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Bilousko Ivan Profirevich

Blacksmith Kremenchug Automobile Plant named after the 50th anniversary of Soviet Ukraine Kremenchug association for the production of heavy trucks, Hero of Socialist Labor

Bilousko Ivan Profirevich Bilousko not replaced. Hammer it and The cooled furnace lonely silence. But this one is not alarmed at the forge.

- He is in court, said Senior Master Khryukin. - Ivan the people's assessor. Divorce is now dismantled.

Before the judges was hairy young couple. Traditional questions in such cases the judge. Monosyllabic answers. Ordinary to the banality of the story: do not get along.

- Let me talk to them alone?-Rose from his seat, and Ivan Profirevich Bilousko on the lapel of his jacket weekend, catching a ray of sunshine, hot, erupted Star of Hero of Socialist Labor.

- Please, if you do not mind the time, the judge-shrug.

Time did not spare people's assessor. Although in the long and difficult male conversation (a conversation started with a spouse) often recalled with nostalgia that the hammer is that the change is lost forever. And again, once again, have to make up for your own personal schedule due to overtime hours. But with great satisfaction, he left in the fourth hour of the day boardroom 'court-managed to reconcile the young couple.

The next day, when Bilousko showed me his farm: gas oven, large and small hammers, blacksmith kindly called one of the workers: "Hi, godson! How do we live? "

- Excellent, Ivan Profirevich! - The guy smiled broadly.

- Also nearly nakurolesil - preventing the issue, said Bilousko.-three years ago made a fuss;

saying that his wife is behaving frivolously, you see, in his absence, was at a girlfriend's wedding. It got to a divorce. And his wife at the hands of an infant. And both of the same devil, we are not at the car at the last account. I started for them in the court-reconciled. Living since the heart and soul, and my godfather is called ...

There are many godchildren I have to Kremenchug.

Eighteenth year the people elect Ivan Profirevicha assessor Kremenchug City Court. A considerable portion of his working time takes this honorable and respected public office. But Bilousko understands that the work of the People's Court gives a lot of himself as a man and a Communist. Over the years, thoroughly studied the criminal and civil codes, knows all the articles, all the legal laws. And it is very important in its other public affairs as a member of the Party Committee and deputy of the Kremenchug automobile plant of the city council or even just as a person who can explain to a law of our life, to tell, for example, at a meeting with students of vocational schools and the rights and responsibilities of each . Yes, and in itself a careful, thorough analysis of criminal and civil cases enriches the experience makes learning not only from books, learn from the life-of the great and wise mentor.

It is becoming a national assessor, Ivan felt Profirevich lack of knowledge. Although after a seven-year period ended on the perfect two-year vocational-technical school, many years later went to night school. Not once advised him to go to college. And could, and I wanted to, but not strong enough to part with a hammer. So much to see, had been grown-woman man. All life is connected with the forge.

The next day after a missed shift did not come in an hour, as usual, but two hours before starting work. Check performance of the furnace and he warmed her. Adjusted the hammer and oiled. With the help of a crane brought to the workplace are two big buckets of blooms edged by turning chisels. The very same, and metal cutting, so much so skillfully and sparingly, it does not make the most experienced and scriber. Due to this Bilousko manages to save during the year were so scarce that it must be forged from more than one thousand incisors.

In short, without the hustle and bustle of all debugged as a good tune piano. When the assistant came Lekandrovich Alexander Chistov, the blacksmith had warmed in the oven and the first batch of blanks. I tried one shift to make up half of yesterday. The day was not formed as planned. Just warmed up properly, just went into the usual rapid pace, walked the site foreman Nikolai Khryukin:

- Do you excuse me, Profirich, desperately need to forge fifty incisors. New cars, new parts. There has not whet ...

May God forgive his friend Nikolai, but the end of the sentence Bilousko not listening. At this point he turned the knife in the hands of a sample of a complex configuration and tried to figure how skillfully and quickly to forge. Using the technology for the manufacture of forgings allotted fifty four working hours. Half a change! No such luxury Profirevich Ivan could not afford. The operation relies four-time heating of the workpiece. This is where the unfortunate loss of precious time!

The study of drawing and sample the product did not take five minutes, and a daring decision has already matured in the mind of a blacksmith. Made the first test-turned. The second is more confident. And the third part was to gain its own, peculiar to him alone fast rhythm. Thanks to the lightning pace of the hammer, vast experience and consummate skill each forging Ivan Profirevich ended not in four, and in two installments, with the two filament blanks.

