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Barulin Julia Titovna

Produced by the rods of the Moscow Automobile Plant named Lihachev, Hero of Socialist Labor

Barulin Julia Titovna Underground buzz emanates from the huge bodies of ZIL. In the thick vibrating noise in the bitter smell of iron in the flashing lights of sash windows is born every two minutes a new working machine-famous truck "ZIL". For a year or two hundred thousand pieces ... Every now and then open the gate, and locomotive pulls out a platform loaded with fresh paint gleaming cars. Even Muscovites to all the usual escort these convoys long the master's eye. Mighty nice to look at the goods, think of wondering where the train is intended: in Siberia, whether in Central Asia, and perhaps even abroad ..

Since in 1924 the first ten polutorok "AMO" passed on the cobblestones of Red Square, the capital's car plant produced a few million cars. And it is not surprising that this venture with great respect, and in Moscow, and throughout the country: from Magadan to Brest there is no way that the wheels would not had known "Zilke."

Perhaps people on a daily basis within the glass doors, and it seems the same familiar look of the plant. Only old-timers of the capital, passing by, say changes in the contours of its buildings. But really the one who works at the ZIL plant, knows how important it is now occurring in the transformation. There, inside a brightly lit buildings, engineers bent over the drawings of machines of the future, powerful and sophisticated, in the shops instead of the old worn-out machines are mounted modern high-performance equipment, workers learn a new technique-dominated professions, of which their fathers had not even heard of.

ZIL has changed. However, twenty years ago, in 1958, in the eyes of the Komsomol Julia Barulina he looked impressive. Rural Woman, the first time with a pass in hand, crossed the threshold of the legendary company, the plant was struck by its scale, non-stop traffic, buildings, brick walls, which seemed too exuded energy. She suddenly thought that she got into some kind of special city vigorous, strong, hardworking people. This impression is strengthened by the fact that this city was all his own: and the club, and the clinic, and the streets, and its militia, and even the boulevards and squares.

Julia Titovna Barulin arrived in Moscow from Smolensk region, which in the 50s still could not recover from the terrible devastation caused by war. Although the ruins are no longer there, and in their place, new buildings were raised, echoes of war still was in the air like the smell of the ashes of a giant. Were drained of blood and land, and farms and families. The main breadwinners, builders, and defenders, the strongest, most industrious, most young men claimed the war. From each hearth she took the tribute-shelter, property, living souls. People do not really hungry now, but lived very poorly.

The family of Julia Barulina was no exception: his father was killed in the 41st, the mother soon after the war became ill and died. Killed in battle, and three brothers, my mother's ... Demolish the family and home. But where a relative, a neighbor where people support each other, stretched out for children, work, spare no effort to try to restore the war-ravaged economy. Happy that there is no more war, no famine, but the fact that until bednovato-nothing, it's fixable. They gathered their families together, and decided who to go to learn, who earn their bread.

Julia fell to work to help. She came to the capital. Her cousin, uncle of Moscow, a former soldier, was a man of literate and thoughtful. He advised: you are fighting with us so diligently, and if I had the same fate to you, then do not go, my daughter, in a small office, where you will not be visible, but go better on the big plant.

She came to the ZIL. The personnel department saying very much needed work in the shop of gray cast iron. And I must say that even now, when this heavy production radically reconstruct, modernize, improve working conditions, still trying to send back men and not women. And though there is a pivotal branch easier and cleaner than, for example, molding or the chipping sector - foundry foundry is: noise, dust, fumes in the air, the heat ... And twenty years ago and did it, just say, grimly. Casting-all basis, the source of all;

No casting, therefore, no car. Foundry, stopped a few hours get up the main conveyor. But even the minimum reserve components failed to establish, such an acute shortage of experienced iron casting machinery. So the personnel department had no choice ...

The Master gave Julia Barulin the shop and set it before a very primitive-looking mechanism, "Here is your job." She looked around: in the key department worked almost only women, about the same as it seemed a little older than average age. However, in those postwar years, all the women looked older than his years.

