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Motova Nina

Grinder First State Bearing Plant production association GPZ-1, Hero of Socialist Labor

Motova Nina Bearing in fact, seems to be the brother of the wheel. But if the wheel is known for more than six thousand years, bearing in 1983 to celebrate only the first centenary. In tsarist Russia, their production began in 1916 on a tiny company, owned by Swedish company SKF, after the Revolution it was handed over to the Swedes on the concession, it is disadvantageous to our state, but the choice was not there. In 1928 the company produced 150,000 bearing-approximately one-fifth of what was needed.

A country needs increased exponentially in the bearings needed virtually all industry booming industry. March 14, 1929 Supreme Economic Council took the decision to build in Moscow the First State Bearing Plant, the design capacity it had to be over 11 million bearings per year.

Place for future giant identified in the Proletarian district, close to existing large plants, "Hammer and Sickle", "AMO", "Red Road", "Dynamo" and others. The plant began to build. The first gave the GPP product March 29, 1932, exactly three years after the decision on construction. "Wonderful, a great big factory, the pride of our country," said with his usual vivacity Sergo Ordzhonikidze at the XVII Party Congress. "Balls" made in the day, was sent to the Stalingrad tractor builders ...


Late in the evening August 31, 1939 entertainment channel border with Poland, the German city of Gleiwitz was interrupted by a strange way. First, shots rang out, and then instead of the German language was heard Polish, unknown, "the announcer," declared that "the time has come for the war against Germany in Poland." Immediately next to the radio, the Nazis executed more convincing for the German criminals, dressed in Polish uniforms. A few hours later, Hitler moved his troops to Poland. World War II began.

That same night, from 31 August to 1 September, in the suburban village of Pokrovsky Kolkhoz Galina Romanova Kondakova Kondakova, wife of Michael, had a daughter named Nina.

Neither the father nor the war does not remember Nina. Even a victory salute May 9 Does not remember them, in Pokrovskoye, the sounds of volleys of fireworks and reflections are not heard. Victory Day she remembered ... carrot. He was given a five-year demobilized by Nina wounded soldiers.

The post-war childhood - ordinary: half-starved, half-naked, cold, and yet carefree. She graduated in due time seven-year-NSSH, junior high school, as it was then called. Received in the factory school at the Moscow meat-packing plant. Why there? "Oh, - said Nina, our go-girl, I am for them ..." Well, hardly anyone in the fifteen years of the profession consciously chooses. Trade schools or ten months. Became shpritsovschitsey, is simple enough to fill the shell-scented sausage stuffing. Life went on as usual. From the teenager became the bride, prettier, she married the local as a locksmith, end-of-emergency in the army, Victor, was no longer Kondakova and Motov. In 1958, she still almost a girl, gave birth to Igorka. They lived in the same Pokrovsky, job-urban, rural-life, psychology, and the peasant has, and not working yet. So-so, at the mid of the half. And though the sausage-sausage, salami, even though the language, become boring. And it was interesting to do.

In short, Nina Motova think up here to leave.


What she knew about the ball bearing, the GPP-1? Yes, nothing.

Checkpoint. Human Resources Department. Bald man in black oversleeves Inspector asked, "What do you know how?" She was confused, was responsible for the truth: "Sausage." The inspector did not smile, I realized, perhaps, that with the meat-packing plant. Went through cartons in the box, flipped through the folder, and said calmly, without question, saying: "Are you going to erpetse the grinder." It is absolutely nothing not understood, nodded. girl in the personnel department taped her picture on a permanent pass, Nina showed his all-watchman, as well as at the factory, and, somehow timidly, asked about the incomprehensible "erpetse." turned-roller-bearing shop.

In addition to the master Valentin Ivanovich Kamahina, fitter-repairman Vavilov Bryamova and a few girls from neighboring machines, none of its occurrence have not noticed, even the head of department does not "represent" the people here-eight hundred seven hundred people, and it is only a student ... And Nina Motova as if lost in a great team, which employs more than a dozen of thousands of ...


