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Yermolovich Vasily Mikhailovich

Brigadier excavator drivers Sokolov-Sarbai mining and processing plant named after Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor

Yermolovich Vasily Mikhailovich Large ore

In the museum of the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Combine one can see a huge boulder sizuyu, plastered with nails and staples. This is all that remains of the legendary Mount Magnetic, at the foot of which half a century ago appeared the first tent builders of the future steel giant. Today, Mount razed to the ground, the ore reserves almost exhausted, and reminiscent of bygone wealth only empty pits so bowls museum exhibits. Forecasts of specialists, who claimed that combine local materials will last for many decades, have not come true. Not because the calculations contained errors - just a five-year periods at the beginning it was impossible to predict what will be a rapidly developing Soviet industry. Here are some interesting numbers: the initial project was supposed to receive about half a million tons of steel a year, and in 1970, 38 years after the start of the first blast furnace smelting of Magnitogorsk celebrated the 200 millionth ton of metal. Even nine years later, the country has congratulated the staff of the Magnitogorsk 300 millionth ton of steel. Of course, the first builders plant could not have dreamed of such a scope. And do not be surprised that the seemingly endless reserves of Magnitogorsk ore melted very quickly.

A plant grown from year to year, every insatiable blast furnace needed thousands of tons of ore, and to ensure its delivery became increasingly difficult. In addition, stable resource base needed not only to Magnitogorsk, but - and many other metallurgical plants of the Urals. It was necessary to find a sufficiently rich iron ore deposit, located relatively close, in an accessible location, adjacent to the railway and power lines. The conditions seemed to be almost unreal. Nevertheless, a generous nature has made them the right to metallurgists as a gift: in 1949 in Kustanai region, less than three hundred kilometers from Magnitogorsk, were discovered deposits of magnetite iron ore.

To begin with, that the pilot Michael Surgutanov who served exploration expedition, flying over the snowy wilderness, said the sharp deviation of the compass. Further research confirmed that there are two major fields that have received names Sarbai and Sokolovsky. Both are located at shallow depths from the surface and, hence, can be developed cost-effective and open way.

At the end of 1954 in the endless steppes, where centuries of silvery feather in the wind so ran the balls rolling fields, the first tent. Surveyors hammered into frozen ground pegs, the contours of the future Sokolovsky career mapped out a trench cutter. And laid the foundations of nearby houses, there began a new city, which later received the name of the Rudny.

Complex and difficult was the way to the ore. We had to dig two huge pit that can be compared in size to the lunar craters, move millions of cubic meters of waste rock. And at the same time, to lay railroad tracks and highways, build water and sewer, homes and schools, shops and nurseries, and industrial facilities. And all this is to build a full swing, as soon as possible, because the Sokolov-Sarbaisky ore was also necessary to metallurgists of the country, people like bread.

The construction of mining and processing plant, it was announced the All-Union Komsomol construction project, and thousands of settlers traveled to master new ground ore. They were no better than those who have flung open spaces near feather, turning northern Kazakhstan into a major granary of the country. They also feel cold in the tents, overcame countless everyday difficulties, working in the heat and cold. And they sang their own composed songs in haste:

Miners in the dispute,

And there were in the desert mountains.

Ah yes Rudny,

City wonderful,

Defeated expanses of the steppes!

Increasing its production capacity started up first Sokolovsky Quarry. A seven kilometers away at a record pace have created a larger-Sarbaisky mine. Meter by meter to deepen and expand in all directions, a gigantic bowl, getting nearer the desired goal-Ore. And then gloomy winter day, the excavator operator Peter Melnikov exposed upper layer of the ore body of the field.

Among those who worked beside him was a young bobcat Basil Yermolovich-at that time a novice, not had time to work at the plant and year. But in the new team, which is only just taking shape, the difference in the experience of no one noticed, everything was done the first time, and all were equal. And while each possessed the same feelings ...

Later in life Yermolovich happened to a lot of great memorable events. But the most joyful day of my work history, he still considers November 19, 1960, when it was first mined ore Sarbaisky.

