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Vladimir G. Novick

The foreman of complex construction and installation teams train 576 construction management "Bamstroyput" Hero of Socialist Labor

Vladimir G. Novick From the helicopter opened boundless distance harsh mountainous region. The majestic granite ridges Stanovoy range from the celestial heights seem to be frozen in giant waves. The similarity with the waves and give the cap of snow on their tops, as if the white crests of sheep. Dark green and covered by a near purple haze on the horizon, motionless heap of frozen mountain on the way the builders of the railway. At the sight of this powerful hedge I inadvertently swept-doubt there will be enough manpower to break this road?

But right below us on the track of our flight, the landscape has looked different. The yellow ribbon Yakut Neverskoy highway to the hill on the hill moving column of trucks. A parallel to it, the approaching end to end, then running off to the side for several kilometers, lies almost a straight line of the railway under construction Tynda-Berkakit, or "Little BAM"-one of the first start-up facilities a huge construction program. It is this, a little in length, but important in terms of economic value line is destined to open the first page in the history of economic development zone of the Baikal-Amur Railway. Already in the tenth five-year period along this route, the people received the name of "coal", will trains with excellent coking fuel and raw materials from South Yakutian territorial-production complex. In 1982, the incision should reach its design capacity and ship thirteen million tons of coal. In the future, the same annual production can be increased to fifty million tons.

Before the pass was still far off, when on our way rose an unexpected obstacle, the dark storm clouds, from which the land swept the broken arrows of lightning. On the glass windows rolled down streams of water. The pilot tried to get rid of the bad neighborhood, but the front storm clouds were so dense that we had been in the pouring rain looking for a place to land. The most convenient place in the critical situation was Yakut Neversky tract.

Raced over the cabs of heavy trucks, a helicopter went down on a small lawn, where usually after long hours of driving a rest stop of the famous drivers of the road. And then usual for drivers difficult road Yakutia professional feeling of fellowship and camaraderie of revenue impact in all of its reliability: deciding that a rotary-wing aircraft is something wrong, the drivers one by one, began to collapse, "MAZ" and "KrAZ" hurrying in our direction . And finding out that everything is in order, were getting cigarettes. Oh if assistance is required, the monotony of the road after a long meeting with colleagues flying brighten up the long journey, and can be, and not on the topic of conversation a dozen miles of rugged Yakutian taiga.

From them we learned that we are a short drive from the town of Mogote, which housed one of the divisions of the railway builders Tynda-Berkakit. On that rainy day, I met with the foreman Vladimir Grigoryevich Novick.

Novick met us at the entrance to the village. Just introduced:

- The Secretary of the party organization building and construction trains. But in general foreman ... My name is Vladimir G.. Whence


Seeing that for the people down to them from the sky, welcoming pointed to the village:

- Welcome the guests.

Woodland Builders broke camp in the green, slender larches, which at first glance may seem to young trees. But their age is measured in decades. This is a learned people, when they were clearing a site for a future settlement. Age rings on the trees were so tightly pressed together, which between them can be difficult to squeeze the tip screwdriver. To survive in the fierce cold pyatidesyatigradusnye and keep the roots from the ice cap of the permafrost, the trees have to adapt to severe conditions, snuggling closer to the ground from the chilly winds, wider scatter its roots in the upper layers of soil, the sun that warms quickly in the short summer.

BAM-century building. BAM-hundreds, thousands of kilometers of impassable second Trans. It seems that everything that is considered obstacles, though specially came together here: impassable marshes and permafrost, rock slides and inaccessible cliffs, numerous rivers and dense forests.

Each meter of the road taken by storm. But all that is here put into operation ahead of schedule. Here there is the legendary strongman-ordinary, as everywhere, boys and girls. Unusual only their fate, the fate of the pioneers, the fate of those who are entrusted to the country of the greatest buildings. Thousands of them. Works among them Vladimir Novik.

We walked along the wide street. Along its merry raznotsvetem lined up neat cottages. In one of them offered to go Novick.

- Is it convenient, maybe the owners have a rest? - We have begun to doubt.

- I live here, come boldly replied Vladimir G..

