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Mahmoud Muydinov

Welder Tashkent factory of agricultural machinery named Voroshilov, Hero of Socialist Labor

Mahmoud Muydinov Thank you Azim Akramova: helping to meet with Mahmoud Muydinovym, perpetually busy man. Not a day of rest or at night or on weekends.

And here Saturday. Brig. In the neighboring area said: "Above us is not dripping!" Acute needs and really was not. The plant has long learned to work rhythmically, with the third plan in each decade, and now, too, was on schedule. But there was a harvest, the height of the cotton harvest, and / have been committed to 150 above-plan combines.

The team came all as one man. In neighboring areas, among other things, too. Roared the press, install cracked welding, Azim lifted up his finger, white-toothed smile:

"In processing!" Ran from welding to the guillotine, from there to the press, to the electric vehicle, in the course of adjusting the back of his hand unruly forelock.

Here I met with the foreman and his gang. And I realized why it took so friendly to the output jobs;

proposal came from the clean-Azim. Addition of the Azima, who was recently, it seems, almost by the hand, led her mother to the shop. The plant was the first time, looked around at the sides, not knowing anyone, but I knew that it employs the famous Brigadier Mahmood, aka Muydinov, which read in the newspapers.

- Son of mischief grows, complained ona.-I want the school was ...

- In the middle, or what?-Muydinov not understand.

- Why in the middle? In your. I read: "School Muydinova." That in and take ... And you, my son, I see myself still young, 'she added with a light-somneniem. something with my eyes, oh, what is needed in demand, grew up without a father. So accept?

The boy took the brigade. Azim foreman quickly "saw through": a kind, warm-hearted. With this, it seemed, everything will come down with it. And indeed: too late, not criticized, and second, the third time, too. Azim says: slept, they say, watch summed up. Nod in silence, just watching something in a special way: with regret that I ... And when it's time to get paid and do surprise: he that other, almost equally.

- I do not earn much. Muydinov shrugged his shoulders:

- So the team decided. Like replaced Azim: people are going to change, but he still works, albeit clumsily, but carefully, not counting the hours.

- Hey, you that crane beam for the checkpoint to make?-Cries Akmal Usmanov, the oldest team in the welder. Azim shrugs: no time! A couple of weeks, went to Muydinovu:

- All that's enough! More I can not! I do not have the forces to be equal to you. I'm going. Muydinov nod:

- Come on!

Over the entrance boarded the bus and straight home to Akramov. Mother alarmed: or that happened? The foreman assured: no, all right, and son, well done.

Over tea at a leisurely conversation told the woman about her life and times. About how a raised three children, about the difficult fate of the diseases that beset old age. Muydinov listened, nodded, glancing at Azim:

- Nothing but the good of children have grown. Son is over there as hero, and health-God forbid anyone. And, already leaving, threw casually:

- A mother is something you stronger, Azim ... And now this calling Azim work on weekends. How could a guy not to support the brigade, it does not reach the kind of Saturday. And when the dinner daily intake has been executed, the indefatigable proponent invited to stay for another couple of hours. The foreman agreed, but then came out of the party committee and said that Muydinova asked the Supreme Soviet of the republic. He went, and the evening was still meeting with members of the Komsomol Khamza district, where the "Tashselmash." He told them about the company, its team, which, of course, without a foreman, and completed his part of the job: so is the custom. But it was ... was and Muydinova point, which is still remembered with shame. The neighboring factory promised an apartment, and he thought: what if, indeed? .. And got burned by this thought, drove away. Although he lived in close quarters, with his wife's parents, where, and so do not turn around.

- What are thoughts?-Hatsrinov said the foreman. Learning surprised:-What are you silent? Surely you ordenonostsu not help.

- Because in silence, that order bearer. What people will say, labor glory in favor of a Muydinov pay?

- Why are you more than anyone, is entitled to have! Gregory Izrailevich.-angry-If we are veterans and the best people will refuse, worthless to our traditions.

