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Dougal Vladimir Nikitovich

Brigadier drillers production association "Krivbassruda" Hero of Socialist Labor

Dougal Vladimir Nikitovich First, the debate was a quiet, even boring tone. Gathered 'round table' in the town house of science and technology leading miners, specialists association "Krivbassruda" branch institutes and scholars shared their thoughts as to create conditions for a large development approved by the Municipal Party Committee endeavors, "Loss of ore in the bowels of our working-screen." Some of the performances of experts sounded like self-reports, abundantly interspersed tsifir. That is, they say, what we have achieved in this direction in recent years. Some have expressed doubts, whether the game were hardly worth the candle. If we start, say, bit by bit to choose usually remain in the roadway ore may fall productivity, cost of raw materials rise. Then the word asked Vladimir Dougal.

- Boast that much has been achieved in combating the loss of ore, I think we still have early-started on.-You all know how it worked out in the reserve units. About fifteen percent! But this raw count, lost forever. And not some squalid quartzites, and the rich ore, containing more than half of the metal. Do not use the reserve, frankly, it would be sinful. Do we act in a businesslike way, when spending large sums on developing training, drilled it, explode, and extract the ore is not all? Of course, the miners are looking for teams and find ways to reduce losses. And we, drillers and blasters, and sinker skreperisty. But it will be more successful if we do not hesitate to learn from each other, learn from experience. It is important to both. We need to create conditions that would allow the worker to move forward not only through his efforts, skill, ingenuity, but also due to new technology, advanced technology, better organization of labor.

And this is primarily dependent on scientists and engineers, managers and professionals ...

Speech by Dougal abruptly changed the tone of discussion. It made a sharp, sense of purpose. Immediately began talking about the business of unused stock. Shortly before he returned from Moscow with the XXV Congress of the CPSU. General Progress Report. Secretary of the Party Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev and the whole atmosphere of the Congress called it an unprecedented surge of strength and energy. Before it opened its breathtaking grandeur of tenth five-year horizons. And yet, aggravated frustration reached. Happy, of course, when one of the days of Congressional received from his team a telegram. The boys reported that daily production targets are much over-fulfill. At the same time, while still in the Kremlin, he consulted with the First Secretary of the Krivoy Rog City Party Nivalovym Nikolai Nikolaevich, also a delegate to the Congress as to ensure that the team gave the undertaking in the mines Krivbass the greatest effect. And after returning home, visited and general manager of the "Krivbassruda" Peter Efimovich Konstantinov, and research institutes, and the neighboring mines. He wanted to keep separate "islands", and a continuous avalanche of sprouted "seed" sown by them, was attached to the initiative is not an enthusiastic advanced brigades, and a set of measures, to the details of a well-conceived, technically sound.

Soon, the mines began to operate schools of excellence, where miners have learned to "put a barrier ore losses." Their mentors were not only experienced engineers, and leaders of teams that have reached the best in the competition. At the mine, "Central" came drillers almost all the mines. Not for nothing they say is better to see once than hear a lot of times. Typically, for example, drillers, preparing the unit for blasting, trying to act strictly on the design of surveyors. A team of Dougal boldly makes its own corrections. Once you begin to drill in the drifts, sometimes it turns out that the ore occurs more or less than the sketch suggests, according to data compiled by exploration, and they, like determining the volume of the reservoir on the site, provide information, surveyor, and the corrected sketch.

- How could it be otherwise?-Says-no brigadir. we do updates, and then part of the ore may not get a broken, lost. Or, conversely, taking with it the ferruginous quartzites occurring in the neighborhood. And they are getting into the ore, impoverish it.

- So, you are part-time and geologists?-Jokingly asked some of Vladimir Nikitovicha.-turns out to finish someone else's work? And it is not reflected in the productivity of labor brigade?

- Of course, reflect, smile-he-just the best. If cleverly applied technology, our drilling rigs and work thoughtfully, creatively, beyond a double win. Judge for yourself. Since the beginning of five-year period our team has drilled in excess of the job for more than forty thousand linear feet of rod holes. If you blow up a layer, you get good two hundred thousand tons of ore. At the same time losing it in the depths decreased by four percent. Again, a solid gain. And we believe that only made the first steps ...