What is this? Gross violation of the technology? Formally, of course. And an ordinary blacksmith, probably would not have allowed to embark on such an experiment. Ordinary, but not Bilousko. Ivan Profirevich still not broken, it seemed, well-established, well "ironed" technology. Broke, but not out of mischief, not because of a rebel by nature, but because he could offer her in return, a more complete solution, which enabled the blacksmith to increase productivity, facilitate the work of one indispensable condition of maintaining high-quality products.

It happened at this time. That is why even the most eminent engineers in the company consulted with the blacksmith. Many, many innovations were born, and confirmed with the active participation of Ivan Bilousko.

- Well, Lekandrych, wink-Ivan Profirevich improvised after coped with a special order,-a couple of hours saved, are now on their backs to normal.

- Forgings prepared under the hammer, in the tone-smith said Chistov.

- Then let's go.

Half an hour, I stood behind them with a stopwatch, fascinated sonorous, beautiful in its own way, largely magical melody of fire and metal. Half an hour admiring the harmony, unity and rhythm manipulation with two hammers. Bilousko Ivan seems to have the nature of the blacksmith. Tall, broad-chested, handsome, handsome with a mustache resin. This Cossack, somewhat similar to the eldest son of Taras Bulba Ostap. Hammer, like a toy, obedient subtly rapid movements of the wizard.

Assistant, a short, thickset and sturdy, like a dry nut, "reads" these movements, as they say, "at sight". For eleven years, worked together and became friends because they understand each other without words. How many times Alexander Lekandrovicha would translate into a master-smiths that grew out of it excellent. But he can not part with Bilousko. Care seems to him a betrayal.

- And now too close to retirement. Together, we will always do more than each separately.

Those are usually a conversation with an assistant and ends. Many have been in Bilousko. Almost all of them grew up in the first class of blacksmiths, some have gone further, became masters of sites, a shift supervisor. But such a loyal and faithful friend, as a pure, perhaps, was not. For eleven years never happened between them falling out. And so, you see, does not often happen.

Bilousko Ivan Profirevich And here I stand with a stopwatch. Alexander Lekandrovich long drags of tongs red-hot furnace humming piece. Quick turn-shell and heat until white chock rests on an anvil. Nine lightning strikes and hammer-finished part is flying in an iron tub. In all manipulations takes six seconds. What I have checked every time nine strokes and six seconds. A change in two and a half thousand forge cutters on a thousand more jobs.

Keep up with Bilousko of blacksmiths KrAZ nobody can. Closer to its rules, many are trying. Some people do it. In the first of his disciples, Alexander and Alexey Mitrofanovich Chirwa Savich Morenko. Yes, even competing with Ivan Profirevichem blacksmith virtuoso Anatoly A. Crow. And yet none of them could not do five years for three and a half years, while Bilousko repeated three times already this record. And this time, the job of the first year to complete the five-year plan outlined for the Day of the Constitution, and coped on the fourth of September. It became clear, the New Year will perform a program and a half years.

Secrets of its "kitchen" Bilousko no one is hiding. On the contrary, they willingly share with fellow fire profession. Many of his techniques are of great interest to other blacksmiths. There was a time when each of them could forge a change of no more than three hundred, four cutting incisors. Ivan Profirevich get sometimes up to six hundred. Recall that now he gives two and a half thousand! At the same hammer, the same tool steel. Grown plant, increased production of heavy vehicles, expanding the production of mechanical and forge it increasingly difficult to meet the needs of machine operators.

Output, though a quick and effective, not seen. To expand the old smithy nowhere-squeezed from all sides by other shops. Build a new long-song. Here Bilousko and gave the idea, which, however, has long been brewing. He was the first, lucky, it stated. Not for nothing, of course. A lot of thought on the problem. Many sought. Hundreds of options, from the mundane to the most incredible, went through. The decision came a sudden and simple. Once visited a blacksmith in Yaroslavl, on a related component manufacturers, supplying KrAZ motors. Tenacious eye saw a small unit, which blacksmiths rolled strip steel. Then do not attach any special significance, and is now clearly understood that the rolling of custom castings in the reformation of which a desired size pieces leaves a lot of work and time, will greatly facilitate and accelerate the work of the forge.

