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Patseyko Leonid Tarasovich

Tool-maker Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Patseyko Leonid Tarasovich He always wakes up at exactly half past five. Hours can be checked. Today, incidentally, is what happened. Jura, the youngest son, I forgot to have a home, "chimes", they stopped. And Leonid Tarasovich without looking at your wrist and confidently put the arrow. Banging away on the first train rails, and under their rhythmic accompaniment, he did exercises. Then showers and news on the radio that there was outstanding in the country and the world, what a surprise prepared for the next cyclone. November now amazed by their antics. And now, the windows of dense fog and rain. But on the 17th calendar! Usually at this time he had already made forays into the ski Rupasovsky forest. Today just half an hour to walk with her granddaughter Sveta, thyself in raincoats take an umbrella.

Leonid Tarasovich recently received a three-room apartment in New Mytishchi, and hence have to travel to work by train. The train stops right by the factory wall. As usual, the difference is only in seconds, in 7.5 it is already in the shop. Another 15 minutes before the start of the shift. There is a time to share with friends and sports news, talk about the events of life. But ... that's passed to his desk to greet them, the section chief Podkopaev. It's time! Leonid Tarasovich laid drawings multispindle head, began to figure out where to start when he heard a sudden cry of joy behind:

- Uncle Lenya! Hello!

Turned warm wave swayed chest. Here's something unexpected: Svetachkov back! His Serge! It should be here in an army uniform, with badges on the chest. And on his left arm thrown over coveralls. Like, now dressed.

- Healthy, well, Sergei, and very happy ... What and rest did not?

- It pulls here, Uncle Len, do not save. I thought after the army longer walk, could not. Yes, with the title of Hero of you, dear teacher!

And they embraced. Well and good. So, let's meet and work.

At the bench, Leonid Tarasovich-all attention to business, driving away extraneous thoughts. Return Svetachkova knocked out of rut. And after the change, when they came home in a Sharapovku, Peace Park, vacant lots, all appeared before him pictures of the recent past. Pop up in the memory of a lesson, who spent one day in the factory museum.

They have accumulated thousands of artifacts and a half, and, of course, not everyone he stopped. I wanted to show and tell the guys thing. And no wonder the party committee emphasized: after crossing the solemn presentation of the factory tour of newcomers to the museum should be a memorable moment of the second start of their working life. Wait, wait, and there was at that meeting Sergei? That's not recall immediately. They then showed up a large group. The long-haired, jeans, some with perstenkami the fingers, yet little has kept the harder the pencil. And they all seemed to look the same, a little frivolous and slightly condescending and polite. However, while walking through the museum, most serious, is not snorted their hands out of the abundance of youth and health, began to "screw" as likes to say his friend, Victor M. Baikov.

Interviewed by Leonid Tarasovich started, it seems like this:

- I am, guys, proud of our double ordenonosnogo plant. This is one of the largest suburbs in the years of industrialization, there were a group of drum major. I am proud that we are now almost a quarter of all production-quality release of the Emblem. And what a production! All blue-Moscow subway cars are ours. In Prague, Budapest, Kiev, Baku, Tashkent, running around on the subway from the handsome Mytischi. Trucks ZIL-MMZ you will find the largest construction sites in the country, in the deserts of Africa, on the highways of Europe ... And saw the graceful, comfortable baby stroller? Young fathers strongly recommend buying only them. This is also our products.

Some of eager tourists, hearing only the entry, went to stand on their own. And now hear: "Look, look, here the hero of the civil war Blucher worked!" "When what?" "Read-fitter in 1909-1910, was active in the revolutionary struggle." "And Dmitriy Kedrin, a famous poet, is also ours! From this came out! "

"Also, our ..." Leonid Tarasovich all lit up when he heard that phrase. Maybe it's about Sergei Svetachkov Kedrin mentioned? While there, the poetry is not very fond of. Sometimes Leonid Tarasovich catch myself thinking that his team, which now has more than a dozen, seemed to know from the cradle, he knows more about them than they are.

Newcomers went from exhibit to exhibit, and the eighty-year history of Mytishchi engineering plant, which has now become "their" plant, soaked in susceptible youth. Detained at the pictures so old, turn of the century, for the tram cars. The first motorized trams. Three-axle passenger and freight cars. Agitation trains "October Revolution". Electric and elektrovagony 20s. Crowded around the layout of the country's first metrovagona produced in 1934. Formidable Technology World-armored. Modern products, subway cars, automobiles, various modifications, trailers, platform ...

