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Theodore L. Kurylo

Blacksmith Voroshilovgrad Locomotive Plant of the October Revolution, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Theodore L. Kurylo Somehow Theodore L. remarked:

It is easy to fill out my questionnaire. Under "Work Experience" writing: "1953-present. Bp. - Voroshilovgradsky Locomotive Works. " That's all. Quickly turns.

Quickly Leontyevich Fedor is not only filled form. Under his hammer a piece of scarlet fever if itself takes some form of drawing.

Another, the same piece forged would be a lot longer - mark guild master.

There is a knowing nod.

Clearly, they say. Dexterity-on experience.

Kuznets, however, such simplicity is not to your liking.

-But why-ask-clay in the hands of one person, for example, instantly turns into a funny animal, and in others as they may torment him, and remains so wad?

Again, the answer seems to be prompted. Au then the uniqueness is condemning a smile. Well it turns out: the so-is not this way and that is not like that. Then what takes the Kuril?

-Talk is a long-told in the shop.


Fedor is the son of a blacksmith. Remembers her mother would put smartly, will take to preschool. All the rank-rank. A teacher turns away, marching to his father Fyodor. Forge a number of trees with thick hides. It is dark, only the red tongues of flame running down the mountain, highlighting the father figure and his broad-shouldered at hand. Interestingly, as in my grandmother's tale.

Give Fedor any key, it does not interfere, and sits on the sidelines, but the nut turns listening to the sound of his father's parking brake "vdar Here, here!". Floats on a crimson hammer ringing around Sennomu. Learn to: how does it happen? Merry assistant explained:

A silver-anvil ... Will, therefore, such a ringing of Theodore to put the village. Waited until the forged got a smoke, stop on the anvil. Ping did not work, the hammer fell out of the hands.

No, it is not silver, blurted out, improvised. That, in order not to burst out laughing, clutching his stomach. Maltz pity roar about. Father patted on the head.

- Wait a minute - he says, grow up. The ringing of force required.

And gave to the penny candy. In the shop for a complete skullcap sweet "peas" was poured. Fedor nut sits on the forge, watching, as there are people from all sorts of things to his father. The chairman will drive respectfully removes his cap. The father slowly plows, harrows show. The procedure for blacksmiths, all ready in time. That's just a mother to the father zashumit, finding the evening zamurzannoe child. Father and there is not scary. He flips his son taller in strong hands, with a laugh, give the mother:


Point on the boyish happiness put the war. But he knew Fedor: still back his father, inflame horn. Now she and he will make a black anvil silver trill answer with him. Waiting for the promised hard hours Fedor.

No more than he had to go with his father in the smithy. War, and over, caught the ominous shadow of the soldier. My father came home in the autumn, winter dead.

And still forge Fedor "sick." No, the boys' dreams of conquering the Arctic, a daring flight, of course, they were. When, after seven-year period is the time to choose a profession in earnest, he went to Bogodukhov minded and said:

-Will smith.

The director looked at the trade school and pronounced puny teenager eulogy lathe work. And Fedor doggedly repeated


He has already visited the school in the forge. Here once stood in a series of twelve huge anvil-shop in the eyes of the rural guy. Most surprised by the lack of fur with their asthmatic breath: in kilns fed to the gas, the flame from him, and without blowing hot licking metal. That's where he will learn! "Rose up above, our heavy hammer ..."

However, very soon gave way to joy of anxiety. Kuznetsov, the school had to take 24. A statement filed 36 people. All left, but on probation. Under Theodore was the smallest. Thought: if someone is clear-be dismissed. And exactly. A week later, all built. Twelve were told to step aside. Fedor was among them. 'All', 'heart sank. However, immediately sounded the command: get the selected shape.

Here's a joy it was! No survivors of the war years, perhaps, not understand the feelings surging in the boys with a nemudrenoy equipment. Imagine: you do not even remember when wearing new pants, and then you and the casual and dress suits, jacket, coat, okay shoes. And most importantly, a cap with silver letters "RU". Well this is to think what would be a dandy in his Sennoe Fedor. Know someone not-smith is coming! And began to Fedor happy days. He was happy to run into the smithy. The tasks of the occupation to occupation become more complex and difficult, was not all turned out. Obedient to every motion of the master, hammer vyzvanival in every way. It was interesting, and in the classroom. Especially in metallurgy. Not clear, with what had to deal with the furnace, after the teacher's explanation is simple, affordable. And after all the gymnastics. Before Fedor about it and had no idea. The school saw the guys "sun" twist. I decided to try it. Silenko was a whip hanging on the crossbar. Provoke: began to disappear in the gym every night. Finally, it has gone. And it is time they took it to the competition in Kharkov.

