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Balgenzhiev Zinel

Driller South Emba oil-exploration expedition management "Kazneftegazrazvedka" Hero of Socialist Labor

Balgenzhiev Zinel "We have Gurievskaya oil ...", said proudly, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. - "Answer immediately telegraphed to-leader of the revolution in February 1920 in Astrakhan komflotu FF Raskolnikov, if all measures are taken, what is fitness, what kind, whether appointed by the best people ..."

In the difficult years of civil war and devastation, Lenin through the thickness of the coming years, looking at today. He pointed to the development of the oil region, gave specific tips and activities.

On Lenin's initiative was launched by the task: build a railroad Alexandrov Gai-Emba, Emba to lay an oil pipeline industries to Saratov.

Soviet government inherited a miserable semi-handicraft oil fields. The locals scare their children. And, of course, neither my grandfather nor my father did not want to Zinela their children that hard labor. Of course, they could not imagine that their children and will be the "best people" of which Lenin said, those who will revive and will lift the oil to the edge of a great life ...

The road back is not easy. From Guryeva to Kulsary from Kulsary-up drilling hundreds of kilometers. Steppe around, gloomy, desolate. Nefterazvedchikah talk about and say about the road, so it is better not to tell. The very principle of life-intelligence, intelligence-once again inseparable from the road, or rather, with the lack of roads, with constant movement.

- Up to Kulsary miles two hundred and fifty, and no romance, no-informed enthusiasm, going on the road, Yusuf Biskaliev. Oh, he knows. Yusuf spent several years as chief engineer of the South Emba Oil and Gas of the expedition, where one of the drilling works, Hero of Socialist Labor Zinel Balgenzhiev.

The road really is not funny. But the romance still there. This kind of steppe, perhaps nowhere else, and you will not see. There is nothing at all around. One can not help to recall the bitter words of Taras Shevchenko, tomivshegosya here at this link: "... a real desert, so sand stone, even a blade of grass, even a tree, nothing. Even the mountains will not see a decent-just what the hell. "

In some places, sand dunes reactivated weedy purple, poisonous orange shoots. And the dust and sand of unusual colors, some dusky-whitish, ash-yellow.

- Lunar landscape, not without satisfaction, Yusuf said. - We, the oil landscape.

In recommending to go to the rig to the hero in a car, head of the "Kazneftegazrazvedka" Khakhaev Bilal said, "go to the Caspian basin, hence, on oil."

So, we go for oil. It has been proved Prospector. Commended the Caspian basin oil and gas, based on intelligence, gave the XXV Congress of the CPSU.

In accordance with the decisions of the Congress here deployed a broad front prospecting and exploration work. Only in the last three years have been explored more oil reserves than it extracted from the depths of the history of Kazakhstan. Established a regional oil and gas deposits in the subsalt sides Caspian depression. Exploration is now as it bordered on the giant saucer. Subsalt deposits significantly more high-output, but they are located at a depth of 5.7 kilometers. That means we need to solve the complex problems of deep and ultradeep drilling. And this much is sdelano.My go there on the field Tortay, where the Hero of Socialist Labor Watch Zinela Balgenzhieva recently received a gusher of subsalt sediments.

Yes, go straight on oil. What are the spaces which preserves this immense wealth of the desert land! Good as put by the nature of his treasures under the dull "lunar landscape"!

The road exhausts. What a road! But all the same road. She had been to the miners and the oil fields Dossor Kulsary. And for drilling and such not. They will. But not for the Prospector. Drill team, holding the petroleum core and in the hands of the traditional oil-washed, leave from the road again in exploration in the dunes ...

For all the way met with only a dozen camels, and a few near the oil pump jacks Dossor.

- Do not inconvenienced by such a life?-Provocatively asked Yusuf.

Surprised by my naivete.

- Oil also binds human - answers seriously. After a pause adds, what a sweet, satisfying feeling you experience when out of the world to score a fountain of oil produced thee. We must see how jubilant drillers, oil washing up, as they smear the face of a viscous liquid. How do children indulge. This tradition.

