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Barmouth Vladimir

The captain-director of a large fishing trawler "Cape Senyavin" Sakhalin Fisheries Production Association, the Hero of Socialist Labor

Barmouth Vladimir Which is an hour "Cape Senyavin" lay in drifts, as if his whole appearance showing utter disregard for the fishing season. The commercial situation, to say the least evolved not the best way, and threw Sahalinrybprom expedition radiograms, demanding to mobilize all forces to intensify the search, and bring to bear all the reserves of production.

Management can be understood. He was constantly fiddling with cupola. And so the work of "Dalryba" directly interested in Moscow. Pacific, more and more attracted the attention of the ministry, becoming after a stormy debate on the main fishing areas dvuhsotmilnoy shop country. In the solid cabinets, huge, full-wall maps with a predominance of blue at the intersections of parallels and meridians were black small boats. For each of them has been established plan. From each waiting for success. That's generals to rearrange their generals maps symbols of military equipment, boldly and decisively by introducing them to break.

One of the ships, mapped, and was our big freezer trawler. And we, unfortunately, no luck!

The gray scales erased the border of the sky and water. On the horizon near the edge of the sea of other iron vessels. They combed the area for fishing squares in search of good luck, and only we have not searched, serenely drifting on the waves. Did not stop for a minute radiotelephone. Ether lived, excited, worried, bringing on board the "Cape Senyavin" echoes of great passions. Smart and resourceful captains, all as one big yazykotvortsy, contemptuously reject the old canons spoken, hard fought for his own style:

- "Cape Egorova," what have you got?

- Ah, well. One hundred percent nepruha.

- I suppose dark? Go on as a spirit, how many on board?

- Zero without a stick.

- Refuel.

- Railway.

- It is not good. But let's hope that luck.

- That we live. Do you like?

- Just as you have. We are looking for.

- The one who searches always finds.

- Thank you, friend. Comforted.

- And maybe try to seaward?

- Yes, we are already at the edge of banks.

- And that the "Cape Senyavin"?

- Yes, you see, lies. Lay down like a bear in the den.

- Maybe the car broke down? Maybe he needs help?

- Wait-and-and. At Barmouth break. At Barmouth really nothing ever broke. In his car he was confident in himself.

- Barmouth, do not sleep. Decoration. No more drifting.

- And it is to compete with us does not want.

It became a little anxious at heart. All ripped up and shook the air wave, experiencing rapidly evolving situation and Barmouth calmly stirring a spoon in a glass, sipped strong Ceylon tea and something measured the compass on the navigation map.

From time to time, Vladimir Ivanovich threw centered view of the twenty-four hours with numbers and satisfaction, which made it mark on the map. The clock is ticking. Ether was worried. The matter stood. As if reading my mind, Barmouth, finally, his voice:

- I hate to rush.

And once again walked the compass on the map as a surveyor with a yardstick in the field.

- By the way, one day we will burn twelve tons of fuel, nine-and three diesel-fuel oil. We, of course, not an energy crisis, but why nothing good to waste it.

So, the captain-director drank tea, walked about the compass on the map and listened to their excited voices of old friends, sometimes things humming under his breath from time to time somewhere nazvanivala and briefly thrown into the phone: "Well?" Apparently, after hearing in response to a capacious "Okay," continued blagodushestvovat satisfaction. Increasingly, however, looking at his watch with twenty-four digits. Suddenly, he once again threw a quick glance at the sea face, called sonar Schur: "All right, Felix G.?"-Disturbed Kukelya chief engineer: "Attention, Yuri Fedorovich," sought-call third assistant Mishulina: "We will work Andrew Pankratovich ", and quietly gave the order:" Small Forward! "

Slowly picking up speed, the ship ahead. "Gross!" Rustled along the sides of the water. Grew up under the nose of the ship white mustache. Shook the deck. People rushed to their places.

Maneuver "Cape Senyavin" did not go unnoticed.

- Good morning, Mr. Ivanovich, commented on the event-seeing air.

- How did you sleep?

- What dreams are dreamed of?

