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Visotskis Eugenijus Kazevich

Assistant Master Silk Factory named after P. Zibertasa, Hero of Socialist Labor

Visotskis Eugenijus Kazevich He brought in a hotel room a fat briefcase and began to get letters, diplomas, certificates ... Soon they will fill the entire table, then the window sill. Countless documents, and the differences that were cast in gold embossing on the leather-bound, it was a brightly colored box of drawing paper. Was the same thing: name and surname of their owner.

While I was looking through the whole pile, he Eugenijus Visotskis sat on a chair, relaxed and smiling eagerly explained. He was not tall, Ladin, a little plump face with regular features breathed complacency. And the fact that it seemed to me at least strange (such as the differences are not taken to demonstrate ...), suddenly made sense. Visotskis sensibly reasoned much easier to show than tell. So I opened a little peculiar Visotskisu trait: natural. "Are you interested in my life? Here are all the letters, the differences of the order. Look, please. " Meanwhile, Star of the Hero of the so-pristine shine in the moire boxes that could be seen: if it was attached to the jacket, it was only on the day of delivery,

First acquaintance with the contents of the portfolio has put me in amazement. And I was amazed not numerous certificates for good work. The man became a Hero of Socialist Labor. Amazed else: excellent results at all for whatever it was taken sorokasemiletny smiling people.

First place in competitions in shooting with a pistol and a rifle in the hurdles, in the chess championship of the skiing and cross country competitions in the voluntary fire brigade ...

It was not a competition-wide have been here and republican championship, and district, and even the shop-but in their diversity. And if only good sport! From the letters it was clear that he was a soloist Eugenijus Visotskis amateur ensemble of folk song and dance, and as such has successfully performed not only in Kaunas, but also in Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad, Minsk, Vilnius, Vitebsk. And Eugenijus studied. This is eloquently testified diplomas.

In 1973 he enrolled in an evening of creativity and technical University in 1975 with honors from the Faculty of Textile finishes in 1977, also with honors from the Faculty of communist education and guidance for young people, in 1978, an evening high school. And before that, the judges courses in athletics, sport shooting ...

Vague assumption has crept into my soul:

- Are you married?

- Well, of course ...

- And the children?

- Son of sixteen, daughter of fourteen.

Trying to explain the phenomenon, which certainly represented an Visotskis, assistant master of Kaunas Silk Factory named after P. Zibertasa collapsed! .. In Visotskisa it was "like men": work, home, family. And all that are piled on a table, and that only as a talent, it was impossible to name! Yes, here again, the same evening Eugenijus listed me all his public duties. The list would take a good half a page, and all were of this kind, where the words will not get off. When he has time? "Iron Man"-and then tell me about Eugenijus his former pupil, the shift Algimantas Paukshtis.

"And the trouble-free!", Adds another student, dark-haired warrior Petras Astraytis.

"Man of the Future"-characterize Visotskisa Party secretary, who had seen a lot in his lifetime a war veteran Moses M. Yakovlev. But all this later, but that night we sat up late at the hotel and said I was a sailor ways, roads and icy winds of high latitudes, a broad-Visotskis oak, the farm, smelling of grass and flowers, where he was born and raised. ..

Familiarity with unusual people, whose name has already managed to draw a bright trace in the minds of citizens, led me to believe: the heavier the cargo, which the circumstances of falls on the shoulders of the people in childhood and adolescence, the steeper was their growth into adulthood.

As Visotskisa, then tempered his life in the crucible out of which only a very nepokoroblennymi whole of nature, gifted, moreover, the nature of a good heart ...

Father Eugenijus, Kazis Visotskis, rotten from the youth, then became a soldier, and having served, received a modest office in county Kedainiai. Forester relied small plot of land, and became Kazys with his young wife, and comely krepkoteloy Stas, uprooted stumps, obihozhivat not very affectionate to people, the land plowed by glaciers ... Children were born, the firstborn Vatslavas, then Eugenijus, Kazis. State-owned housing was getting close. They began to build a house. And again, his hands Kazis and his wife.

In 1940, when the new government came, Kazis accepted her unconditionally. Finally, you can straighten your back, not to think with anxiety of a piece of bread ... Eldest son was destined to high school, preparing for another elementary school.