Passing a small glassed-in porch, we were in a spacious room consisting of two rooms, kitchen, storerooms and other outbuildings. It was bright and warm, all that is necessary for human life in harsh environments. Vladimir G. expertly began to talk about the merits of new housing construction:

- Cottage is made up of two sections of the uniform. We call this type of remote-house "winterized mobile homes." I still put in a brick oven, but in winter the village is central heating.

And he sent us the cottages Angarsk house-building factory. Thank you! We are grateful to the people that make these houses. Have more to them on the road.

In 1974, when the unfolding construction of the line-Tynda Berkakit, almost all parts of the builders have experienced a difficult period of development. Yes, and Novick have not yet experienced a real Siberian winter.

Tynda, the capital of the BAM-1974 was still a deaf taiga village, the silence is disturbed only local ferocious dogs, and cars with engines of rare Yakut Neverskogo tract.

Novick came here from the Ukraine, where erected a large coke production. The work was interesting and promising. And if the majority of young people rushed to BAM with a definite purpose-to find the right application

- To be honest, recalled Vladimir G., is not thought that after twenty years of relative calm and well-paid jobs withdraw from their homes. At BAM traveling machine operators, bulldozer, motor drivers, excavator, turners, welders, but almost none of them could not handle planer. And nothing about the secrets of masonry stoves knew one. Who are they in the taiga to quickly bring together housing, lay down a warm and friendly stove? At the time there was no buildup of cold-come here in late August, immediately, "without warning".

Novik, as he says himself, "may throw a bridge across the river, and the bath to bring down." After moving to the Ukraine in the taiga, and here he organized his house thoroughly, in a businesslike way. Once settled himself, called his wife, Valentina Kirillovna tenth grade children with Natasha, and son, Oleg. The son then went to study in seventh grade school at the hands of his father and his comrades.

Now my wife works as a medical assistant, Novick treats builders daughter is on the 2nd year of medical institution, the son finishes ninth grade.

And Vladimir G.? Which way he passed over the years? What has made the heights, which reached?

In the spring of 1977 was published the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the assignment of complex mechanized brigade Brigadier Vladimir G. Novik title of Hero of Socialist Labor. Of the hundreds of thousands of workers, engineers and managers, he first of all the builders of BAM was awarded the highest award, the Golden Star.

Talking with him, I could not help noticing that most often, he says:

- We have implemented cost accounting brigade ...

- This question so we decided ...

- Guys especially excelled in track laying of the lattice ...

- We are committed to ...

- We think ...

And this is understandable. After all, who is he? The same worker, like his comrades. Only the more experienced, with a keen sense of responsibility. How to assure the people of this strong team and work well, we are for Vladimir Grigoryevich, like a stone wall. And it can build, well, in strictness to ask, of course, if something screwed up. "

Vladimir G. Novick Novick never cries, no matter what happens. Although the construction of the taiga are times when another kind, and will not be enough. You will not be the same man who framed her head under the boom with the load, to give a lecture on safety! Garknesh clearly. Vladimir G. and the same is not frustrated. He will say, "go away", and frowned. This is quite enough. Even the presence of the foreman at a construction site causes workers to be collected. The first secretary of Party Committee Tynda Yuri Afanasievich Ksaulkov time praised organizational skills building and construction foreman train. Double backed him seriously, when Novick instilled in their areas, Brigadier cost accounting, and later when Vladimir G. decided to radically change the organization of work in a team, to enlarge it. Yuri Afanasievich and spoke of Novick with great warmth, and treated him, we can say with a personal interest.

- In our time, not enough to be literate, well-trained team leader, especially on such a massive construction site, as BAM. In the boreal environment to the workplace is not always possible to throw everything you need in time. "On a platter with a blue border" into the forest did not throw. This, I think, and soon will be. Distance-what? Therefore we, the communists, the Far East, does not give preference to a shy artist who can not wait for days for something, and those who smetliv, initiative, may in any situation, find the right way, not to let the chest minute companions. In short, those who can "cook the soup in his hands." It is these features of Vladimir G. Novick, and applauded by our people.

