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Romanov Ivan A.

Brigadier enlarged integrated brigades of dockers-machine operators Leningrad sea port, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Romanov Ivan A. - Let's go, 'said Romanov decisively, to introduce me to his mother. Nicholas was mixed:

Suite, Ivan Andreyevich? After all, I live just across town, so that in two hours does not turn around.

Nothing. Here we go. Together they left the gates of the port. Found a place in the tram. From the side it might seem to be returning to work, father and son. Here, at the terminus of tram route, passengers are more and more men are sailors, dockers. But through the roar of their voices can be heard in the car was a characteristic speech port: razvorotlivy thread taps, alarms cars, transporting containers to the terminals, guttural honking ships.

In the first postwar year when Ivan Romanov went here as a loader, the voice of the port was the other - a squeaky wooden piers with the husky, Interleaved strong salty words. And without a sound working arrangements. The degree of mechanization is one hundred percent. One hundred - a spade a spade solo, which after the change of porters hidden under lock and key in a wooden box . Then I had a recent war veteran who has passed on its first war a bitter day to meet with a victory on the ground defeated fascism, to make sure that really need to roll a round, flat drag, and granular jibe. The steamer with coal thirty years ago under the strain could stand almost a month.

And that had to load? Basically, timber, salt, other raw materials. Nothing like a young companion Romanov does not know. For him, as usual all that he sees today on the quays: Soviet tractors brands, computer-controlled machine tools, automobiles, optical instruments, electrical, agricultural machinery, construction and other equipment.

"Made in USSR", says the inscription on the authority of Soviet exports, ready to cross the seas and oceans and keep competing with the best products of foreign companies, to witness the mighty progress of the first socialist country.

The tram moved off, pulled the window edge of the port, now turned to the construction site.

-Do you see yonder, near the mountain of sand, standing squat barracks. In it, I once lived. Three families in one room. The son then I have been born. I will never forget these "mansions."

Nicholas imagination is clearly not enough, he languidly moved his shoulder: it was, they say, and it was, another time-some songs. Romanov was not offended. Not the guy is talking about the past. He is now more important to figure out how to wriggle out of a ticklish situation: foolishly blurted out that skipped yesterday because it met the mother who has come, and she lives in her village and know does not know how uncomfortable his son now as ashamed to confess to cheating. It can unbind the foreman, can spare the time?

Ivan A. anticipated this turn of events, but the guy pulling the tongue did not.

Somewhere in the middle Nicholas gave way, turned to the Romanov burning face:

- Sorry, John A., I tricked you.

- I felt it, Kolya, -. Calmly replied the foreman. He added:-All the same look, how you live. Do not mind?

It is hard to say who at this moment he felt more relieved. Romanov was pleased that even though late, but still, people have found the strength to tell the truth without equivocation.

That evening they sat in a long time standard furnished dorm room. There are no accusations and exhorting. Elder told of a young ... themselves, their entry into life, attitude to work. Rather, he thought aloud than talking to a guy who summed up the team did not fair and it is deserving of ^ to put his face to the entire team. These "repairs" the character of the very few people manage to endure discipline violators with a stone mask makes indifference. It is stronger than the most severe reprimand and even punish the ruble.

What made the Romanov after work does not go home, and through the city in this room? Understanding that "the withdrawal of the middle" is not always and not for everyone is the best means of education. Sometimes too much push can not push, but with the track to bring down.

Thirty years in the port. Twenty-eight of them, a foreman. Even in those postwar years, Romanov knew that one enthusiastic and encouraging a "come-come" is not way to turn the mountains of coal, boxes and barrels, which are impregnable bastions rose over the piers.

Ex-soldier began with the tactics of the organization of work: set up the members of his team at the workplace, given the skills and physical capabilities of each. Sam "took up science ': learned the subtleties of the valuation, accounting, inventory, technology features of port operations. Actions foreman gradually brought the desired results: reduced downtime caused by dock workers, reduced scrap rate. And yet, time loss and reduced quality remained, there were some invisible causes.

Novels deal with them immediately, but over the years, when already scored a solid "teaching experience" the foreman.