The work was very laborious, because if everything was done manually, and much depended primarily on dexterity, skill, accuracy, precision movements. The rod is the foundation for future casting a kind of "kulichiki," concocted from a special quartz sand. It is seasoned with oil, resin, reinforced wire frame, firmly shot down, pressed and lightly roasted in the oven. To be sure, the rods in the foundry business is a form of internal casts of the cavities of future parts. Some of the rods are so intricate configurations that resemble lace. Sometimes you wonder just how they do not crumble: sand, you know!

Manual manufacturing of rods - very subtle thing, downright jewelry. The slightest inaccuracy sterzhenschitsy and the sand is falling apart. So, the casting of the cylinder or manifold, or the details of housing will go into a marriage. In the acute shortage of casting, it means one less car. What's a truck, a village girl knew only too well: the long legs measure even country roads miles, trained to weight on his shoulders. To convince her that the national economy needs machines that are not needed, and so she tried hard. That's just never been given to her craftsmanship "lace" in the sand. From this it seemed as if the shop floor and hotter than is necessary, and darker, and the dust more than usual ... Helped "personnel officer" in the so-called ZIL people who have worked here for many years, experienced staff workers. Many times, when the work did not go well and from frustration tears were coming, she heard a soft voice behind him: "And you, my daughter, take a plate like that ...", "Try it now stand at the side. It is more convenient, right? "So gently prompted her and Anna I. Leonov, and Marya Ivanovna Popova and Varvara Yegorovna Markin, and other veterans of the masters, of whom legend told in the shop, as they did during the war weapons for the defenders of Moscow, as the exported equipment how to work in the cold halls of the Urals.

If Julia Barulina or her peers did not work or something overcame their household chores, then she Claudia Davydovna Emelyanov, Shchukin, Hero of Socialist Labor, the very first character of the plant, fit, cheer up: "If we do not, then who? "

When the rods were obtained, she felt what seemed to be in the shop and the noise became smaller and easier to operate, and less fatigue. Appeared skill, and it was to look closely, as well as what others are doing. But luck is not an employee went replaced, the other child is sick, or some other family matters. Ask: "Julia, help me!", "Julia, sub ..." A fast-Julia everywhere will be ready ...

That worked, for example, another character on their part, only very special: a mother-heroine Nina Besfamilnaya. Worked well, the character to be extremely quiet, hardworking. All were surprised, nine children, and just something she was then in '31. Gave a good apartment. Her friends from the team frequented in the

a noisy house, helped with the housework. At every holiday traveling with gifts to the guests and said, listen to the concert. And there really is amateur concert, five girls and four boys. Nina's husband, too, know chuckles: you said, another little boy that was five to five-Pyatnitsky Choir ... However, the mother-heroine was too heavy in the foundry - was gone. But do not forget all of her friends. And it is them.

Does anyone calculate how many shifts have defended Julia and her peers, the current "personnel officer" for the sake of family happiness girlfriends? ..

Soon Barulin learned to handle all the details that are just released their site. And at the same time in the shop three-Nina Zolotow, Smirnov and Sadovskaya-wide effort made: to fight for the title of communist labor drummer. Do not lurking on the sidelines and subcontracting. And she went on a factory wide wave of competition ... Together with experienced craftsmen, winning the competition, was awarded the honorary title and a young sterzhenschitsa Barulin ...

Her hard work, sincere attitude to his comrades, the constant affability and optimism won her sympathy and respect. They began to charge her Komsomol affairs, the organization subbotniks and other events, was elected to the District Council of Proletarian-Barulin cope with their responsibilities, worked perfectly. In 1966, Julia took to the party. This happened just at a time when many of the "cadre", found more times of war, it's time to retire. And before leaving the factory, the old masters with complete confidence vote for the reception Barulina members of the CPSU, as if handing her his business.

Barulin Julia Titovna Left the company veterans, and their place was taken by young people. The plant expanded, there were so many newcomers that began to form the Komsomol youth collectives. One of these teams or thirteen girls entrusted to lead the young Communist Julia Barulina.

The team selected a united, strong and stable as they say: no one is left out of it, unless some compelling reason why it is absolutely forced to leave the shop. During this time, many records of productivity found the girls, almost all of the initiative, put forward at the plant, found a response in this group. When flown in space Valentina Tereshkova, it immediately enlisted honorary member of the team and implement the standard.

