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Roslova Alexander Yegorovna

Brigadier painters construction and assembly control number 2 construction and assembly of the trust number 2, Hero of Socialist Labor

Roslova Alexander Yegorovna Recently, I read somewhere: "Looking mind's eye back to the long-standing case, once agitated soul, he said with a smile ..." With a smile? I thought that, perhaps, and it happens. Out, poluzabylos seems in a different light. Roslova told me about it without a smile, about the only case that has shaken confidence, almost forced to turn aside. And while the day passed with more than ten years, and time, as you know, the best doctor, Alexander Yegorovna all seems so anxious and clearly as if it happened yesterday.

Listening, I imagine ... Accompanied the team leader. A decent person, intelligent head-on went to another city. Then, the wires have to figure out loud: who will replace him? "What is to dress so wonder-voice whose precisely, Alexander Yegorovna did not catch, best-Roslova we can not find!" "True-backed old brigadier-Shura pull! And that experience is not enough, it'll come ... "She was confused and tried to object, but where there! The next day, taking into account the request of the team, managing the construction of the trust issued a corresponding order ..

They worked on the decoration of an apartment building. And since not all kleilos, but here, unfortunately, frequent interruptions in haulage of materials, and "subchiki" (abbreviated, without tender in the pronunciation of the name notok subcontractors) bound hand and foot. Quarterly plan with a bang flew to hell. Roslova tossed between the crew and supply agents, to seek, not without timidity that ought to be hit by one of the demanding trestovskih tables. Caught in a sympathetic view, or sometimes just seemed suspicious and. And Valentine, one of the workers brigade, made no secret of his antipathy. Once Roslova heard casually talking Gulfiry Vakhitova with Valentina.

- Why do you dissolve the Shura aunt of various rumors?-Gulfira asked.

- I'm not making this up nothing at all, 'replied Valentine, truth-telling. Not yet grown up Roslova brigadirstva, Have not you understand? Year without setting a week, but there too, in the commander's ...

- Not to Do it annoy you that the job requires? Or take the envious? Will you stop departures from the team!

- You are with his Roslova I did not decree that all we'll see who will depart before! ...

It has long been noticed by Alexander Yegorovna: cutting Valentine's relationship with his friends, unbalanced, suspicious, but not shirked from work. And not reproached her, experiencing her first failure, not the other-and themselves. Know, and indeed hastened to appoint her foreman. Nevertheless, tried to talk heart to heart with Valentina.

- Why do you love me does not like, Valya?-Asked-pryamo. Perhaps inadvertently offended? Not the Thais, we find a common language ...

- And what you love, and who are you to stick your neck out?

Roslova satellites in the offense. The night after this conversation, did not sleep well, and decided in the morning, have to go.

With that and went to work. Just go to the trust could not, twisted brigade worries. And when the thought suddenly, lo and behold, and the day flew by. At the bus stop was near the plasterers foreman Peter Stepanovich Gayvoronsky man-power, solid. Roslova knew from friends that Gayvoronsky never changed his place of work, a boy started in this trust. I knew that the apparent roughness lies in its responsiveness and kindness. And unexpectedly laid it all, as in spirit. They stood apart from the human maelstrom, letting one bus after another. No interrupting, listening to her Petr Stepanovich. Then he said:

- Sorry for the harshness, but you're a fool, woman! What is limp, then? Just think, someone said something! And you prove it-bull! Prove the work. Trust people more, not those who are into the language of a whale, and those who stretched to the point. Consult with them more often. Will itself-nadorveshsya. Look at what think up, go ... This is a piece of cake. You, Alex must survive! ..

And again she tossed sleepless in bed, listening to the regular breathing of his son. Less-all was questioned about his father, now ceased. Grown up ... felt, it is clear that the reminder of the mother causes him pain. Recently said: "I'll end with school, go to military school, you do not mind, Mom?" What son would say, if she leaves the team? After all, Volodya is proud of its success ... And how would understand such an act Gal? The student already knows something more Volodya ...