Two years of study flashed a day. Next, however, they are left visible. Delineated not only grown mounds of muscle. In the final theory of Fyodor gave "excellent". In practice, pulled the hardest ticket-forging tisochki. Cope with this. Awarded him the highest possible level at the end of the school to fifth. Believed that much now, and life will go smoothly at all. Came here, however, zakovyrka.

In the crafts taught the children to fix harrows, carts edit, produce tools and other hardware small things. This was the profile of the school. But the whole group is not sent to collective farms and machine tractor stations, and on the Voroshilovgrad Locomotive Works of the October Revolution. To work at a factory Bogodukhovskaya proficiency was not enough. On his first shift working of the Kurile Fedor did so and was unable to forge. So far, he wielded a hammer hand, and put it in the shop for three-ton steam edifice. That confused son of a peasant.

I went to ask:

- Release.

Theodore L. Kurylo The foreman decided differently: some work of the Kuril first assistant, inspect, and there will be a self-forging.

It is not easy and had to be improvised. Had to relearn thoroughly. Perhaps the only sweet smell neostyvshey scale in the factory shop was the same as in the smithy school. Everything else, otherwise. Even the sounds. Instead of the silver hammer to break an anvil-heavy multi-ton giants hoot. A blacksmith, which put Fedor is without year-week, he became a hammer. But the master, Michael Iosifovich Shabalin, experience does not hold. And the patience to fuss with the newcomers had enough. Thrice will show you how to forge the item. "Do you understand?", Asks Theodore nod. A step back Kadets, even run him ask around. Running a shame. But the master himself in some time to come back. It turns out there and do not ask. Gore eloquently about marriage Fedorov agony says. Again, for the ticks taken Kadets. But do not scold. And so as long as Fedor will not achieve the same clear-cut action. 'Nothing,' slap on the shoulder after the change, get used to it-. It is even necessary, that at first did not work. Without work, you know, do not pull out and fish from the pond. You leaned in forged. Koval is a brother, man! ". And in confirmation will tell jokes about how guilty in a village blacksmith. Should punish him. But the trouble is not dispense with the blacksmith. I went to the gathering to a compromise: coopers were in the village two, here and decided instead to punish smith cooper.

Well, in the improvised Fedor long delayed. Ability to blacksmith's hammer and near three-ton quickly emerged. Six months later, he entrusted it to the first part. Science, of course, this is not over. And is there any end to it? For a quarter century, what did not forge Theodore L., has become an acknowledged master (who has worked all these years with him deputy head of department MK Karika and said: "Without the Kuril we would have difficulty. The most difficult and urgent work of instructing him") and opportunities to learn and does not miss now. It's not just about professional journals and literature. It has long been retired, Mikhail I. and Theodore often visited by the first teacher. When we go on missions, be sure to try to look for work there the smiths, they find out something new, how to present Voroshilovgrad diesel locomotive had not yet arrived. On the trade union congress of his show:

-Won by three rows of Busygin sits.

-The same?

Well, yes.

During the break, Theodore L. is already acquainted with the first in blacksmithing Stakhanovite.

Theodore had learned long ago: the new knowledge must give an increase in skill and performance. Then I realized one more thing: his knowledge is needed not only to him. They work better and help your neighbor. Their value from that in the eyes of Fedor Leontyevich increased many times over. That tends to take it, to give away. Prior to this simple truth, he came, of course, not alone. How many remember Fedor himself, next were the people as generously talked of his knowledge and experience.

However, there were also a sense of the meeting. There was once a blacksmith shop of the highest caliber. Downright virtuous. I learned about it two Fedor is not the day of arrival at the factory. Naturally, I wanted to look at it at work. But as soon as the beginner to approach the hammer "virtuoso", as he arranged a break. In the other, and the third time in repeated smoking breaks. It got to Fedor did not want to "virtuoso" wraps off its tricks. "All the same, find out", with boyish vehemence decided to Fedor and tried to "spy" when the "virtuoso" worked a different shift. Visits Fedor did not go unnoticed, and he was the umpteenth time had to watch the same smoke breaks. He waved his hand to his venture, and more at the hammer, "virtuoso" did not appear. But the time has come, and so had to go cap in hand to the Kuril. Both are then forged turbine blades. "Virtuoso" will load the full furnace blanks and ... All the marriage sends. And Fedor worked. Came timidly "virtuoso" to Fyodor, feared that with his own talk method. But all told, and the Kuril shown. "The Secret" was the speed: it was not necessary to cool the workpiece. Here is Fedor and prilovchilsya impact is less to do. The blades were one to one. In the shop a long time laughed lightly esteemed keeper of secrets. And Fedor once again proved, giving joyful than to take.

And Theodore L. generously passes on experience. For many years he always has students. Formal and informal. Any work without the habit is not given. Forging and even more so. This is just part it would seem that the smith more puny strength is required, but savvy is not so important. These blacksmiths are not just power, and savvy take. The complexity of the first lesson in the furnace is that it is difficult to account for all, without exception. Rarely from anyone from the beginner will not hear after the first shift, "I can not." Here Theodore L. autobiography remember:

-You are not the first. I, too, so it was.

