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Soldatov Lev Leonidovich

The Director-General of the Yakutsk diamond mining production association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Soldatov Lev Leonidovich A strange excitement you experience in the diamond region. A painful feeling of the road accompanies you everywhere, making the surprising feat of the pioneers of that twenty-one years ago the earth warmed unkind. Almazograd ...

The peace-town island in an ocean of taiga and Marey. Everything you need delivered here by plane, boat or river by winter road-trailer combination on the nail to a volume of poems, from coffee to aluminum panels, toys otelochnoy semidesyatipyatitonnogo up truck.

- In our city is usually arrive on the IL-18 and Yak-40, told me by phone Director General of the Order of Lenin, the association "Yakutalmaz" Lenin, Lev Leonidovich Soldatov. And you try to visit us on the road Lena. Then their eyes and see how people have managed to warm the icy ground, challenging the permafrost and beating her. Only if you accidentally pass the peace, to talk to drivers, and the rush to Ayhalu and successful, do not stumble, please, about the Arctic Circle ...

In Moscow everything seemed simple: fly to Lensk, and then asked for the drivers in the cab, drive 750 miles to talk to people working in the diamond edge, frostbitten with them ...

But when a few days later I was standing on the driver's area at the hotel in the city of Lensk, drivers of trucks did not dare take my flight. They showed a map-in which was lying under a Plexiglas glass extract from the order:

"To carry passengers is strictly forbidden." Saved by accident: The peace of Lensky in returning the first secretary of Komsomol diamond capital region Vyacheslav Holomeev. In his "jeep" found an empty seat.

The first car ran 230 kilometers of the present highway. On both sides of the road rose Taiga in all its beauty untouched. Gradually gave way to lush greenery sparse larch, where some have lost a needle in a severe frost Yakut.

-That's the permafrost has begun, said the Holomeev.

The scenery was dull and monotonous: a gray snowy road and gray trees. And underneath the Mari-swamp, and even lower-century-old ice ... On the way he remembered to have heard in Lensk intercom.

Comrades, today the village of Lucky arrived safely super-heavy truck - his voice was solemn, like a slightly raised Levitan, when the announcer of Soviet radio announced to the world: "Attention, Moscow says ..." But this city of peace, spoke to the entire diamond Yakutia was broadcast selector negotiation heads of the production association, mines and quarries, the heads of factories. It was a daily meeting, in these moments have been in touch all the villages, which lie from the Lena to the Peace. The Director-General "Yakutalmaz" continued:

-From the Trans-Siberian railway station, Lena and 1900 kilometer avtozimniku three powerful "KrAZ" taken on a special platform in the unassembled 75-ton quarry "BelAZ 549." At the same time on the phone, "Successful" came his swing four forty-ton Belarusian athlete ... Everyone had to say about the Peace and Yakutian diamonds, certainly remembered the general director, told dozens of stories about him, from which rose a figure head, able to completely subdue the energy thoughts and aspirations of thousands of people.

Comrades, we were rightly criticized for the fact that by running a factory 12 mining and processing enterprise "Lucky" and passing into operation the first two houses of the new, the first city in the country gallery type, we made a blunder by scheduling each of them for 185 apartments Soldatov, ..., I will zamolchal. own opinion: even this morning I was in a safe, near which the avant-garde group of houses situated. I agree: we are building is not quite a modern residential area, the first building of which may take place in the museum of obsolete projects, miscalculations and mistakes ... 185 apartments for a house is very much ... When I flew the plane in the morning, then director of the Institute "Yakutniiproalmaz" Givi Gomelauri assured me that these homes will have only 140 apartments. Imagine how much more space, each family will receive ...

