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Razykov Ulmas Kagarovich

Handler leather tannery Samarkand Akhunbabaev named a Hero of Socialist Labor

Razykov Ulmas Kagarovich The girl was asleep, and all around was darkness. Then the sun lit up the distant mountains, slipped on the pipes and smoky azure purity minarets and unrestrained flow poured into quarters one-story adobe houses. Caution was imported in the kitchen his mother with the dishes, the birds began to sing louder, and the girl opened her eyes and remembered that her name Gulyandom that she was five years old daughter that she Ulmas Razykov.

His father was the main man. So I thought, not only Gulyandom. So thought the younger brothers of his father, uncle and uncle Urak Murat. They often visited his father, much talked and joked, and he listened and said nothing more. Sitting at the table, the brothers were waiting for the father takes a piece first. So thought her mother Mahbub. True, she did not speak to his father some special words, but Gulyandom saw how sensitive her mother throws her head, trying to discern his steps. Meanwhile, a typical day began. His father had long been on my feet. Substituting the sun chest in an unbuttoned shirt, Ulmas Razykov stood in the middle of the yard. Kahar Grandpa Bobo appeared on the verge of its annexes and meticulously looked at his son, as if to confirm the immutability of the world, that their ancient race tanners continues its active existence. Ulmas asked about the health of his father, held his hand over his dark head of her daughter and went to the yard.

Bolsheuhy gray donkey on which sat straight as a stick, deep in thought the old man, smartly protrusil nose in front by the bus. After passing through the checkpoint Samarkand tannery, though Razykov just got from one house to another, because what else to call the place where you work so close to people. And his wife too, Mahbub.

A quarter century ago Ulmas first crossed the threshold of the tanning shop. Inhaling the pungent smell of hundreds of skins, stepping through puddles of solution splashing out of the stone bath, he stood on the platform to the car, took the first piece and put it between the rollers. Somewhere in the womb walked through the steel skin of knives, a pile of blue chips hit the trough, and preparation went back planed.

The skin is shaved, she was given to the thickness in order to eliminate irregularities and fat balances. It would seem that complicated, take the skin from the pile on the right, fill in the inlet of the machine and then throw in a pile on the left. But this is only an external image. Secrets of the labor Handler leather not open to anyone who succumbs to his deceptive monotony. Zagnuvshiysya edge of the skin creates a "chopped"-a hole in one piece. Vibration of the shaft leads to a "ladder"-roughness on the front surface of the skin. Every mistake Handler leather reduces its kind and requires extra effort from gruntovschikov, Extruders. In the finishing shop work many women, and although the Uzbek childhood instill the rules of moderation, but it happens that the wife of a no-no and even comes to tanning, to call out to her husband: "What have you planed to me?"

They talk about the Eastern equanimity. Looking at the wide calm face Ulmas Kagarovicha, trying to catch his eye, as if the call to, start to believe it. Upon learning of his work, I realized that it was not just a character trait, but the demand profession. Severe skin is tender. It does not submit indifferent fingers. Focused, calm needed for the skin to be treated properly and carried the makings of a higher grade.

Under the cloak cast Razykov show through the muscles, it is clear that he is without a knife will break any skin. But I noticed something else: how carefully and thoroughly prepared to work it like a musician who wants to play some intricate scheme. Razykov tried stamping knives and bearings of the fortress, checked the gap and only then took the first bale of the skin. Stop. In these short seconds before harvesting by contact with sharp knives and machines have to guess its nature, to find irregularities and vulnerabilities at the right time to reduce pressure and prevent rupture. I begin to understand why a master of his department said:

"Thirty years of mess around with the skins and all the way up to the subtleties can not reach!"

Handler leather-only profession in the leather industry, where there are skills in assessing the sixth discharge. Razykov reached him. How much appreciated his work can be judged by their short conversation with the director of the factory where they both came to pay party dues.

- Well, Ulmas, I'll think ahead-.s six hundred rubles to pay, the Director-hooked a joke.

- Sorry, I have more than eighty-... did not give Handler leather.

Uzbekistan has a special meaning of the word "pilaf." This is not only a festive treat. It is a symbol of hospitality and well-being. In life Ulmas Razykov the time when his family began to inspire friends pilaf respect. Increased well-being of families. In duvale gates were bolted to the garage, where there was a brand new "Moskvich". With the support of Ulmas younger brothers graduated and is now a working architect, and the other was director in the dining room. The plant conducted with reverence Razykov old father retired, and now in the evenings Kahar-bobo is proud to bend their fingers in the tea-house, telling that the three sons he already has twelve grandchildren. The list of successes Razykov could continue, but I'm afraid I have not told you all about the meaning of the word "pilaf" ...