Tall, broad-shouldered, with silver gray at the temples, Dougal is probably older than his forty-three years. Obviously, because of his life, as they say, is not spoiled, and he never looked for light, quiet places.

On the street ... was the heat, as usually happens here in the June night. A miner at the scene of the Palace of Culture sparkling Christmas tree lights. Gathered in the hall of the city residents celebrated team of Vladimir Dougal, which completed the job three years, five years. Team members take pride of place on the stage, happy, a little embarrassed, hung with scarlet ribbons shock labor. On the breast of Vladimir Nikitovich shining Gold Star, which he has recently. Touching moment for him was when a labor crew congratulated notable success of the miners, his teacher, Heroes of Socialist Labor, Valentin A. Kolpakov and Jacob Danilovich Loboda ... And suddenly, the leading announced:

- Welcome the foreman arrived countrymen from his native village of Poltava ...

At the scene of a pretty woman with a rose on embroidered towel loaf. Vladimir Nikitovich not immediately recognized her. Is this Putsenko Tomka, sister of his school friend of Sasha? Yes, she said. And it seems just ran in the Pioneer tie. Taking a loaf, Dougal wanted to thank fellow countrymen, but so excited that he could not coherently say a few words ... Were still in the evening and congratulations, and songs. But it seems they have not heard, his thoughts were in the distant past.

Them ... When the family moved from town to village Pisarschinu under Kremenchug, Vladimir had almost forgotten. His father, a hereditary office, at the call of the party went to help farmers build a new life. Before the war he worked as chairman of the local selhozarteli. The family was large, three sons and three daughters. Father employed kolkhoz cares, they are seldom seen, but the mother had time to look after all the kids. In short, we lived without knowing the trouble, until the war broke out.

In memory of Vladimir left a father, taking him with them, accompanied villagers to the east, drove a large herd of cattle, carts of grain. Then he was gone. In the village there were Nazis. Bitter it was day: an all-have experienced hunger and fear, and humiliation. Vladimir, of course, did not know that Dad underground, that the enemies even announced a reward to those who will.

Once the Germans broke into their house, beat his mother and children, dopytyvayas, where his father. Then he drove all the machines in a cold barn. And the police were announced in the neighboring villages, if the Germans would not partisans Nikita Dougal, his wife and children will rasstrelyany.Blizilos during their execution. Already a whip people into a rural maidan. His father came to their lives to save the family ...

Recalling this, Dougal said, holding back the excitement:

- I start every new project with the thought: what would be said about this act of mine, even of any planned by Father? And when it is difficult to have to think: how could he fight the Nazis in hiding, is it easy? And go to meet death, what? ..

Maybe he wanted a little in his own way to be like his father in that difficult post-war fall, when a tractor-neighbor begged to take him to his trailer hand. Only twelve years old he was, Volodya Dougal. As soon as he was worth enough to pick up, adjust the plow. A collective field was immense, and the fear take: Do not plow! .. Thirteen he went along with the adults in the Arkhangelsk region on logging. We rise from the ruins of a farm building materials were needed, and man's hands were not enough.

And a little time left to study at Volodya, a school he graduated with honors. His mother advised: "Do the institute, we'll manage somehow." And he went to seaworthy school: in the steppe village boy was born to dream of the sea.

Dougal Vladimir Nikitovich Then served in the Far East Shipping Company. For six years, furrowed sailor steering Vladimir Dougal many roads on the seas, oceans, and saw half the world. Marine weekdays liked, despite the difficulties. But in the long march away from their native land sometimes overcome with a longing that could not settle down. Sometimes, at night come out to the deck-whipped ocean waves, and he heard the noise of the steppe wind, the rustling of the trees in the garden. And then there was a telegram from his mother: "Come, my son, if you can. I'm not feeling anything. " And he bade farewell to the fleet ...