-It's all in the different characters of the people, says Ivan Andreevich.-on physical and personal data we can calculate the average worker. On personal qualities, ever. But in the life of the account goes only to the individual. Initially for me it was a great joy to look at our manufacturing situation "in the people" and find the real causes of failure. Only later I realized what a difficult thing came from.

What could offer Ivan Romanov to his subordinates than he could join dozens of different people? At this point a foreman there was no doubt: the basis of a team must be unified with the case. The position of Romanov simple but capacious:

"You have to want to be tired at work." Do not make money, and feel at the end of the day a pleasant feeling of fatigue and satisfaction from the work done in good faith.

-This work can not fail to captivate, 'says Romanov.-A that the work-in port for real men, that I think everybody understands.

When the desire "to be tired at work" will be a natural for most teams, if team is not only achieve production success, but also take an interest in improving their labor, skills development. Then the important questions seem comradely mutual spiritual interests, morale in the brigade. They will have to decide neon, the foreman, and the team.

The hard way? Not all the strength? "Yes, of course, agrees Ivan Andreevich.-But difficult is unbeaten by our entire country. And always in this movement very proactive role played by workers and work groups. The difficulties are not afraid when you see the benefits brought by the people: "It is learned from childhood."

The memory of Ivan Andreyevich still keeps important for a conversation with his father. Thirty-five years. Lost in the woods Novgorodchiny village. The peasant Andrei Romanov reads the message on awarding the Order of the miner Alexei Stakhanov. Here fourteen Ivan.

-That's my father-lay-gazetu. When a man is not only for himself tries, and thinks about others, then after him, and fame.

- How about others? Ivan.-object-I suppose you did a lot, and a bunch of money earned.

De-e-eneg - mimicked otets.-On the other, we are here with you has shown that we can, if we want. So it turns out, was thinking about the state of Stakhanov, when the record was.

In the words of his father's righteous son, soon found, when there arose a mass Stakhanovite movement.

This is an old conversation, Ivan A. Nicholas told the hostel.

-You know, if you picked up something, it should be done to conscience, not to blush in front of others and self respect not to lose ...

Romanov Ivan A. On the morning of Romanov in the team asked

Well, as you have met the mother of Nicholas?

A nothing. A nice woman, he said, and smiled, because now felt confident guy.

"Everyone in life should be a reliable and beloved pier," said Ivan, A.. Thirty years in the same port, the cargo area of the water, in the same brigade. "At this end of the pier before we went to pick mushrooms and wild strawberries gathered over there"-as if a beloved forest clearing docker said about his work, which not so long delighted him, and this corner of nature. Romanov himself and insisted that this vacant lot on the dock shelter with reinforced concrete, expanded production facilities in the area. Wharf was spacious, comfortable, and that today it is important to the case. A "forest clearing"? She grew up subwindows town house of Romanov: cherry trees, mountain ash, jasmine bushes, his handiwork.

We construct the port grows, upgraded. Those ten tons of coal, which had tossed a loader for a change, now holds a bucket gantry crane. The terminal, which once grew wild strawberries, with space whine runs on four feet high loader is easy to pick up a concrete floor without the aid of a huge container movers and stropaley. Hundreds of thousands of square meters of farm foreman takes, covers th fleet, railway platforms and ships, impatient of inactivity. Nine tenths of the total amount of work performed on the quays mechanisms. And yet the chief here, as well. before, the people remain.

Ivan Romanov, the highest category of dockers. He has the right to drive combine harvesters, tractors, cars of all makes. But there is a foreman of the case more difficult than managing people to organize their work. With the emphasis it relates to young members of the brigade.

-Do not rush. Make a little, just to OK. So, he begins his first instruction novichku.-did not work? Start from the beginning. Revise it. Look at his work from the outside.

Speed will come with experience, but if a person gets used to work anyhow, then it is difficult to retrain.

His team leader should be committed to the principle: lineup strictly punished newcomers not to rush, do not reproach their low productivity. Romanov agrees to wait a month or two, half-it would be money, it would be effort. He is convinced that you can not rush, when a young man just beginning the path to its berth.