We will give ordinary people comfortable well-appointed apartments that do not differ from houses in Moscow or Leningrad. We will go even further, let the people of the Far North have roomier hallways and corridors, should provide plenty of built-in cupboards ... Let's not forget a simple parts: a man may rest, so they will work ... Diamond North mastered and Hercules are not the titans, but most ordinary people ... Why turn to them in the hardening and sporting event such a simple thing like going for a loaf of bread or a packet of milk in shestidesyatigradusny cold with the wind .. Of course, such experimental houses will cost more than today's standard-type buildings, but can not be otherwise ...

We do not build makeshift, who tomorrow will be replaced by better, more advanced buildings. No, it would be too wasteful exercise. Today, we have to anticipate tomorrow's urban silhouettes, we have to build peace and comfort of high artistic excellence ... Beautiful ceased to be unique, no longer a reputation for luxury. The Party calls upon us to enter the beauty in everyday life of hundreds of thousands of families settlers. The Soviet people passed through the great historical trials, has earned the right to beauty. The joy of the servants' quarters can not record in any performance. But for the sake of the joy we are building near the city of diamond pipes gallery type.

The voice was firm Soldatov, phrases, though a longish time to time, but carefully considered and weighed ...

-He wrote the text? I asked the secretary of the city committee.

-It is unlikely, 'he smiled Holomeev.-Lev Leonidovich excellent speaker, I did not once with pieces of paper and did not see ... Yes, and he has no time to write theses ... In Soldatov painted every minute ... He did not leave time for yourself, so in that he loves hockey, and two o'clock to sit at the TV, no, for the director is a luxury ... He only learns from and all ... However, Soldatov work goes on foot, quick step, which replaces it so popular now "jogging" ...

Even from a distance ... could be seen rising on the outskirts of the white walls of the 11-storey factory 3, one of the flagships of the diamond industry of our country. The case company is dressed in aluminum panels filled with insulating material. Four kilometers from the town we were met by a plaque, which is a 20-meter marble-granite ribbon stretched along the edge of the larch forest. On the stone are carved the names of drivers who spent the first car through the hitherto impassable swamp.

From the first minutes of peaceful strikes, Yet, it turns out, are preserved plank houses - zasypuhi with stove heating. Makes its way through the snow, lying along the streets dissonant. And then, finally, the central line, straight as the airport runways, lined with stone and concrete. I can not believe that the multi-storey building of the blocks, glass and stone rose on permafrost Soldatov .... I met on the street as he walked home. As expected, it was all incredibly, as if a little exaggerated. Large, proudly planted his head. The sharp modeling courageous, very expressive face. Snow White early gray hair. Immediately remembered the verses: "These thirty years, turning gray, but not the age of sixty ..." The swift and unexpected light for such a massive figure walking ... Try to make Soldatov invisible. Even if you set a goal to hide him in the crowd, mixed with all of it is unlikely that will ... He will still be in the limelight, rush into the eyes, as if it specifically directed the spotlight ... (And one I could not understand, how could this great man creeping silently in the face of the Nazis, not to give himself a crash treacherous twigs and sticks, after the war he passed through the first scout, and then the commander of the guerrilla group ...)

- Like our peace?-Asked-Soldatov. Most of the buildings lovingly decorated by artists and architects, is painted in different colors. See how their pastel colors organically fit into the low-key northern landscape: stands out dark red Telegraph, and as originally designed the house chasing the Leningrad Prospect? .. There are, however, in structure, which we perceive with a smile: "At first built the porch, and then the building was attached to it." We are talking about "Yakutniiproalmaze", arresting its impressive canopy front of the entrance lobby ... Joking aside, and said it all with a love of the Peace, to each his house, which stands on concrete piles driven into the ground permafrost ...

Soldatov Lev Leonidovich Here we come with the CEO to the career of 'Mir' pipe. Here June 13, 1955 29-year-old head of the detachment 132nd search party Yuri Habardin found the first diamonds indigenous field. From there he sent a telegram:

"He lit up the" World. " Tobacco is an excellent ... "

The peace, though young, but it became a city-history. At every step we can say: "Here was the first ... first ... first ... "Wooden house, putting into operation of which was a holiday in May 1957, eleven years later became the historical museum of industrial associations. Wooden frame, which twenty years ago, proudly towering over the tent area, now lost among the multi-storey stone buildings on the street Oyunskogo Plato.