Muydinov then really worked on the "Tashselmash" more than a dozen years, the team has created, in the Eighth Five-Year Plan fulfilled two personal plan, was elected a member of the Khamza District Party Committee, was awarded the "Badge of Honor." But it is not a turning point: considered inconvenient and stutter on the housing.

He was given an apartment in the same house with Boris Ephraim, a remarkable rastochnikom, head of the famous team of toolmakers. For Muydinova Efremov was a guide, the guiding star, perhaps, in understanding the working heights of skill. It seemed as if about to catch up, will be equal to the results, but Efremov went ahead and caught up again, Mahmoud, rejoicing in the success of a comrade, and learning from him.

In the ninth five-year period, both were in the country initiated the implementation of two five-year targets, and both kept their word: Efremov, in August 1975, Muydinov-September. Both were presented to the award. Efremov became a Hero of Socialist Labor, Mahmoud shone on his breast the Order of Lenin. Living in the neighborhood, a lot reinterpreted. Basically, of course, work. The wives were angry: but what, no other subject, as a plant? They laughed: No, of course.

- And are you talking about, Mamlakat, you say, when you come home?-Slyly asked Mahmoud zhenu.-alone and hear:

"Our team of" yes "our team" ...

- Yes, our team of your furnish all articles! Temper-jokingly replied Mamlakat Yakubovna.-Our girls are what work!, She once again called names podrug. AND our famous factory, and now even the union. Forgotten how he started on it?

- Hey, Mamlakat you all about the factory, but the Factory! Laugh-male-Other threads there as well?

Muydinov started really in the factory leather haberdashery goods. Discharged from the army, arrived in Tashkent, came to pass "Tashselmash" and ... retreated. The army was the driver, builder, and the plant required turners, fitters, welders ...

Understand the status of the rural boy, stunned the city, the grandeur of the huge factory depressed. He's just scared, Behold now, will go to the personnel department, and he will give the gate turn-bye, and a dream. Because "Tashselmash" was his dream, for others, space, science, sports ...

Mahmoud grew up on the farm Muydinov "Buttermilk Kaynar" Uzbekistan's Fergana region area. As with all military and post-war generation pore childhood was difficult. Boy from the Uzbek village of what to do, they do not clap? After school, went with hoes on the field, luschili in a cold school hall kurak-unopened boxes, hand-harvested cotton. Not an easy job, even for an adult.

And somehow there was a knock on the outskirts of the motor. On the main street of the village-street, closely furnished adobe hut, left cotton harvesters. This now stands in the factory museum, calling with respect to the veteran, and a sense of wonder: could on such imperfect machines work? ..

But for them it was first seen in reality combine, and the boys ran after him along the dusty road till the fields, where the miracle machine itself (sama!) picking cotton. And on the side of the field crying tears of joy she's elderly, long-standing dream farmer, became a reality.

Mahmoud Muydinov Since then, ill Mahmud this amazing machine. Where is it doing? In Tashkent. And what works? "Tashselmash." Who produces it? Perhaps a special strength and knowledge people? No, I answered him, the same standard as everybody else. Here, too, grow up and be able to do harvesters. The boy closed his eyes and imagination carried him far into the future, to dream.

Probably because it was a real dream, which determined the whole of it. Life, it not only attracted, but also frightening. Having obtained a passport, has been completely assembled in Tashkent and decided not to. I went to the construction site. Then he served in the Army. And the second time he could not overcome his shyness, cross-through treasured.

A factory leather haberdashery working hands were needed. And there he went boldly, young and hungry for business. There, and his wife found a profession and as if to your liking. But it worked for a year and filed a letter of resignation. I went to the factory "Tashselmash."

From the very first question blushed. "Is there a technical profession?" - "No." - "Do not worry, you will learn." He walked down the main avenue, lined with cars of different brands, and grew cold at the thought that will be involved in their manufacture. Let not this sounds exaggerated, as he walked to the main cause of all life. We met him not to say that heat.