The war messed up the plans. A few days after the arrival of the Germans in the house Kazys knock. "Get ready!" Someone reported that the forester was friendly with the Soviets. He was taken to the city, locked up in jail.

One had to live. Especially since the family came fourth son, Stasis. Again, banged the ax began to rise the walls of an unfinished house. And then a new problem: the invaders were all healthy enough men to send to work in the Reich. Turn came Kazys Visotskisa. At night, at the first stop on the train, he broke the bars and escaped to the partisans. In 1944 came the release. In his native village Glaushey Kazys choose Apilinkovogo chairman of the Council, he tirelessly helped to build a new life, persuades, explains ... One day in late autumn, he went from house to house to collect warm clothing for the soldiers of the Red Army. And that night at the terrible news has raised people's feet.

Kazis was found on the outskirts of the village. Nearby lay a bloody ax ... Neighbors helped the widow as best they could, but they themselves almost nothing. Rescued Obelis river. The brothers were caught in the spring of linear, roach, and sometimes managed to catch pike. In a forest full of mushrooms, strawberries in the meadows Is Red ... But the bread was lacking. Sometimes a week or crumbs ...

Came the winter, frost painted the windows. In severe frosts had to sit at home, had no shoes. Still Eugenijus, finishing elementary school, begged her mother, he was determined in the first grade school. Every morning he woke up with the lark, and walked in darkness for ringing from the cold pools of six kilometers to a neighboring town to study.

One flew away from the shoe outsole. Mother son shod in wooden klumpy. Eugenijus still remembers how he was putting his feet under the desk. He was afraid that laughed.

Study in high school became too much for too-strained mother. And in 1949 Eugenijus went to Kaunas, goes to trade school. At the time the order at the school was almost military. Lights out, the rise-all as it should ... Entertainment is not enough, though Kaunas is not set, is where to go, what to see ... But even in the museum for free artisans were not allowed. About the movie and say nothing. And in another corner of the street lights shone Gedemin, girlish voice rang white high rise building. "Kauno audinyay" Kaunas-tissue. Silk-weaving factory was one of the few companies in Kaunas, who worked in these difficult post-war years.

Visotskis Eugenijus Kazevich In the evening, when the dimly lit street, whispering under the chestnut trees and a couple of sheet metal rolled leaves on the pavement, Eugenijus it seemed only there to "Kauno audinyay" real life. Perhaps, then came a dream: to learn and to become an assistant foreman at the factory. In this dream he had never parted. And then, when winter has once again went to visit my mother and brothers and eighteen kilometers from the station went to the house, buried in deep snow, and when, after graduating from college and began working as a mechanic in the aviamasterskih. Get a job was not easy. Young people poured out of war-ravaged village in the city, and few companies ... Eugenijus left in Kaunas because Yakene aunt took care of, "You do not will occupy much space" (in a single room already lived four). At this time, on the outskirts, in Viliampole, began construction of a branch silk factory. But how to get there? Eugenijus lucky fellow he worked as a driver, drove himself Ilginisa, deputy director of the "Kauno audinyay." Ilginis promised to help, but either forgot, or subordinates who have not reported in any case, the head of personnel Visotskisu refused: "You are too small for the job. We have a building, should roll over the stones. " Eugenijus out into the hallway and saw that goes towards the tall, thin man. Ilginis! Eugenijus ran up, gave a statement. Deputy Director of the leaf leaned against the wall and wrote with a flourish in the corner "Checkout".

So Visotskis became a working factory. Revealed another trait of his character: persistence in achieving goals. And this, combined with the undoubted gentleness of nature.

The first post was more than modest: a maintenance worker. Georgia brick, shovel pit poured in cement mortar. After working wearily walked to the only bridge over the Neris River, dreaming of a plate of hot potatoes in the kitchen with Aunt Yakene. Worked for only eight months, and the call in the army. Serve had on the Volga, in the artillery unit.

- The service is not burdened? I asked Visotskisa.

- Oh, no. For more accustomed to the discipline in the craft, but there are good people everywhere. Besides, I had a second level in athletics, participated in all competitions ...

Two years passed quickly. In 1957 Eugenijus returned to the factory. Construction continued, but spoke, roared looms first phase-CHGSP-50. Now they are rare, and those who remember, and in that time they were considered almost exemplary. Initially he worked Eugenijus berdovschikom, three months after a student was an assistant master. Taught him Costas Sebestinas, production manager with the experience. He patiently pointed out the errors corrected, and yet most of the work of prevention tools instructed student. "Autonomy - the best teacher, and trust is the best stimulus," was fond of saying, Costas.

