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Lomidze Otari A.

Steelmaker Rustavi Metallurgical Plant, Hero of Socialist Labor

Lomidze Otari A. Lily looked into the room.

- Did you hear? Asked the husband.

- What?

- As a cock crowed.

Lily smiled. Rooster? In the city?

- Come Saturday we will go to Khashuri, will please my mother.

Otar remembered his childhood village, presented a towering above Khashuri Likhi ridge and silver ribbon chickens, and had an irresistible desire to see the countryside. "This Saturday must go," he decided, and immediately felt relief and joy. Even the one mention of her home cheered him.

Otar has decided to go to the plant foot, and the time it was, before the release of his brigade to replace stayed for an hour. Calm, steady pace, he went on Friendship Avenue, near the sycamore looked at the trolleybus power lines. "There's always jumps bigel, I wonder what's wrong?" He thought. Today, the need to call the transportation department-he looked around, the noise wakes up from about two hundred families, a misfortune! "Several boys, pupils of the seventh-eighth grade, went to meet him. They looked looked at him, one of them said:

"Learned? It's Otar Lomidze, the new hero of our plant. "

- Of course, 'replied drugoy.-It is not something that in Rustavi, in the Soviet Union know ...

- He is for change melts the five hundred tons, Otar heard the voice of the boy.

He laughed a quiet, cheerful laugh. "Five hundred tons" was a fantasy of a journalist, who wrote an essay on Lomidze what the boy said. Then the journalist Otaru sent a letter apologizing that he made such a mistake.

Meanwhile, Otar went to the bridge. The water in the Kura River was clean. It flowed smoothly between the flowering quays lined with weeping willows and birches. Otar leaned on the railing. If Kote Kandelaki was there, be sure to read "Thoughts on the banks of the Kura" Baratashvili. How many know each verse! Once, when went on a trip, it all the way without stopping, and Vaja Pshavela Baratashvili read. And most of all Otar Galaktion Tabidze loves Galaktion and Mikhail Javakhishvili, Konstantine Gamsakhurdia and more.

Manana Children and Aleko is also both love to read, especially Manana. My mother always scolded them: "Do not read while lying!" And she thinks in his heart: "Just to read, if only to know the price book."

Otar approached the newsstand. I bought a newspaper. The fourth page was the announcement of the admission of students in the Polytechnic Institute ... Recently, a reporter asked him this question: "What is the hardest and most difficult day you can remember?"

In his memory surfaced in 1955, in the year he graduated, and well finished, Khashuri male high school. Full of hope went to enroll in the Tbilisi Polytechnic Institute. Passed all the exams, gleaning just one point! Unhappy return to Khashuri. The following year again went to take exams, and again could have collected one point. Now this day was the heaviest and most difficult in his life.

Then Otar decided not to return to Khashuri, and went to Rustavi, he knew that there is a newly built plant in need of manpower. There were no such city or such streets ...

He was enrolled in a vocational school. Throughout college, he had only odinnadtsatiklassnoe education. In 1957 he graduated from college and distributed in the open-hearth shop. He became an assistant at the Eugene Voronkov. It was a great success. April 27, 1950 Eugene Voronkov let the first Georgian steel. He came here on a temporary residence permit, only to help Georgia's first steelmaker. But it tightened permanently Rustavi plant. Otar first thought, too, all the time to leave and go to college to become a mining engineer.

Lomidze third worked as an assistant, and that made him the second assistant, and then the first. To work as an assistant is necessary. How to books or study, and to melt steel, just do not learn. The oven has a special power not only to temper steel, but also human.

The second furnace was old, it is constantly repaired. One steelworker Hilarion Tabatadze ill. The furnace was left without a steelworker. Voronkov and Eugene went to Otaru, "Go, stand in the second oven, not to spoil anything, but there ... let's see what do-do. " Otar thought, "Now that the old furnace, come what may." Rolled up his sleeves, sparing no effort and energy to set to work improvised guys also got to work at all. And for seven hours, they were given a high-speed melt! The whole plant stood on end! Eugene Voronkov first looked at them in astonishment, and then said Otaru, "Listen, kid, I was a Muscovite, I can not part with these places, and you, boy, has issued a high-speed melting and even think to go from here?"

They consolidated their success. On the second and the third day they again gave a high-speed melting. And soon Lomidze steelworker was transferred to the seventh youth oven, bake on the Young Communist League of the Boris Dzneladze.

In the same year he was elected a delegate at the XIV Congress of the Komsomol. For four years he was a member of the Komsomol Central Committee of the Republic

He ... crossed the bridge, drove past the thundering open jeep. Otar found its steelworkers, in hunting jackets, armed with rifles over their shoulders.

"Too late hunters, Otar, smiled, 'straight from the timber to replace." He himself is also a big fan of hunting, but does not remember the last time I fired a gun. Go guys, take a gun and bread and salt, with songs, jokes, jokes, and then suddenly, someone unwittingly will lead a conversation about Martin, the factory, and zasidyatsya under an oak or hazel into the evening, not even removed guns from the covers.

Otar is, walking the streets of the youngest cities in Georgia. This city has grown, handsome in his eyes. First metallurgical plant was built, then the chemical plant. The Housing and say nothing, just look at the forest of cranes.

A reporter asked him this question: "What is the most joyous day in your life."