At this time, in 1961, the plant completed the third decade of its existence. Fulfilling the decisions of the XXI Congress of the Party, the team undertook to carry out complex work on the translation of at least 80 percent of the production of bearings for auto production, to achieve a sharp increase in all key indicators. More than ten thousand sharikopodshipnikovtsev participated in the competition for communist labor.

In the roller shop grinder Komsomol Nadia Alontseva brakovschitsy refused services, has itself to control the quality of its products, the annual rate of met-on-four machines in seven months. "Conscience is the principal controller", as formulated its initiative, taken up by hundreds of workers.

Nina heard about it at meetings, in the dining room at shift change, in buses, packed with factory lyudom, read in the factory newspaper, there is little, in fact, knew someone else's fame does not envy, to participate in the initiative could not, in a large single-shop feeling a little and lost. If she then said what she will be here in twenty years, or she would have laughed, or offended ... For the soul-seven classes, trade schools, six years of work on a straightforward shpritsovschitsy specialty, in the pocket-Komsomol card, a three-year-old son at home ... Of nothing in particular she did not dream, there is no sky in diamonds she never dreamed of. Ended in 1961, Nina was twenty-two ...


Now, when writing these lines, Nina Motova-Hero of Socialist Labor, was awarded two Orders of Lenin, the Order "Badge of Honor" medal "For Valiant Labor. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin "and the gold medal ENEA, the deputy of three convocations of the Moscow City Council in a row, a member of the District Party Committee Zhdanov (and was a member of the District Committee), member of Party Committee of the factory and shop party bureau, board member of the Soviet-Romanian Friendship . On the job has finished high school, factory and school masters with honors from the College of Engineering named after Dzerzhinsky. She was forty-two years before retirement is still far, she has much still to come, and who knows what else we'll see it ... She took a big run-up and not going to stop ...


Motova Nina The eternal question: why and how a person becomes what he was?

The phenomenon of a writer, artist, scientist still can be explained by heredity, home education, the influence of social environment. Sometimes, a person is detected from an early age, if not talent, it's explicit call-in technology or the humanities. But it is not the same and can not be specific genes grinder can not be calling for a narrow profession, say, the mechanics of the elevators ... The two professions Nina Motov-shpritsovschitsa and grinder and by the names sound almost the same, and essentially in something akin to: repetitive operations that do not require, in principle, deep special knowledge, ability to read complex drawings. Girls straight from the PTU immediately qualify for the second category, a graduate (with honors but still!) Techniques Motova has a third level, and higher on the scale of charges is not provided. Two companies in the life of Nina Mikhailovna, with the full difference between their profiles and meat-ball bearing, too, have similar features: thousands of bands, modern equipment, efficient technology, excellent organization of labor. Would be at the factory Motova Hero? If not, why not? And here, why tens of thousands of workers Hero of Socialist Labor, it is the only one? (Plant in March 1982, half a century, during which time there were hundreds of thousands of people and the history of the "ball" of higher ranks of labor honored only four differences: 1-GPP Director Anatoly Gromov, foremen mechanics Sergey S. Minaev and Alexei V. Viktorov, By the way, now secretary of the All-and-she, Nina Motova.) How? Why not?

Talent? I do not know. I'm not sure. Yes, there are a pure blue-collar occupations, where necessary, and can manifest a particular talent. The same mechanics, for instance. Lekalschikom, these "aristocrats" of the working class. But it is unlikely to be talented garbage on the conveyor. And, frankly, grinder, where the highest qualification is determined by only the third discharge, is also unlikely to need a special talent.

Special Conditions? It was not them, and no one Motov such did not create, record-holder is not cultivated, it is not a sport, this is a production, everything is equal.

Maybe it has already experienced by the time the master Valentin Kamahin in some sort of a shy student instinctively divined, was to get accustomed to it specifically, to cherish, as a gardener, a rare tree? And it was not. To put a student mentor and business end.

- I tried, 'said Nina Mihaylovna.-I worked. And, you know, the ring, well, the workpiece being treated, I feel it-. And I saw her, I hear.

That was exactly what I wanted to know. Here was the point. And I'm still a human being glad: thank God, no "shamanism," there is no 'secret skill. " As they say, simply, briefly and clearly.