Pilaf is a constant companion of man's frank conversation. After talking, arguing, deciding all the issues one by one friends scoops steaming dish, as if to confirm this agreement reached. In the life of the brigade Razykov Saturday pilaf occupied an important place. During the week a lot of turmoil can accumulate: and resentment at the repairmen who undertake too sluggish to adjust, and the whims of sheepskin, which is not whittling it every now and then torn in half. In the noise and bustle of the shop, everything is usually in a hurry and do not always gentle in expression. And here, for pilaf, you can weigh every word, to speak softly and slowly, enjoying the attention of fellow ...

Men sat on the wooden platform-iwan, under which, promising a cool, running stream. Next to the foreman sat elder Samar-aka Nuritdinov, in his time who taught wisdom Ulmas planer case. On the other side, Raim Payne, right arm, an assistant foreman in all endeavors. Nurmamat, new to the team, fresh from the army, got the last one.

- What's so sad, the bride had not yet found? Razykov asked, taking a bowl of tea.

- Ulmas-aka, I again yesterday, "ladder" has been issued. The Master berated and myself ashamed. Maybe that's enough to spoil the skin? I'll find a simpler lesson ...

- Son, I think you're in a hurry too. While the norm do not think, learn better with a leather handle. Yesterday I stood there, staring at you. When you take a blank, then you raise it too high. And it is necessary to keep the plane at this time is saved. And do you harvest the pedal too hard, so far before lunch, and you sweating already. That's about it better think about it ...

There intervened Raupov Raim said their word and Samar-aka. It was difficult to separate what is more important, many business manuals, or simply the realization that the fate of an interest in your colleagues. And then one by one, each scooped a handful of rice, like fastening a contract, whose purpose was to help the novice up to the difficult heights of excellence. Stop the pore a lot of time has passed. Nurmamat Norov he became a foreman, he was awarded the Order of Labor Glory, he won the contest for the best Handler leather republic. And, noting each new victory, he, perhaps, recalls the murmur of water in the irrigation ditch under their feet, and is an important event, Brigadier pilaf ...

Everything is changeable. Children become overgrown and strewn with foliage gardens, cracks in the clay duvalah and bright floors of new buildings are drawn up, ahead of the minarets. Life moves, because it has a foothold, and I think the main feature Razykov be called consistency. Like Atlanta, he took upon his shoulders the load of responsibilities in relation to people, near and far, to those who call him father, and those who do not even know his name ...

On this day in habitual breathing workshop trolleys with clanging sound of a cotton and leathers we shift crept anxious and angry note. Workers surrounded the new planing machine, imported from Czechoslovakia. The platform was empty. Poured comments:

- Shakes and shakes saw skin that you do with it either ...

- Above all, any skin tears ...

- Yes, this is not a lot planed ...

Razykov Ulmas Kagarovich Tempers ran high, everyone was shouting his own, and suddenly someone in the confusion of the dispute drew attention to that man standing on the platform. It was Razykov. With his usual equanimity, he was busy in the steel parts of the machine. Wranglers fell silent and watched. At the head of each unwittingly flashed "what if? '. But the miracle did not happen. " Razykov let the skin, and she came back chipped ... Just voices:

- Should I bother, Ulmas-aka?

- On this machine you only earn a fee!

- Throw it Ulmas! Let the boss knows!

The administration disassembled. Technical council procuras to blue smoke, the hundredth time, looked at the drawings, continually called on other plants. The conclusion was the same: The main snag is not in the design of the machine, but the ability to learn a new Handler leather mode. Here, the worker could only help himself working ...

Razykov tucked into the machine next the skin. And the people watched. Greeted each new setback excited voices. Gradually, a pile of damaged skin grew and became increasingly quieter voice. People got bored. They realized that the elder overestimated their strength.

But they underestimated his patience. A day passed, and another, and Razykov still stood by the new machine. Now more than ever, it was useful to be distracted from all property of a stranger. Strange voices are no longer disturbed. He thought only of the machine, wishing to subdue his rebellious sites and mechanisms to pass through them, harvesting, preserving it from spoilage. But it has not succeeded. In an even flow of leather, which was moving through the shops, though has come Break. Results at one site corked vessel, and from this headache of the whole plant. Razykov almost physically feel the pain. That is why, forgetting his fatigue, he continued to tinker with the machine with invincible obstinacy, so consistency with what happens day and night. He was not tortured, he simply followed his habit to substitute his shoulder, where pressing a heavy load, to be the atlas, where needed atlas.

