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Nikolas Mihaylov

Senior smelter Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Works named after Zavenyagin, Hero of Socialist Labor

Nikolas Mihaylov Change is coming to an end. Monotonically puffs bursting with warmth ore-thermal furnace. Glancing again at the flatware, Mikhailov began to descend the ladder down.

- And we, Nicholas, you are looking for, he heard the voice of the personnel. -Here, take replenishment, and pointed to the tall guy standing next to the shirt.

- You can tell right from the system - in the shop. Came from Bashkiria, not even the position was done on vacation.

In addition, as a novice feel uncertain, Mikhailov said that: with no qualifications. No, 'confirmed one-up the army did not have time now to do proftehuchische uncomfortable, like, and age. And they need money, help the mother should be. One I have it, a barely released.

- Nothing, - encouraged them brigadier-there is a will but patience, and the rest will help.

Many were "Michael School" for 16 years in the melting shop foreman nickel plant. In the description of the assignment on him the title of Hero of Socialist Labor, there are a string of coaching: professional goldsmith trained more than 20 people. "Mikhail Smirnov, Nikolas Kalyagin, Yury Ermolaev ... Strong-willed, curious, friendly, they are from year to year became more experienced and gradually caught up to the skill with his former mentor. In any case, since he considers himself.

- Great guys, - says Nikolas Nikolaevich. them trouble-Alien-like mountain sympathize with the shoulder at the person will be removed. To criticize someone will take the streamlined-phrases do not expect express negligent, alcoholic lover in the eye or zaznayke all think of him. A good feature of this frankness, though not to everyone's heart. Where it is, there are fewer outrages of every kind, complacency and ostentation. This is especially important for us northerners, where the relationship should be honest and mutual-just everyday normal life. Of course, the Kemerovo Region, where I was born and raised, is also not the Crimea, but still here, on the Taimyr Peninsula, the climate is special. Frost with a breeze so winter night in a solid is present, and something unpleasant, and even harder to endure.

We chatted in the warm cozy hotel room "Norilsk", and the window, as if in confirmation of this, raged "famous" Taimyr wind. Sometimes it gusts were strong enough that it seemed to tremble not only one window panes, and all the massive building.

- Not everyone can withstand the harsh nature of the encounter with the Arctic, 'continued Mihaylov.-Yes, and the profession of metallurgist is not easy. Accustomed me to her older brother, Anatoly, although he engineer-economist, a completely different profile. I graduated from the seven classes, and to him (he lived in Norilsk). What to do next? And just in the mining and metallurgical combine vocational school opened. Anatoly me this advice: "Go, Nick, in elektroplavilschiki. Wherever you go away, will take anywhere. So here I was, and after two years in the melting shop of a nickel refinery. And they resist by Sergei Isaakovich Serdakovu. A wonderful man he was. I took it as much as many other distributed and the most for a lifetime is enough. Good memory left a ...

At a nickel plant operated at the time the so-called vaterzhakety on coke. To keep the furnace burning evenly, and hence a constant temperature, it was necessary to continuously clean the lance, which was fed to the air. In place of laborious vaterzhaketam should come more productive ore-smelting furnace. The school children were studied it is their product.

- For electric smelting plant-direction new-stressed teachers, engineers and technologists of the mining and metallurgical kombinata. professionals yet, all hope for you.

Not surprisingly, Nicholas, for that matter, and his classmates, went to the first practice with head held high, as if the whole process of restructuring the technology depended on it. Going in the same melting shop,-confused. Tickle his throat with smoke, and rumbled overhead traveling cranes with heavy buckets, which seemed to be strove to fall on him. Nearby, an ominous hissing, just like Snake-Dragon, scattered sheaf of hot sparks. Involuntarily recoiled back. "Hell of some sort, passed through golove. No, this is no better locomotive ..."

The school did Nicholas, after a few months worked on the student Kotelschik parovozovagonoremontnom plant. Do not like it: dirty, smoky. But here? "Is it absolutely wrong .." At this moment someone touched his shoulder.

- How is it?-Asked-I suppose, not by yourself? And the time to give up: burning a lot of technology but of all, and look to press down? Is not it? So, so, I see.