- I, too, 'continues Yusup-as-you asked a similar question Zinelu. It seems you are of age, he says, has worked enough. And the money is there and the car ... Well, all that is necessary for life. You can be pouyutney already get quieter. He even got angry. You would not go away with a drill. He's just a happy person. Scores of times had the oil core. Our management monitors an area of almost a million square kilometers. We are conducting search and prospecting works in the Urals and Aktobe, Guriev, Mangyshlak areas. It is the whole power. And almost everywhere visited Zinel. He participated in the opening field of Emba and Mesopotamia, drilled in the Prorva, Aktobe, Kara Arne, Borankol, Zhanatalap and Granet. There is, as they say, and in breadth, and depth. Ultradeep wells drilled in the areas of Dossor, Adayskoe, now in Tortae. Enviable, beautiful man of destiny ...

Kulsary-base village nefterazvedchikov. This is still a novelty in the organization of working and living geologists. Management "Kazneftegazrazvedka" first in the country embarked on a policy that solves the whole complex at once the most important problems of reconnaissance, training, supplies, everyday life. Previously, geologists have been scattered across hundreds of drilling, were living in temporary shelters, separated from their families for months. Now everything is settled in the major towns of base, where has all the necessary schools, clubs, canteens, hospitals, shops. It is directed all the attention focused investments. On the territory of the six basic control villages. Hence, to deliver drill working on airplanes. The organization of labor is expressed in the formula, "7 to 8 by 8", that is, the rig has two watches, seven days, and two watches in these days of rest at home, in the base village. The two watch each other to replace the drill in 8:00.

All this from a friendly chat recognize an engineer who worked for many years next to the hero ...

In Kulsary, a small, but cozy, even uniquely beautiful village, located South Emba expedition. Here lives Zinel Balgenzhiev.

The South Emba Geological Expedition, the oldest organization. It was founded in 1948. With its tab cast in accordance with the tradition of the coin, and brothers-Balgenzhievy canapes and Zinel. For 30 years, the expedition team drilled about 1 million meters are 11 oil fields with reserves of 80 million tons. Hundreds of great drillers have increased in this group. Such as Zinel Balgenzhiev.

Ritsu to the (district engineers and technical service) number one, located on the southeastern edge of the Caspian basin, which runs on the fourth hole Zinel, fly on an airplane. The same dismal picture of the bottom. White spots marshes, salinas (dry lake) sand. Suggest themselves as well as the words of the song: "Only an airplane can fly."

And airplanes are like taxis, constantly scurrying between the drilling and core village. In this just flies in the change of drilling Balgenzhieva. The scouts were talking, joking, arguing. And the pilots involved in the conversations. One feels that they are his people and aware of all cases in the mud.

- Zinel jump on you again, egged-pilot Syzdykov Marat-he this week less than one hundred fifty percent did not give. Nimble AN-2 well versed in the dunes on the public eye imperceptible signs. And no wonder: just today, Marat had already made six trips, twice visited Zinela. And will fly.

But what is it? Peered closely. Yes. This rig. Tractors on the sides. Done! It is seen that coming, loopback dust.

- Good progress, 'shouts the pilot.

So much for ... "Only an airplane can fly!".

Balgenzhiev Zinel It turns out in the wilderness floats on powerful heavy truck trolley-T-40 rig, the whole enterprise to a new location. And there's no roads. Unbelievable!

- It is still a novelty, says Yusup.-Tech is now strong, and drilling rigs in the most impenetrable places before it became possible to transport hundreds of kilometers. Hello reduced installation time and accelerated, therefore, the rate of drilling ...

After a few minutes seemed to drilling rigs, one, two, and then more ... The plane circled over the makeshift Ritsu and close to one of the towers went down smoothly. Fortunately there and the place does not have to choose a solid-airport ...

Change of Watch Balgenzhieva coming to an end, when we arrived at the rig. Motors humming steadily, quietly, without fuss people performed their work.

The outlines of the tower, open-work distance, appeared near the powerful farm, equipped with tubes, blocks, hardware. This facility pyatidesyatichetyrehmetrovoe deeply taken root in the earth's crust. Sensitively capture the character of his instruments of eras and periods, have left in their original sediment characteristics. One after another, hundreds of meters of pipe is lowered into the earth drillers, to six or seven miles, until you get to the juice of the earth.

- Now go through the Paleogene,-says-Yusup. Drilling just commenced.

