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Gil Paul Evstafievich

The engineer excavator Krivoy Rog Central Ore Mining and Processing Plant named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine, Hero of Socialist Labor

Gil Paul Evstafievich The rays of the morning sun just touched the working area, located about one hundred forty meters below ground level. Deep in the pit, where, under a rock, dimly gleaming on the slopes, occur beds of iron ore, has a solid shadow. Glancing through the dusty glass cockpit excavator on a high, cloudless sky, Paul Evstafievich sighed anxiously. Again, the day will not be stifled by the autumn. In hot weather the mine-very bad for the job, less frost and rain. From the hot metal as the air is heated in the oven. And wait in vain for a refreshing breeze of the steppe, here, in the deep horizons, it looks rare.

Paul Evstafievich regretted that the next shift, and when the engineer himself, and the drivers will have to dump a sweat in the steam room, fell not to him, and Nicholas Psyukalo. UT is able to operate the machine, perhaps, no worse than his foreman. But the nature impatient, impetuous. Will the eight hours conceived crew loading speed? If only I was not nervous. We need calm, cool, different and can be ruptured, do not calculate the force. Yes, and the heat hurt. He was an assistant to Valery Ryabokobyloy night shift work easier, but in the morning humming his feet and back ached. Frankly, going through. worried. It was necessary, says, squeeze everything out of the car. And another to show what it can, set the tone for all the changes of the brigade.

When the last 75-ton BelAZ, received his "portion" or five buckets of rock moved from the area, Gil stopped the backhoe and ran down the steep steps to the ground. There waiting for him with Alexander Lyubitsky mate, chief career.

Well, give, Evstafievich! He said notes of admiration, shaking his hand. - Congratulations on a great start! So many rocks as you Valery twists for this change, some for the whole day and not do. Drivers of trucks and they are surprised ...

- The first tank attack repelled! - Gil smiled, raised his hand to his visor cap. He likes to repeat the expression.

And indeed there is something similar to the attack, when the excavator to the right and left moving one after another, multi-ton dump trucks, they only have time to load, and heard a continuous roar of powerful engines.

- Maybe someone today, as if Nicholas Manza, doubted whether all clean for you?-Sly wink Lyubitsky, knowing that the joke is the best remedy for fatigue.

- If you are willing, so be it, giving him a change of ... About the event at the plant recalled with a smile. Manza disgrace driver with all the people. In fact it is one of those about whom they say the sky with the stars is not enough. A boast pokurazhitsya - master. One brigade of miners honored Gil for first place in the competition. So Manza in the break in the circle of smokers brazenly declared:

- In greenhouse conditions each own way to set records! Give me a place Gil, I assure you, more of loading ... It got him bragging to Paul Yevstafyevich. He was just going on vacation. Asked the head of the site:

- Let me Manza work together

machinist ...

He did it with kindness, with no intent. Just wanted to convince his neighbor that works in the same terms as he did. And he readily agreed: they say, there is finally an opportunity to show themselves. But having worked only three shifts, was in the office of the mine.

- More on this excavator will not go, 'said obidy. with notes, I've had enough! There's even a cigarette once, fingers and lips poobzhigal. Gape for a moment, so drivers trucks honking and shouting as the crazy ...

And he fled, unable to bear the load, a familiar team of Paul Yevstafyevich and worked with her drivers. Rumors about the embarrassment of Nicholas Manzi quickly spread throughout the areas. Sharp language machinists continually pestered him

"Share-ka secret, gave a record ..." We had him on a smoke break gossip lover, blushing, to avoid meetings.

- I think Evstafievich, Lyubitsky-smile, 'there is hardly another such a seeker of "greenhouse conditions". Escape Manzi was a lesson and he himself and all those who took into question your results. Though envious, perhaps, is ...

- Is this bad?-Gil said. - I have always envied kindly to those who know how to work better, who have a strong-willed character. You, by the way, too ...

