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Yanchevskii Stanislav M.

Machinist mining machine of the production association "Byeloruskaliy" named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Yanchevskii Stanislav M. We long to meet. Thus arose the things that could not manage to carve out the window to go to this small, but loud glory of young Belarusian town of Soligorsk, where the fourth part of the second mine, mining association "Byeloruskaliy" employs a team of Stanislav Mikhailovich Yancheuski. But as they say, a blessing in disguise. While our personal meeting was postponed, I tried to read everything written about the famous Soligorsk and brigadier. A lot was written. Gradually, I formed my image of the future hero, and now I have a little anxiously began to think about the upcoming meeting with him. Would not, I thought, as often happens with live performances in the cinema or theater-known literary works. Everything seems to be in place, observed the storyline, the characters are familiar names ... Familiar, but unrecognizable.

Of course, the full correspondence between the imagination and life, probably, can not be. But, I confess, I was most afraid to meet a person in the entire right, with slicked thoughts and feelings, knowing what, where and to whom to speak, able to ... apply yourself. It must be confessed, there are, and our brother, the journalist is not so rarely encounter them. None could also, I thought wrong all my colleagues who have written about Stanislav Mikhailovich?

And here, before moving on to direct the story of a hero, I would in a few words to describe the town where he lives. For the fate of the city and the fate of this man is so closely intertwined, as inseparable events that connect them ...

The history of many old cities lost in the mists of past ages. Small or large, they stand proudly, as if immersed in memories. If you look at Soligorsk from this perspective, it is not that young, but simply a newborn. He is not even twenty years. In 1958 in a vacant lot not far from a remote village Polissya Chizhevichi builders hammered into the ground peg-traditional milestone that has become a symbol of the beginning of the life of many modern cities. Cut down on the concrete slab the words: "There will be a city of Novo-Starobin." In contrast to the neighboring small town Starobin, surrounded Polesie swamps and forests. In July 1958, there arrived the first Komsomol detachment of 96 people. Thus began the history of the city, and, as so often happens, it is ordered in its own way: first builders soon at the request of the city received a new name-Soligorsk, the name of its priceless treasures underground.

"Rookie" was truly a kind of heroic. By leaps and bounds gaining momentum, growing up, matured, scattered in all directions rays of pamphlets, raising residential areas and neighborhoods, dressed in a green dress.

City, the legendary Antaeus, drew his strength from contact with the ground. In the most literal sense. For this beautiful, friendly city was built for those who are in the mines under the ground, almost a kilometer deep-mined sylvinite red stone of fertility.

To this day the legend lived on one peasant. No matter how hard or turned out to be a year or cold or heat, rain or drought, neighbors - crop failure, and it always yields excellent, full of bins. As if he knew a secret of some kind of fertility. And the secret was! On his land fertile red vein stone came out to the surface.

Starobin deposit of potassium salts is one of the largest in Europe and second in the USSR. Today the plant "Byeloruskaliy" named after the 50th anniversary of the Soviet Union accounts for about half of the potash produced in our country. Geologists estimate that based on this field one can construct six potash plants.

Now living in Salihorsk 60,000 people. The average age of residents 28 years old, much older than the city itself. Veterans of somewhere around forty. In 1977 he finished school first indigenous soligortsy. Ubiquitous statistics estimate that the social activities in the city are occupied 22.5 thousand people, all adults! High awareness, good complicity seen in this figure ...

Soligortsy proud of their best people. In the city of his youth many drummers labor vanguard, famous teams. In May 1977 the title of Hero of Socialist Labor was conferred machinist mining machine Stanislav Mikhailovich Yanchevskii. He became the fifth hero of the young mining town.


Sometimes strange, bizarre, tangled human destinies. No one can tell us what awaits us in the future, someone who will, what are the ways of the road will lead us into a wide, bright and challenging world. Yes, only in the tales people can look in the magic mirror and see yourself that way in ten years or twenty. Yves century of scientific and technological revolution created a device that would be the quiet, almost elusive, mysterious impulses of the soul could predict the path selection.

But we choose our way! Not always is it a game of chance? Not the last role to play in the destiny of our will, knowledge, aspirations ...

And does not check whether the fate of our times, whether we are not satisfied with an examination of loyalty, courage, foresight, the ability to understand the sometimes confusing life conflicts? It seems that all you have: specialty, wealth, home, but some secret feeling of uneasiness gnaws and gnaws at you. And once you have extracted all the hard work and go cast a new way.

Stanislav Mikhailovich was born in Belarus, in Mogilev. A childhood spent at the other end of our great land, in Irkutsk, where before the war he was assigned to his father, a specialist timber industry. And the early childhood experiences, the immensity and severity of the far edge. Only in 1949, the family returned to Belarus, settled in Mogilev. That's where it would seem that fate has made its choice: to be a boy builder. After graduation he entered the seven-year Stanislav Civil Engineering. Graduated and went to the Komsomol construction of the railway in Kazakhstan. Two years later, already married, scarred prairie winds, he came to visit relatives. And at the dinner table, and at meetings with relatives, friends-one conversations could be heard everywhere: on the construction of plants for potassium Starobinschine, that there is growing new city. Stanislav and Hope (wife) thought and decided to move according to this construction.