Turning from the cabin mate on the bridge, Barmouth, keenly and intently peering through the thick glass in a gray veil, and quietly ordered, "Get on the trawl." As if the air said, vague. But those to whom these words were addressed, he heard them. The time has come to resort to all of his skills and not "take" the team trawl Nikolai Borisovich Kyu Kim Ton.

Trawling ... The main moment in the life of a fisherman, on which depend its glory and prosperity. Stellar sea worker minute, in which technological progress is concentrated, a mathematical calculation, the collective skills. - '

We anglers, had spent a lifetime on the float every time sweet heart before deciding ekaet hooking. Do fishermen, too: imagine the owners of multi-ton parked cargo of fish in the water throw their own fishing line in hopes to pull out on the deck some fishes! And then went to the stern pulled free from the fans watch, in advance or anticipation of the incomparable pleasure of excitement.

The sun came out. Also, you see, wanted to see. Dispersed the fog. It was as if the curtain parted. With curiosity, turned to his trawler round face.

The captain exchanged glances with the senior tralmasterom. You can choose from. And again, twirled winch. Only now as much more slowly in the opposite direction. And while the trawl crawled out of the water did not stop around the forecasts. No, "will-not" no one spoke. That would have been confident all. Instruments showed that the herd was in the trawl. They argued only one subject: how much will be.

Barmouth Vladimir So tight, as a string bag after market trawl with difficulty crawled out of the slip on the deck, he raised the "proper level" before you pour the fish, and flowed into the hopper of a bluish skumbrievaya river. Sun, as a skilled illuminator in the theater, sent to the silver stream their most main beam, and spilled over the sea auroral wondrous miracle.

- Look, Vladimir halls!

- Tons of thirty, not less.

- Just to the eyeballs, max.

- How much, Vladimir?

- Yes, a little bit. Just a little.

- Lucky-oh-oh.

A "Cape Senyavin" immediately made a second notice and, again, celebrating the victory, again hove to.

- What are you, Vladimir, lure it or what?

- He came to us on board and told us how you catch.

- Shared experiences would be.

- Introduced in our midst. Here it was impossible to Barmouth to remain silent, and he seems to be even a little embarrassed, put his quiet and not commanding voice radiopereklichku famous captains:

- Please, though all come to me. Tell-show.

- Well, Heather, who-said-to.-he will be caught, and we watch. No it's better you come to us.

- To catch you, and I looked?

- And you and so many. Leave the other.

- Everyone will suffice, once again, put the word Barmuta.-There is water there is fish.

- So come on, Barmouth, we were on board. Hurry up.

- This moment. Only a navigator and a tralmastera prihvachu. Looking for? Or so the whole team at once and you pass?

About Barmouth, there was talk that he would never rush to tell everyone else about the fish a place to which came, and for this reason, they say, can not be considered a model companion. Where, they say, looks nicer captain, who was himself caught and other displays on the shoals. Agree quite a serious accusation to let him go in one ear. As well, they say, right? Indeed, the very essence of socialist competition laid the golden rule: to help each other. This is a manifestation of high moral principles and nobility. This is teamwork in action. Finally, it is helpful to all. There will be more on the national desk of seafood, but what does this gift, if they are given by a person with such difficulty.

I still want to choose an appropriate moment and politely ask for something, Vladimir Ivanovich, knows whether it was those conversations that go about it? Now that's dropped a minute.

Vladimir Ivanovich, my question is not offended. Or maybe he just pretended he did not take offense. And it is not rushed off the bat to refute the charge. He began to think aloud.

- There is water there is fish. The question is, to find her. Noticed as a lucky amateur fishing karasyatniku all sit down? If the fishes from the shore in the summer, it was surrounded by so lucky that he did not swing and spinning-sobesh neighbor with _ hat. If the boat, then so prizhmut, just like rush to the boarding. But this is so, by the way.

