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Kanakina Galina

Presser operator of the Orenburg plant of silicate wall materials production association "Orenburgstroymaterialy" Hero of Socialist Labor

Kanakina Galina In November, there were seventy-six.

- It Kanakinyh apartment?-Unfamiliar asked in a tube.

- Kanakinyh, 'replied his sleep Galina. She returned to the night shift and only had time to lie down.

- Who's there?-In-law asked from the kitchen, the phone is generally disliked, believing that it distracts from the Galina family.

- I do not know.

Hello, 'said Galina.-you on what issue?

- No matter ... Sought by Reference. Launched a "Truth"-looking, about our Orenburg, named Kanakina. Today's newspapers have seen?

- No, Mom, Galina. embarrassed, took out a newspaper?

- Leonid Brezhnev, welcomes you. Clear? Congratulations, the source was very pleased that the news reports it fails pervym.-Orenburg.

- Thank you. I will try ...

A glowing cheeks, arms and legs-like cotton.

- Mom, ask your neighbors newspaper. And then he flashed: the paper must have already received in the unit, which serves as a son. Unexpected news is he unexpectedly. Volodya asked: "namesake?". That would be a joy boy! Or not, have not yet received? On the same day our newspapers are coming to Hungary, or inheriting? .. Son, and is something a few days, but not enough to close and to share and consult. Precocious adults grew up. Funny, sporty, always ironed, for the company and the fathers of trousers in the evening will bring the arrow. "Your wife will be easy", approved of his mother. "Well, yes, easy-Volodya. objected, demanding I ..." I would be at home and relaxed for Nina. Surely he knew who to date on the frequent sister, but mother molchok, no matter how pestered, however questioned: "The word gave Nienke. While the mystery. Can you be patient? Do not worry, the guy that we should "... From the mother's approval Volodkin quieter, but still the heart aches for her daughter. Fell in love! Most adult children. Now, I suppose, flies the birthday girl daughter at the school-Secretary-General himself is responsible to the letter of the six best pressovschits operators in Russia, and Mom-Ninina among these six.

"Dear friends!

With a sense of deep satisfaction acquainted with your labor 'report, in which you report on progress of work and commitment to perform in the tenth five-year plan, two private ... "

And in his native village of Tambov Galininom courteous, too, read about it. They will say: "Thecla something Semenova daughter! That would be Fyokla to live ... "

Interestingly, while Valya Zhukov Ivanovo silicate brick factory is now in the change? How it works today?

"Our party has always supported and foremost innovators whose achievements and records now legitimate cause admiration and pride, and tomorrow are becoming the norm of many. I am confident that your experience to improve performance will be widely distributed in all industrial enterprises of building materials ... "Galina immediately dialed the phone the factory party committee.

- Ivan R., hello. Already know?

- How could I not know! Throughout the plant noise. Not like you, Galina, worry, you're a night.

- Yes is unfamiliar to congratulate, and caught the throat with emotion.

- Okay, okay, Aristov, calmed, and his voice was thick, as always, made internally to meet, and he with her Komsomol age, it can be said to grow in the recommendation of her party-daval. Nerves, Galina, Take care. At a rally today to speak.

- Easier for me to three rules ...

- Nothing. Moscow did not immediately built. And act, Galya learn. A standards-itself. Now I went through all the shops, fine ... "Normal" in the mouths of the Party Committee Secretary of the highest praise. Hence, the technique fails, and the mass is going well. Otherwise, from the records pressovschits not wait: they are like at the finish line long relay race, which began production of raw materials, grinding-sorting factory, shop roasters, massozagotovitelnym.

- Kireeva three presses today?-Kanakina asked about her friend, "rival" of the other shifts.

- On three. On the heels of your coming, 'podzadoril Aristov.-Ionin is too bad. And Solovyov. And when come on the heels of, interest in the competition longer, however, Galina?