Two years later, in the Donetsk coal mine number 10 has attracted many bright, energetic guy who worked in a team drifters. It was Vladimir Dougal. Then the brigadier Veligodsky, retirement, encouraged him in his place. The team, which had run Dougal was considerable-more than sixty people. And he has something of knowledge and experience at all at that time was a little bit. Initially taken aback. But soon it was adjusted, the team even got one of the best. And suddenly ill. I had to go for surgery. Finally, after her doctor: you can not work in the mine.

But Dougal did not give up. Thrust exercise, exercise led to, it seemed impossible: two years later he again went down to the slaughter, only now in the Krivoi Rog Basin. I had to start again from scratch, because it turned out that in the mine there is nothing similar to coal mining. Learned a lot from him then the foreman drillers Dmitry V. Shtepenko veteran mining. In telling me about this, Mr Nikitovich said:

- You know, I was very lucky to good people. If then and won, it is primarily due to their diligence. Now he trying to convey to his students, today's young people the best of what life has taught.

Confidence-that's ... the basic principle of Dougal in its relation to young workers who come to the brigade. "Do so, - he argues, to-guy from the very beginning to believe in themselves and in you, your mellowness, your participation in his destiny." And he always strives for this. In his team have been hardened and education, many miners, becoming the first-class masters. Some stayed in the team from his teacher, others work in neighboring areas. For example, Victor Pilipchuk now not only a great driller, but also a passionate agitator, a member of the party bureau of the mine. Nicholas Kirichika also dovgalevtsa, Komsomol site chose his number 7 grupkomsorgom. And do not make a mistake, he was able leader of the youth.

How many guys helped Vladimir Nikitovich find their place in the workplace, love the profession of miner! Not such an easy thing, the creation of human characters. There are also some "tough nut to crack," with them have often nervous and jittery. But as happy when you see that man out on a solid career.

There was a feast for the foreman, when Sasha Shepel sent him to Kiev, to the Congress of the Communist Party of Ukraine, the telegram: "Yesterday I set a record, made a shift three and a half rate." The story with him in his curious and instructive. In order not to offend the guy, I asked if he could tell her readers. "Well, the song can not erase the word, 'he smiled. - E-mail, maybe others will be in science."

Coming after school in the mine, Shepel tried almost all professions. A week or two, no longer detained in the same brigade, leaving behind a thin glory. "There is no sense of you," says his eyes supervisors, refusing even to accept. And Dougal decided to take him to the team.

- Why do you, Sasha, so all is not like we have on mine? Asked Dougal, once invited him to her.

- Because it comes out that I was the worst of all ...

And Shepel with resentment began to tell: and this paper does not allow, and kept as an errand boy. The foreman heard from others that Shepel, no discipline, one mischief. But it turns out the rumors are not entirely accurate.

Having a team of Sasha, Dougal for the first time in a drift down with him. And then he explained how the drill hammer. "Now you try it, what happens," Shepel-proposed. He was glad-evident, and did not expect immediately to entrust the car. But hurry, put the "spark" (as the drillers called marriage). "Who did not at first is a" team leader, encouraged him. He helped Sasha and the following days. The children also came to the rescue. However, the light he was soon to fade. But two weeks later, when receiving the salary, Shepel ran to the foreman.

- Are you joking decide?-Asked-udivlenno. I did not earn much ...

- So, tomorrow, earn, good-naturedly replied Dovgal.-A this is for you as our advance ...

The fact is that by mutual agreement of the team members they have long been firmly established rule: the first day recruits are the same as all the while to develop their case and half less. The point, of course, not in the money, but in relation to young workers. And the newcomer, having realized this, somehow sharper, deeper feeling his duty to his comrades, to the collective. That Shepel after that had to pay almost forcibly take away from the roadway. In the following days, repeated the same thing. The guy did not leave the workplace until they coped with interchangeable task.