Looking at the Eugenijus and realizing that in front of him to be extremely intelligent guy, he gave him a working tool. "Do it yourself!" Eugenijus actually already worked as an assistant master, but he continued to be enrolled as a student.

Discipleship dragged on for two years. Evening and night shifts students took turns working in the shop, the morning at a construction site.

In 1958 the plant began to enter the French silk-weaving machines-machines "Diederiks." The most capable candidates for the assistant masters began to teach them to your device. Among the lucky ones was Visotskis. He was a selfless, sat up late over the notes. Whatever you say, but suffered from a lack of education. Just try to master automation scheme, if the formation of five classes! And yet he had learned. Moreover, he and two other disciples were entrusted to mounting the first "Diederiks." 275 machines, metal flashing, steel in a row in the weaving shop. Eugenijus Visotskis finally got his team.

The plant, though, and it employs over three thousand people, like a big family. Maybe because it is rarely laid off from here.

We talk with the secretary of the Party Committee of Yakovlev at the entrance to the plant. Near-surface-only pass is flowing Neris. Trees and grass have fled to the water, and therefore appears green river. It is like a belt, which girt red-brick Kaunas.

- You've come to the holiday-twenty-fifth plant. We started as a branch of "Kauno audinyay", and now an independent plant, carry the name of the Lithuanian revolutionary Zibertasa in 1966 received the Order of Red Banner of Labor. Do you know how many years were the first among related businesses? Ten! And this despite our young age!

The voice Yakovlev genuine pride. Combine it shows me thoroughly from the office of the assortment, which flow down from the walls of velvet and silk, to the control department, where the fabric is ready for carts that look like flower beds full of bright colors. Weaver's shop met the roar of hundreds of machines. Talking is difficult, and not what the word replaces the gesture. Up and down, up and down in a hurry heald frames, right-left, left and right rapidly shuttle race. "Diederiks" can be identified at once: on each side in a special cage with four shuttle weft of different colors, a stable slowly rotating yellow tape, punched card. Under her dictation shuttle falls into the gutter, and a new thread is woven into the base ... Among these automatic machines to thirty Visotskisa. His set, its service area. By the way, the industry norm of twenty-four machines.

- These are our veterans!, Screaming in my ear Yakovlev, patting stanku. We shall replace them highly productive! Hydraulic! But this prospect, and while "Diederiks" properly woven fabric, in which the merit of such craftsmen as Visotskis. His team published today in the night. Of the weavers that once worked with him in the shop only Yanchauskene Prana.

Prana at the plant 16 years, it became Eugenijus work as an apprentice, and then for twenty years she was in his team. Who-who, let alone Prana should be familiar Visotskisa. This I did and ask. And in response I hear:

- He told me how his brother home! This is not often hear. The very notion of "head" implies a certain distance. And suddenly, "brother home ..."

Something I clarified Lucia Grekavichene. First-class weaver, she now works in stock of finished goods (what to do, take their years ...). Lucius was much more talkative and Prana with undisguised pleasure, recalled:

- He's singing well. And dancing is fine! What kind of guy he was!-Lucia shook her mop of golden hair.

And as the foreman very fair. For example, talk away, you miss the marriage, he will remark. The second time will require an explanation, and hide in the table. Only in the third pass it on to authorities. And none of us did not take offense to it. I remember that Eugenijus son was born. Came running to us, "Girls, help me come up with the name" then the whole Lithuania thunder basketball Modestos Paulauskas, played for the Union. That was the son of Eugenijus Modestosom.

- And my wife did not mind?

- But she, before it become a

his wife, one team worked with us.

They had three sisters: It Anataliya and Irene ...

My old friend told me once: the first ship, like a first love, do not forget. Probably the same applies to the first team. So many years have passed, and Visotskis still remember all the names: She Bazinene, Praskovya money, Lucius Grekavichene, Prana Yanchauskene Mary Zhebzhekovene, Zosia Gembetskene. There was a youth, was a young enthusiasm, desire is always and everywhere be ahead. In 1960 he was the first at the plant, was awarded the title "Brigade of Communist Labor." In 1965, the weavers are committed to: serving five instead of four machines in the norm. It takes a little time-and five machines are becoming the norm throughout the shift, and then shop. "We were like a good tree, which grows when looking at him - recalls Visotskis., however, we all were and harder. Those who log in the eye and not notice, but we have every straw ... "

The next stage: six machines. Again, this is the norm not only the team, but all the weavers!

