Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna

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Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna

Weaver Darnytsa Silk Factory, Hero of Socialist Labor

Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna Different people and different cases come to the party committee Darnytsa Silk Factory. But what is curious to hear the name Luba Kondratieva or girlfriends smenschits Praskovia Grigorievna Volkovnitskoy, Anna Timofeevna Zolotova and right respectfully silent, listening to the conversation. No, no, yes, and someone will insert your kind words about this noble weaver.

For a journalist, a happy discovery: Please, comrades, say more. If only all the time to write.

Weaver Darnytsa Silk Factory Love Kondratyevna Kondratieff serves 104 looms. She is a Hero of Socialist Labor, Laureate of State Prize of the USSR. I will not list all of her awards, honors, and, of course, the public burden. And loads of it missing. Then too there is no place. She and the deputy district council, she and board member of the regional organization of society "Knowledge", she and a member of the Section of excellence, etc., etc. And she sings. The plant shop amateur teams compete. Here's Love Kondratyevna and sings in the choir of his shop. I do not know how it turns out, he did not hear, but weavers say that she sings well. Standing on the stage of a semicircle weavers, heart to heart sing: "... and towel embroidery" ... Performers of this song always loudly applauded: it was to someone who, while working women combine particularly clear what it means to weave "towel embroidery."

Now the question is: how in the recent past, a simple village girl has become famous all over the country weaver? Who helped her to improve, who gently and patiently guided her on the record, took care of?

I asked this question of the Party Committee Secretary of the plant, a former weaver Galina Konstantinovna Uleschenko. Of course, the answer is not immediately. Galina K. pondered deeply, then constrained smiling:

-You know, I do so now suddenly I can not tell you who exactly is

Luba supported. Yes, there is, perhaps, every worker in anything she wanted to help. There have affected plant and communists, and the competition between the teams, and skilled weavers, and even her own family ... Her husband, a son.

-Is it Love Kondratyevna husband and her son you work?

Galina K. Uleschenko explains:

- No, it is not the case. Just in her house is well organized, as I put it more precisely, a family life. You know, for example, I have never seen Luba with a string bag, as it usually happens in many women. Interested in, what is it? Who thinks of home, of streamlined way of life? In short, who is a Lyuba is in the family farm? And it turned out: walks into the store my husband. And this is a big deal if you do not have to rush between the mill and the house, worried that will not have time to buy food.

Do weavers, girlfriends Luba Kondratieva, There is his notion of the end of the shift. Do not even need to look at the clock. Just look out the window:

Lyuba, has already won your Lenya appeared. This means that the husband Kondratyevna Charity, a mechanic of one of Kiev's factories, came to meet his wife after a night shift at the textile mill.

Love Kondratyevna often shares with her friends:

Lenya, in our house my first assistant. He served in the military, knows that if a person per day namayalsya feet, then later on the rest of soldiers trying to put his feet taller. So rest easy. Lenya had taught me this. Still get the hand to cook it. And the Ukrainian borscht cook, and dumplings, dumplings, and different cooks. My son Volodya, tenth, also helps us in everything. So much in our house and the floor grate zavedeno.Volodya, and all vacuum, even learned how to wash. And as for the dishes are clean, about this and do not need reminding. Both husband and son know that I give a lot of strength to their looms, and try to lower the house, I was busy. All do buy, cook, and I say, "Mom, please, to the table."

-You know how it all good? - Sums up the story fun secretary-partkoma. woman is not concerned about cooking, washing, cleaning, shopping ... She's like a creatively liberated. Maybe most of the energy given to the beloved. Of course, many places Luba forces, raising her son, she takes care of the beloved husband. I repeat that the division of labor in the house - it's a great support person in my life, at work. The work of our weavers, not an easy task. Not everyone is able to withstand this load.

We talked about the profession of weavers, that to love the job is not for everyone. The man first stepped threshold weaving factory, usually at a loss. He finds it difficult to understand rhythm, coherence, and many people cars.

The first impression of the loom is a very complex machine:

something restless in it clicks, spins and terrible noise. From all this you want to run away. But now people do not run away. Curiosity, rather, curiosity, stopped him, and how does this machine is arranged? Why is it so swiftly and accurately run the shuttle?

It turns out that the shuttle (if you think about it) if the parent needle and thread, which is calm, business-like darning socks, sweater, all the familiar household that requests doglyada. Well, the household chores, but the loom of yarn in front of the person produces rolls of material. .