I was brought sterzhenschits: and to work together and to the theater, and on tour in backpacking, in a circle of amateur ... Especially addicted Julia Titovna to tourist travel. Where not only Barulin visited over the years!

Swam to the ships of the great rivers: the Volga, the Danube, the Yenisei ... Once, it was, it seems, Kazachinsky threshold of passengers crowded on deck, a heated argument. They looked at a small cutter, pushed off from shore and heading upstream to the very place of stilling. Considered, guessed: he shall take a mighty stream rapids or force him to seek a more peaceful place to overcome the rift?

The noise, rising on the deck of the cabin left the captain-old Yenisei "wolf." Upon learning the cause of unrest, he calmly shrugged: "Will, of course, it is the engine ZIL!"

And he left, did not even look, was so confident in the outcome of combat boats with Yenisei rapids. But much Julia Titovna conducted with the motor cutter look, made, perhaps, her hands through the entire roll, and further, until he had a small dot disappeared behind the dark edge of the cape.

Barulin and visited his native village. She remembered the farm broken, busted down to the last degree. Now, it was not to know. Small farms connected, equipped with appliances, including "zilami." Central Manor looked the city, and in workshops set up clear orders, factory. In the countryside there are many young people. Roads, paved between major towns, cut way, and now every now and then young people gather, and take the bus rolls the swift progress in the Smolensk-in theater, exhibitions, and in the village of artists come to them. And Julia was happy for his countrymen, and a little sad to go, the former collective farm, but now has grown to the plant, does not tear. And the case for the plant began serious.

Titovna Julia felt that her experience and knowledge is now with the good. Reconstruction has begun a large foundry. In fact, modernization was carried out there all the time, but now it has accelerated dramatically. It was necessary to radically restructure, upgrade production and increase its capacity and it does not reduce any thing on the day of issue of cars.

The reconstruction was to facilitate the work of foundry workers, including sterzhenschits, and in addition, to reduce the number of people employed in these shops. If you managed to at least one person to withdraw from the foundry is already considered a victory. And even if you had to put on the support of expensive sophisticated equipment and the economic benefit from significant cost was very low, to benefit the other, a much higher order releasing the person for less tiring, skilled labor.

It is very difficult to yield to the mechanization of the work associated with the production of "kulichiki"-rods. Only in recent years began to appear more or less reliable units. One such machine becomes in 1975 the department, where she worked Barulin.

The unit seemed to be very difficult: sixteen positions he had to perform in the semi-automatic mode. Adjusting the thin-as it will go? Someone had to start first. Barulina approach: "Julia Titovna, you can easily explore all the operations, perhaps you and be here first ..." Servicemen were told that the project operator on the unit can receive in a shift of collectors, for example, 1,200 pieces. It seemed incredible. After all, the best sterzhenschitsa could do a shift at most three hundred pieces, and this was considered the limit.

The car really was a difficult, demanding special treatment. We had to follow and the time, and for gas burners and the work of compressed air, and for temperature control, and for feeding a mixture of ... But Barulina liked it right away: though troublesome and requires keen attention, but it is not stuffing his hands form, but only helping the machine and control it with the remote. Not once, not in one day, but strong and whimsical machine obeyed it completely.

"It's all repairmen adjusters so we have a good, 'said Julia meanwhile Titovna. - Explanatory young, competent."

Indeed, young people coming into the shop competent, obrazovannaya.Dlya to keep the newcomer in the foundry, now is not enough tangible benefits can be primarily interested in the content, working conditions. But the hardest part is getting used to. Who has stayed in the foundry, he usually does not want to leave here, so say 'personnel officer. "

Barulin Julia Titovna Recently entered into a pivotal branch strapping young man, a demobilized. His appearance has caused an unusual excitement. The fact that Sasha is the so-called young-man was the son of one of the oldest branch of the Faith Workers Museevny Penchuk. "The boy clever, quickly get the hang", said cheerfully, and Barulin Museevne Vera, with whom she worked side by side for twenty years. The mother looked at her son happy: what a smart guy raised. The fact that the department appeared rod guys, not a random phenomenon. This was the result of automation. Large parts at the end of 1977 was transferred to the semi-automatic, left, right, the mass of detail, but it gradually began to be chosen. Following the new complex technology and there are thoughtful, serious guys. They like to solve difficult technical problems, they are interested in the prospects opened up in connection with the reconstruction.