- A healthy boy, and do not understand, left-brigadir.-Why do we need it, Romanovitch? The entire team will pull back. As on the cheek hlestanulo Mahmoud these words. Cool turned ...

- Stop! Master Ivan Morozov, R. gripped him by the ruku., not dope! Not what anyone says, you do muzhchina.-And the foreman shouted:-Know what to talk. These are the lads, we change, they must be taught, not shame.

- Well, get up here, I suppose, look ... change!, growled the foreman, but even good-naturedly.

There would be just to write that work on a metal part of the press-blanking shop Mahmoud Muydinov managed quickly, once found himself in the case, the brigade did not disappoint. But what was not, what was not. And it is difficult to enter, and the brigade pulled back, and burned by welding, and the uncountable abused his master, because it does not want to steel sheet in his hands to bend to fit, fit with other parts flew into the corner, a bunch of marriage. Here is one of the main lessons of that time:

never reproach a man of his inability. One ran to the site tabelschitsa:

- Mahmoud Muydinovich and brother on you the entrance waiting.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise: what- a brother?

At the entrance to it stepped a man in the a soldier's tunic:

- Hello, my brother, I'm your brother from Fergana, Gafurov Ibrahim. That's right out of the army, to you. I read a lot about you. Take in the team?

- And that you know how? The soldier threw up his hands: nothing. He almost said "no," but caught himself. Brigade, and the truth, the people at that time were not needed. But hope shone in his eyes a guy, and Mahmoud Muydinovich said yes, we take. He remembered how once met himself, not to repeat the bitter lesson. Ibrahim, cheerful, sociable, skill-zero, but the spirit is not falling, he tries. The team has removed Muydinova was "average", but soon became the norm, and a novice to perform, and then more. And then shall submit an application.

- I will go home in the village will work, there will be easier to go to college. The idea is this.

- The idea is good, agreed-brigadir.-alone application, take away from here, from the factory to do. At the Institute Ibrahim "failed" and went black as thunder. Repeating: leave.

- Hey, soldier! Angry, always calm Muydinov.-You are my brother called himself, but what are you brother, if difficulties from the first limp! Stop whining, soldier, or take off your shirt, it does not suit you.

PRINTS-scolded, but also helped. Muydinov by the time the Higher Party School in Tashkent, finished in absentia and pulled a guy doing it. A year later, Ibrahim went to Mechanics Polytechnic Institute. But back to the initial lines of the biography of the factory foreman. Of course, it helped. However, the character was a guy with a nearly-two changes in the workshop conducted and sheet metal work mastered, and welding, and for the press, and a guillotine to get up and learned to drive electric trolley, and debugging tools.

- Why do you want?-Shrug-Akmal Usmanov. Our business know-STI but welded metal, others will do the rest.

- And that does not depend on others. Why should I waste time, if, say, pressman or ill serviceman. Minute by minute-clock run over.

Of course, then, in the early 60s, there was talk about the development of related professions, and the same Efremov stated this in his team. But such a mass character, as now, the movement has not yet bore. Muydinov was among those who first realized the benefits of such a statement of the case. (By the way, in a different way in the team today, no one works, and Akmal Usmanov, the only one of its former staff, too.)

In general, the path to a working height of Mahmud was not fast and is not strewn with laurels. But it was at the plant Boris Efremov, Yuri Stepanenko was a turner, was a wonderful artist, mentor youth Mustaqim Yusupov, there were many others. Their example inspired faith, urged to action, pointing the way. And when at the beginning of the eighth Five-year Muydinov undertook to carry out two personal tasks, took this for granted.

Five years later, the name of Mahmoud Muydinova habitually referred to the number of factory workers' guard. After another five or steel, and write the first one.

The team makes fairings that cover the working parts and the wheels of machines, that is not squeezed the cotton bush, ducts and other products of steel sheet. Cut, bend, weld, collecting, which seems to be easier. But here's another year and learn from it learns:

leaves thin, almost-as burnout, wry, and will be a huge sheet of marriage. A team is working without a marriage, most with private-branded, even though the youth mainly. But still manage to hundreds of pounds of metal each month to save. As for the active work of rationalization Muydinov was awarded the diploma of the USSR Exhibition of Economic Achievements and 'Moskvich', the guys were joking:

- Vehicles not otherwise saved you from a metal-aka Mahmoud!