- The slaughter were three excavator, says Vasily Mikhailovich, Melnikov-, Rozhkov and ours. When was the first bucket to scoop the clumps iron ore, something unimaginable began, we all ran out of the cabins, hugging each other, screaming loudly and incoherently. Perhaps it will seem ridiculous, but we even kiss the black stone and were not ashamed of tears in his eyes gleaming. Everyone knew that opening a new page in the annals of great enterprise, and was happy to the depths that he was involved in this great event. I call it: touch of history ...

This can not be forgotten

On the history of Yermolovich touched more than once. Devenitsa village, where he saw the light, located near the town of Berezino, in the very places where they found the remains of an ignominious end to Napoleon's army. This historical fact Bob Yermolovich learned before he learned to read, and he liked that the name of a small river known to history books around the world. He was represented as coming sometime in the distant lands, says casually, "I am out of the Berezina," and sees in the eyes of wonder and envy. Do not guess if the Belarusian lad that his native land will soon cover a new, far more heroic glory ...

He knows exactly when it was over childhood, at age twelve. In that year, when the glow of fires broke out the war, all of his peers at once became adults. The former carefree life of a pioneer, bonfires, traveling at night, fishing, was an infinitely distant, unreal, like a dream. His father, the founder and permanent farm, its chairman, went to the guerrillas, and his mother stayed in the village. Seven children, all smaller than the other, to get away with them?

Monstrous nightmare came the occupation. Devenitsa almost completely burnt down during the swept by fierce fighting on the ground, buried in greenery fun hatok stuck out like a gloomy tombstones, blackened tube furnace. The inhabitants lived in mud huts, ate grass, and it seemed a miracle that people still somehow continued to exist ... Not all survived. Has not been spared the loss of family and Yermolovich-from hunger and disease have died older sister Anne and younger Tanya.

But even in the darkest days of the child's mother instilled confidence in the unfailing victory of the Red Army, which will soon come back and drive out the fascists. Unknown ways came to cut off from the world, scorched down the village to the victories of the Soviet forces, guerrilla groups, and all hope of getting stronger all the impatient expectation.

Enemies, too, realized that they host for long on the Belarusian land, and lyutovali day. Once in the village there were soldiers in black uniforms. When prompted policemen herded into a barn with a dozen women, and then set it on fire, heart-rending cries were heard for a long time through the smoke and flames.

Winter day with my friends Bob went to a neighboring village to get red in the hope something edible. But they saw that where until recently stood at home, smoking ruins, the snow was red with frozen blood. Side by side were killed, women, old people, teenagers. The SS did not spare anyone in the village there was not a living soul. The wells were filled the brim with corpses of children who were thrown into the water alive.

Yermolovich Vasily Mikhailovich Many years later, Vasily Mikhailovich visited his native place. He saw the resurrected from the ashes of Minsk, the renovated Devenitsu where and are now living mother and two sisters. In Khatyn long stood in front of a stone stele on which were written the names of hundreds of villages destroyed by the Nazi barbarians, among them, hence the red. And again, as a child, experienced the pain and bitterness, again piercing clearly arose before the eyes of the bloody pictures of the past ...

-Everyone must have happened in the past few days to find the events that have affected certain personal qualities. Yermolovich no doubt: a decisive influence on his character has had time to the war years. It was during those years, he deeply understood how important it is to believe in the inevitable triumph of good over evil, be strong in all the details. He saw a number of these heroic guerrillas frequented the village, and any one of them was an idol for the boys. But I had seen both rural-guys wearing white armbands on their sleeves policemen who voluntarily Ministering to the enemy, and not inferior to him sometimes in violence. Together with his friends Bob sought the answer to the tormenting question of why one can survive everything, in the most difficult tests remain loyal to the Motherland, while others broke down, rolled into the swamp of treachery? And prompted memory: this here, especially the fierce policeman, in peacetime are constantly fawn on a collective farm chairman, the other a bottle of vodka was ready to forget his father and mother, the third-ordinary coward, who own the most expensive skin ... And much later, when he had to deal with Yermolovich party work, he sometimes found myself thinking that I could not help trying to imagine what would have behaved in this or that person under enemy occupation? And if you come to the conclusion that someone with his views and habits, able to turn yellow in the battle to change his duty-he became a harsh and uncompromising.