But youth is youth, and it happened that young men and women brought to their mentors and disappointment. As always, loaded up with a guild cares Julia Titovna when the news spread through the plant that the decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Barulina awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. That was in May 1977.

At the Moscow Automobile Plant ... Likhachev twelve Heroes of Labor. Of those in the gray iron shop-four. And of the four branches of the rod-three. No wonder sterzhenschitsy explain the way in case this way: go to where most of the characters and get to us.

The title character is honorable, nice. However, the duties have become much more Barulina, and responsibility for the correctness of the solution increased. Julia Titovna elected to the Moscow City Council, it has tough parliamentary duty. In addition to receiving visitors, who usually come with complex issues requests. Barulin works in the Standing Committee of Health. Often she comes "and drive around the city to inspect the clinic, the work points to check baby food ... Sometimes, broken car, carpool wrote: help with spare parts. Or was part of the marriage, and we must find the source of the error, talk to the bungler. And with the Olympics approaching City Council members have concerns increased.

Make the capital city of a model of culture-as-easy way for more than seven million people, an entire state ...

In all these responsible and honorable obligations, consuming, of course, a lot of time Barulin not forget about the basic work, and fulfilling its increased socialist obligations.

Everyone had to say about Julia Titovne, celebrate her extraordinary performance. What has set, it brings to the end, to win, and then switched to a new and even more difficult. Apparently, the secret of success of Julia Titovny that it could concentrate its forces and is able to act solely purposefully.

Barulin never went away from difficulties. In her tense, feverish work life has been a lot of moments of sharp and bright. But remember one case in particular. And not her alone, and all the "HR Manager", who worked with Julia Titovnoy Barulina the day or rather night.

It was ... the last day of the year. The mood was festive at all, such as comes only once a year: happy-anxious expectation of the arrival of a new stage of life, new happiness.

Though they went to work under the most new year, all hoping to get home in time for the holiday table at least a minute before the grand battlefield hours on the Kremlin's Spassky Tower.

These dreams have fun when they arose in its place. And then ... Something to hold on there, dried, stuck. The equipment there was old and patched - patched, worn (now-then it changed a long time): caught, taut, broke the thread of the pipeline. The accident! .. Everything has stopped.

What should I do? In the oven 300 degrees. How to polezesh? While her cool, while repairmen fixed the damage ... A hands fled, running out the time change, getting closer was the New Year. And they were not working, did not give the norm ... How can that be?

Go now does not. Not enough bars, hence, will not be cast, the most important details not receive the adjacent shops. Stop at the main conveyor. The first working day of the new year begins with a ZIL downtime. But it is important-the first day!

So at 23.00 the work resumed. No one has left. On New Year's Eve remained in the shop all who needed a production. But, strange to say, all employees embraced a very special mood. There was no bitterness, no anger at the fact that all people are now having fun, congratulating each other, and this can only be spread by vehicles look with friends. And friends began to sing in unison, keeping the melody, though in the din department could hardly hear each other. They are creased, joked, and laid their hands habitually in the form of sand, and a rod for the entire rod-racks went into the oven. Quickly recovering stocks to the next day at exactly the appointed time came out of the factory machines in echelon echelon.

Hard for them to become at dawn, and the head of the department continuously walking along the line fit to each worker. He then asked: just, for God's sake, do not fall asleep! ", Then tried to joke, then calculated the ears when it reaches the minimum. to be able to finish this unexpected New Year's watch. And was surprised and delighted that the girls are singing and the mood they have a fun, cheerful ...

When the work was finished, they all went in a crowd on the central boulevard to the ZIL-through.

The girls once again sang, laughed, had fun. Heavy snow was falling. And the factory Boulevard and adjacent streets had long been empty. The time was nearing dawn, but the fatigue is gone: so would have walked and sang! At the entrance they were expecting the car to razvezti home, and even the drivers were surprised they could not believe that they come with a hard night's work: merry girls! And since then, but it comes to the past, Barulin and her fellow workers and friends will surely say: "Do you remember our New Year's watch? .."

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