Once Gil and Lyubitsky almost simultaneously started machinists excavators. But Alexander did a few years later in the correspondence department of the institute. After the defense of the diploma of mining engineer was appointed head of the site in a career, then went up a notch. Paul also Evstafievich three years pored over textbooks, it was necessary to finish high school. But to apply to college is not dared: assailed by doubts, not whether the lessons from work on the excavator. Yes, and did not think to go somewhere with a post driver. However, re-read almost all books on the institute's program constantly monitors the technical innovations in the industry. So for professional knowledge, perhaps, will not give the engineer. He Lyubitskim, as before, close friends. Often consulted, together brain, how to increase the extraction of ore, with complete dedication to use the mining equipment. And then argue, defending their right to equal.

And this time, Alexander was the first with whom Gil shared his idea to ship the team over the last month five hundred and fifty thousand cubic meters of rock, two and a half times the industry average rate. Both are understood:

It is not facetious. Such productivity nobody has been able to reach the mines of the country. Therefore, together again and again weighed all the details, verifying calculations Yevstafyevich Paul, over which he himself is not one day puzzled. Although the team and previously worked on a special calendar, each day and a half times, and even exceeding the double task now was to sharply step forward.

In the evening, before a change in career was going to a "consultation":

First Secretary of the District Party Committee Zhovtnevyi Kvartyuk Vasily Mikhailovich, Director of Plant Oleg Hropko, Party secretary Nikolai Efimovich Pugach, and engineers. Approaching midnight. Despite the late hour, came machinists surrounding areas, with the curiosity of the first results expected.

Such a "formality" somewhat embarrassed by Paul Yevstafyevich. It even lights burn brighter than conventional lights. But as soon climbed into the cab excavator, including the management of all extraneous forgotten. The car was obedient, as if divined his thoughts. Tipper approached, clearly maintaining the agreed interval. Total minute and a half-filled and body. A few more seconds and vosmikubovy bucket truck falls over the other ... The team uses a long way to loading, respectfully called the "Christmas tree", its original "pattern" of penetration slaughter. And that's a lot of wins.

Typically, in a mine near the excavated area is left for one truck. But just try to quickly withdraw from the boom-laden car, put the following in its place. No matter how hard you try, leave plenty of time. Oh, and nervous, had happened, Paul Evstafievich, waiting with a raised bucket until BelAZ unfold to "patch"! In the hearts of drivers cursing, blame them though, perhaps, it was not for that. I felt so further work impossible. Was asking such a simple conclusion-ended a car on either side of the excavator and load them one by one. But how to carve a place for them? A strip of chipped rock blasters narrow-what-is thirty to thirty-five meters. It did not disperse. However, it can be twice as wide as face, talked the foreman. Then the site will be enough space. And the designers for the slaughter of more spacious. Consulted with the engineers. The next block drillers already prepared to his order. Began test. And soon the rumor spread on mine: Gil came up with some sort of "Christmas tree" and dump loads twice as fast.

Gil Paul Evstafievich Neighbors admired, machinists, watching the work of his team, but he still was not quite satisfied. I was looking for, in what sequence to disassemble the unit of mass exploded to a new way to give greater effect. After all, if you crash into the "breast" as a horrible slaughter, falling into a dead end, even for a single truck can not find a number of convenient places. We'll have to put it behind him. And you'll knock about: bucket filled with four to five seconds, but for now let perenesesh unload the rock in the back, leave a good half a minute.

- As we dance, from the threshold to a desk or on the window to the stove - jokingly turned to Gil machinists of his brigade.

However, pondered various options penetration slaughter. Traced on paper, then tested on the site. I wanted to, as they say, to kill two birds:

and that the site for "Christmas trees" had all the time, and the closer it was to wear to the dump bucket. A successful solution was found immediately. Now-a-Evstafievich Paul, and everyone in the team with their eyes closed will show in what order it is more convenient to take the reservoir, where and how put the car, but first worked with the drawing. skills, skill came gradually. And who would have previously believed that only a half minutes you can download a full five-bucket truck. In normal times, then released three times: Make sure it is quite possible. The new pace of work was involved the whole team. He is considered usual and normal for themselves not only the team leader and a veteran climber Peter S. Bogdan, but the younger guys, Nikolai Psyukalo, Basil Ferapontych Cold ...

