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Georgy Mikhailovich Bystrov

Furnacemen Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor

Georgy Mikhailovich Bystrov It is written in the figure, a gift from George Mikhailovich Bystrov. And although these words are a person of emotional trade-artist, meaning they are very accurate ...

Fast, senior furnacemen Cherepovets metallurgical plant, twenty-fourth year running at the blast furnaces. Neither plant nor the blast furnace shop, or the more famous "Quartet" (the largest blast furnace CMP) is impossible to imagine without Bystrov. Actually, he has become a living history of the plant. He and his peers. Those who started working here when the first wave did not blow out.

Who supplies the North Magnitogorsk metal Leningrad and the entire north-west of the country. On the shore of Sheksna, along the railroad, stretches giant factory, "Metallurgist" as they call it in Cherepovets. Rolling mills and rolling mills, kilometer open-hearth shop, blooming, coke production, sinter ... And somewhere in the western corner of this vast "city pipes', blast furnaces, four giant cone, shrouded by smoke and the northern mists.

This is the beginning of the plant.

Although to say that the Cherepovets Metal is born in the hot bowels of blast furnaces, it would be wrong on the merits. The cycle begins earlier, at the sinter plants and coke-oven batteries, the production of "feed" the oven. And do not give a blast furnace steel and cast iron. And yet it is the beginning ... The history of the plant is still relatively short, so the memory of August 24, 1955, when the blow was the first blast furnace. Yes, the current CMP did not start in March, not from coke production, and with the blast furnace. Hence, not only went to the plant, but also its people. In this shop he worked Vladimir Vanchikov, first head of the shop, then-director of the factory, and now Deputy Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR. In the history of the plant blast furnace shop has a special place.

However, once you forget about the stories, looking at the cones furnaces.

For me, not in the beginning of the history and technology. If you look at the blast furnace from the bridge near the open-hearth shop, then away at the end of the ways are seen no longer the furnace, and the "mountains", shrouded by clouds. At night, near the domain of light-gas torch like a candle, lit at the beginning.

Where the high lights the torch and run with iron compounds,-his world. In the tense silence of the remote, in the twilight casting yard and hot streams of fiery light of conscience and kindness of people need as much power. Georgy Mikhailovich Bystrov lives in this circle. It is, grows out of him in all his work, and moral aspects. From attitude to someone before the force that allows mere mortals to control the fire ...

Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on May 12, 1977 George Mikhailovich Bystrov was awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. As stated in the decree, "for outstanding achievements in the implementation adopted at the 1976 socialist commitments to increase production and improve product quality ...".

In working on the city Sheksna been waiting for this award. All knew that it must necessarily be. So glad everything loud and sincere. The only likely person to whom it was a surprise, he was Bystrov. And modesty, and a solid understanding that did not work for the award.

FOUR. In one of my recent visits to Cherepovets Georgy Mikhailovich Bystrov temporarily replaced the pug-mill foreman. As it turned out, the man to go on vacation, and there is nobody to replace him. Work is responsible: what horrible clay gun charged. Do not prepare this clay as expected, no end of trouble, spread the notch. Then the gun would not take, even though the furnace stopped. Because George M., when he was asked to replace the foreman did not resist. Of all people, and he knows how hard clay, which is locked in a furnace of fire a lot after registration. So it was in that my arrival at the blast furnace is not Bystrov, and more at the other end of shop. However, rather more than the pride to meet, as expected furnacemen near the fire, on his fourth. And with a bad leg was two kilometers away, ashamed to say that it is far away.

It was eleven o'clock in the morning. The team worked Bystrov in the night, the guys are long gone. The change took senior Peter V. Malyshev furnacemen But the oven was the same, and therefore for Bystrov, nothing has changed. Everything was as usual, even written in chalk on a column of the schedule change, hour and minute episodes. As for the issues themselves (once waited about), then the situation was the opposite: nothing is permanent, even in a single shift. Why are there per shift, over many years have not happened Bystrov two similar issues ...

