated, the smaller, of course, would be lost. Here, much depends on workers' skills, dexterity and coordination team. I was at the plant in the spring, when it ended in the winter stocks of wood, driftwood and a new season has not started yet. Cars had a famine in the pulp and the pulp. There was a gap between the production schedule for production.

- What do you think make up for lost time? I asked Alekhine.

- We have a reserve of: reducing idling and downtime.

And the teams second car under the direction of the Hero of Socialist Labor senior engineer Nikolai Mikhailovich Alekhine aspire to this reserve has been used most.

Fifty years have passed since the start in the first Balakhna mill paper machine. In 1929, she developed a 25 347 tonnes of newsprint. Today, six units annually provide more than 400,000 tons of paper. This is enough to print 48 million copies of the newspaper format "Truth." The large group of plant problems are solved in the tenth five-year period. The annual output of products with the mark of quality brought to 100 000 tonnes.

This is the practical implementation of decisions of the Central Committee of the CPSU and USSR Council of Ministers "On measures to ensure the production of printing paper in the years 1977-1980."

- Affairs to be a lot, says Director of Plant-Basil Zakharievich Lapuhin. Affairs interesting, challenging and necessary. A success will identify people who are characterized by a high sense of responsibility and professional

skills, such as Nikolai Mikhailovich Alekhine.

From the date of transition to the Alekhine's second car has been a long time, but he still misses his "three". And you can understand that ten years of life given to it, a considerable period. Truly human nature to regret about the past as it is peculiar to him and continued to move forward.

And Nikolai Mikhailovich has a dream: to work on a new modern paper machine, which will soon be next to the "troika".

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