That ... and stayed at the bench Luba Kondratyev, rural girl in the house where her mother, Barbara Prokofyevna was a homemade spinning wheel: foot cool, hands suchi yarn and a week or two get-carpet jewelry house.

At first Lyuba served a machine, then two, then four ... Just a child learns to walk. First, a small step, then the second-and-go people watching. Walked the earth more and more confident all the sweeping and wider printing step. As it happens with anything.

And yet I have no answer to the question: "How did this happen? How she was able to become an outstanding master of his craft? "Of course, the family, so to speak rear support is great. But there is something else that made it possible, or rather, helped weaver Love Kondratyevna go to the maintenance of 104 machines. And again I come back to this issue to the Secretary of the Party Committee of plant Galina Konstantinovna Uleschenko.

-So, maybe you talk to itself? She now intercedes replaced at three o'clock.

Prior to the beginning of the second shift, we still have time. So I decided to ask about it all, who are now going to combine the party committee. Can they describe the weaver so I had learned it from the hundreds of other women? Thoughtful people. The long silence. And so the first statement: "Business, energetic ..." Following a lively additions: "Blonde, pretty, very funny ... growth of, well, as you say, a little above average ... It is so, comrades? "Once again, the description:" The hair beautifully arranged ... "I write all this in good faith, but my head is a thought:" do his comrades, who are working side by side Love Kondratyevna not find the main definition of a person? Is the thing is, what her eyes or growth? Is it possible, looking important in man, to focus on her hair? "

And suddenly a calm male voice:

-Love Kondratyevna-man, which must be grounded, otherwise it will fly away into space. That's why we have it, in my opinion, too much load. Even a reboot.

It said the director of plant Leonid Yakovlevich Menchinskaya, and thought, he added:

-She has a soul for all the bright lights.

That's all about what possessed the journalist. Prior to the shift change remained an hour.

One day ... come to the personnel department Darnytsa Silk Factory persons hired to work. It asked:

-What kind of profession?

-Test pilot. HR professionals at each other:

So, because we do not build airplanes. You are not asked to address, Comrade Prudkov. We have a silk textile mill. And Ivan continues its:

-I know. But then, everything revolves in aircraft and turns, as in a loom. Oh, will sort your technique. And people had to work.

Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna What kind of man Ivan Prudkov? During the war was a fighter pilot. Deserve a lot of military decorations. After the war he worked as a test pilot. But as they say, not everything on this earth forever. At a regular medical examination test pilot, a communist, just say: "Ivan, do you chop. Health for a pilot is not the same. Thank you, my dear, for honest service, and shall be a look at retirement. "

Denying the sky pilot, a distinguished pilot is almost a tragedy in human life. But what to do? Clenched fist in the heart, collected all the counsel replied, a little quiver in his voice: "Yes, to retire!" Houses looked like the room from corner to corner, trying to none of the relatives have not seen a tear avaricious soldier. So, they say, hit mote in the eye.

Few lived in the "retirement", but could not sit quietly at home. And how can you be calm, if every morning in the newspapers, radio and television to find out what range of rugged, labor, wonderful life?

There was a pause ..., thought the department of personnel, time and again familiarized with the documents of the former pilot, and then smiled warmly:

-You know what? Oh, if so, let us learn from pommastera. A? Mr. Smith just that and should have been. Tightly, gratefully shook hands with his comrades and began to walk home along the road from the mill, straightening his shoulders. Out of habit, glanced from the high bank Dnieper into the blue sky where the plane soared high, delighted laugh: "Do I still need people!"

Course assistant masters have successfully graduated. Loom is still simpler aircraft. He came into the shop and looked around. Now, most importantly, people. Will he be able to understand them? How do I make the team worked smoothly, accurately, and to "all for one one for all" as it was in a combat squadron?

Of all people, and the pilot has a sharp eye, keen. Calculated figured and came to the conclusion that the weaver for a change, while moving from machine to machine, a total of passes eighteen kilometers. Where does this fit? So you can not! Must

think of something, to facilitate the work of women.

How did the pilots is sung: "Look carefully, the pilot ..." And he began to look closely to Ivan routes weavers. What are the paths, the paths they are likely to move. First, all on the floor marked out with chalk, and then consulted with engineers, technicians, and all together came to the conclusion that lay along these routes, tracks flush with the floor rail track, and let it run on an electric trolley. As chair of the truck weaver can sit a queen. Just click on the button and the truck ran off, if you need to advance, and should be back and forth. Drove up to the machine where any discrepancy, instantly all eliminated, and more, see the signals.