Externally, Georgy little different from those who are now working on the stove. He was wearing a cloth costume furnacemen, in his usual beret, and his face was as dark as the rest: pug-mill is also not a clean place. Only, perhaps, shone a little less-dense blast furnace is aiming its small shiny graphite. Man, who visited near the blast furnaces in the city can be seen a mile away.

Not yet discovered iron, it was still possible for some subtle signs to understand what quickly came here not to change. He stood at the top, on the bridges, and furnacemen can afford only a time issue. But then drilled a notch-furnace breathed fire, highlighting the foundry yard furnacemen down by the gutter, jumped ... Following the fire from spilled hot holes lung weight, wrapped in sparks, high above the red light hanging motionless delineated crane and production began. Malyshev and Bystrov were silent, their dark faces lit by fire, strained. Now it was impossible to determine which of them worked in this shift, and who is not. There was a stove, it was on the issue, nothing else on earth at this moment they do not exist,

And it was so long ago. All my life, which now seemed to have worked in the blast furnaces for almost a quarter century ... We were standing on the bridge, over one from the ladle, and from the furnace, turns on the winding chutes, hot red river flowed. Volume was fine. And with the previous fifty minutes ago, everything was in order, as he said Malyshev. Poured into five buckets of pig iron, close the tap hole. And now no reason to

for concern: the third bucket is full, the sharp clang of the platform to move the iron-went into the fourth. And suddenly, everything changed. Red River has slowed, even light was replaced with a bright flash out of the hole began to break out letochnogo clubs of fire and smoke color. Something is there, inside the furnace, delayed for a moment, cast iron, and rushed for the exit gases ... The furnace began to "blow." (The fourth is very high gas pressure under the throat, is one of the most difficult parameters of the furnace!). The rapid flow of burning gases swept through the casting yard and hits the metal spans the top. For five minutes we looked at this pandemonium, then quickly said desperately:

- Again, burn crane. And then quickly, easily extraordinary wave "blew" in our direction. Bridges enveloped hot colored smoke, sparks flew out through the open doors of iron galleries. All but two furnacemen, rebounded. His face was anxious Malyshev, Bystrov grinned.

- Well, okay, will be, 'he said soothingly oven. - Well done, what else does not throw coke.

Praised ... Then George M. said that in the first years after the fourth order povykidyvala blowing coke through the iron notch at issue. "Pod, sausage," piled, "he said. That is the height of the annular duct, which is fourteen feet from the floor casting yard. Hard to imagine a force that could overwhelm the" rage "casting yard to the" sausage "... But the blast furnace, the seething volcano can do anything.

Stove muttered something muffled, as if in response to a comment Bystrov. A cloud of fire and the gas turned the other way: you would think that the fourth-old friend had furnacemen a courtesy. Sparks danced around again, the ill-fated crane. - But it will burn, agreed-Malyshev.-'ll have to close. But then it was all over: colored clubs have disappeared, it is unknown what happened to the fiery whirlwind, another second back hook ugly hosted on casting yard, and went back iron.

- Well, God knows what happened to her! Bystrov, threw up his hands.

- And yet the morning was fine, Malyshev, assented. They stood side by side, two tall man with dark, dark faces and hands. Two senior furnacemen accustomed to any eventuality and the whims of a blast furnace. They have no way she could still surprise and surprised, maybe a thousand for the first time! Cast iron was as if nothing unprecedented ... The fifth bucket was full, and the "river" is not skudela. Furnacemen cautiously looking down, leaning against the edge of the rod of iron.

- Well? Asked Malyshev, not turning to Bystrov.

- I do not know, 'he replied.