The first hour record for flying watch Gil imperceptibly. In the heat of the race trucks with drivers, and kept advancing on his heels, forget about time. Suddenly a voice in the dynamics of uchetchitsy:

- Paul Evstafievich an hour you have loaded the 1250 cubic meters ...

- Do not be! .. Count, please, once again.

It was unbelievable: the figure was too high. But after a few minutes, confirmed: "Mistakes do not. That's right. " He smiled to himself, Paul Evstafievich. Good news, as if a fresh breeze, added strength. He passed the second hour-development is even higher: 1270 cubic meters ... Only in the morning the pace a little sleep. Looks like drivers are tired, and he is so tired. But in general, was satisfied: a night three interchangeable assignments. To sustain a whole month since! .. In one of those hot, stressful days, I managed to talk to the drivers of transport crews working here. The mood was buoyant at them, even though everyone got it, perhaps, no less than the crews of the excavator. Before the dumps, which carried the rock, close-kilometer and a half. But the road from the quarry, not asphalt. Cars are loaded with all the time in the mountain, sometimes it is difficult to miss. But consider the time in seconds. Hesitated, stuck on the road, is an emergency. But ...

- Work with a team-Gil is a pleasure, 'said Nicholas P. Fisher, a first-class master., I would have given the order for their kids' Christmas tree'. Loads quickly, no your turn. We make almost twice as much a walker than the other drivers on adjacent sites. Of course, we have the discipline-walk, no time to cool off ...

Vladimir T. Globa, Brigadier powerful drivers of trucks BelAZ549, said:

- We have nine cars, and the volume of traffic they replace fifteen. All drivers are experienced and diligent. But not in this case. We strongly lucky for a long time working with the team of Paul Yevstafyevich. You know, he somehow managed to solder in a team, a single fist the whole chain, explosives, drillers, energy, and us drivers. Every soul is sick for the overall result. Of course, the Labour ...

And Paul himself Evstafievich, talking about the affairs and concerns of his team, explained:

- Do you think we have gone on record for the sake of fame? No. And not for the long rate. Ashamed of my soul, that the miners were in debt to Krivoi Rog ore mining, as now required the national economy. It is easy to find an excuse to say: lack of mining equipment and transport. Of course, if the mines ore processing plants dvadtsatikubovye excavators, 180-ton dump trucks, which tested the samples, we have stepped away. But when all these cars come to us! And since today is lacking shovels, trucks, a one-way in full force to use whatever is available. So we decided to see what is capable of engineering. And another show. In addition, much faster than a large open bed of ore, it will go to the blast furnaces, open-hearth furnaces. Is it unimportant? The team gave the word to the current five-year plan to ship the jobs over a half million cubic meters of rock. So it is necessary to fulfill the obligations ...

I asked Gil, much time was spent on preparing for the impact of this watch. He was thinking about something, and then replied, smiling slightly:

- Consider a good twenty years ... I confess I was once the most lagging team ...

Like ... do not compare to the importance of dismantling the empty dump out of the pit to the extraction of ore. In the dumps and equipment are usually sent to worse, and people came to those who have less experience. And then there is congestion, there was nowhere to take the breed. In his career began to choke. The reason? Brigade excavator worked carelessly. I had to hastily make a match for the management of mine back from the face of the best foremen. However, there were not wanting. In one of those days went to the head of a young driver career.

- Send me a foreman. I promise to fix the situation, ...