The fishery is another matter. Come, become close and work. Can not see,, ask me. And do not rush to glue labels, and because people may take offense. I remember once we were catching fish in a creek. I'm empty, ditch sweep of stones, and a neighbor to control catches of Kamchatka. What is it? Water is, the fish is, but I can not catch. Half a day lost in vain, and then took it. And sent on board the boat with the Kamchatkan tralmasterom and assistant. They watched two trawlers. We learned all we need. And two days later we outdid. Then he began to ask us. His boat is sent. That's two of us and caught druzhnenko. Wait a minute ...

Vladimir looked at his watch again for the third time threw his trawler in the attack on the jamb, released by some miracle it is to us. And again, were the joy of victory, Silver Falls mackerel and instantaneous reaction of the ether:

- Wow!

- Not only as a bribe. Gave Neptune.

- Or maybe he his son?

- The bank is probably out. Let's go help him.

From the bridge was seen as trawlers, barren plowed squares in the vain hope of catching a fish out there, abruptly turned and headed for the "Cape Senyavin."

- On board the ship, perhaps, gone? I asked the captain-director.

- On the interception, 'smiled Barmuta.-So where were we? I can always tell his comrades, where the fish. But the trouble is when I tell you:

"Here it is!"-And it's gone. Not worth it in place. Migrate. As a person. And how can I after the catch, shout to the whole wide world: "These guys, well here is caught!" The guys come running, and is zero. What they say about me then. Barmouth, because they say so, a liar? So that's how I understand my task: we must continually train people, to encourage them to think, not to be dogmatic. What is the main condition for success? It should be familiar with the fishing situation. Be able to analyze. It is impossible for fish to approach metaphysically. Remember in Heraclitus: the same river can not enter twice.

Vladimir had just returned from the session, he enrolled at the Higher Party School, to a mature age is to understand the philosophy of science, and therefore has not walked away from an examination of terminology. But rather, this terminology has entered so deeply into it, which was his normal vocabulary and familiar language for everyday communication. When Barmouth applied exactly in the HPS, the friends-captains did not fail to express a toxic "What, Volodya, naplavalsya? Drawn to the shore? In ruksostav? Well, well. " Barmouth explained that at the turn of four decades, he felt a burning need to get back to the books and mature, commensurate with their own experiences with the wisdom acquired a large practice, delving into the essence of the lessons in my life, interpreting it, to explore the dialectic. "Come on, come on, bison of its spiral, which symbolizes the development of society, demonstrate their erudition-sea volki.-A with us and re-certification is sufficient." Over time, talks came to naught, and in the student's record-book captain of the student, as in a trawl BMRT his stern, was always only a first-class "catch."

We continued to talk.

- Proverb correctly argues that the fish is looking for, where it is deeper?

- No. The fish where feeding. And then we sometimes despise dabblers valuable advice: "In the sea of hundreds of cans, and you persist in Pounds near the same." Why, they ask, we rest, if there are bare rocks and the fish are not fed? As for depth, trawl for it is of great importance. Here, for example, I called all the rest: let me. Came from. I catch, and they do not. What is it? And we sweep the thirty centimeters below the regulated. In our fish comes, and they will pass. - Then they have to say that they have made the correction.

- Right. I say. Why, yet expound went jamb, whose horizons to the sixty centimeters above. So, again, have to be reconstructed. It turns out all the time so watch out watch out.

- But why all the time, lucky for you? Do other work so much worse?

- Do not worse. Good work. Diligently. Why are we lucky? Apparently, the difference between "slightly". There are some little things that I myself can not see yet. What is it? God only knows ...

- Well, as you will, then, in principle, I want to catch some more than others?

- So still want it. For we are competing.

- And you want to be first?

- Required. Only a goal and set ourselves.

- First, you or the whole crew?

- No, we do not share.

- And why the first?

- I hate to be the second. I do not like to see in front of someone else's back.

- And if someone will pass you?

- I shake his hand and will do everything to beat.

- What motivates such a passionate desire of superiority? Awards, bonuses, benefits?

- If they are provided the terms of competition, wanting them not criminal. Yes, it's nice for all to receive the flag. And the "Volga" does not prevent to have. But it only encourages. Just. That is, helps. But it is not driven.