Skills of

- Postwar my background is simple, 'says Basil Mihaylovich., when the village was released and began working on the farm, went to school for working youth. Over the shoulders was only four classes, I realized that this is not enough. Then he was drafted into the army. He became a tanker, commanded the fighting machine. At the time of transfer to the reserve he knew for certain that I will run a machine-right-after all was in love with technology. The parents called home, but I was drawn to the other edge: a young small world. A friend, also a tank commander, had persuaded to accompany him to the Northern Urals, where he came from. So I ended up in the city of Sverdlovsk region Volchansk. Acquired bulldozer at the coal mine. Later moved to the excavator. Worked better than others. He married, my daughter was born. Accepted as a candidate for the party. Everything seems to be well-evolved, but for some reason, the soul is restless. I dreamed of something more substantial, like swing, open space. One day I heard on the radio talk about the impact the construction site, about a young city Rudny. It has been said, among other things, that there is need skilled workers, in particular excavator. There was my idea to go there, as they say, at the very cutting edge. Consulted with Anna, his wife, and she laughs that we have to lose, so let's go take. And we went in a completely unfamiliar to us Kazakhstan ...

Ural friends wondered: why did he and it romantic? Do not have a youth, a family man, it's time to settle down. Yes, that friends come once in Ore's brother, Peter, professor of Rostov Institute. He looked at closely, through freezing makeshift, which rented Basil, came out in a dull, without a single tree, the steppe, where the storm was walking, and frankly was amazed: "But how can you here?" But the reply was: "Wait a minute, everything will be fine. As time passes, and I still envy you. " My brother just smiled, how could he have imagined that these words will prove prophetic.

Work became a machinist Yermolovich excavator EKG-4-car was well known to him, ran this in the Urals. It quickly turned out to be among the foremost, not inferior to those who started here with the first peg. It also helped that he got a great team. Their team leader Mykola Sokolov, first at the mine received the Order of Lenin. Under him were to become machinists. Suffice it to say that both of them later became team leaders, nobles combine Nikolai Belousov-elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Nicholas F. Peck was awarded the title Honoured Miner of the republic. They learned a lot from each other, and each claims that without the continued support of fellow crew is unlikely to be able to become such, it is.

As time went on, and it was always full of great events. Came into operation new production facilities. Ahead of time, two years earlier than planned, it has been estimated capacity pits twenty-six and a half million tons of crude ore per year. For the first time in the country has begun commercial production of metallurgical raw materials, efficient iron ore pellets. Combine visits CPSU General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev. He praised the work of the miners, and they in return promised to multiply their success.

In 1965 at the report-election meeting Communists elected Vasily Mikhailovich party secretary mining complex. Not without internal vibrations he agreed to take a responsible position. In the career of one hundred twenty Communists, a large work group, and lead is not easy. Will skill, tact, political vigilance? But once trusted, we must work, he decided. And fervently took up a new business.

Perhaps he could go far as party leader: Communists mine and now recall with appreciation how principled and conscientious secretary Vasily Mikhailovich was as insistent he implementation of decisions, both acutely and critically took them under his leadership the congregation. However, before the next election Yermolovich asked for a replacement:

- I want to go back on production. Technique is updated in a career, I feel that old experience is not enough. And just now being developed excavators EKG-8I, not everything goes smoothly. That's got in mind to understand this car, find out for yourself its capabilities. I am convinced that in the mine I'll bring more benefits ...

At the party committee agreed with the arguments, and soon Vasily Mikhailovich took his former place at the Controllers. He started with an ordinary driver, and only once to the subtleties learned vosmikubovogo hero, once again became a foreman.