It was Paul Gill. Head of Career liked his courage and determination. Although feared: on the shoulder to be such a burden? Man, that just two years in the mine engineer, working on the dumps he did not have. Although quenching was even earlier. By Komsomol went to raise the virgin lands in Kazakhstan, he worked on one of the mines Krivbass. And here, at the mine, starting bulldozer, quickly rose on a par with the masters. And Nicholas Podvalyuk, Brigadier Gil, usually stingy with praise, speaks well of him: "I hope Paul will manage. He was persistent, not afraid of difficulties, is able to rally the people around her. I worry when I leave it for myself. " People in the brigade, which had then run Evstafievich Paul turned out to be good. Just some lost faith in themselves, others need to brush up thoroughly. At first he was confused: knowledge, experience in that time have been very little. And then there is nothing but trouble-excavator fails, then sags outhouse-road, you can not take wagons with a load. However, it is gradually adjusted. Together with his people carried away by the leader of the experiments, searching for how to better organize the work. Together, learning, gaining experience. What else he took Paul, it's a personal example. Could in a difficult moment and change seats on a bulldozer, and substitute mate change. The following year, the brigade, which was previously considered hopeless, its an old chetyrehkubovym excavator took in the dumps one million cubic meters of rock. Reached production, while unheard of here. Next year, that no new step. Already half a million cubic meters is not considered as their "ceiling".

Go where the harder to take the heaviest burden is in the nature of Gil. By nature he was an innovator. Easy way trodden by others, he just did not like. When the get to know him better, pobeseduesh with people who are said to be with him a peck of salt eaten, admire his will power, perseverance, constant feeling of dissatisfaction reached. "If not me then who?"-This is his life-principle. Today, for example, are unlikely to hear from any of the miners' bad word about the main ore mines toiler-vosmikubovom excavator EKG-8I. It has long been seen many: the car reliable, high-performance, however, like the hands of the wizard. And there was a time when the crew, accustomed to easy, simple to manage, "chetyrehkuboviku" abandoned her. Formulation was only half its design capacity, even lower than the old. "I do not fit this backhoe for the solid rock," quick-sentencing.

- I do not believe that the car is bad - said Gil Party Committee Secretary-Kachalovu. And I want to prove ...

- Well, we will give you such a commission as a young communist, Ivan Timofeevich.-supported, looking for a reliable guys.

Has a brand new car the team had just arrived from the Izhora plant. Guys, Ivan Repin, Adam Tsalko, Nicholas crept Esko-energetic, under a foreman. Burned more experience in the backhoe. First, however, were alone at the face of failure. All are accustomed to the old machines, where the cabin to the ground, and then sit on the seven-meter top bunk. Yes, and control of a different design. In a word, they repeated the same flaws as its neighbors. That bucket is not filled, then the load is flying past the body. "Not him, and we ourselves need to put" two ", Brigadier-distressed. What he was particularly worried about? If you come across large blocks of rock, they did not take the bucket, turned away. Mount, then it is not hard, rack and pinion, as in the old excavator, a rope. It is for this and disliked its machinists' is turning his head like a skittish horse. "But the blame should have been especially drillers, explosives, through whose fault it turned out a lot of" oversize "-the very ashlars and boulders. then visited Gil at the main engineers and drillers in the brigade, arguing: culling is necessary to prepare better. and ice, as they say, began to move. Soon, they brought the car at full capacity. Almost all the mines came Krivoi Rog miners learned how to "curb the restive horse."

Breaking of ore formations, the brigade Paul Yevstafyevich two five-year period, nine and ten, bloat their whole mountains excavated rock, 24 million cubic meters. But open access to tens of millions of tons of ore. And by tradition, that no year is a new record. "No, once we failed, - says the foreman. - Supply vessels brought. Almost four days there was no fuel. In the midst of the work had to stop ... "According to the designers of the machine can be loaded in a year and a half million cubic meters of rock, and they have long since crossed the two and a half million.

Once invited to Moscow, Minister of Steel Ivan Pavlovich Kazanets group of the best excavator industry. He was among them, and Gil. When a colleague heard that his team is going for a year in the load dump 2.6 million cubic meters of rock, few people believed it. Sounded remark: "Looks like there is in the south of the excellent facilities. Had we tried ... "He had to assure that their mine too easy mined ore. Increasingly, it raised beds at a depth of three hundred meters. Rocks are difficult to blow up and shipping. Especially goes for drivers trucks. And the miners are taking skill, wit. He talked about his "Christmas tree". And that gives them a team contract, work closely with drillers, motorists, power engineering ...

The news of conferring the title of Hero of Socialist Labor for outstanding labor achievements caught Paul Yevstafyevich in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. In between meetings of the XXVI Congress of the Party, whose delegate he was congratulated by his friends and acquaintances. Telegram from Krivoy Rog. The boys reported that the team every day and a half times been ahead of a production target. And it is in the thaw, the roads!

