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Isababaeva Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy

Brigadier postmen urban post office post office number 9 of Baku, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Isababaeva Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy Early in the morning we open the mailbox and we know that our house will go down the newspaper, bringing news of our busy lives and eventful uneven, as the patient's ECG heart rhythm of the entire planet. And hardly reflect on those who are in the early hours gives us newspapers, magazines, correspondence.

Even before an acquaintance with the Hero of Socialist Labor, foreman postmen 9 gogorodskogo Baku Branch of the Post Office Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy Isababaevoy, I learned a lot about this woman, working postman for twenty two years.

Twenty-two years of life! What preceded this? What is it for these two decades? A difficult childhood. It was hard times War, when his father went to the front, a big supporter of the family, which had eight children and the eldest was she, Ghajar. And while his father returned, began working utilities of the city, not much diminished concern for the young lady. Still, it was busy at home, managing to run to the market and cook dinner, clean the apartment and look after the youngest.

Father returned home, but increasingly let down his health, and he had to live to see retirement. A Ghajar, ending seven years, has not yet, as many of her contemporaries, "plan" their desires for the future. But she did not waste time thinking associated with the choice of profession. The active and sociable, she wanted to work where most likely would be really useful to people. It is this desire led her to the parent for sixteen years, even without a passport, in the 9th post office in Baku. No, not "programmed" Ghajar their future, and just came and offered their services. And became a postman.

The staff of the Baku post office consists of three thousand people, including seventeen hundred postmen. And everyone in the beginning was my senior friend, a teacher.

An experienced communicator Vladimir Irma, to which attached Isababaevu, soon drew attention to the fact that this fragile girl beyond her years seriously entrusted the case, trying to penetrate and explore the entire process of passing mail feels personal ownership of that, what brought her to a hard, but soon realized she Ghajar, people need a profession postman. But we know, a kind word, seen the success of raising a person's mood, enhance self-confidence. Thus began the career of Ghajar.

Introducing ... Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy Isababaevoy held in the office of Minister of Communications Republic of Hussein Dzhumshudovicha Rasulbekova. Suddenly the door opened and there was a short, modestly dressed woman with a round, slightly prominent cheekbones face framed out from under her kerchief carefully prilazhennoy dark brown hair. The Minister and all present rose to meet her, and immediately between a lively conversation. Frankly, I did not guess that this is the Hero of Socialist Labor Isababaeva. But it is not difficult to understand what this woman is not only known, appreciated, it's hot and really proud. "For outstanding achievements in implementing the targets in 1976 and adopted socialist obligations, the title of Hero of Socialist Labor and the Order of Lenin and the gold medal" Hammer and Sickle "... Isababaevoy Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy brigadier-postmen urban post office number 9 Post Office in Baku. " So says the decree.

What is the secret to great success Isababaevoy? How she was able to achieve greater efficiency and quality of the postman, profession, seemingly mundane, is not associated with any special difficulties or astounding discoveries?

- The secret?-Ghajar surprised Mushtaq kyzy. - No secret. Just our team is working in good faith.

Becoming a team leader four years ago, postmen, Ghajar always appears in the office before everyone else to get ready to receive mail. Morning. Gang-Isababaevoy Zhuravlev and Yurov, Muradov Veliyev and Ihielov-mail meets the machine with fresh newspapers. On the table lie a thousand copies of the packet plus each. For posting a number of newspapers and the need to have skill and physical strength. Preceded rasfaltsovka posting. It is at this very time-consuming and, frankly, unproductive Isababaeva stage, developing a way to rasfaltsovki, was able to pick up the key to success. Prior to her stack of papers. Ghajar lifts the upper right corner of the newspaper, and holds her left hand in the crook. Acting prudently, just like on a conveyor belt, she then immediately pulls out the inner instance. Having laid in such a way 25-30 copies, it is his right hand close their "stamps" and takes on a new pile. The accuracy of movements in rasfaltsovke gave savings of 21 minutes working time.

One might say: not so great "concern" - to pull within a second copy. Yes, at first glance it is not so difficult. But no one has skill not given easily. Besides newsprint, "material" is quite thin, so to speak, fragile. Hence, the jerk should be extremely accurate, otherwise the paper will break. We now have Isababaevoy a lot of followers, but in spite of the apparent ease of this innovation to keep up with it have failed to do.