One day we went to Vladimir Grigoryevich for Siberian village. We talked about life builders, rich nature of the Far East, about the wonderful prospects that open up to our boundary with the completion of the BAM. But suddenly his attention was attracted to young men in green overalls, collecting the walls of the temporary residences. Wet with sweat, covered by mosquito nets midges, they hammer nails hard wooden boards. Novick experienced eye cast wall and immediately found a marriage.

- Between the shields are still large gaps, so you can not work. And the nails are not sorite.

Sam took a crowbar and some time helping to correct flaws made by an inexperienced hand. But when we continued our way, he said, as if protecting children:

- Students ... Many of them first time in the hands of the tool have. Well, nothing. The benefit of them is. And the gap is, of course, can not leave. If the right panels firmly to drive, then frost each crack itself open. Why bother? We must do everything right as a human, not anyhow.

In those days, when formed construction and installation train number 576, Novik, as an experienced worker, tasked to create a team. Then, in the initial period of construction, required a lot of the field of housing, kitchens, baths, schools, clubs. Moreover, it was necessary to put all of these facilities before the onset of severe frosts.

Understanding the importance of the job, Mr G. as a stager, behind which is not a major Federal building, immediately decided to start with a clear business organization. He knew that from the concerted action of all, discipline and diligence on the achievement of each work team. To the people he managed to take a closer look, so it was clear to whom that charge. Well thought out structure of the workforce, the foreman broke in a couple of people. Near-experienced Shekhovtsov Gregory, Anatoliy Koval, Sergey Koshkareva, Aponasenko Boris, Peter and Anatoly Petrenko Voevodenko he put the young, but physically strong guys, Sasha Lazarev, Basil Ryzhov, Voldemar Gerda and Nikolai Pavlov, Vasily Peskov and Basil Zhivaeva.

It took into account the personal qualities of people, their characters abilities. Quiet and slow Shekhovtsov was close to the rapid and hot Sasha Lazarev;

Resistant Anatoly Koval took patronage over the living and sociable Pavlov. By quarrelsome Koshkareva attached kindly Ryzhova ...

So once the team began a fruitful process of mutual complement and friendly support between mentors and mentees. Because young people, and that the transfer was "old men", and taken from the "old men" also managed a few. Well-read, educated guys quickly mastered the new business, and soon caught up in the skill of teachers. Acquiring production skills, people became more confident.

Later, when the team began to grow, Novik shop committee chairman put forward Aponasenko, Petrenko, partgruporgom, Lazareva-Komsomol, Ryzhov-ring sealed, Pavlov and Peskov mentors. - We will see the merit in this approach to organizing the team, 'said Esaulkov.-Novick, how clever foreman, skillfully and subtly decided several sharp and very important issues. Walking training of a qualified elders, young people at first, was safe from accusations of poor performance during the period of professional development. Next to the mentors quickly rose to his feet and won on building a strong employment authority. It is important to note that the principles of mutual enrichment engendered the spirit of mutual help and mutual support, Ido now, getting to this beneficial environment, each new team member inadvertently penetrated her. Here it delivered so that any worker, if he sees it necessary, can safely lay claim to someone and so in a timely manner to resolve the conflict. It protects the crew from the reticence and puts it in a position of collective teacher. This is particularly evident at the monthly general meetings of the brigade. It's such a school!

When the device is over towns and builders began work on the highway itself Tynda-Berkakit, Novick quickly came to the conclusion that the organization of labor on the road, and indeed the team should be different.

Number one problem in those days was the construction of culverts, which held back because of the laying of the railway line. Novick have long pondered the reasons for the lag teams involved the construction of permanent structures. The Party committee of management of construction-2BAM Stroyput "wanted to find out why. Delving into the details, Vladimir G. finally came to the conclusion that the whole thing in a bad labor organization. At each culvert work crew, therefore, always had to keep the crane, bulldozer, concrete mixer, a few trucks. And it does not always work. As a result, technology is idle, then the people.

"We need a single mechanized complex"-decided to Novick. On his initiative, such a complex has been created and headed by his ideas. He organized the mass production at several locations and were able to use the high-art techniques at full power. For the first time in the line-Tynda Berkakit construction of culverts no longer be a problem. That's what thought-out rearrangement of forces, a good knowledge of construction technologies!