There was a famous physician prior to the Revolution Zakhar'in, Grigori Antonovich, professor, physician-physician, who treated himself that is, the emperor and his family. He was famous for, among other things, and above all, the fact that he was able, barely a man set foot on the threshold of his office, a few steps away, about anything without asking a diagnosis ... Or this. Usually a person in the world around him can distinguish a few dozen colors. A trained eye to fifteen hundred. They say that a great painter, Ilya Repin saw dozens of shades in just one white snow ... Conductor Symphony Orchestra, where many performers on various instruments, hears any false note. An experienced writer, editor instantly qualified to notice the phrase rhythm disturbance, every unnecessary, inappropriate word.

So what is it ultimately?

I think it correct to say that craft.

In vain, we often use the word with a pejorative tinge: the artisan, they say, without a soul works, no inspiration, no creativity. The original meaning altogether different. Dictionary of Vladimir Dal, a great connoisseur of living speech, defines it as: "... Crafts, handmade craftsmanship, and ability to work." Etymological Dictionary of AG Preobrazhensky echoed: "rukomeslenny-clever, clever." And provides a link to an even earlier, published in 1835, the lexicon, where the second part of this word is from the "thinker". In the modern synonym dictionary says: "Craft-skills ..." Anything goes, agree on one thing: the skill, ingenuity, skill ... Those who have mastered their craft is excellent, from time immemorial we have styled adepts.

And, responding to your questions as him, I think Motova to "balls" found himself. It's very important is to find yourself. Does not necessarily reveal a hidden talent, not necessarily to perfect "God-given ability," but simply to find himself. To find himself. To feel self-confidence. Implement them.


There is no need to describe how it was Nina Motova the steps of the future skills: without the words it is clear that no one is born a master, that the basis-labor. She studied at the bench, in high school, school masters, learned from friends, a mentor, a foreman, eyes open eyes, stuffed his hand, penetrated into your machine, in his soul, for the desktop and the machine, and any kind of like a tool not objects, and creatures. Introduced to public life in 1965 became a member of the party, she was elected to the union works committee, responsibilities and widened the circle of people, it is enriched.

In 1970 he received the first state award, the Lenin Jubilee Medal. Awards leave no one indifferent, those who are trying to deny, I do not believe it. Nina sanctimony is not subject to, the fact that the award has pleased, not hide it. Exactly one year later was a new distinction-the Order "Badge of Honor" for the fulfillment of the Eighth Five-Year Plan. It is still not performing Motova initiated, sponsored initiative, initiatives, worked in a number of others. But ten years passed, she came to the plant, has long ceased to be a rookie.


Famous people, but Nina is now known not only at the plant in its production association, but also across the capital and throughout the industry, will inevitably arise, and legends, and to be honest, rumors, rumors.

One such legend I had heard before his meeting with Motov. Say, at a crowded meeting of the Nina came to the podium and all taken aback statement: in response to the XXIV Congress of the Communist Party undertakes to fulfill the plan in 1971 to the first of December, and a personal five-year period-three and a half years. And if there is a note written in the original factory newspaper, but the post-poostereglis unexpected initiative, not an adventure right? And almost the entire planning and production department "cheated" the possibility, almost a computer hooked up.

In the reliability of this legend, I immediately questioned: the time it was not like 1971.

So I wrote down the legend by placing side by side grounded question mark.

And asked this question to Nina Mikhailovna. She laughed carelessly. Tales, they say. In fact, it was easier, efficiency, noise-free cod.

Order "Badge of Honor" Motova received a month after the XXIV Congress. The natural movement of the soul: for good answer good answer to high-reward work, of course. Its no one campaigned, she hit upon the idea: take this here, as here above stated obligation. She went to the senior master, the same Valentin Ivanovich Kamahinu. Outlined ... Kamahin old bird, manufacturing knows the value of words, too. He openly questioned. And without any enthusiasm said that the case is serious, 1u1 emotion is not enough, and need good judgment, and by the need to think about and discuss the team. And the most over and over again to figure, if not take over.