So, the drill Balgenzhieva now looked into the history of our Earth and the fifty millionth prescription chosen by the Mesozoic era. On a Tortae Balgenzhieva is the second well.

- Get out that he had recently passed, shows Yusup.-Dal-oil, there now being tested. Flow rate is good, an average of 44 cubes per day. Well over a team in record time, the commercial speed of 600 meters per machine per month. This is a very good result.

While rents Balgenzhiev shift, the head of the expedition Akkuan Kemelovich Camel introduces the economy. Drilling has recently been greatly improved and, most importantly, unified. Machines are commonly used today, "Uralmash-TE." The unification allowed the installation of speed, speedily to repair work. Implemented automatic drilling keys "battery-ZM." That's just Balgenzhiev wielded by this mechanism. But until recently securing and unfastening pipes was done manually. It took a lot of time and effort. Now only a few movements of the driller and the operation is finished. How easily, quickly and easily it's done! Mastered and the mechanism of tripping. It was the same hand: and let down, and lifted the pipe by hand. The most time consuming operation.

Many new products recently offered intelligence research institutions, and they themselves have improved a lot.

Great changes have taken place on the drilling especially in recent years. So the big problem postavleny.V this five-year period of the expedition is planned to drill more than 180 000 meters and a gain of 15 million tons of oil.

- And yet, whatever the technique may be, most importantly depends on the people, says the conviction-Akkuan Kemelovich.-Today's is actively cultivated by the word "implement". And because it carries the meaning of coercion. Where is the man himself understood, he is taken to introduce an innovation, without pressure, so there it goes well. In the exploration of the chief conductor of technological progress-it-yourself driller. There are also: works well, but to me there are new. In the future do not look. Each new product is a risk, of course. But Balgenzhiev risk is not afraid of him any novelty Give. Study, read, it is necessary, ask that it is not clear. We approached carefully packed parts.

- Here, take a bit, still-Yusup.-rigs all the time, we drilled. Good bits and reliable. But there were new: Zubkov, "ISM" diamond. These kinds of diamond. Better not bits, but not always accept them drillers. They look, you see, some unimpressive. Some say, we say, not the laboratory. Introduce them to lose, tunneling, and whether an expert is not known. A Zinel once took. Smart guy, understands that scientists do not eat bread for nothing. Apply it now, "IMS", diamond drill bit. Tunneling and even picked up on the deep drilling is confident. We now commonly go to subsalt deposits. And it is much deeper. To drill harder, harder.

- In short, concludes, head of the expedition,-Balgenzhieva watch us like a kind of laboratory work, all new are experiencing. And he always takes much less time for tunneling.

The crust Bunglers dislikes. Balgenzhiev always operates in the forced mode of drilling, as the possibility of using the rig. It feels like plastic, feels the bowels. But this, of course, 'laughs, as if already in the field of mysticism ...

The end of the shift. Watch Balgenzhieva replaces watch driller Bulekpaya Agilmanova. Everything is simple and ordinary. Zinel explains some of the regime changer with card.

- They compete, says Akkuan Kemelovich-but, you see, Zinel wants Bulekpay lost mode. All he has prepared for this. Now, sure, it puts the line in order to better worked. Seem to be competing for who more than anyone to help.

Finally, it comes down to Zinel pile, removes his helmet. Steppe wind ruffle hard black hair. Zinela friendly smile, his easy once had. The owner of the drilling of medium height, sturdy build. Blue is perhaps the most blue eyes-what-you kindly. All his views, he seems to say: that's how we live, so here and work. Invites. Drillers live right there, close by, in special wagons. Here they have room and bedroom and dining room, and room and leisure.

Zinel longer smiling, talking to other offers. Yes, he likes intelligence. The team coordinated all well aware of any work on the rig. Alternating Russian and Kazakh words, formulates the main principle that must work in good faith, every day is better, and to learn. And most importantly, discipline. It's all understood. People in the watch are different, but in a similar-they all want to work well. Here Kemal Nurabaev or Tuleshev Isekbaev always reliable substitute for the driller. A good master will grow pombur Bolat Dilmagambetov. In a small, but cozy workroom gathered all watch: Still a stranger here a rare visitor. Watch consists of four pomburov, motorman of the driver and his assistant, headed by the driller. The oldest, but the most

an energetic and sociable team of the fifth digit pombur Kemal Nurabaev. Member of the Great Patriotic War, he has the right to retire, but can not say goodbye to drilling.