In the early sixties to the brigade come Ambrazaytite sisters. The first was the eldest, she. Then I had to pick up from the village of Irene, and Anataliyu-one-year parents died. I saw the photo in "Kai to ieaa": three laughing girls, all under the same headscarves, which knocked out from under the brown strands.

Anataliya well-performed folk dances, her partner became a brigadier. The pair turned out good: in 1963, and Eugenijus Anataliya were married. Young took care of the same Aunt Yakene: "Where five, six, and they fit ..."

Writing about Visotskise easy and difficult. It is easy because I have not heard about it a single bad word, good-writing is always a pleasure. But it is difficult because there is too much to combine.

I was convinced: the main thing that determines Visotskisa as an employee (and not just an employee ...), this dedication, work at the limits of spiritual and physical strength. They are said to "Lights on the job." At the same time thoughtful, even if you will, a rational attitude to the cause entrusted to the people. Work with maximum efficiency.

One of the best weavers and, despite his youth, "veteran" Regina Bakuchenene said when I asked why so eager girls in the gang Visotskisa "Visotskis spend ten minutes where another assistant master will need a whole hour." Indeed, Visotskis "hear" the machine. For example, one sound only flying the shuttle can identify the fault.

But this alone is not enough. Fundamental principle of successful teams Visotskisa and psychological climate, and made it, of course, he Eugenijus.

Signs of climate-tolerant (if we are talking about ordinary human weaknesses) and goodwill. How is this accomplished? The shift Paukshtis smiled slyly:

"Visotskis can ..." And in fact it turned out that there are no secrets here does not. Here's what he told me Eugenijus:

- It's just doing the same style shoes in all sizes. With a man should not.

The change has not yet begun, and I look to the weavers, look who the mood. That beckon to me: "Master, the machine does not go!" I perfectly see that the machine is OK, just a nervous woman. However, in order not to offend the weaver, go up a bit ... poreguliruyu And now the weaver has calmed down, went to meters ...

As if it's simple. But do not think that this simplicity came to Visotskisu immediately. Prana is said Yanchauskene: "He could fly out. Just moving away quickly ... "I think, has helped social work, which Eugenijus plunged his head, once crossed the threshold of the plant. But such activities unless it has not formally engaged, is primarily working with people and for the people!

When you recognize the situation, then you stop to wonder why the team for the ninth five-year Visotskisa completed six annual assignments, and for the tenth five-year-seven! In a good family and works well.

I found no special secrets and Visotskisa as an assistant master. Requiring that the weaver does not waste his time, he did not spend any gift of free minutes. No, let's say, for the prevention of work-machine, he grinds, rubs, preparing spare parts. Otherwise the assistant masters not dozoveshsya-Eugenijus always at work. And if you go away for a while, only when it is convinced that during his absence did not happen.

The highest diligence, good faith, again in conjunction with an inquisitive mind. Every now and then crumble wooden hull shuttle where the reception of the compensator. Compensator flew, and the result becomes unfit expensive unit. Visotskis offered at the site of damage to embed shellac needle and shuttle ready for use again! Such innovations have Visotskisa fifteen. They are all in place. And the introduction of only one device to inspect the shuttle valve receiving reduced the average annual simple machine for 54 minutes!

Being an assistant master it quite troublesome. Responsible not only for technology, it is half the battle, but also for the performance of a team plan for the expenditure of raw materials for the quality ...

That's why a student, no matter how able he may be, is above all an additional waste of time, which he, the master, and so to spare.

A Visotskis willingly takes pupils. And at the plant for more than two dozen specialists of different rank, his students. The same can be said of the weaver. For a quarter century, the team has repeatedly updated, and no one has ever heard of Visotskis objected to the transfer of a young inexperienced workers. "The tree should grow from an early age" - this is his expression. As he teaches his students let him tell you, past and present.

Petras Astraytisu twenty-nine years.

By Visotskisu he was, having served in the military emergency.