- And what drives?

- I do not know. That's something here, and Vladimir I. tapped his fingers on his left breast.

I remembered one more opinion about Barmouth: "He jealously interested in the success of others, their exact figures. In one case, his opponent in the socialist competition on the board, as the reports say, all the time is greater than the fish. So did Barmouth noticeable for the note until it was bypassed. Only then calmed down. Though for this he had to stay on the fishing season. " Jealous ... The competition ... Not a common root of these two words? Let them say their opinion on this matter linguists, but practice dictates that where there is constant striving to come forward and prove to others that you work best where there is no struggle of passion and joy of victory, where indifference and sluggish are going ahead without seeking their catch up and surpass the work, which was all smooth and quiet, there is no real competition, but only an imitation of it, or what we call formalism.

- And you are always assured that you will be a fish?

- Always. Once there is water, then there is a fish. And we have the perfect boat and the team too.

- What if the jinx?

- This concept is not scientific. Here it is said! I know a little bit of fishermen and sailors. How many times have seen them on the question of the plans depict the confused expression on her face, her eyes modestly lowered dale and vague shrug:

say, where so much to us ... And the number thirteen is not love. One respected Antarctic fleet a fishing trip called fourteenth, although it was immediately after the twelfth! And then suddenly, Barmouth is not afraid of superstitions? Sea harshly and insidiously, and it is what such an iron? No, why. It is simply a solid knowledge of its capabilities, its ceiling. Foremost is the quality-for a man. Without it difficult to stand firmly on the ground.

Human nature to desire not to be the last. This constant striving to catch up going ahead and be on par with him. Yet. Because as soon as it succeeds, people will feel an inner need to go further. Here is a constant and healthy desire been noted, were taken into service and the basis for a powerful movement of our time, born of a new attitude to work and called socialist competition.

Any engine before it will work, you must make. Feeling thirsty competition, rivalry, if it sleeps, it is necessary to wake up. And if that fails, start a fruitful move beyond the horizon, with the farthest distance. In Search of Excellence, which knows no boundaries.

Court ... closer and closer, clearly stating its so simple and natural desire to take part in the cake section, together with a successful captain. I watched with curiosity, what decision to take Vladimir, but he seemed not to notice anything around him, something calculating on a slide rule. And when the expedition ships swarmed on all sides by the bank, the captain suddenly calmly and authoritatively ordered:

- The right to the side. Course Nord. Full speed ahead.

Ether immediately responded to this action blast of fun:

- Thank you, Vladimir!

- Here is a true friend!

- What magnanimity!

- No fluff, no feathers at the new location. No good deed goes unpunished. And I honestly could not understand why the captain so easily lost to its rightful place else. But, before they learn a little bit of Vladimir Ivanovich, I knew exactly what just like that, at a loss to fishing and fishing, he will not do anything. So long as the issue of excess abstained. I thought that the solution must come quickly. But I had to wait for it a little longer than I expected. And so, while the trawler goes to the north, leaving behind all the ships of the expedition, I'll do a little bit of history and economics.

BMRT "Cape Senyavin" was released on his first fishing trip in December 1972. Headed the Komsomol youth crew of the captain-director Vladimir Barmouth appreciated the excellent quality of the new vessel. Office machinery and equipment by many it was automated. Freezers units helped to work quickly.

Barmouth But this was not enough. "Filling" of the vessel, from his point of view, despite the participation in the creation of a large trawler team of designers in need of improvement. The captain shared his concerns with a senior engineer Leonid Antonenko. Starmeh led the Technology Council, a sort of "brain trust" of the trawler. These craftsmen nothing better, just give anything to alter. Not for the sake of slaking a small vanity:

out, they say, what they're navorochali, these graduates, but purely from a desire for perfection. There is a category of people who have a passion for the blood of improvements.

Craftsmen have seen a critical eye on the cutting line and offered their ways to further facilitate the work of ryboobrabotchikov and create safe working conditions. Instead ryborezok were installed fundamentally different devices consisting of an inclined conveyor scraper blade and disk. Grew up performance. And just in the last five years on the board introduced 53 rationalization proposals with an annual effect of 49,000 rubles.

