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Yeremeyev Viktor

Brigadier car drivers convoy number 1180, Hero of Socialist Labor

Yeremeyev Viktor When over fifty, whatever the person by nature and character, he inadvertently starts in the mind to return to the lived, knowing that nothing will not change in my life and do not change, and one can only ask yourself the question: Is life a success ?

There was not a carefree destiny Viktor Eremeeva not spoiled him with gifts and unexpected successes. All that has reached in life, this man produced work, not easy, but loved, perseverance, dedication, honest attitude. Hence, the human respect, and the Gold Star of Hero at the lapel near the stirrup the Order of Lenin and the Order of "Badge of Honor."


There were years when every other kid wanted to be a chauffeur. Was this profession is shrouded in an aura of romance. Guys like a magnet drawn to technology. Fifth graders, to flounder in the little problem of pedestrian, released from point A to point B, well versed in brands of cars, in their technical features, advantages and differences.

In urban boys took this hobby faster. The car was driven from the childish minds of the dream of aviation. And in another village and was the first postwar years, the emergence of written-off in the unit and presented to the sponsored farm beaten on the front road, "Studebaker" was an event. As soon appear on the road car and the children rushed toward her, a black envy envying Valya (Kolka, Mishka)-driver's son. That is the limit of the universal dream-father sometimes permitted in the cabin, smelling of gasoline and oil, could touch the steering wheel and shift lever.

Here are just jealous and wanted Victor Yeremeyev, has not come yet forty-first year and three events are not merged in his life at the end of the one-seven-year period, the beginning of the war, and after that, and the beginning of self-employed life. Dreaming has been busy. Fathers went to the front. Mother and teenagers have replaced them in the field. For two years he worked on the farm Victor: sow, mow, collect ears ... And in 1943 were allocated to four trips to area school drivers, and one of them got Yeremeyev.

Summer went by turning the war years. Here, on Saratovschine, in the rear, the people lived in one all to the front, everything for victory. With the excitement of people read into gray printed on newsprint Information Bureau reports on the battle of Kursk, Belgorod, and under the Prokhorovka.

The school brought together drivers are the same as he was young. Pre-draft age, and yet it was not clear that he expects future graduates, peaceful country roads, or the front of the road. They do not yet know what the outcome of war is a foregone conclusion and the country gradually began to train personnel for work in peace.

The first car Eremeeva was coming out of overhaul and credited to the level of training frontline lorry, painted in the summer time in the gray-green khaki color. She stood in the school yard, and the sun mercilessly beating down the steppe covered with leatherette cab driver. Then there were the thousands of flights and easy and difficult, and simple and complex, but this is my first independent trip Viktor still remembers in great detail. - Well, touch it, 'said the instructor, a recent war veteran, and an encouraging wink: Do not worry, they say everything will be fine.

Victor pressed the clutch, including the first transmission, he added speed and the car obediently rolled along the dusty street ...

In March 1944 he received a drivers license. His work began with a curious biography of the case. Enrolled in a chauffeur car fleet has just organized in the city of Balakovo on the Volga left bank of the Victor, distilled from Saratov "Studebaker." He was proud entrusted to him by car, at that time a powerful and modern, with two drive axles, which provided a good cross over any terrain.

But there was one "but". In the seventeen years he is not out growth. Did the trick grub scarce wartime. To zoom in view of the road, he lay a few on the seat of the car empty bags. Here it seemed strange and suspicious inspector to have noticed how, during one of the stops to tinker with his impromptu Victor elevation. Inspector for a long time studied the driver's documents Eremeeva, questioning the veracity of his right to drive ...

Then this traffic inspector for many years has worked on this track, and meeting with Victor, each time with a smile, recalled this case.


Track road life does not have to verbosity. When Viktor Eremeeva asked to tell about himself, he replied tersely.

- And what is my bio? There is nothing special in it. All life on wheels. And in the work book look interesting: how he entered in 1944 in Balakovo car fleet, so there is still and work.

But it is not. In the biography of the driver Eremeeva reflected all the way, done by our country in the postwar years. First, the restoration of the ruined economy, and then the development and flourishing of socialist economy. And Viktor Yeremeyev was a direct and active participant in this gigantic creative work. For thirty-plus years driving experience, he has traveled all over the country. And he, like anyone else, had seen firsthand the changes taking place.