And this is a very important thing a proper alarm system in each machine. For example, some of the lit red light machine-hence calling it a weaver. Flashed a yellow light, asks for a otryvschitsu. That should be a flash about the machine and eliminate breakage. But the green light up:

urgently needed there, or assistant master mechanic on duty.

First of all this dreaming Ivan, along with engineers and technicians combine, and then for. it began. Wow this helped innovators plant machinery. Helped researchers Kiev Technological Institute of Light Industry. Yes, and its craftsmen were found at the plant. In general, the shop did a nearly invisible to the eye an electric railway. And there are comfortable chairs, moving carts. Above each machine has its own three-color clearly visible alarm. Just what kind of trouble or where something is stuck-weaver to the machine arrives in the chair. If necessary, calls the contributors and not, and she will cope.

This electric truck at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements earned a silver medal. People from all textile enterprises in the country come take pictures of her drawings, sketches, and also want to make in their use.

Here is a journalist and got an answer to the question of how it happened that Love Kondratyevna and her friends from the team on the eve of the opening of XXV Congress of the Communist Party went on the air service of 104 looms at a rate of 40. On average, they began to produce change in 5267 instead of 2026 meters of fabrics to the industry standard meters.

Kondratieff Love Kondratyevna The news of the unprecedented event instantly spread throughout the plant. This newspaper was told kombinatskaya-factory newspaper and radio. Hundreds of factory workers have made valuable suggestions on improving the technology of weaving and dyeing and finishing production. The initiative weavers Love Kondratieva, Praskovia Volkovnitskoy, Anna Zolotova required engineering support. Have been thoroughly revised norms and mode of operation assistant masters, support workers, crews repair the equipment. Presented a qualitatively new requirements to suppliers of raw materials. The Mill was born the slogan of socialist competition, "Technique-maximum load!" Now, and mechanics, repairmen have committed themselves to guarantee the repair of machines at any hour, any day. That helped Mr. Smith pommasteru Prudkov pay more attention to the work and lives of his team, the creative community of weavers with engineers and technicians combine. The fact is that before there was a rule: major overhaul of machines held every four years. Routine, routine repair, every six months. This work served as team mechanics, repairmen. But sometimes (and often), tools that require urgent repairs in the intervals between these dates. How can that be? Who is involved in this business? A: Ivan Prudkov.

To this must be added that the management of the combine, he demanded that the party organization of enterprises-suppliers of high quality raw materials. A special request was to Cherkassky Chemical Fiber Plant: to increase the weight of the yarn on the bobbins from 2.5 to 4 kilograms. Otherwise, too many weavers have to change reels. And a request to Cherkassky companions: the tip of the thread on the spool print out to make it faster and easier you can attach to the old new reel.

It remains ... fifteen minutes before shift change weavers.

And now I get to the shop. For some reason, just stopped at the sight of one of the weavers. Ladnenko, trim, like most of these women are very pretty. Somehow it all deftly turns out that something fast and immediately advised her friends almost imperceptible movement tied scarf. In the pockets of working overalls sharp pencil, pen, neatly folded notebook.

And I went straight out:

- Hello, Love Kondratyevna!

Indeed, this was it.

That dear reader, and now her story:

-In October 1976, I reported to our Communist Party and Soviet Government on the implementation of two annual tasks. And do not even expect that, in response to this report I have personally congratulate Leonid Brezhnev. How did this after me, an ordinary weaver, do not enter your shop with joy, you know, with elation?. I love to command machines. Can you imagine how it's great! One hundred and four smart machine. Just watch them carefully and immediately made the decision, where we must first eliminate the break, and where and what kind of machine can barely wait to urgently call pommastera, and much-fitter. This is not incomparable joy. This is an inspiration. Are you sure that you can hold in its memory a lot of different things and just make a decision. This, if you will, the joy of victory ...

And then ... started the second shift. According to clearly and exactly rushed "in the battle for the fabric of" Love Machine all 104 Kondratyevna Kondratieva. And in the evening, when the windows of the plant broke street lamps, one of the weavers cheerfully called out:

Lyuba, get out your Lenya was ...

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