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Markyavichene Helena Tsezarevna

Weaver silk factory "Kauno audinyay" Hero of Socialist Labor

Markyavichene Helena Tsezarevna In the edition I was given a tape recorder, a beautiful, small, explained, when what buttons to push, and I seem to remember.

It seems to be ... I press one button and another, all to no avail. Voice recorder is idle. I was embarrassed. We'll have to probably take on old-fashioned notebook.

- Nothing, says Elena Markyavichene me in the house, and that is my battle with technology, now comes my boys to get by. He understands this. TV's he has collected ...

When Elena said, "my boy", I peered into her face. I was surprised by her voice changed. She spoke to me quietly, politely and a little monotonous. And then her voice cut through something quite different. Pride? Yes. And powerful. Hardness. And yet-tender.

Helena ... The narrow face with high prominent forehead, shy and at the same time, the gaze of dark-gray eyes. Her movements seem a bit slow, but they are accurate. She did not fuss. Not at home, receiving visitors. Not at work, what I found later.

But in the weaving shop in the factory "Kauno audinyay" in the zone near Helena forty-six pneumatic tools, exactly half of the machine shop. She first decided to take on so much. And it seems all so easy to go with her, so easy, even without much effort. She smiles, she is calm. And for a change she has to go through the machine to the machine about thirty kilometers. She works in a factory twenty five years.

Helena was born ... in a place Shimkaychay. In the family moved to Kaunas in the late thirties. His father was a carpenter. Mother knew the countryside work. Elena decided to go to the weaving mill, because she remembered the old colorful paintings, still remaining from his grandmother, and that it seemed to her the most obvious close.

Education was then in her four classes.

- The girl from the working families continue to learn more than was thought, says Elena.-I can not blame anything parents. This was the time of such views. But when I went to the factory decided: did finish school. I went to the fifth grade, and, of course, parallel to their rehearsed eight hours, when the day and when the night shift. Then as for the teenagers did not have any indulgence. Work like everyone else. So, Helena smiled-those rights that now gives us our constitution, especially felt the: old life on his own neck felt. Here are ... Eleven classes graduated, and then did not have to learn ...

Surrounded by the honor, glory, holder of two Orders of Lenin and Hero of Socialist Labor, Helena Markyavichene talked about himself as if he was in need of justification. She was clearly a dissatisfied. Only eleven classes ...

- When a son was born, I did not go to college. Gave a one-year reprieve, well, actually, me and advised the family. They said, wait out, rest. And here, perhaps yourself, then missed the opportunity, I missed not caught up. He lost a year and now haunts me, but it's too late to correct. She stood up, looked at the door:

- In time everything should be done in time. Then he can not be undone. Every hour, every minute should be lived so that the message was aimed ...

No, it's not me talking, Helena. With his son. While he was in school. In my mind turned to him. She wanted to give it in full what he considered to be missed, 'knowledge. - Audrius said that I am the most strict mom. Let it be so. I have a one-to he studied. It is well studied. This is my claim to it.

She said still quietly, gently, but it is particularly set off by the clarity and strength of its position. The meaning of what was said was it is suffered.

This woman has achieved in his business such heights, deserved the honor, glory, I knew about myself, that is capable of even more.

Of course, if she has a different character than she would have found himself calm. Objectively, she had good reason to be pleased with him.

A Markyavichene reproached himself. Though it was not her fault that she was born in a poor family, that the Soviet government came to Lithuania later than in the other republics that life rests on the shoulders of women more important than the male.

But Helena Markyavichene knew, felt, what a great value-life. And it gives you one or the other will not. That's why Elena was so strictly to himself. Yes, she is a respected, that's why I was always so demanding.

- I decided to teach his son a first-class foreign language. The school organized a group, and he began to study German. In fifth grade he entered the circle of "Young Technician". Now I became interested in radio technique. And at home helps me. Free time he does not. I think it should be. Every parent wants to not only give something to your child, but also to fill in your son or daughter that he is, so to speak, underpaid. Than an actual person feels his own imperfections, he begins to deliberate their parenting.

The harmonious development of man, I thought, is largely dependent on energy, will, responsibility and love of parents.

- When I was, 'said Elena, - about as much as now, Audrius, I often hear: "Why bother? You could live ... "But now I realized you only live not" true. " We must strive as much as possible to know and be able to ... Here Audrius, say, does not like dancing. And I insist that he learned to dance. I tell him: "You can not love, but to be able to have." He did not foresee just now. And I do not want him to ever have to regret the omission.

She looked at me and then I asked her:

- Tell me, Elena, it's because it means that you have chosen the hard way. It is chosen and consciously go through it, and his son are driving along. And, of course, you want to see him happy. Well, as you can imagine what it is, happiness?