At the end of 1970 to Sarbaisky mine brought an unusual Izhora factory backhoe bucket to capacity was increased to ten cubic meters. This peculiarity allows you to significantly raise the productivity of the machine, however, is not designed for higher loads, it required a particularly careful treatment. Therefore, the designers were asked to entrust its best team since the inability or negligence in the pilot can quickly bring the unit down. The choice fell on Yermolovich. To the surprise of many, it is for a new car got a new team, from the youth. Learning is easier than retraining, he explained. And time has shown that the calculation was correct. Young machinists Anatoly Chlamydia pneumoniae, Alexander Borisov, very young machinist assistants, graduates of vocational schools yesterday, they are all trying to hard. In the few months until the continued build excavator (he came from the factory in boxes, disassembled for parts, an empty bucket weighs fifteen tons), each member of the crew managed to get excellent training. And soon the foreman saw with pleasure that the guys on the shoulder, serious business ...

It should be noted that Yermolovich, who turned fifty years old, reaches out to young people, it is easy to find common language with the same age of eighteen sons. "With them, I'll look younger," he says.

In the first year of a new backhoe has shown good results for the start, were loaded on railway platforms for more than two million cubic meters of rock. Then, almost managed to get close to the design capacity of the machine, two and a half million cubic meters, a year later crossed the three million milestone ... On the eve of the fourth year of the Ninth Five Vasily Mikhailovich turned to his crew:

- What if we call in the commitments three and a half million?

- Wow! Exclaimed one of the pomoschnikov.-not that too?

- It would not be missed - support drugoy.-This one is not wanted.

- And why not go on record? Asked the engineer Gennady Maltsev.-There's puny strength in stock!

- It is certainly not in the pursuit of a record - noticed Yermolovich. - First, I want the end to find out what our car is capable of. I think that this figure is not the limit. I have consulted with experts. But the main thing in another. If we call our goal for all to hear, the entire staff of mine stir. And sokolovtsy think. I am sure that will follow us and dozens of other teams ...

The party organization has supported their plan, and soon the plant has spread the movement for the adoption of each team stressed the plans. On the basis of the initiative was developed by a working counter-plan of the enterprise. Word of its Sokolov-sarbaytsy kept: increased job done ahead of time. Has achieved the intended goals and a team-Yermolovich it shipped in 1974 from the 3505 slaughter of cubic meters of rock. Labor was a feat worthy of evaluation. Vasily Mikhailovich was awarded the Order of Lenin.

Sure handwriting

Once, during a trip to Moscow Yermolovich have met with friends in the profession, working on major mining and processing plants in the country. Many of them were perplexed: due to what his team accomplished this, a really phenomenal results?

- Maybe your not a shovel, and two bucket?, Asked him in jest. He answered quite seriously:

- Resources do not need to look at the car, and a man. He has plenty of ...

And explained that the champions at the Sokolov-Sarbaisky GOK-lot across the country know the names of Eugene Antoshkina, Nikolai Rozhkov, Eugene Veryovochkin and many other advanced excavator. As for their team, there are no special secrets. Everything is based on mutual trust, unity of interest. For example, before they pay made according to the production of each shift. Therefore, some machinists wanted to "pull" the best volumes dip as much as possible. A changer after it sometimes had to face a long lead in order. Naturally, there were conflicts, strain relations. Now earnings are in the "common pot", the difference in pay depends on each level. But the foreman gets posited increase. And if the driver of the changes involved in maintenance procedures, preparing a scope of work for the successors, he did not lose on this. What is important is the overall end result ...

Of course, its own methods, little tricks in the team is. For example, the individual nodes excavator attached to each personally. Gennady Maltsev is responsible for the serviceability of undercarriage, engine speed, the rotary mechanism, a compressor, Anatoly Lobzin entrusted with care of the pressurized mechanism to the generator, synchronous motor, in the care of Stanislaus Bogatinova-boom, bucket and other parts of the machine. Brigadier Sam provides trouble-free operation of lifting machinery, auxiliary machinery group, low-voltage current collector. If during the operation there was some kind of fault, the primary demand for the "boss."

Another feature of-flight magazine, where each driver records that is made during the process breaks: lubricated bearings, checking gear, replaced contacts Controllers ... Clearly, the changer will not be repeating these operations, will find other things to do.