Gathering in peace, I have met in Moscow with the first director of the mill "Yakutalmaz," a resident of the Peace Hero of Socialist Labor Viktor Tikhonov Illarionovich. Almost ten years ago, he handed his powers LL Soldatov. Tikhonov showed me a photo canvas, lined with felt residence. It is barely warmed with red-hot stove. At the tent hung ad handwritten "Yakutalmaz."

It was in that year, when the development of Yakut diamonds when instigation of the World diamond syndicate, concentrated in his hands 80 percent of world trade in precious stones, Western newspapers wrote: "The Russian diamond to appear on the world market only in the XXI century ... Yakut diamonds occur in a very inaccessible places. Neither beast nor bird can not reach any of kimberlite pipes in the winter or summer ... "

Neither beast nor bird ...

Since then, it is only twenty years old. Now the Soviet diamond industry created in the taiga wilderness of western Yakutia, technical equipment is largely ahead of foreign-firmy. And you visit on the construction of mining and processing enterprise "Lucky" is the All-Union Komsomol shock construction. It is only six kilometers from the Arctic Circle. There, in the near future to build a "sail" over the tundra, a city which the world did not know, 'said Soldatov.

- Each month, I collect it in a safe exit the party headquarters building GOK. Here and fly together.

Yak-40 landed exactly on the mark of the Arctic Circle, this is where the airport is Polar.

Five years ago, at the place where now paved highway from the airport to the town of Polar Reliable Builders, was the kingdom of mosses and permafrost. Head Botuoba geological expedition, Vladimir Lenin Prize Shchukin said, when we raced in the "Volga", a far-distant days of his youth:

Such moss-never-seen crimson-red and ash-gray, blue and green as emerald. Why does this recall? Probably, because the statute Zaden, we returned to camp and went to sleep on mosses. We do not yet know that next to the creek near the Nameless One, is hidden diamond pipe. Did not know that it will soon find it and call it "Happy." Not assume that it is here under the direction of Lev Leonidovich will build mine "Lucky" ...

Today in the circumpolar has shot up aloft two whopper of factory number 12.

While the CEO "Yakutalmaz" preparing to hold a meeting retreat headquarters building, we, together with the chief engineer of the plant being built by Igor Kruglyakov climbed to the upper platform of the building. From a height of forty meters opened a beautiful panorama.

Bluish ribbon of the river bend Daldyn. Could be seen on the hill village of Lucky-storey and two storey houses. Prior to the factory workers, the Plant Operator to drive four kilometers from there. It seems quite a bit. But in the circumpolar each meter can be equated to a kilometer. Especially in winter in the cold ... And then we looked in the opposite direction and saw the first building of gallery type. "Raisin 'the new city-famous indoor galleries that connect the residential buildings of the city with shops, nurseries, schools, cinemas, sports palaces, community centers. Width of the galleries or twelve feet, and height-to two-story house. Hence, a resident of the northern city in the dead of winter can leave the apartment without wearing a coat, go to the store and greenhouse. The galleries are planned to install a variety of kiosks machines. And if you want a breath of fresh air, you can use and access to the street, provided at each entrance. By the way, is supposed to build the stadium was not under the roof, so that all air is enough enough.

Later, when we went to Soldatov, Shchukin and Kruglyakov to the gallery the city, the director said:

- We will try to keep every larch, which grows in the city under construction. On this land we have come does not temporarily, but forever, hence the need to build with the thought of the future. Young converter Siberia wants guarantees: what, excuse me, he will spend his youth? Uhlopat the best time of their acquisition process only in digging the earth, a little ... The man wants to grow! .. In these queries, is a social innovation Siberian buildings ... Gorgeous novelty!