Mahmoud Muydinov Because only a year effect of the proposals Muydinova exceeded 20 thousand.

Different people have come to the brigade. But it is remarkable that it came to Mahmoud Muydinovu, from the village and from town, the army and other enterprise-but Muydinovu. Although primarily in the eye did not see him. But know, there is such a locksmith to "Tashselmash", which is up and running, already envious of charge, and the government decides the case. At the XXV Congress of the Party Muydinovich Mahmud was elected to the Central Audit Committee of the CPSU. In the last election (1980), the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR, a member of the Presidium of the highest authority of the republic. And at the XX Congress of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan, they sat side by side, and Mahmoud Mamlakat, husband and wife, two brigades of communist labor leader, two delegate forum Communists.

There is something symbolic in this family-delegates. That exception that proves the rule: work and good works, that's the measure of human worth in our society. The work opens up in front of him are high, take your breath away. This Muydinovich Mahmud writes in his book "glorifies human labor." For us, it is usually as an immutable law of life. But here was Muydinov in the Soviet delegation to Australia, Iran and Turkey. In Izmir, which showed at the Commerce and Industry International Fair of cotton harvesters, he was asked:

- You are working?


- And why the government delegation?

- Because a member of the government. Waving their hands full so! Only rich people can be part of the government. In response, he showed calloused palms.

- As for the wealth-said-that's for sure: I'm very rich. My team, my factory, my Republic and the whole country is my wealth.

They seem to never have known that, in his ordinary worker, the power to participate in the discussion and adoption of laws, the most important party and government decisions. What is he, a locksmith can help such as a locksmith Yuri Tenu arrange child in kindergarten, a welder Ashirmatu Nurullayeva, get an apartment. What's in the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the republic had its own bathroom and all visitors. As plant manager, Oleg V. Novitsky finds it necessary to consult with him and his comrades in labor. However, here are the episodes that confirm what was said.

"Tashselmash"-the country's only producer of cotton pickers. And somehow the name of the farm Quinquennium UzSSR that near Tashkent, was an interesting match. On the field came two gleaming nickel-American and the two combine in Tashkent. And lost overseas.

- A beautiful toy-signed, leaving the steering wheel of the "American" Hero of Socialist Labor, a famous mechanic and a longtime friend of Enver Muydinova Aliev.-And our car is still much cheaper and better. Well done, tashselmashevtsy!

And then without any transition began ... criticize. Why are so many different types of harvesters off the assembly line? Is it possible to create a universal machine for all sorts of cotton? How to improve the reliability of the units, because a lot of time machine operator spends on troubleshooting.

Muydinov nodded, tagged in a notebook, already peppered with accounts. Twice Hero of Socialist Labor, great Uzbek Cotton Picker Tursunoy Akhunova requests to change the design of the receiving chamber air. Her friend, also the first female mechanic from Azerbaijan and, too, twice Hero of Socialist Labor, Shamamahanum Hasanov strongly convinced of the need to improve a spindle of the main units of the machine.

As the foreman Muydinov could on its own to change the technology of manufacturing ductwork, guards rails, word, product teams. Which he did.

As a member of the party committee, to ask the leadership of the plant. As a member of the District Committee, to request his decision as soon as possible. As a member of the Communist Party of Uzbekistan and the Presidium of the Supreme Council of the Republic, to attract the attention of interested parties. As a permanent Rabkor finally - to see through the press to the subcontractors, their country of more than 250. What he did, too.

Work in the months and years together with hundreds of people. How timely it is, once again confirmed the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the republic, demanded to improve existing designs and speed up the creation of a universal processor. Here's a line from the Report:

"... A major concern is the poor quality of some machines for cotton production and processing of raw cotton produced in the country. "

But the first results. Twice reduced the number of stamps issued "Tashselmash" combines, completely eliminated release obsolete.