Georgy Mikhailovich Bystrov It was about what to do with the release of closed-notch, or pour another bucket. He came up wizard Michael G. Panshin. Funny and witty man, he began to tell some funny story. He remembered the summer ... Circle all smiled, but looked Michael G. meanwhile only on the stove, and in his eyes there was no twinkle. A cast iron continued to walk. Without interrupting his narrative, shook his head Panshin Malyshev, he made a sign to the engineer elektropushki, and a minute later it was over-letochnoe opening the oven closed until the next release. Bright light at the top disappeared, only glowing light down the gutter ... but they were dark eyes, furnacemen filled with water. TV screens went out on the remote control away from the structure of buckets. On the casting yard was dark. So all those who stood on the bridges. Out staid Malyshev: fifty minutes a new edition, the furnace is the furnace. Dashed off almost ran Michael G. Panshin. Its history, and he nedorasskazal, thus giving to understand that at all and it was not the case. And we stayed. Bystrov did not go away, even though it was a once in a day. In addition to working on the clay mill, he had to urgently find lost somewhere in the vast farm shop car coke dust, coke shipped from the plant.

Gutter at the bottom were quite dark, furnacemen did their job and left. A Bystrov, still looking hard at the dark edifice that looms before him.

The oven would not let him. Than what it seemed to him now on the threshold of other days, when they have to part, if not now, not today, but still not a long time? "Black box" as a blast furnace called Americans? Do not probe, do not prosvechennoy yet, complex and not fully controlled car? "Living beings" as once said of the blast furnace Michael G. Panshin, and quickly there and then agreed with the words of the old masters? Being fair, understanding everything, because she listened to furnacemen now, only a few minutes ago, or severe, is not forgiving anything?

The furnace was humming, doing his usual thing-smelted iron. She did it no matter for whom it took the people. But her dispassionate efficiency could only fool the uninitiated ... But the man standing next to me, perfectly learned over the years all the "dispassion" fire. That is, peaceful and business, only a few minutes ago, carried on the foundry yard furious stream of burning gas, hurling him wherever she could get ...

"Strong and kind ..." Bystrov live in the city center, on one of the most beautiful street Cherepovets, Boulevard. Street and the new house on it new: before they began to build the plant, there was a vacant lot.

Living Bystrov three. Junior Bystrov, Alex recently served in the Army and worked in the same factory as his father, and in the same shop-domain. And in the same furnace, which began in 1955 Bystrov - senior, first-on. In the blast furnace shop CMW, the third furnace running another quick-Vladimir, Vladimir, the younger brother of George Mikhailovich, a master of change. Volodya had finished a few years ago from the Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, and a student, was an intern in the team his older brother.

Julia, wife of George Mikhailovich, a medical. By nature it is as simple and honest as her husband. I realized once again that, looking at them in people's lives do not happen accidentally, not resulting from their being - no thoughts or deeds.

Our first acquaintance with Julia was on the phone. I wanted to go talk to Bystrov. I called. The tube was raised wife.

- Go through, Julia said - only he was sleeping, And if he is asleep - she explained very simply - we are with you he would not wake up. Will draw on the floor - do not wake up. But you go through all the same - she added - popem tea.

I came later, a week later. At this time, George M. and Hera, the name of his friends, did not work all night. But two days ago, pug-mill was at the emergency-crusher broken koksika, Bystrov, and had to stay there with the maintenance crew of five in the morning. But now there were twelve days, and he could sleep.

The apartment Bystrov there is nothing superfluous, but from the "spirit of the times," Is shalt ... We are trying to sit up, or rather, to squeeze, a low coffee table. The owner is able to work, big feet and hands ... Yes, and it is great for such a table. I think he even close to the apartment. Especially in the early hours, there came from the shift from the oven: everything is huge and spacious. "Saves" us Julia. "Come-ka for normal desktop," says she.

We go up with a sigh of relief and go into the next room. We drink tea, talk, and on the wall in front of us hangs a black and white drawing, made by the Leningrad artist Vladimir Vetrogonsky. Picture donated by George Mikhailovich with the inscription: "Strong and good wishes to Gera Bystrov happiness." In the worksheet shows two man in the strict uniforms and hand-signed: "furnacemen Hera and Nicholas." Nicholas is Nicholas S. Vlasov, assistant Bystrov. They worked together for many years at the first blast furnace. Then he quickly went to the fourth, and Nicholas was the first senior furnacemen.