There was, for example, in the case of the late forties, when a trip from Saratov Balakovo in an urgent cargo sprawled on his ... twenty days. The rains came, and his old car almost dragged on the road, stuck almost every post. During these twenty days and twenty nights is spent in the damp close the cabin, he often cursed his driver's fate, but the hands are not lowered.

Now to the regional center three hours away by paved road. It involved laying and on-the driver Yeremeyev. And now he and his team often has to serve the road construction, and it does the job with great pleasure.

Yes, take at least his native city of Balakovo. A single-storey agricultural center on the left bank of the Volga steppe, so find him Victor, when he began working in the local fleet. Dusty streets, blown by the winds through Kazakhstan, traditional towns such procurement office so small repair shops. Of course motor transport was a small garage and a fence surrounded by a parking lot for cars. Repair technique is often necessary in the open. There is no construction. Housing, the private sector, either rent a room or get your land and built himself. That was built Eremeev myself be tired out with his young wife for five years on other people's rooms. In order to obtain construction materials, a year worked in the lumber camps in the Mari ASSR, imported wood from cutting areas to the bank of the Volga, and it was a good driver's school, even if forced.

The current Balakovo-largest industrial city, which gave the name of the Balakovo HPP-one of the Volga cascade hydropower stations. And in this huge building is labor Eremeeva. Near the Balakovo Saratov channel originates, who gave water to the fields of collective farms and state farms. Shops have risen chemical fertilizer plant, and these constructions served convoy, which employs Viktor.

Thing of the past, lost in the old buildings Balakovo. In its place comes a new broad green street, high-rise residential buildings, cinemas, cultural centers, the modern enterprise. And all this in one way or another involved a driver Yeremeyev, because, as you know, it all starts with the road. Is geography be compared with the first trips to distant Eremeeva routes this time. In the first-years, and then the outside of the area was difficult to get out. Why are there outside the region, to the neighboring area is not traveled in all weathers. And now began the usual flight to Moscow, Leningrad, Kuibyshev, Orenburg, and even beyond the Urals, in Siberia. Thousands of kilometers stretch of modern road, and not by chance because a high percentage of the total volume of freight traffic in the country, is now falling to the share of road transport.

- The car is also very convenient, says Viktor Vasilyevich cargo transported from place to place, no transshipments. Preservation is guaranteed. Especially now, when are increasingly developing container transportation. We now even the gravel road we carry in containers. Strengthen the culture of our labor, increased its efficiency. Previously, wait, wait, when you complete body nasyplet excavator. And now did not have time to drive a crane, put a couple of containers and PUSH, gaining tonne-kilometers.

- Good road-holiday for the driver - continues to Viktor. - And you get tired less and the speed can be kept normal. But on a good track for recklessness space, and this is the first vehicles on the beach. I cab usually say what I liked to repeat my first instructor in a driving school: you know how to drive, you learn to ride, ...

Yeremeyev Viktor What goods are not only carried the Victor, in which only the flight and had never been close and distant, and in the summer heat and winter cold, but every year, with a particular emotion, he expects busy season. All the concerns are sidelined and left alone, most important, the most important and most urgent-care of the bread. By that time, verifies it and operates all of the capabilities of its team, it is strict and picky to each of the thirteen wards drivers. He knows that when will the "big bread" every failure, every hour of downtime will result in irreparable loss of grain. Saratov A cornfield is especially famous, not knowing the unrivaled hard wheat with high protein content.

For each journey the driver-test. But work on the clean-ten-fold test of professional and human qualities of the driver, his ownership of technology, ability to work at maximum capacity.

Hands accustomed to ... hold the steering wheel. Stress and smooth running engine powerful ZIL-130. Drivers of cars welcome wave of the hand. Viktor meets them, listening to the engine and carefully watching the road. There, the rear bodywork of his car loaded with two grain trailer.

That's the elevator. Yeremeyev enters the unloading rack, jumps out of the cab, walks away, watching the golden grain poured into the hopper.

- How much?-Interest at the weigher.

- Seventeen tons.

- A solid!, Exclaims, standing beside the driver.