- However, she agreed, and decided to himself proudly: Oh, no, it does not give primacy, or the letter she had no right to sign on behalf of the Orenburg plant of silicate wall materials.

From the story of Peter Ivanovich Kadushkin, director of the plant:

Galya at the plant almost from its inception. Before our eyes grew. But in fact correct to speak about the growth of a parallel-plant and man. And even wider-city region. Earlier in the name of Orenburg that rose? The famous Orenburg wheat. Livestock. Clearly, Orenburg shawl about him and the song is. Now, the first response: "Gas!"

About our gas write and speak respectfully to call it a capital-Large gas. Europe's largest gas field. Gas Processing Plant and is the largest in the country. The pipeline Orenburg-western border of the Soviet Union would be the most powerful in the world of underground natural gas main line.

Our town is growing, that is, by leaps and bounds. The population of each year end up tens of thousands. So, let's housing at an unprecedented pace, let's schools and kindergartens, to develop a culture. And this is a direct appeal to us, to our plant, "Let a brick! More! Better! "

Is it any wonder that our factory and let him 15 years ago, soon found himself thin. Projected on fifty million bricks a year, while this year we have a plan, 140 million. And give. Because all the shops, all areas are gradually being refurbished in accordance with the requirements of today.

Seen at the site at the tap-loader trucks for all brick? The harvest time for farmers now, suffering, and the builders: trying to catch up to more bad weather to cold weather. And that's really how old I am here, and that all vehicles still excites, disturbs, spurs. I can not look calmly at her stand-machine from Orsk, from Guy's, where only the no. Ask: Look for reserves! And looking for.

It turns the dialectic: the growth of edge-growth of the plant and man. Our factory has grown to the point that raised its own Hero. In our industry it is a rarity ... -I sometimes wonder: why did Kanakina? There is also the same hard-working and clever, and witty. I formulate as follows: it is a patriot of the plant. She has every shift like a record. But her mood sets the tone for everything.

Noisy, puffing press. On a wide, ten feet wide, deepening divides in half the long hall, gently moving up and down the platform to collect from the press finished products, raw brick. Here Galina regulates the flow of the mass media in one, apparently, the weight is too brisk, and it mutes its course, the second press quickly and thoroughly cleans the form: it is required to make metal brushes, but they are not in good faith. And at the same time, it does not take his eyes from the third press: there automatic stacker-down on the trolley the third layer of bricks, which laid the extreme pressovschitse rearrange rows across, for stability, so that the whole pyramid is not crumbling. And I do not have time to look around, Kanakina already there, transposes the last brick in a second before they fall on the cart next layer ... It seems strange that the press serves Kanakina on different sides of "watershed", how many times per shift she has overcome it!

Kanakina Galina Galina later explained to me that the media serve three next to it is more complicated. While in the distance, of course, then win, but to keep them all in the field of view is difficult. All she has are calculated to seconds, all the tested many times!

Usually mild and even shy, on the change of Galina tightly focused, and beautiful in its own way: blush on the cheeks, in every motion confident stinginess. And a particularly striking elegance of its working methods when compared to standing next to a student Nelya. She is dressed like all the changes in: the same jacket and polka dot scarf, the same comfortable pants. Still, until the new girl in itself, not the overall rhythm.

- It is difficult, she says to me, and sighs of self-criticism. - Kanakina manages three presses, and I have just one.

One can not help note-broken "only one". Student wants to move quickly on the two. A long time ago and she is Kanakina worked on one press, and specially traveled to Volgograd to see firsthand how the famous pressovschitsa Anoshina operator controlled by two presses? We had to overcome a psychological barrier. And not only to overcome the most - to help move beyond it to others.

- Nelly, the press is going well. While the notice-Kanakina student throws on the run, takes his broom, and very quickly helps Nele.-see, in the shop clean.