A ship from the first day began to operate on a continuous system maintenance.

The first two years the crew performed ship repair work in the amount of about 30,000 standard hours. The average annual increase in operating time was 34.4 sudosutok, which has helped save more than half a million rubles.

Once in your hands a good ship, sin to work poorly. But that's not enough. It is necessary that it be in the hands of an excellent team that can maximize the potential of technology. The friendly crew creates not a day or two. To a man asked again after the holidays to your favorite trawler, it is necessary to be attracted and bound with a team of something solid, solid. Not the last role is played here by the factor of material interest. We know how hard marine work. For the captain, guaranteeing catch, people are willing to go to meet the storms, rough air, separation from loved ones, knowing that the loss, and patience will be rewarded. Well, the "Cape Senyavin" this factor is operating at full capacity. Folk wisdom clothed glory of Captain luck in an almost poetic formula: "Where Barmouth, where the currency."

But do not live by bread alone. Equally important is the moral factor. What we now call the psychological climate. Sixty-Soviet years, the years of unprecedented intensity of social change, fundamentally changed the attitude of the working people to work. This is before he went to work there, where is the place promised him the highest salary, accepting oftentimes uninteresting work. But now he has a choice of profession and dispose of that right is now enshrined in the Constitution of the USSR, are widely and effectively. With regard to the sea and ships, it looks very simple: a person chooses a board on which he wants to work. And choosing, take into account the first of its microclimate, which is regularly on the status of the wireless signal as well as a normal telegraph. A person is not indifferent, with whom he will work alongside long seven to ten months, as it will be treated in the team and what the captain: soft, hard, fair, whimsical, fun, zanudlivy, kind, hard, efficient, or so-so? For everyone who works on board the important general reputation of the vessel, its credibility. And people are willing to go to Barmouth. After all, "Cape Senyavin", the flagship of a stable domestic fishing fleet in its class. Rising to the workload in honor of the 30th anniversary of Victory Day, the crew is May 8, 1975 reported to the implementation of the Plan.

In response to the decision of April (1975) Plenum of the CPSU Central Committee to convene the XXV Congress of our Party Senyavin committed to improving technology-based commercial fishing, development of new areas and fishing sites on the day of opening of XXV Congress of the Communist Party to release products to the five million rubles. And for six weeks before the opening forum of Communists, January 10, 1976, reported to the trawler on the early pre-Congress meeting their obligations.

Five times in a row won the trawler challenge Red Banner of the Komsomol Central Committee and the Board of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR "Heroes of the five-year period, veterans of labor, the best Komsomol-youth crew."

"Cape Senyavin" was the first ship Sahalinrybproma won a certificate of enterprise quality. Frozen fish trawler is exempt from certification Gostorginspektsiey. This means that it does not look supervisors. And the trawler, a good worker, has a sort of personal stamp. It is difficult to win. Lose easily. Small-and marriage is not allowed to work without the controllers.

For excellent performance indicators, for his constant creative search BMRT team was awarded the title "Crew of Communist Labor."

As you can see, the chain of continuous labor victories. Streak. From month to month, year after year. Not in vain on the Barmouth say that he was simply lucky. But is "lucky"? Here are the numbers stability. Indices of catch in tonnes. 1973-12313, 1974-12721, 1975-13462. But last year, caught 11 221-it was a consequence of the reduction of quota. It was impossible to take more. But still, "Nedolya" crew compensated processing pollock balyk, showing courage in this case, the master's acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. Come to the risk of not agreeing on prices, and without waiting for new products. And get approval. Everybody loves a winner, and disseminate their experience.

The double name "host BMRT" - Captain-director - also means double the work and responsibility of a double (but not double pay!). Moreover, the emphasis in this post is still on the second title, "director". Not to be a good navigator. It should be a great head of production. Not by chance is called Fishermen captain's cabin, Managing Director of "cabinet".

- Go to the boss's office ...

