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Liiv Valery Rihardovich


Liiv Valery Rihardovich

Brigadier turners Tallinn Production Association "Talleks" named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Liiv Valery Rihardovich Factory life in the future tense, every honest person in the unrest and concerns. The objectives are complex. Solutions are often not yet been explored. And so very often face different views come to the surface a conflict of interests, dissimilarity of options.

It is clear that without the spirit of innovation and creative daring, intellectual and physical effort will not achieve the desired. Everyone in one way or another have to stretch, lift the ceiling has been achieved. Particularly difficult in this sense, oddly enough, the best people. The demand from them is increased. And most importantly, they themselves yesterday and the day before belonged to him no favors and all the visible base of growth for a long time put into circulation. How can further progress? Anyone know if you do not go back and forth pyatishsya. Backing pride would not allow, do not feel bad habit of always on the right flank.

Valery Liiv working as a turner, turner, and he was eminent. Three times won the title of best in the profession in the industry. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the two convocations. A member of the Communist Party of Estonia for ten years. For outstanding achievement, labor valor, an active social life became a Hero of Socialist Labor.

In advance I would say that honor and glory - well-deserved, earned. But as their own estimates Liiv? In Tallinn evening newspaper found his interview about the Star of the Hero Award. Here's an excerpt: "March 11 evening, the parents called me and congratulated on the high award, explaining that he had just handed over Estonian Television Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. What is tested? Joy, pride, gratitude for the high recognition of the worker's labor, the desire to prove that I will continue to work as conscience commands. And I thought that the future will demand more from yourself ... "

It was in 1981 and, as it appears the date, which he named Valery, immediately after the XXVI Congress of the Party. But on the eve of the Congress, he pledged to mark the opening of its four-month performance standards for two-parent of the month. And kept his word. This is, apparently, is not demanding of themselves! And yet again he repeats: "There is demand from yourself ..." Conscience tells him to think of even more value.

Before the first meeting with Liiva decided to inspect the plant. Getting the truth, puzzled. The famous Tallinn Red Banner of Labor Excavator Plant named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union, the parent company of the production association "Talleks" look homely. His head did not fit that of the now sunken into the ground eventually goes more than half of the buildings produced in this country excavators continuous, is made complex products, a quarter of which is exported, resulting in every fourth chain trenchers in the world-from Tallinn.

However, in the vicinity of the old shops raised new production buildings, the technological revolution and reconstruction of the felt on a number of existing sites. But the whole complexion of the company testified to-morrow, "Talleksa" had not yet arrived. And what about the workplace Valeria?

On the way to the shop noticed the factory Board of Honour. Among the dozens of photos, a portrait of Liiva. Although on the face and show through the features of the solemnity, it is still smiling, with a merry look in his eye open. But in the shop, staring at the workers at their machines for a long time could not find Valery in the remaining pictures in memory. Maybe because he wore thick round headphones that covered part of the face, and the expression of concentration, a certain detachment, the conspicuous, making all workers alike.

Talk at this time failed. The shop was such a tight sound that the normal voice came through it. It remained to observe the work of Valery, which apparently consisted of endless, repetitive cycles of movement: a man ruled by two semi-automatic lathes. Turn right and in the hands of a round workpiece, rotation of the machine tool-workpiece zatsentrovana in his belly, turning to the other machine-finished part is removed, turn left, it is measured and piling. And all the repeats.

It was felt, not fluff-piece pen. Weighed hard on the hands, one to two pounds. Ponyanchish eight o'clock this ... "What can you do?" Shows gesture-Valery. Again, turn to the pigs, turn the machine.

Darken the sky in the windows of the shop, rolling early evening hours. But all the same regularity of inclusions machines, the same automaticity of operations, the same ultimate clarity and composure. And the growing pile of silver cut parts, will soon be hidden behind a head turner.

This, again, purely external design work. It is by no means reflects the essence of the whole art of turning. But looking at it, what Valeria restless eyes, his body like a spring, freeze your fingers on the meter, you know, it is not easy. It is not easy given half to two rules in a shift, five-year plan in four years.

Production figures, of course, the first characteristic of labor. Only the bare figures, despite their specificity, some conventional, not taking into account many factors and circumstances.

Working the job today are rarely easy. The measure of optimality is subject to a variety of reasons to significant fluctuations. I had to tell you that the rate of Liiva not just constantly increases. The difficulty is that the value of every cent of the plan is filled with ever-increasing real output products. The end of the shift. In the aisle next to the machines appeared electropenalties and began reloading it from the pile of parts. Liiv went to the shower. I asked the driver about the electric vehicle detail:

- Now they are in the department of technical control?