The second term success: superior knowledge of the clientele. Rasfaltsovku finished, you need to prepare papers for delivery, pick them hodoviku, decorate their apartments. Ghajar parses the mail and arranges it, it should be noted, almost

no hodovika. Excellent knowledge of his plot, keeping it firmly in the memory of the names of each of its clients, remember by heart the names of newspapers that are intended to subscribers. And in this lies not any particular property of memory-in this, again, love for others, respect for them. If it happens that the address is not entirely accurate or tenants have moved to another area, it will still deliver the mail without delay.

The team Isababaevoy serves 586 homes, 3126 apartments. People began to live better, more prosperous, have increased their cultural needs, the demand for periodicals. All of this pleases the foreman, joy and oblige as soon as possible to deliver the inhabitants of the site 5110 copies of newspapers and up to 500 letters and cards every day. Violations of the target dates for delivery are not here.

That's why Ghajar before others come to work, which is why she never leaves the office, until satisfied that all of her friends carefully prepared and timely e-mail will come to the site, no later than nine o'clock. If someone does not come to work, Ghajar will take responsibility friend. And the bypass, as has happened, and two, even three sites, and in fact it means twice, three times as many homes. Without any request to replace a colleague. Quietly, without fuss, it goes through the streets, who calls her in the house, who believes his own, for people who are regarded as their loved ones.

With the exact schedule, a knowledge of the route is never idle Isababaevoy passes, and as a result of time-saving: control the delivery time was reduced from 3.5 hours to 1.5-2 hours.

For the innovative work of postmen Isababaeva first republic was awarded the title of communist labor drummer. Ghajar struggle to ensure that members of her team mastered all five plots allotted to them, and could at any moment to replace each other. This is her proposal was unanimously supported isababaevtsy soon brought to the event one of the best teams in the department, brigade NP Kharchenko. This is not to affect the performance of their work. A friendly team of early Isababaevoy fulfill the commitments made in honor of the XXV Congress of the CPSU, and the job the first year of tenth five-year plan for the implementation of postage stamps to 140 percent. Then, reconsidering their commitment to the entire five-year period as a whole, isababaevtsy decided to sell postage stamps residents of the site to 26,000 instead of 25,200 rubles.

Such a considerable amount represents not so simple. Sale of stamps, postcards, envelopes, all kinds of postal and telegraph services is, in fact, a penny, painstakingly assembled into rubles. This is measured as steps tens kilometers. Under the rays of the scorching sun, heavy rain in ice. Even if the wind knocks down and literally burns the face of Ghajar would take a bag on his shoulders and goes on his route. It will require, and the second, and third time, this time with a comrade on his shoulder bag. Indeed, its burden is not drawn, because any job Ghajar thinks his own.

- Is this woman indomitable will and passion for their work,-such is the unanimous opinion of all who work with a number of Ghajar.

Ghajar Isababaeva not rest on our laurels. She initiated the movement for the development of new skills in order to achieve full interoperability, not only in the team, but also in the team liaison offices. In fact, if the postman will be able, even with a somewhat greater expenditure of time, but still serve the site instead of a sick friend, then in the client's room or in departments with no special training difficult to replace skilled workers. Master all postal operations, under any circumstances to avoid downtime and deliver mail on time, that is not allowed in the work of marriage, 'is the motto Isababaevoy.

Isababaeva Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy Relentlessly increase their knowledge, thoroughly mastering related professions isababaevtsy, try not to let your team leader. The team does not have any complaints from the public, this is the main result of a respectful, sensitive, tactful treatment of their customers.

Diverse ways and means to enhance cultural relationships at work, cultural services. Once learned Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy that rural postmen from Kryzhopolya made such a venture: to enhance the provision of telecommunications services in the home. This initiative responded to Ghajar one of the first. Already in 1976 it had a home-based communications services in 1854: took telegrams, registered letters and parcels, and parcels delivered pensions. Thus, the income of the state received 1670 rubles, and the plan for implementation of postage stamps for two years, her team performed to a great holiday in October-November 7, 1977.

- If it were not time-consuming rasfaltsovka could be achieved and better results, says Ghajar. And he adds:-What would be nice if the newspaper came to our single!

Ministry of Communications Republic invests considerable funds for the implementation of engineering and technical innovations that facilitate the work of communications workers. Completed ahead of the transfer of all sites on the haul motorized method of delivery. Now all mail delivered to organized strong points on the scooters. In the homes of over three floors between the ground and first floors are installed cabinets for subscription correspondence. The postman does not have to wear a heavy burden crowded bag, now the weight of no more than 2-3 pounds. But there are miles of streets and alleys, driveways dozens, hundreds of flights of stairs, and the same cells in PO cabinets, which must be accurately decomposed into newspapers, magazines, letters.