Razykov believed before fortune turned to face him. Simply conviction convinces those who had abused the machine, now thoughtfully walked around, trying to help subdue him Ulmas capricious nature. And perhaps it is not very surprised people when, after so many works of the machine suddenly thrown on the whole skin of the hands of the foreman ... Her meticulously inspected, no defects, even the most subtle.

All too tired to offer congratulations, but Razykov in them and did not need. Above all, he proved to himself that continues to be called elder in his profession. Above all, the pain has receded from the factory ...

The economic effect of the development of new vehicles totaled 11,000 rubles. Labor productivity has increased in each Handler leather half. The quality of products, and considering that the plant supplies leather products for shoes and gloves, soccer balls, and dry goods, clothing and dentures, we can say that the taming of the machine was really a great response ...

Soon the plant, which operates Razykov, will celebrate its centennial. This is both good and bad. Well, because many workers are working dynasties that traditionally leather case transferred from father to son, as it was in the family Razykov. But there is another side of the hull-old defended his life. The stone supports, wood patches, all of it is not combined with a young and energetic people who work here. The last reconstruction was carried out at the plant twenty years ago. Since then, many new techniques appeared in the leather business. For example, the drums "Giant", which allows to combine several process steps, reduce the discharge of sewage, lighten the labor of the workers. But the old walls for them too tight. It is high time to do alterations, but the Ministry of all the pulls. The Ministry has decided that it is more expedient to build a new tannery in Kokand, but it so happened that there was new equipment, great power, and the products flowed a thin stream. Lacked experience, integrity and something that the army is called the "fighting spirit". In the end it was decided this way: leather Samarkand sent to help the Kokand his shots from the chief engineer and ending with the six young Handler leather, which Ulmas-aka coached carefully, remembering that in another city for them will not close its eyes.

The main wealth of the plant are the people. It works Handler leather Rashidov Hakim, a member of the Central Committee of the trade union of textile industries, which supported the initiative to carry out a five-day-job in four days. It works appreturschitsa Safia Jamalov, delegate XXV Congress of the CPSU, the initiator of the competition for the fulfillment of the Ninth Five-three years. Member of the Supreme Council of Uzbekistan, Kurbanov sgonschitsa wool Risolat completed five-year plan for 2 years and 11 months, and leather nakleyschitsa Merkoushkin Anastasia did it for five months before. It is worth mentioning about this and you will see why such a young plant of walking gait, why its design capacity of 142 million skin decimeters per year, and he regularly exceeding the plan gives 186 million. It produced twenty percent of the total number of deficient lacquered leather, and even waste products plant was awarded Quality Mark ... Yes, it happens that modern enterprises equipped with the latest technology, attract people. But here, I think the case when the mountain must come to Mohammed, that is a new technique, in the golden hands of Samarkand tanners ...

The day was too noisy. After the roar of shop-heated debate at the union meeting, where the chairman of the shop committee Razykov talked about what we need to build a new dispensary. And now, when she was behind the red-hot fuss, Ulmas pulled into the narrow streets of old town, which give you unintentional silence. Thoughts slipped, replacing one another. I remembered that it is necessary to buy a winter coat for Gulyandom that Scourer Farhad has recently become common to hold on to the stomach that shed in the yard, damn it, once again begun to leak. Sometimes, when they want to praise the man, saying that it puts the public affairs of the above personal interests. But Razykov did the difference between them. Trade union work was for him like a continuation of family life, and he seemed not to notice that it takes more than an example of time and effort.

The road led to the Ulmas Shaho Zinda complex of medieval mausoleums. He began to climb the stairs, which were called "ladder sinner." Each step was supposed to touch the forehead and at the same time think of your faults. Perhaps the memory of the old custom of requiring repentance, made Ulmas think it is high time to get a ticket to Farhad mineral water, and tomorrow he will go with it to the director. Still need to find time to look into the factory and a kindergarten. Promyvschitsa Jamila complained that her Rustamchik, when it is there, asked for more bread with them. On this ladder over. Razykov stood for a moment, admiring the shimmering emerald domes, and then began to descend rapidly, as if to emphasize the shift from reflection to action.

The kindergarten kids quarreled over a single ball, two kids with black bangs angrily pulled each other's sleeves jackets, and the teacher tried unsuccessfully to fix the bike. Razykov separate the babies cried the teacher, the girl with a red bow now climb into the pool, and went into the office to the head. She briskly drove a pen on paper, accumulated chubby report page.

- Hi, Claudia, said the Razykov.-Rahmat, tea does not want to. You know, I think you are wrong end of the beginning. Reports slogans is, of course, not bad, but you need to have plenty of children's toys were. They stabbed the ball now, than you will occupy them? Or, say, a kitchen. We went there from the shop committee. Tasteless. And by the way, ten instead of twenty grams of the norm. You cook your interested? After all, children to feed. Think about what to do, and I to come back again tomorrow.