So much for the "lucky". The commander Sahalinrybproma Beregovenko Alexander said: "I do not believe your luck fishing. Barmouth takes intelligence and labor. " Intelligence and hard ... Among the most important qualities needed manager to lead the team, the most-most importantly-competence. The captain-director of "Cape Senyavin" graduated with honors from the Leningrad morehodku and skillfully apply knowledge in practice. It was such a case. In January, in the midst skumbrievoy expedition began Barmouth perfect crystals, was far ahead of the indicators and with peace of mind went to the winter session at the Higher Party School. Instead, a left at this time capable captain. When he returned, he found a ship ... in last place. Took up the matter again and brought the vessel into the lead. Though the fishing situation at that time was very bad. Maybe changer blundered? Well, no as if. He did everything that others did.

What is he really a magician and magician of some, this lucky Barmouth? Right Kyo fishing!

Head of the base of oceanic fisheries Korsakov Nikolai Lysenko said:

- The distinguishing feature of Vladimir Ivanovich, a thorough preparation for the flight. He thinks ahead and takes into account every little thing, do not forget. He has all of science. Monitors the situation in the field. Examines, compares, analyzes of other catches. Plus, the experience of past years. Erudition. Possession of the laws of the sea. Knowledge of fish biology

But ... you do not forget that we are on board the trawler "Cape Senyavin"? BMRT was salable and confidently to the north, to a certain point, known only to the captain. The vessel is not tacks roamed in search of a random fish, and went, went on and on. Already 250 miles left astern. And when the captain ordered abandon trawl again, he returned as if by magic all the same simple blue mackerel. None at this time could not see our triumph: no other trawlers, or the sun. "Competitors" lagged far behind the horizon, the sun disappeared behind the clouds: in the area, as always, walked the storm-tossed ship from wave to wave, flooded with ice water.

After two repeated trawls Vladimir going to say a few words on the radio. I was expecting something much now, he played on the wit-taught, saying unto them with podkovyrkoy. "And a lot of you out there caught? This is why is the fish migrated here from you? "I'm not guessing. He picked up the microphone and said clearly: "Attention all ships of the expedition! He says "Cape Senyavin." Established pattern of migration of mackerel fishing in this area. The fish goes in a circle whose diameter is 250 miles. I recall the formula of the circumference, two wee al. I repeat ... How do you understand? Admission. ".

At this point I wanted was to put an end, assuming that the reader has grasped the essence of Formula One success, it is not typical, but in principle, and not such a special, Sakhalin fisherman. Well, maybe would have added that he looks nothing like the sailor with the luxury salted skipper beard, does not know how, but rather does not want and does not like to "fill" and "poison" that his family tree does not go back to the mighty ocean, he country boy from Belarus, the son of chairman of the kolkhoz village of Yalova Pruzhany district, Brest region. Barmouth in only 17 years old I first saw the engine and the sea. Would note that he goes fishing, both on arable land, land base Korsakov ocean fishing are enormous.

Be sure to be told that the house waiting for the wife of Vladimir Ivanovich Love, daughter of Marina (the name is the sea) and son Alex.

"Cape Senyavin" made in 1977, three annual plan. A wonderful gift to his sixtieth of Soviet power, an adequate response to the new Constitution of the USSR! What is especially remarkable, this work progress was made at a time when the captain Director Barmouth ... was not on board (was taking public examinations in HPS) and the trawler commanded by his understudy, Alexander A. Arbuzov. A long time whether the vessel was provided in prolove without Barmouth? Now, even without the trawler took first place in the third quarter of the Ministry of Fisheries of the USSR.

I asked Vladimir Ivanovich:

- Can anyone beat "Cape Senyavin"?

He replied:

- No, first place will not yield to anyone.

And yet ... The "Cape Senyavin" appeared a mighty rival, the new trawler XVI Congress of Trade Unions." This could overtake trawler "Cape Senyavin." In any case, he would do everything to become the first. Whence this confidence? He was appointed captain of the director ...

Barmouth Vladimir Ivanovich. Hero of Socialist Labor.

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