- Oh, I know that may interfere with happiness, 'said Elena.-I try to live as though this is my last day. The main thing I try to work that way. Because tomorrow I regret the fact that I did today. No, not that sorry ... and suddenly I had no opportunity to correct yesterday? That's what I always remember. Perhaps then affects the specificity of my work. We have a production schedule: my shift was over at my place the other intercedes for-all. What is managed, we have time. That is, each day has its own results, I'm so used to it. And it can not help it: every passing day, mentally summarize. And they rush days ... It's in the factory I was twenty-five years. She started work on two machines, now in my area forty-six. So everything seems to change. But no day was like another.

- But, Elena, as it happens: a person works in, say, four machines, and then takes a, well, let's eight: from whence then suddenly there are resources of time, perhaps?

- Do not suddenly!-Laughs-Elena. Gradually, very gradually. And it's easy to explain. Imagine a boy goes to school in first grade. And yet it is difficult to letter-write, read the word. But gradually lighter, easier to give it to him - and that's quite easy. And that there is free time. And as in this case comes working? Some free time, it increases the load. That's it. But if the details ... In the 71st year, we began to explore the factory pneumatic tools: used to work on the mechanical. Initially, each of weavers in the area were only four of the machine. I decided to try to work at twelve. Then at eighteen. When the staff of the Moscow factory "Dinamo" invited to deploy a nationwide socialist competition in honor of the 105th letneygodovschiny birthday of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, I pledged to do half the job five years. My service area included the now twenty three machines. Then he pulled up behind me and the other weavers. Of course, it was very hard. Barely cope. I thought, not elongated. But then got used. Now here again, feel that there is one - one and a half minute free. So you will not be as free to go! So again, getting ready, try on ...

- So-limitless possibilities of man?

- Maybe so. Just want to be. We must always think: how to make faster, better. You get used to live in a rhythm, and as a result, there is free time. And new opportunities. And we must understand that a new day there will be no nedolzhen be easier to present. Otherwise it will be uninteresting, boring day.

Markyavichene Helena Tsezarevna Elena was silent.

- Of course, no one can clearly know the future. But not only me but also my child has already learned how to be a human life is short: in the past year, he lost his father. And I think: what if something happens to me? Decided to teach him to domestic affairs, economy. He nedolzhen be helpless again - "to ..." The bell rang, Elena opened the door to the room a tall fair-haired gray-eyed boy. As an adult grave, smiling like a child. The mother looked at her son, from bottom to top: her son's head accounted for until the middle of the chest.

- Audrius, 'said Elena, you show guests, Kaunas?

- Of course, my mother, 'said his son .... He was not at all shy, Audrius, brought up a strict Helena. On the other hand, smiling, benevolent. And no matter how small it is free time, he can rest and have fun. He has been sailing: June spent on yachts at sea. Last summer, a youth group traveled to Poland. In the coming summer is going in the GDR.

He walked with us on the old Kaunas, but from time to time glanced at the clock at four, he should be at the rehearsal of vocal and instrumental ensemble.

- No, chant and play the guys from a nearby school, - explained Audryus., I watch the equipment. My presence there is not so sure, but I myself prefer the amps and made them myself nalazhivat.-Ulybnulsya.-just in case ...

We are soon parted with him, and he was gone, very businesslike, focused on well-boyish waving his arms.

And at the factory ... "Kauno audinyay" our conversation with the secretary of the Party Committee Genovaite Balchyune not too started with the son of Helena.

- This summer vacation Audrius worked as an electrician, Elena told me: "I earn enough. But Audrius going to a foreign trip, organized by the Komsomol. It's worth the money. Let him know that at least some of them he made himself. "Yes, Elena brings up her son properly. For example, it controls it all, but at the same time advised him as an adult. They have a good atmosphere in the family with respect. Sometimes I come to them, Helen's husband was still alive, both he and the boy just walk on his toes: "Mom went back after the night shift, rest ..." Elena's husband was a civil engineer. So, you know, it happens in some families: the husband has higher education, and my wife does not, so it is because of this it is down. But Helena's husband was really intelligent. He respected his wife, proud of her. Although I am very uncomfortable at times, even before it happened. On holidays, I called on Sunday and explain: Helena, they say, must come to the conference, call Elena to Vilnius, Elene we must prepare for the report ... Yeah, it just weaver ... But, remember, we have seen off our delegates in Moscow at the XXIV Congress of the Party. The director of our factory, representatives of the guild organization, party committee came to the Helena home to take her to the station. The door was opened by her husband. And his face was bewildered, confused. "All of them-to his wife, a simple weaver?", Well, perhaps, he thought ... Yes, the changes in society is a change in their personal lives. Everything here is interconnected and oh, so not easy! Family, life, work woven into one. And all the people is important, everything is expensive, so it should be.