In a short time, and the city gallery type next to the avant-garde group of buildings will begin construction of the "Sails", the complex houses alternating heights, which will protect the city from the wind. Here is everything: hotel, supermarket, clinic, factory service establishments. Palace of Culture, a swimming pool, a 2,000-seat school. Then in the third stage will be built 10.4-storey group of "Northern Lights" and the nine-complex "wave." Will there garages for 500 cars, the nursery for decorative planting materials, hotel-type house, which is a covered street, which will leave all internal transitions. The first floor will house the street stalls.

In the nursery air conditioners will be served fresh humidified air. In the exercise yard pools are provided, "paddling."

The city, which spoke so lovingly Soldatov, yet has no name. Across Yakutia announced a contest for the best name. Award-bedroom apartment. In the meantime, the first inhabitants of new passports in the "registration," we read: "Yakutia, New Town '...

We stood near the first avant-garde buildings, and that's how the idea came: and yet soon these buildings will become priceless heirlooms, simple, wonderful monuments of human courage, fortitude, kindness: birch trees, planted by diamond miners, larch, saved the builders, pillar, standing on the former clearing, and now housed on the main ... And these are exciting five-story house monument, a monument to the strength and courage, intelligence and resourcefulness of those who created the tundra in the deserted city.

"In the wild side, our side

We built a city

and the people left on the memory

his youth ... "

-I heard this song first in the family in the diamond region of the Hero of Socialist Labor Mikhail Orlov. Her words take on special significance when they sing the Eagles. They were the first inhabitants of the Peace. Twenty years ago ... Then a young foreman fitter, mount equipment on the diamond factory, Mikhail Orlov wrote to his wife here in Leningrad: "I told you, did not fall. Frosts are not greater than 46 degrees there are, the stove in a tent lit around the clock. For the bread of flying PO-2. Our brigade had to cut the main street clearing. We thought to call it. Since we all come from the banks of the Neva River, then nailed a sign on the larch "Leningrad Prospect." And Muscovites do not want to keep up-pave "the Moscow street." In short, all is well. By the summer of waiting for you and Valeria (the climate here, they say, useful) ... ".

-In July 1957, and his wife descended, 'said Orlov.-Ever since then, and works as a chemist at the diamond factory ...

The old photo albums, documents preserved in the family Orlov, they ask the museum ... Here, wintering in the tent with the baby. And now, Valery is in the Soviet Army ... Here's youngest son, Paul-native mirninets, was born here, went to school, but now thinking about college. "Continent" saw only the summer vacation time parents ... Orlov, like many of the pioneers who gave the diamond edge of his youth. Now they are thinking about retirement ...

-Yes, the problem is now before us, 'said Director of the Association Soldatov, when I told him about plans to go to Orlov, the mainland as soon as suitable retirement age ...-year after year fewer and fewer old-timers. And this is natural. Those who are under fifty-five and sixty, are increasingly part with all the extreme latitudes ... And we must think about their future, helping them advance to enter the housing cooperatives in the suburbs or elsewhere in the Kuban region, Moldova or the Black Sea. When I am in Moscow at the sessions of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, I always consider it my duty to talk with deputies from the southern areas of the fate of those who have given the development resources of the North, young and mature years of his life, and now are going to move to their places of origin or where warmer .. .

Yes, Lev Leonidovich Soldatov, thinks not only about how to fulfill and surpass the production plan, provide homeland, more and more diamonds. He looks to the future, thinking about the city in which people will live the XXI century, and he cares about the veterans of labor, he lives the aspirations and hopes of young people. On-the head of a great soul. His promises are always specific and achievable. Soldatov motto: "Promise not to promise." If he promises something, it always does. If you keep silent, then the issue is indeed too much for him. This, too, sometimes, unfortunately ...