Detained for long periods at the plate on the people of the plant. The history of MSW is inextricably linked with the name of Lenin. In one of the first issues-based Ilyich "Truth", in the fourth, has been written about the angry reaction to the mytischintsev Lena shooting. April 24, 1917 in the same newspaper was a letter from the greeting vagonostroiteley leader of the proletariat, who returned from exile and proclaimed a policy of socialist revolution. Double-factory team turned to Lenin during the civil war that has helped to organize production, to improve working and living conditions, and twice Chairman of the CPC helped. One of the leaders of trade union organization of the plant PI Travin delivered to the U.S. Lenin's "Letter to American workers," after the publication of which in the States, a wave of demonstrations under the slogan "Hands off Soviet Russia." The lesson was a success in the museum, and the mood of Leonid Tarasevich was excellent. All the guys seemed to him filled with respect to the plant. Yes, and he himself has watched with great reverence. But here was a young man to keep it:

- The museum is interesting. Intuitively, imagine how far the country has stepped the pace at which the plant grew. And how are you, Leonid Tarasovich themselves, do not grow? Say, in 1937 started working here. So forty Blow Fly in one place? No movement for long life, either in space or on the ladder?

Frankly, Leonid Tarasovich a little confused. And how condescending patronizing tone said self-confident young man! What can I say? Joked:

- I've got most excellent post, be on the earth by man.

Guys, recently quoted the words of Gorky's works in the school, appreciated the response, laughed. Still, in someone's eyes, he saw a dumb question. The answer still had to give.

- If you seriously discuss the issue, said Leonid Tarasovich if-then take a long time. Maybe the year is not enough. Until something yourself to think of having worked longer, on the other items will be talking.

Later, in class at the school of communist labor, he said, as he had promised, he returned to the subject affected by the museum. The movement is not simply moving in space, he said. Actually, not only this movement. It includes the development of the whole person, his ideological and spiritual growth, experience excellence in their field. It is measured by the benefit brought by the public man.

But it was later. And at the "untimely" day, he returned the usual route home, even somewhat anxiously, trying to make sense of his biography, to assess lived through years as a re-scrutinized the prospects of his native city, listening to the voices of trains, the hum of the most intense railroad suburbs.

Mytischi ... Here everything is in motion, that's why the main production of the vehicles. The very name of the town comes from the word "strangles" the so-called as in the old days people travel with the duties and river vessels. In the area of this city came to an end portage connecting the great trade routes that went on Klyazma and the Moscow River. From Yauza dragged into court Klyazma by land. In 1861, then laid the railroad, and later held a branch to Pirogovo and Monino, and "the pot" quickly eclipsed the glory of the other arteries, aqueduct, built in the late XVIII century for the supply of the famous Moscow Mytishchi keys. Then there was the route of the Moscow Canal, dressed in armor and robes Dmitrovskoe Rogachevskoe highway.

Patseyko Leonid Tarasovich Growth-concept inseparable from Mytischi and its area. And with him, Leonid Patseyko, fitter and turner, son of the same plant, born in nineteen twenty-first year in the village of Great Mytishchi, if no movement is not happening - except that he moved to live only a few kilometers. For decades, walked through the same forests Losiny Island, invariably rested only on the banks of the Yauza and Klyazma. So what goes with it, how these concepts are in full-neuzhto break?

In a lesson at the museum, he said nothing about his "movements in space." And though the moment was solemn, not attached to the jacket of military orders and medals. No, not all the 40 years he spent at the machine-building plant. Exactly five must be excluded. On how many front-line roads traveled and passed! As they say, the world has seen, and showed itself in four European countries. The army was called in March 41st. School junior officers he did not finish.

My favorite book in the home library Patseyko "Only one life," and J. C. Borzunova Yershov. It should be in a conspicuous place in the cabinet behind glass.

My favorite, not because Leonid Tarasovich found in her special artistic merit. This is a documentary about their story twice Red Banner Motor Rifle Brigade, commanded by a man whose extraordinary, Alexander A. Golovachev, the son of an old Bolshevik, twice Hero of the Soviet Union. And leafing through the pages of the story, Patseyko relives episodes of their own destiny.

Did you forget the most ambitious in the history of the battle of Kursk, when a squall of fire mingled themselves heaven and earth? The first mark was at the temple on Tierra del Patseyko arc. A memorable night of the November 1943rd? Swiftly they rushed into the streets of Kiev, and not had time to understand anything the German sentries hailed them sleepy voices ... In the 26 th anniversary of the October Revolution, the driver armored Leonid Patseyko screwed on to the shirt my first award, the Red Star. Then there were presented the same, then-World War II degree.

Even in Germany they were suddenly seized enemy airfield and enemy aircraft, as a bird home, sit right on their "hands." Here and collided Patseyko on the anti-tank mine, was wounded a second time. I managed, however, be cured by the beginning of the liberation campaign in Prague, where they were greeted with flowers ... A decade later, the same way strewn with bouquets of the first train the people of Prague Metro, formed in Mytishchi and, in particular, with his hands. Hands of the former liberator, soldier returning from war ...