Indeed, around the order. The walls are lined with tiles, as befits a company of high culture of production. Rubbish is enough to move to the lattice-ion prosypletsya a moving auger, which will take him. However, Nelia certainly takes it all for granted, it is only a few days, she was nothing to compare it dates back to the present day. It seems that the spacious cabins have always been so, and products can be put in the fridge, and protective clothing to give the plant in the laundry ...

Pupil vspoloshenno rushes to help Kanakinoy, she had already fled to his press, Nelia sweeps in good faith and for a long time and did not notice that the cart, "bunk" went to the last layer of brick and its immediate need to roll back and replace the blank. And it is time to make Kanakina.

- And she has three press-says to me once again upset Nelia.

The work of the press ... recalled a long time: in the postwar our childhood ice cream sold is not ready briquettes or cups, and drew a lot of icy and tightly stuffed with a spoon mold. At the bottom lay a round wafer imprinted with the name of thy-ringing could be called-in the stock from the seller and not to be, but it is sad for a moment, and the next moment the form is already stuffed with sweet white, went to second wafer on top - and pushed out a portion of the movement, reminiscent of Pressing the syringe.

Above the table, slowly rotating media in the same way from the bottom up squeezed out of the rectangular holes grow one by one gray bricks. And when they stand at full height, and their prehensile tongs grab the automatic stacker. Measuring the work of its charms. It looks like a living zagrebuschie hands ...

From the story of Asya Yakovlevna Dotsenko, Chief Engineer:

If I were asked what work requires our current era, we would have to list the set of qualities. A treatise of work. But the first word in this list, I'll call "proactive." For me, the word first, that the characterization of the engineer that work. Obedient man is a good singer, and this may even be a forerunner, but not in the team are doing the weather.

A Gal in its very nature, the instigator.

In recent years, the profession pressovschitsy acquired an entirely different quality. Before the press served three monotonically bending and straightening manually reloaded for a change forty thousand bricks. Can you imagine? Frankly speaking, men are not kept. Tried, but could not withstand. And it was our duty to the female party, the human-duty mechanized laying bricks. As soon as the Odessa plant "Strommashina" sent us a press-stacker with a gun, put it Galya Kanakinu. And on two presses have tried it first. And three. As a test pilot. And just as a test machine to the constructor specifies the deficiencies and errors, she was looking for with our engineers and innovators: how else to release the operator an extra minute? For example, traveled to Volgograd, they have, they say, boards are more convenient. Well, take into account. We generally try to stay abreast of all new, what is happening in the industry.

Galya locksmith can offer advice: how to quickly eliminate the damage, what's the deal. She hears a good technique. Here we have solved the problem: how to deal with the occurrence of mass in the bunker? First pressovschitse had to take a crowbar, pick it up and banging on the wall of the hopper. Heavy and antiquated, time consuming. And if the electric motor? Contrived, adapted. Of course, not comparable to the crowbar, the progress that our women sighed. But this time the motor has failed, the second one. Sand the same lime, all slaughtered, electric motors will not save enough. Suffered ... Suddenly Kanakina asks: "A compressed air can?" Specifically, she had no idea what and how, just gave the idea, but the idea proved to be valuable. And they set the pneumatic. Another relief!

Kanakina Galina Recently we held a seminar on mnogoagregatnomu care. "Three press? You would not believe, 'said after the speech Kanakinoy pressovschitsa an operator from the Far Vostoka.-Man is not physically able to ... "Another of the evidence as proof of the affair, we did not have. Who will say that it is easy? It is very difficult. Every second counts. Each movement is programmed, the closed loop in my head. Clearly, a lot of worried Gal. And for the technique, too ... And we're all worried about nee.Ona showed not only their skills but also the level of production ... "Believe?" Galina said, after changing a distrustful dalnevostochnitsy. And she asked: "Can I tomorrow, will work with you?"

Six signatures' report, which was sent LI Brezhnev pressovschitsy operators from different Russian cities. Together with GA Kanakinoy report signed V.P.Zhukova of Ivanov, M. and K. M.A.Ershova Samuylova from Kalinin, EG Korobkova and AM Petryshova from Volgograd.