One of the first Saratovschine Yeremeyev started hauling grain to the use of two trailers. This was an innovation for which few dare. And even now not every driver to entrust such a combination, and not every driver will take on this responsibility. The use of two trailers Yeremeyev allowed to perform the norm in the 250-270 percent. During the harvest in 1973 he was awarded the second Order of Lenin (first-up for the eighth Five-Year Plan).

Following the team leader, taking over his practice, VD Simaganov, NB Antonov, and then all team drivers have gone to work with two trailers. In the first year of the tenth five-year period, this team has carried over the plan 10,000 tons of cargo. In the harvesting campaign next year, working on a new "KAMAZ" Yeremeyev exported to the elevator every flight to thirty tons of grain. Viktor does not tire of repeating the commandment of his first instructor, taught him that the driver's case back in forty-three:

- Love the car, know the car, caring for the machine, and it will be your friend.

Based on the possibilities of modern machinery, motor transport Volga Territorial Administration, have radically changed the organization of procurements.

As it was before? At the time cleaning the car were fixed for kolkhozes and sovkhozes, and their work is entirely dependent on the level of business organization in the farms. Admission to the grain elevators are not coordinated by anyone, and the gate hlebopriemnikov queues of dozens of cars. The efficiency of the motor fell off sharply. Even experienced drivers can not be used to the best of their abilities.

Lenin was very fond of older workers who have spent their lives outside of any material production. He felt for his children's downright weak, could spend hours talking with people, regarding them as indisputable bearers of the truth of life.

It was such a person Yeremeyev. With all of his thick, stocky figure emanates calmness, common sense. One feels that much if he will undertake a certain thing, it will make it thoroughly and professionally. In such people can rely on without looking back, and they constitute the core of any workforce, as vectors of its "tradition and its history."

Needless to say, that when the movement was born in the country mentoring, one of the first instructors in the convoy was Eremeev number 1180. Until that time, through the hands of an experienced driver has passed a lot of young people. The guys who came to the factory after school or military service, communication with Eremeev is not only useful but also a human interest. Many of those who began his working life under the tutelage of Victor, has equaled him in skill, but they are still grateful to him for the first lessons.

Yeremeyev Viktor Job transporter is in the house Eremeev family. After graduating from the Planning and Economic College and started working in a convoy of a daughter. Son-in-the driver. In the convoy worked for many years and his wife Victor Vasilievich Antonina Y., recently retired. Family and work are two constant affection Eremeeva. About family, he speaks with special warmth, like a man who knows how to appreciate and cherish a homey atmosphere.

- A quarter-century we have lived in harmony and accord, and you know when the house is all right, in any flight you feel calm. In our case it is the driver's, oh, how important it is ... They live in the "old" as it is now called, a town in a small house that built themselves in the difficult postwar years. You can move into a new house, so sorry to part with their homes, with family walls. Rose garden near the house, there was a garage in time with the "Moskvich", but there is no hint of well-being of a dull Philistine who likes to settle on just such "personal" sites. And this fact does not require any other explanation than that a human being simple and sincere, that I had the opportunity to hear from the Victor Vasilievich:

- I have all my life so it was: two days on a business trip, you start to miss home. He sat for two days at home, not on its own, pulling on the job.

When not in flight, he was an old habit, rises early and goes to work well before the deadline. More from the bus stop, he hears the familiar sound of the engine running and in a hurry to plunge into the hard life of the morning convoy.

1977 ... was particularly memorable in the life of Viktor Eremeeva. In February he was going on vacation and was preparing to leave when he was summoned to the convoy and asked him to stay: the brigade was transferred to the new car - "KAMAZ". Faced a trip to the factory in Tartary. He'd been there, had to haul cargo for a growing company. Assumed that, over time, and he will have to drive a new car and now it happened.

Cars were driven under its own power in Balakovo. Surrounded the convoy stops at the curious. The first, of course, came running boy. Yeremeyev saw their eyes light up when a powerful and elegant trucks and can be recalled himself in the same age, and his first with the lorry cab covered with leatherette ...

A few days after returning to convoy Viktor read in the newspapers decree awarding him the title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Paid homage to the birthplace of the working man for his years of labor feat .... Where, on what roads are now leading the driver Eremeev my car? Which account kilometer counts on the dashboard speedometer?

I wish you the way, Viktor!

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