"Strong and good ..."-Well said, and the picture perfect ... New labels I have always wanted to rearrange the definition: first went to the word "good" and then-"strong". Because it seems to me, the main strength of Georgii Mikhailovich Bystrov in kindness ...

This year, he was forty-seven. Bystrov looks impressive. Stocky man of huge stature. The voice is low and loud. Regular, large features, high forehead, deep-cut cross-lines of the habit of constantly straining it. And a very good eye. I did not see that they ever angry, though he Georgy angry often.

At the plant the nature of some calls Bystrov "poluskandalnym." Vyacheslav Solodkov, the main blast furnace CMW, Bystrov says: "raging, seething nature." He says it kindly. Blast furnace engineer Boris Trashenkov loves, and Bystrov, and his "poluskandalny" character. He believes such a character ideal for the modern worker, referring to the first principles furnacemen. The plant Bystrov know everything. For four years he remained in office union leader blast furnace (if it was an unreleased position, and quickly, of course, remained at the same time furnacemen). He became famous in this post, perhaps, not less than the blast furnace. It was found that a straightforward man, and kind, in a whirl of confusion and worldly cares, kindergartens, apartment, vacation, etc., is able to fight as a soldier.

Born Georgy in the Vologda region, Myaksinskom area, family partisan members of the Great Patriotic War, Mikhail Vasilyevich Bystrov. Independence in life showed a very early: having studied at the school for six years, went into the army. The war ended a year earlier, the guy was a little years, and he was sent to the school's boys. At seventeen he left school and served seven years in the Navy. The ship, which hit young Bystrov, freed from the fairways of the Baltic min. Vytralivali mines, even in 1918. Once Hera almost pulled out mine to him on the poop. Spas case is one of the senior saw that a piece pulls so hard young sailor ...

Between mines and the blast furnace was a small piece of a relatively quiet life: six months after Hera was discharged, he began working as a mechanic at the plant in Cherepovets. And then began the Cherepovets metallurgical plant blast. Quickly came here in September 1954, before blowing the first furnace. Future blast furnace then sent to study in Nizhny Tagil. Chief Master Anatoly Ol'khovikov, now it is no longer alive, drilled look mighty Bystrov, he stood on the naval force of habit, his legs wide apart, and said:

- And you, my dear, we must return to second furnacemen.

The second is the assistant furnacemen furnacemen older, his right hand. At these times the beginner, who came on the stove, you need five or six years to become the second furnacemen. And then the special abilities and help. This is now. And if the plant had just begun ... But the old chief master knew that the said six months quickly returned furnacemen second.

He was lucky with the teachers. In Nizhny Tagil, he got into this brigade chief master blast furnace CMW Nikolai Petrovich Sapozhnikov. Then Nikolai Petrovich was not a Hero of Socialist Labor, or a famous person, it is now. Ho was a good teacher and a good blast furnace. Cherepovets taught children and himself came to Cherepovets, the launch of the first blast furnace. He came and stayed. When the blast furnace started up, they all worked together, the chief master Nikolai Sapozhnikov, Vyacheslav Solodkov, now the main blast furnace plant, and before that head of department. And Vladimir Vanchikov, the current Deputy Minister of Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR, and then, at the very beginning, the master on the first furnace. And teachers of Hera in Cherepovets, senior furnacemen Veniamin Ivanovich and Ivan Stepanovich Inhabitants Grechushkin.

All of them were young, almost the same age. Even Sapozhnikov was not much older. Thus began the plant. In the blast furnace shop now operates four furnaces. But quickly after the first went immediately on the fourth, the most powerful blast furnace Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, the volume of 2700 cubic meters. Moved from the first day, once a giant furnace blowing, March 29, 1969. At ten in the morning, set fire to a hot blast of birch wood (birch sure: that's why the furnace goes well for all these years, half in jest, half seriously said blast furnace), and from that moment the furnace has a plan: five thousand tons of pig iron per day.

The first release came in the fourth did not change Bystrov. Iron stove gave five in the morning, the team worked Valery Ivanovich Netronina. But the next release, at eight, when all gathered for a solemn meeting, the team has already taken Georgy Mikhailovich. In Cherepovets was a great cast!