Otaru was difficult to answer this question. How to choose a day? Day, which brought him to grief, remembered forever, but joyful and happy days were so many that it is difficult to single out any one of them.

Get ... at least that first day, when he issued the first melting and the entire department, along with Eugene Voronkov amazed watching him. Then one of the first Georgian steelworkers Vaja Gigiberiya hugged him and said, "Let the country is multiplied by such as you."

Then he took the party, he remembers how nervous and did not sleep all night before the meeting. Could not sleep, despite the fact that the reasons for this recommendation was not, he was given the steelworkers, whose names were known: Tariman Barbakadze, Boris Ivantsov and Brigadier Andro Sebiskveradze. Finally, it was morning. Otar not remember how the meeting started, the autobiography as told someone asked him a question ... and suddenly all at once - to take ...

Otar ... looked at his watch, he still had time.

Lomidze Otari A. But perhaps the happiest day of the one in which he met with Lily? Otar saw her being at a party in a village in Kvareli area. He learned that she, too, of Rustavi and works as a nurse in the clinic Rustavi plant. Suddenly, all they got married. They are born Manana, then the son, the boy was named after his grandfather, Alexander. And now Manana has graduated from high school, flirting, spinning in front of a mirror, but it is not lazy: and his mother helps, and loves to read. But can you imagine a woman without a mirror? Yes, and Aleko is also grown, constantly on hand a gun on his upper lip ...

Well, that's an office building of the plant, at the entrance to Otari met with Eugene Voronkov, his first boss and mentor.

- Otar, when your shift?, He asks in Georgian.

- In the morning, Evgeny.

- Do not forget, today, the Council of Workers of honor?

- I'll be sure.

Eugene Voronkov now deputy chairman of the factory committee. Steelmaker does not get used to the cabinet work, it can always be seen on the plant, and all of which can, he decides to direct questions in the shops. Otar went to the bus stop. From an office building to the open-hearth shop two kilometers.

Iron and Steel Works is one of the largest companies of Georgia, employs 10,561 people ...

- Otar!, Heard from the second floor.

He looked up. His name is Gilda Maziashvili, statistics.

- You get a call from the publisher. Asked to find out when and where you can see. Tonight you are free?

- In the evening I have a lecture, said Otar. He did not become a mining engineer, but in 1975 he entered the Higher Party School.

- What about tomorrow? - Gilda asks.

- Tomorrow can.

Approached the bus, and it just arrived, his henchmen guys: Ramaz Talahadze and two-Avtandil Khomasuridze and Dolidze. Once out in the shift, established a furnace, and then loaded iron ore, limestone, iron scrap, and an hour added to the furnace molten copper ...

Otar went to the stove and through the narrow window looked at the boiling, shimmering mass of steel. Melting has not had the desired color, you had to wait a few minutes.

Now the furnace temperature reaches 1600 degrees, and where Otar is also very hot-nabezhit 45-50 degrees.

The boys sat down with air conditioning, smoke, Avtandil Dolidze vigorously waving his arms - can be seen, speaks about football. Otar wiped the sweat from his face and walked away from the stove.

The sample is taken, sent to a lab for analysis, and Otar is the color of seeing that will be given the highest grade steel. Some steelmakers to 20 times the sample is removed, and the Otaru 5-6 times is enough to remove it, it is this is the skill and experience steelmaker.

A few minutes out of the oven will Steel the highest marks. In the meantime, Otar is time to return to his thoughts.

"How did he say? The most joyous day? Countless happy days. " Not only Otar, but the whole plant celebrated in 1975, awarding him the Order of Red Banner of Labor, then he was elected a delegate at the XXV Congress of the CPSU, happy days really does not count. And in the day, when Leonid Brezhnev was interviewed by French television. Otar Lomidze, along with thousands of Soviet and foreign people responded to the speech by Leonid Brezhnev on the most important human problems. And here at the factory, in the name of Otar Lomidze, a letter came from the Kremlin. There was a mass rally. The letter read out the first secretary of the City Party Committee Renard Georgadze. It stated:

"I heartily thank you for your warm response to my interview with French television. You, as a delegate XXV Congress of the CPSU, well you know how complex and important tasks facing the party and the people in the Tenth Five Year Plan. Their successful implementation ultimately depends on the specific contribution of each work team, every worker in our country vdelo strengthen the building of communism, the power of the socialist state. Heartily welcome the decision of your work team, all metallurgists in the first year of the Five-Year Plan ahead of time to fulfill their obligations. I am sure that the factory workers adequately cope with the intended objectives ... "

Here's another happy day Otar Lomidze-last year for a victory in the socialist competition he was awarded the State Prize of Georgia ...

Otar again went to the stove and looked out the window, boiling steel flashed the desired color, you can start.

After some time over the change. Flocks and his guys have to prepare the oven for another team so that they, too, without any interruption could get to work.

Then they pomoyutsya, have dinner. Flocks will remain on the Council Working honor. The Council was established last year, this is a supreme organ of government of the plant. And it sounds something like, "Council Working honor!"

Dark, silhouetted against the sky and the dark silhouettes Teletskoy Dzhandar mountains. The city incorporated lighting. Flashed Rustavi.

People walking down the street, tired from work. It was a slow gait, with love looking at the glittering city. He knew that in this town are always happy with him.

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