A tall, powerful build, this first of his friends all at once put into place. Made it clear that the start is always difficult. In any case. We must be patient, break yourself, do not be tempted to turn to an easier way, and persevere to the one chosen.

Foreman smelter SI Serdakov Kohl took the elbow and dragging him, continued:

- I did so started? Wandered here, we can say casually. First, in the miners went off, and then heard that the Mining and Metallurgical Plant is under construction. I decided to try his luck. And stayed. And you-what! You, my friend, after a year you will have a diploma. We won in the ore-smelting furnace as sheep staring at a new gate, and you, probably, in college, then all of the device sketched!

Behind the scenes they came to ore-smelting furnace being built first, has already shot up to a height of a multistory building. Stood near, with his head, stared at her.

- Strangely, right, and unusual, Serdakov-perplexed.

- Yes, electric smelting, entered into conversation, Nicholas. Laid out the master everything he knew they had been taught, and, catching his eyes endorsement perk.

- Harness yet I have tugovato, after some hesitation, said Serdakov., but nothing will overcome together sometime ... Here it is "together", it seemed to have made the call to both the veteran, the great master, not only to post, but and experience, and a beginner just starting their careers. Nicholas realized that his knowledge is indeed very necessary, they are just what we needed. What could be greater awareness of utility for people, society? A year later, in 1959, one of the first to combine the Heroes of Socialist Labor, SI wrote Nikolai Mikhailov Serdakov characterization, and in the distribution, as a member of the Examination Committee, made a mark against his name: "nikeleSh.1Y." By itself, that is. With no teacher education, it nevertheless reaped the fruits of the field of education, correctly guessing in each fact that it laid down, what man is capable.

- Near Isaakovich Sergei, Nikolai-like,-it was impossible to work somehow, because he was industrious to the dedication. And really cared about us young people, like my father home. Notice that tired at the end of the shift, substitute-. "Would eat you guys have, say, at the same time-stamp so I had to milk podnakopit, go, drink." Or: "In the evening school, Nick, do not you think? No? Oh, I would your age ... "That's all. And there is no edification. But those words made me wonder. Enrolled in the evening-after, received his secondary education.

In the Army Nikolai Mikhailov, left in 1960. Over the shoulders was already some experience goldsmith and fourth qualification rank. And the army has mastered yet another specialty-driver. I thought, with the north over. But he pulled. Much. Imperiously. Only ten days after demobilization he lived in his native town, Nikolai Belov, and then began to gather in the street. The old woman's mother burst into tears: "Carry you again on the edge of the world. Or a little work here? ".

Nikolas Mihaylov Know in advance what was then Nicholas situation in the melting, may not be returned to Norilsk. And as time came, it was too late to retreat. Only three years have passed, but as everything has changed and the city and shop, which managed to forget it.

- We need to better communicate with those who serve in the army, he would say later on one of the party sobraniy., complaining that people do not have that much turnover, and ready-made experts from inattention to lose him. In a no-it felt congratulations on the occasion, no news about the affairs of the collective. And as we meet? ..

Yes, the meeting in the personnel department to discourage the nickel plant. Joyful experience of meeting with an updated prettier city was left in sight. Sitting at the table, thin man in spectacles such as care took his papers, read them briefly:

"Go to the smelter, since there are asking, negotiate on the spot." Neither you, "the successful completion of service, soldier!" Or "waiting, waiting for you, Sergeant, like you desperately need. That is the direction of the shop, so-to the hostel, so-lift to the first case. "

Hoping for a reception at the shop, but even there the picture again.

- Who do you know?-Asked-for how long? Ego. to us?

These questions are almost forced to give up on all the Nicholas hand and go home. And here also, as an evil, no one familiar name, who had previously worked, did not come to mind. Maybe I would have parted with the Works. But on the eve of the cabinet appeared shift foreman GV Loskutnikov.

- Mikhailov, are you? Joyfully, he cried, grown up, grown up in the shoulders, razdalsya. again to us? Good for you!

Having learned what it was, Henry V. lost his temper.