Dougal Vladimir Nikitovich It seemed that everything is going well. And suddenly - emergency! Shepel with his former buddies ended up in the drunk tank. By nature, it was a shirt-guy: the latest penny share with a neighbor. Here are his friends and enjoyed the breadth, squandered in a dorm with him almost all the money he earned, and even staged a brawl. Firmly then got Sasha from the foreman and the crew. And one felt that he realized his action. There were, however, have Shepel then another breakdown, but Vladimir Nikitovich saw that his moral recovery began, the desire for true values, defining the world of man, worker, citizen. In this way his moral brigade was a good mentor, a senior fellow sensitive.

Education of young workers Dougal attaches paramount importance. Any lapse in this case compels him to seek a new approach to people. Get rid of "problem" is easier than to fix them, re-educate. A lot of personal example, and then the foreman, working equally with all, he usually goes to the difficult and complex areas, where required, and great skill, and more creative working intelligence. Vladimir Nikitovich believes its primary responsibility to develop and support the team conscious communist attitude toward work, entrusted to the case. Labour discipline only if the desired effect, he said, when it comes from within, based on the moral conviction of man on the solid principles of partnership and public debt.

At home ... Vladimir Nikitovich I saw on his desk a thick notebook. On the cover the inscription: "Diary of a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR." Concise notes in a few lines.

"We need a high school in the district Rybasovo ...", read one of the pages. District, this new, not so long ago built up with beautiful condominium. They live in a predominantly miners and metallurgists. Once at a meeting with his deputy, they complained that the children have far, a few kilometers to ride to school. They asked to see about building a new school. In fulfilling its mandate of voters, Dougal visited the chairman of the executive committee and other leaders. Argued that the construction of schools in Rybasove can not wait. District is growing before our eyes, and there are apartments, many young families with children in lower grades. Is normal Octobrists go this far? Now, in the district already operates a new high school. We built it quickly and well.

Another entry in his diary: "Where are the graduates of the mining school .." This problem has long worried about Vladimir Nikitovich. Usually guys finish secondary technical school in nineteen years. And in the mine, the underground work, they are allowed to take twenty. That has to settle for a year graduates anywhere, not their specialty. And one can understand their mood: the guys from the outset appears to question the correctness of the chosen path. Dougal raised this issue in the Union Ministry of Ferrous Metallurgy.

- Maybe it's better to take the children to school a year later? On.-thinking-or to look for some other way.

"High school students dream of becoming pilots, designers, engineers ... And who should be the miners? .. ", Commented an entry, Dougal says:

- Try to delimit where your deputies' concerns, and where everyday. For example, I often invited to schools, colleges, technical schools. I love talking to kids about their problems, heart to heart.

In the youth club ... "Orbit" mining school pose questions directly without beating around the bush:

"What is happiness? How to understand it? "And here comes the answer to the words of Vladimir Nikitovich something of themselves, from the miner's" Today "and from his difficult youth, and he talks about his guys from the team, about how Sasha Shepel Sokrut Lenya, Vladimir Udovichenko , had once dreamed of fairytale romance, love miners' work, have found their calling, have gained a strong position in life, although they are not all easy dalos.

- That is my, what, no doubt, and their happiness, he says the young participants in the dispute. When so much of public affairs, not so easy to find free time, so to speak for themselves, their school, recreation for the family. But it turns out, it is possible. His home library book lovers might envy.

He has a passion for, and one camera. With him, Vladimir Nikitovich does not leave to travel around the country and abroad. The collection, already hundreds of different images. And the little boy, sixth-grader should be given more time, he enjoys designing. On weekends and Dougal did not go on a fishing trip off. And what happens to him coming home, the entire team, then heard the song, the music ...

Our last meeting with Vladimir Nikitovich was in Kiev, Ukraine at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements. He talked about the affairs of the brigade, that they are going to the first anniversary of the adoption of the new Constitution of the Soviet Union to end its five-year period. Behind the scenes, we came to the labor glory alley, where placed, and a portrait of Dougal. Seeing the photo, he was confused, was silent.

- You know, awkward, ashamed in front of people-admitted after a few minut., if I were some kind of hero ...

Yes, it is not about personal glory, thinks Vladimir Nikitovich Dougal, a man of modest, simple, with a good heart and a high understanding of his party debt.

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