Procured from Yaroslavl rolls and Bilousko first mastered this simple "mill." Hot-rolled metal rollers learned how to get an ideal material for cutting billets under the hammer. Labor productivity rose by three to four times, work is physically much easier, but also turned out a considerable saving of special, strictly limited steels.

Further-more. Collected in four large tubs forge waste to be sent to scrap metal, but for some reason did not immediately taken. They caught the eye of Ivan Profirevichu.

- Give me the clipping, 'asked the master.

- What are you gonna do? - Surprised tot.-steel buttons, nails or needles can begin to forge?

- Yes, look, first, what will fit, is not offended by the blacksmith on the ironic tone of the master.

Dragged the tub to the rollers, thriftily went through all the waste, sorting of steel grades. Waste warmed in the oven and rolled the all amenable to rolling. Then these pieces forge thousands of small and medium cutters, knives, and various veneers and other products. All this after the change, when they were free, and rolls and hammer. Because the innovator has closed yet another stream of "leak" of the metal, having achieved in the smithy of almost non-waste production, two or three years ago was considered unthinkable. Now, not only from her, but also from other departments in the blacksmith dumped metal waste to the "reformation." And this, too, Ivan Profirevicha solid "fat" for an early five-year assignments.

- I will say, his mustache, smiling Bilousko-that the speed and quality of work is largely dependent not only on the efficiency and expertise of a blacksmith, but also the quality of the heating of the metal. It is very difficult to warm up, for example, special grade tool and alloy steel for high-speed tools. If overheated harvesting at least a few degrees, it falls apart from the first blow hammer, though the glass. Just nedogrel-pricked like a walnut. This need became a slow, gradual warm-up, which is achieved by fine adjustment of air into the furnace. Hurry-rack up a hassle, and wilt linger-marriage. Yes, and we must forge-care. Can be preheated and normal forging enough so that the burst.

A part seems to be a blacksmith effortlessly, without any stress makes nine calls strikes for six seconds. Yet behind this apparent ease, even a barely perceptible negligence, a great experience and, perhaps, as a huge gift. By buzzing blacksmith's forge and anvil Profirevich Ivan was drawn from his childhood. Years, with eight hours of lost 'in a rural blacksmith. While on the farm "Radyans'ka decorated" Kozelschinskogo district worked great blacksmith, and the namesake of namesake Ivan Philipovich Bilousko. Learned something from him even then. When John left his native Panasovka teenager and left to study in Kremenchug, a village blacksmith forge and gave him a small horseshoe for good luck. Ivan Profirevich kept it all his life, gratefully recalling his first teacher. A blacksmith was still random. He graduated with honors from the railway school, although the act was the finish, when all of them ready already. Swallowing tears of vexation, turned to the first that fell an adult. He threw up his hands: "too late, my dear. Come next year. And grow up, by the way. "

There came a man of huge stature and deep voice: "And scho Tse for a tramp?"

- I really was barefoot, recalls with a laugh Bilousko.

- That neither Peter Davidovich, not bum wines. The axis of the certificate semy class-one five.

- Then otmoy his disguise, and immediately to his group, ordered a giant, moving to the Russian language. That was the director of the school Gruschinsky, and the first counter was a master of industrial training Andrew Anfilovich Yampolsky, Ivan became the beautiful teacher. Friendship with an old master Bilousko not break, and to this day, often visits him in his home school (it is now krazovskoe), in hard times is going to him for good and wise advice, and share the joy-light.

Two years later, Ivan received his plumber to repair industrial equipment. He started as a fitter in the tool shop of the bridge of the plant, who later became KrAZ. Section chief Grigory Ivanovich Slipinina soon transferred to the blacksmith. We see something interested him intelligent and extremely hard in the boy. Once Slipinin sought Ivan, and how about the everyday said:

- Come on, boy, work until that

Alexis bracken.

So the young Bilousko found himself in a large factory forge. Expired a month, the second six months, and another apprentice, it seems, no one thought to look. What is more, Ivan put a hammer.

Since then, forges, and Ivan Profirevich for twenty seven years. But as the forges! This is eloquently told of his award. The Seventh Five-Year Plan, the order "Badge of Honor", the eighth-order of Red Banner of Labor, the ninth-Order of October Revolution, and then the title of Hero of Socialist Labor.