Kamahin thought, felt Motova, considered together, consulted in the planning department and the party committee, as long as the senior master, written in a pile of paper and confirmed that yes, really. Only, of course, have to pull their socks up tightly. And yet, he added, there should not pursue a personal record, and that, for the good teams, several people came from. Well, initiative, Nina, is for you, but she is not hanging in the air ...

Kamahin Motov proposal introduced a regular training school of communist labor, immediately said that such an obligation feasibly Obnosovoy Valentina and Svetlana Goncharuk. Applause followed. They argued for a long time. We decided to postpone even calculate even estimate. Again, consider again consulted. Finally, they decided. Then Nina and made public with his commitment. And fulfilled. And in March 1974 was awarded the highest honor, the Order of Lenin. In winter 1976 the Communists 1-GEA sent his illustrious grinder a delegate to the XXV Party Congress. For the first time Nina Motova was at a party forum, first visited the halls of the Kremlin, met with the famous Ivanovo weaver Valentina Golubeva, and other leaders of manufacture ... A year later Motova represented his team at the XVI Congress of Trade Unions of the USSR, which, for the second time, he was elected one of the secretaries of the All her older friend, a recent machinists foreman "Sharik" Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the CPSU (she had voted for his election the Central Committee), member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Alexey V. Viktorov. Of course, pleased for him:

the honor they deserved, the work on the shoulder ... By that time, with the 1975 to the present day and Nina Motova MP Moscow Soviet.


In the seventy-sixth year grinding station and reel, of course, come upon the event, and joyful and difficult: change obsolete equipment. In the old machines with manual processing of blanks to develop no more than four parts per shift (Motova gave day in and day 700). The new circular machines SVAAGL-125, manufactured in the GDR, had estimated the performance of 2050 units per shift. Mastered a long time, only a year out to all section of this level. Nina was doing at the time of 2400-2500. And that, say, the technical limit: no more of SVAAGLa and sweet ...


It is important to emphasize one more thing. In the late sixties, about half the time spent on handling bearing rings, accounted for measurement: technical tolerances in the manufacture of these products have strict limits, in microns, or even tenths of a micron. Then at the plant on its own designed, manufactured and implemented active monitoring instrumentation, labor productivity increased by 15-20 percent, tough-time grinders, loss of marriage dropped by a quarter ...

Nina, as some workers have particular qualifications, working on "the principle of trust", without the controller. This is one of the important factors that help to achieve high yield. And the moral factor, too: the confidence, as you know, the man inspires and increases his responsibility ...


On the eve of the Moscow City Party Conference, January 16, 1981, among the twelve leading workers of the capital by the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Nina Motova awarded the highest degree of distinction, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

At the ceremony, George, Hall of the Kremlin handed her a Gold Star Order of Lenin and the second Vice-Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Mikhail A. Yasnov. At the same time received orders and medals hundred sharikopodshipnikovtsev ...

On the other awards, the honorable and responsible public positions Nina Mikhailovna I said.

I want to stress here Motova does not do anything "supernatural" exceptional. As a member of City Council Standing Committee on the Environment examines the activities of individual companies, they have tweaked treatment plant, not a poison air and water of the capital. At the turn of parliamentary methods, usually with everyday activities such as: housing, kindergartens. Someone help, someone to explain to someone immediately denied, but-convincing. As a member of the District Party Committee acts as the primary organizations, monitors. In the shop party bureau is responsible for the upbringing of the young. She is engaged in mentoring, she has three wards now, Valya Eremin and Ira Chernousova of factory PTU, Marina Solomentsev. Works with them in one shift, several times a day fit, look, tell you to help. He goes to them in the dorm, sit, drinks of tea, take an interest, than fill the leisure time, advise, what film to look at what the play go. Chew happen to a mother: the girls are younger than her son Igor ... In general, an ordinary job.


And life is ordinary, and everyday life. Apartment in a new area, Vykhino. The rooms are spacious, too much anything you need there. Clean, tidy. Vacuuming on weekends shuruet Igor, who is also scrolls the laundry in the washing machine, the son of Nina happy:-graduated from the Army after GPTU, works as a mechanic at the car plant of the Lenin Komsomol.