I do not presume to say that "imagining" Soldatov, when he builds today, factories, mills, dredges, seeks to send the diamond edge dvenadtsatikubovyh excavators, with a height of five-story building, and stotonnyh trucks, new bessharovyh mills, quartz apparatus for kindergartens in the circumpolar, ballet shoes for a dance festival "Polar Star" in a safe and tuber colors for the greenhouse, seedling potatoes, carrots, cucumbers for mirnenskih gardens, which are broken in a vacant lot in the land-warmed, snatched from the permafrost ... I do not presume to say that "imagining" the deputy of Supreme Soviet of the USSR LL Soldatov, when the Kremlin, he said the outcome of the sixtieth anniversary of the glorious October in the far north, about the origins of the "northern patriotism", the endless relay of the northern tradition of romance, which turned the heads of young Orloff and Korablev, Tikhonov and Zhelyabin those who, learning the diamond industry, went to prison. One thing is certain, happiness in life, as understood by Soldatov, is inconceivable without having to be happy all the people who surround him, who work with them hand in hand. Soldatov is far from being able to think only narrow categories of its industries, he-man state, large-minded ... The fact that the CEO is known to many of the workers of the diamond edges, not surprising: the head must be in plain sight. But here is the fact that the soldiers, too, knows many of the many thousands of workers and engineers, this is truly incredible. But it is! Why not? Yes, because the director does not sit Soldatov in his office, he was always with people, always in sight. He goes to the people with the good news, it hastens to him, to consult, when he, the director, it's hard.

Lev Leonidovich promised to show me the diamond factory 3. And then came the moment when the shop to finalizing the director of "Yakutalmaz" asked the chief engineer of the factory: "Show us the most recent diamond ..."

On the tray, flashing faces were fantastic crystals. Head of the department included the lighting and diamonds began to play even brighter. The stones could not tear look ... Lev Leonidovich smiled: "Now with you choose the crystal, which we decided to call the" Truth "in honor of the newspaper founded by Lenin. Be careful of stones, have a wonderful crystal. "

For a long time I looked in the minerals, but, no, he could not decide ... Then the soldier took one of the diamonds, and laying his hand on the raised front of the lamp: 'Here it is, "Truth." The most "pure water".

Diamond weighed and photographed. Now the diamond "The Truth" can be seen in the Kremlin at the "Diamond Fund of the USSR."

We said goodbye to the Lion Leonidovich and IL-18 up into the sky, making a circle of Peace. At the bottom of the tube well was visible "Peace," which gave its name to the city and from which the diamond was mined "is true." The quarry was similar to the ancient Greek theater, and numerous stages which went down to hundreds of meters. I knew that the "smoke powder" tube for a second does not cease roar of powerful, tall, with a multi-storey house - shovels, kept roaring forty-ton "BelAZ", twirling spirals along the serpentine roads ... And all of this powerful technology thrown into the "battle" to get the kimberlite ore, diamonds to give homeland. And they are-these fabulous crystals - hiding deep down in the blue-kimberlite rock of volcanic origin. I looked on top of the pipe "Peace" The peace of the city ... I saw and headquarters Soldatov. He remembered how he asked Lev Leonidovich jokingly half-seriously-:

- What will happen to the Peace, if the reserves run out of diamonds? Close the city?

- No, - he smiled Soldatov - we ask a geologist Shchukin find a new tube. And not very far from the city to drive the cars do not.

And then under the left wing of the plane has a tube - International, the ore from which also carry the factories of the Peace ... Another tube, has a silent monument to your volcanic past Earth once was all a-shuddering and rebellious ... Soon this tube ordinary soldiers to guard the diamond front, headed by its "general" Soldatov will start first in our country, underground mining of diamonds: shahtostroiteli have arrived in peace to begin tunneling ... Neither beast nor bird, as claimed, would get no Yakutsk in the taiga ... But it came to the ancient jungle of the Soviet people, warmed the ground, rebuilt it, forced to share its wealth.

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