It is obvious that the problem rasfaltsovki newspapers still remains acute and requires close attention to the parent organizations of communication. Need to introduce more progressive all that is in service agencies due to release a lot of hands on labor-intensive work. Then Isababaeva and her colleagues will be able to provide many additional services to the public.

With that in Ghajar time is filled with all sorts of duties, it constantly checks the reliability of the subscription boxes, holds talks with residents about the need for careful treatment of their safety, timely reports on the postal operator faults: if the cabinet is damaged, it is impossible to put the correspondence and Then you need to walk the floors, spending too much time on it. Virtually all of this takes into account the restless woman.

The houses, which serves Ghajar Mushtaq gizi, live artists, teachers and workers. The day was published a decree on awarding her the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, she received hundreds of them hearty congratulations, and dozens of bouquets of flowers. People were happy with it deserved its award. But the real story of my head alarmed the October communication center Yusif Guliyev Rza:

- Have a large family of Ghajar. She recently gave birth to a fifth child. Imagine, she worked all their maternity leave! Almost until the day when she had to go to a maternity hospital. And her son was not even two months, and it has already begun to appear in the department. She is not shy no work: you have to remove-room, wash windows and floors. She did not need prompting. Sometimes it seems that her thoughts were busy with one thing: what would still benefit. At its site, and not only on his own, Ghajar time to visit the sick, bring them medicines and foods to make them a money order, subscribe to newspapers and magazines, to deliver a disabled pension. And people respond to her trust and appreciation.

I appeal to those into whose apartment this good everyday knocks and such a humble man. As they say, customers Isababaevoy postman?

Juma Osman-zade, a former teacher and journalist, now retired:

- Our Ghajar has an indefatigable character. Often it comes in two or three times a day to help the sick, or simply will offer its services to people.

The teacher Svetlana Zhigalov:

- She does everything willingly, always with a kind smile, and it seems that it is not hard to bring you the most voluminous and the parcel or correspondence. An exceptionally friendly people! Lydia Timofeevna Alakieva:

- I've been getting a pension. Primchitsya Ghajar in the morning, greeting obtaining the transfer, say, gentle, encouraging words. She knows how to create human festival!

At the invitation of Isababaevoy I visited her at home. The spacious four-room apartment found a great friendly family. Husband of Ghajar, Idris oglu Agalar working power. He leads us talk slowly and calmly, and his speech sounds like he just thinks out loud.

- I sometimes do not even know when the time to nap Ghajar. She is busy with something all night: it erases, then stroked. And do not complain of fatigue. Sometimes I try to "call her to order", because no two cores is she in the end! So she did not answer, just smile and I confess to you, immediately disarm me. Can not anything to reproach her, nothing ... Now the children are grown and have become quite good mates. We look forward to the arrival of parents from the village. When they are with us all live better. Our oldest son, Namus, has also worked in the 9th post office mail carrier. And the eldest daughter of Gulshan, she still goes to school, going to the summer of next year to help his mother, too, wants to become a signalman.

- You know, dear, that our people are well aware of the meaning of good sayings, one piece of wood in the stove is off, and two in the desert and did not go out, 'referring to her husband, said Gadzhar.-This means that everyone working on Bakpochtamte takes to heart the interests of his team. I am not the one we have 95 ordenonostsev and many drummers of communist labor. We work together, and young people are attracted to us.

In the hands of Ghajar peacefully snuffle babe, and busily scurrying around the girls. And once the table is completely unnoticed like a beautiful still life. Generous Baku Autumn brings its own gentle and sharp-smelling fruit: peaches, grapes, apples and pomegranates. All this colorful table, illuminated by the sun the whole house looks really festive!

In 1970, the work of Ghajar Isababaevoy was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Azerbaijan SSR. At the end of the 8th Five-Year Plan, it has been awarded the highest state award, the Order of Lenin. A year later, she received the title of "Master of Communications of the USSR." Since 1973, the year she was awarded the sign "The winner of socialist competition." Brigadier postmen Isababaeva MP Baku City Council.

Simple Azerbaijani woman, she should be the covenant of folk wisdom: good works must begin in the morning. And she, Ghajar Mushtaq kyzy Isababaevoy, is no stranger to this.

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