Experience in the first BAM Komsomol youth mechanized complex later used in practice, all the builders' line-century. " But Novik already thinking about how to speed up even more intense as the high rate is maintained constant. All counting, weighing, they were his friends decided that they are capable to give a half day rate, which would be complex may be. And this initiative, taking over their experience, was picked up by many.

"Today's manager must organically combine the partisanship with great competence, discipline, initiative and creative approach to business. However, in any part of the head must take into account the socio-political, educational aspects, to be responsive to the people, their needs and demands, lead by example in work and at home. " These words were spoken from the podium XXV Congress of the CPSU. They are clearly defined role and place of manager in the building of communism.

Vladimir G. Novick The foreman, one might say, the first stage of the economic leader. He is not only the head, but the teacher, and he needs to educate by example and personal activity and initiative. Mongers, talkers in the working team to quickly learn. And woe to anyone who is rich in words, but in fact wimp. The working man does not need to have a special intuition to figure out who is good and who is bad. But if it came to liking the foreman of his wit, efficiency and ability to maintain discipline, then this team can safely rely. Charging him something new, you will not hear from the people, "right there, it's not our business."

That's why as soon as the problem solved with the culvert, the brigade charged Novick other responsible work.

Builders told:

"First, the target goal was reached in 1976 with a rail station Mogote. Then we thought that that was not enough. Pledged to meet the 1977 on the border of the Amur region and the Yakut Autonomous Republic, at the junction of Yakutsk. However, after the XXV Congress of the party people have to offer: Contribute to our commitment to the amendment, at the junction of Yakutsk be the 59th anniversary of Great October. And before the end of the year to go further north to the station Sermon. And then we had a great assistance to the Communists in Yakutia. It turned out that not only the builders of BAM, and all the autonomous republic was preparing for the big event, laying the first railway in the territory of the cold ground. The task was particularly difficult, and therefore it decided to put the border is not "silver", as is customary in such cases, a "golden" link. For the right to participate in the laying of all the fighting brigade. But none of us doubted that among the top contenders for the right to put "golden" link of the team will Novik. "

And on this section of Vladimir G. decided to use a proven method to create a complex-mechanized brigade. The team quickly mastered the new business. For the very first two and a half months, they laid 45 miles of steel track and came to the station Mogote heroes.

The first train ... met on August 5, the eve of the builder, not the end of the year, as originally anticipated. Following this success, there was no doubt that the patrol and Yakutsk will hold the rails in the terms stipulated by the socialist obligations.

The first in the Yakut ASSR railway siding is one hundred and four kilometers from Tynda. It would seem that not so many, only one hundred and four. But in this area had to build seventy-one bridge, two overpasses, paving sixty-six culverts, pour in the roadbed ten and a half million cubic meters of soil. Fulfill this huge amount of work seven thousand, ninety-excavators, one hundred fifty bulldozers, dump trucks twelve hundred strong. And for the right to participate in the installation of "gold" level fought twenty construction units.

And November 2, 1976 in the valley between the mountains near the ridge Stanovoi newly painted trailer with catchy words "Departure Yakutsk" Hundreds of people gathered at the celebration rally. Here come the locals, Yakuts and Evenks, the geologists and prospectors. At lyutom cold, the exhaust smoke in the clubs could hardly discernible contours of vehicles. At a safe distance, excited by the unusual crowds and noise of engines, kept reindeer. The heroes of the day were, of course, builders. And among them are the best of the best, the winners of socialist competition, eight teams and thirty eight workers. They were chosen out of thousands of other builders with great difficulty, because it was not lagging behind.

Among the winners were a team, and Vladimir G. Novick.

The triumph did not spoil, even a blizzard. Thundering orchestra, tumbled into the gorge and the roar of applause, drowning all sounds resounded triumphantly over the mountains whistle of the locomotive. Slowly, he came to the important crossing, decorated with banners in Russian and Yakut languages. According to the new branch has opened the labor movement of trains. And the festive train came not just to show off at the rally, he delivered eight hundred tons of cargo for the builders. Their movement on the rails, estimated construction workers, will now save half a million rubles a year.