Children are seen, of course, as it is not easy, and learning and behavior are not trying to spoil her mood. -Did you see Alexander Yegorovna never complained to them of fatigue on everyday troubles. And the turmoil was enough. Do not spoil her life, oh, do not spoil! That's only early childhood was enlightened: the school, summer camp, hiking noisy crowd in the woods to pick mushrooms and berries, the music of the gramophone, donated by his father, a noble miner Kuzbass, the Directorate of mine "signal" for the Stakhanovite work. When the war started, Shura had finished seven years, and younger sister Tonya was still a first-grader. Miners went to the front, instead of them going down in the slaughter of women and adolescents. Before the father has not reached all dead: after a major operation. And, like everyone else, gave way to the mine Shura. Appointed to the position of "holidayer" coal-let go, which is exported to the railroad. My mother once asked the director: "Do not be stolen whether Shurka coal is small, the button!" To which he said: "Do not worry, Praskovya Ilyinichna, she did not utaschut! A little, yes udalenkaya. All in Egor Alexandrovich. "

Day in and day out in the cold, ran from the cart to the cart, watching, that surpluses do not have that all the documents. The hands are freezing in the old mittens, and they must be constantly removed, or an ink pen can not keep. But though his feet warm in the spacious father felt boots ... And on Saturdays and Sundays, along with all the lava, load the coal into trucks. Konogon urge the "fastest drop, but more on the dial shovel ..." And the work is already controversy. Realized that we needed a front for the victory of their coal. Thus, the entire war. In the forty-seventh Schur resigned from the mine and went to study in laboratory Belovo. Then my husband and I have worked in the Far North, in the exploration party. As they wandered north, on airplanes and helicopters, in ATVs and sleds. And Vova was born there, beyond the Arctic Circle. No, do not murmur at the fate of Alexander Yegorovna: happy family lived, it made an interesting and necessary, and what life was unsettled, garden, so, again, is no stranger to the difficulties to be! In the holidays flew on the "mainland" to the southern sun, and then a no-no but she was thinking purely feminine: the time will come when the kids start to learn, then they will settle in one place, build a house and make sure that the garden with kitchen garden ! Could it be assumed that a building will not have to ...

They opened new mines and moved on to the tundra, the taiga. But suddenly, the tragic death of her husband. Grief struck, so that is not afraid to rise. Friends persuaded not to leave, and she knew that help would support. His mother and sister called to her. They lived in Frunze, my sister got married, worked at the plant. They arrived and Alexander Yegorovna with children. Native made room, settled together. It was the eve of the 1959-th. Alexander was talking with a neighbor Yegorovna, the master-builder. "Come to our work-advised-that's how people are needed, and quickly get an apartment, not crowded as all of you in a little room ..." In the thirty-four years Roslova became a student of the painter. Near-teen girls but beardless lads. All-Wali, Rai, Petit, and addressed her: "Aunt Alex," since then and has become a tradition ...

As for the apartment neighbor was right, she really in the same year celebrated house warming. After a while, my mother said, "You bad enough on a construction site. Maybe, get a lab assistant at the plant, according to the same degree, you will not walk caked with lime, and a white dressing gown ... "She replied:" At the construction site, I like the people friendly! "And to himself added:" How can I repay in care of such ingratitude? Century will suffer if a change is now his work clothes on a white robe ... "

It does not sinned against the truth, saying his mother: "people friendly." Man by nature gregarious, Roslova quickly converged, and the foreman, Nina Bereza, and team members Catherine Holodetskoy. Vera Golovina, Paul Rybkin, Eugenia Hecht. Painters and plasterers highly qualified, they are all proud of his skill, worked beautifully, and with evident pleasure.

Alexander Yegorovna watched them and thought: could it not be able to work the same way as they are? Notice on their faces an expression of joy for the statement, just like what my father was in the pit after the record or the geologists who attacked the ore vein. And it seemed very clear feeling of creative joy when ready to sing, to call people, look, admire, as well turned out, though! Days passed, and Roslova not behind in the other, it began to notice and observe and photograph published in a newspaper. There was confidence in her: "So, am in the right place ..."

