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Tarasov Viktor Yakovlevich

Planer turbine production association "Leningrad Metal Works", a Hero of Socialist Labor

Tarasov Viktor Yakovlevich - How are you?

- Poor. Verree poor. Tarasov, pulls the handle a good friend of the house-color "Rainbow," just wants to play up to our komande.-Yes, it spoils it all, he resents nastroenie. with demanding annoyance, which clearly sounds like a note: "Oh, if you're wearing a T-shirt that reads "USSR", then be polite, it appear worthy of the label. "

But! .. He himself, Victor Y. Tarasov, by what right imposes high demands on others? Had he never loses? Always "scores"? Before answering, let's look at Viktor Yakovlevich Tarasov.

Age forty-two. Build-Herculean. Native Leningrad. My father and mother work. In the thirty-ninth, when Vita was two years old, his father died in the Finnish war. The fact that the brother was born Valera, the father reported to the front. Before he could learn about it or not, who can tell? But neither father Valera, Valera or his father did not have seen.

In the forty-first, when Vita was four, Valery less than two, and my mother was still the sole breadwinner of the family, in their backyard instead of at home, with so much difficulty with such love and joy at one time, then finally, just before the war, the Finnish built-father, raised dot. What can you do? Again the war. Moved back across the yard, to my grandmother Vare. Of course, not so much at home, but you can live. Worst of all, most terrible hunger first winter of war.

My grandmother back in the fall all the potatoes that dug up, porazdala soldiers. In winter, Varya herself Grandma died of starvation. As my mother managed to keep the two tiny sons, it is not clear, however, has kept ... Thank you again, although bedovali with food, but it was warm. Logs from the demolished homes of fathers have reserved for firewood. As if their father warmed-synishek saved after death.

By the summer it became easier: quinoa appeared. From it, and pancakes, and soup, and do not know what else my mother managed to concoct, but the taste of quinoa-nesytny sugary, empty-until the end of days are not forgotten. Evacuated in the autumn of Chuvashia. They sailed on a boat across Lake Ladoga under the bombs, under artillery fire from both sides. Half of the boats did not reach. Vitino-reached. Chuvashia is remembered taste of buckwheat, heat, involving people who spoke an incomprehensible language.

They spent over a year, and in the forty-fourth, after the blockade was broken, and returned to Leningrad. From the earliest days of my mother at work. Got room for ten-square-meter! The sea of light and heat. And the tap in the kitchen, when you want, how much water you want lei.

In the year of Victory Victor began first grade. Though life has become easier and better from year to year, it is still not sugar-mom with two eagles. Eye-blink before you can have them short pants. Some dumplings as smalyvayut! Be worn out shoes as one! ..

So wanted to study further, but after the seventh grade went to the Victor plant. Chose the well-known metal-chosen because it is near, next to the metal, on the Okhta, was born near grew bedoval, chasing a soccer ball and studied. And because he knew that were doing the most important, most necessary for the great buildings on the Volga, the Dnieper, Angara. I wanted to test myself if I can be ahead of all, as his father once?

He became a skilled student of Alexander T. Galyamicheva planer. Masters such as posters, books, Petrograd proletarians portrayed. He taught with the feeling confused and ... with pleasure. Painfully uhvatisty, savvy, mimic-a pupil is caught. Besides, an educated but the time it is.

Quickly and Victor greedily took a course Sciences, accustomed to the treatment of metal, delved into the heart of the matter. Gradually liked to subjugate rough pieces of steel, plane until it shall be made smooth, intricately figured. I wanted to be able and be able to like myself, "San Timofeitch" better than the "San Timofeyitch."

Three months later, a very brief period of teacher-student recommended by an independent career. By the same machine repair and machine shop.

Over time, shop from the antediluvian wooden, with props, the building moved to a new and modern. Good sign, first moved here saw Victor Tarasov.

Soon after the meeting in the new shop of Victor took the Young Communist League, and a year later escorted away to serve in the fleet. Do not become an orphan, however, planning the care of Victor Tarasov: instead of the older brother became the youngest to the machine-Valera.