- No, replied, Valery Rihardovich on self-control, he guarantees the quality.

- And if the marriage?

- It's all in the order of Liiva marriage not found.

This is the certification of the working man working man. And this is perhaps the highest praise lathe work, which I heard at the factory. In general, there is something many of Valerie and willingly, but without the enthusiastic epithets. The implication: there Liiv Liiv, like a unique phenomenon.

He considers that one is not typical:

in terms of education. It so happened that Liiv came into the shop of a technical college, having studied there for three years.

Graduated from high school with a silver medal, dreamed, like many peers, about the institute. He has been in the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers. I started to do it in a literal sense, selflessly. For the sake of lectures and coursework, textbooks and technical manuals to forget about sleeping, eating, normal rest. In the third year, has undermined the health of nervous exhaustion with the endless headaches. He took a sabbatical. Entered work as an assistant district engineer excavator Paydeskoy tractor station. First he worked in this field. He says the main thing that is left-respect to the excavator as needed in farming machine.

Then his parents moved to Tallinn. And since he studied at the Faculty of Construction and already seemed a little grasped in his profession, went to work in the pipe-laying Trust "Tallinstroy." But new business is not carried away. However, to restore health. There would have to go back to college, and he married, had a son. It was then decided with my wife that before the end of her high school, he arranged a time to plant. For what? I remembered the excavator, as he rejoiced in the villages of the reclamation works. Do not go on the excavator ... About the plant was already good reputation.

And now eighteen years ago in the machine shop of Tallinn excavator plant appeared student Valery Liiv turner. He was put to a semi-automatic lathe, and instructed to help sharpen the shaft. They say that delved into the profession with such thoroughness, tenacity and meticulousness that very quickly he was awarded a working level and entrusted an independent business. After a short time mastered the second semi. And since then, at the same workplace, on the same machine produces shafts.

See, for eighteen years, Valery Rihardovich working year after year, almost the same equipment performs day-to-day almost the same operation, produces about the same products ...

Liiv Valery Rihardovich But this familiarity-static. And therein lies a clear psychological explosiveness. Of course, worked through skill appears very confident orientation is thorough grinding to technology, industrial linkages. However, the monotony can become bored, bored, become an obstacle.

Liiv smiles this logical arcade. Explains at the outset that it is not necessary to simplify the current tokarnichestvo, and then adds, with his positions, most importantly:

- We often talk about the need to love their work. Properly speaking. But more important, love to work and find satisfaction, maximum output of mental and physical forces, the pleasure in the process. Then slide the new parts, new joy. And you live with it without the soreness of the mouth. And if, sometimes, get tired, it's the sweetest fatigue.

Hard work, he said, it is reasonable selfishly, that it merges public and personal interest ...

Love to work in a laid Liive family and school. Before the eyes of an example of his father Richard Karlovich. Whom he had just not worked: a blacksmith, a driver, projectionist, mechanic, fireman. And always, explained a good deal. It turned out that the profession does not make sense, and in relation to it. The war tore father's work. From the earliest days of the war he served in the Soviet Army in the Estonian Rifle Corps, a medical orderly, a medical assistant. And as soon as discharged, again looking for "good cause" or if it is itself of it. And this integrity of any work necessary for people imparted to his son.

The school, too, was a memorable teacher. Together with teachers, Valery was a boy harvested fodder, firewood for the school took out of the woods, cleaned potatoes, building sports facilities.

A first test of this hard work was for Valeria virgin. He went to Kazakhstan with the student detachment. He worked up a hot sweat and bloody hands, amazed even friends perseverance, endurance, ability to be in the midst of the most difficult cases. In 1957 he was awarded an honorary Liiva badge of the Komsomol "For the development of new lands." This is the first career award considers one of the most expensive. He once said the secret words that made clear to me his past and present:

- A man who loves to work, is always virgin, discovers in the work of all the new layers intact.

Visible seam-rationalization. Remember, the equipment, then the workplace Liiva not show. So always struggled idea: how to improve and facilitate the work. Filed no account of rationalization proposals. More than a dozen have adopted and implemented. They do not just fit into the existing technology, but make it perfect, refined, economical.