Newbie somehow easier to do. Then, together will enter the factory museum. Comparison of as-and as always, was impressive. At the beginning of the century ushered in a deep bass is quite weak his birth (with a capacity of 600 horsepower), the first-born Hartmann Locomotive Works. Now then let the locomotives in the 10-13 times stronger.

By happy coincidence the museum will be Alex P. Kozachenko. He remembers how his father, a carver rolling mill plant Hartmann, came home from work, barely able to stand from fatigue and would collapse immediately to sleep on the floor lined with straw (no bed), as a cry of resentment mother she was washing clothes, soap stairs in the houses of the rich, and those used to paying with her copper coin thrown on the steps, watching: whether it will catch the jumping coin. The son who lived in poverty, parents who have been denied human dignity, planer AP Kozachenko became a Hero of Socialist Labor, Honorary Citizen Voroshilovgrad.

Theodore L. Kurylo And Theodore L. immediately draw attention to the lines of the surviving from the early years of the revolution of the newspaper: "With a weapon in one hand and grind to another, we smashed and destroyed all our enemies, and on the ruins of the old world of slavery and murder raised the red banner of labor."

-With a hammer, is proud to highlight the Theodore L.. - Blacksmith for the people was the founder and creator of new life.

Almost all of the locomotives, occurring on the highways of the country, worked in Voroshilovgrad. Powerful, rich plant named after the October Revolution. He has his own living quarters, palaces of culture and sports, stadium, where the whole town watching football battles, holiday home and guest houses, camping sites and kindergartens ...

-And you say "can not", concludes the first "lesson" with newcomer Theodore L..

For the first followed by others. You'll see, the guy has deftly wielded tongs, and then the self becomes a hammer. Sometimes, someone would prefer to heat and cool rumble blacksmith shop assembly. Leave, but propetlyaet for life and return. That's how it went when Igor, a lanky, awkward kid. In the assembly he did not catch on. Went to another entity, then the next. Finally, rumors that the forwarder was arranged in a kind of bargaining. "I'm happy, 'said the guys,' any longer." And in a short time he met Theodore Leontyevich (specifically waiting) and without any entry blurted out:

- Get back. Can no longer dangle.

The conversation was long. When Theodore L. said of his request, the boys are half-heartedly welcomed the news of the intention to return to a team guy. Why bother with the flyers? And Theodore L. went to a shop boss and the personnel department, and argued that the need to take back to the blacksmith's Igor. First, many do not understand why the Kuril currently looking for new efforts. And even then, when Igor blacksmith turned out, knew the cause of persistence of brigadier.

Volodya Skorytchenko also not just all came together. In the hall he came before the military service. A good blacksmith is seemingly out of it was obtained. And then, having served, Volodya went off to the fleet, to the fishermen. But, did you just try, pulled back to the shop. And here again the Kuril supplies him with his instrument, helps out in difficult moments. What, blacksmiths romance anymore? Volodya smiled shyly. As a word to explain his return? Then all together, and the profession, and the foreman, and the guys ...

Many students in the two decades it was Fedor Leontyevich. Obtained from them and great blacksmiths, foremen and wise. And the most talented of them in the workshop were unanimous in recognizing the younger brother of Fedor Leontyevich-Nicholas. Nicholas worked for a long time assistant Theodore. And he picked up not only his grip, working methods, gestures at the hammer, when he roars, the word is not explained perekineshsya and blacksmiths, give the team signs. Not only that. Junior, as they say, goes in the footsteps of the older. Twelve years partgruporgom Fedor was on the site. Now he is a member of the bureau of the city committee and the party group of trusted friends to lead Nicholas. Theodore was elected deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR, Nicholas MP District Council. The brothers are working on the adjacent, quite similar hammers. Led by their team compete. And compete! Such passions search. If today the team ahead of Fedor, Nicholas tomorrow with its blacksmiths, they joke, the bones will fall, but his take. There was even a case: in the second year of the Tenth Five Brigade Nicholas won three blocks and five-year plan for two years before the team met Fedor. Nicholas at once and did not realize: how does it happen? His team won, but Fedor is ahead? I ran to the chief of the Bureau of Labor and wages specified. In temper he could not understand what we are talking about two years of five-year period. And now his team is behind by as much as two weeks. What happens to "find out brother relationship" and other issues. But there is always a heated argument ends with a proposal to go fishing or mushroom-looking wait a while year. Because they care about inconsistencies in the general affairs only in the shop at work. And so they did not razolesh water. What can I say, brethren. They live in perfect harmony.