Victor served in the north. At first it was so hard, he feared not survive. But the guys next to well chosen, Leningrad, were "from our Metal." Popriterlis north-nothing, and not have seen at an earlier age. What is a service of the navy, the army? In essence, the same work, work, and above all the work and the work of Viktor Tarasov did not scare me. His success in the service were awarded diploma of the Central Committee of Komsomol.

Came the fifty-ninth year, the demobilization. He returned to Leningrad, and without rest,-on the same plant, in the same place, to the same machine. Replaced Valera: now his turn to go into the army. Not only that. Here is what is called the same breath, he entered the ninth grade school for working youth. And in addition guys chose Viktor Tarasov secretary of the Komsomol organization of the shop.

Classes at the school for working youth thyself very frisky, very happy. So good it was to find out every evening new, interesting! But not the whole story here. The main thing is more important than the main!-There, in school, one group worked with Nina, seamstress, machine operator with a neighboring factory. Viktor Tarasov spotted it: a splinter soul.

To look at different people. Victor is large, detail-slow, docile. Nina graceful, swift, abruptly, with a lively temperament, and, like mercury. But this is only in appearance. Both were born and raised on the working edge of town, and the characters of both true-Leningrad Ice and Fire. And fate alike. Nina also blokadnitsa, also a soldier's orphan, my mother became a widow at twenty-seven years with three kids in her arms. In general, it is agreed by the characters. Graduated the tenth grade, were married.

A year later my daughter was born. They lived hard, all in the same ten-room. When the World was two months, Nina returned to work, and Victor has become in the fullest sense of nursing her father: and washed diapers, and milk was running the kitchen and cradling my child-only flattered.

Despite the fact that the band stood out hard, but good, remember the light. They lived together. However, cherishing her daughter. Together snatches time to go to the theater. However, leaving the city on Saturday and Sunday in winter, skiing, in summer of fungi on cranberry. Both are desperate, nature lovers and avid sportsman. Eventually, Nina went to the factory to the husband-tech laboratory steam turbines. So on and from work often together.

Even at the time of service in the Navy guys wrote to Victor, which organized the first workshop in the brigade of communist labor. Naturally, when he returned, he worked in the brigade, the first Communist. Foreman was Anatoly Pavlovich Borovikov.

Many young people came in those years for machines and mechanical repair, but not all of it long delayed. Another year or two, and you look like a wave swept: picked up the job easier, cleaner, pozametnee. And if Tarasov prisoh to shop! And you know what the mechanical repair? While the plant is working properly, the repair and mechanical forget any laurels he was not liable, he is not in sight. But then something goes wrong somewhere and mechanical repair for all to answer, gets the lion's share of bruises and bumps.

How else, because you're a technician. So, are responsible for the lives of all other departments, your duty to maintain the health of the inflexible iron plant. A plant for you! Do not Plant Production Association! Only the Communists three and a half thousand, the party organization on the Rights of the District Committee. Gift, or what they say and do to yourself and others about them: do not "make" and "build" - "Turbostroitel."

Often it is necessary to act very strongly, for example plane without waiting for preparation of drawings required details. Delve into all the most in the whole deal. You are a machine operator, and even obliged to anticipate in advance when and what will need a mechanic, so they had time to recover the failed.

In the sixty-first year of Viktor Tarasov chosen companions in the factory trade union committee, and at the regional conference and delegate XIII Congress of the All. Later, at the Congress, planer with Leningrad Metal became a member of the Central Auditing Commission. And managed to combine production activities with a large and multifaceted social work. Do not just manage to be all for that matter was taken, made from the heart, with all my heart. Not without reason called the soul department.

Tarasov Viktor Yakovlevich Here's Victor Y. Tarasov pass-through, gets to his metal. And the first thing before my eyes, 'eternal fire under the marble top near the shop's number one:

"In memory of participants in the defense of Lenin, who fell victim to enemy shelling and bombing in the walls of our factory.