Step by step rose to the highest skill of the smith, and the country appreciates the outstanding labor achievements of his son. Beginning in 1973 Bilousko consistently rewarded symbol "Winner of socialist competition" in the automotive industry. And most of his fame has not spoiled, he is still the same: an open, friendly and a good friend to all with whom he has brought life and become friends.

Amazing kindness, attention and participation of the people is the mother Uliana Vasilyevna of family education. She had nine children. Early in the husband died, a member of the Civil War. The family survived the terrible years of Nazi occupation. The eldest son of Constantine, the border guard, died in the early days of the war. Daughters of Mary and Faith occupants drove into Germany, the fascist slavery. Returned home after the victory, exhausted, sick. And the house was still hungry. The senior started early to work: on the farm, on the railroad. The soup that they give to the workers' canteen, eat themselves, and bread are my mother and the youngest.

Sometimes, their stomachs drives of hunger, but wrapped in a cloth piece of bread no one touches: evening comes with the collective field of mother and she will share valuable chunk. In the summer of nine Ivan grazed the cows, helped collect the wheat spikelets sister. Oh, and sweet as a mother baking bread from the wheat! She is now in its 86 years, when the house would meet the whole family, such napechet loaves, which scented corn-spirit is spread throughout the village.

Good, hard-working and responsive to raise their children Juliana V., once again proving to people that in a large family there are no closely. Here are just a bar that shows the purity of the moral foundations of the family. When John went to vocational school, with a group of guys had a lot of former orphans. The best students go home every Saturday in ceremonial uniform (a wonderful tradition!). From Kremenchug to Panasovka not so far-about thirty miles. Ivan came home every weekend, always in full uniform, and always brought with him to the village two or three buddies from the orphanage. The family took them as a family, enclose the best pieces for dinner, giving up his bed for the night.

These are grown, so have remained for life. On the road from Kremenchug to Poltava at the end of a small village on the edge Andreyko second is noticeable tidy home. If a random stranger enters the gate, his affable hostess Profirevna Vera, the eldest sister of the noble blacksmith, the one that has visited terrible fascist slavery. Meet the welcome and certainly will treat crispy loaf of freshly baked homemade bread with fresh milk. Without it, would not let go.

And the wife of Ivan Alina N. Profirevicha same hospitable hostess. Now they live together. Son Vladimir is in the army. Alina N., too, at KrAZ-draughtswoman in the management of the Chief Technologist. Twenty-seven years together go to work.

- I almost had to go our separate ways, no joke-handed remark and told Ivan Profirevich two sad stories that happened to him at different times. Stories that miraculously took him out of the forge forever.

When the plant was transferred to production of heavy trucks and reconstructed all the shops, Bilousko at the time moved to the wheel shop and there due to the fault of a faulty unit electrician received a serious injury to the production: the three fingers of his left hand severed at the joint. Electricity came to prosecute, and Ivan Profirevichu had to pester the Director General of Factory Committee and to not adjusted to this, the family-man, two children ...

Offender was rescued, and after treatment of the forge is not allowed. Offered a choice of college or lighter work at the factory. That's it for the blacksmith was a blow to more injuries.

- It is me, gromyhalka hot, firmly riveted to the chain, and I did not fling himself, I can not imagine anywhere else, because, says Ivan Profirevich his vocation today. And then had to fight with the doctors and his wife, and with the leadership of the company. Yes, just what obstacles will stop a person obsessed! Enviable will power and tenacity won the right to stand again at the hammer. And do not guessed, did not know then that in the future, watch for it is another matter.

It is well known, the work of the smith requires great mental and physical effort, especially the blacksmith forging. Blacksmith-puncher put a red-hot billet on the stamp, hit it once or twice a hammer - and the part is ready. And with the free forging and precision needed eye and great skill and artistic flair, a blacksmith, like a sculptor, sculpts of malleable metal figure. achieving almost micron accuracy in all lines. Here the emotional and physical stress is very high. The right leg of a blacksmith in the whole shift pedal hammer, the whole weight of the body moved to the left. And then, like a bolt from the sky, the conclusion of powerful medical-veins. After a difficult surgery consultation issued an unconditional sentence: a foot in the forge.