- I'm a little confused: machine-dark, and each should follow. But mind tried not to show. A Visotskis immediately understood. "Do not worry, do not you first." Dahl notes: "Teach and see what I'm doing."

If I did not understand something, stop the machine and explained in detail. And because we manufacture, and each stop-loss meters ... But two weeks later I was doing almost everything on their own work.

I listen to Petras and could not help thinking what a great thing after all: Continuity! After all, once almost as taught Eugenijus Costas Sebestinas!

There is something common in the fate of Petras and Eugenijus Visotskisa. The same life milestones: PTU-Army-mill, the same vigorous, full of life to failure. Astraytis people's assessor, member of the sports committee of the plant, the secretary of the Komsomol organization ... But if this is a repetition, then on another, more abrupt turn of the spiral.

Petras concludes the evening department of the Kaunas Polytechnic Institute and Vilnius Conservatory wife. Three years ago Astraytis joined the party. Recommendation gave him Eugenijus Visotskis. So pass the baton.

Astraytis master of the equipment at the plant for eight years. A work experience Rima Gudzinskayte just six months. She hails from Elektrenai, drowned in the green city electricians, near Kaunas. She graduated from vocational school and got into the team Visotskisa. - He often jokes. And as if not taught, and advises: "Look, maybe it is better?"-A huge gray eyes shine with Rima.

Soon, her silk meters speak about himself. As always the team. In addition to Rima in her two other graduates of vocational schools yesterday. Nevertheless, in the first quarter the team has produced over the plan 5700 meters of silk fabrics, and promised to meet annual target for November 7th!


The day of my departure, and Visotskis invited me to visit. Before that, he took me out of town. For some twenty minutes, the car "Lada" crossed the city, jumped on the highway, and soon we saw a long series of colorful houses on the banks of the Neris. 'Allotment plant. Houses were built with a fun fantasy, different from each other. And only at the site for housing Visotskisa was adapted extracted somewhere on the occasion of an old bus body.

- We ought to line up for a long time, but there is no time for the first time, complained Visotskis.-Yes, and for the car only a year as a paid ...

With a thud fell to the ground red apples, palms stretched out to the wet buds asters. A little way off talking to each other bronzovotelye slender pine.

- We come here as a family. It is better to rest you can imagine ... In the city drove in the evening. The sun hung above the spiers of cathedrals, gold, purple tiles on the roofs of the old city ...

- Beautiful! 'I said.

Visotskis readily agreed.

Alas, the house where he lived, the beauty did not shine. This was the area where the twin houses looked the same broad views of the flashes of pink sunset. And a flat Visotskisa was very ordinary: two adjacent rooms, bathroom with WC ...

Visotskis could move to better ones. Indeed, even before they get the Star of the Hero, he was awarded the Order of Labor Red Banner, Order of Lenin. Probably could, but only if he would not be Eugenijus Visotskisom ... However, the apartment was very comfortable, nothing poking, not struck the eye. The strict order. Only books on the shelves were piecemeal, not in order of size: a sure sign that read them. I looked closer: Donelaitis, Tsvirko, Salome Neris. Russian classics: one-volume edition of Gogol, Turgenev, Lermontov ... Anataliya caught my eye.

- I do not know about you, in Moscow, and in Kaunas, a good book ... She turned the hand, searching for the right word.

- Deficit-I suggested.

- That's it, the deficit! Anataliya hid in the kitchen. Of course, it is different from the perky girl in the photograph of two decades ago. Yet something kept ... Live view, smooth cheeks flushed. Dayvute helped my mother set the table, and listened intently Modestos the story of his father ("He's very sensitive of him could get a good doctor," said to me about it Visotskis). He told me how last year went to Cuba and Mexico. - Enrolled in a tourist group. And do not regret it. When I still will go to Mexico, I see the pyramids of the Aztecs and Mayans? A calm, benevolent atmosphere enveloped me in this house. And surprisingly it is in harmony with the clear, un-autumn warm evening outside. Three years ago, they were studied:

children in ordinary schools, the father in the evening, my mother-in economic college ...

In a good family and works well, once again I thought. When in March 1981 Eugenijus Visotskisu named a Hero of Socialist Labor, the plant was meeting.

If I had the honor to speak on it, I would have said anything that makes a Lithuanian worker Eugenijus Visotskis, is an example of how it should and must live person.

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