- Report of the Central Committee, delivered by Leonid Brezhnev, the whole atmosphere of the Congress-miner recalls, 'cause we have an unprecedented burst of energy. Then I saw a breathtaking majesty of his five-year horizons. One can not help thinking: what is the same as my personal contribution to this, if all provisions are using? Very glad to hear about the high award. Understand that it requires to work much better than before.

Basil ... The team Vasiltsova Gil arrived at the most "appropriate" time. In a change of team leader, hardworking people, but a bit arrogant, proud. Next door was broken excavator, dump trucks and everything, too, moved out to him. A Vasiltsov in haste drove his car into "niche", fussed, but it was slow. The line grew. Climbing into his cabin, Gil offered to adjust to the load, "Herringbone."

- Do you see me now not to experiment!, He replied acidly.

- Do not get excited, Vasily Antonovich, - soothed him Gil.-You have so many transportation-just right on the "Christmas tree".

After some thought, Vasiltsov agreed. Paul Evstafievich chose a place where overtaking excavator showed him how best to put on both sides of trucks, in which order to ship. "Apprentice" was intelligent. Work has begun to boil. And all vehicles at once melted. Before the end of the shift, he loaded trucks instead of twelve of his six. And the next day, his truck is already ordering more than usual, Vasiltsov boasted: "I want to Guillem measure themselves ..."

Paul Evstafievich was pleased with the outcome. So, no wonder went to a neighbor. One day we were talking in the party committee, why most teams poorly acclimatized news, best practices. He then frankly, bluntly stated:

"Poor people learn." In fact, sometimes it comes in a delegation team drivers. Only a few minutes, as sightseers. The mere appearance that a school of excellence. A man needs to explain, to convince him that favor innovation promises. Otherwise there will be a little confusing. He even used to think: you have to go to the team itself, especially to those who are lagging behind. Shared his idea with members of the party committee. There was no objection. Soon after this form of learning "legalized" in the plant. Paul Evstafievich visited many parts of the crews of excavators. Usually does not come "for a minute." Sensibly explains what's what, and if necessary, and he sits at the controls. When a remote mine formed Petrovsky "Park your vehicle" is not a time to miners, revealing layers of ore in a new career, so Gil stayed there for a week, teaching young drivers. He believes that if the matter does not treat formally, but with a soul will always be a good trail. And joy to him that more and more miners crews worked yesterday in the old way, go for the pace-makers.

Trust is one of the basic principles of Paul Yevstafyevich in relation to young workers who come to the brigade. "Do so, he argues, 'that man with the first step to believe in themselves and in you. Be with him kindness, sincere, demanding, and then it will be a real worker. " His team were working and moral hardiness, many miners and became world-class masters. A few guys at different times been asked to lead the other team. So gone Ivan Repin, Ivan Zimerman, Adam Tsalko. Then they brought out their best teams in the. Talk about them with respect to the plant. After graduating from the institute, worked as deputy chief engineer of the mine, Yuri Serbia, too, the local graduate. Vladimir Babenko, a recent work, promoted to foreman. People grow up ...

In a driver's helper, as an errand boy. Sometimes, passes two to three years, and he still did not undertake their own behind the wheel. Gil considers it an unforgivable mistake. He has a rule: a little boy who made himself sit in my chair and show what iron oxides hydroxides. A self-close: at the right moment to advise, help. It is no accident, you see, the team can manage all the helpers shovel. Not so long worked as an assistant at St. Paul Yevstafyevich, returning after serving in the army, Valery Ryabokobyla Komsomolets. But at all times ready to replace Paul Yevstafyevich, ship rock like a real driver.

And the first steps were given a hard time.

- I was afraid, as it does not damage the truck, Valeriy.-recognized dial-bucket rock, but his hamstring shaking. And poured directly on the ground. Another time, again ... Paul Evstafievich calm: they say, who initially do not happen. Of course, he noticed that I was scared, but did not submit. And the next day when I too was in the cab, he suddenly whet the heel of the bucket on the board of the car. Sparks fly as much.