At the time, Valery handle shafts of nine items. Now, more than 20. Three of them are always made from 90-mm pieces. And if you reduce the tolerances tighten the specifications? Studied the drawings, books, posters on best practices, again drawing. He came to the conclusion that for this type of detail should be fine and 80-mm billets. And proved it in practice. Now, less than the chip should be removed and, hence, reduced processing time of shafts, increased productivity and, most importantly, an annual saving of 26 tonnes of scarce metal.

I remembered his surprise at the technical equipment of the plant. Valery responded eagerly, without sadness. He said that, of course, such a technical base survives his age, but similar plants in the country should be a lot more, and they are all part of a heavy part of such a thing as our huge production capacity, which should be used fully to the bottom.

- And we use it, not without pride, added on.-seen our factory diplomas, certificates and medals of the union and international exhibitions? We have a booth. And next to him, the other inventors' certificates and foreign patents. We are working on.

So quietly in our conversations started to dominate the new, which included the very essence of the plant life and, as it turned out, the life of Valeria theme-intensification. Indeed, elevated plans and socialist obligations, work commitment and technological innovations, the savings in big and small, as it is unforgiving and the manifestation of dictatorship. And here Liiv became serious, staring, frowning a little, much stricter than usual. And talked about this:

"The fundamental requirement of five-year plan for the intensification of production is important to pass through itself. There is a level of intensification throughout our economy, there is a level ministries, unions, factory, workshop. But the most important passes through the heart and soul of everyone. The problem rests in the intensification of our minds and decided here. "

The human factor. This is the next layer. Figured I could not help all cases, the aspirations of Liiva-they also fit into the mainstream of care as to raise it.

Once Valery provide a factory shafts of certain sizes. Growing enterprise software in the same operation had a second turner. Soon added a third machine, began to work in two shifts. Yet, shafts for increased assembly rate is not enough. Attached to this technological shift machinist third and one semi-automatic. Rectify the situation. But not for long.

Tallinn excavators can expand the area of agriculture guaranteed. Non-Black Earth require them more, the plan grew and the number of machines, and nomenclature. A roll-in short supply. Head of mechanical department Oswald Maksovich Kukk, he once tochivshy these details, the place itself is not found. Although the machine had in reserve, but work on it there was no one.

Then Kukk asked Valeria persuade two other turners who made shafts and start working on a new machine. Agreed, agitated. In two shifts now it was going on five machines. But with a creak. The work required the preparation of the groundwork for mate. Young turners think mainly about their normo-hours. Do not care too much about how to keep machines in good condition. And could be absent. Who is it that makes for a shortage of personnel. Kukk with a new idea to Liive: a working separately from the three cross-cutting lathe brigade. This experience at the plant was not yet. But common sense and practice of other companies prompted: there is the possibility of maneuvering for one job, according to a single Brigadier together. - Take, Valery, brigadirstvovat - dreamy said the foreman, 'get rid of many troubles. Liiv agreed. It happened late last five years. His five-year period he completed ahead of the rest summed up with the expectation of a team.

- Fiddled with us Rihardovich Valery,-told me in conversation Khrustalev Sasha, one of the turning-troitsy. But now all sins come to an end, although flaws remain.

Well, tall guy, light brown, curly-haired, blue-eyed, with light mustache, thick blush on the cheeks tight. And in the thirteenth year of the shop. After 8th grade students asked to be a turner, served the army, married, has long received the third level. But all the time, as he candidly admitted, "summed character." We did not have enough patience to withstand all the subtleties of the drawing, is not always allowed himself to control the details of the measure, negligence, and in many other things through.

And the foreman for it came from. Inflated almost to the severity of the break. Reconciled with his wife, and connecting it to the rehabilitation, little boy in the garden seat procured. And most importantly, this, Khrustalev promised never to forget - to support the work. That broken incisors. Though hurt himself, do not know why. Liiv tear away half an hour, torment on the machine, setting up of incisors, everything goes like clockwork.

Taught the secrets of all kinds. A secret-Liiva be persistent, do everything thoroughly, you can work, do not deprive yourself of happiness. And shame and scold, and stroked the head of time. In a word, and now Sasha Khrustalev works better than most of Valery, at least try to team never anything not to fail.

And about the second member of the team, Anatoly Lyamicheva-Sasha told about the same. In my trip, this was a lathe operator at the hospital. But now the stock is the stock shaft, and not so long ago the same Lyamichev he went on break to help the subcontractors.