On my visit to her, of course, knew - no showing off not happy, at home vstre1ila platishke, but the delicacies prepared a table in the room is not laying, had tea in the kitchen, talking about everyday ...

Let slip that went to Bucharest with a delegation of the Soviet-Romanian friendship. They, said if a guy or girl to college did not, so if you please, within a month must be arranged to work, but we have other two or three years holed up in the parent neck in anticipation of the institution. And yet, said if the Romanians working with the company dismissed the article, "his friend at the factory with such a mark would not accept, the thresholds will be stud while back did not come back, and there it will take, but a receipt that more- no, no, sin forswear. And we have, what could close their eyes, put up drunk at the gate, across the street, he goes out there at the entrance of a permanent posting almost carved in stone: "Wanted, needed, required ...", and take a nice little ...

This conversation I liked the worker, the public conversation. Asked, of course, I and "cultural activities". Also, like everyone else. In the theater of it, as City Council member, can always hit, but not enough time to drive to the center. However, the Palace of Culture in the plant are constantly visiting performances, do not miss those. In the movie, walk, watch TV. Books are good in the house: the classics, our foreign and Soviet authors of the best, but not trendy. But the books a little, perhaps a hundred. Magazines and newspapers writes, of course. Nerdy in itself does not build. When I was invited to the national congress of the All-Russian theatrical society, asked to speak with a greeting from the working capital. The text helped her prepare the employee from the factory kultmassovogo sector, an avid theatergoer. I do not see that anything to be ashamed of Motov: much worse it would be skazanut something out of place, a person can not be an expert in any industry. And Nina is kept as it should, with dignity, without any fuss.

Yes, among other things. Parts that are Motova polishes, mass-to-size bearings 7610, and they are not designed for space ships, not for KamAZ, not to combine the latest, and ... for children's pedal cars and bicycles ... So what? Does this diminish the Hero of Socialist Labor? Have to work for the joy of kids is not honorable?

On a purely industrial matters Nina Mikhailovna, I generally do not write. About them with all the details, calculations, calculations described in a special brochure specialists who have, he can read. My problem was different, try to show the personality, character, and the course of human destiny.

Suddenly, someone would think that I kind of deliberately "down to earth" reel, emphasizing its ordinariness. No, I did not land. Train of thought I have is different.

There is a sort of pompous definition: "His Majesty the working class." In this fictional title seems to me a kind of tenderness and self-abasement populist who writes. Secondly, what, today's farmer of his psychology, a way of life, contribute to the social labor so different from working?

And finally, how the intelligentsia is not the same producer of wealth?

We are all equal, and the Constitution, and the actual fact of life. No good heroes do, even collectively. In war-hero is not someone who knows no fear, these people do not happen, but someone who knows how to overcome fear. The hero in his work, not Superman, not fairy-tale hero, a craftsman, an honest worker, laid out to the end. Talents - a rarity, said Vladimir Ilyich.

Innovators and inventors in this country-millions. But the authors' findings (cite the data that was able to get) for the period from 1957 to 1974 was only 390. Nina and usually reel convinced it does not diminish, but exalts more than praise, because it gives the right and the other to believe and hope: if you really try, so maybe I can.

Now the "ball" is the parent company of the production association. During World War II on the basis of 1-GPP was established factories in Saratov, Kuibyshev, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk, basically created the entire industry, since before the war, there is only GPP-2, the small, the same former Swedish company. Six thousand factory workers were fighting at the front, one in three died, their names - at a commemorative stele in front of the factory entrance. Their memory-in the affairs of living: almost all the products of the plant is a state mark of quality, there are about 15,000 strikers for communist labor, more than 6,000 are awarded government awards. On the banner of the enterprise, the Order of Lenin, October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor. The plant is famous for its high quality production ... I will say to the good traditions of journalism without fear of the stamp: in all this, this is, of course, merit and Nina Motov.

She had just changed his fifth decade, it has a lot yet to come, Nina Mikhailovna. We will hear about it for sure ...

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