My brother, of course, no accident forging hit. By the time Fedor ten years have stood the hammer. Nicholas saw that the elder brother is really happy. In his hands importantly, the right thing, he would not exchange ions no matter what. Fedor and said: I'm forever stuck with a hammer. That went for brother. Then screw the guild wits at every opportunity, do not forget: "He made the Kuril nepotism." The fact that not only the brother of Theodore blanks under the blow of the hammer substituted. "Served" them ... and his wife, Maria Ivanovna. And Fedor, he first joker wit supported:

- And what then? Searched rodstvennichki "lukewarm," the town, that's found.

However, for the harmony of the plot is allowed for small perestanovochka time. Maroussia something without Fedor came to the "warm" place. She worked in the shop crane operator for a long time. With the "high status" and searched his Fedor. Now-a-Theodore L. assures us that he is gay fancy maiden. Only for the passage of time (eldest daughter had already married were given) did raise up the details? It was so from what happened? The main thing is that this "nepotism" in favor of the workshop went. During the time that it works Theodore L., Nicholas L. and Maria Ivanovna, everything has changed beyond recognition. When I came here Fedor, only one worker had a secondary education. Now it is not only one out of ten. He graduated from the school for working youth and the Kuril himself. If you draw a graph of the growth performance and impose on him the schedule of raising the educational level of the blacksmiths, the lines probably will be very close. It is clear, put in direct correlation of these data is hardly correct: too many factors, technological, organizational, and of course, the economic impact on the change in performance. And yet, not by accident during the most rapid growth of the achievements of the same plant with increased attention to learning.

Theodore L. studied not only himself but also as a member of partgruporg and factory party committee has done a lot, that knowledge has become an indispensable tool in the same smith as a trowel, pliers and other traditional attributes. Now, blacksmiths helps a lot of machines. In teams, employing six people, it became possible to handle four. Make it as they manage a lot more than before.

That's because along with the shop, helping the shop, grew Fedor. It seemed to him, just worked. But one day, unexpectedly came to him the glory. Suddenly and unexpectedly, perhaps because I was searching for the glory of Fedor? And in the dreams were not. It turns out that the glory of man she finds. Who is on the battlefield, who in the grain field. And it's in-rattling metal shop. Not afraid to hoot thank hammers and hot glow of the flames came, gently touched the radiant wing. Noted then-Homeland and that was at the beginning of the eighth Five-Year-labor Theodore Kurylo Order of Lenin. In the spring of 1977 he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. Has the Fedor?

- Of course. State became a man - say the Kurile classmate of apprenticeship. And tell how, after his visit to Theodore Leontyevich one minister has improved the delivery of the metal, and after a visit to another, in the dining room there were mechanized dispensing line. Talk about other chores deputy. And then the same classmate, as if speaking about too much, caught himself:

- No, it is still Fedor. Look how he stands with the hammer, as zaboristo joked after the change in the shower, boys Zaporozhye mighty laughter go. And just as before, in the days of duty, voluntary people's guards, he is sent to patrol the streets of the evening.

When a classmate is right? And in both cases. After all, the worker and member of parliament of the Ukrainian Republic F. L.Kurilo-one and the same person. That remains unchanged, the person is open and welcoming. Sam Kuril changes in yourself, in your life a little more pointed.

- However,-said-they are all explained simply: it is the result of the orders of party and parliamentary duties. They define my life. Only one thing is beyond the scope of this: theater-goer has become. The elder daughter Galina from an early age was fascinated by amateur performances. Grew up, became involved in the productions of the factory of the Palace of Culture. Before parents set an ultimatum: they must attend all the premieres.

Days ... and quickly flashed in his youth. Somehow over the years, it seems that time speeds up its pace. It seems that recently he returned from the XXV Congress of the Party, and the team was about a conversation to be worthless when the old obligations, they must be reconsidered. And revised, was higher. And to meet them, hammer plot Party group raised the issue of further mechanization of auxiliary operations. That is to install on arm span, which would be handed blank from the furnace to the hammer. Rocker got, but then he spent a long time scrap metal. Guild boss explained that the need to perform a large amount of excavation, and no one to guide them. We had the party bureau firmly on the shop floor to talk ...

Recently, like, all this was. A crane snakes became commonplace, and the obligations fulfilled, and more accepted. As the time-it runs ... They say all the years it seems that it becomes less and less. Yes, but Fedor Leontievich it particularly lacking. On Wednesday, the deputy reception on Thursday, the city committee meeting of the Bureau, on Friday ...

- Therefore, the Kuril and forges fast-joke in the shop. A really say, it's talent. That's kind of like an artist, sculptor.

Fedor Leontyevich in this respect his opinion.

- Blacksmiths, 'he says,-among all nations in high esteem. And everywhere in their address so something is said. I think the closest to the truth of the French proverb: "To become a blacksmith, it is necessary to strike." Our profession is not easy. But if I had to choose now, I would go scurried blacksmiths.

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