Roslova Alexander Yegorovna Yes, of course, at that hour of the start brigadirstva had not so easy to her. Again came a doubt. Seemingly random conversation with an experienced team leader Gayvoronsky forced wider open your eyes and take a closer look at themselves around. Helped to reverse the uncertainty cast aside depressing thoughts. And the first thing she did, turned to his comrades in the brigade meeting with the frank admission:

- It is hard now, perhaps as never before. Because it has taken on additional responsibilities. Because things are not rectified in the brigade. Every once in itself, and not all together. Let's raise demands to each other and work together felt the steps by which we climb. Help me, I beg you, help me ... The first challenge:

spike and discipline. The brigade neti 'no room loafers, absentees, drunkards! ..

Do not insist that the repeated word for word what was said then Alexandra Yegorovna, but the meaning-accurate. Her speech touched people, caused by a reciprocal frankness. On the ways they talked at the meeting, not sparing the vanity, not moving away from a direct answer. Alexander Yegorovna finally convinced that there is contact, found understanding. And she began to act decisively, principled, persistent.

A Valentine? On the advice of the brigade gave her to understand that their behavior, it interferes with the foreman, and therefore everything. Gone with the air, as if we have spare, and in fact, sorry, it ... It tells Gulfara Vakhitova. Ten years ago, she had eight years of education, under the influence of Aunt Shura she graduated eleven classes, began to engage in the construction college. But she has two kids on my hands! Aunt Shura intercede, and the younger took place for a woman to a garden, and a senior at the school in prodlenke, so keep up everywhere. Here is the opinion of Alexander Yegorovna novice crew Oli Fatiyev.

- When in school we played Hero of Socialist Labor Roslova, we have established themselves in their desire to go to the construction site. I remember thinking, it would be nice to get to the famed team. And still did it! Group of graduates enrolled in uchkombinat, taught there for six months and now, what happiness have Roslova practice. Immediately felt a warm and friendly attitude towards us. Just include members of the team together. This is the style of the team. But everything comes from Aunt Shura. Thanks to her help the guys started to become painters, plasterers. I arrived at the evening department of the Faculty of Civil Polytechnic Institute, Olga and Irina Petrova Radko, the preparatory department of the institute. No, we is not difficult to combine work with study, because Aunt Shura (she as a mom) repeats: "Without knowledge there is no expert!" It so much kindness, so it's good! If now I have to write an essay on the theme of this man, I'm completely devoted to his literary hero is not, and our Aunt Shura ...

Olya met recently Fatiyev one girl from his class. She retired from a brigade. It's boring there, said no one before you do not care! And Olga Fatiyev asked her: go to us, we wonder, do you agree? Think about it, he said.

It can be seen not believe Ole. "I work next to Aunt Shura, and feeling as if her hand leads my hand, which is sandwiched paintbrush ..." Olga Fatiyev-small, fragile-looking. One can not help thinking: this baby and have the builder! Well, Alexander did not come out too Yegorovna growth. Perhaps, in years Olina is not particularly different from her. But the point is not the case. To her the youth of yesterday, reaching students and peteushniki, those from the vocational school. About two and a movie, and the evenings, she said to him, and looks back. Who says the team-name-together, wedding, at the head table Aunt Alex, off-again in the army together. And on weekends it is of their own, the team with her. This is the secret of production team success Roslova ... Kindness, artless skill to win, to win the trust and honesty ... The truth of all to the end. Strictness in relation to themselves and others. Intolerance of laxity and mismanagement, disregard the approach to the case. That's how important work with young people. Come on the scene boys and girls without professional knowledge, without experience of life, and sometimes still are not convinced of the correctness of the choice of specialty. And Roslova not only instills in them a love for construction trade-craft in the highest sense of the word, but also teaches us to live honestly, in good faith to work, to find his calling and recognition! The fruits of their labor, neat and beautiful buildings, the real decoration of the capital of our republic ...

The team first legalized Roslova thread-dissected method of work. It happened so. Roslova best experts put at the head of the links that are of operational cycles shall furnish and rent 'finished products' Brigade Committee, fixing the acceptance in the journal quality.