And once again had to ask, persuade, argue. Not just a matter of words, to assert his ability to control the hammer with the same virtuosity. Since then, twelve years have passed, and, as they say, God forbid everyone to work as Ivan Profirevich. However, while forging the standard cutter mass-produced his hammer there a special bench and blacksmith working-sitting thing unheard of, perhaps, the only case in the country. And nothing on the pace and quality of products is not affected by the bench, and left leg Bilousko gives respite. The work of a blacksmith is not easy, but with a triple-front-rank. He was in full view of everyone and therefore can not afford the indulgence. In Bilousko a lifelong inflexible motto: "I took the height of the storm-new!" The only way to achieve extraordinary and, most importantly, permanent results.

Complex and responsible public affairs noble blacksmith. For many years he was in the company of the Party Committee, and held a rare meeting of the committee without being on it is not made Bilousko. So with the individual proposal, with a sharp, working in direct criticism.

Too bad it was with the annealing of blanks for drills, taps and other so-called axial tool. And this for years tormented blacksmiths. Forge is extremely needed shaft furnace annealing. Knew about it all-from the worker to the CEO. But in his time in the project itself was not, and now someone go and Correct mistake. And then more insistent and stubborn of all was Bilousko. At each meeting of the Party Committee and talked about the furnace, and finally got his. And when they started to build this oven as part partgruporg headed the commission monitoring the progress of works, not yet brought the matter to an end.

Wide range of interests and concerns of a blacksmith is not limited to purely industrial matters. Ivan Profirevich especially indifferent to the fate of people. Before him, a long line of people's assessors are human lives and misery. Heart, kind and gentle Bilousko can be ruthlessly hard on slackers, violators of Soviet morality, labor discipline.

Much social work lies Bilousko MP Kremenchug City Council. Member of the Commission of the City Council for Industry, Transport and Communications, is actively involved in its work in preparing materials for the next session. In the summer of eighty-first check how Kryukov Carriage Works started manufacturing consumer goods. Revealed large gaps. The company supplies the distribution network are not the products that are needed to the population, and those that are beneficial to the plant. The issue was the subject of serious analysis of the regular session of City Council. In its 133-m constituency Ivan Profirevich been at home all persons with disabilities, war veterans, veterans of labor, knows all their requests and complaints, where possible tries to ensure that they were satisfied.

In the schools of the city, home school Bilousko frequent visitor. However, he was a guest here does not consider himself. Comes to the boys as a senior partner and is working in a simple, intimate conversation about the place of the Soviet people in the community about their rights and responsibilities, the choice of profession ...

Maybe someone would think that the work for large public affairs Ivan Profirevicha time for yourself, family and leisure time is left. Not at all. Bilousko-big swinger who knows how to harmoniously and sensibly combine hard work with leisure. He reads a lot. Especially fond of the classics of Russian and world literature and books about the working man. Neighborhoods Kremenchug-fertile places for recreation. Uniquely beautiful Dnieper with its golden beaches and lush greenery islands. That's where the freedom for anglers, swimmers, and just for tourists. But most of all loves the smith woods. Wanders through the forest trails, relaxing body and soul, admiring and enjoying every tree, bush, Birdie ...

In Kremenchug wonderful Palace of Culture, which is not in many regional centers. Not so long ago built one more handsome Palace of Culture krazovtsev. Family Bilousko never misses a show.

And yes it will take will roll on Sunday morning to his mother Ulyana Vasil. Though old lives with his daughter Mary and son-Ivan, still nice to her when at home and in the kitchen helping daughter Alina, a son of Ivan the fence repairs, wood chopping, digging potatoes in the garden ...

But wherever there was a blacksmith: in the one day a holiday or vacation, thoughts often return it to the hammer, and a buzzing flame gas stove. Music of fire and the ringing became more wonderful for him the finest symphonies in the world. Apparently, the way it is Ivan Bilousko. And there's nothing to be done. On the eleventh five-year factory designers and specialists created a new family of machines. They are distinguished by a high comfort, ease of control, reliable operation of all units. Cars have become much more powerful, significantly increased their cross-country on the road north and south of the sands. And take a substantial load. One model, designed for wide use in the national economy, driven with a trailer load of 35 tons, almost twice as much as its predecessor. Krazovtsy Determined to put new items on the conveyor.

When drivers get new Kremenchug car, let them know that along with the whole team works embedded in them and work, the hot particle irrepressible heart of the wonderful blacksmith Ivan Profirevicha Bilousko.

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