-What, are you in mind-he was rebuked by the employee kadram.-This is our graduate! Such search is necessary. Relieved, and no longer thought about leaving. But when I came on shift, I realized that pootstal for the service great. When it first started to develop the first ore-smelting furnace. And now these furnaces in the melting was three. His former classmates, do not go into the army, Michael Nazarkin, Vassily Kudryavtsev and the other guys were older smelters. Each category of the seventh, but he is still with the fourth. Nicholas sat down at the books, followed closely by what they do in any given case, the neighboring furnaces, consulted with technologists. For three years caught up with their peers, and when we finished fourth installation of the furnace, leadership workshops offered him to go back older smelters.

Ten years have passed since then. Like all reached Mikhailov, Hero of Socialist Labor, member of the Central Committee of trade union workers of metallurgical industry, the holder of the title "Honorable Metallurgist." Despite 36 years of age, "veteran" to dignify steel. It would seem that the authority has to work for him. But Nikolai's still the same restless, looking for something all the time, comes up with. It offers a valuable tool, the competition zateet subcontractors.

- To cope with them no, whether in jest, or earnest mother complained to the wife of Nicholas Hope during the summer trip to Kemerovo oblast.-Other husbands after a change of home run, and he was still with his parting can not be heated.

- Not true, not true, defends his father pyatiklassnitsa Lena.-We are the pope and to pick berries in the car went, and often go to the movies.

- You know, grandma, what a delicious blueberries we grow, sister-echoes Olya.-In the garden of her boiled fruit compote. Cranberry, too. The teacher said solid-vitamins.

No, not that it is dry, "techie", as you might think. In the vicinity of the city not to find a river, lake or forest sharing, wherever he and his family on "Moskvich" is not visited. Amateur and go looking for mushrooms, and a fishing rod at dawn to sit. Good gig in DC, too, do not miss metallurgists, and their lot is in Norilsk. Visited by artists, though far away.

But the work, it is true, for it-all. She was given it in full, regardless of personal time. Especially now, when he became a foreman.

Since the beginning of 1976 the plant a movement for the release of additional products to mark the 60th anniversary of Great October. Mikhailov gathered his team at the council, were to figure out due to what you can do it. Not an easy task. The design capacity units have long blocked. No business world does not produce a single production area as much nickel as it provides a native plant.

But the reserves are still there. This, above all, reduce downtime due to irregular supply of raw materials. "You have to stir aglomeratchikov - said team leader in the party committee. - We would like to call them to the competition. I think they will have a chance to improve product delivery. " At the party committee endorsed the idea. They said: "Get ready to party with this meeting agenda, waiting for your speech."

Nicholas knew that subcontractors are not general calls zazhzhesh, we need concrete facts and figures. And he led them. In the first quarter of ore-smelting furnace stood for more than five days. Well, not so much. But as said, that the cost of more than 90 rubles a minute sitting in the hall murmured metallurgists.

- The situation is even worse with the use of converters. Here the loss is more than forty days, 'continued Mihaylov.-minute cost is there just twice, ore-smelting furnaces than-186, 8 of the ruble. How much metal Nedodaev all of us, how much money is in the "pipe" took off, not difficult to calculate. One thing is clear: to put an end to this practice is necessary. Call the competition aglomeratchikov. Do promise to sum up working on the subsequent operations. It is necessary that the entire chain, there was no hesitation, no breakthrough. Then, and additional products will be of the highest quality brands that we are all proud of.

Nikolas Mihaylov Three months later, speaking at the celebrations dedicated to the awarding of the working of government awards for the first five-year, N.N.Mihaylov reported results, which gives the plant began the competition for the high efficiency of the final result, deciding ahead of time and quality intermediate targets. Nickel and cobalt produced over the plan to hundreds of thousands of rubles. {And by improving the quality of metal produced about two million rubles of profit. Coped with their obligations and the crew of four ore-smelting furnace, never led neighbors. Nikelyschikov initiative, approved by the Office of Party Committee, was picked up at the combine and at many enterprises of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Many, many can achieve collective, which is not only a highly disciplined, but reached a constant frustration, a desire for creativity. In the melting shop environment it was. In early August, the anniversary year after reconstruction gave the first bucket of "liquid fire" ore-smelting furnace number 2, although the current regulations the industry, this event had to happen sometime in September or October. The calculations of specialists confirmed. Here they are. A new wave on the free site is usually built almost half a year. To free up space for it, you must spend at least a month to dismantle the old one. It was decided to abandon this operation - pull out the "old lady", weighing three thousand tons in the bay with the bottoms. So for 15 days reduced the already hard time mounting the furnace. In total, managed to save money on reconstruction and a half months. Proplaviv during this time tens of thousands of tons of charge, to some extent reduced the decline in output due to stop for a long period one of the four furnaces. And how to make up the rest? Here again, experience proved useful Mikhailova, its ability to quickly find the only true solution in any environment. The same furnace can operate in different ways, to give different amounts of products. It all depends on the skill of the person who manages the process. Composition changes, and how to conduct a process to determine the ratio of components solves the smelter. How to correctly guess the right moment a good farmer, checking the soil ready for planting. Intelligent heat management ensures compliance with technological regime, which guarantees good results.