Created in fact a new continuous complex-mechanized and automated production. And perhaps, at the same time see the light of the universal sketch cotton-picker, the ultimate goal of the factory five-year period.

Clearly, Muydinov in this vast work is not the main person who is not leading singer and pusher. He was a participant, is very restless and interested, "a small part of the large machinery," as he concluded with a smile. "But necessary," without a shadow of a smile, added, Party secretary of Alo Nabihanovich Maksudov.

Rather, the authorized representative of the workforce, catalyst, accelerator, "action", constantly happens in the bowels of the plant. What can a team? A lot. And the shop to pull back, and a good example of a file. From Behind to turn away or, conversely, to help. Initiator support, but it simply does not notice. Much depends on one team.

How does this actually happened? Come, headed by a foreman in the guild Bureau of Labor and wages.

- Please review the rules to the duct.

Bureau Chief Nina Gavrikova hands clasped:

- Comrades, dear! Why, duct fabrication, and so well paid, where do more.

- And we just came to ask for less. 25 per cent rate can be tightened.

It was found: on the proposal Muydinova introduced bend on the edge of the sheet of media. Previously, a hammer to bend. Savings in time and asked the team to take into account lower prices. She was honored, winning shop.

An example of the latter. As already known turners Stepanenko Yuriy called for the introduction of team contract, Muydinov with the children began to assert a new form of ... krupnopressovom on a nearby site. First, the neighbors behind. Second, delayed harvesting around the shop. Third, the foreman Tatiana Yashin, a longtime rival of Mahmoud Muydinovicha of competition. A competitor must be helped.

Team contract as an example Stepanenko persuaded, promised great benefits. And not in the nature of Muydinova try them first to him. Understood it immediately, and sat down to craft economists calculations, and he worked both as Muydinov be in two teams, and Tatiana Nikolaevna of his. Then came a month and a rival guild gave the entire range of workpieces. Then we went to the over-fulfillment. Then a team, and Mahmoud Muydinovicha ahead. And he pleased. Now, they say, and we have a team contract can be implemented. What will you do with it and the prize for winning the competition, consider, given their own hands, and on every occasion glorifies Yashin and girls;

- It is better to work for us! Here's who to study.

What do you call it? Generosity? Probably. Selflessness? Of course. State approach? There is no doubt.

Learn, among other things, continue to go to Muydinovu. And this generosity. And the shock work: labor week with teams in the four-day fit. The fifth work for someone who in the army, on vacation, got sick, 'as it were, and always unchanging part of the people.

Learn to care about your neighbor, learn to think "in muydinovski"-clearly, a large scale, economically. In any group of such people, the pride and glory


But only if the collective. Kip letters on the home desktop, from Vladivostok, Tula, Baku, a native of Fergana. Of the cities, villages, the military unit. Advice, ask for help, punish, thanks for the help.

- I still do not believe, he says mne.-I do not believe that's the boy from the Uzbek village might find such an amazing transformation. Sometimes it seems, are not you, some other lucky people fold a beautiful pattern of destiny.

In life, it was a moment that shook the child's imagination. He returned from the war his father, wept after the funerals. Mahmoud, warmed by strangers, could not believe it. Touched his overcoat, looked to his father's eyes, caught his voice: a living, the mother of his father! Is not it a miracle ... Empathy miracle lives there to this day, enriched with layers of life. And each step away from peak to peak is a continuation of an unforgettable moment when unrealizable, it seemed, it becomes a reality.

It always has been. When he entered the factory, became a brigadier, was elected to the highest authorities of the country and the republic, when awarded the Gold Star of Hero of Socialist Labor. Those black-eyed boy is still

waving his hand to him from childhood, blessing for good luck. The boy ran across the field behind the combine by typing in bare feet in the tracks of wheels outlandish cars. In Uzbekistan, cotton harvesters are called the blue ship. Here they are on-site commissioning and blue ships to the come true dreams.

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