You would think that the world Ulmas Razykov small. There is no traveling and wonderful appointments. All very mundane: the house and the factory, trade union debates and tea with relatives, so be it. But in this world he is the master, and there is such a case, which Razykov could say: "It does not depend on me." Everything in this world depends on it, and a winter coat for Gulyandom, which was soon purchased, and the plant nursery, which is now considered one of the best in town. Razykov-man of few words, rarely takes the floor at the banquet table and not yet famous loud toasts. However, in the factory, there are many people who feel more confident on that side by side with them are working people, who in difficult times you can rely on, Brigadier-Handler leather Ulmas-aka ...

Razykov breathe in the coolness of dusk, and it seemed that forty-three lived, and the fatigue of the day sailed off to the side and once again he is young and happy for no reason at all, simply because it was his quarter, his mahalla. It was called "Kaftarhona" - "pigeon." There were a lot of pigeons, but wild, and the youth was fond of football and dancing.

Kaftarhona! The roof is grappling with a roof, the fate of destiny. Perhaps it is here in adobe quarter Ulmas received his first lessons of human communication. Life has many faces mahalla. You can savor the green tea in the tea-house, listening to the teachings of elders. You can be in the company of a dozen men to help a neighbor to finish building the house.

Rest mahalla Razykov roads. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that, for all his many duties, he became one of the activists of national squads. Once he returned to duty. Twilight cut a woman's scream. Ulmas slowed down, and then jumped into a dark alley. Drunk fat beat his wife. In the light from inside the courtyard was visible bewildered figure of the child. Razykov grabbed the man's shoulder. He broke free and ran. Razykov caught up with him. The fight did not last long. Ulmas wonder was kind of Kozhemyako. The pain fat man sobered up and now look sensible.

- Where are you bringest me? He asked Razykov.

- At the police station.

- Oh, so what are you? We are one of the mahalla. A month ago I bought a house here. Do you long time, it is clear there was no wedding, and we did not have time to meet you ... Listen, you're wearing the skullcap, hence, should know the customs. Man, master of the house. Is it not so?

Razykov loved his country and his people. Passing by the old, every time he bowed, putting his hand to his chest. But he did not want to accept what was going on malice or stupidity.

- You're a bad boss, if you want to run in the family with his fists. And if we are talking about the customs, unless you forgot to ban alcohol?

- This is no time to argue. I beg you, let go!

And Razykov said he would let him go. Just let the fat come to tea-house, where on Saturdays are going to all men, and tells why he mocked his wife. If the elders decide that he is guilty, well, no offense to it will not. Just a herald will pass his house, gathering the people to the wedding. And the neighbors will be cleaning ditch at his gate, as if nobody lives here ... Two heavy wrinkles on his forehead gathered men. He shook his head:

- No, it is best to police ...

Leaning on the shovel, Kahar-bobo stood at the gate. Maybe he was waiting for her son, perhaps admiring the sunset, a rainbow of red, riddled with the darkening sky. Time flowed around it is dry, the ground sloped shape and Ulmas sadly thought that one day his father will melt in the evening haze ... There is a particular advantage in the gray-bearded old men Uzbek. The highest wisdom is simple and honest life lived as if honed their features.

Bright month, if the curve saber hung over the roof. The lights went out in the annex, where he lived the grandfather, were closing their eyes Gulyandom, plenty of incident in a day. The father smiled, took her in his arms and carried her into the house.

Thus ended another day in the family Razykov such a common and unlike others. Be happy, my daughter. Be happy you are ...

And the next day he congratulated. Glohli motorcycles, and trucks slid to the side, because the road was moving a crowd. Dozens of people, hundreds of people mingling together, went to Namangan Street where a new, Hero of Socialist Labor. And so much has been congratulating that had to be moved to the celebration of Registan Square, where in the Alley of poets Razykov presented a Gold Star.

They spoke a lot of beautiful words. People Ulmas repeated what he had a great team leader, what a gold master, it's nice to have such a neighbor. And someone put it more simply: "We can not live without you ..." And indeed, it is difficult to live without Razykov. Because it is easy to live with him, because he retained the amazing quality: a constant, reliable, inexhaustible. Ulmas smiled and invited guests to the table. There were a lot of people probably a thousand, so that the tables got out of the yard, girded Mahalla, vtekli in neighboring lanes. And they brought a pilaf. It was a pilaf-mountain miracle rice, in many dishes, white and fragrant. All were silent. Just some kids tirelessly scoured the streets. From their crazed shriek, a flock of pigeons shot up into the sky. In the sky, which holds the atlas.

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