In short, when the planning meeting at the head of the department were talking about how to be how to implement the plan without the set for the reconstruction of the furnace number 2, Mikhailov said: "We need to make better use of the possibility of other furnaces." In this case referred to the brigade smelters Igor Grishko firing of the shop, which has decided to leave early on the line in 1978. The initiative deserves mention, for "Grishkovtsa" kept their word, on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the October Revolution reached the goal: instead of 5.8 percent, which should be ensured in 1977, production growth was 11.3 percent. And it is on older hardware! The secret to success is simple, reduced downtime of the unit.

At Igor's team found many followers Grishko. With a light hand Mikhailov joined in the movement of groups of furnaces and smelter. In other words, to push, so much so that the load on units in electrothermal department increased by an average of 10 percent. The result: not only managed to keep the old average daily volume of output, but also to fulfill the increased socialist obligations.

Creative ... good luck in love with his profession is seen as a person around for granted. Explain to them is clear: calling! Capacious word has long been made like the fabulous Firebird. Speak to you with envy or admiration, then with hidden sadness. Shades seems to be different, and a sense of:

not everyone is destined to catch it, this bird, pick it, the interest that does not cool down for life, which is happy to be conveyed after the children and grandchildren.

This is, look, to the plant, factory, construction site if rooted in the workbook, except promotions only marked "accepted", which for several decades. And that change jobs almost every year. The gray-haired, with a substantial combined experience in the team, he is a novice. Spared his calling party. I do not notice, and others are not met, that would be paid attention, sparked in him what was on fire, but damped, for what could be not the last.

And it is difficult to say which is more important for the novice person-independent way, "he" or "other." Who knows what would have been the fate of Nikolai Mihailov, had he not met such a wise teacher, a Hero of Socialist Labor SI Serdakov. And now he's a veteran in his 36 years! No age, no. On merit!

In the character of all noted Mikhailova, with whom I talk to, persistence in achieving goals, which would work at all costs. But did he set himself the goal at the beginning: to become the smelters.

That's a beautiful form of a sailor or airman from his childhood dream. These professions in front of everybody, they are covered with the legends of long-haul flights in the country, known to most of the books so the movies. And, of course, an unprecedented raid nuclear-powered icebreaker "Arctic" to the North Pole, too, added a lot of charges in the romantic childish heart. In the ranks of those who want to devote themselves to the sea and the "fifth" Ocean, added thousands and thousands of boys and girls.

But wanting to fill up a nice guard miners or metallurgists, as they say, not a lot. Although they are surrounded by care and attention. Usually we see them on screen in the shadows, where the pale ray of light streaming through the fumes or furnace harsh light snatches tired face on it with a rolling sweat. What kind of romance! And after all that makes draw attention to themselves: N.N.Mihaylov and his former mentor SI Serdakov came in metallurgy accident. But she always remained faithful. "The idea that there are things more important on the ground, shared with me-Mikhailov-comes not once, not suddenly. Only knowing the "secrets" that one of the oldest professions, you begin to feel and to force their own, and the unique beauty of fireworks, flowing into a huge bucket of metal. "Team nickel plant has successfully fulfilled its commitment to a worthy meeting of the 60th anniversary of Great October, and the production of higher grades of metal instead of the projected 11 per cent compared with 1976 increased by almost 18 percent. Is there contribution and smelters team, led by N. Mikhailov. Figuratively speaking, in a nice biography of the company and he wrote his fire line. In the first year he was awarded the tenth five-year high title of Hero of Socialist Labor. One of the more than a hundred thousand employees of the mining and metallurgical combine. It says a lot!

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