The crew appreciates the work-minute own and others'. If the delay of a shipment, they do not smoke breaks: Either change the bucket teeth or trimmed soles face, or make the track layout. Minor faults eliminate its own, each team has related professions electrician and welder. Minutes and saved by reducing the regulatory cycle of excavation, combining manufacturing operations, they are downloading each of 3-4 minutes earlier. From just such mosaics, formed the final record-breaking performance ...

- As you can see, concluded Vasily Mikhailovich - nothing special. I think all this is the strength of any team, there is a will ...

Shortly after the XXV Congress Yermolovich seriously thinking about what else is in the collective reserves. Five-Year Plan of efficiency and quality would start great things. Consulted with friends. The conversation was long and hot, and finally agreed: Only through their own efforts they have not much to achieve. The main obstacle was the lack of coordination in the work of subcontractors. Downtime often arise because of a let down the team to another. Hence, the competition for the growth of labor efficiency should be a cross-cutting, affecting all parts of both the technological chain. No one should be on the sidelines ...

In the factory party committee came forward foremen - excavator, driller, truck driver, the driver of an electric, a senior engineer roasting machine. Only ten people. The result of the meeting was to appeal to all company employees:

the struggle for improving the quality and efficiency of work at each workplace. Later, this movement is called "fix ten."

- The quality of our work so I understand, 'said then-Ermolovich. should not simply execute the plans and commitments, but also to work with the brilliance and elegance. Simply put, anything to avoid negligence and schlock. If you are excavator-space track is so smooth, so that after you had nothing to do bulldozer, rock goods not falling asleep railway track. If the driver of an electric-Give the composition of the loading up to a minute ... In short, everyone should be working to develop a calligraphic handwriting. And above all, ask yourself with the utmost rigor: and where and when you gave the first mistake, what turned a blind eye? Here then, I'm sure the return will be very significant.

"The initiative of ten 'given a really great effect. Added in the coherence, mutual assistance, it became less congestion at the junctions of different specialties. Lift and development units. Particularly outstanding results achieved Yermolovich team. In the first year of the tenth five-year period they have established an absolute record for the soft overburden, were loaded 3701.6 thousand cubic meters of rock. Nobody in the industry did not rise so high! However, in the next two years, the performance of the brigade fell slightly, but each time the production was kept for three and a half million. The fact was that the deterioration of mining and geological conditions, increased transportation distances. Therefore, the task became a little less. But judging by the fulfillment of the plan, then a slowing, however.

Not only the development of astronomical figures differ Yermolovich team. Among its commitments, and there is this: to work out the tenth five-year period without a major overhaul. It is usually made through six or seven years after the operation. But they decided to bring up to ten years, and perhaps even longer. Winning at the same time considerable: to stop the machine should be for three months, and repair costs of about one hundred thousand rubles.

- However, for the repair, we have earned - smiles Basil Mihaylovich.-saved material on this amount. In what way? It's very simple. Worn, for example, bucket teeth on one side, and we use them to turn over and over again. Guys, supporting an arrow, was replaced with a stretch rope, at the expense of the life of ropes boom has increased for four years. We protect and electricity, try not to drive the motors idling. So we collect and, in a thousand ruble ...


Two decades have passed since then, as Vasily Mikhailovich Yermolovich arrived at the construction site impact. We stand with Vasily Mikhailovich on the edge of Sarbai career-ledged the bowl with a diameter of more than three miles, going into the depth of a quarter of a mile. Tiny toy colossus look away, excavators, dump trucks semidesyatipyatitonnye, powerful dump cars.

- I can not believe that all this is the work of our hands, 'said thoughtfully Ermolovich.-When I came here, three excavators were in the mine closely. And now there are fifty-five, including eight of walking. More than a billion tons of rock removed from here. And the ore mined quarter of a billion tons. Took a run around the world today, our metal. And how many people will give him more!

He says goodbye, it's time to intrude on the shift. Normal work shift, which has been in his life and what many thousands more will be.

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