Of course, now it is easy to write decided. But it was not easy a solution for Stanislaus and Nadi.

So, leave the work site, where used, settled down and found friends. And how it will accept friends? To soothe the conscience can think to say:

worked for two years, honestly fulfilled. And is not going away somewhere, and home and also on the scene, the wife of an equally important, not less difficult. And yet and yet ...

- I remember that plagued the whole. Do not leave out, and the continuous torment, says Stanislav. - Well, that old building site all correctly perceived.

Human life is made a sharp turn. But how could he appreciate it myself? If only life in all corners and crossroads has placed semaphores: red-not, green, please. Only myself could admit Stanislav that inexplicably leads him mine, a miner's profession, underground passages, the hum of jackhammers.

Once again, fate seems to have decided to try out and test thoroughly. His take on the job, but ... master of reinforced concrete structures of the plant shop. Cost for this to leave Kazakhstan. But Stanislav has not submitted the form, that upset. The decision was made, it is important. You can wait, the more so because they took something of his specialty ... and he does not have the desire for purpose. First came second in the technical department of potash plant as a senior engineer. It was very close. In the evenings hard (difficult to find another word) attended courses machinists mining combines.

And why is it necessary? What is it driver's professions of the underground to go to it with such tenacity, dedication? Work as a job, and even harder for many people, physically challenging, monotonous, noisy, dusty and dangerous (this is also impossible to remain silent).

When I talk about it, Stanislav, he does not argue with me, on the contrary, readily agrees: our profession is not easy. But agree, agree as people are happy, loving, long ago have decided for themselves that question. What are you talking about either, but I know ... Yes, probably, is the profession more interesting, more careful, better. So what?

Yanchevskii Stanislav M. Stanislav smiles. What other explanations are needed, now I think ...

Twelve years later, Stanislav Mikhailovich recalls his first descent into the mine. In those days everything was in motion, the mines were developed, to create new teams. There were machines, machinists were required of mining combines. A Yanchevskii just finished training ... And it's helmet with a miner's lamp, robe. Around the anguish and darkness of underground drifts. For a moment a feeling of loneliness, confusion and doubt pierced him. But the farther left in the drift, the calmer and more confident he became. The goal is achieved. Tension eased out. But if not then, not on whether the first underground experience stirred in him the idea of machines that will get people here instead of the red salt of the earth?

- Have you ever thought about that, reaching the goal, again suddenly find yourself at a crossroads, as it were, 'I asked Stanislav Mikhailovich.

- I understand ...

- How it is easier to explain. You go to the goal, it seems to end. Do you think that's achieved, and then ... A goal that is never final.

- As in the mountains. One vertex zadrugoy.

- Something like, though a bit loud.


Spring Moscow was, as always, clean, lively. He enjoyed walking along the familiar streets (it is often necessary to visit the Ministry of Chemical Industry), noting to myself, what and where changed. Heart was fine. He is not just an idle bystander, but come on business, and very serious on the board of the Ministry.

And then ... the word was given to him. The room was a lot of friends: best workers, directors of associations, and academics. With many of those present, he is not often met at various meetings and seminars. It calmed.

For himself, he divided his presentation into three parts.

The first is made up. He told me how to work the Belarusian potash workers, which had reached his team. On behalf of my colleagues urged to deploy the competition for prey in the country's 100-millionnoytonny potash. (I'll tell you that this proposal was approved by the board, received a wide response in the industry and has been successfully accomplished.)

The second-reserves. How are they used? He criticized the ministerial departments.

- Is this the order, 'said on.-Mining Machinery, a powerful, modern, which incorporates the latest achievements of science and practice, often idle due to lack of spare parts.

The third section is the most close to him, part of his personal interests. It's time, he said, mining harvesters have factories equipped with automatic devices ...

Automatic control of shearers.

It seems that ever will be fully mechanized mine. In the subterranean depths of the robots, controlled from above or under the special program will be required to bite into the mountain reservoirs and on certain systems file extracted to the surface. In the end, a person must withdraw from the mine. However, I just want to make a reservation for such a naive retelling of serious technical problems. But I deliberately did not dwell on the problems (they will be solved!) And talking about the final result. A man goes out of the mine, the whole production will lead machines. But when it come to pass in full, it is difficult to say for now ...

Yanchevskii brings buduschee.Predstavte is currently under the ground somewhere in the depths of 400 meters, in a narrow tunnel, grinding, wrapped in a red potash dust, penetrate into potash seam mining machine. I always knew before that-in this din, heat and dust is a person that controls the machine. (Remember the words of Yancheuski: our profession is not easy.) Now the man was not. The man ran from the combine.

Stanislav Mikhailovich told me that when the plant opened Museum of Labor Glory, among its exhibits was exposed hammer of one of the first Belarusian miners Anatoly Selivanov. At the time of birth Soligorsk it was probably the only tool the miners ...

Stanislav Mikhailovich long standing beside him, looked at.

I asked him what he was thinking.