Severe foreman with a kind face and gentle voice, for thirty years, he has no one kicked out of the team. He was busy with people, which some have already given up, even family. In one case, Romanov has made punishment of fraudulent truant, but he also defended it with the battle against dismissal. Now, this guy works fine, and his wife, once barely keep from divorce, does not get tired to thank Brigadier.

And thanks, it turns out, not only the team leader. After Romanov arranged things so that the responsibility for the behavior of the dockers did not take it personally, but the entire team. For people struggling team-that's the point. The credit is Romanov that he created a team, which under the effect the decision difficult, not only to production problems. It all started with a small yesterday novice worked under the watchful eye of an experienced friend, now cope with the case itself, and the next day he was appointed as a senior. Trust is also included in the pedagogical arsenal of brigadier.

And the team Romanov lowest percentage in the port of turnover. This rush of the other teams, and having got hold of firmly. It's all about - the identity of the foreman, his bet on people, the attention given to each member of the team. In the central committee of trade union of sea and river fleet, of which Ivan Andreevich Romanov was elected for the third time in a row, "portfolio" it is defined not so much on service as vocation-committee to work with young people.

The last task was a simple commission: to prepare a statement on the study of port. You could even restrict information from the personnel department. But Ivan Andreyevich with numbers and names in the hands went after working in a youth hostel and spent the evening in conversation with the guys. A pleasant surprise for Romanov was talking in a room of three singles, one of which was Anatoly Ermolaev, six-foot athlete from his team. Two believed that secondary education for the loader is enough.

-What we are movers?-Ermolaev. said, I think the word is obsolete, as the paddle steamer. I can lift a bag weighing a hundredweight, but to me a long time one does not. I kept saying to sit the second category docker. On the dockers-machine operators, not the loader. I feel like I need my port of knowledge rather than your biceps.

Novels, listened with pleasure to his pupil. For several years the team Anatoliy experienced first hand how the content has changed beyond recognition the profession of the working port.

-Every day I deal with technology - said Anatoliy., I prefer to drive than to push it. And who will allow me to get behind the wheel if I do not know how to handle the technology? This year, I, of course, rent on the second level. But I think it would be just the beginning: I am interested in technology, I want to study it further. I can not now think, who I'll be a few years later: stay or become a docker with a specialist diploma. But the fact that knowledge of the technology is reliable, it is always useful in life, I have no doubt.

In this situation, Romanov, in fact, never had to "work with the youth," as planned, going to the hostel. Suddenly, he witnessed the results of his painstaking work of the teacher: a necessary and crucial moment a student said something that was going to tell a teacher. So, do not pass completely the same "youth work", which the foreman gave so much care. Of course, he was far from thinking that these "re-educate" boys will enter the next day for the books. But the fact that they listened with interest to Anatolia Ermolaeva is the foreman did not escape. The spirit of prosperity and carefree bachelors in the room gave way to the spirit of doubt. So, Ivan Andreevich Romanov knowingly spent time there.

There are also more visible results of their labor foreman Romanov. Seven years in a row his team wore the title of the rays in the ministry. Continuing their high yield, strong discipline. And this figure does not drop off: in a decade, no serious injuries. During the Eighth Five-Year Plan, Ivan Andreyevich was awarded the "Badge of Honor". For the ninth-Order of Lenin. And now, as it is now, as stated in the decree, "for outstanding achievements in the targets were surpassed in 1976 and adopted the socialist commitment," he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

At a rally in the port, dedicated to this event, a lot of good, respectful words he heard in his address Ivan Andreevich. He stood in front of people and, having overcome the excitement, said that the answer to the honor can only be one or labor. The demonstrators, dockers-informed people. They knew that Ivan Andreyevich said not only befit the occasion of the word, and had in mind a very specific work of his team. A team from Romanov-happened-was now a completely new one.

It took her two and a half months before the ceremony. There was snow, soaking wet and frozen in March. Hard to wake up in the morning appliances - warm garage is not enough, glohli engines, covered with ice in the cold wind of its subcompact accountable.