In this committee, representatives of each link. All are responsible to each other. For many years the team has mechanized painting walls, ceilings and radiators. Again, the first in the management of mechanized mastered plaster ceilings, paneling and floors. The level of mechanization of all types of work rose to almost ninety percent of the substation with a paintbrush. Turbomeshalka and pump are mounted in a trailer, and the solution is fed into the building, on the floor ... conveniently, efficiently and effectively. Double the productivity of labor. No need to manually download now, with buckets to scoop, carry on the catwalk. And heard about the new product when it was just introduced at the house-building plant. Together with the engineer orgtehstroya visited on-site pleasure to watch! From there, the trust. So, they say, and so, dear comrades, ingenuous piece, simple to manufacture, we desperately need! And do not calm down until it was masking the substation. And now they are provided with other teams.

In the socialist competition team AE Roslova consistently has one of the first places on the Ministry of Construction of the Kirghiz SSR. She is constantly introducing new types of finishes, appliances and tools. For the first time in the country team has been mastered covering wall enclosures vibrodempfiruyuschey mastic - finishing in the auditorium of the Palace of Sports in the area of three thousand square meters. Only by small-scale mechanization increased by one-third the labor productivity. Ninth Five-Year Plan completed in 3 years and 4 months. This figure became a socialist collective commitment to the Tenth Five Year Plan. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of Great October Revolution team has worked on the calendar in May 1978.

And for all these things Roslova awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor and the October Revolution, the medal "For Valiant Labor." Diploma of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic, has the title "Honored Builder of the Kirghiz SSR." In 1977, Alexander Yegorovna Roslova awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor.

Early in the morning ... she hurries to work. In the streets of the city park race cars. Mountains, a stone's throw to them, look in the windows of the houses. Which one is it, where was a trace? And this and this ...

Kyrgyz and Russian drama theaters, the Sports Palace named after Lenin, the hotel "Kyrgyzstan" and "Pishpek" Circus multi-storey houses, buildings, dormitories and schools of the original architecture. They have transformed the face of the capital. Roslova passes and can not stop, do not remember how they were built exactly where she worked her team. Taking visitors from other cities come to share experiences, she is always anxious waiting for their words: as, I liked it, but there is something wrong? Good? And she sighs with relief. So feels the creator, the creator. Is it a different vocation? ..

The work of the builder, nor any other, in full view. Their work is in every home. And you do not want to blush for him. Sometimes the team members come Roslova to newcomers. Ask: Are the apartment? The responsibility of the service is, of course, is not included. But it must be for them. To increase the sense of responsibility it extremely useful. At the construction site, surrounded by a fence, on the shield is always written out, those who build, commitments which took ... And the new building? The extreme rarity, if you can read the names of the architect and engineer.

- In my opinion, says Roslova,-would have to specify and builders, designers design the direct perpetrators.

Do not depend on them, how well this idea is embodied in the life? Do not think my proposal is immodest, not the glory of pekus when thinking like this ... I see this as a sign, imposes additional responsibility on the builders. And that's what I'm still considering ... The scourge of most construction projects, rush at the end of the year. Give us a plan at any price-and that's it! Who-who, as we, finishers, completing the preparation of the building to commissioning, and know how to halloo to one another? And in the winter to build a more difficult than in the summer, various flaws smooth at all unbearable! And, most importantly, not us vs. them. Those who are in a hurry makes you work front. And if builders set for the end of the final year of, say, on September 1? Not for the sake of indulgence, in the interests of business! ..

Here are her "ordinary" business ideas.

Alexander Yegorovna Roslova happy work, friends, present and future day. And, kids. Galina graduated from the University, a chemical engineer Republican Hydrometeorological Service, her husband works at a factory, and they have been growing up the son of Andrew. Volodya, like dreaming, he entered the Higher Military School. Five minutes to an officer.

- My children were not the builders became ac-grandchildren! Are all the same "take revenge" Alexander Yegorovna. Her pretty face glows with a soft smile. I noticed when she smiles, unconsciously want to smile back.

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