Anna V. Alexandrov, podsobnitsa

Ekaterina Andreeva librarian

Batenin Konstantin Nikolaevich - engineer

Volkov Iraida Andrianovna-frezerovschitsa

Leonid Vorobyev-turner

Ekaterina Ermakova-barmaid

-Porter ... ... Engineer ... storekeeper ... inspector ... Fitter ... assistant manager ... planirovschitsa ... "

Continuous-a feat not otherwise be called the history of the mother plant, especially in time of war. Thousands of workers volunteered for the front. And those who remain, day and night under fire, the bombing made weapons, ammunition, repairing armored vehicles, turrets, destroyers - were working in shops, working on the islands of the Baltic, were turned into bastions of defense, working on the distant and near approaches, on the Road of life. Metal craftsmen from rebuilding lined with heavy guns on the front-line bank of the Neva. Day "assembly stands" quilt lead by the wind, so it set about to work only with the darkness. At night went to the Metal has not completed an armored train. Firing of the enemy near Peterhof, the morning they returned to the factory for repair and completion. In prostylyh through workshops, where the snow lay on the cold powder and chalk ground wind motors for machines stooped men in patched boots and ear flaps. Fitters conjured in the office that managed to somehow insulate. In the hydro turbine shop, where the tanks were collected, it was little more than two hundred people instead of almost a thousand before the war.

Viktor Yakovlevich seen ... Heavily rearranging stiffening legs, along the railway line to the plant wander weary workers, clearing the drifts ... Granite unfeasible spades! .. And another part of the crumpled, mutilated "Kaveshkami" filed in the shop. How to unload? Four of slingers barely lift a rope, and four of them on the gake crane girders. For it takes the power engineering department itself. And by the evening all the armored disabilities are arranged along the hydraulic turbine.

With hunger swells Brigadier Zadvornov collectors. The legs do not hold, can not stand. For him, bring a chair, but can not see sitting out there that have done inside the "box" boys-remeslyata. "Maine!" Picked up a chair and rope slings. "Beer!" Cock-ups over the scorched tank turret. "Horrosh!"-And works Fedor Zadvornov as heart stops beating.

And here is seen as a mechanic Semchenko not released to work. A tall, solidly impressive, should be similar complexion to him, Victor Tarasov, Semchenko is especially hard to withstand hunger, more precisely, can not stand his lies. Comes the foreman: "Without you, our pipe." - "I can not get up." - "Except you, the job is not done to anyone." Some super-Semchenko will make a visit to the plant, does re-enlisted, Extremely work back home. At home, he finds his wife dead, and next to her crying child. Diaper wife sheets, transported on sleds to Piskarevka. Then the child in the manger himself, to work.

Of course, none of this is seen, but I could see it all Victor Tarasov. And it seems to Viktor Yakovlevich Tarasov, it was all him. Perhaps it is because with a bright sense of gratitude goes he Piskaryovskoye memorial

Cemetery-memory of the heroes to worship.

Hlopocha of today, Metal always knew how to live in a Leninist - half of the soul in the future. In the hungry, cold days and nights riddled blockade of its designers were concerned with the design "weave" - a hitherto unheard of steam turbine with a capacity of one hundred thousand kilowatts, which became the backbone of postwar five-year period of thermal power plants.

Founded in 1857 by the metal end of the last century was one of the heroes of the Russian machine-building. Generously gave cranes, dredges, steam boilers, steel spans of bridges that stand to this day. At the beginning of this century to build the first Russian Metal steam turbine. Its workers fought on the barricades of the first Russian revolution, stormed the Winter Palace, reflected the invasion of the interventionists and the White generals.

Despite the devastation, even in the twenty-fourth Leningrad Metal produced the first Soviet steam turbine is ten times more powerful than the pre-revolutionary two thousand kilowatts, and the first hydraulic-three hundred and seventy kilowatts. Only two thousand, three hundred seventy of ... "- we say today. But then! .. Besides, let us not forget that they were the first swallows, that flew over the whole flock. LMW gave half of capacity of power plants constructed by the electrification plan. Ten years after the release of the first turbine of the Soviet country got rid of the need to buy a steam turbine abroad.