On the fourth went to Bystrov and his furnacemen: Volodya Pesterev, Nicholas Dyranov, Mikhail Kiselev. But Nikolai Vlasov and Vladimir Romanov, the first left. Vlasov-senior furnacemen, Romanov, a senior swing furnacemen. Alex Mokin, too, from the brigade Bystrov, now Commander of the Order of Lenin, became a senior furnacemen in the third.

In spite of the birch wood, not all of the new furnace started smoothly. During the May Day Brigade Georgii Mikhailovich slag flooded access roads to the fourth, and thoroughly. They put a gun and she did not take, the furnace has beaten all. The slag and the tech on the way ... The furnace still did not stop, just lessen the pressure of gases under the throat. For styvshy slag was removed after a few days.

But just nine months, and the fourth "straddle," as fast. That is, the furnace to produce pig iron went at full capacity by half before the official deadline.

For the first time in domestic practice in the fourth mastered smelting with oxygen and natural gas. Although these innovations suffer decently. But these efforts were offset by:

in 1973 on the stove with a projected capacity of 1.75 million tons of pig iron were smelted 283,000 tons! Who gives a fourth night 18 issues (instead of six in the beginning!), Which is about six thousand tons of pig iron. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution, the staff took a special obligation to the furnace: the country to 2.2 million tons of pig iron. Thus grew the fourth. And those guys that came in 1969, the brigade Bystrov, have experienced furnacemen. Valentin Kotov began to work much later than the others, until recently it was considered the team's youngest ... He is now 28 years old, and it replaces the very foreman. His name is "furnacemen-wagon." But last year, Valentin has ceased to be "the youngest": the brigade arrived, Leonid Popov and Vladimir Kopeikin, who had just served in the Army. They took off his coat and in the hot shop. The four communist Bystrovskaya team added two Komsomolets.

The standard-bearers. "Strong and good ..." We talked about the affairs of Bystrov shop, the young, who came to the brigade, and those words did not go out of my head. All I wanted to ask, "How are strong and good, Georgy?" But it was awkward to ask, as in Figure furnacemen silent. They looked past us, probably on fire. Most likely, the two stood at the bottom, a notch, go-release.

Those on the list, was a very confident view: perhaps they knew the answer to my question. But they were not up to talking: next river of fire flowed. And Georgy, Bystrov nenarisovanny, the tired man who was sitting next to the now quiet room, did not know. Just never thought about it.

However, a story can give an answer.

That spring ... when a pug-mill foreman rapidly replacing and we were with him on the stove to replace Peter Vasilyevich Malyshev, I first saw Ivan Stepanovich Grechushkina, teachers Hera.

At the time of release, when the fourth valve burned in the upper corner casting yard, and then "blew" at us, he sat in the depths of the bridges. But I do not know who it is. Just sat a man in his fifties. He was dressed in a robe, as furnacemen, and his face was dark, glistening with graphite. I sat and did not take his eyes from the oven. But there was something about him that differed from the others.

Senior furnacemen Ivan Stepanovich Grechushkin worked at the blast furnace twenty-five years.

Born Grechushkin in the twenty-sixth year, fought in April 1943, tanker, discharged in the fifties. He came to the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant, and in 1955, when in Cherepovets had come into operation the first blast furnace, and moved here in the first year of operation became a senior furnacemen. He has studied many of the current furnacemen, and George M. Bystrov, too.

And now this man has happened in trouble. Deposited heart. Suddenly grabbed by the stove, a heart attack. Three months in hospital, and then medicine is not recommended that he return to the blast furnace shop. And Ivan Stepanovich began experiencing ... After all, he can not, without the oven. He says: "I'll die without it." Administration union, and all of this, of course, concerned about: what to do? ..

And here in this story interferes with the working team. And, of course, first of all "troubled" Bystrov. They ask, require, "Leave Grechushkina on the stove and let it do what it is able to do, but do not worry about the rest."