They all met while in Moscow. Many were familiar with before, met at meetings or in enterprises from each other. And now they are united responsibility: by the end of the tenth five-year plan, they promised to give two personal five-year plan.

We discussed every word in common letters, saying that even interfere in the work, and each took on a note of those "little things" from the experience of friends who understood only by professionals, who have mastered their work thoroughly. Determined to compete, they unwittingly drawn into a competition tens, hundreds of people: those who prepared for them a lot, those techniques as settling, raising production standards.

In the planning department ... the Orenburg plant of silicate wall materials showed me a special folder. Open your it, look through the documents and the entire course of socialist competition illustrative statements: E-mail every month brings reports from here Ivanov, Volgograd and Kalinin.

I looked past reports due in July. From Kalinin reported that the average Ershov gave a smenu74, 7 thousand bricks. We develop Samuylovoy-56, 7 thousand. And in July a Kanakinoy? 65.7 thousand. But in May, with Galina Andreevny74 thousands. Month on month, it seems, does not have to ...

The results of the non-resident competitors Galina perfectly aware, and the local, factory "rival" Kanakinoy, and they also try on the achievements of the best.

And it turns out that although the letter published by newspapers, only six signatures, in fact, their is much more ...

From the story Raisa Moiseevna Kalyagin, laboratory:

There is a saying: "ill hurt." Sometimes out of habit, and his utter ... But Galya was a delegate to the Congress of Trade Unions in Moscow, so it was straight from the airport to replace. In the Audit Committee of the All she was elected, it is necessary to visit Moscow often ... Come and work two shifts in a row. I tell her, "Galya, take care of yourself. Rest is also important. " And she says: "Raya, and who is behind me, pull my millions? The obligation to give the same! "By the way, distracted, then it put the public, government and clearly the same as if they get behind, it is not her fault. All of the plant, and especially those pressovschitsy that compete with it, know perfectly well how many have done Kanakinoy today. Are also almost the same level: for example, last year she made 12 million bricks, and Kireeva, 11 million ...

My daughter had gathered to get married. Just a girl, only managed to pass the exams.

- Yes, well if you know him?

- A whole year, 'said with an expression as if "the whole life."-Remember, Volodya took me to the dance for the first time? There they were introduced. Volodya like it.

The authority's brother calls for help.

- Daughter, not too soon to get married?

- And to you as it was when my father went out for?

Too little. And they had a wedding memorable: when both worked in the repair of railways. She had just graduated from training supervisors. He was in the men's dormitory, trailer living, she is a female. They came together from the registrar, they drew on the trodden dance "snout" of the van and began to turn the gramophone record. The wizard goes, "Hey! And they say you get married. "-" Married ... "

What's to compare. Ninkina youth and youth-incomparable. In the book's daughter, basketball, amazing for a mother's dream to become a stubborn seller, and seller would be desirable to "Children's World", where the work-to the delight of kids, almost educational. Mother do not mind, though it is far from her own profession. After all, it is the peasants' concerns his mother was gone, having inherited from her only main-conscientiousness, in any case.

The mother in the war with six left, smaller than the other. But in the farm work was ahead ... Mourned at funerals of her husband. And once resorted to him: "Your father was at the station. Only he can not reach. " The mother was frightened, happy, crying, nasazhala to cart the kids ... And at the station they really saw his father in the front coat, helpless, motionless with his feet after being wounded. The seventh child for the mother. How has managed to go out on its feet? Managed. But she had overstrained ...

Gal in ninkiny years was able to get up in the early dawn, cook dinner principle sources of the family, milk the cow harvest bread, harness a horse, wash, sew, so does the ability to list all of the girls who became the mistress of the family. Life is made. But now a different time. Just another youth.

I so want for my daughter happy! So like, that she has inherited from the mother's grandmother's talent in any work to go ahead.

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