Liiv believes that the work on the walls now are coherent, meaningful. Three of the five semi-automatic lathes in two shifts, perhaps, the best performance mode of loading equipment and people. Here, at the level of intensification. And as such it factors as organization, discipline, responsibility - the potential of teams is far from exhausted. Rights Khrustalev: flaws remain.

To each and all together now account for if re-learn efficiency, stewardship, efficiency, demand in the modern understanding of them, to overcome the inertia of the economy with reference to the notorious "Shaft."

Overcoming the economic thinking of the old is not a good wish, not an impulsive outburst, but a practical task, which is now issued with a pass to the plant, the duty of professional pride, civic and human duty.

In this vein, assesses the situation, Valery. In this way, and acting. New technology-essential, always virgin plastic. The plant already has orders for some of the sophisticated equipment, but can not get it. For example, can not wait milling machine for machining of new excavators. Ulyanovsk plant heavy machines had the unique place it has in the past year. Tallintsy begged about it. Do not put, explaining failure reduction program. And in fact, the plan Nedodaev 56 machines. When Liiv learned about it, sat down to write a letter of Ulyanovsk, appealed to the conscience of their labor.

A similar letter he sent and the address of one of Moscow's factories to expedite shipment dolbovikov cup. Got a reassuring answer. And although he knew that these issues are engaged and planning authorities and the ministry, he wrote again to the calculations of economic losses incurred due to disruption of supply ekskavatorostroiteli equipment. Now the ice is broken, but how much effort has required the implementation of the planned action, even! Overcoming a cool attitude to the plan, so that it now especially concerned.

Valery refers to this as he put it, "a tiny fact." In its fifth in a row were used for the development of semiautomatic clip details the special center. A special-so scarce. Just come out of the system, switch off the motor to the supply of luck. Came up with the output set transitional hub. If they can do universal centers, which are in abundance. Reducing bushes instructed to produce instrumental workshop. Include this range in the monthly plan. But it took nearly three-quarters, until the order was made. And that is largely because Liiv twice a month, was a toolmaker to claim his own. A tiny fact? I think so. But such relationships are constructed daily.

Today, more than ever, requires honesty, integrity, strict fulfillment of mutual obligations of workers, shops and factories.

Again Liiv refers to his example. Tallintsev summed Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant. Valery on the deputy's business was in Moscow. The director asked him to apply to the Minister, though, they say, the force of his authority will act on the Cherepovets. At the word "metal" darkened the minister, and even when found out that tallintsam requires only three cars, threw up his hands helplessly. Could only indicate Liiva as another deputy in the track-Gossnab. He was received by Vice-Chairman. And obviously affected him miserly amount of metal in respect of which Liiv studded high thresholds, ordered to allocate from the reserve of three ill-fated car and immediately send a "Talleksu."

For me, this episode was important in a successful outcome. He recalled, and was distressed: not summed to metallurgists, unless we went with an outstretched arm ...

Intolerance of deviation from our standards of conduct arises from the truths of Liiva unwavering partisanship. Once Valery came to work in a smart new jacket on the lapel of which cast a dark cherry enamel deputy's badge. Cause for celebration was the clothing. In the evening he was to report back at a party meeting workshop on the implementation of statutory responsibilities communist.

The people close to the desk had accumulated more than expected. There's definitely a shortage of chairs. And because the desk on the second floor of the nest, and it led to a steep steel staircase, volunteers pull up chairs were not. Some people prefer to land on some boxes or squat against the wall. Liiv Then, without saying a word, prokursiroval several times up and down, filling the lack of these same chairs, causing some remorse.

- What are you, Valery, contracted at the beck and call?-Noticed my sosed.-Then there are younger ...

- All have built up, looked around, eyes Liiv present,-a young, then all of a sudden go out on a date. In addition, the report is my wish to place you in direct and figurative sense.

But it was certainly not in the report. His diligence could have been the only motive, aggravated responsibility for any small party in the team. However, he said, without the great tribune of pathos, as a purely working moments implied life, but figuratively speaking. So, about the party said it for him and the house, and the earth and the sun in the sky. Valery Rihardovichu what was to report to their Party organization. In the early to the November 7 holiday, the annual performance of the job. In a decent performing parliamentary duties. In the life of a communist.

When taking a decision on the report, my neighbor suggested that it was quite dry formulation:

- As usual we do: take note, to approve the work ...

But then he added:

- Communist ... for the benefit of the people.

All in Liive at high yardsticks of human labor, at the time when there is an unprecedented creation, not only in economy but in our souls.

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