- Must be the same as fluff!, He shook plechami.-Well, Valerie, now sit in my place. We make a couple of scherbinok on board, but you learn to load ...

And then I was seized with some mischief. Poured a bucket, the second one. Well! .. I guess Paul Evstafievich cherkanul then purposely dump a bucket of ...

Although hot ... there were days at the mine, once I found Paul Yevstafyevich rayispolkomovskom in office. He was deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. And no matter how busy at work, there are special days and hours when voters are taking. This time his face was tired, came directly from the change, having just washed so wear a festive costume.

The first to come into the office two elderly men. Worriedly told that they are asking on behalf of the villagers Zarechny. It is difficult to get out into the city. Buses run often, people are often late for work. To get to the city shop, studio, pa-mail, too, leaving plenty of time. carefully listened to them, promised to intercede in the Deputy Mayor of the City, 'added 1toby buses. The woman, timidly crossed the threshold, he learned right away. Eighteen months ago, her son, a teenager, was arrested by police for the act of hooliganism. The mother, as it turned out badly dealt with his upbringing. The boy grew up without supervision, dropped out of school. The case could end badly. Finding out if all the circumstances at the request of the neighbors of the family, Paul Evstafievich imbued with paternal care about the fate of a teenager. At his suggestion, the boy went to vocational school. There he was determined to an experienced mentor, help to find a profession miner. Now his mother is happy that his son "come to his senses." And then she came to thank the deputy for his kindness ...

During the break, Gil shares observations:

- Many users are not concerned with personal issues. They come to defend the interests of the enterprise, the collective, for assistance in helping someone at work. And then just because they can not be indifferent to what they saw shortcomings, the facts of mismanagement, moral flaws. I'm always glad when people have not seen the philistine principle of "none of my business," and an active position. Look at how many topical issues raised by voters.

He opens a thick book with the inscription: "The Diary of a deputy ..."


In the Palace of Culture ... the miners came across image: a big chorus on stage dressed in costumes. Maybe it would not pay attention to it, but in the foreground, at the microphone, arms outstretched enthusiastically sang ... Paul Evstafievich.

- Our soloist-guessing my surprise, said Nicholas L. Chuvakov, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee kombinata.-So singing Ukrainian songs, hear them! He was always on the "encore" cause.

Love for singing was born in Geel long time ago, in early childhood. Probably passed on from father and mother. And a voice, too. The family they had a big-six brothers and two sisters. We lived in the village of Volyn Olesky, at the very border with Poland. He remembers how the war partisans kovpakovtsy standing nearby in the woods, singing "Katyusha", and he was a boy of six, singing along, too, sitting next to Batya, who played the violin. Was poor at home and in the early postwar years. If the table appeared plenty of bread, was a festival-like singing. Among the first to take the farm, and life has become better. Paul went to school. He was the fourteenth year, when the family moved to Krivoy Rog. Dad and older brother had gone to work at the mine, which required strong hands. Sometimes, homes will meet in the evening the whole family, my father would take his violin and pour intimate song.

In the chorus of miners, who wears the title of People, Gil performs for many years with his wife, Lyudmila E.. The eldest daughter, Valentina, a student, plays the accordion, guitar and singing on stage. And the six-year Natasha is drawn to the music.

Have Paul Yevstafyevich another passion-cooking. Looks, too, became involved with the child. Often had to help her mother in the kitchen-eaters in the house, it was a lot. But now his wife


- We conclude this shift, and inviting, Pavel, our guests, wink-driver Peter Bogdan, an old friend of his crew who dropped out to complete the stroke, I missed mesyats. I Volyn tasty borscht and potato "pancakes" ...

In the morning, when the results were already known, the slaughter was the entire team. Happy: on-mountain last month issued 560,000 cubic meters of rock, even more than expected. There and then began a rally at the site. With the employment record congratulating the First Secretary of the District Party Committee, director of the plant. The girls presented flowers. Paul Evstafievich leaned to the bouquet. Oh, the smell of roses in the pit!

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