Why Viktor Yakovlevich think about it, starting to work? Yes, because all known Viktor Yakovlevich from books or factory Legend has it that he perceives as his personal background as their own origins and roots.

It does not pass through the city streets, plant, and shops, stretching into the distance. One can not help admiring the giant machines that make a fantastically huge parts fantastically powerful machines. Particularly attracted to his lathe, "Carousel," as they are called here, with rotating table on which are fixed "parts," faceplates with a diameter of several meters. The railway platform, internal transport officials seem little ones next to the machine tools and parts.

Everything has already been seen before a thousand times, had seen, but every time something new. Year by year, growing, becoming stronger plant, is complicated, being consolidated case. One hundred and fifty thousand kilowatts in one block, two hundred, three hundred, five hundred, eight hundred thousand is not just a nominal capacity of machines, it's stages of development of basic sectors of the economy, seven-league steps of progress power.

Come remember the river, city and country where your turbine work: the Volga, Yenisei, Angara, the Danube, Krasnoyarsk, Bratsk, Ust-Ilim, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Korea, Romania, the GDR, Mongolia, Brazil, India, Canada, Argentina .. .

Today, the machines and benches flows "details" stunning, even here, the size of the turbine are the main Tenth Five: Hydraulic six hundred forty thousand kilowatts for the Sayano-Shushenskaya, steam in a million two hundred thousand for the Kostroma station - six hundred times more powerful than the first Soviet turbines. Here it is, run-Metal half a century!

The plant looks into the future, and concern for Tarasova, young people, tomorrow plant. Like a personal tragedy, he is experiencing frustrations and failures of the young. As deputy chairman of the union shop committee and just for good will ever happen in the factory dormitories, helps young than can, advises, helps out. And most of all, teaches skills. Even from the other republics come to him, "postazhirovatsya." That's it, Viktor Jakovljevic Tarasova, was elected chairman of board of teachers association "Metal Works".

Fourteenth ... September one thousand nine seventy-ninth year, a very nice day. Hero of Socialist Labor Tarasov Viktor Yakovlevich completed five years. He works humbly and honestly. Comfortable lightweight overalls. Beret. His hands were blackened from the metal. Operates on four machines, three planing "gomeltsa" plus mortising. Already on the way suited to them, can be seen: the wizard. A workpiece-one machine to another, another. Preparations are selected and laid out sensibly, so that smaller machines need reconfiguring, more burden on them. Ahead of time, he delves into the work of suppliers, mechanics, and all subcontractors. Knows how this or that detail to make faster and better, and so it was more comfortable then the installers. Consults with them, do not hesitate to ask if something does not know whether a novice in front of him even though the employee, even though the process engineer. Learn from anyone not shameful, never late.

All on hand-tools, metal. Nothing throws: no bolts, no pipe cutting or bolvanochki-save up all: what will fit. And it's true, look, as will fit, by order, to the place had. Behind the front of a large set of machines Tarasov "wall" - rack, and places where supply of materials, devices and instruments. Next to a table with two chairs, you can here in the quiet razo6ratsya drawings, viewed in its original factory newspaper a break, and just take a breath until the machines are self-feed.

He likes the work of Viktor Tarasov, perhaps, is the main defining trait. And the work he loves. It is impossible to shop without Tarasova Tarasova as no shop. Yes, fortunately, and do not represent. He works here as long as plant stands in its modern guise, twenty-six years. And in fact the world turbine, to which he Tarasov, a hand and soul, working flawlessly, perfectly, because it guaranteed reliability, and the distinguishing feature of his character and deeds, to which he devoted himself entirely, without a trace. Is there such a thing in metal: the basic surface-to-one from which all leads and measure the counts on which the rest, which bears and sustains all. You look at Tarasova, think about it and unwittingly concluded: "The basic people, basic character."

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