- With Zinelom did not part, cheerfully explains Nurabaev, the steppe-searched together, all the era passed. That'll get up the mantle, then retired.

Zinel shakes his head, smiling, saying, well, a joker. And as if to justify the verbosity of a comrade, explains:

- He is a very good driller.

All good.

Talking versatile. But it is more about the production. Chief of the expedition questioned about matters neighbors, new discoveries in Mangyshlak.

On the walls of the trailer clearly derived graphs, charts, maps, modes, posters, telling about the best practices. It seems even too much.

But it is necessary. A team at school of excellence. Zinel explains:

- Everything seems to be familiar with in our business, working together for years, with a glance to understand each other:

to stand, where to go, hurry up there to do a little quieter. But when the science test, you will find something else, some reserves. On the bookshelf at random take a brochure. This "Model project organization of the workers drilling crews of deep drilling."

- Do little book also helps, "said Gabby, Kemal,-especially for beginners. And we no longer appropriate when vehicles are improving. From this immediately visible benefits ...

In the evening we went to Zinelom to rig lights in a flooded steppe oasis. Autumn has already repaid the steppe crimson dawn, but the lights of the towers, though fires drove the viscous oil, in the dark dunes.

- And I'm here, 'without, apparently, due Zinel said, apparently convinced that this rig or Kulsary new man must have told. Wits a little joke at his late passion for learning. In the forty-six years to go to college is not always resolved.

- Course of study, different courses and seminars to improve ... you never get bored. I want more ...

Blue eyes and a dreamy driller gently glowing thought, bronzed face, produblennoe evil sultry and chilly winds, brightens.

Zinel silent. Now he will not hurry, and the conversation wearied him. He is not talkative of people from nature, and particularly on the drilling in this area of practice no. More acts glance, gesture, wave of the hand. But other people I know have already done. And Zinela modesty does not prevent us to remain silent.

With whom did he compare this brave, the silent man? With the boatswain of the novel? It is. And the rig can be compared with the ship. Sand dunes for hundreds of kilometers around. And on the ocean is moving, straining powerful motors, drilling. No end in the ocean, and do not see standing at the control lever driller "land." He was directed to other banks, it directs its course into the depths of the planet, through the thick deposits of different periods, to the treasure, to the very-very-to oil.

And how many should know that the boatswain! Only one transfer of stratigraphic horizons that have to open the scout is worth. Paleogene, Senonian, Turonian, Cenomanian, Albian, Aptian, Neocom, Jurassic, etc. All they need to know their nature, characteristics. It is necessary to carry out tests on the horizons of productivity, to geophysical surveys, collect samples of rocks. Driller must correctly understand and overcome the complications which arose in the course of geological wiring holes. How many times during the drilling jig suddenly collapses at the borehole wall as the skill and knowledge required to deal with floating sticky clays and swellable rocks.

A technique? She is improving. With the help of rising productivity and facilitates the work itself. But it, this technique should be studied and, as commander of production, to know perfectly. On technique, working automatic institutions working on this technique driller. He was her master. And what is the master of an ignoramus? So then, in obedience to time, duty, and went on to study Balgenzhiev evening courses Gurievsk Polytechnic specialty "Oil and gas wells." Yes, it is not easy. Only later, at the home of Zinela, I saw stacks of thick notebooks, notes. And how much to perseverance and dedication to learn the new literature.

The fact that one of the first watch in the management of Balgenzhieva switched to drilling a small diameter bits, and diamond odnosharoshechnymi, the result is not only Zinela experience, but his night vigils on the books. It was during his watch during the drilling of deep wells has found an effective use of turbine drilling, successfully used a shell, "Nedra" for coring. And with plastoispytatelya "KIIGrazUFNII" in the open hole in the square were Barankol in record time yielded commercial oil flows.

Many can talk about it in terms the word "first". When drilling deep wells in the subsalt sediments complicated processing solution in the trunk. And Zinel first moves to new kinds of chemicals, drilling fluids, which have no analogues either in domestic or foreign practice.