Here at the grand rally of the builders decided to become a working watch: "The sixtieth anniversary of the October Revolution to sixty weeks of shock." And promised the remaining one hundred and sixteen kilometers to Berkakita not pass by the end of 1977, but much earlier. They kept their word. At the beginning of 1977, estimating their capabilities, the staff team concluded that the 60 October letiyuVelikogo able to fulfill the plan of three years, five-year period to November 7. In the summer it became clear, the team has correctly assessed their strength. Of the total amount of work on the five-year period of $ 4 million rubles by the time they have already mastered one million 350 thousand rubles. More than half! And in the reserve was still four months of employment. Putting into practice the call XXV Congress of the Party - to raise money

work at each workplace, the team found a new form of self-control over the quality and efficiency of each operation. Each link in the integrated team every day in a special self-reports on the results and the quality of their work. It seems that this innovation is simple, but the output has surpassed all expectations. Of course, the team leader or worker filling the magazine, knows better than anyone else, with what quality of work performed. They did not record a lime estimate that tomorrow will be found fellow crew or technical supervision. And given the quality of their own, and the volume of work, people now began to understand more clearly why the front of summarizing the results of socialist competition was precisely this work and nobody else. While writing the daily observations presented to this or other services have stepped up and operation of engineering and technical personnel. After all, the master, foreman or the chief part is not very nice to know that one or another of their blunders daily recorded in the log.

Self-monitoring has shown how important it is to consider the psychological factors of production. Knowing that at the end of the day to yourself log the "self" results of his labor, the people, of course, tend to perform better entrusted to them more carefully monitor the quality of operations. The brigade no longer remember the case of someone to fulfill bad job or leave the workplace when there is an opportunity to put an extra brick, additional concrete cube, the meter casing. On the other hand, the magazine "self" gives anyone who has taken it in hand, a clear picture of the dynamics of production work for the day, week, month, quarter. In the complicated construction of the taiga "self" was the equivalent of a personal mark, which gave the effect is tested in the industry.

The team has grown Novick. In 1974 there were only twelve people. Now this is a very solid team building. Eighty people! But the core remains the same. New people, but the veterans pass on the glorious traditions of the BAM relay, helping to prepare young builders Novik.

Here's a little excerpt from my travel notebook, which I filled in the Department of Agitation and Propaganda Tynda Party Committee.

"In 1976 the brigade Novick VG nineteen culverts built, saving 542 man-days, provided the schedule of paving the way to the station Sivachkan Mogote, placing 51 and 42 kilometers zabalansirovav. Completed works of estimated value of 756,000 rubles in terms of 610,000 rubles. Generation was 14 000 rubles per person, which is 5000 more than the average for the management of "BAM system way", ".756 thousand rubles a year! That's how much capital investment has mastered in the first year of Tenth Five brigade of Hero of Socialist Labor Vladimir G. Novick.

In the "Guidelines for the Development of National Economy of the USSR in 1976-1980" tasked "Proceed to the formation of the South Yakutian territorial-production complex. To build a railway line Tynda-Berkakit. Expand Construction Neryungri coal mine, processing plant and power plant Neryungri. "

The establishment of such complexes, the best method of development of the North. Experience has shown that a single economic organism, consisting of interrelated and complementary enterprise allows efficient use of natural, material and human resources. In the near future peaceful settlement of the Yakut Neryungri be idiot with a population of one hundred thousandth. There will be an airport, long distance telephone system, residents will be watching some television programs.

And, of course, the creation of a new large complex, where the country will receive a coking coal, metal, apatite concentrate, and many other useful things, is inconceivable without the railway, which here is paving crew worker and a talented organizer Vladimir G. Novick. This person works on the very front line of socialist construction.

Roads ... rightly called the arteries of life. Even a small narrow path, which hardly disperse two deer, carefully recorded by surveyors, local maps, in Siberia and the Far East and they serve the people. A new road being built by Novick and his glorious work squad, opens a wide path to the treasures of Yakutia and the brightest page in the history of this spacious and rich land.

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