- While we were finishing our test combines a semi-automatic control systems. I looked at the hammer with mixed feelings. Many generations of miners worked and are working with him. And it was impossible to watch without respect to this simple device, which requires human perseverance, courage, hard work. But I have already participated in the work, which should gradually along with other technical improvements of the human output of the mine. I was proud of it, I wanted to quickly finish the job ...

What is semi-automatic control system combine PC-8? Its main advantage is that the operator can appear only in the pit to test the machine and adjust its motion in the arrangement of potassium seam. In addition there is no need of an assistant engineer. Now, to combine the two services instead of five people per shift out three: driver, and two miners who provide the Taking the breed from the face.

April 30, 1975, a special day in the life of SM Yancheuski. On this day, his team has established an outstanding achievement. For the first time in a potash mine for 26 days were covered 6050 meters of development and given out to the surface more than a hundred thousand tons of sylvite. For each team member had to 8355 tons. Productivity has increased more than sixfold.

The scale and significance of past events often checks the time. So, here now in the mines in the Salihorsk semi-automatic working of mining combines more than fifty ...

Jackhammer and Selivanova Yancheuski harvester. Perhaps, it is difficult to find two characters who have so clearly documented dramatic changes, so would delimit yesterday and today. It's not just that significantly increased productivity and on-mountain climb an additional thousands of tons of valuable fertilizer. This great social charge. Changing attitudes toward work, eternally considered one of the most difficult. Automation boyish charms the heart, and all the young people more likely to choose the profession of miner. And it is very important given the complex demography, labor shortages ...

Well, Yanchevskii? While increase the capacity semi-automatic, they discussed the possibility of a new idea came to life unnoticed Yancheuski. Even we can say this: it has grown from the previous one, was its continuation. And, of course, it would be strange if someone else would come from the plant for its implementation. So when the news spread in the team, no one was surprised. Yanchevskii and new, yes it's a matter of course. Yanchevskii and Automation, seized him, it is seen in the genus is written. And few people knew how hard it was to his vocation.

Experts know that sylvinite layers of lies. Moreover, each layer of curved arc, like a red wave suddenly froze in his eternal race. Combine semi-moving strictly get the laser, together with useful ore and waste rock we catch it all together and gives out to the surface. The result is a lot of waste rock. In the year to 20 million tons. Around the mines grow artificial mountain.

So, a new idea to mind was quite simple: combine s.avtomaticheskim management should take the breed selectively, only those who need it. Really easy. But how is this done? Began the search, guesses, and suggestions. When a solution was found, it was easy to wonder (not for nothing that they say everything genius is simple). Harvester installed photocell responds only to the color red, that is the color of sylvite! And that does not combine scoured the sides, next to the exhaust drifts laid cables, which create a magnetic field. It is for the machine as an invisible fence. It is necessary to unscrew the combine a little to one side, as there is a signal arrives, and guides jacks put the unit in the right direction. And so it goes on the grain formation, eye - featuring useful photocell from gangue.

Yanchevskii Stanislav M. It is still impossible to say that all the problems of automatic extraction of potash have been resolved. Go testing. But we can say the scientists, engineers, testers on the right track. We obtain encouraging results. And if 50 combines semi-working now in the union, to translate into automatic mode, the economic effect will be more than one million rubles per year. It's nice when your work is expressed, and let dry, but such an imposing figure. And in this figure as the focus, you can see not only today but tomorrow and the miners, the reality of fruit increased on the basis of scientific research, engineering ingenuity, perseverance of the human ...

That is, in fact, I talked about a life that is illuminated by an all-consuming passion: to test the machine, to facilitate the mining work, work today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Work joyful, creative, that's wharf from which daily sail work inspired by Stanislav Mikhailovich Yancheuski.

I almost did not say anything about Stanislav Mikhailovich Yanchevskaya outside of work. But is it so important, what he enjoys after work, what the book reads like a dig in the ground, playing a guitar and writes poetry. Of course, this also serves to some extent characteristic of the man. But is dedication, a sense of new, striving towards the goal does not constitute its essence?

He was a member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, which was elected in 1970. This is his deputy troubles in Salihorsk built a new clinic and hospital in a thousand places.

Yanchevskii member of the Minsk regional committee and Soligorsky Party Committee, the regional council of trade unions.

One assignment he took on himself: to educate young people. Almost every evening he painted, meetings at schools, in the dorms. To this he does not spare the time. There is the eternal word: mother, home, work, bread. They are not just characters that respond to our heart and brain. They are timeless, concept, attitude to which determines the human essence, separates good and evil, honesty and deceit, love and hate. They are the eternal truths, which we learn from the mother's milk, and who then, in one degree or another, affirm all of life.

Think about it, looking at the simple and at the same time very difficult fate of Stanislav Mikhailovich Yancheuski, because every man's destiny is complicated.

Yancheuski Life is not just an arithmetic addition of the various facts of the biography of the man, and incessant movement forward, searching, risk, daring guess, hard work.

Yanchevskii will lead to "mind-mind" and this combines with automatic control. And what next? I know one thing - "downtime" will not. He will undertake the following problem ... That is its essence, is that character. No other way.

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