- Here I am at the factory for fourteen years, continues to Genovaite Balchyunene. - Every day I see Elena and see how every day it grows. I remember, was present at Komsomol meetings, speeches, and even then Helena drew the attention of his principles, exacting. She talked about what was actually, and often not what anyone wanted to hear ... But before you apply for admission into the ranks of the Communist Party, she was long thought, for her it was a very serious step, it is very significant. But only when she became secretary of the party bureau department, I did a really learned. Here is a recent example: One of our workers are not left in the shift, ill. The next day, find out: Elena she has visited, has already taken care of the device to the hospital and came to consult, as we proceed. She still has time. And she has many responsibilities. She is a member of the Bureau of the Party Committee. Member of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR. Member of the Committee of Soviet Women. A member of our factory party committee. But all of these important social burden never hurt her main job in the shop. So you met with her yesterday afternoon. At eleven pm Elena came to replace. The night worked. In the morning, went to Vilnius for a conference. I told her: "You were replacing." And she does not. Sometimes I look at it and think: "How do the forces come from? .."

Elena ... I saw the next day on her return from Vilnius. At 9:30 in the morning. She said she drank coffee and feels quite vigorous. This week, she worked at night and this morning came to the factory, because she had to shoot: Capital photographer wanted to make a Hero of Socialist Labor Elena Markyavichene in the workplace.

Helena, in blue, sitting right on her dressing gown, in a starched white kerchief, headdress, among noisy working forty-six looms.

Photographer needed to photograph smiling Elena. But she did not know how to smile at the camera. Hundreds of times it is rented, not learned. Whispered to me: "If only in my replaced, would have been easier. And there was, as an artist,-awkward. Other work-no, I can not. " Genovaite Balchyunene told me about the rare step of Helena, about the ability to keep it and get along with different people. With each new award received by Elena even stricter, more modest behavior. And in this sense: she knows, she did not go unnoticed. Therefore, we must be impeccable. It should be ... And how hard it is! And Elena is trying to smile at the camera: she is a working man, respects the work of photojournalist and wants to help him. But his back, feeling every cell of views. "At least my shift-thinks-it would be easier."

The more conscientious person, so it deeper: the greater the feeling-for myself and for others.

The factory work in 1524 people. Of these 620 veterans who have been working 15 to 25 years. But now the increased influx of young people. And the palpable change: change the age level and, consequently, the level of education, ideas about life. For example, earlier reward for workers was considered essential. But now valued above the other: the recognition of others, honor, respect, your name, typed in the printing of the best as the assessment of labor-that's what they want to achieve.

- On the feast of light industry workers - says Balchyunene, a female from our factory have all come fashionable, beautifully dressed. But do not look at those who ponaryadney and who is known as the weight of a person. Elena looked at ... People change both externally and internally. Three years ago there was such a case: Factory Nedodaev production by 0.02%. And the local newspaper referred to it. What's up! All workers are stung to the quick: how could this happen, how it happened! In each workshop there were literally meetings. But not so long ago was this: did his job, money, everything else was not concerned. Now, this psychology thing of the past.

Photojournalist ... still managed to catch the shot smile Helena. I was lucky: she saw his pupil at the bench, bowed to her, said something and smiled.

It seems that everything in the shop do the machine. People are not visible. But they are. There are women whose eyes are intensely watching the flickering stream of fibers, continuous and rapid, like a waterfall. Monotonous drone of painted light - light green paint pneumatic tools, and the women listened to it: inspired in order? They leisurely walk along the shop-thousand steps a day. Miles of ...

Job is considered female weavers. But when the work of the watch, to say "female" language is not rotated. Well, on the other hand, it is considered suitable for women? Fragile shoulders, gentle soul, is not only this, but it can not characterize our modern woman. And it is not easy work. It does not even goes: work-light. As there can be an easy life. She is beautiful in its complexity. And people are challenging fate, the complex nature, they are interesting.

Weaving Factory "Kauno audinyay" is at the heart of the city and takes a bit of space. Yard, shops, everything is very compact.

And in one of the exhibition space of product samples, released a factory lately. Waves of silky, weightless, colorful and self-colored fabric, various colors, shades. You walk back and find yourself in another world, though far from the hum of machinery, production of odors. And are seen dressed women, fashion shows, parties ... But they are connected, these worlds. One without the other does not exist.

From the factory ... the entrance to the house where he lives Markyavichene Helena, five minutes walk away. The house is built of light brick, multistory, mnogopodezdny and at the same time, a light in their outlines. And next, adjacent to the house, a two-storey aquarium - a cafe.

- You been there?-Ask for Helen.

Shakes his head:

- Yes, all the time not. And you?-Turns to his son.

- Of course, the voice is heard as it were, Audrius ukorizna., there are delicious cakes! They are, in general, little seen, son and mother. So, likely, they rarely walk alone in the park, even though he was close to home. Park is an old, spacious, well-groomed, but not spoiled by over-ordering. Large trees preparing for winter, losing its leaves yellow. Elena and Audrius go through the alley of the old park. The son listened, leaning, that tells him his mother. They are both very busy, business, serious people. And because Elena was so herself, she raised such a son.

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