Working with a team you can not argue: and remained Ivan Stepanovich on the stove. And just recently he went to the pug-mill ...

Fast talking about people with whom he worked. About iron and concerns of shop ... And Julia was doing something quietly in the kitchen. At times she slags us and stopped at the door. Sometimes she desperately waved her hand, when the conversation turned to "despicable prose": salaries, apartments, awards and other things ... And spoke of Vologda warming up and sad:

- Oh, who though ...

But gradually it became quieter kitchen. And now, Yulia's voice is not audible. Probably sat on a chair, maybe even with a towel in his hand, which was wiping plates, and thoughtful.

A thought, because we are now talking about something else. Do not let a fourth and that work on the mountain is difficult. Imperceptibly shifted to other concerns. Such a hero, how fast, and never thought about it would be too soon, but my leg ...

In recent years it has become the order of his torment. Three years of peace and it does not hurt, and walking is difficult. And as the senior furnacemen not to go?

Medicine has long hampered call this disease specifically. Although the cure, of course, were treated. Bystrov went to Leningrad and decided on surgery. One and done and the second one. It has become easier, but, frankly speaking, not much. That's when he began to look closely to his boys very differently. Such was not worried about it: everyone in the team may replace the other. Still worried Bystrov.

That is why Julia was silent in the kitchen. She used to everything over the years her husband's work on the stove. Besides that it can cause the night, and it only comes in two days. What is not "wake up after the change, even pulled on the floor ..." And the rumors: that, say, once again quickly "scandal" at the factory and meeting the bosses unhappy. And the fact that a lot of money has never been, but always had enough. And that he was a Communist, a member of the Party Committee of the plant, a member of the Party Committee, happens to be going to meetings or plenary meetings right after the work shift. All this was familiar to Julia, but the leg ... When the husband in the current May did not go to the demonstration, she realized-waste. There was sleet, rain and snow came, he tossed and turned all night, not sleeping. And the leg is hurt and worried. And in the morning did not go for the first time in twenty years.

Blast-tight plant with a so-called "hot-grid." Georgy has no plans to leave. Next up is now the fourth fifth blast furnace, it is already built. Giant furnace volume 5500 cubic meters, the sister of the future giant Krivoy Rog. Bystrov definitely want to wait, to release the first in a new smelting furnace. Well, do another operation in the end! All of this could comfort him, but the man who all his life dealing with fire, hardly in need of comfort.

Georgy looked anxiously at the two brave furnacemen to figure Vetrogonsky. Those who do not budge, and the river of fire continued to race ahead ... And then he said, is commonplace simply:

- That's what I'm worried about: the flag, who will be? They've learned that I always ...

The apartment was quiet. Julia sighed, came to us and said:

- Maybe have lunch?

We went to the kitchen. Over lunch, did not speak any of the oven, or on the banner. Glad that it seems warmer outside, the wind dispersed the clouds, the sun was about to look out. And we thought were the same. Julia lamented, senior furnacemen worried, and I thought about those who carry the banner. In our everyday cares and hurry, we rarely remember them. But it turns out, as we care about who is ahead of the feast or in action.

Senior furnacemen, therefore, can be grown. A difficult position, hot, but you can-Bystrov has you covered. But where to get the standard-bearer? Him just, the right person, which people are accustomed to seeing many years to come? And not only see, but know that the banner in the hands of a worthy and therefore, everything in life goes as it should.

The sky outside the window brightened eyes, a cold northern sky ... And the summer sun can not warm it, lighten up blue. Always cool and strong. Georgy was collected from the three-day began his work shift. In the following our meeting, three months later, he brought with him a Valentine's Kotova. And we talked about the life of the furnace and have three. Clever Cats Valya, the right hand Bystrov, cheerful and lively, was, in fact, bears no resemblance to the silent, strong team leader. But these external signs to George Mikhailovich, apparently, did not mean anything. We talked, and an alarm went out of the room where a wall of fire fighting two brave furnacemen ... His eyes brightened, and Bystrov's calmed down.

I realized, because of his concern has to worry about it .... allowed Bearers will be.

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