Productive use of time watch brought to nearly 90 percent. This requires extremely precise organization of labor.

As of the Mangyshlak region of Ustyurt news came of a noble initiative of the drilling crew wizard SA Salmanov, which began work on a team contract, this kind of cost accounting has been applied Balgenzhieva manned. Watch is working on complex rules and aggregated price per meter. At the initiative of an expedition organized Balgenzhieva competition among drilling for most driving of watches in meters and mechanical speed ranges of depths than the norm. Productive use of time and watch increases due to maintenance work during the technology-related interruptions in drilling. If, say, fixing the well casing is then performed at the same time repair of pumps, diesel drive, etc.

Can not remember the case in the expedition to have been admitted Balgenzhieva major accident or simple. Even at the worst time, but this time in the Caspian steppes, often falls, watch keeps watch. Not for nothing, apparently, a small gang called the drillers and loud and succinct word "watch". It is said that when the winter storms for weeks angry brigade torn from the base of the village, not missing a drill or a car or aircraft, when the pressure of the hurricane as a string, strained, and hummed and trembled ominously powerful farm rigs and trailers on to the rig could pass only the roar of engines, watch Zinela never left his post. So clearly and confidently leads his ship in a stormy sea of deep subsurface steppe Balgenzhiev driller ...

The next day we were sitting at a lavish dastarkhan in the hospitable house of the brothers Balgenzhievyh. They never broke up, brothers, canapes and Zinel. Although both started their own families, but they live under one roof.

Early left without a father, brothers still teenagers during World War II have known the severity of unchildlike work, replace the departed for the front men. You should have stayed on the farm ranchers, if not for my uncle Akash. He returned from war veteran Muhambaev and on the recommendation of the district committee of the party went into the oil exploration. The brothers often visited his uncle at the rig, helped him. Initially, canapes, and then Zinel. As they turned sixteen years old, began working in the brigade. My uncle was their first commander and mentor. Calm was the man Akash Muhambaev, detailed, bold in the decisions, firm of purpose. He was strict and demanding. All show, explain, so to speak, chew, just put in your mouth. But then to not repeat. Just look, used to watch and already knows where the wrong thing to do.

"You must love his work,-taught artist, 'Hail to him, do everything honestly and always learn from people who started the arguments to the end. Ours is a hard-tempered himself, is a hard-mastered. Learn all the time, never superfluous knowledge will not. Be calm, confident, but not indifferent. "

Akash borer Muhambaev became the first Hero of Socialist Labor in the expedition. And second, sorry, that did not live up to that time Akash elder, became his pupil Zinel. Former shepherds, descendants of nomads who founded the dynasty of drillers and, as a good joke told in the expedition, the dynasty of Heroes ...

Significantly exceeded the plan Zinel and his comrades in the first year of the tenth five-year period. Instead of 738 meters, relying on the normal, drilled 1215 meters. The introduction of team contract has reduced drilling time by 21 days, save thousands of rubles of state funds.

But not only the production successes are measured by the merits of man to society, to the country. Zinela Balgenzhieva know revered as a sensitive man, a wise teacher-mentor. Across the Caspian steppes work of his students. Only in the tenth five-year period, he taught and gave a start in life pomburam five, two of his disciples began to drillers.

At home, children are growing up. They also need his father's attention. Late started a family always busy on reconnaissance drilling. Senior Berik only seven years old, and only five darling Kulash. Recently made the first small steps on the ground, to the indescribable joy of his father, baby Erken.

- Must be a scout - a ingenuous Zinel proudly says, 'I'll teach him ...

Goodbye, Prospector. Again, under the wing of an airplane dunes Caspian depression. Mentally, am getting the results seen, heard, read. Somewhere out there, at different depths, oil. And no matter how deep it was, it found. Intelligence is a broad front, with each passing day arming the new technology, improving the technology. "Answer immediately, if all measures are taken, what is fitness, what kind, whether appointed by the best people ..."

On this question Lenin can be answered:

- Yes, Comrade Lenin, all the measures taken are good prospects for the future, in responsible stations put the best people. An example of this Communist driller Zinel Balgenzhiev.

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