He came back and what happened? Again, for the bench and nothing has changed, does not change? And he is still the same Lenka Patseyko that forty years ago, after FZO crossed the threshold of the tool shop and timidly clung to the master Vladimir D. Stolyarov? (Master, together with pupils from the school moved to the production, became their mentor.)

- Young people, of course, a lot of naive ideas, reasoned, section chief Peter S. Podkopaev devices, when I looked into his kabinet.-judged about something straightforward. It is clear also that the 36-Patseyko gogoda, Patseyko the 46th, when we became friends, and even if you want Patseyko 76-year wrong that day. The mind-state that is characteristic of a truly working and, you know, decades of sand. Outlook and political fighter. The accumulation of invaluable experience from year to year, from month to month, day after day. This does not replace, do not fill. Now, Leonid Tarasovich significant personality in all respects. I mean not only that in May 1977 he was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He is working? Yes. Engineer? I think so.

Classes at the party education network. Living in the affairs of their country, its current and tomorrow's worries, as the Communist Patseyko Programme of Action took uttered from the podium words of XXV Congress of the CPSU Central Committee General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev:

"To convey the idea of Congress to every communist, every Soviet citizen to-this is the honorable duty not only to educators, lecturers, speakers, and all our party activists. In this work should put all their knowledge, all the ability to persuade, the power of the soul. In all this is one of the preconditions for sustained implementation of the decisions of the Congress "

- Toolroom-plant basis, and without it the rest as a hands-free, and can work here only the most savvy. Not only the hands of gold (the title is a mytischintsev established, and it won Patseyko), but the head of gold needed. That is why Leonid Tarasovich so happy return Svetachkova. Not all come back after the army in the tool shop. Many are drawn to the conveyor. Remain and return only those who want to reach the heights of working skills, and in some ways, perhaps, to outdo, and engineers ... They are exactly as described by Academician Pavlov: "All my life I've loved and I love the mental and physical labor, and perhaps even more than the second. And especially felt satisfied, when was the last brought some good guess, ie, combined head with your hands. " So, the nature of the work Patseyko in something akin to Pavlov work ...

Indeed, the "good guesses" Leonid Tarasevich not count. To begin with this: for a decade collectors subway cars make the roof, using sketches Leonid Tarasevich. It happened this way.

The designers proposed a new stand for the manufacture of roofs with a very complex configuration, with a large number of nodes, arcs, curves, crossings. The plan was dictated by the requirements of the current aesthetics. The drawings came to the area devices. Patseyko calculated: need to drill thousands of holes, the work may take a long time. And, after consulting with his friends, suggested that the original, at first sight a risky, but in fact a progressive engineering solution: not to put sites on the mount, and weld them. In KB doubted. Repairs will be more difficult to produce. Patseyko argued that this is hardly ever necessary. And in the end with the arguments of Leonid Tarasevich agreed. Stand in the team produced seven times faster than planned. By unwritten rule is Patseyko charge at the site the most complex devices. And it is thanks to its technical maturity often solves the problem "for specialists with higher education."

The plant received an honorary order, make the first batch of cars model "Echs" for the Prague metro. We had to quickly build a 19-foot booth to collect the frame on it. Came an unexpected hitch: there was no equipment necessary for the production of such large-sized products. What to do? To request Glaucus, gave the order to other businesses? Experience has shown, it is to lose half a year. Output Patseyko suggested: make a stand in his shop, but the individual parts, and work units. 'Look,' he said at the Directorate, he started, himself will answer. Brigade head. " Patseyko replied calmly:

"Have I ever let down?" Did not disappoint at this time. Order of Czech friends completed ahead of schedule. And, it turns out that on the banner of the plant will soon have another award-Czechoslovak, considerable merit, and the liberator of Prague, a tool-maker Leonid Patseyko.

The school workforce, a great and irreplaceable. All his best qualities, diligence, perseverance, ardent desire to help someone, exceptional composure, strict insistence to themselves and others, Leonid Tarasovich obliged her. This she handed him a personal stamp of quality, has helped to master not only build a locksmith, but a flat grinding.

- The ninth five-year period he completed in four years. Plan 1976, to November 1. And he became one of the initiators of the competition for the worthy meeting of the 60th anniversary of Great October. On the anniversary of the plant produced an additional 120 trucks, has made other advances. And very pleased to see that more than two thousand workers fulfilled the plan of two years, five years. Among them Patseyko. But ask him - advised, smiling Party secretary Pohvoschev-as he has the winner and multiple winner of shock watches, a man in years, and honored, spent four days holiday. There will, of course, excuses. Try to elicit all the same.

I've tried. It was possible, though not without difficulty.