All the usual March "charms", which Romanov has long used not to pay attention, this year memorable. Because then, in March, he suddenly felt like a student. This is the twenty-ninth year, is brigadirstva! The reason was this: The port took up an entirely new business, the creation of specialized teams of the integrated complex.

Enlarged team of 45 people led Ivan Andreyevich since 1974. But now was to lead a team twice as much. And the question was not simply to increase the size, and extent of this increase. Already during the first enlargement teams Romanov lost some enviable advantage of a small group leader, to which always counted: the ability to see every day dockers at work and in the face. Suppose that in the least, yet this possibility if he stayed. But ninety people, not forty-five. There really is not all uglyadite.

But the main difficulty was not the point. Romanov was worried that it will lose sight of the newcomers. How many of them came in the team? One, two, maybe three at a time. They did manage to give personal attention. And in a strong team they are acclimatized team confidence as quickly and quietly lapped the new details in the well-oiled machine.

Now, not only to the Romanov came immediately, dozens of new people, but he gave half of his brigade to a neighboring Grigorieva: The main feature of the two created in the third district of the Leningrad commercial seaport teams is not in their sverhukrupnennosti, and that they are specialized. The team now deals only with Grigorieva congestion of containers at the terminal, and she joined the specialists of this case.

Romanov went to pickup trucks. In addition to the heavy "KrAZ" powerful tractors, combines complex is, of course, "Lada" is the most capricious and seller.

They are buried in the tail at each other, entire colonies on the broad palms of preparatory grounds. They sparkle in the sun with enamel, attract attention with bright colors, sleek, well-groomed appearance. It had no answer for their safety personally. Now, mechanization turned the absolute clarity: on wheels, so is yours. In a single team outfit. Admitted negligence damaged the car, you answer and your comrades, poorly-made small repairs once your marriage is not prepared in time for the party machine loading and on the other does not kivnesh. Your cargo, is your responsibility. Romanov explained that it was not necessary.

In the rainy March, the house saw him rarely. There was a team leader or peresmenok, no weekends.

But to persuade him to rest did not make sense. Knew that he was accustomed to go home only when he felt calm, confident that his presence is not necessary that all is going well. But this calm for a long time Romanova was not.

Almost thirty years of leading the team, watching the work of others, he learned not too original, but very important truth: a truly hard-working team able to work normally without the constant intervention of the foreman. And for this it is necessary to provide a solid organizational foundation. Here is his Romanov and created at the expense of their own time. And gradually he began to pursue its three hundred twenty-fifth brigade and a new composition, even in the making, has not been to those lagging behind.

At eight o'clock in the morning, when the night gives way to a link on the quays morning, Romanov conducts "wiring." This is the only time in the day when he sees just half the team together. Young guys, zhokeyki smart, fashionable beard. "Old men" in the exhaust port about twenty years, eight people. In general, no one left of those with whom they began in the postwar forty-sixth year.

Indeed, other times, other songs. Thirty years ago, rising to the desire to get tired and with a shovel on his shoulder on board the ship with coal, he thought about how not to get tired early. Now his kids are assessing how to rationally fit on the dock machinery, dismantled a fault in the technique, offer ways to optimize operations. That he should now tell them how to instruct? They are all from one berth, almost all the cool-specialists, like-minded people. The port does not like long conversations. And Romanov said briefly:

- In the Finnish port, I saw an excellent technique. But it is idle, people loaded ships by hand. At the union insisted that the Finnish dockers, who is struggling with unemployment. I ask you the opposite: better use of the technique, which is entrusted to us. And careful to handle it.

At the beginning of the ninth, as promised dispatchers, mooring increased mass of the ship. Slow down the ramp and its ribbed decking went first, "frets." A distant voice echoed in the belly of the ship fixing the chain, flashes lights are lost in the cold space of the hold. The loading had begun. After a few minutes, people and technology gain the right rhythm, which is planned and organized their team leader Ivan Andreevich Romanoff. Clear, confident, impetuous, rhythm, in which he lives his country.

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