On the eve of important events Leonid Tarasovich presented two papers at the party committee. One of them, he read with excitement: "The CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium of the Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the USSR asked comrade. LT Patseyko Welcome to the reception on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution of November 7, 1977 at 14 o'clock ... "The second envelope lay a pass into the stands of Red Square.

Inspired by Leonid Tarasovich back to the shop. And here I heard the news: summed suppliers, some units were defective, and the assembly line can stop. What to do? Four of these days, looking forward to the entire family-wife, Tatiana Danilovna, sons, daughter in law, the beloved granddaughter of the ... Walking through the woods all together is not the usual two, but four days, what could be better?

Walking ... No, I could Leonid Tarasovich blagodushestvovat when his company was threatened trouble. November 7, naturally, he went on demonstrations, and an unforgettable reception in the Kremlin. But the remaining three days on their own initiative, conducted at the plant. Trucks came off the assembly line on the schedule ...

This is it, the drummer of communist labor with almost twenty years, an innovator whose devices were exhibited at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, and adopt the methods of many students. In November the students he had three or Toll Petrov, Sergei Kozlov, Sergei Svetachkov. On each of the Leonid Tarasovich responds with praise, each sees a future master. Kozlov came to the shop after a dip in the competitive exams in high school. Seems to have come at a time, but got carried away. Now only be heard:

"Uncle Len, look, do not you?" Petrov of vocational schools, with some skills already, with his grip. A great Svetachkovu benefited army hardening.

The children quickly learned the joy of competition and fire-power, watching the Leonid Tarasevich labor rivalry with his inseparable friend of Ivan Ilyich Senin, for their "antics" and mutual aid, and involved themselves in an interesting fight, who's better, who soon will make this or that detail. But all I get in one and the same little window salaries can say kind words Patseyko Communist? Alas, there are at MMW and fans an easy life. The need to hold them stricter Leonid Tarasovich said many times at party meetings. Michael even drew Zhvirblyu, factory poet, the idea propesochit them in print. Zhvirblya wrote an entire satirical poem, from which Patseyko memorable lines:

Gene was not a good Tokarishka,

He was like an oven with no traction, only chadil.

And brachkom plot stirred,

And the norms nervously yelled.

I remember because the "Gene" (a pseudonym guess many) poems take effect surprisingly strong. Turner began to change for the better.

Unfortunately, the other "tokarishki" are not so receptive to the word. They should influence the ruble and other physical measures. On this and wrote LT Patseyko in several articles published in various editions of the popular time to discuss the draft of the new Constitution of the USSR. In the local newspaper "for communism," he emphasized, "drunkards, idlers, absentees, flyers people are not born." Leonid Tarasovich argued against leniency and tolerance toward violators of discipline.

The article was discussed at the plant. Remembered as an address in the "Truth" of the three foremost MMZ-B. M. Golubev, VI Zhurilo, N.A.Malahova (article "Work work"). They also explicitly mentioned the "sores", presented serious demands on improving the administration of discipline and social organizations. And the critical ardor was not in vain. Much of the company has improved since then. The most interesting being the economic seminars held in the evening of Labor Glory, strengthened friendship with metropolitenovtsami.

Reflecting on the development of socialist democracy in our country, Patseyko noted in the journal "Party Life," the validity of workers' meetings, fruitful efforts of the 46 deputies of the plant (40 of them working-class) in the City Council and member of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR shlifovschitsy MI Kobzeva. Particular attention is paid worker dynasties, those who work at the plant for 30-40 years. But, and this is typical for him, nothing about himself, that his own son Yuri went to his father's footsteps, became a mechanic. And then, too, planned a dynasty, and even what ...

Days of care and tool-maker Leonid Tarasevich Patseyko filled to the brim with creativity, initiative. During 40 years of labor and combat, he became one of those who are called masters of the country. So could this be the answer to that young man? The host country ... Giving regular lessons in the factory museum, it tends to immediately introduce newcomers to the concerns of a large circle of national importance. "Our guys have done a wide economic experiment, create a regional system of quality control. And to you too, will depend on how well we finish the job as a five-year plan and execute the go ahead. "

When he speaks of the plant created new subway cars, listen to him so that his neighbor will not give cough. Still, everyone always has to descend into the underground palaces of the capital and nice to know that soon there will be running more comfortable and roomy trains with fluorescent lighting, with excellent ventilation. And as increase the speed underground! People will spend less time on the trip, less tired. Just think: it will depend on them!

And again morning. 7.20. Patseyko opened drawings, all went into them, trying to determine the regular features of the design. Life requires its own, and plant products is continuously updated. Even the one that awarded the pentagon. Instead, dump truck ZIL - MSW - 555, for example, will soon be issued another car ... Leonid Tarasovich knits bushy eyebrows, thinking about something. Maybe. at this moment she is born a "good guess" about which he wrote Pavlov? ..

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